180000 famous quotes part 103 – 102001 to 103000

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180000 famous quotes part 103 – 102001 to 103000

102001. I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We’ve been taught that silence would save us, but it won’t. – Audre Lorde

102002. If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive. – Audre Lorde

102003. In discussions around the hiring and firing of Black faculty at universities, the charge is frequently heard that Black women are more easily hired than are Black men. – Audre Lorde

102004. In other words, I would be giving in to a myth of sameness which I think can destroy us. – Audre Lorde

102005. But the true feminist deals out of a lesbian consciousness whether or not she ever sleeps with women. – Audre Lorde

102006. We have to consciously study how to be tender with each other until it becomes a habit because what was native has been stolen from us, the love of Black women for each other. – Audre Lorde

102007. But, on the other hand, I get bored with racism too and recognize that there are still many things to be said about a Black person and a White person loving each other in a racist society. – Audre Lorde

102008. Your silence will not protect you. – Audre Lorde

102009. You know how fighting fish do it? They blow bubbles and in each one of those bubbles is an egg and they float the egg up to the surface. They keep this whole heavy nest of eggs floating, and they’re constantly repairing it. It’s as if they live in both elements. – Audre Lorde

102010. When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak. – Audre Lorde

102011. When we create out of our experiences, as feminists of color, women of color, we have to develop those structures that will present and circulate our culture. – Audre Lorde

102012. When I use my strength in the service of my vision it makes no difference whether or not I am afraid. – Audre Lorde

102013. When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. – Audre Lorde

102014. You have to be born a sex symbol. You don’t become one. If you’re born with it, you’ll have it even when you’re 100 years old. – Sophia Loren

102015. It is a great advantage for a system of philosophy to be substantially true. – Sophia Loren

102016. No press conference announcing a last film. I’d just steal away. Best way because, if by chance after two or three years something interesting comes up, I would not – like Sinatra – have to say: “Well, I’ve thought it over and decided to come back.” – Sophia Loren

102017. There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age. – Sophia Loren

102018. The two big advantages I had at birth were to have been born wise and to have been born in poverty. – Sophia Loren

102019. The facts of life are that a child who has seen war cannot be compared with a child who doesn’t know what war is except from television. – Sophia Loren

102020. Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner. – Sophia Loren

102021. Sex is like washing your face – just something you do because you have to. Sex without love is absolutely ridiculous. Sex follows love, it never precedes it. – Sophia Loren

102022. Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got. – Sophia Loren

102023. When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. – Sophia Loren

102024. Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go so much further than people with vastly superior talent. – Sophia Loren

102025. A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view. – Sophia Loren

102026. After all these years, I am still involved in the process of self-discovery. It’s better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life. – Sophia Loren

102027. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life. – Sophia Loren

102028. Everything you see I owe to spaghetti. – Sophia Loren

102029. It’s a mistake to think that once you’re done with school you need never learn anything new. – Sophia Loren

102030. I am against all war. – Sophia Loren

102031. I think the quality of sexiness comes from within. It is something that is in you or it isn’t and it really doesn’t have much to do with breasts or thighs or the pout of your lips. – Sophia Loren

102032. I’m a giraffe. I even walk like a giraffe with a long neck and legs. It’s a pretty dumb animal, mind you. – Sophia Loren

102033. I’ve never tried to block out the memories of the past, even though some are painful. I don’t understand people who hide from their past. Everything you live through helps to make you the person you are now. – Sophia Loren

102034. If you haven’t cried, your eyes can’t be beautiful. – Sophia Loren

102035. Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical. – Sophia Loren

102036. We do not take humor seriously enough. – Konrad Lorenz

102037. It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet hypothesis every day before breakfast. It keeps him young. – Konrad Lorenz

102038. We had better dispense with the personification of evil, because it leads, all too easily, to the most dangerous kind of war: religious war. – Konrad Lorenz

102039. Truth in science can be defined as the working hypothesis best suited to open the way to the next better one. – Konrad Lorenz

102040. The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be. – Konrad Lorenz

102041. Most of the vices and mortal sins condemned today correspond to inclinations that were purely adaptive or at least harmless in primitive man. – Konrad Lorenz

102042. I believe that present day civilized man suffers from insufficient discharge of his aggressive drive. – Konrad Lorenz

102043. Historians will have to face the fact that natural selection determined the evolution of cultures in the same manner as it did that of species. – Konrad Lorenz

102044. Evil, by definition, is that which endangers the good, and the good is what we perceive as a value. – Konrad Lorenz

102045. Every man gets a narrower and narrower field of knowledge in which he must be an expert in order to compete with other people. The specialist knows more and more about less and less and finally knows everything about nothing. – Konrad Lorenz

102046. Barking dogs occasionally bite, but laughing men hardly ever shoot. – Konrad Lorenz

102047. I have found the missing link between the higher ape and civilized man; it is we. – Konrad Lorenz

102048. You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction. – George Horace Lorimer

102049. It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy. – George Horace Lorimer

102050. My emotions lose their force when I endeavor to interpret them, and my words seem very inept. – Pierre Loti

102051. My sister and my brother, of whom I have not spoken before, were considerably older than I; it seemed almost as if we belonged to different generations. – Pierre Loti

102052. I still held fast to my determination to become a minister; it still seemed to me that that was my duty. I had pledged myself, in my prayers I had given my word to God. How could I therefore break my vow? – Pierre Loti

102053. Painting and music were the only things I worked at industriously and faithfully. – Pierre Loti

102054. The moon of a bright silver, which dazzles by its shining, illumines a world which surely is no longer ours; for it resembles in nothing what may be seen in other lands. – Pierre Loti

102055. I was at that time like a fledgling swallow living high up in a niche in the eaves, who from time to time peeps out over the top of its nest with its little bright eyes. – Pierre Loti

102056. I still went to church regularly every Sunday; that is we all went there together. I reverenced the family pew where we had assembled for so many years; and apart from that reason I hold it dear because it is associated in my memory with my mother. – Pierre Loti

102057. It is said that many children who live in the central provinces, away from the ocean, have a great longing to see it. I who had never been away from the monotonous country surrounding us looked forward eagerly to seeing the mountains. – Pierre Loti

102058. Through the study of fossils I had already been initiated into the mysteries of prehistoric creations. – Pierre Loti

102059. Unlike most other children, – especially unlike those of today – who are eager to become men and women as speedily as possible, I had a terror of growing up, which became more and more accentuated as I grew older. – Pierre Loti

102060. The pyramid once passed there was still a short way to go before we confronted the Sphinx, in the middle of what our contemporaries have left him of his desert. – Pierre Loti

102061. I am sure that the sad days and happenings were rare, and that I lived the joyous and careless life of other children; but just because the happy days were so habitual to me they made no impression upon my mind, and I can no longer recall them. – Pierre Loti

102062. Often, before returning home, I would take a long and roundabout way and pass by the peaceful ramparts from where I had glimpses of other provinces, and a sight of the distant country. – Pierre Loti

102063. My books were always full of ink blots, always stained and covered with smeared sketches and pictures, which one draws idly when his attention wanders from his task. – Pierre Loti

102064. And all around is the desert; a corner of the mournful kingdom of sand. – Pierre Loti

102065. Egypt, the Egypt of antiquity, at a later time, exercised a mysterious fascination over me. I recognized a picture of it immediately, without hesitation and astonishment, in an illustrated magazine. – Pierre Loti

102066. I am surprised that I cannot recall whether my desire to become a minister transformed itself into a wish to lead the more militant life of missionary, by a slow process or suddenly. – Pierre Loti

102067. I do not exactly remember at what period I started my museum which absorbed so much of my time. – Pierre Loti

102068. I recall feeling an almost delicious terror when one day I found myself alone in the midst of tall June grasses that grew high as my head. But here the secret working of self consciousness is almost too entangled with the things of the past for me to explain it. – Pierre Loti

102069. I still have in my memory, almost agonizing impressions of a serious illness which I had when I was about eight years old. Those about me called it scarlet fever, and its very name seemed to have a diabolical quality. – Pierre Loti

102070. It seems to me that it will be very wearisome to be a man. – Pierre Loti

102071. But it is true that sometimes an enveloping darkness aids one to clearer vision; as in a panorama building, for example, where the obscurity about the entrance prepares one better for the climax, and gives the scene depicted a more real and vivid appearance. – Pierre Loti

102072. If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it. – Ronnie Lott

102073. Most Americans in both red and blue states reject and resent the message being sent by Hollywood and some in the media that values are subjective, to be defined by the individual and not by God. – Trent Lott

102074. The vision of a nation formed from many different peoples bound together by a common love of freedom was staked out long before our lifetimes or even our parents’ or grandparents’ lifetimes. – Trent Lott

102075. The platform we had in Dallas, the 1984 Republican platform, all the ideas we supported there – from tax policy, to foreign policy; from individual rights, to neighborhood security – are things that Jefferson Davis and his people believed in. – Trent Lott

102076. We cannot forget the little things we take for granted in America that remain the disdain of dictators and terrorists throughout the world. – Trent Lott

102077. The highly motivated young people who comprise the backbone of our military force truly are taking their place as one of America’s greatest generations. – Trent Lott

102078. While it may take generations of nurturing, nations founded on and grounded in freedom will eventually overcome and prosper. Once free, folks rarely accept anything less, and that includes Iraqis. – Trent Lott

102079. Racial discrimination does not always violate public policy. – Trent Lott

102080. I’m not a fan of Secretary Rumsfeld. I don’t think he listens enough to his uniformed officers. – Trent Lott

102081. I want to say this about my state. When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years either. – Trent Lott

102082. A poor choice of words conveyed to some the impression that I embrace the discarded policies of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by my statement. – Trent Lott

102083. Freedom is never easily won, but once established, freedom lasts, spreads and chokes out tyranny. – Trent Lott

102084. Contempt for the world is what allows me to continue living in it. – Matthew Lotti

102085. I find it hard living in a day and age where people are unwilling to accept who they really are. – Matthew Lotti

102086. My gayness became quietly accepted and, shock of all shocks, life went on. – Lance Loud

102087. As I was coming out of the closet, our car was hurtling over an embankment. – Lance Loud

102088. When you’ve grown sick of reading and bug-eyed from watching TV, when your friends are all visited out, no words can adequately praise the link to the outside world provided by your parents and family. – Lance Loud

102089. Sexuality is a private matter; some believe that broadcasting it destroys the very things that make it sacred. – Lance Loud

102090. As anyone who is gay will confirm, being that way is not something you become, it is a set of emotional and physical responses that just are. – Lance Loud

102091. If there is a gay uniform, the differences are in how each man coordinates the details: the brand and cut of the jeans, the design of belts and boots, the haircut, the number and size of earrings. – Lance Loud

102092. One result of An American Family was that I became a gay role model. – Lance Loud

102093. Coming out involves varying degrees of difficulty that are affected by class, race, religion, and geography. – Lance Loud

102094. Proclaiming a sexual preference is something that straight men never really have to bother with. – Lance Loud

102095. Perhaps there is no agony worse than the tedium I experienced waiting for Something to Happen. – Lance Loud

102096. It was a pleasure to be a gay eyesore. – Lance Loud

102097. I wore a woman’s antique fur jacket to my high school junior prom. – Lance Loud

102098. I had been found in a mud puddle at 4:30 in the morning. – Lance Loud

102099. Gay culture is surviving and thriving. Some activists believe the recent rise in homophobic violence might be a gauge of the success of positive gay images. – Lance Loud

102100. I believed I was invincible. – Lance Loud

102101. David Bowie and Boy George created a safely contained theatrical expression of gay style. – Lance Loud

102102. I am now faced with mortality. Definitely not the most generous move. – Lance Loud

102103. Coming out is a means of redefining oneself, of claiming membership in a lifestyle and a social order with distinct values. Chief among these values is honesty. – Lance Loud

102104. My reasons for declaring a sexual preference had to do less with the pursuit of personal freedom than with the lust for pure shock value. – Lance Loud

102105. People who were close to me – family and friends – they knew about my sexuality. – Greg Louganis

102106. In sports, people reach their peak very early. You have to move on. I don’t know if I will ever surpass what I did at the Olympics, but I’m still doing the work I always wanted to do. – Greg Louganis

102107. I guess you can tease me about being a drama queen, because that did heighten the drama. – Greg Louganis

102108. I just did not discuss my personal life, my sexuality with the media. That was my policy. – Greg Louganis

102109. I’ve learned at the book signings that everyone has obstacles. – Greg Louganis

102110. Mom was the one who taught me unconditional love. With Dad, I’d always felt there was something to live up to – expectations. But in the last year, we had a wonderful relationship. – Greg Louganis

102111. People wait in line to see me, saying there’s plenty of living to be done even if you have an HIV diagnosis. People say they are 10- or 15-year survivors and still moving forward. – Greg Louganis

102112. The Games are just a nice, positive way to build friendships, camaraderie and, of course, self-esteem. Plus, the Games are a great opportunity for people to participate in sports who normally wouldn’t. – Greg Louganis

102113. Well, unless you’re Wayne Gretzky or Michael Jordan, you need the full support of your team. – Greg Louganis

102114. When you’re a kid growing up, and you think you’re gay, you know that you’re different; you’re often teased and it can really destroy your self-esteem. But sports can be great for building self-esteem. – Greg Louganis

102115. One of my dogs is in the movie Beethoven’s 2nd. – Greg Louganis

102116. It’s funny, my girlfriends think that because I am married to a fashion designer, I get all these great tips and hints about great fashion, but it’s not like that at all. He never tells me what to wear. – Lori Loughlin

102117. Playing a fashion designer could be the bane of my existence because I am married to a fashion designer. – Lori Loughlin

102118. Surfing is not my strong point. And… I don’t really have a tan. I go to the tanning place, the one that sprays you with color. – Lori Loughlin

102119. When you are developing a character you have to bring so much of yourself to the role. – Lori Loughlin

102120. When you don’t work for a while, immediately you get a little black mark next to your name. – Lori Loughlin

102121. You have to make difficult choices in your life, and you just have to be happy with them. – Lori Loughlin

102122. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. – Joe Louis

102123. Every man’s got to figure to get beat sometime. – Joe Louis

102124. I made the most of my ability and I did my best with my title. – Joe Louis

102125. Once that bell rings you’re on your own. It’s just you and the other guy. – Joe Louis

102126. I don’t like money, actually, but it quiets my nerves. – Joe Louis

102127. He who knows not how to dissimulate, can not reign. – Louis XI

102128. Every time I create an appointment, I create a hundred malcontents and one ingrate. – Louis XIV

102129. Every time I bestow a vacant office I make a hundred discontented persons and one ingrate. – Louis XIV

102130. Every time I appoint someone to a vacant position, I make a hundred unhappy and one ungrateful. – Louis XIV

102131. Ah, if I were not king, I should lose my temper. – Louis XIV

102132. First feelings are always the most natural. – Louis XIV

102133. I am the state. – Louis XIV

102134. I could sooner reconcile all Europe than two women. – Louis XIV

102135. It is legal because I wish it. – Louis XIV

102136. Laws are the sovereigns of sovereigns. – Louis XIV

102137. The Pyrenees are no more. – Louis XIV

102138. There is little that can withstand a man who can conquer himself. – Louis XIV

102139. Has God forgotten all I have done for Him. – Louis XIV

102140. Punctuality is the politeness of kings. – Louis XVIII

102141. A king should die on his feet. – Louis XVIII

102142. I am convinced that our movement will be more demoralized and weakened by blind and uncritical admiration than by frank admission of past mistakes. – Marie Louise

102143. In a few generations more, there will probably be no room at all allowed for animals on the earth: no need of them, no toleration of them. – Marie Louise

102144. All these things they’ve been saying are a pack of lies. – Tina Louise

102145. Mental communication without verbalization… all space is made up of waves and we are constantly sending and receiving messages from our brain. – Tina Louise

102146. It’s a surer way to a woman’s heart to be interested in what she’s thinking than what she’s wearing or not wearing. – Tina Louise

102147. I don’t think I was ravishing, but I think I was pretty. – Tina Louise

102148. I don’t think any child could really be happy between five and eight away from their parents. – Tina Louise

102149. I concentrate on exercises from the waist down, since that is the laziest part of a woman’s body. – Tina Louise

102150. Cheerfulness is a very great help in fostering the virtue of charity. Cheerfulness itself is a virtue. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102151. If, when you charged a person with his faults, you credited him with his virtues too, you would probably like everybody. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102152. A sarcastic person has a superiority complex that can be cured only by the honesty of humility. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102153. It is just as cowardly to judge an absent person as it is wicked to strike a defenseless one. Only the ignorant and narrow-minded gossip, for they speak of persons instead of things. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102154. Kind words are a creative force, a power that concurs in the building up of all that is good, and energy that showers blessings upon the world. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102155. Nobody needs a smile so much as the one who has none to give. So get used to smiling heart-warming smiles, and you will spread sunshine in a sometimes dreary world. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102156. Only a kind person is able to judge another justly and to make allowances for his weaknesses. A kind eye, while recognizing defects, sees beyond them. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102157. Strength of character means the ability to overcome resentment against others, to hide hurt feelings, and to forgive quickly. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102158. Try to make at least one person happy every day. If you cannot do a kind deed, speak a kind word. If you cannot speak a kind word, think a kind thought. Count up, if you can, the treasure of happiness that you would dispense in a week, in a year, in a lifetime! – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102159. Have you noticed in your past experience that your kind interpretations were almost always truer than you harsh one? – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102160. A gentleman has his eyes on all those present; he is tender toward the bashful, gentle toward the distant, and merciful toward the absent. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102161. The practice of patience toward one another, the overlooking of one another’s defects, and the bearing of one another’s burdens is the most elementary condition of all human and social activity in the family, in the professions, and in society. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102162. You are just as capable of making a mistake as anyone else. By insisting too eagerly upon a small right, you may turn it into a wrong against yourself and also against your neighbor. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102163. Do not take yourself too seriously. You have to learn not to be dismayed at making mistakes. No human being can avoid failures. – Lawrence G. Lovasik

102164. If the Lord should bring a wicked man to heaven, heaven would be hell to him; for he who loves not grace upon earth will never love it in heaven. – Christopher Love

102165. Pour not on the comforts you want, but upon the mercies you have. Look rather at God’s ending in afflicting, than to the measure and degree of your affliction. – Christopher Love

102166. Most Glorious and eternal Majesty, Thou art righteous and holy in all thou dost to the sons of men, though thou hast suffered men to condemn Thy servant, Thy servant will not condemn Thee. – Christopher Love

102167. Pray in your family daily, that yours may be in the number of the families who call upon God. – Christopher Love

102168. I am now going from a prison to a palace: I have finished my work, and am now going to receive my wages. – Christopher Love

102169. He hath desired to bring the souls of other men to heaven; let his soul be brought to heaven. – Christopher Love

102170. Blessed be God that Thou hast filled the soul of Thy servant with joy and peace in believing. – Christopher Love

102171. You gotta be able to change worlds. – Courtney Love

102172. What makes the most money for this business? Dead rock stars. – Courtney Love

102173. We went through ten years of the Limp Bizkit thing, and I didn’t know what to do. – Courtney Love

102174. Warren Beatty took an interest in my career at one point. – Courtney Love

102175. The only thing that’s really riled me up in the last ten years has been the White Stripes. That’s the one band that’s gotten me competitive, and that’s good. – Courtney Love

102176. The Kurt thing has burdened me so much. – Courtney Love

102177. My number one thing to work on is not being reactive – but appropriateness doesn’t come easily to me sometimes. – Courtney Love

102178. You need to write on your own and produce your own life. – Courtney Love

102179. I cannot exist as a solo artist. – Courtney Love

102180. Rock is all about writing your own script; it’s all about pioneering. – Courtney Love

102181. I used to do drugs, but don’t tell anyone or it will ruin my image. – Courtney Love

102182. I think Andy Kaufman is to comedy what the Velvet Underground was to music – it’s like, 80 thousand records sold, but everybody who bought one started a band. – Courtney Love

102183. I surrounded myself with women when I was growing up because I had this horrible psycho father. Now I’m trying to really appreciate and like men more. – Courtney Love

102184. I never expected I would be connected to the Alpha male as some kind of ancillary object, and to this day it mystifies me. – Courtney Love

102185. I might lie a lot but never in my lyrics. – Courtney Love

102186. I like to behave in an extremely normal, wholesome manner for the most part in my daily life. Even if mentally I’m consumed with sick visions of violence, terror, sex and death. – Courtney Love

102187. I like there to be some testosterone in rock, and it’s like I’m the one in the dress who has to provide it. – Courtney Love

102188. I like free gowns. – Courtney Love

102189. I like all the angels around because they protect me and my daughter. I mean, her Dad’s an angel. – Courtney Love

102190. I don’t need plastic in my body to validate me as a woman. – Courtney Love

102191. I was interested in being in Fight Club, but I wanted Edward’s part, but since they’re not going to hand a girl those parts you have to manifest destiny and not complain, bitch or whine. – Courtney Love

102192. I did not want to make the widow record. I still haven’t made the widow record. – Courtney Love

102193. I’ll always prefer to play with women and hang out with women, and I’ll always be a feminist. – Courtney Love

102194. I can turn on the radio right now and be inspired. – Courtney Love

102195. I am just the classic person who wants to learn stuff. I want good tutors, and with Kurt I had the best. – Courtney Love

102196. He was so gorgeous… Kurt. I don’t know how I got lucky that way. – Courtney Love

102197. Drugs have nothing to do with the creation of music. In fact, they are dumb and self indulgent. Kind of like sucking your thumb! – Courtney Love

102198. But, you know, all good rock is easy. – Courtney Love

102199. But let me tell you something. Gloria Steinem never helped me out; Larry Flynt did. – Courtney Love

102200. But I always wound up being the damn John, when I wanted to be the Paul. – Courtney Love

102201. Being offended is part of being in the real world. – Courtney Love

102202. Being famous is just like being in high school. But I’m not interested in being the cheerleader. I’m not interested in being Gwen Stefani. She’s the cheerleader, and I’m out in the smoker shed. – Courtney Love

102203. Being a rock widow is not my job, so I would hire people to do it for me. – Courtney Love

102204. Being a rock star is like being a cult leader – you really have to be in your own religion. – Courtney Love

102205. I don’t mean to be a diva, but some days you wake up and you’re Barbara Streisand. – Courtney Love

102206. I’m offended every time I see George Bush on TV! – Courtney Love

102207. If you want to ask about my drug problem, go ask my big, fat, smart, ten pound daughter, she’ll answer any questions you have about it. – Courtney Love

102208. In rock stardom there’s an absolute economic upside to self-destruction. – Courtney Love

102209. I want every girl in the world to pick up a guitar and start screaming. – Courtney Love

102210. It’s a radical time for musicians, a really revolutionary time, and I believe revolutions like Napster are a lot more fun than cash, which by the way we don’t have at major labels anyway, so we might as well get with it and get in the game. – Courtney Love

102211. Only dumb people are happy. – Courtney Love

102212. Kurt had this dumb suicidal ideation – that’s what I called it. I thought if we could live through this, we could live through anything. – Courtney Love

102213. Movie stars are supposed to be healthy. They’re kept happy and nutritionally together. – Courtney Love

102214. I’m ultimately a widow and a single mother, who’s not even getting to be a mother right now. I am so alone, it’s freaky. – Courtney Love

102215. My mentors are people like Cameron Crowe and Carrie Fisher. – Courtney Love

102216. I’m not going to hurt anybody other than that dick who keeps writing songs about me. – Courtney Love

102217. I’m not a woman. I’m a force of nature. – Courtney Love

102218. I’m driven. I am. I’m driven for some reason. But I don’t know where I’m going. – Courtney Love

102219. I’m clean and sober for over a year and no one seems to care! They’re like, ‘Oh, her dramatic weight gain.’ So, stop making fun of me! – Courtney Love

102220. I’m a survivor, at least that’s what everyone tells me. – Courtney Love

102221. I’m a catalogue artist: I compete with Bob Dylan. – Courtney Love

102222. I’ll always prefer to play with women and hang out with women, and I’ll always be a feminist. But let me tell you something. Gloria Steinem never helped me out; Larry Flynt did. – Courtney Love

102223. Much of my high-jinx have been drug-related. When you’re under 30, whatever, but once you’re past 40 it’s just ugly. – Courtney Love

102224. The history of mankind is a history of war. – Mike Love

102225. During meditation your metabolism and your breath rate go down to a level of rest, twice that of deep sleep. – Mike Love

102226. Every summer, my grandparents would rent a house on Balboa Island. They had the house next to Bob Hope’s. I’ve been going down there all my life, to that whole area. – Mike Love

102227. Mankind invents things to fight about. – Mike Love

102228. There are different things one can do to establish and hasten the peace process. Meditation is one way. – Mike Love

102229. Without meditation, I’d probably be dead. – Mike Love

102230. If Frank and The Beach Boys got together and did a Super Session album, it would be a gas. – Mike Love

102231. But are not the dreams of poets and the tales of travellers notoriously false? – H. P. Lovecraft

102232. But more wonderful than the lore of old men and the lore of books is the secret lore of ocean. – H. P. Lovecraft

102233. The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination. – H. P. Lovecraft

102234. The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind. – H. P. Lovecraft

102235. There be those who say that things and places have souls, and there be those who say they have not; I dare not say, myself, but I will tell of The Street. – H. P. Lovecraft

102236. To the scientist there is the joy in pursuing truth which nearly counteracts the depressing revelations of truth. – H. P. Lovecraft

102237. Toil without song is like a weary journey without an end. – H. P. Lovecraft

102238. Heaven knows where I’ll end up – but it’s a safe bet that I’ll never be at the top of anything! Nor do I particularly care to be. – H. P. Lovecraft

102239. Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time. – H. P. Lovecraft

102240. Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places. – H. P. Lovecraft

102241. The most merciful thing in the world… is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. – H. P. Lovecraft

102242. If I could create an ideal world, it would be an England with the fire of the Elizabethans, the correct taste of the Georgians, and the refinement and pure ideals of the Victorians. – H. P. Lovecraft

102243. If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences. – H. P. Lovecraft

102244. I never ask a man what his business is, for it never interests me. What I ask him about are his thoughts and dreams. – H. P. Lovecraft

102245. I fear my enthusiasm flags when real work is demanded of me. – H. P. Lovecraft

102246. I couldn’t live a week without a private library – indeed, I’d part with all my furniture and squat and sleep on the floor before I’d let go of the 1500 or so books I possess. – H. P. Lovecraft

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102247. What a man does for pay is of little significance. What he is, as a sensitive instrument responsive to the world’s beauty, is everything! – H. P. Lovecraft

102248. I am disillusioned enough to know that no man’s opinion on any subject is worth a damn unless backed up with enough genuine information to make him really know what he’s talking about. – H. P. Lovecraft

102249. We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight. – H. P. Lovecraft

102250. Blue, green, grey, white, or black; smooth, ruffled, or mountainous; that ocean is not silent. – H. P. Lovecraft

102251. Bunch together a group of people deliberately chosen for strong religious feelings, and you have a practical guarantee of dark morbidities expressed in crime, perversion, and insanity. – H. P. Lovecraft

102252. I could not love thee, dear, so much, loved I not honor more. – Richard Lovelace

102253. If I have freedom in my love, And in my soul am free, – Angels alone that soar above, Enjoy such liberty. – Richard Lovelace

102254. Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage. – Richard Lovelace

102255. There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen. – James A. Lovell

102256. The moon is essentially gray, no color. It looks like plaster of Paris, like dirty beach sand with lots of footprints in it. – James A. Lovell

102257. Houston, we’ve had a problem here. – James A. Lovell

102258. Be thankful for problems. If they were less difficult, someone with less ability might have your job. – James A. Lovell

102259. Yes, I’m afraid the life over here is very different from N.Z. but oh boy it’s a grand life. – Jack Lovelock

102260. All the modelling we do shows that the climate is poised on the jump up to a new hot state. It is accelerating so fast that you could say that we are already in it. – James Lovelock

102261. An inefficient virus kills its host. A clever virus stays with it. – James Lovelock

102262. China will soon emit more greenhouse gases than America, but its regime knows if it caps aspirations there will be a revolution. – James Lovelock

102263. Civilization in its present form hasn’t got long. – James Lovelock

102264. Climatologists are all agreed that we’d be lucky to see the end of this century without the world being a totally different place, and being 8 or 9 degrees hotter on average. – James Lovelock

102265. Esso has been the main one in America spreading the disinformation that there is no global warming problem. – James Lovelock

102266. Evolution is a tightly coupled dance, with life and the material environment as partners. From the dance emerges the entity Gaia. – James Lovelock

102267. Florida will be gone altogether, the whole damned place, in not too long. – James Lovelock

102268. For each of our actions there are only consequences. – James Lovelock

102269. A billion could live off the earth; 6 billion living as we do is far too many, and you run out of planet in no time. – James Lovelock

102270. Let’s make hay while it lasts. – James Lovelock

102271. I have heard that the Saudi Arabians are paying Greenpeace to campaign against Nuclear Power. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. – James Lovelock

102272. This programme to stop nuclear by 2020 is just crazy. If there were a nuclear war, and humanity were wiped out, the Earth would breathe a sigh of relief. – James Lovelock

102273. We’d never have got a chance to go outside and look at the earth if it hadn’t been for space exploration and NASA. – James Lovelock

102274. Science always uses metaphor. – James Lovelock

102275. You mustn’t take what I say as gospel because no one can second-guess the future. – James Lovelock

102276. Life does more than adapt to the Earth. It changes the Earth to its own purposes. – James Lovelock

102277. There aren’t just bad people that commit genocide; we are all capable of it. It’s our evolutionary history. – James Lovelock

102278. The oil companies regard nuclear power as their rival, who will reduce their profits, so they put out a lot of disinformation about nuclear power. – James Lovelock

102279. Nature favors those organisms which leave the environment in better shape for their progeny to survive. – James Lovelock

102280. One pound of uranium is worth about 3 million pounds worth of coal or oil. – James Lovelock

102281. There is little evidence that our individual intelligence has improved through recorded history. – James Lovelock

102282. Geological change usually takes thousands of years to happen but we are seeing the climate changing not just in our lifetimes but also year by year. – James Lovelock

102283. You never know with politicians what they are really saying. And I don’t say that in a negative way-they have an appalling job. – James Lovelock

102284. I suspect any worries about genetic engineering may be unnecessary. Genetic mutations have always happened naturally, anyway. – James Lovelock

102285. NASA will send up a big sun shade that will be in orbit between the earth and sun and deflect 2 or 3 percent of the sunshine back into space. It would be cheaper than the international space station. – James Lovelock

102286. I’m a scientist, not a theologian. I don’t know if there is a God or not. Religion requires certainty. – James Lovelock

102287. I’m not a pessimist, even though I do think awful things are going to happen. – James Lovelock

102288. I’ve got personal views on the ’60s. You can’t have freedom without paying the price for it. – James Lovelock

102289. If it hadn’t been for the Cold War, neither Russia nor America would have been sending people into space. – James Lovelock

102290. If we gave up eating beef we would have roughly 20 to 30 times more land for food than we have now. – James Lovelock

102291. If you start any large theory, such as quantum mechanics, plate tectonics, evolution, it takes about 40 years for mainstream science to come around. Gaia has been going for only 30 years or so. – James Lovelock

102292. Just after World War II, this country led the world in science by every way you could measure it, yet the number of scientists was a tiny proportion of what it is now. – James Lovelock

102293. Sadly, it’s much easier to create a desert than a forest. – James Lovelock

102294. When once the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of a pen. But if you have not a pen, I suppose you must scratch any way you can. – Samuel Lover

102295. Come live in my heart, and pay no rent. – Samuel Lover

102296. My advice to you concerning applause is this: enjoy it but never quite believe it. – Samuel Lover

102297. Reproof on her lip, but a smile in her eye. – Samuel Lover

102298. Said will be a little ahead, but done should follow at his heel. – Samuel Lover

102299. Circumstances are the rulers of the weak; they are but the instruments of the wise. – Samuel Lover

102300. I don’t feel like I’m on a mission. I’m trying to play music that I like to play and like to listen to. – Lyle Lovett

102301. I’m really in no danger of being perceived as a famous movie actor! – Lyle Lovett

102302. Both my parents worked, so I was home alone a lot, and I would listen to their records. They belonged to the Columbia House record club, so they had records! – Lyle Lovett

102303. Fortunately, I’ve never had a job. – Lyle Lovett

102304. I’ve been lucky to be able to make the records I’ve wanted to make. The record company has never pressured me to cut certain songs. – Lyle Lovett

102305. I am limited by what I can think of to do-my choices are not so great. – Lyle Lovett

102306. It’s difficult to get started-when it comes to dealing with an unknown quantity, people are reluctant to trust their own opinion. It helps if two or three people give you a boost. – Lyle Lovett

102307. It’s important to be successful enough to be able to keep doing what you love. – Lyle Lovett

102308. It’s really a lot easier to write about things that are problematic. Who wants to hear how happy you are? – Lyle Lovett

102309. Singing your own songs is all about individual expression. – Lyle Lovett

102310. Somehow you can tell the difference when a song is written just to get on the radio and when what someone does is their whole life. That comes through in Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson. There is no separating their life from their music. – Lyle Lovett

102311. You can’t second-guess your audience. You can only do what you think is right. If you do that, your audience will appreciate you. – Lyle Lovett

102312. I enjoyed hearing people do their own songs. I became attracted to singer-songwriters. I became interested in them as people; was curious about what they wanted to say. – Lyle Lovett

102313. I played guitar when I was young and never really considered it as a way to make a living. – Lyle Lovett

102314. I would love to have a part opposite a great actor – like, say, Pacino or De Niro or Hoffman. And to work with a top director. That’s my dream. – Jon Lovitz

102315. You’re in front of an audience, but you’re playing for a camera. There’s this huge adrenaline rush, because you know that besides the audience in the studio, there are millions of people watching at home. – Jon Lovitz

102316. You, the actor, must be aware of when you’re being funny, but the character you’re playing should always be oblivious to the fact. – Jon Lovitz

102317. It’s fun to do something funny and have the director laughing. It makes you feel good. – Jon Lovitz

102318. Woody is the guy who made me want to be a comic. I was in heaven and couldn’t stop smiling because he was my idle and 29 years after seeing Take the Money and Run, I was working for him. – Jon Lovitz

102319. Churchill was one of the few men I have met who even in the flesh give me the impression of genius. George Bernard Shaw is another. It is amusing to know that each thinks the other is overrated. – David Low

102320. Here lies a nuisance dedicated to sanity. – David Low

102321. Some critics of my work took the view that a satirist should defer to the finer feelings of his readers and respect widely held beliefs. – David Low

102322. Making a cartoon occupied usually about three full days, two spent in labour and one in removing the appearance of labour. – David Low

102323. I move to appoint a Committee to correspond with the neighboring colonies, on the present important Crisis. – Isaac Low

102324. My purpose… to go on with my heart and soul, devoting all my energies to Girl Scouts, and heart and hand with them, we will make our lives and the lives of the future girls happy, healthy and holy. – Juliette G. Low

102325. Once I showed up at my sister’s with a baby rabbit I had bought from some children because its ears were cold. I put the rabbit on a hot water bottle and massaged its ears for quite a while. After all, I knew that all healthy animals had warm ears. – Juliette G. Low

102326. Ours is a circle of friendships united by ideals. – Juliette G. Low

102327. Right is right, even if no one else does it. – Juliette G. Low

102328. Scouting rises within you and inspires you to put forth your best. – Juliette G. Low

102329. To put yourself in another’s place requires real imagination, but by doing so each Girl Scout will be able to love among others happily. – Juliette G. Low

102330. We must accept the fact that transport and communications will bring the world in close relations and the youth of the world should have standards and ideals in common. – Juliette G. Low

102331. Badges mean nothing in themselves, but they mark a certain achievement and they are a link between the rich and the poor. For when one girl sees a badge on a sister Scout’s arm, if that girl has won the same badge, it at once awakens an interest and sympathy between them. – Juliette G. Low

102332. From you we have learned what we, at least, value, to separate Church and State; and from you we gather inspiration at all times in our devotion to learning, to religious liberty, and to individual and National freedom. – Seth Low

102333. On this day, so full for Americans of thoughts connected with their National Independence, we may not forget that Americans have yet other grounds for gratitude to the people of the Netherlands. – Seth Low

102334. The great city can teach something that no university by itself can altogether impart: a vivid sense of the largeness of human brotherhood, a vivid sense of man’s increasing obligation to man; a vivid sense of our absolute dependence on one another. – Seth Low

102335. The United States of America have taken their name from the United States of the Netherlands. – Seth Low

102336. These are some of the things for which we believe the American people owe no little gratitude to the Dutch; and these are the things for which today, speaking in the name of the American people, we venture to express their heartfelt thanks. – Seth Low

102337. We cannot forget that our flag received its first foreign salute from a Dutch officer, nor that the Province of Friesland gave to our independence its first formal recognition. – Seth Low

102338. The best climber in the world is the one that has the most fun. – Alex Lowe

102339. When you remove the risk, you remove the challenge. When you remove the challenge, you wither on the vine. – Alex Lowe

102340. It’s wonderful to be back. Back among the mountains that remind us of our vulnerability, our ultimate lack of control over the world we live in. Mountains that demand humility, and yield so much peace in return. – Alex Lowe

102341. It’s the journey toward doing these harder climbs that really gives value to the whole activity of climbing. – Alex Lowe

102342. Inspiring passion in family and friends has more enduring value than just staying alive for them. – Alex Lowe

102343. Identifying and overcoming natural fear is one of the pleasing struggles intrinsic to climbing. – Alex Lowe

102344. I think climbing is less a sport and more a hobby, and as such, I think everybody’s a beginning climber. – Alex Lowe

102345. There are two kinds of climbers, those who climb because their heart sings when they’re in the mountains, and all the rest. – Alex Lowe

102346. Acting must be scaled down for the screen. A drawing room is a lot smaller than a theatre auditorium. – Arthur Lowe

102347. An actor is an actor is an actor. The less personality an actor has off stage the better. A blank canvas on which to draw the characters he plays. – Arthur Lowe

102348. I think each role has had different challenges. – Chad Lowe

102349. So ultimately I am looking for a story that has some value and is important and is entertaining. – Chad Lowe

102350. I think every actor should go back and do theater periodically. – Chad Lowe

102351. I did this role in Life Goes On as an HIV positive character and so emotionally that was the most challenging. – Chad Lowe

102352. I believe that the story is the most important element of any medium whether it’s theater, film, TV. – Chad Lowe

102353. Actually, every time I am back in New York, I read for as many plays as I can. – Chad Lowe

102354. Oh absolutely. I had the pleasure to get to know a lot of really talented young actors before they even really hit it big. And yet what we all had and shared in common was a love for movies. – Chad Lowe

102355. I’m beginning to think that you should only be allowed to serve two terms, before madness sets in. – Chris Lowe

102356. I don’t think you ever know in yourself whether you have gone mad. – Chris Lowe

102357. House music is about love, and lots of hip hop is about hate and intolerance, so in that respect, it’s not good at all. – Chris Lowe

102358. Even the Beatles lived their lives as a soap opera. – Chris Lowe

102359. Electroclash is good because it’s stayed underground. – Chris Lowe

102360. Chart positions aren’t the be all and end all. – Chris Lowe

102361. We never let go. Ever. Even with punctuation. It’s frightening. I can’t see anyone from any record company ever writing an email to Neil and not getting it back, with corrections. – Chris Lowe

102362. Love Comes Quickly is our favourite record ever, and it did really badly. – Chris Lowe

102363. Stupidity combined with arrogance and a huge ego will get you a long way. – Chris Lowe

102364. The clubs are good fun-having a laugh, really having a good time. – Chris Lowe

102365. Using music to promote hate seems to be the bastardisation of music to me. – Chris Lowe

102366. We’d be nowhere without our looks. – Chris Lowe

102367. We’d have made more, but I kept forgetting to write songs down. – Chris Lowe

102368. When West End Girls came out on import, I was a student at Liverpool University. I’d go to a club in Liverpool and it would come on, and I’d be really embarrassed. – Chris Lowe

102369. There’s nothing I like more than being on a dance floor with a thousand people feeling love for humanity. – Chris Lowe

102370. Be a military flier or be in a band; those were the two hippest things I could imagine. – Nick Lowe

102371. I work very hard on getting the songs as direct and examined as I can before I go in the studio. – Nick Lowe

102372. If anyone comes along, I’m more than happy to welcome them, but I’m not interested in world domination. – Nick Lowe

102373. In the ’70s, you had to come up with an album every year whether you were ready or not. – Nick Lowe

102374. The number of contemporary artists who appeal to me is infinitesimal. – Nick Lowe

102375. The world is full of musicians who can play great, and you wouldn’t cross the road to see them. It’s people who have this indefinable attitude that are the good ones. – Nick Lowe

102376. These days, rock ‘n’ roll is much more about rock than about roll. I don’t do rock. But I’m interested in that roll part, because that’s the funny little bit that makes it hip. – Nick Lowe

102377. When punk rock came along, the one thing you were not supposed to be was musical. – Nick Lowe

102378. If a hit came along, I wouldn’t be unhappy about that. But I’m a bit too old for that now-doing videos and all those types of TV shows. I’ve kind of done all that, in the ’70s. – Nick Lowe

102379. As long as my body holds out, I’ll be grooving when I’m 70, and not some sort of horrible spectacle. – Nick Lowe

102380. They tell me I produced songs. I just stood in the back, wore a good suit and said, Yeah, that’s happening. – Nick Lowe

102381. I suppose I was waiting until I was old enough to have some sort of experience to sing about. When you’re young, it’s hard to sing the blues. Nobody believes you. – Nick Lowe

102382. I’m playing to the sort of people who like the same records. – Nick Lowe

102383. All those years we’d spent learning these chops, and all those gigs in Germany where you’d play all night, and along comes punk. It has nothing to do with that. A lot of people went out of business. – Nick Lowe

102384. I like being a big fish in a small pond. I’m not interested in a huge audience because it brings headaches. – Nick Lowe

102385. Going to Nashville to meet the in-laws was the first time when I’d been in America and not been seen as some sort of eccentric character with a cute accent. – Nick Lowe

102386. Elvis Costello had a brand new bag. He was a musician, but he knew all about the attitude part of it. – Nick Lowe

102387. You’ve got to really know your song, inside and out. – Nick Lowe

102388. When somebody like Elvis Costello comes along, anybody can make a good record with him. – Nick Lowe

102389. I’ll be sober ten years and married nine soon. – Rob Lowe

102390. Directors are not worried about casting beautiful women, but they are not sure that they want to cast great-looking men. My looks have prevented people from seeing my work. – Rob Lowe

102391. I have a lot of great memories, but I can’t imagine anything more exciting than the life I have now. – Rob Lowe

102392. I have been looking forward to this age of my life for a long time. In my twenties, I marked the days on the calendar – I was sick of playing high-school kids. – Rob Lowe

102393. I have never felt at any point in my life, good or bad, any ill will ever from the man or woman on the street. – Rob Lowe

102394. I have, on the other hand, felt ill will from various people in the industry and the press. – Rob Lowe

102395. Sampling, statisticians have told us, is a much more effective way of getting a good census. – Rob Lowe

102396. I wouldn’t go back on my old days, though; everybody needs to have their wild years. It’s just a question of when and I’d rather have had them early than be doing it as a mid-life crisis type thing. – Rob Lowe

102397. I have other obligations now – the show, my family, my life… though I know that without my sobriety I wouldn’t have any of those things. – Rob Lowe

102398. When I hear that I realize how quickly time passes and how everybody goes on their journeys and they’re always unbelievable and they never go where you think they’re going to take you and, quite frankly, it also makes me feel a little old. – Rob Lowe

102399. What’s gratifying about West Wing is that everybody told us that it couldn’t be done – that the man or woman on the street didn’t care about politics. But if you set things up correctly, people don’t have a problem with it. – Rob Lowe

102400. We always reminisce about how everyone tried to get Diane Lane’s attention, to very little success. – Rob Lowe

102401. The ’80s were about trying to establish myself as an actor with a career. And being a teenager enjoying the fruits of being successful with lots of what I think is appropriate for that age. – Rob Lowe

102402. Temperamentally, Sam and I are very much alike. He’s a lawyer, my father’s a lawyer, and I always wanted to play one. On so many levels the role just felt right. I fell in love with it as I would a woman. – Rob Lowe

102403. Sobriety was the greatest gift I ever gave myself. I don’t put it on a platform. I don’t campaign about it. It’s just something that works for me. It enabled me to really connect with another human being – my wife, Sheryl – which I was never able to do before. – Rob Lowe

102404. Show me someone who doesn’t have some sort of experience that they would be uncomfortable for people to know about and I’ll show you a dullard. – Rob Lowe

102405. I liked being a teenager, but I would not go back for all the tea in China. – Rob Lowe

102406. I like the tradition of ordinary men in extraordinary circumstances and how they react to events which force them to be heroic in a way that is not in their natures. – Rob Lowe

102407. All that you may achieve or discover you will regard as a fragment of a larger pattern of the truth which from the separate approaches every true scholar is striving to descry. – Abbott L. Lowell

102408. You will be courteous to your elders who have explored to the point from which you may advance; and helpful to your juniors who will progress farther by reason of your labors. – Abbott L. Lowell

102409. You will not accept credit that is due to another, or harbor jealousy of an explorer who is more fortunate. – Abbott L. Lowell

102410. You will seek not a near but a distant objective, and you will not be satisfied with what you may have done. – Abbott L. Lowell

102411. Your aim will be knowledge and wisdom, not the reflected glamour of fame. – Abbott L. Lowell

102412. A man must be sacrificed now and again to provide for the next generation of men. – Amy Lowell

102413. I am tired, beloved, of chafing my heart against the want of you; of squeezing it into little ink drops, and posting it. And I scald alone, here, under the fire of the great moon. – Amy Lowell

102414. All books are either dreams or swords, you can cut, or you can drug, with words. – Amy Lowell

102415. For books are more than books, they are the life, the very heart and core of ages past, the reason why men worked and died, the essence and quintessence of their lives. – Amy Lowell

102416. Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in. – Amy Lowell

102417. Hate is ravening vulture beaks descending on a place of skulls. – Amy Lowell

102418. In science, read by preference the newest works. In literature, read the oldest. The classics are always modern. – Amy Lowell

102419. Let us be of cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never come. – Amy Lowell

102420. Moon! Moon! I am prone before you. Pity me, and drench me in loneliness. – Amy Lowell

102421. Take everything easy and quit dreaming and brooding and you will be well guarded from a thousand evils. – Amy Lowell

102422. Time! Joyless emblem of the greed of millions, robber of the best which earth can give. – Amy Lowell

102423. You are ice and fire the touch of you burns my hands like snow. – Amy Lowell

102424. Youth condemns; maturity condones. – Amy Lowell

102425. Happiness, to some, elation; Is, to others, mere stagnation. – Amy Lowell

102426. One lifetime is never enough to accomplish one’s horticultural goals. If a garden is a site for the imagination, how can we be very far from the beginning? – Francis Cabot Lowell

102427. Gardeners instinctively know that flowers and plants are a continuum and that the wheel of garden history will always be coming full circle. – Francis Cabot Lowell

102428. Poetry is something to make us wiser and better, by continually revealing those types of beauty and truth, which God has set in all men’s souls. – James Russell Lowell

102429. As life runs on, the road grows strange with faces new – and near the end. The milestones into headstones change, Neath every one a friend. – James Russell Lowell

102430. Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character. – James Russell Lowell

102431. Sincerity is impossible, unless it pervade the whole being, and the pretence of it saps the very foundation of character. – James Russell Lowell

102432. Reputation is only a candle, of wavering and uncertain flame, and easily blown out, but it is the light by which the world looks for and finds merit. – James Russell Lowell

102433. Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found. – James Russell Lowell

102434. Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind. – James Russell Lowell

102435. Fate loves the fearless. – James Russell Lowell

102436. Every person born into this world their work is born with them. – James Russell Lowell

102437. Every man feels instinctively that all the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action. – James Russell Lowell

102438. Endurance is the crowning quality, And patience all the passion of great hearts. – James Russell Lowell

102439. Each day the world is born anew for him who takes it rightly. – James Russell Lowell

102440. Democracy is the form of government that gives every man the right to be his own oppressor. – James Russell Lowell

102441. Fortune is the rod of the weak, and the staff of the brave. – James Russell Lowell

102442. Death is delightful. Death is dawn, The waking from a weary night Of fevers unto truth and light. – James Russell Lowell

102443. Freedom is the only law which genius knows. – James Russell Lowell

102444. Compromise makes a good umbrella, but a poor roof; it is temporary expedient, often wise in party politics, almost sure to be unwise in statesmanship. – James Russell Lowell

102445. Children are God’s Apostles, sent forth, day by day, to preach of love, and hope, and peace. – James Russell Lowell

102446. Blessed are they who have nothing to say and who cannot be persuaded to say it. – James Russell Lowell

102447. And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days. – James Russell Lowell

102448. An appeal to the reason of the people has never been known to fail in the long run. – James Russell Lowell

102449. All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action. – James Russell Lowell

102450. A weed is no more than a flower in disguise, Which is seen through at once, if love give a man eyes. – James Russell Lowell

102451. A great man is made up of qualities that meet or make great occasions. – James Russell Lowell

102452. Democracy gives every man the right to be his own oppressor. – James Russell Lowell

102453. It is by presence of mind in untried emergencies that the native metal of man is tested. – James Russell Lowell

102454. Once to every person and nation come the moment to decide. In the conflict of truth with falsehood, for the good or evil side. – James Russell Lowell

102455. On one issue at least, men and women agree; they both distrust women. – James Russell Lowell

102456. Not failure, but low aim, is crime. – James Russell Lowell

102457. No man can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself. – James Russell Lowell

102458. Mishaps are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle. – James Russell Lowell

102459. Light is the symbol of truth. – James Russell Lowell

102460. Let us be of good cheer, however, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never come. – James Russell Lowell

102461. Folks never understand the folks they hate. – James Russell Lowell

102462. It is the privilege of genius that life never grows common place, as it does for the rest of us. – James Russell Lowell

102463. One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. – James Russell Lowell

102464. Incredulity robs us of many pleasures, and gives us nothing in return. – James Russell Lowell

102465. In the ocean of baseness, the deeper we get, the easier the sinking. – James Russell Lowell

102466. In creating, the only hard thing is to begin: a grass blade’s no easier to make than an oak. – James Russell Lowell

102467. If youth be a defect, it is one that we outgrow only too soon. – James Russell Lowell

102468. I have always been of the mind that in a democracy manners are the only effective weapons against the bowie-knife. – James Russell Lowell

102469. He who is firmly seated in authority soon learns to think security, and not progress, the highest lesson in statecraft. – James Russell Lowell

102470. Greatly begin. Though thou have time, but for a line, be that sublime. Not failure, but low aim is crime. – James Russell Lowell

102471. Good luck is the willing handmaid of a upright and energetic character, and conscientious observance of duty. – James Russell Lowell

102472. Joy comes, grief goes, we know not how. – James Russell Lowell

102473. Toward no crimes have men shown themselves so cold- bloodedly cruel as in punishing differences of belief. – James Russell Lowell

102474. To educate the intelligence is to expand the horizon of its wants and desires. – James Russell Lowell

102475. There is nothing so desperately monotonous as the sea, and I no longer wonder at the cruelty of pirates. – James Russell Lowell

102476. Truth forever on the scaffold, wrong forever on the throne. – James Russell Lowell

102477. There is no good in arguing with the inevitable. The only argument available with an east wind is to put on your overcoat. – James Russell Lowell

102478. The surest plan to make a man is, think him so. – James Russell Lowell

102479. The only faith that wears well and holds its color in all weathers is that which is woven of conviction and set with the sharp mordant of experience. – James Russell Lowell

102480. The mind can weave itself warmly in the cocoon of its own thoughts, and dwell a hermit anywhere. – James Russell Lowell

102481. The heart forgets its sorrow and ache. – James Russell Lowell

102482. The greatest homage we can pay to truth, is to use it. – James Russell Lowell

102483. There are two kinds of weakness, that which breaks and that which bends. – James Russell Lowell

102484. Truth, after all, wears a different face to everybody, and it would be too tedious to wait till all were agreed. – James Russell Lowell

102485. Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change. – James Russell Lowell

102486. What a sense of security in an old book which time has criticized for us. – James Russell Lowell

102487. What men prize most is a privilege, even if it be that of chief mourner at a funeral. – James Russell Lowell

102488. Where one person shapes their life by precept and example, there are a thousand who have shaped it by impulse and circumstances. – James Russell Lowell

102489. Who’s not sat tense before his own heart’s curtain. – James Russell Lowell

102490. The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinions. – James Russell Lowell

102491. The eye is the notebook of the poet. – James Russell Lowell

102492. Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do that day, which must be done, whether you like it or not. – James Russell Lowell

102493. True scholarship consists in knowing not what things exist, but what they mean; it is not memory but judgment. – James Russell Lowell

102494. Imagination is as vital to any advance in science as learning and precision are essential for starting points. – Percival Lowell

102495. The Lord survives the rainbow of His will. – Robert Lowell

102496. The light at the end of the tunnel is just the light of an oncoming train. – Robert Lowell

102497. If youth is a defect, it is one we outgrow too soon. – Robert Lowell

102498. If we see light at the end of the tunnel, it the light of the oncoming train. – Robert Lowell

102499. In Boston serpents whistle at the cold. – Robert Lowell

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102500. Everybody needs feedback, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than paying a trainer. – Doug Lowenstein

102501. Eighty-six percent of the gun death of children under the age of 14 internationally is right here in the United States of America. It is madness. – Nita Lowey

102502. Take care of the pence, for the pounds will take care of themselves. – William Lowndes

102503. War is being declared tomorrow here so perhaps you can understand that I have been working under difficulties, but difficulties negligible compared with what others have to go through. – Malcolm Lowry

102504. Good God, if our civilization were to sober up for a couple of days it’d die of remorse on the third. – Malcolm Lowry

102505. Long for me as I for you, forgetting, what will be inevitable, the long black aftermath of pain. – Malcolm Lowry

102506. Muzzle a dog and he will bark out of the other end. – Malcolm Lowry

102507. We have always wanted to write songs and be experimental in that way. – Mike Lowry

102508. What’s wrong is that we are not participating to make this the type of government it needs to be. – Mike Lowry

102509. We wanted to sit down and conceptually work out songs. – Mike Lowry

102510. We ought to be doing that with decent standard housing but if we have people who are absolutely on the streets in this case, I think it makes sense that tent cities are preferred to not having tent cities. – Mike Lowry

102511. We need to have the social investments by which to quote unquote distribute some of that wealth. – Mike Lowry

102512. We listened to a lot of Rolling Stones and Beatles records when we were recording. They were really good at not playing loud, but generating really big sounds out of everything. – Mike Lowry

102513. We have an electronic vein we have tapped and applied it to a rock setting like tons of bands out there. – Mike Lowry

102514. We became good friends with Galactic as well. – Mike Lowry

102515. Well, we played with Soul Coughing once for like two days, that was pretty cool. I mean they were all good, you can pull a great experience from everything. – Mike Lowry

102516. Well lately I have listening to a lot of movie soundtracks. – Mike Lowry

102517. You can say that Wayne Coyne sounds like Neil Young. – Mike Lowry

102518. There are so many songs that we just don’t play anymore. – Mike Lowry

102519. I think a lot of it is that we used to tour so much that we never really had time to write songs. – Mike Lowry

102520. Enterprise Washington is economic development in areas of high unemployment around the state of Washington. – Mike Lowry

102521. I just feel like there hasn’t been enough time away from all this other stuff and into this new world or sort of big world that it hasn’t worn off yet. – Mike Lowry

102522. I think the market driven economic system is the most productive system, but to have that work in the world, you’ve got to also have social investments to go along with that. – Mike Lowry

102523. I was way into Primus in high school so hanging out with him was a thrill. – Mike Lowry

102524. If somebody comes to a neighborhood coffee hour, or goes to a discussion group, and they have a discussion, I do think that people really walk away with a real understanding of the issues. – Mike Lowry

102525. It was awesome because we were doing Ramones songs. – Mike Lowry

102526. The end game is you change that law to making that law better, whichever law you’re talking about. – Mike Lowry

102527. The Fairness Project is endeavoring to try to do what we can to make a fairer society. – Mike Lowry

102528. And in a democracy, when we say we’re mad at what’s going on, what we need to be saying is we’re mad at ourselves. – Mike Lowry

102529. A great thing about these trees is that they are excellent for cleaning, both groundwater, and of course, air. – Mike Lowry

102530. Believing that our greatest need is for the general public to be able to get better information, to have an opportunity to learn better the real issues of the less fortunate, we centered the activities of the Fairness Project on that. – Mike Lowry

102531. It’s definitely an influence, I mean how can you not say you are influenced to play rock. – Mike Lowry

102532. I don’t want to feel like people are imposing limits upon you. – Mike Lowry

102533. The senior officer who met with reporters in Baghdad said there had been 21 car bombings in the capital in May, and 126 in the past 80 days. All last year, he said, there were only about 25 car bombings in Baghdad. – Rich Lowry

102534. Al Gore adopted three utterly different personas in three national presidential debates. – Rich Lowry

102535. Al Gore’s performances could be a case study in abnormal-psychology classes. – Rich Lowry

102536. There’s no wobble in Bush. If anything, the opposite. Right after hello, the next words out of his mouth are: I’ve never been more convinced that the decisions I made are the right decisions. – Rich Lowry

102537. The debate about the war seems pretty robust and free. Many publications, from the New Yorker to the Nation, feel perfectly comfortable printing anti-American articles and that’s fine. That’s what the First Amendment is all about. – Rich Lowry

102538. Message to Obama: Fighting the Clinton machine won’t be as easy as picking up favorable press clips. – Rich Lowry

102539. John Kerry couldn’t even order a Philly cheesesteak properly. – Rich Lowry

102540. It is Hillary’s lot in life not to be able to fake it well. – Rich Lowry

102541. In person, George W. Bush is extremely forceful. He has a restless energy when he sits in a chair, and nearly leaps out of it when making certain points. – Rich Lowry

102542. Comedians still make fun of Bill’s out-of-control appetites, but with Hillary, the mockery is about how she lets nothing be out of control. – Rich Lowry

102543. Clinton’s fakery was so deft and deeply ingrained that it was impossible to tell where it ended and the real Bill Clinton began. This constituted a kind of political genius. – Rich Lowry

102544. Calculation has its advantages, but no one likes naked calculation. – Rich Lowry

102545. Bush’s faith in the rightness of his strategy in the broader war is deep-seated. It is a product of faith. – Rich Lowry

102546. Almost all political campaigns involve falsity and playacting. – Rich Lowry

102547. Bill Clinton was a liberal who could appeal to conservative-leaning Bubba voters. – Rich Lowry

102548. Because liberalism typically doesn’t sell in American presidential politics, liberal candidates tend to run as culturally conservative centrists. – Rich Lowry

102549. If Bill was all id, Hillary is all superego. – Rich Lowry

102550. You have to check out ‘March of the Penguins’. Penguins are the really ideal example of monogamy. – Rich Lowry

102551. Where passion leads or prudence points the way. – Robert Lowth

102552. I think that carrying on a life that is meant to be private in public is a breach of taste, common sense, and mental hygiene. – Myrna Loy

102553. Life, is not a having and a getting, but a being and a becoming. – Myrna Loy

102554. Most of the sex I’ve seen on the screen looks like an expression of hostility towards sex. – Myrna Loy

102555. Considering that the blessed life we so long for consists in an intimate and true love of God Our Creator and Lord, which binds and obliges us all to a sincere love. – Ignatius Loyola

102556. So with that will prompt and prepared to serve all those whom I perceive to be servants of my Lord, I will speak of three things with simplicity and love as if I were speaking to my own soul. – Ignatius Loyola

102557. The principal end both of my father and of myself in the conquest of India… has been the propagation of the holy Catholic faith. – Ignatius Loyola

102558. Taiwan is democratic. – Annette Lu

102559. Habit and routine have an unbelievable power to waste and destroy. – Henri de Lubac

102560. Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books. – John Lubbock

102561. A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work. – John Lubbock

102562. A wise system of education will at last teach us how little man yet knows, how much he has still to learn. – John Lubbock

102563. Your character will be what you yourself choose to make it. – John Lubbock

102564. What we see depends mainly on what we look for. – John Lubbock

102565. We often hear of people breaking down from overwork, but in nine out of ten they are really suffering from worry or anxiety. – John Lubbock

102566. Our duty is to believe that for which we have sufficient evidence, and to suspend our judgment when we have not. – John Lubbock

102567. Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. – John Lubbock

102568. Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven. – John Lubbock

102569. The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn. – John Lubbock

102570. When we have done our best, we should wait the result in peace. – John Lubbock

102571. Happiness is a thing to be practiced, like the violin. – John Lubbock

102572. If we are ever in doubt about what to do, it is a good rule to ask ourselves what we shall wish on the morrow that we had done. – John Lubbock

102573. There are a thousand ways to point a camera, but really only one. – Ernst Lubitsch

102574. Nobody should try to play comedy unless they have a circus going on inside. – Ernst Lubitsch

102575. In Hollywood we acquire the finest novels in order to smell the leather bindings. – Ernst Lubitsch

102576. I’ve been to Paris France and I’ve been to Paris Paramount. Paris Paramount is better. – Ernst Lubitsch

102577. You could name the great stars of the silent screen who were finished; the great directors gone; the great title writers who were washed up. But remember this, as long as you live: the producers didn’t lose a man. They all made the switch. That’s where the great talent is. – Ernst Lubitsch

102578. I let the audience use their imaginations. Can I help it if they misconstrue my suggestions? – Ernst Lubitsch

102579. I sometimes make pictures which are not up to my standard, but then it can only be said of a mediocrity that all his work is up to his standard. – Ernst Lubitsch

102580. You change your life by changing your heart. – Max Lucado

102581. A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd. – Max Lucado

102582. Lower your expectations of earth. This isn’t heaven, so don’t expect it to be. – Max Lucado

102583. There is a time for risky love. There is a time for extravagant gestures. There is a time to pour out your affections on one you love. And when the time comes – seize it, don’t miss it. – Max Lucado

102584. I have a wife, I have sons: all of them hostages given to fate. – Lucan

102585. Nobody ever chooses the already unfortunate as objects of his loyal friendship. – Lucan

102586. Some men by ancestry are only the shadow of a mighty name. – Lucan

102587. The gods conceal from men the happiness of death, that they may endure life. – Lucan

102588. There stands the shadow of a glorious name. – Lucan

102589. Great fear is concealed under daring. – Lucan

102590. Among those who share a throne there can be no loyalty; Dominion’s ever impatient consort. – Marcus Annaeus Lucan

102591. Deep-seated are the wounds of civil brawls. – Marcus Annaeus Lucan

102592. Might was the measure of right. – Marcus Annaeus Lucan

102593. There are two words for everything. – E. V. Lucas

102594. One of the most adventurous things left us is to go to bed. For no one can lay a hand on our dreams. – E. V. Lucas

102595. I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them. – E. V. Lucas

102596. There can be no defence like elaborate courtesy. – E. V. Lucas

102597. Nothing is wasted. – Edward V. Lucas

102598. You may lose by it now and then, but it will be a loss well gained if you do. – Edward V. Lucas

102599. There is no diplomacy like candor. – Edward V. Lucas

102600. There can be no defense like elaborate courtesy. – Edward V. Lucas

102601. The art of life is to show your hand. – Edward V. Lucas

102602. Nothing is so boring as having to keep up a deception. – Edward V. Lucas

102603. Americans are people who prefer the Continent to their own country, but refuse to learn its languages. – Edward V. Lucas

102604. The French never allow a distinguished son of France to lack a statue. – Edward V. Lucas

102605. A man can make himself put down what comes, even if it seems nauseating nonsense; tomorrow some of it may not seem wholly nonsense at all. – F. L. Lucas

102606. Most style is not honest enough. – F. L. Lucas

102607. Apart from a few simple principles, the sound and rhythm of English prose seem to me matters where both writers and readers should trust not so much to rules as to their ears. – F. L. Lucas

102608. The two World Wars came in part, like much modern literature and art, because men, whose nature is to tire of everything in turn… tired of common sense and civilization. – F. L. Lucas

102609. And how is clarity to be achieved? Mainly by taking trouble and by writing to serve people rather than to impress them. – F. L. Lucas

102610. The most emphatic place in a clause or sentence is the end. This is the climax; and, during the momentary pause that follows, that last word continues, as it were, to reverberate in the reader’s mind. It has, in fact, the last word. – F. L. Lucas

102611. At Munich we sold the Czechs for a few months grace, but the disgrace will last as long as history. – F. L. Lucas

102612. The only hope I can see for the future depends on a wiser and braver use of the reason, not a panic flight from it. – F. L. Lucas

102613. Poetry had far better imply things than preach them directly… in the open pulpit her voice grows hoarse and fails. – F. L. Lucas

102614. I actually spend very little time listening to any new music. – Gary Lucas

102615. While I shared many of the same emotions Bill describes, in no way did my experience ever degenerate into the grimness I find in his book – I didn’t have to live with Don, and I think that made a big big difference. – Gary Lucas

102616. I don’t think so, in so far as I always aspired to play the way I do now but just couldn’t get the sounds out always due to technical limitations – now I can pretty much play what I hear in realtime. – Gary Lucas

102617. To make the bloody thing talk the way I do when I’m on a verbal roll, in my idioms and rhythms. – Gary Lucas

102618. The ability and desire to transform the mundane materials at hand that we both bring into the collaboration well beyond the sum total of the parts – to birth a new baby neither of us could claim single parentage of. – Gary Lucas

102619. Maybe its a case of one guitar feeling a certain way to the hands that makes one subsequently move differently over the strings, but my intent is always to wring the maximum emotional resonance out of the object in hand. – Gary Lucas

102620. I have no doubt that there are great people about though… the thing of it is, nothing to this day moves me like classical music (Debussy, Vaughn Williams). – Gary Lucas

102621. I have to plead basic ignorance of most new jazz artists here. – Gary Lucas

102622. I thought Star Wars was too wacky for the general public. – George Lucas

102623. You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead. – George Lucas

102624. Working hard is very important. You’re not going to get anywhere without working extremely hard. – George Lucas

102625. When you are a beginning film maker you are desperate to survive. The most important thing in the end is survival and being able to get to your next picture. – George Lucas

102626. Whatever has happened in my quest for innovation has been part of my quest for immaculate reality. – George Lucas

102627. The secret to film is that it’s an illusion. – George Lucas

102628. The ideals and principles for which Dr King fought have never been forgotten and are as relevant today as they were 40 years ago. – George Lucas

102629. ‘Star Wars’ is fun, its exciting, its inspirational, and people respond to that. It’s what they want. – George Lucas

102630. Part of the issue of achievement is to be able to set realistic goals, but that’s one of the hardest things to do because you don’t always know exactly where you’re going, and you shouldn’t. – George Lucas

102631. If the boy and girl walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand in the last scene, it adds 10 million to the box office. – George Lucas

102632. He took me from not being able to write a word in terms of writing screenplays to being the king of wooden dialogue. – George Lucas

102633. Although I write screenplays, I don’t think I’m a very good writer. – George Lucas

102634. Learning to make films is very easy. Learning what to make films about is very hard. – George Lucas

102635. A lot of people like to do certain things, but they’re not that good at it. Keep going through the things that you like to do, until you find something that you actually seem to be extremely good at. It can be anything. – George Lucas

102636. Good luck has its storms. – George Lucas

102637. Even in high school I was very interested in history – why people do the things they do. As a kid I spent a lot of time trying to relate the past to the present. – George Lucas

102638. Everybody has talent, it’s just a matter of moving around until you’ve discovered what it is. – George Lucas

102639. Film is not an easy occupation. There’s a lot of occupations that are difficult and film is one of them. – George Lucas

102640. Once I’ve done a crime, I just forget it. I go from crime to crime. – Henry Lee Lucas

102641. I love how people in this business push themselves to know themselves, the world, and their creativity better. – Josh Lucas

102642. I think actors become jacks-of-all-trades and masters of none. – Josh Lucas

102643. I got so used to being unstable that I started to only be comfortable being unstable. – Josh Lucas

102644. Every day is intense and alive, whether it’s travel, work, even down time, which there is so little of. – Josh Lucas

102645. Always do something different. Always different things. – Josh Lucas

102646. Comedy is so hard; it’s so much harder than drama. The pacing of it, the energy of it. – Josh Lucas

102647. I had friends of mine tell me they had a baby, and I didn’t even know they were pregnant. – Josh Lucas

102648. At a certain point, even if the one alpha male is dominant, at a certain point there’s a younger lion that is stronger, and everyone knows it. – Josh Lucas

102649. I had a Southern accent but I had broken it so hard. – Josh Lucas

102650. When I was on that boat, I realized the only way I would feel creatively challenged was if I totally changed everything about my environment and put myself in a storm, in a sense. – Josh Lucas

102651. It was a long period of time where I tried to figure out what worked, what didn’t work. – Josh Lucas

102652. It’s funny, but we were living on this small island off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina when I was 9. – Josh Lucas

102653. It’s the South that maintains the idea that they’re different, which is interesting because nobody else really cares. – Josh Lucas

102654. My instincts are not comedic. – Josh Lucas

102655. My nomadic childhood dramatically fed my eventual decision to be an actor, but not in the way you might think. – Josh Lucas

102656. New York has got this sort of wonderful romantic idea of the South. – Josh Lucas

102657. No, well, my father’s definitely not Christopher Walken. – Josh Lucas

102658. On A Beautiful Mind, there was a wall of math. – Josh Lucas

102659. Once everyone else around you starts to become incredibly comfortable – if anything, quite happy with what you are doing – then I start to settling in and trusting all those choices that I’ve made up to that point. – Josh Lucas

102660. So when we finally settled down outside of Seattle I felt totally uncomfortable with that idea. – Josh Lucas

102661. The Hulk, that was the experience of my life, so far. – Josh Lucas

102662. I love experiencing other people’s realities, seeing the world through their eyes for a short period of time. – Josh Lucas

102663. This fear of death infused me with the desire to live, and to live harder. – Josh Lucas

102664. I’ve worked with some incredibly difficult directors but my understanding is that a lot of the best people are driven from a place of being extremely challenging and dark within their way. – Josh Lucas

102665. Wrap parties can be really sad, actually, disorienting. – Josh Lucas

102666. I’m right at a time when I’m strongly finding my identity inside of my work. – Josh Lucas

102667. I’m challenged by people like Russell Crowe and Sean Penn who come in with such incredible discipline and power. – Josh Lucas

102668. I’ll look at the script and I’ll try to find as many books, movies, and pieces of music that I think are going to feed each scene or the character as a whole. – Josh Lucas

102669. I want to be so strong as an actor that people wouldn’t say… eh, that’s Josh Lucas. – Josh Lucas

102670. I visited those friends who’d just had a baby, and she was washing dishes and he was cleaning the house, and I burst with happiness. And in their minds, they were in this terrible domestic rut. – Josh Lucas

102671. I think that often times Hollywood panders to the cliches of small town life, specifically Southern small town life, and I think that this movie does the opposite. – Josh Lucas

102672. I think I’ve spent so much time playing characters that are so far away from me and learning how to technically build and how to technically put something on top of you. – Josh Lucas

102673. There’s such good people out there where there filmmaking world is alive. – Josh Lucas

102674. I thought that the administration needed bipartisan support, and I was for our commander-in-chief. Because I felt at that time it was the right thing do. If I knew then what I know now, I would have never voted for the war. – Ken Lucas

102675. The Bush administration also was not straightforward about the intelligence it had, releasing tenuous information that fit its goal of attacking Iraq. I feel deceived. – Ken Lucas

102676. We’ve got to protect our young men and women and we’ve got to win that, whatever the cost. – Ken Lucas

102677. It’s important to hold something back, though, because quite frankly my personal life is pretty dull and I don’t want to bore people with it. – Matt Lucas

102678. It’s very likely that graduates, current employees and retirees have some wonderful pieces of Deer Park history in their closets or garages. – Matt Lucas

102679. When I left school I was full of angst, like any teenager, and I channeled it all into comedy. – Matt Lucas

102680. I’m a very recent convert to the gay scene. I went to a party a couple of years ago and met a very nice man who took me under his wing and started taking me out to clubs. It was a revelation. – Matt Lucas

102681. I mean comedy is something that’s very personal and people have strong opinions about. – Matt Lucas

102682. I finally learned to love myself by dressing up as Geri Halliwell. – Matt Lucas

102683. People will love something very much or hate something very much. But the great thing about a sketch show is that if something comes along that you don’t like, something else will come along in a minute that hopefully you might like that. – Matt Lucas

102684. You know what my greatest personal stumbling block is? My shyness. – Susan Lucci

102685. People always ask me, how do you do everything you do? – Susan Lucci

102686. My parents were both from extremely different backgrounds. My father’s Italian, my mother was of Swedish descent. They’re both first-generation Americans. – Susan Lucci

102687. I love spaghetti and meatballs… I eat a lot. – Susan Lucci

102688. I really always felt that I was going to be an actress. I had a lot of confidence in the fact that I would do well from a very early age. I didn’t know how tough the business is. – Susan Lucci

102689. I refuse the compliment that I think like a man, thought has no sex, one either thinks or one does not. – Clare Boothe Luce

102690. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable while you’re being miserable. – Clare Boothe Luce

102691. A man has only one escape from his old self: to see a different self in the mirror of some woman’s eyes. – Clare Boothe Luce

102692. A man’s home may seem to be his castle on the outside; inside is more often his nursery. – Clare Boothe Luce

102693. A woman’s best protection is a little money of her own. – Clare Boothe Luce

102694. Advertising has done more to cause the social unrest of the 20th century than any other single factor. – Clare Boothe Luce

102695. Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes”; They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes”. – Clare Boothe Luce

102696. But if God had wanted us to think just with our wombs, why did He give us a brain? – Clare Boothe Luce

102697. But if God wanted us to think with our wombs, why did he give us a brain. – Clare Boothe Luce

102698. Censorship, like charity, should begin at home, but, unlike charity, it should end there. – Clare Boothe Luce

102699. Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount. – Clare Boothe Luce

102700. I don’t have a warm personal enemy left. They’ve all died off. I miss them terribly because they helped define me. – Clare Boothe Luce

102701. In politics women type the letters, lick the stamps, distribute the pamphlets and get out the vote. Men get elected. – Clare Boothe Luce

102702. It is matrimonial suicide to be jealous when you have a really good reason. – Clare Boothe Luce

102703. In the final analysis there is no other solution to man’s progress but the day’s honest work, the day’s honest decision, the day’s generous utterances, and the day’s good deed. – Clare Boothe Luce

102704. Male supremacy has kept woman down. It has not knocked her out. – Clare Boothe Luce

102705. The politicians were talking themselves red, white and blue in the face. – Clare Boothe Luce

102706. Women know what men have long forgotten. The ultimate economic and spiritual unit of any civilization is still the family. – Clare Boothe Luce

102707. Thoughts have no sex. – Clare Boothe Luce

102708. They say women talk too much. If you have worked in Congress you know that the filibuster was invented by men. – Clare Boothe Luce

102709. They say that women talk too much. If you have worked in Congress you know that the filibuster was invented by men. – Clare Boothe Luce

102710. There is nothing like a good dose of another woman to make a man appreciate his wife. – Clare Boothe Luce

102711. There is nothing harder than the softness of indifference. – Clare Boothe Luce

102712. Lying increases the creative faculties, expands the ego, and lessens the frictions of social contacts. – Clare Boothe Luce

102713. The women who inspired this play deserved to be smacked across the head with a meat ax and that, I flatter myself, is exactly what I smacked them with. – Clare Boothe Luce

102714. You know, that’s the only good thing about divorce; you get to sleep with your mother. – Clare Boothe Luce

102715. The oppressed never free themselves – they do not have the necessary strengths. – Clare Boothe Luce

102716. Technological man can’t believe in anything that can’t be measured, taped, or put into a computer. – Clare Boothe Luce

102717. Politicians talk themselves red, white, and blue in the face. – Clare Boothe Luce

102718. No good deed goes unpunished. – Clare Boothe Luce

102719. Nature abhors a virgin – a frozen asset. – Clare Boothe Luce

102720. There are no hopeless situations; there are only men who have grown hopeless about them. – Clare Boothe Luce

102721. I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world. – Henry R. Luce

102722. Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight. – Henry R. Luce

102723. I suggest that what we want to do is not to leave to posterity a great institution, but to leave behind a great tradition of journalism ably practiced in our time. – Henry R. Luce

102724. Show me a man who claims he is objective and I’ll show you a man with illusions. – Henry R. Luce

102725. There are men who can write poetry, and there are men who can read balance sheets. The men who can read balance sheets cannot write. – Henry R. Luce

102726. Time should make enemies and Life should make friends. – Henry R. Luce

102727. To see, and to show, is the mission now undertaken by Life. – Henry R. Luce

102728. Publishing is a business, but journalism never was and is not essentially a business. Nor is it a profession. – Henry R. Luce

102729. I was really desperate. I don’t know if you can remember back that far, but when I went to graduate school they didn’t want females in graduate school. They were very open about it. They didn’t mince their words. But then I got in and I got my degree. – Shannon Lucid

102730. When I got my PhD, it was a time when there were just no jobs for PhDs. Period. PhDs were getting the lowest paid technician jobs, if they were lucky, in any kind of science. – Shannon Lucid

102731. Sometimes people here can get so focused on, Oh, I’ve got to get a flight, that it becomes the end all of everything. Then they go off and fly a couple of flights and they think, Okay, is that all there is in life? No, it’s not. There’s a whole big life out there. – Shannon Lucid

102732. It was just using the liquid shampoo – the Russians have one very similar to the stuff we use on the Shuttle – you just wet your hair with it and then wipe it out. – Shannon Lucid

102733. If you look at the whole thing, I think the most gratifying thing is my kids, without a doubt. – Shannon Lucid

102734. I try to tell the people that are sort of new here when they come in and do their flights and whatever, the things that you remember most after your flights are the interactions you’ve had with your crew. Those are the most satisfying things you take away from a flight. – Shannon Lucid

102735. I think that over the years, whether they want to admit it or not, people have to admit that the women astronauts have performed just as well as the men astronauts. – Shannon Lucid

102736. Basically, all my life I’d been told you can’t do that because you’re female. So I guess I just didn’t pay any attention. I just went ahead and did what I could and then, when the stars aligned, I was ready. – Shannon Lucid

102737. It was just really, really tough getting anything when you were a female. Basically, I just took advantage of everything I could. But when people are going to flat out tell you they’re not going to hire anyone that’s female, there’s not much you can do about it. – Shannon Lucid

102738. Iranians are very proud and don’t want to become a pariah state like North Korea. – Edward Luck

102739. Success is that old ABC – ability, breaks, and courage. – Charles Luckman

102740. From the very fountain of enchantment there arises a taste of bitterness to spread anguish amongst the flowers. – Lucretius

102741. In the midst of the fountain of wit there arises something bitter, which stings in the very flowers. – Lucretius

102742. And life is given to none freehold, but it is leasehold for all. – Lucretius

102743. Constant dripping hollows out a stone. – Lucretius

102744. The sum of all sums is eternity. – Lucretius

102745. We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. – Lucretius

102746. What is food to one man is bitter poison to others. – Lucretius

102747. From the heart of the fountain of delight rises a jet of bitterness that tortures us among the very flowers. – Lucretius

102748. Though the dungeon, the scourge, and the executioner be absent, the guilty mind can apply the goad and scorch with blows. – Lucretius

102749. Victory puts us on a level with heaven. – Lucretius

102750. The greatest wealth is to live content with little, for there is never want where the mind is satisfied. – Lucretius

102751. The fall of dropping water wears away the Stone. – Lucretius

102752. Sweet it is, when on the high seas the winds are lashing the waters, to gaze from the land on another’s struggles. – Lucretius

102753. Such are the heights of wickedness to which men are driven by religion. – Lucretius

102754. So potent was religion in persuading to evil deeds. – Lucretius

102755. Pleasant it to behold great encounters of warfare arrayed over the plains, with no part of yours in peril. – Lucretius

102756. Pleasant it is, when over a great sea the winds trouble the waters, to gaze from shore upon another’s great tribulation; not because any man’s troubles are a delectable joy, but because to perceive you are free of them yourself is pleasant. – Lucretius

102757. It is great wealth to a soul to live frugally with a contented mind. – Lucretius

102758. The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling. – Lucretius

102759. Life is one long struggle in the dark. – Lucretius

102760. Thus the sum of things is ever being reviewed, and mortals dependent one upon another. Some nations increase, others diminish, and in a short space the generations of living creatures are changed and like runners pass on the torch of life. – Lucretius

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102761. I’m just basically spillin’ out my emotions to the world. ‘Cause rap is about emotion. And I want you to feel what I’m feelin’, ’cause that’s what it’s all about. – Ludacris

102762. But it’s a blessing to be so successful within a year; it’s the greatest feeling in the world, making money and doing the things that I’m doing, and I definitely trying to continue doing what I’m doing. – Ludacris

102763. I made my first complete song when I was 9. – Ludacris

102764. I’m always in that mode – whenever I have a little free time, I’m always recording songs, writing, whatever I gotta do. It’s like my job is my vacation. – Ludacris

102765. Life is extremely complicated. – Robert Ludlum

102766. Greater economic power will be in the hands of too few. – Robert Ludlum

102767. I try as best I can to enter the realm of nuances of human behavior. – Robert Ludlum

102768. I have always preferred conflict of individuals over the battle of extreme ideologies. – Robert Ludlum

102769. Characterization is integral to the theatrical experience. – Robert Ludlum

102770. A theater person should know what holds an audience and what does not. – Robert Ludlum

102771. Many a person has held close, throughout their entire lives, two friends that always remained strange to one another, because one of them attracted by virtue of similarity, the other by difference. – Emil Ludwig

102772. The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender. – Emil Ludwig

102773. Dinah had all the class. – Lorna Luft

102774. Instead of joyfully looking forward to my birth, my mother began systematically preparing for her own death. She was fatalistic. – Lorna Luft

102775. My mother was a phoenix who always expected to rise from the ashes of her latest disaster. She loved being Judy Garland. – Lorna Luft

102776. My mother should have been Jewish. She could have taught a class on how to induce guilt. – Lorna Luft

102777. Liza is in the tabloids almost as much as our mother was. She has struggled with her own ghosts and shadows. – Lorna Luft

102778. Living in continual chaos is exhausting, frightening. The catch is that it’s also very addictive. – Lorna Luft

102779. Life will force you to make changes you never wanted to make. – Lorna Luft

102780. It was at one of the parties at our house that The Rat Pack got started. – Lorna Luft

102781. A star needs all the rest she can get. – Lorna Luft

102782. Although I loved Liza as a little girl, it would be true to say I really didn’t know her. – Lorna Luft

102783. Barry Manilow has gone from being the love of my life to being a friend for life. – Lorna Luft

102784. A career is all very well, but no one lives by work alone. – Lorna Luft

102785. Children have a way of forcing you back into the present moment. – Lorna Luft

102786. Dodi got a lot of criticism when he began dating Princess Diana. No one seemed to think he was good enough for her. – Lorna Luft

102787. Even at al my mother’s concerts, I had never seen people go crazy the way they did with the Beatles. – Lorna Luft

102788. Fabio kept asking me out, but I knew we’d never get his ego through the door. – Lorna Luft

102789. I choose not to think of my life as surviving, but coping. – Lorna Luft

102790. I had grown up accustomed to living a life of high drama. – Lorna Luft

102791. I have a healthy body, free of the chemicals that once controlled it. – Lorna Luft

102792. I have spent much of my adult life flinching with pain as I tried to pull out the threads that bound the shadows of my past to me. – Lorna Luft

102793. I spent an entire evening seated between Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, being charmed from either side. It was pure Hollywood magic. – Lorna Luft

102794. I used drugs as a social activity; a way to have fun with friends. – Lorna Luft

102795. I was born in a blender. – Lorna Luft

102796. If you really want to kill yourself, you get a gun and blow your head off. – Lorna Luft

102797. Between them, my parents had 10 marriages. – Lorna Luft

102798. My mother was electric onstage, and I vividly recall the extraordinary power she had over her audiences. – Lorna Luft

102799. A gay man has no business leading on a heterosexual woman. – Lorna Luft

102800. My mother wasn’t rational those last years; if she had been, she would have been horrified by her own behavior. – Lorna Luft

102801. When I got a call from Los Angeles to do the Tonight Show, I considered it more of an inconvenience than an opportunity. – Lorna Luft

102802. My mother’s suicide attempts were a way to release anxiety and get attention. Some of the attempts were drug reactions she didn’t even remember later on. – Lorna Luft

102803. When your parent is a public idol, you never really have a chance to lay that parent to rest. – Lorna Luft

102804. When you’re Judy Garland and you want something, you just pick up the phone and call somebody. Anybody. – Lorna Luft

102805. When I look back at The Judy Garland Show, I have such mixed feelings. It broke my mother’s heart when they canceled it. – Lorna Luft

102806. Vincente understood all too well what was happening to Liza; he had gone through it 40 years earlier with my mother. – Lorna Luft

102807. To me, being grown-up meant smoking cigarettes, drinking cocktails, and dressing up in high heels and glamourous outfits. – Lorna Luft

102808. There is a time of reckoning in all our lives. – Lorna Luft

102809. There are some family traditions I don’t want my children to carry on. – Lorna Luft

102810. The world fell apart. Sirhan Sirhan shot Bobby Kennedy. Why were people shooting all the Kennedys? Had the country gone mad? – Lorna Luft

102811. The sicker mother got, the stranger the people surrounding her became. I called them The Garland Freaks. – Lorna Luft

102812. The only difference between the Bel Air of the ’90s and the Bel Air of my childhood is that now the nannies are Latina instead of British, and the cars European instead of American. – Lorna Luft

102813. The one thing I never questioned about my mother was whether she loved me. – Lorna Luft

102814. One of the oddities about being Judy Garland’s daughter was that everyone treated my mother with such awe that they would never have asked me the normal questions kids get about their moms. – Lorna Luft

102815. The high point of my entire junior high school career was going backstage to meet George Harrison. I was simply awestruck. – Lorna Luft

102816. The eyebrow pencil and false eyelashes were essential; my mother didn’t feel dressed without them. – Lorna Luft

102817. Studio 54 made Halloween in Hollywood look like a PTA meeting. – Lorna Luft

102818. Sinatra was just one of Mom’s friends. – Lorna Luft

102819. People come up to me as I leave the stage after a performance and tell me tey saw my mother onstage with me every time I sing. I keep a sense of humor about it. – Lorna Luft

102820. People are always asking me what it’s like to be Judy Garland’s daughter. It’s hard to be a legend’s child. – Lorna Luft

102821. One trait of addictive families is that we never recognize our own addictions. – Lorna Luft

102822. When my mother signed at MGM, that was the only kind of contract you could sign. There was no such thing as an independent agent. – Lorna Luft

102823. My sister Liza and I have never felt that we were in competition. – Lorna Luft

102824. My mother’s life had been destroyed by the Garland legend. – Lorna Luft

102825. The most memorable night of The Judy Garland Show for me was the night my mother pulled me out of the audience and sang to me onstage. – Lorna Luft

102826. If I could offer but one helpful hint to young Hoosiers hoping to better their odds for success in life, I would simply note the importance of thoughtful reading. – Richard Lugar

102827. It’s very unlikely that we’re going to send more troops to Iraq. We are going to have to train the Iraqis faster and harder. – Richard Lugar

102828. The time frame is very small to disarm the militia, to bring about a security situation in which the governing council, the 24 Iraqis or however many others they appoint, can govern the country. – Richard Lugar

102829. I would like to raise my glass to friendship between Russia and the United States. – Richard Lugar

102830. We must perfect a worldwide system of accountability for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. – Richard Lugar

102831. By furthering the use of ethanol, farmers are presented with the opportunity to produce a cash crop by collecting their agricultural wastes. – Richard Lugar

102832. The United States cannot feed every person, lift every person out of poverty, cure every disease, or stop every conflict. But our power and status have conferred upon us a tremendous responsibility to humanity. – Richard Lugar

102833. I am convinced that the majority of American people do understand that we have a moral responsibility to foster the concepts of opportunity, free enterprise, the rule of law, and democracy. They understand that these values are the hope of the world. – Richard Lugar

102834. Ethanol is a premier, high performance fuel. It has tremendous environmental benefits and is a key component to energy independence for our country. – Richard Lugar

102835. Declining overseas admissions costs us not only much needed revenues for colleges and universities, but much more importantly, we lose the best opportunity we have to introduce foreign students to all that America has to offer the world. – Richard Lugar

102836. Americans who may be going to the largest embassy we’ve ever had. – Richard Lugar

102837. There are no shortcuts to victory. We must commit ourselves to the slow, painstaking work of foreign policy day by day and year by year. – Richard Lugar

102838. Despite elections and the experience of post-Soviet personal freedoms by the Russian people, the fate of democracy in Russia is perhaps more ambiguous now than at any time since the collapse of the Communist system. – Richard Lugar

102839. You can’t make people believe in you if you play a horror part with your tongue in your cheek. – Bela Lugosi

102840. Women have a predestination to suffering. – Bela Lugosi

102841. Without movie parts I was reduced to freak status. I just couldn’t stand it. – Bela Lugosi

102842. When a film company is in the red they come to me. Always it is the same. – Bela Lugosi

102843. There was no male vampire type in existence. Someone suggested an actor of the Continental School who could play any type, and mentioned me. – Bela Lugosi

102844. To portray a maniac offers a compelling challenge. – Bela Lugosi

102845. I have lived too completely, I think. I have known every human emotion. – Bela Lugosi

102846. To win a woman, take her with you to see Dracula. – Bela Lugosi

102847. I’ve been using narcotics for 20 years. – Bela Lugosi

102848. I’ll take any story if it’s good. – Bela Lugosi

102849. I’ll be truthful. The weekly paycheck is the most important thing to me. – Bela Lugosi

102850. I’d like to quit the supernatural roles and play just an interesting, down-to-earth person. – Bela Lugosi

102851. I studied at the Budapest Academy of Theatrical Arts for four years and emerged with a degree. – Bela Lugosi

102852. I never play without my cape. – Bela Lugosi

102853. I look in the mirror and say to myself, Can it be you once played Romeo? – Bela Lugosi

102854. If you are not serious, people will sense it. – Bela Lugosi

102855. I have never met a vampire personally, but I don’t know what might happen tomorrow. – Bela Lugosi

102856. In Hungary acting is a profession. In America it is a decision. – Bela Lugosi

102857. I guess I’m pretty much of a lone wolf. I don’t say I don’t like people at all, but, to tell you the truth, I only like it then if I have a chance to look deep into their hearts and their minds. – Bela Lugosi

102858. I enjoy my work. I haven’t been an actor for 30 years without getting pleasure out of the profession. – Bela Lugosi

102859. I don’t have a dime left. I am dependent on my friends for food and a small old-age pension. – Bela Lugosi

102860. Every actor is somewhat mad, or else he’d be a plumber or a bookkeeper or a salesman. – Bela Lugosi

102861. Death, the final, triumphant lover. – Bela Lugosi

102862. Circumstances made me the theatrical personality I am, which many people believe is also a part of my personal life. – Bela Lugosi

102863. Because of my language and the pantomime with which most Europeans accompany their speech, I was catalogued as a heavy. – Bela Lugosi

102864. Actors were exploited no less by the capitalist managers than they were by the state. – Bela Lugosi

102865. A screen actor is compensated in the knowledge that millions will see his performance at one time, where only hundreds will see it on the stage. – Bela Lugosi

102866. I have played Dracula a thousand times on stage and I find I have become thoroughly settled in the technique of the stage and not of the screen. – Bela Lugosi

102867. My close-up was magnificent! – Bela Lugosi

102868. The stage is near and dear to me. – Bela Lugosi

102869. The screen magnifies everything, even the way you are thinking. – Bela Lugosi

102870. The role seemed to demand that I keep myself worked up to fever pitch, so I took on the actual attributes of the horrible vampire, Dracula. – Bela Lugosi

102871. The love-bite, it is the beginning. You will be irresistible. – Bela Lugosi

102872. The former ruling class kept the community of actors in ignorance by means of various lies. – Bela Lugosi

102873. The actor depends wholly on himself. He gives his performance in what, to him, seems the most effective manner. – Bela Lugosi

102874. If my accent betrayed my foreign birth, it also stamped me as an enemy, in the imagination of the producers. – Bela Lugosi

102875. Of all the roles I’ve done on the stage, I’m partial to Cyrano de Bergerac. – Bela Lugosi

102876. The vampire was a complete change from the usual romantic characters I was playing, but it was a success. – Bela Lugosi

102877. My body grew hot, then cold. I tried to eat the bed sheets. My heart beat madly. Every joint in my body ached. When I took the cure they took it all away from me. – Bela Lugosi

102878. Martyrdom was the price of enthusiasm for acting. – Bela Lugosi

102879. It was hell to go through what I went through. I didn’t know I had so many friends. Many people gave a damn about my situation. They helped cure me. – Bela Lugosi

102880. It took several years of hard work in small roles before I attained stardom. – Bela Lugosi

102881. It took me years to live down Dracula and convince the film producers that I would play almost any other type of role. – Bela Lugosi

102882. It is women who love horror. Gloat over it. Feed on it. Are nourished by it. Shudder and cling and cry out-and come back for more. – Bela Lugosi

102883. It is women who bear the race in bloody agony. Suffering is a kind of horror. Blood is a kind of horror. Women are born with horror in their very bloodstream. It is a biological thing. – Bela Lugosi

102884. In the studio the director controls the actor’s every move, every inflection, every expression. – Bela Lugosi

102885. In making theories, always keep a window open so that you can throw one out if necessary. – Bela Lugosi

102886. In Hungary, acting is a career for which one fits himself as earnestly as one studies for a degree in medicine, law, or philosophy. – Bela Lugosi

102887. People, chained by monotony, afraid to think, clinging to certainties… they live like ants. – Bela Lugosi

102888. Generalizations, like brooms, ought not to stand in a corner forever; they ought to sweep as a matter of course. – John Lukacs

102889. Even one billion Chinese do not a superpower make. – John Lukacs

102890. It’s a story about victory that will touch the lives of everyone who watches it. It’s powerful. – Derek Luke

102891. Oh, my God! My wife and I, boy, we got down that night. On a personal note! – Derek Luke

102892. Denzel Washington invoked confidence. When you have confidence, you can do anything. And that’s what happened. I learned about being honest and keeping it true, keeping it true in my performance. – Derek Luke

102893. Then I was working in a store in Newark, New Jersey, and I saw an actor in person, and I got so excited. My whole day changed. That’s when I decided to challenge myself to make my dreams become a reality. – Derek Luke

102894. Denzel’s quality, I think, is his faith. You have all the action in your head and you have to believe in it and just do it. That’s what he does and that’s what he taught me to do. – Derek Luke

102895. He’s looking for the president’s kidnapped daughter; everybody he calls on to help him is busy, but lo and behold, you look across the room, and I’m waiting for that action. – Derek Luke

102896. I had a lot of fun with Val Kilmer. He’s like a big kid. – Derek Luke

102897. I think it’s time to do clean-up for a generation. I believe this is one of the movies that hits home for all colors and all races. Everybody I talk to, black or white, suburban, rich or poor, can relate to rejection, can relate to not having a father or a mother. – Derek Luke

102898. I tried to copy some of his mannerisms at first but it didn’t work. And then I just let the spirit of the character grow in me and it just took its rightful place. I started to speak the lines and it felt right. – Derek Luke

102899. I was working at the store on the Sony studios in Culver City. And I was literally holding a shirt when they came in and told me I’d got the part! It just shows dreams do come true. – Derek Luke

102900. I went to college for one semester, and I took every subject I could, and I ended up failing. So I thought to myself, Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved expression – and that’s when I started thinking about acting. – Derek Luke

102901. Antwone’s story was a story of hope and that’s what appealed to me. I needed hope myself at that time. I think all actors give up at some time and think they’re never going to make it. – Derek Luke

102902. For any director with a little lucidity, masterpieces are films that come to you by accident. – Sidney Lumet

102903. All great work is preparing yourself for the accident to happen. – Sidney Lumet

102904. My invention, (the motion picture camera), can be exploited… as a scientific curiosity, but apart from that it has no commercial value whatsoever. – Auguste Lumiere

102905. Writers are in the entertainment business, and it gives me lots of pleasure to entertain my readers. – Brian Lumley

102906. If I had killed Crow off I can think of least six novels I would never have written, 400,000 words’ worth of very necessary experience. – Brian Lumley

102907. If, like Harry Keogh, I could talk to the dead – God, there are an awful lot of people I would like to speak to! Not least my father. Being in the army for 22 years, I didn’t see enough of him, and I know there are a great many things I could have learned from him. – Brian Lumley

102908. German readers are much like Brits or Americans: They read for the thrill of it, the occasional shudder down the spine, knowing it’s not real – but looking over their shoulders anyway, just in case. – Brian Lumley

102909. Now, after 18 years, not a sign of Lovecraft in my work. – Brian Lumley

102910. Now, when I was in the Army, writing was my hobby. – Brian Lumley

102911. The amazing thing now is that most of those so-called critics who were telling me to find my own voice seem to have lost theirs. – Brian Lumley

102912. The Army was my bread and butter. – Brian Lumley

102913. We’ve got one life and the older we get the more we come to realize how short it is. – Brian Lumley

102914. A literary critic is someone who can’t write, but who loves to show he would have been a wonderful writer if only he could! – Brian Lumley

102915. But there’s a little guy who sits astride my brain with a whip, and if I’m away from the machine for more than a couple of hours during the day, this little guy’s lashing away. – Brian Lumley

102916. But other vampire stories? Well, no, I really haven’t read too many, and I can’t say I’m crazy about romantic vampires anyway – to me the vampire is simply an evil monster. – Brian Lumley

102917. But I’ve found that to talk too much about movies is the kiss of death. If it happens then it happens, is all. – Brian Lumley

102918. I should think just about every young writer – which I was at the time – would be influenced by HPL. As an American writer of weird fiction, he was at the top of the class. – Brian Lumley

102919. And I have to consider myself fortunate, because there are plenty of writers who spend most of a lifetime looking for that certain something without ever finding it. – Brian Lumley

102920. I have friends who read my books in Greek. – Brian Lumley

102921. There are lots of other things that I haven’t done, places I haven’t seen. So eventually I’ll have to find time for those things while there still is time. – Brian Lumley

102922. I’ll know when the ideas aren’t fresh anymore. And I’ll know when writing doesn’t give me a thrill anymore. – Brian Lumley

102923. NASA space scientists have been studying giraffe skin so they can apply what they learn from it to the construction of spacesuits. – Joanna Lumley

102924. You have to feel more involved than just writing out a cheque. Charity is almost the wrong word – I think people are beginning to feel more responsible for the world. – Joanna Lumley

102925. We transported eight giraffes, and there are now nine because one gave birth to a male shortly afterwards. They carry their pregnancies very well-they all looked the same. – Joanna Lumley

102926. We met and married when both of us knew exactly what our jobs were. He was only 32, but he’d been all over the place. I’d been working on films and television shows all over the world. – Joanna Lumley

102927. Though I was a mother at 21, being a grandmother makes the whole thing absolutely normal and gorgeous. The relief, the joy of being a grandmother is wonderful. – Joanna Lumley

102928. I have a toy giraffe on my bed. I’ve got photographs over my desk as well as a mask of a giraffe in my kitchen. I am totally hooked. – Joanna Lumley

102929. Hundreds of political prisoners still suffer in Tibetan prisons. Freedom of speech is not allowed in any sense. It is illegal to possess a photo of the Dalai Lama. – Joanna Lumley

102930. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to bring a giraffe down. They can kill a lion with a single blow from their feet. – Joanna Lumley

102931. In Kenya you’ve got the great birds and monkeys leaping through the trees overhead. It’s a chance to remember what the world is really like. – Joanna Lumley

102932. If you’re an enthusiast and you love the world like I do, it comes naturally. But I think charity must become more fun to give, more interactive and imaginative. – Joanna Lumley

102933. I’ve never felt the constraints of social acceptability. – Joanna Lumley

102934. I never mind scrubbing floors, vacuuming or bending and carrying stuff. Each time I do it I think, this is instead of going to the gym. – Joanna Lumley

102935. I’ve got lots of good friends. I could have affairs. I can read a book all night, put the cat on the end of the bed. I can pick up my passport and go to France. I don’t have to ask anybody. – Joanna Lumley

102936. I would do anything to keep looking the job. I think you make an extra effort if you’re on show. – Joanna Lumley

102937. I’m aware of my body. – Joanna Lumley

102938. I find it a great antidote… lipstick and mirrors and hairspray. – Joanna Lumley

102939. I think my speeches are hilarious. I think I’m a natural comedian, but I like denying people the chance to laugh. I want to deny you the relief of the punchline. – Lydia Lunch

102940. Because we have so much eye candy and mind candy, spending so much time trying to pay the rent, all of this conspires to keep us from thinking too hard or taking action from that. Our time is stolen. So much of our daily life is stolen. – Lydia Lunch

102941. I am a humanist not a feminist. There’s a big difference. – Lydia Lunch

102942. If people could understand how much pleasure they could have by themselves, I think everyone would be a lot saner. I think that people really need a dose of quality time with one’s self. – Lydia Lunch

102943. Think your own thoughts. – Lydia Lunch

102944. The female format is a beautiful one in which to function. Foolhardy as it may be. I change my image all the time, it’s whatever suits me at the moment. – Lydia Lunch

102945. Sure you’re powerless, sure you’re just one person, sure you can’t change anything… but you don’t have to be miserable about it as well. – Lydia Lunch

102946. Part of the charm of what I do is the fact that it’s completely unrelated to everything that came before. – Lydia Lunch

102947. I just prefer instrumental. I don’t need to hear what other people are singing. And if I need music as a backdrop to work or to think, I need to have that part of the brain clear – I don’t need people feeding their fantasies into my vision. – Lydia Lunch

102948. Just because my bank account hasn’t swelled astronomically I don’t consider myself any less of a success. – Lydia Lunch

102949. I think it’s important to encourage gluttony in all its formats. – Lydia Lunch

102950. I’m nihilistic, antagonistic, violent, horrible – but not obliterated, yet. I just refuse to be beaten down. I think it’s stubborness that keeps me going. – Lydia Lunch

102951. I’m completely optimistic – I know the end is coming! – Lydia Lunch

102952. I’m a very sympathetic person, but that doesn’t always come across in my work because I’m too busy being mad at everything. – Lydia Lunch

102953. I’m a total pleasure seeker. I pursue anything that satisfies me. I usually get it. I have specific needs and I know what they are so I can achieve satisfaction. – Lydia Lunch

102954. I would be humiliated if I found out that anything I did actually became a commercial success. – Lydia Lunch

102955. I used to think feminism was a liberating force – now I see many of those people are just censors under a different name. – Lydia Lunch

102956. ‘Musician’ is not a very respected title. I’m not a musician. – Lydia Lunch

102957. A positive attitude is something everyone can work on, and everyone can learn how to employ it. – Joan Lunden

102958. A fulfilling life is different to each person. You have to acknowledge your dreams, and not just wait for life to happen, and opportunities to come knocking at your door. – Joan Lunden

102959. Holding on to anger, resentment and hurt only gives you tense muscles, a headache and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth. Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life. – Joan Lunden

102960. When you’re 22 or 23, you think the world revolves around you, and I felt that way for a long time. But I just turned 30, and I love it! You realize, ‘Whoa, baby, you ain’t all that.’ And you’re not! You’re just a woman out there doing something she loves. – Jamie Luner

102961. It’s amazing the hours you pull when you’re the lead of a show. – Jamie Luner

102962. I love playing the vamp, and I get sent out for a lot of that stuff, maybe because I do it well. – Jamie Luner

102963. Hiking is the best workout!… You can hike for three hours and not even realize you’re working out. And, hiking alone lets me have some time to myself. – Jamie Luner

102964. You can sleep with a blonde, you can sleep with a brunette, but you’ll never get any sleep with a redhead! – Jamie Luner

102965. Traditional market researchers are cold and calculating and scientific. – Frank Luntz

102966. Sound science must be our guide in choosing which problems to tackle and how to approach them. – Frank Luntz

102967. The advantage of working for a corporation is that it has only one message, because a product or a service doesn’t speak; it’s just there, and you can advertise it. – Frank Luntz

102968. The challenge in working in politics, particularly if you’re working for a political party, is that everyone’s a messenger. – Frank Luntz

102969. The fundamental problem for Republicans when it comes to the environment is that whatever you say is viewed through the prism of suspicion. – Frank Luntz

102970. The language of America changed with the election of Bill Clinton, because with all due respect to my friends on the Republican side, Bill Clinton is the best communicator of the last 50 years. He felt your pain. – Frank Luntz

102971. The principles behind explaining and educating the product or the elected official is similar, even though the actual execution of it is very, very different. – Frank Luntz

102972. The Republican National Committee hired me, and they hired me because they wanted someone who could look members straight in the eye and tell them the truth. – Frank Luntz

102973. The way you communicate an idea is different than the way you communicate a product. – Frank Luntz

102974. There are people still in the Republican Party that I believe practice the communication of anger, of disappointment, of regret, of pain, of sorrow, of suffering. That’s not what the American people want to hear. – Frank Luntz

102975. There are words that work, that are meant to explain and educate on policies that work, on products that work, on services that work. I’m not going to ever try to sell a lemon. I don’t do that. – Frank Luntz

102976. There’s a problem with political polling in that you have so much pressure to do what your client wants you to do and say what your client wants you to say. I’ve never felt that pressure. I am independent of the political parties. – Frank Luntz

102977. We as Americans and as humans have very selective hearing and very selective memory. We only hear what we want to hear and disregard the rest. – Frank Luntz

102978. We as Americans assume that big companies are bad, and big power companies are even worse. – Frank Luntz

102979. We decide based on how people look; we decide based on how people sound; we decide based on how people are dressed. We decide based on their passion. – Frank Luntz

102980. What matters most in politics is personality. It’s not issues; it’s not image. It’s who you are and what you represent. – Frank Luntz

102981. When I started in this business, everybody said the Democrats were the better communicators because they sounded like social workers, and Republicans were awful because they sounded like morticians. In some cases. they actually dressed like morticians. – Frank Luntz

102982. Words can sometimes be used to confuse, but it’s up to the practitioners of the study of language to apply them for good and not for evil. It is just like fire; fire can heat your house or burn it down. – Frank Luntz

102983. There’s a lot of money with a lot of big law firms that have a tremendous amount at stake by getting the right language to convince the right jury that my client is either innocent or that the opposition is guilty. – Frank Luntz

102984. In fact, in more cases than not, when we are rational, we’re actually unhappy. Emotion is good; passion is good. Being into what we’re into, provided that it’s a healthy pursuit, it’s a good thing. – Frank Luntz

102985. It is acceptable to bring someone to tears if it explains to them in an emotional way why a product, a service, or a candidate is the right person, is the right thing to do. – Frank Luntz

102986. A compelling story, even if factually inaccurate, can be more emotionally compelling than a dry recitation of the truth. – Frank Luntz

102987. Eighty percent of our life is emotion, and only 20 percent is intellect. I am much more interested in how you feel than how you think. I can change how you think, but how you feel is something deeper and stronger, and it’s something that’s inside you. – Frank Luntz

102988. How I say it has as much of an impact on what people think of me as what I say. – Frank Luntz

102989. I don’t understand why people whose entire lives or their corporate success depends on communication, and yet they are led on occasion by CEOs who cannot talk their way out of a paper bag and don’t care to. – Frank Luntz

102990. I have seen how effective language attached to policies that are mainstream and delivered by people who are passionate and effective can change the course of history. – Frank Luntz

102991. I’ve done reasonably well over the last 10 years because I took the strategy of language and politics and applied it to the corporate world, which has never been done before. – Frank Luntz

102992. Ideology and communication more often than not run into each other rather than complement each other. Principle and communication work together. Ideology and communication often work apart. – Frank Luntz

102993. It’s all emotion. But there’s nothing wrong with emotion. When we are in love, we are not rational; we are emotional. When we are on vacation, we are not rational; we are emotional. – Frank Luntz

102994. If you’re a good numbers person, you’re a bad language person. – Frank Luntz

102995. My job as a pollster is to understand what really matters. – Frank Luntz

102996. One of the things that you have trouble with politicians, particularly in Washington, is when you get mad at them and you can’t touch them; you can’t punch them; you can’t yell at them. – Frank Luntz

102997. People like me have to have the discipline only to work for clients, corporations, political people, products, services, networks that we believe in and we want to see succeed. – Frank Luntz

102998. Politics is gut; commercials are gut. – Frank Luntz

102999. Preserving parks and open spaces is a winner because it doesn’t need to be explained to everyday Americans. – Frank Luntz

103000. Republicans use think tanks to come up with a lot of their messages. The think tanks are the single worst, most undisciplined example of communication I’ve ever seen. – Frank Luntz

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