180000 famous quotes part 136 – 135001 to 136000

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180000 famous quotes part 136 – 135001 to 136000

135001. I’ve always done everything at my disposal to avoid labeling what I do, or to avoid being labeled myself. – Boyd Rice

135002. No, seriously, I really don’t have much ill-will toward anyone these days; I just ignore the people that I dislike. – Boyd Rice

135003. My impression, is that prayer is one of the most basic forms of magic. That it’s harnessing the powers of your mind. – Boyd Rice

135004. I’ve been giving interviews for the last 25 or 30 years, more often than not answering the same questions over and over again, ad nauseum. – Boyd Rice

135005. Similarly, only people as misanthropic as myself can be counted on not to have to lie to others, since we have the unique luxury of not caring what sort of opinions others formulate about us. – Boyd Rice

135006. Well, I have an interest in power. I have an interest in people who find themselves in the position to exercise absolute power. – Boyd Rice

135007. I think this society suffers so much from too much freedom, too many rights that allow people to be irresponsible. – Boyd Rice

135008. I have never made any secret of any of my thoughts or areas of interest. I’ve always been honest, open, and upfront. – Boyd Rice

135009. I think when I was two years old in the sandbox. I think I formulated my basic philosophy there, and I haven’t really had to alter it very much ever since. – Boyd Rice

135010. I think I feel automatically at home in Italy. – Boyd Rice

135011. Between us and the writers, it was comedy hour the whole time. We could hardly get through it. – Buddy Rice

135012. I don’t think you’ll understand the true repercussions of what the 500 does for you until years down the road. – Buddy Rice

135013. When the car’s going well, I purr like a kitten. – Buddy Rice

135014. There was no silver bullet that could have prevented the 11 September attacks. There was nothing demonstrating or showing that something was coming in the United States. If there had been something, we would have acted on it. – Condoleezza Rice

135015. There’s no doubt that it’s still a dangerous place, Afghanistan. The fortunate thing is that the United States was helping to provide security for Chairman Karzai. And it shows that the United States is committed to that regime. – Condoleezza Rice

135016. We are at war, and our security as a nation depends on winning that war. – Condoleezza Rice

135017. We know that there are unaccounted-for Scud and other ballistic missiles in Iraq. And part of the problem is that, since 1998, there has been no way to even get minimal information about those programs except through intelligence means. – Condoleezza Rice

135018. We need a common enemy to unite us. – Condoleezza Rice

135019. We needed to go back on the offense and offer clear leadership on Iraq. – Condoleezza Rice

135020. We will continue to work together in our common fight against terror. – Condoleezza Rice

135021. We’re in a new world. We’re in a world in which the possibility of terrorism, married up with technology, could make us very, very sorry that we didn’t act. – Condoleezza Rice

135022. Well, there’s been plenty of ultimatums, and one thing that we better be very clear is that we can’t continue to have the kind of defiance of the United Nations, the defiance of the international community that we’ve had. – Condoleezza Rice

135023. The problem here is that there will always be some uncertainty about how quickly Saddam can acquire nuclear weapons. But we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud. – Condoleezza Rice

135024. Does anybody think these people were just sitting around drinking tea? – Condoleezza Rice

135025. We’ve been a country that’s been fortunate to be protected by two oceans, to not have serious attacks on our territory for most of our history. And we were unfortunately reminded in a very devastating way of our vulnerability. – Condoleezza Rice

135026. But the truth of the matter is, we’re an open society, we want to remain an open society, and there will continue to be vulnerability. That’s why we have to meet the threats when they are not yet taking place on our territory and on our soil. – Condoleezza Rice

135027. It has been, after all, 11 years, more than a decade now, of defiance of U.N. resolutions by Saddam Hussein. Every obligation that he signed onto after the Gulf War, so that he would not be a threat to peace and security, he has ignored and flaunted. – Condoleezza Rice

135028. But I want to just caution, it is not incumbent on the United States to prove that Saddam Hussein is trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction. He’s already demonstrated that he’s trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction. – Condoleezza Rice

135029. The people of the Middle East share the desire for freedom. We have an opportunity – and an obligation – to help them turn this desire into reality. – Condoleezza Rice

135030. I don’t think anybody can take the word of Saddam Hussein and his regime, and certainly an American president and allies who are obligated to worry about the safety and security of our countries, cannot take the word of this dictator, who lies, pathologically lies. – Condoleezza Rice

135031. Now, al Qaeda’s on the run. Afghanistan is no longer a base of operations. The Afghan government is a friendly government that is trying to bring democracy to its people. – Condoleezza Rice

135032. Our policies toward Iraq simply are to protect the region and to protect Iraq’s people and neighbors. – Condoleezza Rice

135033. So I think, if September 11 taught us anything, it taught us that we’re vulnerable, and vulnerable in ways that we didn’t fully understand. – Condoleezza Rice

135034. Success is not assured, but America is resolute: this is the best chance for peace we are likely to see for some years to come – and we are acting to help Israelis and Palestinians seize this chance. – Condoleezza Rice

135035. It is high time that the international community tell Saddam Hussein and his regime that this is not an issue of negotiation with the U.N. about obligations that they undertook in 1991. – Condoleezza Rice

135036. Any time you have a situation in which you are calling for more time rather than calling for Iraq to immediately comply, it plays into the hands of Saddam Hussein. – Condoleezza Rice

135037. So on May 1, 1987, at Gary’s invitation, I agreed to see him one last time – to confront him face-to-face about his sincerity and with the intention of ending our brief relationship. – Donna Rice

135038. I was always an overachiever. – Donna Rice

135039. I’ve had to recover not only from a single well-publicized incident, but several years of press aftermath. – Donna Rice

135040. It was hard to turn down the money since I didn’t have a job, but I didn’t want to exploit my notoriety because I knew the way I’d been living was wrong. – Donna Rice

135041. Pornography changes the attitudes and lifestyles of those who consume it, no matter how old a person is. – Donna Rice

135042. Returning to South Carolina meant getting a normal job in a normal town with normal people and marrying a normal person. I wanted the glamour and opportunity of the world. – Donna Rice

135043. Since it was too difficult to get into the Screen Actor’s Guild in New York, I moved to Miami in 1982 and started a successful career as a television commercial actress, obtaining my SAG card there. – Donna Rice

135044. I’m stronger knowing that while Donna Rice could be sold, she could not be bought. – Donna Rice

135045. I stared at the television in shock, watching as my private life was revealed to the world. – Donna Rice

135046. Shortly thereafter, some friends encouraged me to try out for the Miss South Carolina World beauty pageant. To my surprise, I won – and was sent to New York City to compete nationally. – Donna Rice

135047. Because pornography is a tool of Satan that exploits and distorts our God-given sexuality, women – especially Christian women – need to understand the increasing threat of online pornography. – Donna Rice

135048. I had gained so much confidence through my college achievements that I wanted to tackle the world. – Donna Rice

135049. After graduating in the summer of 1980, I knew I wanted my life to count. – Donna Rice

135050. At thirteen I began modeling, doing my first television commercial in ninth grade for Pizza Hut. – Donna Rice

135051. Before the boat docked, however, he confessed because he was contemplating running for president, he couldn’t separate from his wife. I believed him when he told me he faced a difficult choice between pursuing personal happiness and his political destiny. – Donna Rice

135052. Before the group left, Gary asked for my phone number, and the next day he called to ask me to dinner that night. I had no idea he was married, but I found out that night. – Donna Rice

135053. In my case, I learned that although God loves us, he doesn’t grant us immunity from the consequences of our choices. – Donna Rice

135054. But even after the first week, when Hart got out of the presidential race because of the Washington Post’s threat to reveal a long-term relationship Hart had apparently been having with a prominent Washington woman, the media continued to embellish my past. – Donna Rice

135055. A month after the scandal broke, I tried to go back to work at the pharmaceutical company after a leave of absence. But because of all the publicity and resulting pressure and stress, I finally resigned. – Donna Rice

135056. I also had to work through the violation of my date rape, my unhealthy relationships with men, my anger toward the people involved in the scandal, and those who exploited me afterwards. – Donna Rice

135057. Although I’d first seen Senator Hart in Aspen, Colorado, at a New Year’s Day party in 1987, we hadn’t talked. – Donna Rice

135058. Men and women of high professional standing have been reduced to the status of vagrants. – Elmer Rice

135059. When he asked me, with obvious self-satisfaction, what I thought of the scenario, I hardly knew how to answer. I asked if he had seen the play and was hardly surprised when he said no. – Elmer Rice

135060. There’s no dearth of kindness in this world of ours; Only in our blindness we gather thorns for flowers. – Grantland Rice

135061. Few learn golf in a lifetime. – Grantland Rice

135062. You are meant to play the ball as it lies, a fact that may help to touch on your own objective approach to life. – Grantland Rice

135063. Kindness in ourselves is the honey that blunts the sting of unkindness in another. – Grantland Rice

135064. Does the road wind up-hill all the way? Yes, to the very end. Will the day’s journey take the whole long day? From morn to night, my friend. – Grantland Rice

135065. Depend upon yourself. Make your judgement trustworthy by trusting it. You can develop good judgement as you do the muscles of your body – by judicious, daily exercise. To be known as a man of sound judgement will be much in your favor. – Grantland Rice

135066. A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion. – Grantland Rice

135067. All wars are planned by old men in council rooms apart. – Grantland Rice

135068. Eighteen holes of match play will teach you more about your foe than 18 years of dealing with him across a desk. – Grantland Rice

135069. I just want the same thing Joe Montana got when he was MVP. He got respect. He got commercials. He got everything. – Jerry Rice

135070. There are a lot of young players here right now, and these guys are going to eventually learn as they go. Next year we can’t use that as an excuse that we had so many young players on the team. – Jerry Rice

135071. To me it was never about what I accomplished on the football field, it was about the way I played the game. – Jerry Rice

135072. I tell people retirement isn’t what you think. You are going to sit around and waste your life, you can only golf so much. To stay young, you have to stay in the mix. – Ron Rice

135073. If there’s such a thing as somebody having nine lives, I guess I’m somewhat in that category. – Ron Rice

135074. And all the good you’ve done will soon be swept away, You’ve begun to matter more than the things you say. – Tim Rice

135075. Maintaining our standard; that’s our challenge day-in and day-out. – Tim Rice

135076. We all dream a lot – some are lucky, some are not. But if you think it, want it, dream it, then it’s real. You are what you feel. – Tim Rice

135077. There is already huge public interest in stage musicals. – Tim Rice

135078. My life has been one long descent into respectability. – Mandy Rice-Davies

135079. Lyrically we tried to just not be the same as a lot of the other crap that is out there right now. – Adam Rich

135080. You don’t want the biggest record deal as far as money goes, you just want to make sure that the people at the label really support your band and the music and stuff. – Adam Rich

135081. You have to make sure that your assets and your back is protected before you make any big decisions. – Adam Rich

135082. Whether you like another band’s music or not you never know who is going to take you out on tour or who you are going to be friends with and that is just something that is important to us. – Adam Rich

135083. Well, our songwriting process is pretty collective. – Adam Rich

135084. We really try to make sure that the band writes the songs, not just one person. – Adam Rich

135085. We knew that we wanted to play heavy music but I hadn’t gotten into melody and things like that. – Adam Rich

135086. That was our first major tour and we got a chance to play in front of like 5000 people every day so it was like a Rock and Roll boot camp for us really, we learned a lot and made a lot of good friends. – Adam Rich

135087. So you have to just be really careful and make sure that when a deal comes along, that it’s like the right deal for you… not necessarily the most money, because you have to pay the record label that back in like record sales and stuff. – Adam Rich

135088. Musicians don’t respect a lot of the stuff that is on TRL and a lot of musicians think that stuff on the radio is not good musically so when musicians say that they like us it obviously feels good. – Adam Rich

135089. Being a new band, I just can’t think of a better way to get your name out to all of the Hard-Rock crowd than playing with twenty of the biggest Hard-Rock bands in the world. – Adam Rich

135090. Actually, we got signed in November of 2000 with Dreamworks which is the most amazing label. We have friends on other labels and though we are not selling millions of records, yet, they treat us with tons of respect and give us some very good guidance. – Adam Rich

135091. It is, we wanted to make a record that reflected our love of Hard-Rock music and it is sort of Metal though we don’t really describe ourselves as Metal. – Adam Rich

135092. As far as I can see there are no problems with people in our band as far as the relationships go anyway. – Adam Rich

135093. Being on Ozzfest has been a great way for us to break out and show metal fans that we have a heavy side. – Adam Rich

135094. Everything is completely democratic in this band so far and that is the way that we would like to keep it. – Adam Rich

135095. Hopefully people can look at our band and see that we’re a heavy rock band. We’re definitely not a metal band, but we’re a band that focuses on meaningful lyrics and melody. – Adam Rich

135096. I really didn’t think about song writing. – Adam Rich

135097. I think that every band tries to mature their sound through their existence, you know? – Adam Rich

135098. I wanted to write some lyrics that had some meaning to them, lyrics that were meaningful to me and hopefully people can take something from that. – Adam Rich

135099. A lot of big labels will just sign bands like a write off. – Adam Rich

135100. Pride is a tricky, glorious, double-edged feeling. – Adrienne Rich

135101. The mother’s battle for her child with sickness, with poverty, with war, with all the forces of exploitation and callousness that cheapen human life needs to become a common human battle, waged in love and in the passion for survival. – Adrienne Rich

135102. The connections between and among women are the most feared, the most problematic, and the most potentially transforming force on the planet. – Adrienne Rich

135103. The mind’s passion is all for singling out. Obscurity has another tale to tell. – Adrienne Rich

135104. The moment of change is the only poem. – Adrienne Rich

135105. The repossession by women of our bodies will bring far more essential change to human society than the seizing of the means of production by workers. – Adrienne Rich

135106. The worker can unionize, go out on strike; mothers are divided from each other in homes, tied to their children by compassionate bonds; our wildcat strikes have most often taken the form of physical or mental breakdown. – Adrienne Rich

135107. They can rule the world while they can persuade us our pain belongs in some order is death by famine worse than death by suicide, than a life of famine and suicide…? – Adrienne Rich

135108. We might possess every technological resource… but if our language is inadequate, our vision remains formless, our thinking and feeling are still running in the old cycles, our process may be “revolutionary” but not transformative. – Adrienne Rich

135109. Lesbian existence comprises both the breaking of a taboo and the rejection of a compulsory way of life. It is also a direct or indirect attack on the male right of access to women. – Adrienne Rich

135110. When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her. – Adrienne Rich

135111. Every journey into the past is complicated by delusions, false memories, false namings of real events. – Adrienne Rich

135112. Art, whose honesty must work through artifice, cannot avoid cheating truth. – Adrienne Rich

135113. Poetry is above all a concentration of the power of language, which is the power of our ultimate relationship to everything in the universe. – Adrienne Rich

135114. False history gets made all day, any day, the truth of the new is never on the news. – Adrienne Rich

135115. I keep coming back to you in my head, but you couldn’t know that, and I have no carbons. – Adrienne Rich

135116. It’s exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful. – Adrienne Rich

135117. Lying is done with words and also with silence. – Adrienne Rich

135118. Life on the planet is born of woman. – Adrienne Rich

135119. A revolutionary poem will not tell you who or when to kill, what and when to burn, or even how to theorize. It reminds you… where and when and how you are living and might live, it is a wick of desire. – Adrienne Rich

135120. A thinking woman sleeps with monsters. – Adrienne Rich

135121. So, to come In with a set routine it’s something I’ve never believed in. It should depend on how you feel, because you play what you feel. – Buddy Rich

135122. I think it’s a fallacy that the harder you practice the better you get. – Buddy Rich

135123. I think the drummer should sit back there and play some drums, and never mind about the tunes. Just get up there and wail behind whoever is sitting up there playing the solo. And this is what is lacking, definitely lacking in music today. – Buddy Rich

135124. If he’s a true symphony artist, he knows better than that because he knows that the only truly creative musician is the jazz musician. – Buddy Rich

135125. It takes us about four or five days to get an album out. – Buddy Rich

135126. So, practice, particularly after you’ve attained a job, any kind of job, like playing with a four piece band, that’s… an opportunity to develop. – Buddy Rich

135127. There were so many individual styles thirty or forty years ago. – Buddy Rich

135128. They’re simply following what was laid down in front and they play the same thing. So, there’s no great challenge In being a classical drummer. – Buddy Rich

135129. To have everything written for you… It’s not really creating. That’s why I think symphony drummers are so limited. They ‘re limited to exactly what was played a hundred years before them by a thousand other drummers. – Buddy Rich

135130. I think at one time every drummer wanted to play like Krupa or wanted to win a Gene Krupa drum contest. This is the big inspiration for drummers and naturally it has to be the same way for me. – Buddy Rich

135131. You only get better by playing. – Buddy Rich

135132. Every drummer that had a name, had a name because of his individual playing. He didn’t sound like anybody else, So everybody that I ever listened to, in some form, influenced my taste. – Buddy Rich

135133. Well, I never really practiced because I never had the opportunity to practice. – Buddy Rich

135134. I play a percussion instrument, not a musical saw; it needs no amplification. Where it’s needed, they put a microphone in front of the bass drum. But, I don’t think it’s necessary to play that way every night. – Buddy Rich

135135. I mean, I think I liked every band I ever played in because each band was different, each band had a different concept, and each band leader was different… different personalities and musical tastes. – Buddy Rich

135136. I consider every drummer that ever played before me an influence, in every way. – Buddy Rich

135137. I can think of a lot better things to do with my hands than to cut them up on the rim of a drum. – Buddy Rich

135138. But, when you have to resort to turntables, trick lights, flashing lights, fire and all that, you’re actually saying, I need this because what I do is not all that together. – Buddy Rich

135139. But, I don’t think any arranger should ever write a drum part for a drummer because if a drummer can’t create his own Interpretation of the chart and he plays everything that’s written, he becomes mechanical; he has no freedom. – Buddy Rich

135140. But primarily, the drummer’s supposed to sit back there and swing the band. – Buddy Rich

135141. But I think that any young drummer starting out today should get himself a great teacher and learn all there is to know about the instrument that he wants to play. – Buddy Rich

135142. And, you know, I think the original recording of Ravel’s Bolero, probably whoever played percussion on that, will never have It played better than that. – Buddy Rich

135143. And, well of course, Count Basie, and I think all of the black bands of the late thirties and early forties, bands with real players. They had an influence on everybody, not just drummers. – Buddy Rich

135144. Almost everything I’ve done, I’ve done through my own creativity. I don’t think I ever had to listen to anyone else to learn how to play drums. I wish I could say that for about ten thousand other drummers. – Buddy Rich

135145. I can’t sit down long enough to absorb any kind of learning. – Buddy Rich

135146. I had to make a drastic change at Sun Records and I didn’t really appreciate country music until I went there. – Charlie Rich

135147. At first I didn’t dig country. – Charlie Rich

135148. As a matter of fact, we put it down because we wanted to be jazz pickers. – Charlie Rich

135149. I think a guy who’s had just the right amount of booze can sing the blues a hell of a lot better than a guy who is stone sober. – Charlie Rich

135150. After 9/11, we realized that all these silly culture wars, and arguing about rock lyrics… who cares? You know, we, for some reason, remembered what our real problems are. – Frank Rich

135151. For a man who purports to have learned of media ethics only this month, Mr. Williams has spent an undue amount of time appearing as a media ethicist on both CNN and the cable news networks of NBC. – Frank Rich

135152. I grew up in Washington, D.C. But also loving the theater. – Frank Rich

135153. I’m always struck by the kids who turn up in New York and LA, and places in between. Chicago. Wanting to do theater, wanting to do independent film. Wanting to break into television or radio. – Frank Rich

135154. In that sense, when a Bush or a Gore, or whomever, goes on David Letterman, that’s the news, too. – Frank Rich

135155. It is kind of tedious after a while, to parse politicians doing the same thing over and over again. The facts change from week to week, but the sort of masquerade doesn’t. – Frank Rich

135156. There have been at least three other cases in which federal agencies have succeeded in placing fake news reports on television during the Bush presidency. It was a really good tour. It seemed maybe about a week too long. – Frank Rich

135157. When something really comes from the soul, I think it has a truth that you cannot find in politics. – Frank Rich

135158. While F.D.R. once told Americans that we have nothing to fear but fear itself, Mr. Ashcroft is delighted to play the part of Fear Itself, an assignment in which he lets his imagination run riot. – Frank Rich

135159. Got an issue, get a tissue. – Jeff Rich

135160. You don’t go to war with the President you want, you go to war with the President you have. – Jeff Rich

135161. We are all are equal, but some pay higher tax rates than others. – Jeff Rich

135162. Hell hath no fury like a Democrat scorned. – Jeff Rich

135163. You don’t live on the Earth you want, you live on the Earth you have. – Jeff Rich

135164. Every generation needs a new revolution. – Jeff Rich

135165. To do or not to do… that is the question. – Jeff Rich

135166. The thrill of hearing your own voice recorded is still there, I still love it, going into the studio and thinking how can I sing this song and between the producers and the musicians you find a way of doing it. – Cliff Richard

135167. It’s the business I’m in, I can’t say that signing things is the favourite part of my career but you know that it has to be done and that there is no pain involved. – Cliff Richard

135168. Of course, when I started my career, like anyone else who was 16 at the time, we were besotted by the rock-n-roll scene from America, and all I was interested in was having a career of my own. – Cliff Richard

135169. It’s important to put all I have into my career. – Cliff Richard

135170. Our industry is full of all sorts of eccentricities and one of them is owning property. – Cliff Richard

135171. So I will go as far as I can into rock and roll carrying my Christian banner. – Cliff Richard

135172. Someone recommended that I read the Bible, and it was then I discovered that I knew nothing about it. – Cliff Richard

135173. The more I read my Bible the more I veered away from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. – Cliff Richard

135174. The only advice I would give Christians entering the world of arts: give yourself a period of time, maybe three or four years. If you haven’t made it in your chosen art form, dump it. – Cliff Richard

135175. There is no better news, than the fact that Jesus can actually turn a life upside down and save it. – Cliff Richard

135176. There’s loads of things you can do to make things easy for your throat, you can drink a bit of lemon and hot water couple of spoons of honey, you can gargle with port, I’ve done it a couple of times myself – but don’t swallow it! – Cliff Richard

135177. We need to be adopted by God through Jesus – that was what happened to me, and that’s what changed my life so that now, I can see that my career can be part of a calling. – Cliff Richard

135178. We need to pray and read the Bible every day, and regardless of whatever else happens to you, that tends to keep you close to Him, because you are constantly in touch through His Word. – Cliff Richard

135179. When you’re out there with thousands of people it’s probably better to have a bigger show to look at, and it turned out really well and they videoed it for me. – Cliff Richard

135180. When I became a Christian my confidence grew. – Cliff Richard

135181. When you use music to worship you are not attempting to entertain. – Cliff Richard

135182. But if you have a solid walk with the Lord, then you won’t fear that failure. – Cliff Richard

135183. It is important to have a circle of Christians friends, which I do have. – Cliff Richard

135184. When I use music on stage, the prime directive is to entertain the public, so it is different. – Cliff Richard

135185. But Jesus changes your attitude towards yourself and towards other people. – Cliff Richard

135186. But Portugal has a peaceful feel about it. I sit on the terrace overlooking the vineyard there and I feel cut off from the world. You need that sort of thing. – Cliff Richard

135187. If you have got the public in the palm of your hand, you can be sure that is where they want to be. – Cliff Richard

135188. And, of course, Barbados is the other place where I like to be. – Cliff Richard

135189. But, of course, one relies on the everyday people who just simply like your music, for whom you may not be a hobby but they enjoy being in your presence at a concert. – Cliff Richard

135190. Celebrities meet a lot of people and we just can’t maintain them all in our fuddled brains. – Cliff Richard

135191. Financial support is one thing, but I always think what becomes really sacrificial is your time. – Cliff Richard

135192. I can say I have become far more open about what I believe. – Cliff Richard

135193. I don’t mean that if you’re a Christian, walking close to God, you will immediately gain celebrity. you may fail as an artist, because you may not have what the public want at that time, and you have to be prepared for that. – Cliff Richard

135194. If I’m going to represent God I have to do it the best I can. – Cliff Richard

135195. I have tried to have a regular daily intake from my Bible, regardless of how late it is. – Cliff Richard

135196. I involve myself in an organisation called Tear Fund. – Cliff Richard

135197. I realised that God has placed Christians everywhere, to support each other, to support the needy in those areas, and that is the thing that I find is a great plus. – Cliff Richard

135198. I’m very grateful because my fans are very loyal. – Cliff Richard

135199. I’ve got two places I like to be. Portugal is one. – Cliff Richard

135200. I have a group of people, about 40, in a local church in Surrey in England, who pray for me regularly. – Cliff Richard

135201. About two months ago I finished a gospel tour. – Cliff Richard

135202. If you can play guitar and sing, you can probably get a gig down the road playing at a restaurant, but don’t throw your life away chasing something that is so elusive it will only lead you to regret and may turn you bitter. – Cliff Richard

135203. I’m here to sing. – Little Richard

135204. I would wear flamboyant clothes and long hair, and most singers at the time didn’t. – Little Richard

135205. I was really kind of shy as a child. But I would do things for attention. – Little Richard

135206. I was always my own person. – Little Richard

135207. I try to be a guide for people, to make their darkness bright and to make the pathway light, and never to condemn or control or criticize. – Little Richard

135208. I tried to look presentable for a show, but not for sexual attraction. It was strictly for show business. – Little Richard

135209. I think they saw me as something like a deliverer, a way out. My means of expression, my music, was a way in which a lot of people wished they could express themselves and couldn’t. – Little Richard

135210. I think people who don’t believe in God are crazy. How can you say there is no God when you hear the birds singing these beautiful songs you didn’t make? – Little Richard

135211. I think God made a woman to be strong and not to be trampled under the feet of men. I’ve always felt this way because my mother was a very strong woman, without a husband. – Little Richard

135212. I’m very much a gentleman in what I do. – Little Richard

135213. To me, true rock ‘n’ roll has a lot of bottom in it. – Little Richard

135214. I think that a man should be caring. – Little Richard

135215. I’ve never seen the devil create music. – Little Richard

135216. If I had my life to live over, I would want to be a man. – Little Richard

135217. It was a way out of poverty. It was a way to success. It was a way to education. And it was a way to a brighter day for me. – Little Richard

135218. Like, my mother would have company over, and I would sing so they’d pay attention to me. – Little Richard

135219. No, I’ve never truly been a minister. – Little Richard

135220. Now they have banging guitar and no bass and call it rock, but that’s not what I call rock. – Little Richard

135221. Plus I love Tanya Tucker and I love country music. – Little Richard

135222. Some situations you cause yourself. – Little Richard

135223. When you sit down and think about what rock ‘n’ roll music really is, then you have to change that question. Played up-tempo, you call it rock ‘n’ roll; at a regular tempo, you call it rhythm and blues. – Little Richard

135224. I thank God for making me a man. – Little Richard

135225. But I’m a rock ‘n’ roll singer; that’s my livelihood, my occupation. – Little Richard

135226. Rock ‘n’ roll offered me a platform to speak what I felt. It also offered me a platform to support my mama and my brothers and sisters – twelve children. – Little Richard

135227. I also like the banging piano – that old good-time piano. – Little Richard

135228. I only wore makeup when I went onstage. – Little Richard

135229. And I think a woman should find it a joy to be female because God made both male and female. – Little Richard

135230. And I’d like to give my love to everybody, and let them know that the grass may look greener on the other side, but believe me, it’s just as hard to cut. – Little Richard

135231. But I was singing loud, and most singers weren’t singing loud. – Little Richard

135232. But when I went on the stage to do a show, I would put on makeup because I felt that it enhanced my act; it drew attention to what I was doing. – Little Richard

135233. But men are so full of greed today, they’ll sell anything for a little piece of money. – Little Richard

135234. And I don’t get down on nobody else for doing whatever else they do. To each his own. – Little Richard

135235. Gay people are the sweetest, kindest, most artistic, warmest and most thoughtful people in the world. And since the beginning of time all they’ve ever been is kicked. – Little Richard

135236. God gives us the ability, but rock ‘n’ roll was created by men. – Little Richard

135237. Greed has taken the whole universe, and nobody is worried about their soul. – Little Richard

135238. I don’t think that you have to be effeminate to be sensitive. – Little Richard

135239. I never heard nobody in my audience call me any kind of names. – Little Richard

135240. I never accepted the idea that I had to be guided by some pattern or blueprint. – Little Richard

135241. I love God, and I’m a follower. – Little Richard

135242. God is omnipotent, He is omniscient, and He is ever present. – Little Richard

135243. I just want the world to know that God is present, that he’s alive for ever more. – Little Richard

135244. I also think that what’s wrong with all of us is that we don’t show enough love toward each other. – Little Richard

135245. I don’t think a woman has to act like a man to show that she has strength. – Little Richard

135246. I don’t give the devil credit for creating nothing. – Little Richard

135247. I did what I felt, and I felt what I did, at all costs. – Little Richard

135248. I always knew I was a man, always felt that I was a man, always wanted to be a man. – Little Richard

135249. I let people know that it was all right to do the kinds of things I did. – Little Richard

135250. I’ve always said that in politics, your enemies can’t hurt you, but your friends will kill you. – Ann Richards

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135251. I believe in recovery, and I believe that as a role model I have the responsibility to let young people know that you can make a mistake and come back from it. – Ann Richards

135252. Teaching was the hardest work I had ever done, and it remains the hardest work I have done to date. – Ann Richards

135253. Let me tell you, sisters, seeing dried egg on a plate in the morning is a lot dirtier than anything I’ve had to deal with in politics. – Ann Richards

135254. I have very strong feelings about how you lead your life. You always look ahead, you never look back. – Ann Richards

135255. I have always had the feeling I could do anything and my dad told me I could. I was in college before I found out he might be wrong. – Ann Richards

135256. I have a real soft spot in my heart for librarians and people who care about books. – Ann Richards

135257. I thought I knew Texas pretty well, but I had no notion of its size until I campaigned it. – Ann Richards

135258. Both class and race survive education, and neither should. What is education then? If it doesn’t help a human being to recognize that humanity is humanity, what is it for? So you can make a bigger salary than other people? – Beah Richards

135259. For me life is a challenge. And it will be a challenge if I live to be 100 or if I get to be a trillionaire. – Beah Richards

135260. Heaven and earth! How is it that bodies join but never meet? – Beah Richards

135261. Race, what is that? Race is a competition, somebody winning and somebody losing. Blood doesn’t run in races! Come on! – Beah Richards

135262. Ingenuity, plus courage, plus work, equals miracles. – Bob Richards

135263. One of the great lessons I’ve learned in athletics is that you’ve got to discipline your life. No matter how good you may be, you’ve got to be willing to cut out of your life those things that keep you from going to the top. – Bob Richards

135264. I won it, at least five million times. Men who were stronger, bigger and faster than I was could have done it, but they never picked up a pole, and never made the feeble effort to pick their legs off the ground and get over the bar. – Bob Richards

135265. The march is a way to get in celebration mode. – Charles Richards

135266. Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. – Charles Richards

135267. Heather knows why and when her marriage ended with Richie and she knows why my marriage ended with Charlie. – Denise Richards

135268. The Internet’s been so great, and it’s so nice to have fans do nice, elaborate websites, but I think the downside is some of the things… for real fans to go on and see that 90 percent of the information isn’t true or to see pictures that aren’t really me. – Denise Richards

135269. There are always two or three or four sides to every story. – Denise Richards

135270. She was a Bond girl; she couldn’t have been in nerdy. – Denise Richards

135271. It’s just keeping what I want private, private, and the same with Charlie. – Denise Richards

135272. I thinned them out real thin once and it just didn’t look like me. I know it was in style to have really thin eyebrows, but it didn’t look right on my face. – Denise Richards

135273. I like to be at home because I just travel so much. I have four dogs, golden retrievers. – Denise Richards

135274. I don’t know what the big issue is about a kiss with Neve Campbell in Wild Things. It’s a role, and I think a bigger issue is made out of it. It was a part I took and it’s what the character did, so I did it. – Denise Richards

135275. Every photo shoot, I’m always asking the makeup artist what they’re using on me, and I’ll go out and get it. – Denise Richards

135276. During the day I don’t wear much makeup. – Denise Richards

135277. Doing love scenes is always awkward. I mean, it’s just not a normal thing to go to work and lay in bed with your co-worker. – Denise Richards

135278. But I always curl my lashes, even if I don’t put on mascara. I’ll also put on a lip gloss or lip balm. And I always brush my eyebrows. I have very thick eyebrows – I’m just now starting to thin them out a bit. – Denise Richards

135279. Being a teenager, I would think they were real strict, and I would get upset, but I’m glad they were like that. They didn’t let us do whatever we wanted. We weren’t allowed to date until we were, like, juniors in high school. – Denise Richards

135280. As a little girl I loved the thought of playing dress-up and getting ready. – Denise Richards

135281. A date once leaned in to kiss me, and he ended up kissing my cheek. He was a little offended, but I didn’t want to kiss him just to not hurt his feelings. – Denise Richards

135282. A good margarita, a good red wine, I like expensive alcohol, but not a lot of it. I don’t like to throw up. – Denise Richards

135283. Everyone wants to pluck eyebrows. I thinned them out real thin once and it just didn’t look like me. – Denise Richards

135284. Yeah, some kids called me fish lips because I had these really full lips. Now I’m sure all those same girls are getting collagen injections, so I’m having the last laugh. – Denise Richards

135285. New England is the home of all that is good and noble with all her sternness and uncompromising opinions. – Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards

135286. You cannot make women contented with cooking and cleaning and you need not try. – Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards

135287. Work is a sovereign remedy for all ills, and a man who loves to work will never be unhappy. – Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards

135288. We never can tell how our lives may work to the account of the general good, and we are not wise enough to know if we have fulfilled our mission or not. – Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards

135289. Subject the material world to the higher ends by understanding it in all its relations to daily life and action. – Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards

135290. If you keep your feathers well oiled the water of criticism will run off as from a duck’s back. – Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards

135291. If it is a relief to take your clothes off at night, be sure that something is wrong. Clothes should not be a burden. They should be a comfort and a protection. – Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards

135292. I prefer surveying for a week to spending a week in fashionable society even of the best class. – Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards

135293. The only trouble here is they won’t let us study enough. They are so afraid we shall break down and you know the reputation of the College is at stake, for the question is, can girls get a college degree without ruining their health? – Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards

135294. I can’t remember ever being told how to ride. – Gordon Richards

135295. I just got on a pony’s back and away I went. – Gordon Richards

135296. If its not done ethically, advertising won’t be trusted. If consumers don’t trust it, advertising is pointless. – Jef I. Richards

135297. In advertising, sex sells. But only if you’re selling sex. – Jef I. Richards

135298. There’s so much truly putrid advertising out there it’s embarrassing. But not all advertising is bad. Some of it is really quite mediocre. – Jef I. Richards

135299. There is a huge difference between journalism and advertising. Journalism aspires to truth. Advertising is regulated for truth. I’ll put the accuracy of the average ad in this country up against the average news story any time. – Jef I. Richards

135300. The law requires a paper towel ad to be scrupulously honest, but allows political candidates to lie without reproach. What’s wrong with this picture? – Jef I. Richards

135301. The Death of Advertising? I think that’s in the book of Revelation. It’s the day when people everywhere become satisfied with their weight, their hair, their skin, their wardrobe, and their aroma. – Jef I. Richards

135302. In the world of commercial speech, tobacco advertising bears the earmarks of an endangered species. – Jef I. Richards

135303. While it may be true that the best advertising is word-of-mouth, never lose sight of the fact it also can be the worst advertising. – Jef I. Richards

135304. Advertising is the ‘wonder’ in Wonder Bread. – Jef I. Richards

135305. I wish all consumers were as gullible as advertising’s biggest critics. Anyone who believes advertising is that powerful will believe almost anything. – Jef I. Richards

135306. Advertising is speech. It’s regulated because it’s often effective speech. – Jef I. Richards

135307. Advertising is totally unnecessary. Unless you hope to make money. – Jef I. Richards

135308. Commercial speech is like obscenity… we can’t seem to define it, but we know it when we see it. – Jef I. Richards

135309. Congress seems to believe that ‘Children are our future’ is a phrase coined by tobacco advertisers. – Jef I. Richards

135310. Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’ – Jef I. Richards

135311. Creativity is an advertising agency’s most valuable asset, because it is the rarest. – Jef I. Richards

135312. I believe ‘credibility’ is one of the biggest issues yet to be addressed by Internet advertisers. – Jef I. Richards

135313. Is advertising a profession, like law or medicine? How many new parents clutch their baby to their breast and declare, ‘I want this child to grow up to be a media planner’? – Jef I. Richards

135314. It’s great to be here. It’s great to be anywhere. – Keith Richards

135315. I only get ill when I give up drugs. – Keith Richards

135316. I never thought I was wasted, but I probably was. – Keith Richards

135317. I look for ambiguity when I’m writing because life is ambiguous. – Keith Richards

135318. I’ve never had a problem with drugs. I’ve had problems with the police. – Keith Richards

135319. If you don’t know the blues… there’s no point in picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music. – Keith Richards

135320. If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet. – Keith Richards

135321. I’ve always been suspicious of TV, I’ve always found music and video to be an unhappy marriage. – Keith Richards

135322. It’s good to be anywhere. – Keith Richards

135323. Let me be clear about this. I don’t have a drug problem. I have a police problem. – Keith Richards

135324. Rock and Roll: Music for the neck downwards. – Keith Richards

135325. The only things Mick and I disagree about is the band, the music and what we do. – Keith Richards

135326. It’s an addiction… and addiction is something I should know something about. – Keith Richards

135327. Everyone talks about rock these days; the problem is they forget about the roll. – Keith Richards

135328. Good music comes out of people playing together, knowing what they want to do and going for it. You have to sweat over it and bug it to death. You can’t do it by pushing buttons and watching a TV screen. – Keith Richards

135329. Hey, we just enjoy it. I think we think we’re getting the hang of this thing, you know? – Keith Richards

135330. I have no idea what the audience makes of me. – Keith Richards

135331. There’s no substitute for live work to keep a band together. – Keith Richards

135332. To make a rock’n’roll record, technology is the least important thing. – Keith Richards

135333. To me, as long as we’ve known each other, I’ve always thought Mick’s most brilliant thing was that he could work in an area two foot square and give a very exciting performance. – Keith Richards

135334. When I listen to what I did under the influence – 10 years of work – I don’t think it either enhanced or impaired me. It didn’t have that much to do with it. – Keith Richards

135335. You’ve got the sun, you’ve got the moon, and you’ve got the Rolling Stones. – Keith Richards

135336. The Stones in a club is still the ultimate rush. – Keith Richards

135337. It helps, I think, to consider ourselves on a very long journey: the main thing is to keep to the faith, to endure, to help each other when we stumble or tire, to weep and press on. – Mary Richards

135338. It is for each of us freely to choose whom we shall serve, and find in that obedience our freedom. – Mary Richards

135339. To have character is to be big enough to take life on. – Mary Richards

135340. Let no one be deluded that a knowledge of the path can substitute for putting one foot in front of the other. – Mary Richards

135341. Our works and our play. All our pleasures experienced as the pleasure of love. What could be better that? To feel in one’s work the tender and flushed substance of one’s dearest concern. – Mary Richards

135342. The imagination equips us to perceive reality when it is not fully materialized. – Mary Richards

135343. Who are enemies? Those who oppose each others will. – Mary Richards

135344. Am I willing to give up what I have in order to be what I am not yet? Am I able to follow the spirit of love into the desert? It is a frightening and sacred moment. There is no return. One’s life is charged forever. It is the fire that gives us our shape. – Mary Richards

135345. Inhabit ourselves that we may indeed do what we want to do. – Mary Richards

135346. I lost my temper on stage. – Michael Richards

135347. There’s a lot of labor involved in the birth of a new town. – Michael Richards

135348. It’s strange how parts come along, how life lives us, and what we get to do with the abilities that are given us. – Michael Richards

135349. I’m really busted up over this and I’m very, very sorry to those people in the audience, the blacks, the Hispanics, whites – everyone that was there that took the brunt of that anger and hate and rage and how it came through. – Michael Richards

135350. I’m not a racist, that’s what so insane about this, and yet it’s said, it comes through, it fires out of me, and even now in the passion that’s here as I confront myself. – Michael Richards

135351. There’s a great deal of disturbance in this country and how black feel about what happened in Katrina, and, you know, many of the comics, many of performers are in Las Vegas and New Orleans trying to raise money for what happened there. – Michael Richards

135352. I’ll get to the force field of this hostility, why it’s there, why the rage is in any of us, why the trash takes place, whether or not it’s between me and a couple of hecklers in the audience or between this country and another nation, the rage. – Michael Richards

135353. When you perform in front of an audience after only two days of rehearsal, you’re flying by the seat of your pants – particularly when they’re rewriting the show right up to the moment the camera goes on. – Michael Richards

135354. I don’t know, in view of the situation and the act going where it was going, I don’t know, the rage did go all over the place. It went to everybody in the room. – Michael Richards

135355. I’m a performer. I push the envelope, I work in a very uncontrolled manner onstage. I do a lot of free association, it’s spontaneous, I go into character. – Michael Richards

135356. If a man will make a purchase of a chance he must abide by the consequences. – Richard Richards

135357. We as a people, as a state, and as a community, have too much promise, too much potential, and too much at stake to go any other way than forward. We are too strong in our hearts, too innovative in our minds, and too firm in our beliefs to retreat from our goals. – Bill Richardson

135358. We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together. – Bill Richardson

135359. We’re a superpower with a Third World grid. – Bill Richardson

135360. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, our nation is stronger when we are respected throughout the world. – Bill Richardson

135361. We must never forget that it is the private sector – not government – that is the engine of economic opportunity. Businesses, particularly small businesses, flourish and can provide good jobs when government acts as a productive partner. – Bill Richardson

135362. Education enables people and societies to be what they can be. – Bill Richardson

135363. I choose bold. I choose action. I choose what’s right for the people. I choose to make a difference. – Bill Richardson

135364. I’ve been told that I have a lot of energy. The secret is that I use renewable resources. Some days I’m solar powered. Some days I’m wind powered. And some people in this room might think I’m hybrid gas-powered. You’ll just have to guess which it is today. – Bill Richardson

135365. Ignorance has always been the weapon of tyrants; enlightenment the salvation of the free. – Bill Richardson

135366. Raising a family is difficult enough. But it’s even more difficult for single parents struggling to make ends meet. They don’t need more obstacles. They need more opportunities. – Bill Richardson

135367. The President, in talking about freedom and democracy, is sparking a wave of very positive democratic sentiment that might help us override both Islamic fundamentalism that has formed in that region, and also some of the hatred for our policies of invading Iraq. – Bill Richardson

135368. The smartest thing we can do to create high-wage jobs and grow our economy is to keep our focus on education. – Bill Richardson

135369. As state leaders, I think its important for us to provide our perspectives on issues we face every day – like access to school spending, access to health care and governing in a global economy. – Bill Richardson

135370. Lock it out so you can perform your movement, disarm, or technique. – Burton Richardson

135371. I had come to regard the U.S. Senate’s rejection of the League of Nations as a tragic mistake. – Elliot Richardson

135372. If the large power voluntarily abstains from using its full power or feels the strategic situation to be such that it cannot do so, it in effect loses the advantage of being a big power. – Elliot Richardson

135373. If there are flaws they are in ourselves, and our task therefore must be one not of redesign but of renewal and reaffirmation, especially of the standards in which all of us believe. – Elliot Richardson

135374. I thought I was going to be killed. The casualties were so heavy, it was just a given. I learned to take each day, each mission, as it came. That’s an attitude I’ve carried into my professional life. I take each case, each job, as it comes. – Elliot Richardson

135375. I hope you will respond to the crisis of confidence that Watergate has created by opening up your administration and reaching out to people in a more magnanimous spirit. – Elliot Richardson

135376. It often seemed like we had become a nation where the only heroes were rock singers and ball players and that there were no large men of probity who could be called upon for the task. – Elliot Richardson

135377. My most important task must be an attempt to bring the monster under democratic direction and control. – Elliot Richardson

135378. For you, the state is an entity with purposes of its own that the people can be required to serve. For us the word is only a label for the arrangements by which we the people delegate to some among us responsibility for things that concern us in common. – Elliot Richardson

135379. But tending machinery was one thing; defining what we were trying to do and why we were doing it, and developing ways to measure how well the job was done – this was something else again. – Elliot Richardson

135380. This anniversary serves to help remind the American people that, in the wake of one of the greatest political scandals and misuse of power in our history as a nation, scandal produced important reforms that served this nation well for two decades. – Elliot Richardson

135381. The vice president had a bargaining asset, however, that no ordinary person has: He was next in line to the presidency. I saw no chance that he would resign first, then take his chances on trial, conviction, and jail. – Elliot Richardson

135382. I said the first concern of the administration of justice must, of course, be the individual. The second concern is the truth. – Elliot Richardson

135383. They’ve got him – credible witnesses, documents, heaven knows what else. In all my years as a prosecutor I have never seen such an open-and-shut case. – Elliot Richardson

135384. The Watergate reforms did work well for many years, and if improved and broadened, these reforms can have real and major impact on the system today. – Elliot Richardson

135385. The idea of being in the State Department was exciting. On the other hand, I always had in the back of my mind going into politics. If I stayed in Washington, I might end up a government hack. – Elliot Richardson

135386. Though every legal task demands this skill, it is especially important in the effort to frame public policy in a way that is properly responsive to human needs and predicaments. The question is always: How will the general rule work in practice? – Elliot Richardson

135387. The experience of learning how to get straight to the core of a problem proved to be of immense value later when I had a long succession of responsibilities in large, complex government departments. – Elliot Richardson

135388. Mr. President, I believe your real problem is that you have somehow been unable to realize that you have won, not only won, but been re-elected by a tremendous margin. – Elliot Richardson

135389. People have moved beyond apathy, beyond skepticism into deep cynicism. – Elliot Richardson

135390. There is an increasingly pervasive sense not only of failure, but of futility. The legislative process has become a cruel shell game and the service system has become a bureaucratic maze, inefficient, incomprehensible, and inaccessible. – Elliot Richardson

135391. What I’d like to get across is try your best to be yourself. I realize there are those who are much further along than you are; there are stars, but learn to be who you are and to play yourself. Be confident in that fact. – Jerome Richardson

135392. You got to play the flute as a flute, like that. You can’t play like a tenor concept on soprano; it sounds wrong. But some guys do it, and they think it’s O.K., but not so! – Jerome Richardson

135393. Hey, look at this guy Kenny G. with his thing, walking up and down the aisles of the concert hall and running off the stage and playing the same time. It’s old hat! – Jerome Richardson

135394. Each instrument has something to say to you. It’s got its own character. Each horn has its own character and will say to you certain things. If you violate that, it’s almost a sacrilege! – Jerome Richardson

135395. I don’t know what I was trying to get out of a tenor – but it never really satisfied me until one day I picked up my alto and I said, “Where have you been?” and I said right here for now on! – Jerome Richardson

135396. You grow up by making mistakes. I’ve made a ton of them, but as long as I keep on failing better, I don’t mind. – Joely Richardson

135397. So if people will pay attention to what I say because of our success as a group, I am going to use that. – Kevin Richardson

135398. I wasn’t originally taking drama, but the drama teacher asked me to audition for Bye, Bye Birdie. I did and got the lead role. Initially I was kind of scared, but once I did it I got bitten by the bug and loved it. – Kevin Richardson

135399. I’ve always loved music, not necessarily just the Osmonds. – Kevin Richardson

135400. If we can get kids talking about conservation and doing it, they can have a great influence on their parents by lecturing them and pointing the finger. – Kevin Richardson

135401. In musical theater you have to be very big and very animated, while film and television are more toned down. – Kevin Richardson

135402. My grandfather was in a barbershop quartet and my grandmother was in a gospel quartet with her sisters. – Kevin Richardson

135403. My mom sang in high school choir and so did my father. – Kevin Richardson

135404. Once colon cancer becomes symptomatic, nine times out of ten it is too late. – Kevin Richardson

135405. Quite a few movies are starting to film in Florida. – Kevin Richardson

135406. We’re not saying that you don’t need coal, but when you do mine the coal there are responsibilities to it. It may cost a little more, but it is the right thing to do. – Kevin Richardson

135407. The coal mining industry is very destructive and it doesn’t have to be. – Kevin Richardson

135408. Cancer is just a horrible disease. – Kevin Richardson

135409. They wanted to do a movie about the Backstreet Boys. – Kevin Richardson

135410. We can have technology, prosperity, nice homes and cars, but at the same time we must be conscious of what we are dumping into the water, the air and our food. – Kevin Richardson

135411. I wanted to help raise awareness, so I created an environmental foundation called Just Within Reach. – Kevin Richardson

135412. Prior to that I testified before the Senate subcommittee addressing mountaintop removal. – Kevin Richardson

135413. I am not a tree-hugger and I don’t think mine is an extreme point of view. – Kevin Richardson

135414. Florida has tons of entertainment opportunities because Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are there. – Kevin Richardson

135415. I started playing in the band and learned to play piano by ear. – Kevin Richardson

135416. At Christmas our house is like a Donnie and Marie Christmas Special. – Kevin Richardson

135417. But I would lie on the floor and analyze everything. I’d listen to all the strings and the background vocals on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and try to pick out the different instruments. – Kevin Richardson

135418. For example, colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Every four minutes someone is diagnosed, and every nine minutes someone dies. – Kevin Richardson

135419. I believe as human beings we are out of balance, out of synch with the earth. – Kevin Richardson

135420. I did Chicago on Broadway the year before last. That was a great opportunity and I had a blast. – Kevin Richardson

135421. I had been singing all my life, but I started acting in high school. – Kevin Richardson

135422. I have been reading scripts, going to auditions and looking for the right opportunities. – Kevin Richardson

135423. I have been taking classes and I’m familiar with stage, but I’m not as familiar with acting on camera. – Kevin Richardson

135424. I just moved to Florida to seek out opportunities. – Kevin Richardson

135425. I remember lying on the floor of the living room with headphones on when I was four or five years old, listening to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. – Kevin Richardson

135426. I sang in church choir all my life, through elementary school, junior high and high school. – Kevin Richardson

135427. Coal companies have a lot of power in the media, and unfortunately a lot of information doesn’t get out. – Kevin Richardson

135428. I would be surprised if there weren’t some owners who didn’t want to get a deal done right now and get back to playing hockey. – Luke Richardson

135429. I would rather do many small roles on TV, stage or film than one blockbuster that made me rich but had no acting. – Miranda Richardson

135430. It sounds ideal, a sort of beach childhood. But it wasn’t really. I didn’t use the beach very much at all. – Miranda Richardson

135431. You can’t please all the people all the time. – Miranda Richardson

135432. You can have a laugh in Los Angeles, or you can weep in Los Angeles, depending on your attitude towards it. – Miranda Richardson

135433. Somebody referred to me as a ringleader, which I wouldn’t have classed myself as, but anyway, there you go. – Miranda Richardson

135434. Insecurity, commonly regarded as a weakness in normal people, is the basic tool of the actor’s trade. – Miranda Richardson

135435. And there’s no way I’m going to do Dame Edna. – Miranda Richardson

135436. But I hope that you walk around the corner and you get very surprised. – Miranda Richardson

135437. It makes me feel resilient when you tackle different things. – Miranda Richardson

135438. I’m not the kind of actress that goes home with the character. I mean, you’re thinking about the work or the next day’s scenes, but not staying in character. But as a film goes on, you become more and more fragile, emotionally. And physically too, actually. – Natasha Richardson

135439. What’s in the movie compared to what we shot is the tip of the iceberg. – Natasha Richardson

135440. I’ve played comedy before but not that much. I mostly do get drawn to darker material. – Natasha Richardson

135441. I know the pressures of being the daughter of a great actress. But it’s inspiring. You learn so much that other people don’t get to learn until later on. My father being a director, I learnt a real work ethic. – Natasha Richardson

135442. I knew that for this movie to work it had to be very hot and very real, and it wasn’t going to be a case of doing it Hollywood all covered with a nice little sheet. – Natasha Richardson

135443. As I grew up in that world and saw how much it affected her world and how much it affected our childhood, it made me very aware of politics. Of course, I have my own private feelings and thoughts, but I don’t care to share them. – Natasha Richardson

135444. A film is a director’s vision… there is, however, much input an actor or actress can have. – Natasha Richardson

135445. The degree that these scenes went to… there was a couple of days I was upset… I’d have to hurry back to the girls in the makeup trailer and have a bit of a cry because it messes with your head. – Natasha Richardson

135446. Instead of yelling and spanking, which don’t work anyway, I believe in finding creative ways to keep their attention – turning things into a game, for instance. And, when they do something good, positive reinforcement and praise. – Patricia Richardson

135447. Tim on the show does a lot of that posturing, of course, and feels sort of threatened by women. But even at that, you do see him cooking, and ultimately he’s a good father because he spends a lot of time with the boys. – Patricia Richardson

135448. People who meet me think of Jill and transfer her strong qualities to me. – Patricia Richardson

135449. The truth is, I’ve been going pretty much nuts all year. I constantly have to fight being scattered. I feel like I’m on automatic pilot from fatigue. The hardest thing is trying to be present, living for the moment, for everybody in the family. – Patricia Richardson

135450. You have to be the parent; you can’t be their friend. – Patricia Richardson

135451. It was extremely hard going from being a parent of one to a parent of three, because now all these instant decisions have to be made about how you balance out the time and attention between them. – Patricia Richardson

135452. I still get the kids to the doctor and dentist and plan their play dates and buy their clothes. – Patricia Richardson

135453. I know it’s a lot harder for women who don’t have enough help, but the truth is, no matter how much money you have, if you want to stay involved with your children and don’t want to lose being a primary parent to them, you’re still in the game. – Patricia Richardson

135454. I don’t understand that, because I think that what people like most about the show is that they recognize themselves in the characters and their problems, so the more believable the family is, the more we can draw the audience in. – Patricia Richardson

135455. Good actresses can often accomplish miracles, and it is possible to be someone you’ve never been or will be. But in a sitcom, there’s no time. – Patricia Richardson

135456. Getting married and then having children just centered me and grounded my values. It was like a whole new world. It started happening in New York with a little play called Cruise Control, where I relaxed, and then I kept getting work in Hollywood till this series happened. – Patricia Richardson

135457. But then my mother, who’s a very selfless, stoic person from a family of Marines, would tell us that what was good for our father was good for us – he would make more money; therefore, we’d be able to get better educations. – Patricia Richardson

135458. I’d like us to deliver a little message to all the men still out there who think it’s the ’50s, and coming home simply means watching television with a beer. – Patricia Richardson

135459. They see me as being this Super Mom on TV who also can more than handle a difficult husband, and they assume I’m going to be just full of wisdom as a mother and wife myself. – Patricia Richardson

135460. Acting is the ability to dream on cue. – Ralph Richardson

135461. You’ve got to perform in a role hundreds of times. In keeping it fresh one can become a large, madly humming, demented refrigerator. – Ralph Richardson

135462. The most precious things in speech are pauses. – Ralph Richardson

135463. In music, the punctuation is absolutely strict, the bars and rests are absolutely defined. But our punctuation cannot be quite strict, because we have to relate it to the audience. In other words we are continually changing the score. – Ralph Richardson

135464. Acting is merely the art of keeping a large group of people from coughing. – Ralph Richardson

135465. The art of acting consists in keeping people from coughing. – Ralph Richardson

135466. What we want to tell, we wish our friend to have curiosity to hear. – Samuel Richardson

135467. Women do not often fall in love with philosophers. – Samuel Richardson

135468. Would Alexander, madman as he was, have been so much a madman, had it not been for Homer? – Samuel Richardson

135469. Women who have had no lovers, or having had one, two or three, have not found a husband, have perhaps rather had a miss than a loss, as men go. – Samuel Richardson

135470. Women love to be called cruel, even when they are kindest. – Samuel Richardson

135471. Tutors who make youth learned do not always make them virtuous. – Samuel Richardson

135472. Women are so much in love with compliments that rather than want them, they will compliment one another, yet mean no more by it than the men do. – Samuel Richardson

135473. Women are always most observed when they seem themselves least to observe, or to lay out for observation. – Samuel Richardson

135474. Whenever we approve, we can find a hundred good reasons to justify our approbation. Whenever we dislike, we can find a thousand to justify our dislike. – Samuel Richardson

135475. What likelihood is there of corrupting a man who has no ambition? – Samuel Richardson

135476. We are all very ready to believe what we like. – Samuel Richardson

135477. Vast is the field of Science. The more a man knows, the more he will find he has to know. – Samuel Richardson

135478. Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal. – Samuel Richardson

135479. Some children act as if they thought their parents had nothing to do, but to see them established in the world and then quit it. – Samuel Richardson

135480. O! what a Godlike Power is that of doing Good! I envy the Rich and the Great for nothing else! – Samuel Richardson

135481. The difference in the education of men and women must give the former great advantages over the latter, even where geniuses are equal. – Samuel Richardson

135482. The companion of an evening, and the companion for life, require very different qualifications. – Samuel Richardson

135483. The Cause of Women is generally the Cause of Virtue. – Samuel Richardson

135484. Sorrow makes an ugly face odious. – Samuel Richardson

135485. The English, the plain English, of the politest address of a gentleman to a lady is, I am now, dear Madam, your humble servant: Pray be so good as to let me be your Lord and Master. – Samuel Richardson

135486. Smatterers in learning are the most opinionated. – Samuel Richardson

135487. Shame is a fitter and generally a more effectual punishment for a child than beating. – Samuel Richardson

135488. Quantity in food is more to be regarded than quality. A full meal is a great enemy both to study and industry. – Samuel Richardson

135489. Nothing dries sooner than tears. – Samuel Richardson

135490. People who act like angels ought to have angels to deal with. – Samuel Richardson

135491. The first reading of a Will, where a person dies worth anything considerable, generally affords a true test of the relations’ love to the deceased. – Samuel Richardson

135492. Parents sometimes make not those allowances for youth, which, when young, they wished to be made for themselves. – Samuel Richardson

135493. There are men who think themselves too wise to be religious. – Samuel Richardson

135494. Nothing in human nature is so God-like as the disposition to do good to our fellow-creatures. – Samuel Richardson

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135495. To what a bad choice is many a worthy woman betrayed, by that false and inconsiderate notion, That a reformed rake makes the best husband! – Samuel Richardson

135496. There is a pride, a self-love, in human minds that will seldom be kept so low as to make men and women humbler than they ought to be. – Samuel Richardson

135497. People of little understanding are most apt to be angry when their sense is called into question. – Samuel Richardson

135498. To be a clergyman, and all that is compassionate and virtuous, ought to be the same thing. – Samuel Richardson

135499. Those who will bear much, shall have much to bear. – Samuel Richardson

135500. Those who have least to do are generally the most busy people in the world. – Samuel Richardson

135501. Those who can least bear a jest upon themselves, will be most diverted with one passed on others. – Samuel Richardson

135502. Those we dislike can do nothing to please us. – Samuel Richardson

135503. The pleasures of the mighty are obtained by the tears of the poor. – Samuel Richardson

135504. There is but one pride pardonable; that of being above doing a base or dishonorable action. – Samuel Richardson

135505. The laws were not made so much for the direction of good men, as to circumscribe the bad. – Samuel Richardson

135506. There hardly can be a greater difference between any two men, than there too often is, between the same man, a lover and a husband. – Samuel Richardson

135507. The World, thinking itself affronted by superior merit, takes delight to bring it down to its own level. – Samuel Richardson

135508. The plays and sports of children are as salutary to them as labor and work are to grown persons. – Samuel Richardson

135509. The mind can be but full. It will be as much filled with a small disagreeable occurrence, having no other, as with a large one. – Samuel Richardson

135510. The little words in the Republic of Letters, like the little folks in a nation, are the most useful and significant. – Samuel Richardson

135511. The life of a good man is a continual warfare with his passions. – Samuel Richardson

135512. There would be no supporting life were we to feel quite as poignantly for others as we do for ourselves. – Samuel Richardson

135513. A Stander-by is often a better judge of the game than those that play. – Samuel Richardson

135514. Great allowances ought to be made for the petulance of persons laboring under ill-health. – Samuel Richardson

135515. From sixteen to twenty, all women, kept in humor by their hopes and by their attractions, appear to be good-natured. – Samuel Richardson

135516. For the human mind is seldom at stay: If you do not grow better, you will most undoubtedly grow worse. – Samuel Richardson

135517. Every scholar, I presume, is not, necessarily, a man of sense. – Samuel Richardson

135518. Every one, more or less, loves Power, yet those who most wish for it are seldom the fittest to be trusted with it. – Samuel Richardson

135519. Calamity is the test of integrity. – Samuel Richardson

135520. Handsome husbands often make a wife’s heart ache. – Samuel Richardson

135521. A widow’s refusal of a lover is seldom so explicit as to exclude hope. – Samuel Richardson

135522. As a child is indulged or checked in its early follies, a ground is generally laid for the happiness or misery of the future man. – Samuel Richardson

135523. A man may keep a woman, but not his estate. – Samuel Richardson

135524. A husband’s mother and his wife had generally better be visitors than inmates. – Samuel Richardson

135525. A good man, though he will value his own countrymen, yet will think as highly of the worthy men of every nation under the sun. – Samuel Richardson

135526. A beautiful woman must expect to be more accountable for her steps, than one less attractive. – Samuel Richardson

135527. Necessity may well be called the mother of invention but calamity is the test of integrity. – Samuel Richardson

135528. Prejudices in disfavor of a person fix deeper, and are much more difficult to be removed, than prejudices in favor. – Samuel Richardson

135529. All our pursuits, from childhood to manhood, are only trifles of different sorts and sizes, proportioned to our years and views. – Samuel Richardson

135530. Love before marriage is absolutely necessary. – Samuel Richardson

135531. All human excellence is but comparative. There may be persons who excel us, as much as we fancy we excel the meanest. – Samuel Richardson

135532. Honeymoon lasts not nowadays above a fortnight. – Samuel Richardson

135533. Marry first, and love will come after is a shocking assertion; since a thousand things may happen to make the state but barely tolerable, when it is entered into with mutual affection. – Samuel Richardson

135534. Married people should not be quick to hear what is said by either when in ill humor. – Samuel Richardson

135535. Marriage is the highest state of friendship. If happy, it lessens our cares by dividing them, at the same time that it doubles our pleasures by mutual participation. – Samuel Richardson

135536. Love will draw an elephant through a key-hole. – Samuel Richardson

135537. Love is not a volunteer thing. – Samuel Richardson

135538. Love gratified is love satisfied, and love satisfied is indifference begun. – Samuel Richardson

135539. Men generally are afraid of a wife who has more understanding than themselves. – Samuel Richardson

135540. Men will bear many things from a kept mistress, which they would not bear from a wife. – Samuel Richardson

135541. Let a man do what he will by a single woman, the world is encouragingly apt to think Marriage a sufficient amends. – Samuel Richardson

135542. It may be very generous in one person to offer what it would be ungenerous in another to accept. – Samuel Richardson

135543. It is much easier to find fault with others, than to be faultless ourselves. – Samuel Richardson

135544. It is better to be thought perverse than insincere. – Samuel Richardson

135545. If the education and studies of children were suited to their inclinations and capacities, many would be made useful members of society that otherwise would make no figure in it. – Samuel Richardson

135546. Humility is a grace that shines in a high condition but cannot, equally, in a low one because a person in the latter is already, perhaps, too much humbled. – Samuel Richardson

135547. Hope is the cordial that keeps life from stagnating. – Samuel Richardson

135548. Failure is not fatal; victory is not success. – Tony Richardson

135549. Secrecy is the first essential in affairs of state. – Cardinal Richelieu

135550. If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him. – Cardinal Richelieu

135551. I was excellent. Everybody loved me. I love myself, and I like bums. – Cardinal Richelieu

135552. Give me six lines written by the most honorable of men, and I will find an excuse in them to hang him. – Cardinal Richelieu

135553. Carry on any enterprise as if all future success depended on it. – Cardinal Richelieu

135554. War is one of the scourges with which it has pleased God to afflict men. – Cardinal Richelieu

135555. Secrecy is the first essential in affairs of the State. – Duc De Richelieu

135556. To know how to dissimulate is the knowledge of kings. – Duc De Richelieu

135557. One may live without bread, not without roses. – Jean Richepin

135558. I never said it was possible. I only said it was true. – Charles Richet

135559. I find the greatest songs in the world come out of pain, and I don’t like it! Here’s what it does: It strips away all of your facade. It makes you so honest. It’s cleansing. – Lionel Richie

135560. Taking time to sit back and watch and think about what you’ve seen is important. Traveling did a great deal to me. I found that when I travel and just sit in the corner and watch, a million ideas come to me. – Lionel Richie

135561. So much of my career has been about saying things the way people say them, using melodies not that I can sing but that the people can sing. – Lionel Richie

135562. Lionel Richie, love song, OK, thank you very much, good-bye. And all of a sudden I realized that, in my career, what has made my career has always been the surprises. – Lionel Richie

135563. Exactly when people are in turmoil is the time that the entertainment business has always been at its best. Because people don’t want to be reminded every day that they are under siege, or that they’re not having a great time of life. – Lionel Richie

135564. People, as critical as it looks, we’re OK. We are in control, whether we feel it or not. – Lionel Richie

135565. When my dad divorced my mom it was kind of like him leaving me also. – Nicole Richie

135566. I’ve just gone through so much in my life that pulling my top up just doesn’t seem like that big a deal. – Nicole Richie

135567. I have olive skin, so if I get pale, I look green. I have to tan. – Nicole Richie

135568. I absolutely love Oscar. So classic. So timeless. – Nicole Richie

135569. Anytime I am around a male body part it is kind of exiting. – Nicole Richie

135570. Everybody writes a book too many. – Mordecai Richler

135571. Fundamentally, all writing is about the same thing; it’s about dying, about the brief flicker of time we have here, and the frustration that it creates. – Mordecai Richler

135572. Coming from Canada, being a writer and Jewish as well, I have impeccable paranoia credentials. – Mordecai Richler

135573. Some of the attitudes of Barney are certainly attitudes I share, but not all. – Mordecai Richler

135574. The process hasn’t changed, but the writer has developed. I still get up every morning and go to work. – Mordecai Richler

135575. We live in the country, and I have a huge library there. When we go to London for the winter I never know which books to take. I never know what I am going to need. That’s the only disadvantage. – Mordecai Richler

135576. In Canada, nobody is ever overthrown because nobody gives a damn. – Mordecai Richler

135577. If you’re writing a novel, you’re in a room for three or four years. There’s not much coming in from the outside. – Mordecai Richler

135578. I obviously prefer writing novels but I take my journalism very seriously, and I enjoy doing it between novels. It gives me an opportunity to move in the outside world. – Mordecai Richler

135579. I’m criticized by the feminists, by the Jewish establishment, by Canadian nationalists. And why not? I’ve had my pot shots at them. I’m fair game. – Mordecai Richler

135580. Andy Paley got us a show opening for his band at an outdoor show at Simmon’s College, on a Friday. – Jonathan Richman

135581. I don’t do any songs that I’m sick of now – sometimes even songs that I request. If I’m sick of ’em I don’t do ’em even for myself. – Jonathan Richman

135582. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I feel like playing “Hospital”. Sometimes I feel like playing “Pablo Picasso”. I’ve been playing a lot lately. I do it as long as I feel like it. – Jonathan Richman

135583. They played Boston. They played at the Boston Tea Party and through an amazing chain of events I got to hang out with them backstage even though I was underage. – Jonathan Richman

135584. Well, you know it was so different from when you rehearsed. You’re out there with your guitar and trying to get a sound, but it doesn’t sound anything like what you expect! – Jonathan Richman

135585. Because homecoming came first, and there was the homecoming court. The five guys on homecoming court were disqualified from being in the prom court. So being prom king was being sixth most popular. – Andy Richter

135586. Since she got a cause and stopped being funny. I think she’s real funny, but lately it’s all been hearts and flowers and tears and saving teenagers and creating a role model. And that ain’t funny. No giggles there. – Andy Richter

135587. There are naked people in boots on a mountain top firing guns. – Andy Richter

135588. We’ve been swimming at nude beaches and I love to go skinny dipping, but I’m sorry, sitting on top of a mountain, that’s just, you’re trying to show off or something. That’s ridiculous. – Andy Richter

135589. While a lab Director can get done the things that he regards as important, he has the more important job of bringing out the best ideas of the broader scientific community. – Burton Richter

135590. In 1948 I entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, undecided between studies of chemistry and physics, but my first year convinced me that physics was more interesting to me. – Burton Richter

135591. I was born on 22 March 1931 in New York, the elder child of Abraham and Fanny Richter. – Burton Richter

135592. Since stepping down as laboratory director in 1999, I have devoted an increasing fraction of my time to international issues. I am involved with energy, environment, and sustainability issues, particularly as they involve new energy sources free of greenhouse gases. – Burton Richter

135593. Modern science is fast-moving, and no laboratory can exist for long with a program based on old facilities. Innovation and renewal are required to keep a laboratory on the frontiers of science. – Burton Richter

135594. I’m glad to see the press now referring to the open-ended Richter scale. – Charles Francis Richter

135595. What emerged, of course, was that the magnitude scale presupposed that all earthquakes were alike except for a constant scaling factor. And this proved to be closer to the truth than we expected. – Charles Francis Richter

135596. We would have been happy if we could have assigned just three categories, large, medium, and small; the point is, we wanted to avoid personal judgments. It actually turned out to be quite a finely tuned scale. – Charles Francis Richter

135597. This is very similar to astronomy where different magnitudes are assigned to the brightness of an astronomical object, depending on the range of wavelengths being measured. – Charles Francis Richter

135598. There is another common misapprehension that the magnitude scale is itself some kind of instrument or apparatus. Visitors will frequently ask to ‘see the scale.’ – Charles Francis Richter

135599. Refining is inevitable in science when you have made measurements of a phenomenon for a long period of time. – Charles Francis Richter

135600. Nothing is less predictable than the development of an active scientific field. – Charles Francis Richter

135601. My amateur interest in astronomy brought out the term ‘magnitude,’ which is used for the brightness of a star. – Charles Francis Richter

135602. Logarithmic plots are a device of the devil. – Charles Francis Richter

135603. Intensity like signal strength will generally fall off with distance from the source, although it also depends on the local conditions and the pathway from the source to the point. – Charles Francis Richter

135604. Incidentally, the usual designation of the magnitude scale to my name does less than justice to the great part that Dr. Gutenberg played in extending the scale to apply to earthquakes in all parts of the world. – Charles Francis Richter

135605. In every area of the world where there is earthquake risk, there are still many buildings of this type; it is very frustrating to try to get rid of them. – Charles Francis Richter

135606. If one introduces the concept of energy of an earthquake then that is a theoretically derived quantity. – Charles Francis Richter

135607. I was lucky because logarithmic plots are a device of the devil. – Charles Francis Richter

135608. I usually point out that most loss of life and property has been due to the collapse of antiquated and unsafe structures, mostly of brick and other masonry. – Charles Francis Richter

135609. I suggested that we might compare earthquakes in terms of the measured amplitudes recorded at these stations, with an appropriate correction for distance. – Charles Francis Richter

135610. I repeatedly have to correct this belief. In a sense, magnitude involves steps of 10 because every increase of one magnitude represents a tenfold amplification of the ground motion. But there is no ‘scale of 10′ in the sense of an upper limit. – Charles Francis Richter

135611. From here, it becomes an engineering problem; the engineer considers the ground motion that will occur and evaluates the requirements of the proposed structure in the light of the local foundation conditions. – Charles Francis Richter

135612. For example, some stars put out large amounts of energy in the infrared part of the spectrum, so that this can produce a different relative magnitude rating than using light energy from the middle of the spectrum. – Charles Francis Richter

135613. Emphasis was usually put on the horizontal acceleration factor, for the simple reason that ordinary structures have a built-in safety factor for the vertical component; that is, gravity. – Charles Francis Richter

135614. By moving them vertically, a representative mean curve could be formed, and individual events were then characterized by individual logarithmic differences from the standard curve. – Charles Francis Richter

135615. As seismologists gained more experience from earthquake records, it became obvious that the problem could not be reduced to a single peak acceleration. In fact, a full frequency of vibrations occurs. – Charles Francis Richter

135616. If the assumptions used in calculating energy are changed, then this seriously affects the final result, even though the same body of data might be used. – Charles Francis Richter

135617. Don’t wait for extraordinary circumstance to do good; try to use ordinary situations. – Charles Richter

135618. Why not a space flower? Why do we always expect metal ships? – W. D. Richter

135619. Of course no one thought of anything except of attacking the enemy. It lies in the instinct of every German to rush at the enemy wherever he meets him, particularly if he meets hostile cavalry. – Manfred von Richthofen

135620. We convinced him quickly that the possibility of war was absolutely nil and continued our festivity. On the next day we were ordered to take the field. – Manfred von Richthofen

135621. There were sometimes from forty to sixty English machines, but unfortunately the Germans were often in the minority. With them quality was more important than quantity. – Manfred von Richthofen

135622. The English had hit upon a splendid joke. They intended to catch me or to bring me down. – Manfred von Richthofen

135623. All the papers contained nothing but fantastic stories about the war. However, for several months we had been accustomed to war talk. We had so often packed our service trunks that the whole thing had become tedious. – Manfred von Richthofen

135624. Of course, with the increasing number of aeroplanes one gains increased opportunities for shooting down one’s enemies, but at the same time, the possibility of being shot down one’s self increases. – Manfred von Richthofen

135625. Now I am within thirty yards of him. He must fall. The gun pours out its stream of lead. Then it jams. Then it reopens fire. That jam almost saved his life. – Manfred von Richthofen

135626. My dear Excellency! I have not gone to war to collect cheese and eggs, but for another purpose. – Manfred von Richthofen

135627. It is a pity that my collection of trophies contains not a single Russian. – Manfred von Richthofen

135628. In the heat of the Russian summer a sleeping car is the most horrible instrument of martyrdom imaginable. – Manfred von Richthofen

135629. I never was good at learning things. I did just enough work to pass. In my opinion it would have been wrong to do more than was just sufficient, so I worked as little as possible. – Manfred von Richthofen

135630. I honored the fallen enemy by placing a stone on his beautiful grave. – Manfred von Richthofen

135631. I have had an experience which might perhaps be described as being shot down. At the same time, I call shot down only when one falls down. Today I got into trouble but I escaped with a whole skin. – Manfred von Richthofen

135632. Everything depends on whether we have for opponents those French tricksters or those daring rascals, the English. I prefer the English. Frequently their daring can only be described as stupidity. In their eyes it may be pluck and daring. – Manfred von Richthofen

135633. As a little boy of eleven I entered the Cadet Corps. I was not particularly eager to become a Cadet, but my father wished it. So my wishes were not consulted. – Manfred von Richthofen

135634. It is better that one’s customers come to one’s shop than to have to look for them abroad. – Manfred von Richthofen

135635. One can become enthusiastic over anything. For a time I was delighted with bomb throwing. It gave me a tremendous pleasure to bomb those fellows from above. – Manfred von Richthofen

135636. It can always be transformed into an avenue of information. – Slick Rick

135637. People think that I’m conceited, and I’m not a nice person. – Slick Rick

135638. That song is a story that shows how easily you could get slipped into being labeled as the bad guy, even though what you really trying to do is tell the bad guy to leave you alone. – Slick Rick

135639. There is not enough high intellect to be catered to and when most people think of Hiphop they think of low intellect. – Slick Rick

135640. We might be workers, but we are not happy go-lucky jungle bunnies. – Slick Rick

135641. We need realism to deal with reality. – Slick Rick

135642. When I was little, I always used to like to tell stories cuz it was entertaining to people. – Slick Rick

135643. It draws you in and creates pictures, so what I do is almost like a talking story book. – Slick Rick

135644. You commit a felony, it does not matter who you are, you could be deported. – Slick Rick

135645. And to turn it into rap wasn’t too difficult besides just rhymin’ the last words of each line. – Slick Rick

135646. I was never a rah-rah person. I never sold drugs or did anything crazy. – Slick Rick

135647. I’ve been in the game for 30 years and I came to represent. – Slick Rick

135648. I think they will feel refreshed because I cater to a mature audience. – Slick Rick

135649. I think that Hiphop should be a pulpit for the people. – Slick Rick

135650. I never really went to any concerts that I wasn’t in. – Slick Rick

135651. I love eggs fried over medium. – Slick Rick

135652. I kicked down doors to show that Hiphop has matured. And it may be a little controversial. – Slick Rick

135653. Hiphop hasn’t had stages of growth through its 30 years of existence. – Slick Rick

135654. Hiphop has remained in an infantile stage and has not been allowed to grow. – Slick Rick

135655. Nobody thought about having more money than you could ever spend. – Slick Rick

135656. Courage is doing what you are afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you are scared. – Eddie Rickenbacker

135657. I would rather have a million friends than a million dollars. – Eddie Rickenbacker

135658. Aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible. – Eddie Rickenbacker

135659. The four cornerstones of character on which the structure of this nation was built are: Initiative, Imagination, Individuality and Independence. – Eddie Rickenbacker

135660. How to use your leisure time is the biggest problem of a ballplayer. – Branch Rickey

135661. Leisure is the handmaiden of the devil. – Branch Rickey

135662. Trade a player a year too early rather than a year too late. – Branch Rickey

135663. Thou shalt not steal. I mean defensively. On offense, indeed thou shall steal and thou must. – Branch Rickey

135664. Thinking about the devil is worse than seeing the devil. – Branch Rickey

135665. The man with the ball is responsible for what happens to the ball. – Branch Rickey

135666. The greatest untapped reservoir of raw material in the history of our game is the black race. – Branch Rickey

135667. Problems are the price you pay for progress. – Branch Rickey

135668. Only in baseball can a team player be a pure individualist first and a team player second, within the rules and spirit of the game. – Branch Rickey

135669. Never surrender opportunity for security. – Branch Rickey

135670. Luck is the residue of design. – Branch Rickey

135671. All I had was natural ability. – Branch Rickey

135672. I find fault with my children because I like them and I want them to go places – uprightness and strength and courage and civil respect and anything that affects the probabilities of failure on the part of those that are closest to me, that concerns me – I find fault. – Branch Rickey

135673. A great ballplayer is a player who will take a chance. – Branch Rickey

135674. It is not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind. – Branch Rickey

135675. Baseball is a game of inches. – Branch Rickey

135676. Baseball people, and that includes myself, are slow to change and accept new ideas. I remember that it took years to persuade them to put numbers on uniforms. – Branch Rickey

135677. Cobb lived off the field as though he wished to live forever. He lived on the field as though it was his last day. – Branch Rickey

135678. Ethnic prejudice has no place in sports, and baseball must recognize that truth if it is to maintain stature as a national game. – Branch Rickey

135679. I don’t care if I was a ditch-digger at a dollar a day, I’d want to do my job better than the fellow next to me. I’d want to be the best at whatever I do. – Branch Rickey

135680. If things don’t come easy, there is no premium on effort. There should be joy in the chase, zest in the pursuit. – Branch Rickey

135681. A full mind is an empty bat. – Branch Rickey

135682. The duty of responsibility placed on any MP is one of the greatest honours that can be bestowed and I for one don’t believe the Conservative Party would abuse that trust by selecting someone who did not have the goods to do the job, just for the sake of media coverage. – Adam Rickitt

135683. I think all of the parties still have some way to go to better utilise IT in campaigns. – Adam Rickitt

135684. The evidence that things are changing fast can be seen in the dramatic increase in the influence of blogging. We should be collecting emails as we used to collect telephone numbers and using them to better communicate our message to key voters. – Adam Rickitt

135685. With regard to the youth vote we should encourage them to partake in the process, making more use of our education system to show the role Government plays in their lives, but also utilise the youth media they relate to to better connect them to our message. – Adam Rickitt

135686. Since an early age I was taught to be very politically aware and knew from childhood that the process was something I wanted to contribute towards if I could. – Adam Rickitt

135687. I’ve never had a chance to sit down and enjoy what’s happened – I’ve been too panicked about the next move. So I took some time out. I thought either I do this now or in 10 years’ time I’ll end up in the Priory. – Adam Rickitt

135688. I’m the first to admit I’ve had a sheltered life. I grew up in the country and went to a boarding school. It was all just part of the business – be nice to everyone and all that. – Adam Rickitt

135689. I was stuck with looking like a girl. As soon as I got out of music it was straight off to the hairdressers. – Adam Rickitt

135690. I think people forget that to be on the A list you first had to go through the original graded Parliamentary Selection Board. I did that and then like everyone else had the further interviews to get onto the A list. – Adam Rickitt

135691. I think church and state should remain entirely separate at all costs, and that the decision of religious marriage should be of each faith to debate and decide free of political influence. – Adam Rickitt

135692. After believing in promises made and never fulfilled by Labour, people have become increasingly disenchanted with the process assuming that all politicians will say anything to gain power, and then never follow through. – Adam Rickitt

135693. I realised that the only time I really enjoyed music was when I was in the studio writing. So even though it was a six album deal, they saw quite early on that I wasn’t enjoying it as I should be. I didn’t feel there was anything behind it. – Adam Rickitt

135694. I have no great urge to be minister of this or minister of that, but instead would feel incredible blessed to have the opportunity to be a champion for a constituency and fight for their cause. – Adam Rickitt

135695. I don’t honestly know why they offered me the part in Rent. – Adam Rickitt

135696. I did manage to secure a feature film for 2005, though, which I’m really chuffed about. – Adam Rickitt

135697. I always wanted to act. – Adam Rickitt

135698. However saying that I totally support the concept of civil partnerships in the eyes of the law, and think it a disgrace that same sex couples have had to wait so long for legal rights, protection and recognition. – Adam Rickitt

135699. For me it’s more important to look at each constituency individually and find a community I feel I can serve to the best of my abilities, and where I feel I can make a real difference, and further their cause. – Adam Rickitt

135700. Drugs ruin peoples lives, break up families and have disastrous effects on our communities. – Adam Rickitt

135701. Don’t get me wrong, some of the mis-informed articles I have read over the last few weeks have been incredibly frustrating, but for my part I fully appreciate the opportunity I have been given and want to grasp it firmly. – Adam Rickitt

135702. I think a good MP is someone who cares for their community and becomes their champion, which is why I will make my home in any seat I am lucky enough to be selected for. Looks play no part in the equation, what matters is your ideas and connecting them to the electorate. – Adam Rickitt

135703. There is a real diversity of talent and background on the A list so as to better reflect our society in all walks. There are people who have been candidates before, Councillors, Doctors, business leaders, charity campaigners. – Adam Rickitt

135704. When you enter a room, you have to kiss his ring. I don’t mind, but he has it in his back pocket. – Don Rickles

135705. The old days were the old days. And they were great days. But now is now. – Don Rickles

135706. Eddie Fisher married to Elizabeth Taylor is like me trying to wash the Empire State Building with a bar of soap. – Don Rickles

135707. Who picks your clothes – Stevie Wonder? – Don Rickles

135708. Somebody with Debbie Reynolds’ features doesn’t get cast as the Wicked Witch. – Alan Rickman

135709. My idea of a real treat is Magic Mountain without standing in line. – Alan Rickman

135710. My parents certainly didn’t have anything to do with the theater. I’m some kind of accident. – Alan Rickman

135711. Nothing gives me as much pleasure as travelling. I love getting on trains and boats and planes. – Alan Rickman

135712. On film you put all your energies into a single glance. – Alan Rickman

135713. One longs for a director with a sense of imagination. – Alan Rickman

135714. Market forces impose certain rules before a film can actually get made. – Alan Rickman

135715. Talent is an accident of genes – and a responsibility. – Alan Rickman

135716. The audience should feel like voyeurs. Their response is absolutely crucial. – Alan Rickman

135717. There’s a voice inside you that tells you what you should do. – Alan Rickman

135718. What is it about actors? God knows I get bored with actors talking about themselves. – Alan Rickman

135719. What’s interesting about the process of acting is how often you don’t know what you’re doing. – Alan Rickman

135720. Who I am gets in the way of people looking innocently at the parts I play. – Alan Rickman

135721. It would be wonderful to think that the future is unknown and sort of surprising. – Alan Rickman

135722. You can lull the paying customers as long as they get slapped. – Alan Rickman

135723. When I get off the plane in England I always feel about two inches shorter. – Alan Rickman

135724. I want to swim in both directions at once. Desire success, court failure. – Alan Rickman

135725. If you spend any time in Los Angeles, there’s only one topic of conversation. – Alan Rickman

135726. Acting touches nerves you have absolutely no control over. – Alan Rickman

135727. All I want to see from an actor is the intensity and accuracy of their listening. – Alan Rickman

135728. Each character I play has different dimensions. I’m not interested in words that pull them together. – Alan Rickman

135729. I don’t think it’s right that everybody knows everything about me. – Alan Rickman

135730. Maverick is a word which appeals to me more than misfit. Maverick is active, misfit is passive. – Alan Rickman

135731. I think worrying things are going on in England – a real apathy. – Alan Rickman

135732. I was 7, and I remember being given a part in a play and thinking, This is exciting. – Alan Rickman

135733. I’m a quite serious actor who doesn’t mind being ridiculously comic. – Alan Rickman

135734. I’m always aware of the camera and it feels like that’s the audience. – Alan Rickman

135735. I’ve never been able to plan my life. I just lurch from indecision to indecision. – Alan Rickman

135736. If only life could be a little more tender and art a little more robust. – Alan Rickman

135737. If people want to know who I am, it is all in the work. – Alan Rickman

135738. If you could build a house on a trampoline, that would suit me fine. – Alan Rickman

135739. I think there’s some connection between absolute discipline and absolute freedom. – Alan Rickman

135740. Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous patience. – Hyman Rickover

135741. If you’re going to sin, sin against God, not the bureaucracy; God will forgive you but the bureaucracy won’t. – Hyman Rickover

135742. If you are going to sin, sin against God, not the bureaucracy. God will forgive you but the bureaucracy won’t. – Hyman Rickover

135743. When a language creates as it does a community within the present, it does so only by courtesy of a community between the present and the past. – Christopher Ricks

135744. What must be the nature of the world… if human beings are able to introduce changes into it? – Paul Ricoeur

135745. This is perhaps the most profound meaning of the book of Job, the best example of wisdom. – Paul Ricoeur

135746. There is no shorter path for joining a neutral existential anthropology, according to philosophy, with the existential decision before God, according to the Bible. – Paul Ricoeur

135747. There has always been a hermeneutic problem in Christianity because Christianity proceeds from a proclamation. – Paul Ricoeur

135748. The text is a limited field of possible constructions. – Paul Ricoeur

135749. The narrative constructs the identity of the character, what can be called his or her narrative identity, in constructing that of the story told. It is the identity of the story that makes the identity of the character. – Paul Ricoeur

135750. The moral law commands us to make the highest possible good in a world the final object of all our conduct. – Paul Ricoeur

135751. Testimony should be a philosophical problem and not limited to legal or historical contexts where it refers to the account of a witness who reports what he has seen. – Paul Ricoeur

135752. The Law is one aspect of a much more concrete and encompassing relation than the relation between commanding and obeying that characterizes the imperative. – Paul Ricoeur

135753. Wisdom finds its literary expression in wisdom literature. – Paul Ricoeur

135754. Testimony gives something to be interpreted. – Paul Ricoeur

135755. Testimony demands to be interpreted because of the dialectic of meaning and event that traverses it. – Paul Ricoeur

135756. So long as the New Testament served to decipher the Old, it was taken as an absolute norm. – Paul Ricoeur

135757. But myth is something else than an explanation of the world, of history, and of destiny. – Paul Ricoeur

135758. Ordinary language carries with it conditions of meaning which it is easy to recognize by classifying the contexts in which the expression is employed in a meaningful manner. – Paul Ricoeur

135759. Although there has always been a hermeneutic problem in Christianity, the hermeneutic question today seems to us a new one. – Paul Ricoeur

135760. First, it is not unimportant that the legislative texts of the Old Testament are placed in the mouth of Moses and within the narrative framework of the sojourn at Sinai. – Paul Ricoeur

135761. For my own part, I abandon the ethics of duty to the Hegelian critique with no regrets; it would appear to me, indeed, to have been correctly characterized by Hegel as an abstract thought, as a thought of understanding. – Paul Ricoeur

135762. Hope, insofar as it is hope of resurrection, is the living contradiction of what it proceeds from and what is placed under the sign of the Cross and death. – Paul Ricoeur

135763. If it is true that there is always more than one way of construing a text, it is not true that all interpretations are equal. – Paul Ricoeur

135764. On a cosmic scale, our life is insignificant, yet this brief period when we appear in the world is the time in which all meaningful questions arise. – Paul Ricoeur

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135765. It is always possible to argue against an interpretation, to confront interpretations, to arbitrate between them and to seek for an agreement, even if this agreement remains beyond our reach. – Paul Ricoeur

135766. Man is this plural and collective unity in which the unity of destination and the differences of destinies are to be understood through each other. – Paul Ricoeur

135767. Myth expresses in terms of the world – that is, of the other world or the second world – the understanding that man has of himself in relation to the foundation and the limit of his existence. – Paul Ricoeur

135768. Narrative identity takes part in the story’s movement, in the dialectic between order and disorder. – Paul Ricoeur

135769. If the Resurrection is resurrection from the dead, all hope and freedom are in spite of death. – Paul Ricoeur

135770. The logic of validation allows us to move between the two limits of dogmatism and skepticism. – Paul Ricoeur

135771. The astronauts who came in with me in my astronaut class – my class had 29 men and 6 women – those men were all very used to working with women. – Sally Ride

135772. Some astronauts sleep in sort of beds – compartments that you can open up and crawl into and then close up, almost like a little bedroom. – Sally Ride

135773. So most astronauts getting ready to lift off are excited and very anxious and worried about that explosion – because if something goes wrong in the first seconds of launch, there’s not very much you can do. – Sally Ride

135774. So most astronauts are astronauts for a couple of years before they are assigned to a flight. – Sally Ride

135775. So I saw many planets, and they looked just a little bit brighter than they do from Earth. – Sally Ride

135776. So I decided on science when I was in college. – Sally Ride

135777. On both of my flights, everything went very well. – Sally Ride

135778. The food isn’t too bad. It’s very different from the food that the astronauts ate in the very early days of the space program. – Sally Ride

135779. Well, we spend an awful lot of our time working and doing experiments. It’s very busy up on the shuttle. – Sally Ride

135780. Once you are assigned to a flight, the whole crew is assigned at the same time, and then that crew trains together for a whole year to prepare for that flight. – Sally Ride

135781. The most anxious time was during launch, just because that is so dramatic. – Sally Ride

135782. The pressure suit helps if something goes wrong during launch or re-entry – astronauts have a way to parachute off the shuttle. The suits protect you from loss of pressure in case of emergency. – Sally Ride

135783. The space shuttle is a better and safer rocket than it was before the Challenger accident. – Sally Ride

135784. The stars don’t look bigger, but they do look brighter. – Sally Ride

135785. The view of Earth is spectacular. – Sally Ride

135786. On a standard space shuttle crew, two of the astronauts have a test pilot background – the commander and the pilot. – Sally Ride

135787. We can see cities during the day and at night, and we can watch rivers dump sediment into the ocean, and see hurricanes form. – Sally Ride

135788. It takes a few years to prepare for a space mission. – Sally Ride

135789. When you’re getting ready to launch into space, you’re sitting on a big explosion waiting to happen. – Sally Ride

135790. Yes, I did feel a special responsibility to be the first American woman in space. – Sally Ride

135791. Then during the mission itself, I used the space shuttle’s robot arm to release a satellite into orbit. – Sally Ride

135792. For quite some time, women at NASA only had scientific backgrounds. – Sally Ride

135793. After the Challenger accident, NASA put in a lot of time to improve the safety of the space shuttle to fix the things that had gone wrong. – Sally Ride

135794. All adventures, especially into new territory, are scary. – Sally Ride

135795. Because I was a tennis player, Billie Jean King was a hero of mine. – Sally Ride

135796. But even in elementary school and junior high, I was very interested in space and in the space program. – Sally Ride

135797. But when I wasn’t working, I was usually at a window looking down at Earth. – Sally Ride

135798. My background is in physics, so I was the mission specialist, who is sort of like the flight engineer on an airplane. – Sally Ride

135799. Even though NASA tries to simulate launch, and we practice in simulators, it’s not the same – it’s not even close to the same. – Sally Ride

135800. No, I think most astronauts recognize that the space shuttle program is very high-risk, and are prepared for accidents. – Sally Ride

135801. I didn’t really decide that I wanted to be an astronaut for sure until the end of college. – Sally Ride

135802. I do a lot of running and hiking, and I also collect stamps – space stamps and Olympics stamps. – Sally Ride

135803. It’s easy to sleep floating around – it’s very comfortable. But you have to be careful that you don’t float into somebody or something! – Sally Ride

135804. Different astronauts sleep in different ways. – Sally Ride

135805. NASA has to approve whatever we wear, so there are clothes to choose from, like space shorts – we wear those a lot – and NASA T-shirts. – Sally Ride

135806. I don’t have any nicknames. – Sally Ride

135807. It takes a couple of years just to get the background and knowledge that you need before you can go into detailed training for your mission. – Sally Ride

135808. I was always very interested in science, and I knew that for me, science was a better long-term career than tennis. – Sally Ride

135809. I slept just floating in the middle of the flight deck, the upper deck of the space shuttle. – Sally Ride

135810. I liked math – that was my favorite subject – and I was very interested in astronomy and in physical science. – Sally Ride

135811. I had both male and female heroes. – Sally Ride

135812. I felt very honored, and I knew that people would be watching very closely, and I felt it was very, very important that I do a good job. – Sally Ride

135813. Liberty is the most precious gift we offer our citizens. – Tom Ridge

135814. This war on terrorism is going to continue for an indefinite period of time. – Tom Ridge

135815. Trust is a great force multiplier. – Tom Ridge

135816. You have to enable and empower people to make decisions independent of you. As I’ve learned, each person on a team is an extension of your leadership; if they feel empowered by you they will magnify your power to lead. – Tom Ridge

135817. I’m confident that the terrorists are aware that from the curb to the cockpit we’ve got additional security measures that didn’t exist a couple of years ago. – Tom Ridge

135818. Every mission accomplished. – Matthew B. Ridgway

135819. No ground gained was ever relinquished. – Matthew B. Ridgway

135820. There can be no literary equivalent to truth. – Laura Riding

135821. To a poet the mere making of a poem can seem to solve the problem of truth, but only a problem of art is solved in poetry. – Laura Riding

135822. I feel as though I have lived many lives, experienced the heights and depths of each and like the waves of the ocean, never known rest. Throughout the years, I have looked always for the unusual, for the wonderful, for the mysteries at the heart of life. – Leni Riefenstahl

135823. I set about seeking a thread, a theme, a style, in the realm of legend. Something that might allow me to give free rein to my juvenile sense of romanticism and the beautiful image. – Leni Riefenstahl

135824. I want to see, that’s all. This is my life. I want to see. – Leni Riefenstahl

135825. Reality doesn’t interest me. – Leni Riefenstahl

135826. The applause was so loud and insistent that I had to respond with several encores. I was numb with happiness, when it was over, I knew that this alone must be my life and my world. – Leni Riefenstahl

135827. Through my optimism I naturally prefer and capture the beauty in life. – Leni Riefenstahl

135828. I am fascinated by what is beautiful, strong, healthy, what is living. I seek harmony. – Leni Riefenstahl

135829. America is not only big and rich, it is mysterious; and its capacity for the humorous or ironical concealment of its interests matches that of the legendary inscrutable Chinese. – David Riesman

135830. If you want to get out of medicine the fullest enjoyment, be students all your lives. – David Riesman

135831. The idea that men are created free and equal is both true and misleading: men are created different; they lose their social freedom and their individual autonomy in seeking to become like each other. – David Riesman

135832. Why, I ask, isn’t it possible that advertising as a whole is a fantastic fraud, presenting an image of America taken seriously by no one, least of all by the advertising men who create it? – David Riesman

135833. Here we are 17 years later. Those agencies never did come through. – Jeremy Rifkin

135834. If your corn has a herbicide-tolerant gene, it means you can spray your herbicides and kill the weeds; you won’t kill your corn because it’s producing a gene that makes it tolerant of the herbicide. – Jeremy Rifkin

135835. I know quite a few farmers all over the United States who have tried this and have said the opposite, that they have to use more herbicides, not less. The same holds true with BT. – Jeremy Rifkin

135836. I wanted to make sure that this be the first scientific and technology revolution in history in which the public thoroughly discussed all the potential benefits and all the potential harms, in advance of the technology coming online and running its course. – Jeremy Rifkin

135837. Back in the mid-1980s, congressional hearings were held after we brought this litigation, and held up the first experiment. At that time, I went in front of Congress, along with the major agencies involved with this. – Jeremy Rifkin

135838. Back in 1983, the United States government approved the release of the first genetically modified organism. In this case, it was a bacteria that prevents frost on food crops. – Jeremy Rifkin

135839. A refuge is supposed to prevent what? The genes from flowing out of sight? This refuge idea won’t stop insects from moving across boundaries. That’s absurd. – Jeremy Rifkin

135840. Europe will not accept genetically modified foods. It doesn’t make any difference in the final analysis what Brussels does, what Washington does, or what the World Trade Organization does. – Jeremy Rifkin

135841. What the public needs to understand is that these new technologies, especially in recombinant DNA technology, allow scientists to bypass biological boundaries altogether. – Jeremy Rifkin

135842. The electronic media introduced this idea to the larger audience very, very quickly. We spent years and years and years meeting with activists all over Europe to lay the groundwork for a political response, as we did here. – Jeremy Rifkin

135843. What I’m suggesting to you is that this could be a renaissance. We may be on the cusp of a future which could provide a tremendous leap forward for humanity. – Jeremy Rifkin

135844. When we seed millions of acres of land with these plants, what happens to foraging birds, to insects, to microbes, to the other animals, when they come in contact and digest plants that are producing materials ranging from plastics to vaccines to pharmaceutical products? – Jeremy Rifkin

135845. We now have an opportunity, though, to do something we didn’t do in the industrial age, and that is to get a leg up on this, to bring the public in quickly, to have an informed debate. – Jeremy Rifkin

135846. We are entering a new phase in human history – one in which fewer and fewer workers will be needed to produce the goods and services for the global population. – Jeremy Rifkin

135847. We are already producing enough food to feed the world. We already have technology in place that allows us to produce more than we can find a market for. – Jeremy Rifkin

135848. They’re now turning those seeds into intellectual property, so they have a virtual lock on the seeds upon which we all depend for our food and survival. – Jeremy Rifkin

135849. The public should know that the liability issues here have yet to be resolved, or even raised. If you’re a farmer and you’re growing a genetically engineering food crop, those genes are going to flow to the other farm. – Jeremy Rifkin

135850. The position I took at the time was that we hadn’t really examined any of the potential environmental consequences of introducing genetically modified organisms. – Jeremy Rifkin

135851. The interesting thing is, while we die of diseases of affluence from eating all these fatty meats, our poor brethren in the developing world die of diseases of poverty, because the land is not used now to grow food grain for their families. – Jeremy Rifkin

135852. You can eliminate, for example, a Brazil nut gene if you know that it will create an allergenic effect. – Jeremy Rifkin

135853. The industry’s not stupid. The industry knows that if those foods are labeled “genetically engineered,” the public will shy away and won’t take them. – Jeremy Rifkin

135854. What’s different here is that we have now technologies that allow these life science companies to bypass classical breeding. That’s what makes it both powerful and exciting. – Jeremy Rifkin

135855. The antitrust litigation currently in the federal courts in the U.S. against Monsanto will be the test case in the life sciences, just as the Microsoft case was the test case in the information sciences. – Jeremy Rifkin

135856. The American public is not aware that there might be potential allergenic and toxic reactions. With regular food, at least people know which foods they have an allergy to. – Jeremy Rifkin

135857. The 10 largest antitrust law firms in the United States have gone into the federal courts charging Monsanto with creating a global conspiracy in violation of the antitrust laws, to control the global market in seeds. – Jeremy Rifkin

135858. So my attorneys brought litigation in the U.S. federal courts. The judge ruled in our favor. – Jeremy Rifkin

135859. One thing I’ve learned over these last 30 or 40 years is that people make history. There’s no fait accompli to any of this. – Jeremy Rifkin

135860. Many of the mainstream agricultural scientists, especially at the agricultural schools, but at all of our major universities, are tied into all sorts of contractual relationships and consulting relationships with the life science companies. – Jeremy Rifkin

135861. Many of the genetically modified foods will be safe, I’m sure. Will most of them be safe? Nobody knows. – Jeremy Rifkin

135862. It may be that everything the life science companies are telling us will turn out to be right, and there’s no problem here whatsoever. That defies logic. – Jeremy Rifkin

135863. In this country, the health concerns and the environmental concerns are as deep as in Europe. All the surveys show that. But here, we didn’t have the cultural dimension. This is a fast-food culture. – Jeremy Rifkin

135864. The insurance companies aren’t covering that. Should Monsanto be liable for these losses? Should the state government? Who’s going to cover the losses? The fact is, here’s an industry with no long-term liability in place. – Jeremy Rifkin

135865. We were making the first step out of the age of chemistry and physics, and into the age of biology. – Jeremy Rifkin

135866. So it really does have a sort of bittersweet quality. Kids like to have adventures and to believe they can fly, but there’s also that fear about people leaving you. – Cathy Rigby

135867. Seeing the show is like a visit to the fountain of youth for parents and the children. – Cathy Rigby

135868. I’ll talk to kids afterward and somebody will always say, ‘I’ll leave my bedroom window open for you. – Cathy Rigby

135869. Yes, well, you are quite camp, so I guess that he could see the point of you. – Diana Rigg

135870. Maybe at this stage in my career, it’s from that younger generation that I have most to learn. – Diana Rigg

135871. I made a bit of a stink. At the time, it was considered very bad form. – Diana Rigg

135872. I hope there’s a tinge of disgrace about me. Hopefully, there’s one good scandal left in me yet. – Diana Rigg

135873. They do say that the profession gets increasingly difficult, but my career seems to have been inside out. I’m playing the biggest parts now that I’m older. That’s probably right, because I wasn’t ready for them before. – Diana Rigg

135874. If I can’t play for big money, I play for a little money. And if I can’t play for a little money, I stay in bed that day. – Bobby Riggs

135875. We want to keep the actual Civil War experience alive. – Bobby Riggs

135876. If I am to be a chauvinist pig, I want to be the number one pig. – Bobby Riggs

135877. Billie and I did wonders for women’s tennis. They owe me a piece of their checks. – Bobby Riggs

135878. I never eat salad. I make sure I don’t put a lot of junk into my system, but I hate vegetables! – Rihanna

135879. When I am putting looks together, I dare myself to make something work. I always look for the most interesting silhouette or something that’s a little off, but I have to figure it out. I have to make it me. I think that’s the thrill in fashion. – Rihanna

135880. People think, because we’re young, we aren’t complex, but that’s not true. We deal with life and love and broken hearts in the same way a woman a few years older might. – Rihanna

135881. Over the holidays, and even during filming, I realized that I actually like my body, even if it’s not perfect according to the book. I just feel sexy. For the first time, I don’t want to get rid of the curves. I just want to tone it up. My body is comfortable, and it’s not unhealthy, so I’m going to rock with it. – Rihanna

135882. Music is in my DNA! – Rihanna

135883. It’s every girl’s dream to be a cover girl! – Rihanna

135884. When I was fourteen and first started going out, I always wanted to be the opposite of everyone else. So I would go to the club in a polo T-shirt and pants and sneakers and a hat on backward, just so I would not be dressed like other girls. – Rihanna

135885. It is one thing to record an album but it’s a huge difference when people play it and listen to it and embrace it the way that I do. It has always been my dream to get my music out to the world and have people hear it. – Rihanna

135886. When I cut my hair, the whole sound changed, my style changed. – Rihanna

135887. I love reading people. I really enjoy watching, observing, and being able to figure out a person, the reason they wore that dress, the reason they smell the way they do. – Rihanna

135888. I like to be creative. – Rihanna

135889. I hate going to the gym and doing it the old-fashioned way. I hate anything that’s too straightforward, too routine, too familiar. I get bored really, really quickly. – Rihanna

135890. I am a child but I have to think and act like a woman, this business forces you to. – Rihanna

135891. I always keep my guard up with guys and I guess that can get in the way sometimes. I can make them go through hell. – Rihanna

135892. Dancing was always part of my culture growing up in Barbados. When I shot my 1st video I worked really hard with my choreographer to perfect the routines. – Rihanna

135893. If someone is right for you, you’ll know it. – Rihanna

135894. I want to give people a taste of the Caribbean, and show them the fun side of me. – Rihanna

135895. The more I live, the more I think that humor is the saving sense. – Jacob August Riis

135896. I’d look at one of my stonecutters hammering away at the rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet, at the hundred and first blow it would split in two, and I knew it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before. – Jacob August Riis

135897. Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before. – Jacob August Riis

135898. When nothing seems to help, I go look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. – Jacob Riis

135899. Some defeats are only installments to victory. – Jacob Riis

135900. The slum is the measure of civilization. – Jacob Riis

135901. Tea is nought but this: first you heat the water, then you make the tea. Then you drink it properly. That is all you need to know. – Sen Rikyu

135902. The opponents of my budget propose taking $200 million out of our classrooms and instead spending it on a larger school employee pay raise. Our focus should be on making sure our children come first. – Bob Riley

135903. One person can make a difference. In fact, it’s not only possible for one person to make a difference, it’s essential that one person makes a difference. And believe it or not, that person is you. – Bob Riley

135904. Nothing is worse, or more of a breach of the social contract between citizen and state, than for government officials, bureaucrats and agencies to waste the money entrusted to them by the people they serve. – Bob Riley

135905. Perseverance is a virtue that cannot be understated. – Bob Riley

135906. The amount of money we spend on education is important, but not nearly as important as how the money is spent. – Bob Riley

135907. The fight for reform comes down to a simple goal: giving our citizens the confidence that government serves the people first and the people only. – Bob Riley

135908. The men and women who serve in our military have won for us every hour we live in freedom, sometimes at the expense of the very hours of the lifetimes they had hoped to live. – Bob Riley

135909. The success of our economy shouldn’t determine the success of our schools. – Bob Riley

135910. There is no longer time for statements like “if only” or “we can’t.” We must and we will succeed. The only question now is how and when. I believe the time is now. – Bob Riley

135911. Tolerating evil leads only to more evil. And when good people stand by and do nothing while wickedness reigns, their communities will be consumed. – Bob Riley

135912. We’ve got to take care of the poor. – Bob Riley

135913. You elected government officials to make decisions and it’s about time they started making good ones. – Bob Riley

135914. According to our Christian ethics, we’re supposed to love God, love each other and help take care of the poor. It is immoral to charge somebody making $5,000 an income tax. – Bob Riley

135915. No two wars are ever the same. Some are just, some are unjust, but the basic commonality shared between them all is that young men and women heeded a call to service, overcame their fear, and fought for their side. – Bob Riley

135916. When money follows results – we will get more results for our money. – Bob Riley

135917. Half a world away nations that once lived under oppression and tyranny are now budding democracies due in large part to America ‘s leadership and the sacrifices of our military. – Bob Riley

135918. For too long, we have focused on our differences – in our politics and backgrounds, in our race and beliefs – rather than cherishing the unity and pride that binds us together. – Bob Riley

135919. No skill shapes a child’s future success in school or in life more than the ability to read. – Bob Riley

135920. Drugs are the enemies of ambition and hope – and when we fight against drugs we are fighting for the future. – Bob Riley

135921. Government does not create jobs. It only helps create the conditions that make jobs more or less likely. – Bob Riley

135922. Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed. – Bob Riley

135923. However, before we make the mistake of patting ourselves on the back, let’s remember: government does not create jobs. It only helps create the conditions that make jobs more or less likely. The real credit for our economic renewal belongs to the people of Alabama . – Bob Riley

135924. I ask you: turn a deaf ear to the special interests. Let politics stand down for a while. don’t waste anytime thinking about future elections until we’ve done our jobs here. – Bob Riley

135925. I have long believed that sacrifice is the pinnacle of patriotism. – Bob Riley

135926. I hope we never get to the point that we put ourselves in Jesus’ place. But when I read the New Testament basically, we get three mandates: to love God, to love each other, and to take care of the least among us. And I think this is at least a step in the right direction. – Bob Riley

135927. If we are going to save this country, if we are going to reestablish that belief in God, it’s up to us. If we don’t do it, who will? – Bob Riley

135928. In a time of tight budgets, difficult choices have to be made. We must make sure our very limited resources are spent on priorities. I believe we should have no higher priority than investing in our children’s classrooms and in their future. – Bob Riley

135929. Ladies and gentlemen: There can be no greater investment in Alabama’s future than an investment in education. – Bob Riley

135930. God looked down on this country because this country was founded on the rock and that rock was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And when the storms came and the rains came, the rock, it did not move. But over the last 15 or 20 years, something began to erode. – Bob Riley

135931. I used to build up to sensation, accumulating tension until it released a perceptual experience. – Bridget Riley

135932. I think this lack of a center has something to do with the loss of certainties that Christianity had to offer. – Bridget Riley

135933. There was a time when meanings were focused and reality could be fixed; when that sort of belief disappeared, things became uncertain and open to interpretation. – Bridget Riley

135934. Painting is, I think, inevitably an archaic activity and one that depends on spiritual values. – Bridget Riley

135935. Painters have always needed a sort of veil upon which they can focus their attention. It’s as though the more fully the consciousness is absorbed, the greater the freedom of the spirit behind. – Bridget Riley

135936. I work with nature, although in completely new terms. – Bridget Riley

135937. An artist’s early work is inevitably made up of a mixture of tendencies and interests, some of which are compatible and some of which are in conflict. – Bridget Riley

135938. For me nature is not landscape, but the dynamism of visual forces. – Bridget Riley

135939. In my earlier paintings, I wanted the space between the picture plane and the spectator to be active. – Bridget Riley

135940. Focusing isn’t just an optical activity, it is also a mental one. – Bridget Riley

135941. As the artist picks his way along, rejecting and accepting as he goes, certain patterns of enquiry emerge. – Bridget Riley

135942. As a painter today you have to work without that essential platform. But if one does not deceive oneself and accepts this lack of certainty, other things may come into play. – Bridget Riley

135943. His failures are as valuable as his successes: by misjudging one thing he conforms something else, even if at the time he does not know what that something else is. – Bridget Riley

135944. The ripest peach is highest on the tree. – James Whitcomb Riley

135945. When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck. – James Whitcomb Riley

135946. The most essential factor is persistence – the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come. – James Whitcomb Riley

135947. The anger of a person who is strong, can always bide its time. – James Whitcomb Riley

135948. It is no use to grumble and complain; It’s just as cheap and easy to rejoice; When God sorts out the weather and sends rain – Why, rain’s my choice. – James Whitcomb Riley

135949. Continuous, unflagging effort, persistence and determination will win. Let not the man be discouraged who has these. – James Whitcomb Riley

135950. When you awaken some morning and hear that somebody or other has been discovered, you can put it down as a fact that he discovered himself years ago – since that time he has been toiling, working, and striving to make himself worthy of general discovery. – James Whitcomb Riley

135951. Management must speak with one voice. When it doesn’t management itself becomes a peripheral opponent to the team’s mission. – Pat Riley

135952. You have no choices about how you lose, but you do have a choice about how you come back and prepare to win again. – Pat Riley

135953. You can never have enough talent. – Pat Riley

135954. When a great team loses through complacency, it will constantly search for new and more intricate explanations to explain away defeat. – Pat Riley

135955. To have long term success as a coach or in any position of leadership, you have to be obsessed in some way. – Pat Riley

135956. There’s no such thing as coulda, shoulda, or woulda. If you shoulda and coulda, you woulda done it. – Pat Riley

135957. The Ten Commandments were not a suggestion. – Pat Riley

135958. There can only be one state of mind as you approach any profound test; total concentration, a spirit of togetherness, and strength. – Pat Riley

135959. You have to defeat a great players aura more than his game. – Pat Riley

135960. Public life is regarded as the crown of a career, and to young men it is the worthiest ambition. Politics is still the greatest and the most honorable adventure. – Pat Riley

135961. People who create 20% of the results will begin believing they deserve 80% of the rewards. – Pat Riley

135962. Being a part of success is more important than being personally indispensable. – Pat Riley

135963. Look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it. – Pat Riley

135964. There’s always the motivation of wanting to win. Everybody has that. But a champion needs, in his attitude, a motivation above and beyond winning. – Pat Riley

135965. A particular shot or way of moving the ball can be a player’s personal signature, but efficiency of performance is what wins the game for the team. – Pat Riley

135966. Being ready isn’t enough; you have to be prepared for a promotion or any other significant change. – Pat Riley

135967. Discipline is not a nasty word. – Pat Riley

135968. Don’t let other people tell you what you want. – Pat Riley

135969. Each Warrior wants to leave the mark of his will, his signature, on important acts he touches. This is not the voice of ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute to the solution of the hardest problems, no matter how vexing! – Pat Riley

135970. Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. – Pat Riley

135971. Giving yourself permission to lose guarantees a loss. – Pat Riley

135972. Great effort springs naturally from great attitude. – Pat Riley

135973. If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges. – Pat Riley

135974. A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning. – Pat Riley

135975. Throughout the evening I would be recording these long saxophone delays and about four hours into the concert, if I wanted to take a break I would just play back the saxophone. – Terry Riley

135976. It seems like we are moving towards something, some kind of point and it is probably going to be an important point in our development or dissolution. That is what everybody seems to be thinking. – Terry Riley

135977. We are either going to dissolve as a human race or we are going to break through into a new understanding of what it is to be a human being. – Terry Riley

135978. Talking about the all night concerts, I did some of the first all night concerts back in the 60’s with this little harmonium, and I also had saxophone taped delays. – Terry Riley

135979. So, essentially my contribution was to introduce repetition into Western music as the main ingredient without any melody over it, without anything just repeated patterns, musical patterns. – Terry Riley

135980. Out of doing all that experimentation with sound I decided I wanted to do it with live musicians. To take repetition, take music fragments and make it live. Musicians would be able to play it and create this kind of abstract fabric of sound. – Terry Riley

135981. Music can also be a sensual pleasure, like eating food or sex. But its highest vibration for me is that point of taking us to a real understanding of something in our nature which we can very rarely get at. It is a spiritual state of oneness. – Terry Riley

135982. I was using tape loops for dancers and dance production. I had very funky primitive equipment, in fact technology wasn’t very good no matter how much money you had. – Terry Riley

135983. I really didn’t have a plan, I just went in and started playing. one of my specialties was to be able to play for a really long time without stopping and I would play these repeated patterns for hours and hours and I wouldn’t seem to get tired. – Terry Riley

135984. I had been interested in Indian music and I actually started studying Tableaus before I met him. – Terry Riley

135985. I had already done Rainbow in Curved Air and had a big record on CBS. I was launched to have a long career and then I just dropped out and went to India. – Terry Riley

135986. Everyone seems to be in a kind of accelerated time mode that is beyond their own control. – Terry Riley

135987. Essentially my contribution was to introduce repetition into Western music as the main ingredient without any melody over it, without anything just repeated patterns, musical patterns. – Terry Riley

135988. Acceleration is finite, I think according to some laws of physics. – Terry Riley

135989. Well I guess my music came to prominence around one piece called ‘In C’ which I wrote in 1964 at that time it was called ‘The Global Villages for Symphonic Pieces’, because it was a piece built out of 53 simple patterns and the structure was new to music at that time. – Terry Riley

135990. It is important that we are coming up on the millennium because what I am experiencing, just being one person out of billions, is the feeling of acceleration. I experience this through my contact with other people. – Terry Riley

135991. The first and most important reason for its elimination is the unquestioned fact that evolution is not a science; it is a hypothesis only, a speculation. – William B. Riley

135992. To claim, therefore, inerrancy for the King James Version, or even for the Revised Version, is to claim inerrancy for men who never professed it for themselves. – William B. Riley

135993. The accepted versions of the Bible are all substantially correct. – William B. Riley

135994. Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. – Rainer Maria Rilke

135995. It is good to be solitary, for solitude is difficult; that something is difficult must be a reason the more for us to do it. – Rainer Maria Rilke

135996. Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue, a wonderful living side by side can grow, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky. – Rainer Maria Rilke

135997. No great art has ever been made without the artist having known danger. – Rainer Maria Rilke

135998. More belongs to marriage than four legs in a bed. – Rainer Maria Rilke

135999. Love is like the measles. The older you get it, the worse the attack. – Rainer Maria Rilke

136000. Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. – Rainer Maria Rilke

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