180000 famous quotes part 145 – 144001 to 145000

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180000 famous quotes part 145 – 144001 to 145000

144001. My grandfather was a chef for a Baron in Sicily before he came to America. I grew up with him. I used to do my homework at one end of the kitchen table while he cooked at the other end. – Vincent Schiavelli

144002. My grandparents told endless stories about the town they were from. It became an almost mythic place. – Vincent Schiavelli

144003. The eye condition that I have is Marfan’s Syndrome. – Vincent Schiavelli

144004. To be a Bond villain, you only get to do that once in your life. You never get to come back. – Vincent Schiavelli

144005. What makes cookbooks interesting is to find out about the people and the culture that invented the food. – Vincent Schiavelli

144006. You grow up in a Sicilian household, becoming an actor is not a big leap. – Vincent Schiavelli

144007. I directed a piece of theater in Italy. We took nine fables from the town and we created a play. – Vincent Schiavelli

144008. People make these comments all the time. They talk about this with their loved ones every day. People’s feedings – tube feedings – are stopped across this country every day. – Michael Schiavo

144009. And then they sign an affidavit swearing that she’s not in a vegetative stage. I’ll tell you. That’s a doctor you really want; they can look at a picture and make a diagnosis. – Michael Schiavo

144010. And they talk about their bona fide doctors. They have a list of doctors that signed affidavits from looking at a picture of Terry. That’s where they get their information from, by looking at a picture. – Michael Schiavo

144011. I moved on with my life but I still have a big commitment to Terri. I made her a promise. – Michael Schiavo

144012. Make a living will. Talk about it. Death is going to happen to everybody. Write it down. Even if you write it on a piece of paper at home and have your family witness it, you need to write it down. – Michael Schiavo

144013. She didn’t leave any written instructions. She has verbally expressed her wishes to me and other people. – Michael Schiavo

144014. The reason why I’ve been keeping private for the longest time ever here, I’ve always wanted to protect my wife’s privacy. I don’t like – I didn’t want to put her picture all over the news. I just wanted to keep her private. – Michael Schiavo

144015. What kind of government is this? This is a human being. This is not right, and I’m telling everybody you better call your congressman, because they’re going to run your life. – Michael Schiavo

144016. What they’re doing is, they’re making the decisions for us. That’s what this country is coming down to. They’re going to make the decisions for us. – Michael Schiavo

144017. It’s not about the money. This is about Terri. It’s not about the Schindlers, it’s not about the legislators, it’s not about me, it’s about what Terri Schiavo wanted. – Michael Schiavo

144018. The law of unintended consequences pushes us ceaselessly through the years, permitting no pause for perspective. – Richard Schickel

144019. A great novel is concerned primarily with the interior lives of its characters as they respond to the inconvenient narratives that fate imposes on them. Movie adaptations of these monumental fictions often fail because they become mere exercises in interior decoration. – Richard Schickel

144020. A movie star is not an artist, he is an art object. – Richard Schickel

144021. He was the first to conceive of movies as an art form. His belief was that if the traditional art form would not find room for him, then he would make an art form of his own. – Richard Schickel

144022. This is a soul under perpetual migraine attack. – Richard Schickel

144023. Memory is the personal journalism of the soul. – Richard Schickel

144024. That common cold of the male psyche, fear of commitment. – Richard Schickel

144025. But the reporter has the responsibility to determine, number one, whether that is true, and number two, to make a judgment as to whether it’s in the public interest and whether or not it should be part of the debate. – Bob Schieffer

144026. But if you’re going to go out on a military unit, you’ve got to allow yourself to be under the control of the commander because you really could put the troops in danger. – Bob Schieffer

144027. But if you don’t enjoy doing something, you’ll be miserable no matter how much money you make. – Bob Schieffer

144028. But here’s the deal: If I were smart, I could figure out curling. If I were even smarter, I could figure out why people would actually watch other people doing it. I have tried. I can’t. I can’t even figure out the object of the game. Is it like darts? I just don’t get it. – Bob Schieffer

144029. At the White House, everybody works for the same person. They’re all part of the same company. But on Capitol Hill, they’re all independent contractors. They all work for themselves. That’s a formula for getting news. – Bob Schieffer

144030. And I came away from that experience, and it was a very difficult experience – I came to understand that you have to practice at being a good father and practice at being a good husband, just as you have to practice at being a good journalist. – Bob Schieffer

144031. And after about two years, I realized that creative writing was not going to help you ace those biological tests. So I switched over to journalism. I didn’t graduate with honors, but I did graduate on time and with some doing. – Bob Schieffer

144032. Had there been a reporter along with Lieutenant Calley when he massacred those people in Vietnam, I think that probably wouldn’t have happened. – Bob Schieffer

144033. And as a result, I guess I’m just kind of a rubberneck. I’m kind of a – someone who likes to see things and likes to see these events and talk to the people who make them happen. But I don’t think journalists are as important as the people they cover. – Bob Schieffer

144034. My job is to give everyone a chance to catch their breath and step back from all this and get back to work. – Bob Schieffer

144035. With Vietman, we found ourselves involved there before we really understood what was going on. – Bob Schieffer

144036. Well, you know, in any political campaign, you’re gonna have people on one side that are gonna slip a reporter something because they think it’ll hurt the guy on the other side. – Bob Schieffer

144037. We’re far from perfect. It’s a human enterprise. – Bob Schieffer

144038. We now assume that when people turn on the evening news, they basically already know what the news is. They’ve heard it on the radio. They’ve seen it on the Internet. They’ve seen it on one of the cable companies. So that makes our job a bit different. – Bob Schieffer

144039. They’ve asked me to do this temporarily. I don’t know what temporarily means. Life is temporary. – Bob Schieffer

144040. There’s fierce competition between all the networks to get the guest who can bring the most pertinent information about whatever the story of the moment happens to be. – Bob Schieffer

144041. The truth is the Super Bowl long ago became more than just a football game. It’s part of our culture like turkey at Thanksgiving and lights at Christmas, and like those holidays beyond their meaning, a factor in our economy. – Bob Schieffer

144042. The Iraq war was fought by one-half of one percent of us. And unless we were part of that small group or had a relative who was, we went about our lives as usual most of the time: no draft, no new taxes, no changes. Not so for the small group who fought the war and their families. – Bob Schieffer

144043. People are more sophisticated in the way they go about dealing with the press. – Bob Schieffer

144044. One thing young people have to always keep in mind when deciding what they want to do with their lives is, is it fun? Is it something that I’m interested in? Is it something I enjoy? – Bob Schieffer

144045. But with 9/11, we found that people tended to come back to the networks and the people who had been our core viewers in the past came back and they have stayed with us. – Bob Schieffer

144046. Obviously, if the commander makes certain decisions that the reporter thinks is inhibiting his right to report a legitimate story, he has to appeal to the commander’s boss to get that changed. – Bob Schieffer

144047. For sure, the American people have access to more information now than any other people who have ever lived on earth. And I think we do a pretty good job of sorting out what’s important. – Bob Schieffer

144048. It’s getting the right person that’s the challenge. – Bob Schieffer

144049. In so many of the other beats these days, there are these layers of public relations people that you have to go through to get to the newsmakers themselves. – Bob Schieffer

144050. I’ve basically thought of myself as a writer, whether I was or not. – Bob Schieffer

144051. I want to try to talk like normal people talk, not just stand there and bark at the camera. – Bob Schieffer

144052. I used to be a print reporter. – Bob Schieffer

144053. I think journalism is a great way to do public service, to have an impact on your community. – Bob Schieffer

144054. I had an idea in the beginning to do a book about some of the events that I had covered, just various stories that I’ve covered. Reporters spend a lot of time telling each other tales about how they covered stories, and that’s what this book started out to be. – Bob Schieffer

144055. I had – all my life, everybody who knew me thought that I would probably grow up to be a reporter, a newspaper reporter because we didn’t have much television in those days. – Bob Schieffer

144056. I can’t think of any other job in journalism where the newsmakers come to you. – Bob Schieffer

144057. I always thought writing was the foundation and the basis for journalism in the same way being able to draw is the foundation for art. – Bob Schieffer

144058. It’s no longer just reporting the headlines of the day, but trying to put the headlines into some context and to add some perspective into what they mean. – Bob Schieffer

144059. Once we get them in the studio, you interview a person the same way you would interview another. You ask them a question. You let them answer. You try to listen closely and then ask a follow-up. – Bob Schieffer

144060. Nowadays I’m not even sure if newspapers take into account whether a person is a good writer. – Bob Schieffer

144061. American politics used to be an amateur sport. But somewhere along the way, we handed over to professionals all the things people used to do for free. – Bob Schieffer

144062. My mother is a very strange woman… She doesn’t understand me in the least and doesn’t love me much either. If she had either love or understanding she would be prepared to make sacrifices. – Egon Schiele

144063. Art cannot be modern. Art is primordially eternal. – Egon Schiele

144064. To restrict the artist is a crime. It is to murder germinating life. – Egon Schiele

144065. I don’t know whether there is anyone else at all who remembers my noble father with such sadness. – Egon Schiele

144066. I do not deny that I have made drawings and watercolors of an erotic nature. But they are always works of art. Are there no artists who have done erotic pictures? – Egon Schiele

144067. I believe in the immortality of all creatures. – Egon Schiele

144068. I am so rich that I must give myself away. – Egon Schiele

144069. Everything is dead while it lives. – Egon Schiele

144070. At present, I am mainly observing the physical motion of mountains, water, trees and flowers. One is everywhere reminded of similar movements in the human body, of similar impulses of joy and suffering in plants. – Egon Schiele

144071. All beautiful and noble qualities have been united in me… I shall be the fruit which will leave eternal vitality behind even after its decay. How great must be your joy, therefore, to have given birth to me. – Egon Schiele

144072. If giving points to some students to achieve greater diversity is a quota system in violation of the Constitution, how can the awarding of points to the children of a less diverse alumni be upheld? – Adam Schiff

144073. America has a critical role to play as the most powerful member of the world community. – Adam Schiff

144074. An America that inspires hope in its ideals must complement an America that inspires awe in its strength. – Adam Schiff

144075. At the very top state institutions, like UCLA, Berkeley and the University of Texas, however, the trend of downward minority enrollment remains persistent and discouraging. – Adam Schiff

144076. But even race-neutral policies and recruitment efforts designed to achieve greater diversity are, in the end, not race neutral. – Adam Schiff

144077. But it is equally incontrovertible that if our intelligence gathering process is seriously flawed, we had better find out and find out fast if we are to avoid another Sept. 11. – Adam Schiff

144078. Although every step must be taken to protect against a chemical or biological attack in America, our nation would survive the use of those weapons as we did when anthrax was mailed to our Capitol and other targets. – Adam Schiff

144079. Some argue that recognition of the genocide has become even more problematic now, when the world is at war with terrorism and the United States cannot afford to offend the sensibility of our Turkish ally. – Adam Schiff

144080. While our country has made great strides in breaking down the barriers which for so long denied equal opportunity to all Americans, we are not yet the beautiful symphony of brotherhood of Dr. King’s dream. – Adam Schiff

144081. We will not let terrorists change our way of life; we will not live in fear; and we will not undermine the civil liberties that characterize our Democracy. – Adam Schiff

144082. We must either reduce the number of our engagements or increase the number of our troops. – Adam Schiff

144083. Unquestionably, the world is better off without Saddam. – Adam Schiff

144084. Unless action is taken soon – unless we can display the same vision of that earlier period – we will lose the treasure of California’s open space and environmental beauty. – Adam Schiff

144085. The war in Iraq has been extremely divisive here at home, and has also divided the world community. – Adam Schiff

144086. The prompt assimilation of that intelligence will be essential if we are to avoid another September 11th. – Adam Schiff

144087. Democracies are poor breeding grounds for terrorism and war. – Adam Schiff

144088. The legacy of the Armenian Genocide is woven into the fabric of America. – Adam Schiff

144089. Each year on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth, America has the opportunity to reflect on our nation’s progress towards the realization of his dream. – Adam Schiff

144090. So let us call genocide, genocide. Let us not minimize the deliberate murder of 1.5 million people. Let us have a moral victory that can shine as a light to all nations. – Adam Schiff

144091. Our failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq thus far has been deeply troubling, and our intelligence-gathering process needs thorough and unbiased investigation. – Adam Schiff

144092. Notwithstanding these setbacks, the dream of a beautiful American orchestra goes on, and I share Dr. King’s faith that each year we move inexorably closer to a magnificent opening night. – Adam Schiff

144093. Neither the University of Michigan nor its law school uses a quota system. – Adam Schiff

144094. Much has changed since the end of the Cold War that augurs well for the survival of our nation. – Adam Schiff

144095. It is now conventional wisdom that Americans do not care why we went to war in Iraq, that it is enough that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein. – Adam Schiff

144096. In fact, the converse is true: At a time when the United States has been called on for a level of moral leadership, vision and inspiration not seen since World War II, we cannot afford to dissemble about crimes against humanity. – Adam Schiff

144097. Americans are blessed with great plenty; we are a generous people and we have a moral obligation to assist those who are suffering from poverty, disease, war and famine. – Adam Schiff

144098. The new century has brought on its own terrible dangers, which although not reaching the apocalyptic potential of the Cold War, still have the capacity to shake our world. – Adam Schiff

144099. And in this community, as in all others, the Golden Rule still applies – we must be act toward other nations as we would have them act towards America. – Adam Schiff

144100. This is not a change of career for me. Just an expansion of it. I have contracts and obligations and business partners who are counting on me. And I would only want to do another movie if it’s as good as this one. – Claudia Schiffer

144101. But it is true that some magazines have a policy to show only a certain amount of black girls on their covers. Naomi is right. It’s not fair, and I wish it would change. – Claudia Schiffer

144102. For me, football always meant that we came together as a family and, in the summer we played football outside. – Claudia Schiffer

144103. I know one day I’ll be considered too old. – Claudia Schiffer

144104. I love movies, I’ve always been interested in them, but I wanted to wait for the right time to start acting. – Claudia Schiffer

144105. I wanted to start with a very small role, to get my feet wet. I’m sure I’m not as good or as experienced as other actresses, but everybody has to start somewhere. – Claudia Schiffer

144106. I’ve never done any nudity, but I would do basically anything if a role called for it. – Claudia Schiffer

144107. Quentin Tarantino asked me to work with him but there is no way I am going to do that while Matthew Vaughn is working in film. – Claudia Schiffer

144108. The stadium here in Munich is the best of the lot for me. It is absolutely fantastic, especially the way it lights up a different colour according to who is playing. It’s superb. – Claudia Schiffer

144109. No emperor has the power to dictate to the heart. – Friedrich Schiller

144110. No doubt the artist is the child of his time; but woe to him if he is also its disciple, or even its favorite. – Friedrich Schiller

144111. Mankind is made great or little by its own will. – Friedrich Schiller

144112. Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays. – Friedrich Schiller

144113. Keep true to the dreams of your youth. – Friedrich Schiller

144114. Of all the possessions of this life fame is the noblest; when the body has sunk into the dust the great name still lives. – Friedrich Schiller

144115. It is often wise to reveal that which cannot be concealed for long. – Friedrich Schiller

144116. It is easy to give advice from a port of safety. – Friedrich Schiller

144117. It is difficult to discriminate the voice of truth from amid the clamor raised by heated partisans. – Friedrich Schiller

144118. It is criminal to steal a purse, daring to steal a fortune, a mark of greatness to steal a crown. The blame diminishes as the guilt increases. – Friedrich Schiller

144119. It hinders the creative work of the mind if the intellect examines too closely the ideas as they pour in. – Friedrich Schiller

144120. It does not prove a thing to be right because the majority say it is so. – Friedrich Schiller

144121. In the society, where people are just parts in a larger machine, individuals are unable to develop fully. – Friedrich Schiller

144122. I am better than my reputation. – Friedrich Schiller

144123. Honesty prospers in every condition of life. – Friedrich Schiller

144124. He who has done his best for his own time has lived for all times. – Friedrich Schiller

144125. He who considers too much will perform little. – Friedrich Schiller

144126. Happy he who learns to bear what he cannot change. – Friedrich Schiller

144127. Great souls suffer in silence. – Friedrich Schiller

144128. Live with your century; but do not be its creature. – Friedrich Schiller

144129. The universe is one of God’s thoughts. – Friedrich Schiller

144130. With stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain. – Friedrich Schiller

144131. Will it, and set to work briskly. – Friedrich Schiller

144132. Who dares nothing, need hope for nothing. – Friedrich Schiller

144133. Votes should be weighed not counted. – Friedrich Schiller

144134. Utility is the great idol of the age, to which all powers must do service and all talents swear allegiance. – Friedrich Schiller

144135. To save all we must risk all. – Friedrich Schiller

144136. To gain a crown by fighting is great, to reject it divine. – Friedrich Schiller

144137. They would need to be already wise, in order to love wisdom. – Friedrich Schiller

144138. There is room in the smallest cottage for a happy loving pair. – Friedrich Schiller

144139. There is no such thing as chance; and what seem to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny. – Friedrich Schiller

144140. The world is ruled only by consideration of advantages. – Friedrich Schiller

144141. Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom. – Friedrich Schiller

144142. The will of man is his happiness. – Friedrich Schiller

144143. Not without a shudder may the human hand reach into the mysterious urn of destiny. – Friedrich Schiller

144144. The greater part of humanity is too much harassed and fatigued by the struggle with want, to rally itself for a new and sterner struggle with error. – Friedrich Schiller

144145. Worthless is the nation that does not gladly stake its all on its honor. – Friedrich Schiller

144146. Opposition always inflames the enthusiast, never converts him. – Friedrich Schiller

144147. Peace is rarely denied to the peaceful. – Friedrich Schiller

144148. Posterity weaves no garlands for imitators. – Friedrich Schiller

144149. Power is the most persuasive rhetoric. – Friedrich Schiller

144150. Knowledge, the object of knowledge and the knower are the three factors which motivate action; the senses, the work and the doer comprise the threefold basis of action. – Friedrich Schiller

144151. That which is so universal as death must be a benefit. – Friedrich Schiller

144152. The voice of the majority is no proof of justice. – Friedrich Schiller

144153. The history of the world is the world’s court of justice. – Friedrich Schiller

144154. The jest loses its point when he who makes it is the first to laugh. – Friedrich Schiller

144155. The key to education is the experience of beauty. – Friedrich Schiller

144156. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer is a cry heard throughout the whole civilized world. – Friedrich Schiller

144157. The strong man is strongest when alone. – Friedrich Schiller

144158. Nothing leads to good that is not natural. – Friedrich Schiller

144159. Revenge is barren of itself: it is the dreadful food it feeds on; its delight is murder, and its end is despair. – Friedrich Schiller

144160. All things must; man is the only creature that wills. – Friedrich Schiller

144161. Lose not yourself in a far off time, seize the moment that is thine. – Friedrich Schiller

144162. Full of wisdom are the ordinations of fate. – Friedrich Schiller

144163. A merely fallen enemy may rise again, but the reconciled one is truly vanquished. – Friedrich Schiller

144164. A noble heart will always capitulate to reason. – Friedrich Schiller

144165. Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain. – Friedrich Schiller

144166. A gloomy guest fits not a wedding feast. – Friedrich Schiller

144167. Appearance rules the world. – Friedrich Schiller

144168. Art is the daughter of freedom. – Friedrich Schiller

144169. Art is the right hand of Nature. The latter has only given us being, the former has made us men. – Friedrich Schiller

144170. As freely as the firmament embraces the world, or the sun pours forth impartially his beams, so mercy must encircle both friend and foe. – Friedrich Schiller

144171. Be noble minded! Our own heart, and not other men’s opinions of us, forms our true honor. – Friedrich Schiller

144172. Dare to err and to dream. Deep meaning often lies in childish plays. – Friedrich Schiller

144173. Disappointments are to the soul what a thunderstorm is to the air. – Friedrich Schiller

144174. Every true genius is bound to be naive. – Friedrich Schiller

144175. Freedom can occur only through education. – Friedrich Schiller

144176. Aesthetic matters are fundamental for the harmonious development of both society and the individual. – Friedrich Schiller

144177. What NPR did, I’m very proud of, and what NPR stood for is non-racist, non-bigoted, straightforward telling of the news. – Ron Schiller

144178. Frankly, it is clear that we would be better off in the long run without federal funding, and the challenge right now is that if we lost it altogether, we would have a lot of stations go dark. – Ron Schiller

144179. The current Republican Party is not really the Republican Party. It’s been hijacked by this group that is not just Islamophobic but, really, xenophobic. They believe in sort of white, middle America, gun-toting – it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people. – Ron Schiller

144180. The total station economy is about $800 million dollars a year, and about $90 million comes from the government. In the long run, we would be better off without federal funding. – Ron Schiller

144181. While the meeting I participated in turned out to be a ruse, I made statements during the course of the meeting that are counter to NPR’s values and also not reflective of my own beliefs. I offer my sincere apology to those I offended. – Ron Schiller

144182. Before I pitch any game, from spring training to Game 7 of the World Series, I’m scared to death. – Curt Schilling

144183. I care what people think, but that doesn’t change what I say. I am who I am. – Curt Schilling

144184. I don’t hide my feelings, but when it comes to illness, I guess I don’t panic. My father was the same way. I’m the provider for the family and the caretaker. If I panic, who is anybody going to run to? – Curt Schilling

144185. The vast majority of Muslims living here are peaceful citizens. Unfortunately, however, we also see religious and political fanaticism among Muslim groups in Germany. – Otto Schily

144186. The attacks on the Paris Metro in the 1990s were committed by members of the local Muslim community, immigrants from the Maghreb region of North Africa. – Otto Schily

144187. Who knows what would have become of me, if my parents had not had their influence on me. – Otto Schily

144188. We have points in common with the FDP, particularly when it comes to tax. – Otto Schily

144189. We feel very honored to have been offered the responsibility to host this great event, Berlin is a wonderful city that is developing at a tremendous rate, and this decision means that we can now prepare to welcome the world’s best athletes to a fascinating place. – Otto Schily

144190. We can no longer apply the classic criteria to clearly determine whether and when we should use military force. We are waging war in Afghanistan, for example, but it’s an asymmetrical war where the enemies are criminals instead of soldiers. – Otto Schily

144191. This will help us next year with the World Cup. I can imagine a lot of visitors from abroad will be here and asking what happened between 1933 and 1945. A lot of that will come up. I think this will make an important contribution to those discussions. – Otto Schily

144192. This fanaticism is what feeds terrorism. And this is precisely why Muslims must play an active role in opposing hate sermons and incitement to terrorism and extremism in their mosques. – Otto Schily

144193. There is no question that Iraq is one of the main problems. You’d have to be blind not to see what a magnet and generating force it’s become for terrorist groups. – Otto Schily

144194. It is a warning to all those who may think about becoming involved with a terrorist network, people who are willing to destroy their own lives are hard to deter. – Otto Schily

144195. The hatred Muslim extremists feel against the West feeds on certain conflicts in the world. – Otto Schily

144196. Freedom of the press is not questioned when investigative journalism unearths scandals, But that does not mean that every classified state document should be made available to journalists. – Otto Schily

144197. Procedures outside the stadiums and in the parking areas still need to be optimized, for example so that emergency medical services can leave the grounds on their way to the hospital faster. – Otto Schily

144198. On the other hand, all kinds of adventurous schemes to add security checkpoints to subway and bus systems have been circulating since the London attacks. This is nonsense. No one can guaranty 100 percent security. – Otto Schily

144199. On September 11 last year international terrorism entered a new dimension. – Otto Schily

144200. Nevertheless, I do know that we are part of a danger zone, we have military operations in Afghanistan and we’re training the Iraqi police force. The terrorists also have us in their sights. – Otto Schily

144201. Arresting and detaining these dangerous people can make sense, at least until a final decision is reached on their deportation. However, such detention must always be subject to time limits and court review. – Otto Schily

144202. It’s a mistake to assume that Islamists always come from the slums. Indeed, many come from affluent families but for some reason just couldn’t manage to integrate into Western society, even though they had good opportunities for advancement. – Otto Schily

144203. The military has been tremendously important in the past during catastrophes and in protecting the population. But it shouldn’t become an auxiliary police force. – Otto Schily

144204. Incidentally, our railroad facilities are under video surveillance by the federal police. However, the federal and state governments will have to determine whether video surveillance shouldn’t be significantly expanded to a certain degree. – Otto Schily

144205. After Madrid, we intensified our investigative efforts once again, and we are in the process of bringing about expansions in security laws and creating an index file system. – Otto Schily

144206. The terrorists who committed the 2003 Istanbul attacks were locals, that is, Turks. And when filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered in the Netherlands last year, the murderer and his supporters were also part of the Muslim community. – Otto Schily

144207. And now when we hear that Iran and Iraq plan to cooperate more closely and that a fundamentalist is coming to power in Tehran – a man about whom we cannot be sure that he is absolutely averse to terrorism – it is very worrisome. – Otto Schily

144208. I was now resolved to do everything in my power to defeat the system. – Oskar Schindler

144209. If you saw a dog going to be crushed under a car, wouldn’t you help him? – Oskar Schindler

144210. Beyond this day, no thinking person could fail to see what would happen. – Oskar Schindler

144211. Kennedy had made a mess in Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. He had to do something to look good. The Apollo program of going to the Moon was quite a goal,. – Wally Schirra

144212. John Glenn craved the publicity. I think even John would admit that. When he went into politics, that became pretty obvious! He knew how to do public relations. – Wally Schirra

144213. When people have asked if I’d like to go in the Shuttle, I said you don’t get to fly it, except for landing, which I’d love to do. I wouldn’t go unless I could command it. – Wally Schirra

144214. Kids today don’t want to get married. Too many of their friends have been married and divorced already. They just don’t believe in it. – Wally Schirra

144215. NASA should start thinking about this planet. – Wally Schirra

144216. We spent a lot of time in simulators. We were going to do it right. – Wally Schirra

144217. When a man looks across a street, sees a pretty girl, and waves at her, that’s not a rendezvous, that’s a passing acquaintance. When he walks across the street and nibbles on her ear, that’s a rendezvous! – Wally Schirra

144218. When a test pilot comes off a flight, there is typically another pilot who is going to take it up, and he believes in the debriefing. You don’t keep something to yourself. – Wally Schirra

144219. At the end of our NASA careers, no one had a place for us in the military. – Wally Schirra

144220. I’ve always thought space station is a great name. It should be like a gas station where we go for service and supplies before heading further out. – Wally Schirra

144221. Some of the wives didn’t keep up with the program. It started breaking apart during the Apollo days. – Wally Schirra

144222. Another real problem was over putting our helmets on for re-entry, because we all had severe head colds. They couldn’t come up there and make us. Houston, you have a problem! – Wally Schirra

144223. I saw the booster, not Sputnik, flying by, and I said, maybe this is the way we should be going, not just sitting back waiting for something to happen. – Wally Schirra

144224. I remember seeing war hero Jimmy Doolittle fly a Gee Bee racer there. He was my childhood hero. Many years later, I was lucky enough to go hunting with him. – Wally Schirra

144225. I played English football – soccer – instead of American football, because we couldn’t afford the equipment. – Wally Schirra

144226. I don’t think the space station will ever do anything for exploration. Putting people up there for a year or more is the only way you will get anywhere near the exploration concept. – Wally Schirra

144227. I don’t go along with going to Moon first to build a launch pad to go to Mars. We should go to Mars from Earth orbit. We have already been to the Moon; we’ve already practiced. – Wally Schirra

144228. He who commands an Apollo flight will not command a second one. – Wally Schirra

144229. Dad went to Canada to learn how to fly with the Royal Canadian Air Force. He took me on my first airplane ride, where I could have a hand on the stick. – Wally Schirra

144230. Each test pilot I know considers him, or herself, now that there are women, to be the very best. It’s very demeaning to step down the ladder once in a while. – Wally Schirra

144231. I was told having a website would help me. I have yet to figure out why my life story needs to be on the web. – Wally Schirra

144232. Sex education classes are like in-home sales parties for abortions. – Phyllis Schlafly

144233. Putting women in military combat is the cutting edge of the feminist goal to force us into an androgynous society. – Phyllis Schlafly

144234. People think that child-support enforcement benefits children, but it doesn’t. – Phyllis Schlafly

144235. Our runaway judiciary is badly in need of restraint by Congress. – Phyllis Schlafly

144236. Our public school system is our country’s biggest and most inefficient monopoly, yet it keeps demanding more and more money. – Phyllis Schlafly

144237. Now that judges embrace forcibly starving someone to death, Congress should use its appropriation power to starve the judicial budget. – Phyllis Schlafly

144238. Sexual harassment on the job is not a problem for virtuous women. – Phyllis Schlafly

144239. National Standards was not a narrative of past events but was leftwing revisionism and Political Correctness. – Phyllis Schlafly

144240. The most frequent complaint I hear from college students is that professors inject their leftist political comments into their courses even when they have nothing to do with the subject. – Phyllis Schlafly

144241. When it comes to determining child custody, however, sexism is the rule. – Phyllis Schlafly

144242. No country in history ever sent mothers of toddlers off to fight enemy soldiers until the United States did this in the Iraq war. – Phyllis Schlafly

144243. The cornerstone of the political correctness that dominates campus culture is radical feminism. – Phyllis Schlafly

144244. The European nations’ loss of sovereignty to the EU should be a warning to Americans. – Phyllis Schlafly

144245. The justices have constitutionally protected obscenity in libraries, filth over cable television, and now unlimited internet pornography. – Phyllis Schlafly

144246. The most dangerous area where our laws are not being faithfully executed are the laws designed to protect Americans against the millions of aliens who enter our country illegally every year. – Phyllis Schlafly

144247. The United States is a giant island of freedom, achievement, wealth and prosperity in a world hostile to our values. – Phyllis Schlafly

144248. The worst censors are those prohibiting criticism of the theory of evolution in the classroom. – Phyllis Schlafly

144249. There are thousands of Ten Commandments plaques or monuments all over the country, and lawsuits to remove them have popped up in more than a dozen states. – Phyllis Schlafly

144250. There is a strong correlation between belief in evolution and liberal views on government control, pornography, prayer in schools, abortion, gun control, economic freedom, and even animal rights. – Phyllis Schlafly

144251. What I am defending is the real rights of women. A woman should have the right to be in the home as a wife and mother. – Phyllis Schlafly

144252. Many professors are Marxists or other varieties of radicals who hate America. – Phyllis Schlafly

144253. The most censored speech in America today is not flag-burning, pornography, or the press. – Phyllis Schlafly

144254. And the first commandment of feminism is: I am woman; thou shalt not tolerate strange gods who assert that women have capabilities or often choose roles that are different from men’s. – Phyllis Schlafly

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144255. Men should stop treating feminists like ladies, and instead treat them like the men they say they want to be. – Phyllis Schlafly

144256. Much of the demand for women in combat comes from female officers who are eager for medals and promotions. – Phyllis Schlafly

144257. After Big Media, U.S. colleges and universities are the biggest enemies of the values of red-state Americans. – Phyllis Schlafly

144258. Any judge who allows an adulterer with a live-in girlfriend to terminate the life of his wife should be impeached. – Phyllis Schlafly

144259. Becoming a resident of a state may confer the right to get a driver’s license, but it does not and should not confer citizenship. – Phyllis Schlafly

144260. Big Brother is on the march. A plan to subject all children to mental health screening is underway, and the pharmaceuticals are gearing up for bigger sales of psychotropic drugs. – Phyllis Schlafly

144261. Birth on U.S. territory has never been an absolute claim to citizenship. – Phyllis Schlafly

144262. Bite us once, shame on the dog; bite us repeatedly, shame on us for allowing it. – Phyllis Schlafly

144263. Congress should pass legislation to remove from the federal courts their jurisdiction to hear these outrageous challenges to the Ten Commandments and the Pledge of Allegiance. – Phyllis Schlafly

144264. ERA means abortion funding, means homosexual privileges, means whatever else. – Phyllis Schlafly

144265. It is long overdue for parents to realize they have the right and duty to protect our children against the intolerant evolutionists. – Phyllis Schlafly

144266. Feminism is doomed to failure because it is based on an attempt to repeal and restructure human nature. – Phyllis Schlafly

144267. Forcing women in or near land combat will hurt recruiting, not help. – Phyllis Schlafly

144268. History offers no evidence for the proposition that the assignment of women to military combat jobs is the way to win wars, improve combat readiness, or promote national security. – Phyllis Schlafly

144269. How can we protect homeland security unless the government stops the invasion of illegal aliens? – Phyllis Schlafly

144270. In a world of inhumanity, war and terrorism, American citizenship is a very precious possession. – Phyllis Schlafly

144271. It is a mystery why any Americans would support the concept of the EU. – Phyllis Schlafly

144272. Location is the key to most businesses, and the entrepreneurs typically build their reputation at a particular spot. – Phyllis Schlafly

144273. It’s not the physical location of birth that defines citizenship, but whether your parents are citizens, and the express or implied consent to jurisdiction of the sovereign. – Phyllis Schlafly

144274. Every country that has experimented with women in actual combat has abandoned the idea, and the notion that Israel uses women in combat is a feminist myth. – Phyllis Schlafly

144275. In actual life, every great enterprise begins with and takes its first forward step in faith. – August Wilhelm von Schlegel

144276. Literature is the immortality of speech. – August Wilhelm von Schlegel

144277. No idea is isolated, but is only what it is among all ideas. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144278. Nothing is more witty and grotesque than ancient mythology and Christianity; that is because they are so mystical. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144279. Nothing truly convincing – which would possess thoroughness, vigor, and skill – has been written against the ancients as yet; especially not against their poetry. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144280. Novels tend to end as the Paternoster begins: with the kingdom of God on earth. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144281. Man is free whenever he produces or manifests God, and through this he becomes immortal. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144282. One can only become a philosopher, but not be one. As one believes he is a philosopher, he stops being one. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144283. Novels are the Socratic dialogues of our time. Practical wisdom fled from school wisdom into this liberal form. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144284. Mysteries are feminine; they like to veil themselves but still want to be seen and divined. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144285. Morality without a sense of paradox is mean. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144286. Mathematics is, as it were, a sensuous logic, and relates to philosophy as do the arts, music, and plastic art to poetry. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144287. Like Leibniz’s possible worlds, most men are only equally entitled pretenders to existence. There are few existences. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144288. Many a witty inspiration is like the surprising reunion of befriended thoughts after a long separation. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144289. Man is a creative retrospection of nature upon itself. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144290. One has only as much morality as one has philosophy and poetry. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144291. The essential point of view of Christianity is sin. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144292. Many works of the ancients have become fragments. Many works of the moderns are fragments at the time of their origin. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144293. Since philosophy now criticizes everything it comes across, a critique of philosophy would be nothing less than a just reprisal. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144294. The poetry of this one is called philosophical, of that one philological, of a third rhetorical, and so on. Which is then the poetic poetry? – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144295. The main thing is to know something and to say it. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144296. The historian is a prophet looking backward. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144297. The German national character is a favorite subject of character experts, probably because the less mature a nation, the more she is an object of criticism and not of history. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144298. The genuine priest always feels something higher than compassion. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144299. From what the moderns want, we must learn what poetry should become; from what the ancients did, what poetry must be. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144300. Strictly speaking, the idea of a scientific poem is probably as nonsensical as that of a poetic science. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144301. Kant introduced the concept of the negative into philosophy. Would it not also be worthwhile to try to introduce the concept of the positive into philosophy? – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144302. Plato’s philosophy is a dignified preface to future religion. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144303. Set religion free, and a new humanity will begin. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144304. Religion must completely encircle the spirit of ethical man like his element, and this luminous chaos of divine thoughts and feelings is called enthusiasm. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144305. Religion is not only a part of education, an element of humanity, but the center of everything else, always the first and the ultimate, the absolutely original. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144306. Religion is absolutely unfathomable. Always and everywhere one can dig more deeply into infinities. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144307. Religion can emerge in all forms of feeling: here wild anger, there the sweetest pain; here consuming hatred, there the childlike smile of serene humility. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144308. Reason is mechanical, wit chemical, and genius organic spirit. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144309. Publication is to thinking as childbirth is to the first kiss. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144310. The difference between religion and morality lies simply in the classical division of things into the divine and the human, if one only interprets this correctly. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144311. A priest is he who lives solely in the realm of the invisible, for whom all that is visible has only the truth of an allegory. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144312. Beauty is that which is simultaneously attractive and sublime. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144313. As the ancient commander addressed his soldiers before battle, so should the moralist speak to men in the struggle of the era. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144314. Art and works of art do not make an artist; sense and enthusiasm and instinct do. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144315. Aphorisms are the true form of the universal philosophy. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144316. An artist is he for whom the goal and center of life is to form his mind. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144317. All the classical genres are now ridiculous in their rigorous purity. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144318. He who does not become familiar with nature through love will never know her. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144319. A so-called happy marriage corresponds to love as a correct poem to an improvised song. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144320. Duty is for Kant the One and All. Out of the duty of gratitude, he claims, one has to defend and esteem the ancients; and only out of duty has he become a great man. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144321. A family can develop only with a loving woman as its center. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144322. A definition of poetry can only determine what poetry should be and not what poetry actually was and is; otherwise the most concise formula would be: Poetry is that which at some time and some place was thus named. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144323. A critic is a reader who ruminates. Thus, he should have more than one stomach. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144324. A classical work doesn’t ever have to be understood entirely. But those who are educated and who are still educating themselves must desire to learn more and more from it. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144325. An aphorism ought to be entirely isolated from the surrounding world like a little work of art and complete in itself like a hedgehog. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144326. The subject of history is the gradual realization of all that is practically necessary. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144327. About no subject is there less philosophizing than about philosophy. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144328. He who has religion will speak poetry. But philosophy is the tool with which to seek and discover religion. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144329. It is as deadly for a mind to have a system as to have none. Therefore it will have to decide to combine both. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144330. Irony is the form of paradox. Paradox is what is good and great at the same time. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144331. Irony is a clear consciousness of an eternal agility, of the infinitely abundant chaos. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144332. In true prose everything must be underlined. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144333. In the world of language, or in other words in the world of art and liberal education, religion necessarily appears as mythology or as Bible. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144334. If you want to see mankind fully, look at a family. Within the family minds become organically one, and for this reason the family is total poetry. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144335. Combine the extremes, and you will have the true center. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144336. How many authors are there among writers? Author means originator. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144337. Considered subjectively, philosophy always begins in the middle, like an epic poem. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144338. God is each truly and exalted thing, therefore the individual himself to the highest degree. But are not nature and the world individuals? – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144339. Form your life humanly, and you have done enough: but you will never reach the height of art and the depth of science without something divine. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144340. Every uneducated person is a caricature of himself. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144341. Every good man progressively becomes God. To become God, to be man, and to educate oneself, are expressions that are synonymous. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144342. Every complete man has his genius. True virtue is genius. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144343. Eternal life and the invisible world are only to be sought in God. Only within Him do all spirits dwell. He is an abyss of individuality, the only infinite plenitude. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144344. It is peculiar to mankind to transcend mankind. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144345. Ideas are infinite, original, and lively divine thoughts. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144346. All men are somewhat ridiculous and grotesque, just because they are men; and in this respect artists might well be regarded as man multiplied by two. So it is, was, and shall be. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144347. Wit is an explosion of the compound spirit. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144348. Wit is the appearance, the external flash of imagination. Thus its divinity, and the witty character of mysticism. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144349. What is lost in the good or excellent translation is precisely the best. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144350. Women do not have as great a need for poetry because their own essence is poetry. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144351. Women are treated as unjustly in poetry as in life. The feminine ones are not idealistic, and the idealistic not feminine. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144352. There are writers in Germany who drink the Absolute like water; and there are books in which even the dogs make references to the Infinite. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144353. There is no self-knowledge but an historical one. No one knows what he himself is who does not know his fellow men, especially the most prominent one of the community, the master’s master, the genius of the age. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144354. Think of something finite molded into the infinite, and you think of man. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144355. Versatility of education can be found in our best poetry, but the depth of mankind should be found in the philosopher. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144356. Witty inspirations are the proverbs of the educated. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144357. What is called good society is usually nothing but a mosaic of polished caricatures. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144358. What men are among the other formations of the earth, artists are among men. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144359. When reason and unreason come into contact, an electrical shock occurs. This is called polemics. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144360. Where there is politics or economics, there is no morality. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144361. Whoever does not philosophize for the sake of philosophy, but rather uses philosophy as a means, is a sophist. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144362. Wit as an instrument of revenge is as infamous as art is as a means of sensual titillation. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144363. The surest method of being incomprehensible or, moreover, to be misunderstood is to use words in their original sense; especially words from the ancient languages. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144364. Virtue is reason which has become energy. – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

144365. The first, that their pretensions to this possession of an art properly so called in their art of speaking are entirely unfounded; and the second, that they are involved in a profound mistake in their confusion of the good with the pleasant. – Friedrich Schleiermacher

144366. No God without a world, and no world without God. – Friedrich Schleiermacher

144367. And, moreover, it is art in its most general and comprehensive form that is here discussed, for the dialogue embraces everything connected with it, from its greatest object, the state, to its least, the embellishment of sensuous existence. – Friedrich Schleiermacher

144368. Now the relation which, in the sphere of nature, being and semblance or sensation bear to one another in this antithesis, is the same as that which in ethics exists between good and pleasure or feeling. – Friedrich Schleiermacher

144369. For when it is the good that is under consideration, and the ethical object is predominant, truth must be considered more in reference to art than science, if, that is, unity is to be preserved in the work generally. – Friedrich Schleiermacher

144370. The essence of religion consists in the feeling of an absolute dependence. – Friedrich Schleiermacher

144371. Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response. – Arthur M. Schlesinger

144372. Expelled from individual consciousness by the rush of change, history finds its revenge by stamping the collective unconsciousness with habits and values. – Arthur M. Schlesinger

144373. There are certain actors who are very good at improvising, like Dustin Hoffman and Glenda Jackson. – John Schlesinger

144374. We taped all this and then got it transcribed and picked the best lines or ideas or ways to take a scene. I’ve done that many times, and it can improve the script but also wreck a perfectly good scene. – John Schlesinger

144375. That attitude toward women as objects may have worked for the late Sixties, but it doesn’t do so now. – John Schlesinger

144376. Symbolism perhaps is a bit in your face, and I’ve tried my best to control that as best I can as I’ve grown older and thought that one could approach something with a little more subtlety. – John Schlesinger

144377. Still, the film nearly didn’t happen a number of times. There were great arguments with United Artists about how to reduce the cost because they were nothing if not conscious of the price of the film. – John Schlesinger

144378. Oh, the relationship with actors and managers and agents and things is a terrible problem sometimes. – John Schlesinger

144379. No, United Artists was a very extraordinary organization, because once they had agreed on the director, they believed in letting him have his way. They trusted me, and that doesn’t often happen. – John Schlesinger

144380. Yes, but I think if you look at it with a sort of gay sensibility and want everything to be positive about gay life, it could be interpreted as antigay. – John Schlesinger

144381. I’ll never forget the first screening at the Berlin Film Festival. As soon as the film ended there was an outbreak of booing, which made us look at each other with some surprise. – John Schlesinger

144382. Hollywood is an extraordinary kind of temporary place. – John Schlesinger

144383. I thought his performance was absolutely wonderful and had said so, but he seemed, as actors quite often are when they first see.something, to be disappointed. I think he expected more from the film and himself. – John Schlesinger

144384. I’ve never felt that using something with tongue in cheek has been a bad thing. – John Schlesinger

144385. I met a hustler at a dinner party. He had been invited because I was looking for an adviser to help me with the street scenes. So we put him on the film. – John Schlesinger

144386. I have a feeling he felt Jon Voight had run away with the film, which he didn’t, though he was brilliant in it, in a much less easy part. I just don’t know what had got into him, but something had. – John Schlesinger

144387. We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money. – Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

144388. The genius of impeachment lay in the fact that it could punish the man without punishing the office. – Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

144389. Righteousness is easy in retrospect. – Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

144390. If we are to survive, we must have ideas, vision, and courage. These things are rarely produced by committees. Everything that matters in our intellectual and moral life begins with an individual confronting his own mind and conscience in a room by himself. – Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

144391. Anti-intellectualism has long been the anti-Semitism of the businessman. – Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

144392. Television has spread the habit of instant reaction and stimulated the hope of instant results. – Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

144393. Don’t worry so much about your self-esteem. Worry more about your character. Integrity is its own reward. – Laura Schlessinger

144394. When you’re the victim of the behavior, it’s black and white; when you’re the perpetrator, there are a million shades of gray. – Laura Schlessinger

144395. Values are principles and ideas that bring meaning to the seemingly mundane experience of life. A meaningful life that ultimately brings happiness and pride requires you to respond to temptations as well as challenges with honor, dignity, and courage. – Laura Schlessinger

144396. If you’re a liberal, anything you say is protected. If you’re a conservative, anything you say is hateful. – Laura Schlessinger

144397. Children are our second chance to have a great parent-child relationship. – Laura Schlessinger

144398. This is all you have. This is not a dry run. This is your life. If you want to fritter it away with your fears, then you will fritter it away, but you won’t get it back later. – Laura Schlessinger

144399. The meaning of a proposition is the method of its verification. – Moritz Schlick

144400. From that moment, I did not cease to pray to God that by his grace it might one day be permitted to me to learn Greek. – Heinrich Schliemann

144401. No, this customary aim of research by excavators is completely foreign to the historical work with which I am occupied… my sole and only aim is to be able to establish a historical fact, on which I disagree with some eminent historians and geographers. – Heinrich Schliemann

144402. We could imagine nothing pleasanter than to spend all of our lives digging for relics of the past. – Heinrich Schliemann

144403. We need a President who is not afraid of complexity, who believes in an open and tolerant society, and who knows that the world can be made new again – and that President is Al Gore. – Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

144404. The happiest years of my mother’s life were spent in Washington, D.C. It was where she met my father, where John was born and where I spent my earliest years. – Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

144405. To the extent that we are all educated and informed, we will be more equipped to deal with the gut issues that tend to divide us. – Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

144406. Looking back, I’m almost happy I lost that fight. Just imagine if I would have come back to Germany with a victory. I had nothing to do with the Nazis, but they would have given me a medal. After the war I might have been considered a war criminal. – Max Schmeling

144407. I had a happy marriage and a nice wife. I accomplished everything you can. What more can you want? – Max Schmeling

144408. The art of reading between the lines is as old as manipulated information. – Serge Schmemann

144409. Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. The older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young. – Mary Schmich

144410. Barbie is just a doll. – Mary Schmich

144411. Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts, don’t put up with those who are reckless with yours. – Mary Schmich

144412. Don’t expect anyone else to support you. Maybe you’ll have a trust fund. Maybe you’ll have a wealthy spouse. But you never know when either of them might run out. – Mary Schmich

144413. Don’t waste time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. – Mary Schmich

144414. Every day each of us wakes up, reaches into drawers and closets, pulls out a costume for the day and proceeds to dress in a style that can only be called preposterous. – Mary Schmich

144415. Good art is art that allows you to enter it from a variety of angles and to emerge with a variety of views. – Mary Schmich

144416. You can figure out who you were by which movies you loved when. – Mary Schmich

144417. You can map your life through your favorite movies, and no two people’s maps will be the same. – Mary Schmich

144418. TV happens. And once it’s happened, it’s gone. When it’s gone, you move on, no tears, no tantrums, no videotape. – Mary Schmich

144419. In twenty years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked. – Mary Schmich

144420. Linda Tripp has shown that a true friend is an archivist, a biographer. – Mary Schmich

144421. Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere. – Mary Schmich

144422. Like many women my age, I am 28 years old. – Mary Schmich

144423. The movies we love and admire are to some extent a function of who we are when we see them. – Mary Schmich

144424. The first day was memorable for me. I walked into this studio with these giant eyes, slowly met everybody and got to see the story boards and sketches of our characters. I got the see the sets and was just amazed that all this was to be something we all were going to be part of for almost a year. – Kyle Schmid

144425. This past year has been something else… it’s opened my eyes to many things and many people. It’s had its ups and downs and ins and outs. And I believe we’ve all been able to take something from that and grow in our own imparticular ways. We’ve over come obstacles, and set in motion opportunities that can change our own individual lives. – Kyle Schmid

144426. Switzerland is part of the fight against terrorism. There is no neutrality against this threat. – Samuel Schmid

144427. The desire for security must be balanced with our regard for liberty. – Samuel Schmid

144428. There was the joke about Switzerland being an island surrounded by land. This was never true. – Samuel Schmid

144429. People are surprised to find out that an awful lot of people think that they’re idiots. – Eric Schmidt

144430. The Internet is really about highly specialized information, highly specialized targeting. – Eric Schmidt

144431. The thing that people seem to miss about not just Google, but also our competitors, Yahoo, eBay and so forth, is that there’s an awful lot of communities that have never been served by traditional media. – Eric Schmidt

144432. The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had. – Eric Schmidt

144433. Half of Google’s revenue comes from selling text-based ads that are placed near search results and are related to the topic of the search. Another half of its revenues come from licensing its search technology to companies like Yahoo. – Eric Schmidt

144434. We want to make sure the thing you’re looking for is on Google 100 percent of the time. – Eric Schmidt

144435. We weren’t here to hope and hang on. We wanted to win. – Eric Schmidt

144436. When the Internet publicity began, I remember being struck by how much the world was not the way we thought it was, that there was infinite variation in how people viewed the world. – Eric Schmidt

144437. I’m just riding the wave until it hits the shore. – Joe Schmidt

144438. Pete Rose is the most likable arrogant person I’ve ever met. – Mike Schmidt

144439. Any time you think you have the game conquered, the game will turn around and punch you right in the nose. – Mike Schmidt

144440. I could ask the Phillies to keep me on to add to my statistics, but my love for the game won’t let me do that. – Mike Schmidt

144441. I don’t think I can get into my deep inner thoughts about hitting. It’s like talking about religion. – Mike Schmidt

144442. They read their sports pages, know their statistics and either root like hell or boo our butts off. I love it. Give me vocal fans, pro or con, over the tourist types who show up in Houston or Montreal and just sit there. – Mike Schmidt

144443. Virtually every civilized society today holds sacred the right to peaceably bury their dead. – Mike Schmidt

144444. If you could equate the amount of time and effort put in mentally and physically into succeeding on the baseball field and measured it by the dirt on your uniform, mine would have been black. – Mike Schmidt

144445. Is “tired old cliche” one? – Rod Schmidt

144446. There aren’t enough days in the weekend. – Rod Schmidt

144447. I xeroxed my watch. Now I have time to spare. – Rod Schmidt

144448. I washed a sock. Then I put it in the dryer. When I took it out, it was gone. – Rod Schmidt

144449. Of course, the way writers think about those things is almost certain to be affected by their own cultural background, and it would be hard to deny that, for whatever reasons, a lot of SF writers come from Anglo or European backgrounds. – Stanley Schmidt

144450. As for sticking strictly to presently known science, I will simply point out that we have already experienced at least two major revolutions in science in this century alone. – Stanley Schmidt

144451. What SF can do better than anything else is show us the range of our possible futures, and what we can do to realize the good ones and avoid the nasty ones. – Stanley Schmidt

144452. Usually if nobody hates a piece, nobody loves it, either; and a magazine which sets itself the goal of provoking thought is not doing its job if everybody agrees with what it does. – Stanley Schmidt

144453. This means I must pay close attention to the writing, but equally so to the scientific background – which sometimes means doing fairly involved calculations. – Stanley Schmidt

144454. There may be something to the suggestion about the pace of technological change intimidating writers, though – it’s been awfully hard to keep ahead of real developments. – Stanley Schmidt

144455. There are a significant number of people who appreciate what we do, and most of them gravitate to Analog because this is where they can find it. The other magazines tend to share their audiences, which may result in each of them having a smaller market share. – Stanley Schmidt

144456. Some of the biggest changes that have happened are behind the scenes, in the way we produce the magazine. E.g., much of our production has been brought in-house via desktop publishing. – Stanley Schmidt

144457. When something hasn’t been around much for a while, and one example of it turns up and catches people’s eyes, they go looking for more like it – until they get tired of it again. – Stanley Schmidt

144458. It’s most presumptuous to believe we already know all the answers and will never get any more big surprises. – Stanley Schmidt

144459. It’s easy to imagine ways the future can be ugly and depressing. It’s harder, but more worthwhile, to imagine plausible ways we can make it better. – Stanley Schmidt

144460. Ideally, I’d like every issue to include a diverse group of stories that meet the qualifications sketched above, but covering a wide range of specific matter and flavour. – Stanley Schmidt

144461. I think the international appeal of SF is quite understandable since the kinds of people who like to read it, are, by the nature of the beast, interested in other cultures, of which other nations on Earth are the closest available example. – Stanley Schmidt

144462. I think the rising and falling popularity of areas like hard SF and far-future SF is, to a considerable extent, the same as any other fashion. – Stanley Schmidt

144463. And, of course, some SF is set close enough to here and now that Anglo and European do apply. Since many of the writers come from those backgrounds, so does much of the fiction. – Stanley Schmidt

144464. Its limitations are those of the physical universe: it won’t let you play with some really wild ideas that aren’t possible, but are fun to speculate about. – Stanley Schmidt

144465. Yale is a crucible in American life for the accommodation of intellectual achievement, of wisdom, of refinement, with the democratic ideals of openness, of social justice and of equal opportunity. – Benno C. Schmidt, Jr.

144466. When I don’t like a piece of music, I make a point of listening to it more closely. – Florent Schmitt

144467. But I don’t think we’ll go there until we go back to the moon and develop a technology base for living and working and transporting ourselves through space. – Jack Schmitt

144468. It’s great that people are interested in Mars. – Jack Schmitt

144469. It’s like trying to describe what you feel when you’re standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or remembering your first love or the birth of your child. You have to be there to really know what it’s like. – Jack Schmitt

144470. McGovern is so far left that he is in danger of falling off the earth. – John G. Schmitz

144471. Never go to war unless your willing to win. – John G. Schmitz

144472. Those who work ought to live better than those that don’t. – John G. Schmitz

144473. I am the only person here who is enjoying this, and I get the money; they pay and have to suffer. – Artur Schnabel

144474. I don’t think I handle the notes much differently from other pianists. But the pauses between the notes – ah, there is where the artistry lies!! – Artur Schnabel

144475. I know two kinds of audiences only – one coughing, and one not coughing. – Artur Schnabel

144476. The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes ah, that is where the art resides. – Artur Schnabel

144477. When a piece gets difficult, make faces. – Artur Schnabel

144478. It’s a great excuse and luxury, having a job and blaming it for your inability to do your own art. When you don’t have to work, you are left with the horror of facing your own lack of imagination and your own emptiness. A devastating possibility when finally time is your own. – Julian Schnabel

144479. Some people must go to extremes to get the world in balance for themselves. Some can’t bear bright lights, so wherever they go they search for the dark; they turn the lights down, anything to sustain some level of comfort. – Julian Schnabel

144480. This is the key to time management – to see the value of every moment. – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

144481. Without question, the material world and your everyday needs distract you from living meaningfully. – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

144482. When you waste a moment, you have killed it in a sense, squandering an irreplaceable opportunity. But when you use the moment properly, filling it with purpose and productivity, it lives on forever. – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

144483. You cannot add more minutes to the day, but you can utilize each one to the fullest. – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

144484. We are always rushing to an appointment or trying to meet a deadline. – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

144485. Not only will this make you treat each moment more preciously, but you will be more patient with yourself and with others, recognizing that there are millions of moments on the path to any worthwhile achievement. – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

144486. But time is yet another of God’s creations, and as such, it has a life of its own. – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

144487. Before the day begins, you are not yet engaged in any physical activities. And it is only physically that you are constrained by the limits of time and place; mentally, there are no such boundaries. – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

144488. And how can you achieve such concentration? By recognizing that everything you do is important to God, and is one vital piece of the larger picture of your life. – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

144489. We have been conditioned to see the passing of time as an adversary. – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

144490. So during those first moments of the day, which are yours and yours alone, you can circumvent these boundaries and concentrate fully on spiritual matters. And this gives you the opportunity to plan the time management of the entire day. – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

144491. I am a pacifist. – Fred Schneider

144492. The hairstyles of most Heavy Metal bands are pretty horrendous. – Fred Schneider

144493. Sometimes groups and their material can get overbloated. – Fred Schneider

144494. No, we’ve been performing our old songs a little differently each performance. – Fred Schneider

144495. I rarely watch TV but I guess I’d watch the weather report since I fly so much. – Fred Schneider

144496. Call us the future from your past. – Fred Schneider

144497. Australians are geniuses with a good sense of humour. – Fred Schneider

144498. It was a nightmare. The band had to tour Greenland by bus. – Fred Schneider

144499. I try not to worry about what that’s going to look like. If you worry about looking stupid, that’s when you look really stupid. – Rob Schneider

144500. A woman can laugh and cry in three seconds and it’s not weird. But if a man does it, it’s very disturbing. The way I’d describe it is like this: I have been allowed inside the house of womanhood, but I feel that they wouldn’t let me in any of the interesting rooms. – Rob Schneider

144501. Studio people are idiots. Until they see someone else doing it and make a success of it, they don’t open their minds. Most of them are idiots. – Rob Schneider

144502. Women always feel like they’re being stared at and judged, and rightfully so. – Rob Schneider

144503. I try not to have too much of an ego. I’ll do anything. – Rob Schneider

144504. I lost that excitement I had when I first started out. It was all about the need to just get a job, and so I found the joy again when I was writing Deuce Bigelow. I was laughing so hard and along with my writing partner at the time, simply laughing until we cried. – Rob Schneider

144505. First of all, weren’t all the best beatings in the trailer for “The Passion of the Christ”? I hate when the trailer gives away all the best stuff. – Rob Schneider

144506. I like to sneak in under the radar. I don’t have any paparazzi following me or have to deal with that stuff. I’m never in the tabloids. I prefer that. – Rob Schneider

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144507. Salt is a preservative. It really holds flavor. For example, if you chop up some fresh herbs, or even just garlic, the salt will extract the moisture and preserve the flavor. – Sally Schneider

144508. I was working in restaurants as a captain and as a waiter. – Sally Schneider

144509. Often for hors d’oeuvres, I serve room temperature vegetables, something like that, so that the main course might be quite rich but the first course has balanced it out. – Sally Schneider

144510. You know, this is really a way of cooking. It’s not my way. I’m deeply influenced by the Mediterranean way of being. I’ve spent a lot of time there. And I’ve sort of translated it; I’ve tried to make it available to people in this country to whom it might not be familiar. – Sally Schneider

144511. I’m a serious eater and a seriously hungry person, so I set out on that path to figure it out for myself, and of course it really resonated with other people. – Sally Schneider

144512. So many people think they need to have serious equipment. In the magazines and the media, they see all this stylish stuff, especially on TV, and they think, That’s what I need to make it work. You don’t. I’m attempting a little bit of liberation here. – Sally Schneider

144513. You don’t have to stick with these recipes. They’re guides. As I say, they’re a way in. Have fun with them. It’s an easier way to cook in a busy life, once you get the hang of it. – Sally Schneider

144514. Years down the line, I became a food stylist. – Sally Schneider

144515. Using lots of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables, helps to keep the menu buoyant – I don’t know if that’s the right word, but it keeps a balance of freshness and health. – Sally Schneider

144516. To write a book about improvisation is partly a contradiction in terms. Improvisation is spontaneous. It’s in the moment. – Sally Schneider

144517. This book is pointing the way into it for people that see it as daunting or a mystery. Some people just do it, but others need help with the mindset, permission almost to listen to themselves. Understanding how things work is the key. – Sally Schneider

144518. There are so many things that come into writing a recipe, and it’s really important if you’re writing for home cooks to be cooking like you are at home. – Sally Schneider

144519. The restaurant chefs in Spain are breaking ground, but in terms of the everyday cooking in Spain I still hear people coming back and saying they were disappointed. I think it’s because they’re expecting the chef stuff. – Sally Schneider

144520. That being said, I often write into recipes techniques I learned in the restaurant kitchen. There are ways of organizing your prep and so on that are immensely useful. Those are woven into all the recipes I do. – Sally Schneider

144521. I had all kinds of food issues, including health concerns and weight concerns. – Sally Schneider

144522. A lot of people love the idea of improvising but are terrified of it, so I tried to make a book that was not a chef’s book about improvising but a real home cook’s book with a real home cook’s pantry, supermarket ingredients, that sort of thing. – Sally Schneider

144523. A lot of people who want to cook with less fat are surprised by that. You can cook vegetables in a little water in a covered pan and then throw the fat into the residual liquid to coat them. – Sally Schneider

144524. But all that being said about modulation, if you’re serving people delicious food, they won’t complain. – Sally Schneider

144525. Confit is the ultimate comfort food, and trendy or not, it is dazzling stuff. – Sally Schneider

144526. I was aiming for the cooks that I’ve talked to by teaching an online course and by traveling, listening to people who are really busy and harried but want to be cooking. – Sally Schneider

144527. I also think it’s very important to consider how the food will feel to the person eating it. – Sally Schneider

144528. I realized I didn’t want to be a photographer. I gave it up, but I still worked that job in the restaurant and I found myself constantly hanging out in the kitchen. – Sally Schneider

144529. Generally a chef’s book is like a calling card or a portfolio to display their personal work. – Sally Schneider

144530. I learned the business in about two months, and then made as much as the others, and was consequently doing quite well when the factory burned down, destroying all our machines – 150 of them. This was very hard on the girls who had paid for their machines. – Rose Schneiderman

144531. You have nothing that the humblest worker has not a right to have also. – Rose Schneiderman

144532. We have women working in the foundries, stripped to the waist, if you please, because of the heat. – Rose Schneiderman

144533. We have tried you good people of the public and we have found you wanting. – Rose Schneiderman

144534. We have tried you citizens; we are trying you now, and you have a couple of dollars for the sorrowing mothers, brothers and sisters by way of a charity gift. – Rose Schneiderman

144535. Then came a big strike. About 100 girls went out. The result was a victory, which netted us – I mean the girls – $2 increase in our wages on the average. – Rose Schneiderman

144536. The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too. Help, you women of privilege, give her the ballot to fight with. – Rose Schneiderman

144537. The old Inquisition had its rack and its thumbscrews and its instruments of torture with iron teeth. – Rose Schneiderman

144538. The life of men and women is so cheap and property is so sacred. There are so many of us for one job it matters little if 146 of us are burned to death. – Rose Schneiderman

144539. Surely these women won’t lose any more of their beauty and charm by putting a ballot in a ballot box once a year than they are likely to lose standing in foundries or laundries all year round. There is no harder contest than the contest for bread, let me tell you that. – Rose Schneiderman

144540. So we must stand together to resist, for we will get what we can take – just that and no more. – Rose Schneiderman

144541. Our people were very restive, saying that they could not sit under that notice, and that if the National Board did not call them out soon they would go out of themselves. – Rose Schneiderman

144542. Of course, we knew that this meant an attack on the union. The bosses intended gradually to get rid of us, employing in our place child labor and raw immigrant girls who would work for next to nothing. – Rose Schneiderman

144543. I read upon the subject and grew more and more interested, and after a time I became a member of the National Board, and had duties and responsibilities that kept me busy after my day’s work was done. – Rose Schneiderman

144544. I can’t talk fellowship to you who are gathered here. Too much blood has been spilled. I know from my experience it is up to the working people to save themselves. The only way they can save themselves is by a strong working-class movement. – Rose Schneiderman

144545. By working hard we could make an average of about $5 a week. We would have made more but had to provide our own machines, which cost us $45, we paying for them on the installment plan. We paid $5 down and $1 a month after that. – Rose Schneiderman

144546. But every time the workers come out in the only way they know to protest against conditions which are unbearable the strong hand of the law is allowed to press down heavily upon us. – Rose Schneiderman

144547. All the time our union was progressing very nicely. There were lectures to make us understand what trades unionism is and our real position in the labor movement. – Rose Schneiderman

144548. After I had been working as a cap maker for three years it began to dawn on me that we girls needed an organization. The men had organized already, and had gained some advantages, but the bosses had lost nothing, as they took it out on us. – Rose Schneiderman

144549. I would be a traitor to these poor burned bodies if I came here to talk good fellowship. – Rose Schneiderman

144550. If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand the technology. – Bruce Schneier

144551. You can’t defend. You can’t prevent. The only thing you can do is detect and respond. – Bruce Schneier

144552. There are two types of encryption: one that will prevent your sister from reading your diary and one that will prevent your government. – Bruce Schneier

144553. The user’s going to pick dancing pigs over security every time. – Bruce Schneier

144554. No one can duplicate the confidence that RSA offers after 20 years of cryptanalytic review. – Bruce Schneier

144555. It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state. – Bruce Schneier

144556. I am not facing the problem of emigration. I want my music to be acknowledged here first of all, in this country: after that, we shall see – perhaps the question will than become urgent. – Alfred Schnittke

144557. For almost thirty years I repeatedly saw one and the same dream: I would arrive in Vienna at long last. I would feel really happy, for I was returning to my serene childhood. – Alfred Schnittke

144558. For a solo work I need a definite idea. For the present I have none. – Alfred Schnittke

144559. Do you know that my very first experience as a composer was a ‘Concerto for Accordion?’ – Alfred Schnittke

144560. I would wake up in Moscow or somewhere else, my heart beating fast, feeling bitter and helpless. – Alfred Schnittke

144561. I never was very capable of expressing my feelings or emotions in words. I don’t know whether this is the cause why I did it in music and also why I did it in painting. Or vice versa: That I had this way as an outlet. I could renounce expressing something in words. – Arnold Schoenberg

144562. I owe very, very much to Mozart; and if one studies, for instance, the way in which I write for string quartet, then one cannot deny that I have learned this directly from Mozart. And I am proud of it! – Arnold Schoenberg

144563. We need art more than ever as we stagger toward the Millennium. – Fritz Scholder

144564. I give thanks everyday that I’ve been able to take my craziness and make it work for me. – Fritz Scholder

144565. I think the American Dream for most people is just survival. – Sandy Scholl

144566. We need a free media, not just freedom of speech. – Tom Scholz

144567. And sometimes I actually start to think human life is just as cheap to corporate America as animal life, so long as there are big profits to be made. – Tom Scholz

144568. Everybody’s seen a stream or a wood they knew replaced by a strip mall. – Tom Scholz

144569. I was a fixer, a builder – an inventor – ever since I can remember. – Tom Scholz

144570. Most people live their life around what other people do. – Tom Scholz

144571. Music is an escape for me. – Tom Scholz

144572. People have been convinced that growth for growth’s sake is a good thing. – Tom Scholz

144573. The public has been sold a bill of goods about the free market being a panacea for mankind. – Tom Scholz

144574. Turning corporations loose and letting the profit motive run amok is not a prescription for a more livable world. – Tom Scholz

144575. Virtually every magazine, newspaper, TV station and cable channel is owned by a big corporation, and they’ve squashed stories that they don’t want the public to know about. – Tom Scholz

144576. I never got into sports at all until I was in my early 20s, after my music career got going. – Neil Schon

144577. World Play is very ’70s arena rock, very raw and in your face, and that’s what we wanted. We recorded it in a very off-the-cuff manner and didn’t really plan out how we were going to play. My solos are first takes. – Neil Schon

144578. When I go out with Journey, it is a complete cakewalk. I can afford my own bus. – Neil Schon

144579. What I have is a bunch of really hungry, amazingly talented guys that can kick anybody’s rear end. – Neil Schon

144580. Beyond the Thunder is the closest I’ve recorded to an acoustic thing. – Neil Schon

144581. We are taking close to $10 a CD the way we are doing it, and I think that is a fair amount to split up between five guys. Each of us makes like two bucks a record. – Neil Schon

144582. We are doing what Prince did. Everyone that comes to a show billed as An Evening with Journey will get our new CD. We figured that is our best store because they are our biggest fans. – Neil Schon

144583. During the 1970s and 1980s Gibson did use my likeness, but we never signed anything. This new Signature model is the first time we struck a formal written deal for a guitar with my name on it. – Neil Schon

144584. I am not a pop musician; I don’t want to play bubble-gummy pop stuff. – Neil Schon

144585. I haven’t stopped playing. If you play all the time, then your chops are up and you tend to grow. – Neil Schon

144586. There has been the biggest black cloud following me around. People believe it’s all my fault that Steve is not here. He has always had an open door, and he doesn’t choose to do this any more. – Neil Schon

144587. I met the Santana band when I was 14. By the time I was 15, I was a member of the band. – Neil Schon

144588. You learn at a certain point that you have to focus on the business side of music. After getting ripped off a couple of times, you figure out that you need to get a grip on it. – Neil Schon

144589. I’m just getting older and better. – Neil Schon

144590. I’m not a guy to go in the studio and spend months, let alone years, like some people do. I cannot even be in the studio for a month, it will drive me nuts. – Neil Schon

144591. I’ve got the recording process down, and I can knock it out very quickly. – Neil Schon

144592. I’ve never done a solo tour. I feel like getting out there and doing that. – Neil Schon

144593. In a lot of aspects it’s cooler that we don’t have a lot of really overly famous people in the band. – Neil Schon

144594. Nobody’s perfect. Everyone slides here and there, and they have their ups and downs. When they are down, that is not the time to step all over them. – Neil Schon

144595. The best part was watching Journey grow into this monster. The band was huge, playing these enormous gigs. – Neil Schon

144596. The heavy guitars are the ones that sound good. They are not that comfortable, but they do sound great. – Neil Schon

144597. The world now knows that Steve Perry is welcome to come and sing with us anytime he wants. – Neil Schon

144598. I keep on calling them records because they will always be records to me. – Neil Schon

144599. I think FoxNews ratings are a reliable guide to the attitudes of the American electorate. – Reese Schonfeld

144600. The perception is that more important people watch news in the evenings than in the mornings. – Reese Schonfeld

144601. Sleep is the interest we have to pay on the capital which is called in at death; and the higher the rate of interest and the more regularly it is paid, the further the date of redemption is postponed. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144602. Will power is to the mind like a strong blind man who carries on his shoulders a lame man who can see. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144603. With people of limited ability modesty is merely honesty. But with those who possess great talent it is hypocrisy. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144604. Newspapers are the second hand of history. This hand, however, is usually not only of inferior metal to the other hands, it also seldom works properly. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144605. A man’s face as a rule says more, and more interesting things, than his mouth, for it is a compendium of everything his mouth will ever say, in that it is the monogram of all this man’s thoughts and aspirations. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144606. The doctor sees all the weakness of mankind; the lawyer all the wickedness, the theologian all the stupidity. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144607. The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144608. The difficulty is to try and teach the multitude that something can be true and untrue at the same time. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144609. The brain may be regarded as a kind of parasite of the organism, a pensioner, as it were, who dwells with the body. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144610. The alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144611. Suffering by nature or chance never seems so painful as suffering inflicted on us by the arbitrary will of another. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144612. Satisfaction consists in freedom from pain, which is the positive element of life. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144613. Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144614. Reading is equivalent to thinking with someone else’s head instead of with one’s own. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144615. Rascals are always sociable, more’s the pity! and the chief sign that a man has any nobility in his character is the little pleasure he takes in others’ company. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144616. Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144617. Patriotism, when it wants to make itself felt in the domain of learning, is a dirty fellow who should be thrown out of doors. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144618. Obstinacy is the result of the will forcing itself into the place of the intellect. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144619. Opinion is like a pendulum and obeys the same law. If it goes past the centre of gravity on one side, it must go a like distance on the other; and it is only after a certain time that it finds the true point at which it can remain at rest. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144620. Will minus intellect constitutes vulgarity. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144621. Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144622. There is no doubt that life is given us, not to be enjoyed, but to be overcome; to be got over. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144623. The greatest achievements of the human mind are generally received with distrust. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144624. The first forty years of life give us the text; the next thirty supply the commentary on it. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144625. The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144626. It is a clear gain to sacrifice pleasure in order to avoid pain. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144627. The longer a man’s fame is likely to last, the longer it will be in coming. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144628. Nature shows that with the growth of intelligence comes increased capacity for pain, and it is only with the highest degree of intelligence that suffering reaches its supreme point. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144629. The more unintelligent a man is, the less mysterious existence seems to him. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144630. The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144631. The wise have always said the same things, and fools, who are the majority have always done just the opposite. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144632. The man never feels the want of what it never occurs to him to ask for. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144633. There is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five, by constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144634. Wicked thoughts and worthless efforts gradually set their mark on the face, especially the eyes. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144635. They tell us that suicide is the greatest piece of cowardice… that suicide is wrong; when it is quite obvious that there is nothing in the world to which every man has a more unassailable title than to his own life and person. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144636. To buy books would be a good thing if we also could buy the time to read them. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144637. To find out your real opinion of someone, judge the impression you have when you first see a letter from them. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144638. To free a person from error is to give, and not to take away. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144639. To live alone is the fate of all great souls. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144640. Treat a work of art like a prince. Let it speak to you first. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144641. We can come to look upon the deaths of our enemies with as much regret as we feel for those of our friends, namely, when we miss their existence as witnesses to our success. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144642. We forfeit three-quarters of ourselves in order to be like other people. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144643. Wealth is like sea-water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become; and the same is true of fame. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144644. The word of man is the most durable of all material. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144645. Friends and acquaintances are the surest passport to fortune. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144646. Honor means that a man is not exceptional; fame, that he is. Fame is something which must be won; honor, only something which must not be lost. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144647. Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them in: but as a rule the purchase of books is mistaken for the appropriation of their contents. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144648. Honor has not to be won; it must only not be lost. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144649. Because people have no thoughts to deal in, they deal cards, and try and win one another’s money. Idiots! – Arthur Schopenhauer

144650. National character is only another name for the particular form which the littleness, perversity and baseness of mankind take in every country. Every nation mocks at other nations, and all are right. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144651. Boredom is just the reverse side of fascination: both depend on being outside rather than inside a situation, and one leads to the other. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144652. It is only a man’s own fundamental thoughts that have truth and life in them. For it is these that he really and completely understands. To read the thoughts of others is like taking the remains of someone else’s meal, like putting on the discarded clothes of a stranger. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144653. Hatred is an affair of the heart; contempt that of the head. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144654. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144655. Great men are like eagles, and build their nest on some lofty solitude. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144656. Almost all of our sorrows spring out of our relations with other people. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144657. For an author to write as he speaks is just as reprehensible as the opposite fault, to speak as he writes; for this gives a pedantic effect to what he says, and at the same time makes him hardly intelligible. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144658. Every possession and every happiness is but lent by chance for an uncertain time, and may therefore be demanded back the next hour. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144659. Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144660. Every parting gives a foretaste of death, every reunion a hint of the resurrection. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144661. Every nation ridicules other nations, and all are right. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144662. Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144663. Each day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144664. Compassion is the basis of morality. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144665. Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144666. Great minds are related to the brief span of time during which they live as great buildings are to a little square in which they stand: you cannot see them in all their magnitude because you are standing too close to them. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144667. In the sphere of thought, absurdity and perversity remain the masters of the world, and their dominion is suspended only for brief periods. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144668. Music is the melody whose text is the world. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144669. Money is human happiness in the abstract; he, then, who is no longer capable of enjoying human happiness in the concrete devotes himself utterly to money. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144670. Men are by nature merely indifferent to one another; but women are by nature enemies. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144671. Martyrdom is the only way a man can become famous without ability. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144672. Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144673. Journalists are like dogs, when ever anything moves they begin to bark. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144674. It’s the niceties that make the difference fate gives us the hand, and we play the cards. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144675. It is with trifles, and when he is off guard, that a man best reveals his character. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144676. It is only at the first encounter that a face makes its full impression on us. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144677. The fundament upon which all our knowledge and learning rests is the inexplicable. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144678. As the biggest library if it is in disorder is not as useful as a small but well-arranged one, so you may accumulate a vast amount of knowledge but it will be of far less value than a much smaller amount if you have not thought it over for yourself. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144679. A man’s delight in looking forward to and hoping for some particular satisfaction is a part of the pleasure flowing out of it, enjoyed in advance. But this is afterward deducted, for the more we look forward to anything the less we enjoy it when it comes. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144680. After your death you will be what you were before your birth. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144681. In our monogamous part of the world, to marry means to halve one’s rights and double one’s duties. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144682. In action a great heart is the chief qualification. In work, a great head. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144683. If you want to know your true opinion of someone, watch the effect produced in you by the first sight of a letter from him. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144684. If we were not all so interested in ourselves, life would be so uninteresting that none of us would be able to endure it. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144685. I’ve never know any trouble than an hour’s reading didn’t assuage. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144686. A man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144687. A man can be himself only so long as he is alone. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144688. It is in the treatment of trifles that a person shows what they are. – Arthur Schopenhauer

144689. All news is an exaggeration of life. – Daniel Schorr

144690. Murrow covered something because it needed coverage. He wasn’t trying to get an audience just for the sake of it. – Daniel Schorr

144691. Sincerity: if you can fake it, you’ve got it made. – Daniel Schorr

144692. I don’t like the designated hitter. A guy who plays should be able to catch and hit. – Marge Schott

144693. Hitler was good in the beginning, but he went too far. – Marge Schott

144694. It’s only money, honey. – Marge Schott

144695. Kids used to tease me unmercifully about that name. – Marge Schott

144696. The dog lives here, Pete. You’re just visiting. – Marge Schott

144697. When you don’t have kids and you’re in a Catholic family – one of my sisters had 10 children in 11 years – she’s part rabbit – you feel kind of guilty about that. So, I want to do things for other people’s children. – Marge Schott

144698. Charlie and I were never blessed with children. – Marge Schott

144699. I still think like a critic, and I still analyze films like a critic. However, it’s not possible to write criticism if you’re making films. – Paul Schrader

144700. Ultimately, it’s an illusion that you can understand yourself. – Paul Schrader

144701. Those artists who say that somehow therapy or analysis will thwart their creativity are completely misinformed. It’s absolutely the opposite: it opens closed doors. – Paul Schrader

144702. I want to be happy; why do I do things that make me unhappy? – Paul Schrader

144703. Hamlet is a remarkably easy role. Physically it’s hard because it tends to be about three hours long and you’re talking the whole time. But it’s a simple role and it adapts itself very well, because the thing about Hamlet is, we all are Hamlet. – Liev Schreiber

144704. If I’m doing my job as an actor, the audience knows everything I know about the character. – Liev Schreiber

144705. As soon as you know what you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong. – Liev Schreiber

144706. Everyone assumes that novelists are smarter and more interesting. They’re generally smarter and more interesting, but they’re often very short. So it kind of cancels all the smart and interesting stuff out. – Liev Schreiber

144707. I didn’t think that a career in theater was very realistic so I thought the only thing I could make money doing and still be somewhat artistic was, god help me, advertising. – Liev Schreiber

144708. I manage to hide in my movies. – Liev Schreiber

144709. I live with an 18-month-old Jack Russell named Chicken. He moved in about 15 months ago, and it was very hard at first because I work a lot and he doesn’t. – Liev Schreiber

144710. I was a writer. I just wasn’t a very good one. I was lucky enough to have a playwriting teacher who told me that I’d be a better actor than I would a playwright. – Liev Schreiber

144711. If you fall in love with somebody you’re working with, fine, but wait till your project is over. – Liev Schreiber

144712. It’s good to overexpose yourself with work. But don’t expose yourself too much with the press. – Liev Schreiber

144713. My publicist told me not to talk about politics but, yes, I think we have a president who stole the election. – Liev Schreiber

144714. Some actors need to be rattled and some need to be focused. – Liev Schreiber

144715. Style, no matter how outrageous it is, is still an expression of someone’s personality. And my personality is somewhere stuck in the classics. – Liev Schreiber

144716. There’s the private persona and the public persona and the two shall never meet. – Liev Schreiber

144717. You can think about your career or you can think about your job. I like to think about my job. – Liev Schreiber

144718. You should never ask actors about politics. – Liev Schreiber

144719. I really don’t think there is anybody in the business with better eyes than Elijah Wood. – Liev Schreiber

144720. Men are like the earth and we are the moon; we turn always one side to them, and they think there is no other, because they don’t see it – but there is. – Olive Schreiner

144721. Everything has two sides – the outside that is ridiculous, and the inside that is solemn. – Olive Schreiner

144722. It is finer to bring one noble human being into the world and rear it well… than to kill ten thousand. – Olive Schreiner

144723. No good work is ever done while the heart is hot and anxious and fretted. – Olive Schreiner

144724. Our fathers had their dreams; we have ours; the generation that follows will have its own. Without dreams and phantoms man cannot exist. – Olive Schreiner

144725. Perhaps the old monks were right when they tried to root love out; perhaps the poets are right when they try to water it. It is a blood-red flower, with the color of sin; but there is always the scent of a god about it. – Olive Schreiner

144726. Power! Did you ever hear of men being asked whether other souls should have power or not? It is born in them. – Olive Schreiner

144727. There was never a great man who had not a great mother. – Olive Schreiner

144728. We were equals once when we lay new-born babes on our nurse’s knees. We will be equal again when they tie up our jaws for the last sleep. – Olive Schreiner

144729. How hard it is to make your thoughts look anything but imbecile fools when you paint them with ink on paper. – Olive Schreiner

144730. We want to encourage those who are able to work, no question. – Gerhard Schroder

144731. The question of feasibility, the question of cost, the question of including partners elsewhere in the world, the question of the effect of this project on arms agreements – all these issues are in discussion. – Gerhard Schroder

144732. Indeed, the creators of the euro envisioned it as an instrument to promote political union. – Gerhard Schroder

144733. My impression is that American policy speaks not of antagonism but rather partnership. – Gerhard Schroder

144734. Naturally we are aware of the strength of our economy and naturally we don’t want to downplay it. – Gerhard Schroder

144735. Next, we will create a modern immigration law. – Gerhard Schroder

144736. One effect could be that the huge atomic arsenal created in the cold war could be reduced significantly. – Gerhard Schroder

144737. There’s no conflict between the social-welfare state and open markets. – Gerhard Schroder

144738. This question about Iraq has gotten personal. – Gerhard Schroder

144739. We are seeing significant growth in foreign investment in Germany. – Gerhard Schroder

144740. We made a decision that monetary policy will be made by an independent European Central Bank. – Gerhard Schroder

144741. A market that’s as open as possible is the precondition for a successful economy, and a successful economy is the precondition to being able to pay for social security. – Gerhard Schroder

144742. We want to change the way we help unemployed people find jobs. We want to be faster and more goal oriented. – Gerhard Schroder

144743. If I correctly understand the goal of American policy, one wishes Russia to be a partner. – Gerhard Schroder

144744. Whatever the details of union may be, there’s no doubt we need more policy coordination in Europe. – Gerhard Schroder

144745. We really believe our national interests are identical with European interests. – Gerhard Schroder

144746. Any debate among politicians about monetary policy is counterproductive. – Gerhard Schroder

144747. A common currency imposes on us a duty to cooperate more on policy. – Gerhard Schroder

144748. Any degree of unemployment worries me. – Gerhard Schroder

144749. As far as missile defense is concerned, a very thorough consultation process is underway. – Gerhard Schroder

144750. As far as my relationship with President Putin is concerned, it’s fine. – Gerhard Schroder

144751. Germany is in favor of integration precisely because we don’t want dominance. – Gerhard Schroder

144752. Germany is very free-trade oriented. – Gerhard Schroder

144753. I always thought I had a problem socially, because I was pulled out of school so early. I had a tough time talking to other kids and being comfortable with them. – Rick Schroder

144754. There have been times I almost got a persecution complex. I felt like people wouldn’t let me grow up. They always saw me as a smiling kid or goofy teenager, no matter how much I’d changed. – Rick Schroder

144755. It’s difficult being a child actor. I don’t think everything beautiful has to be exploited. Some things can be beautiful and left beautiful. – Rick Schroder

144756. I weren’t an actor, I’d be a wildlife biologist or forest ranger. – Rick Schroder

144757. I was very outgoing, and a good-looking kid. I started doing all the catalogs. I made 60 commercials by the time I was 6. I must have been a natural, because I never took an acting lesson. – Rick Schroder

144758. I was never really comfortable doing comedy. Though it was good the first couple of years, there were problems, and it became a stifling experience. I was happy it ended. – Rick Schroder

144759. I think one of the things that saved me is that I never put all my eggs in one basket. – Rick Schroder

144760. I really enjoy the writing process because I can do it from my house. I can create these characters and take them in the different directions that I want to take them. You have a lot of freedom as a writer. – Rick Schroder

144761. Trying to understand women is a tall order period. – Rick Schroder

144762. I met the Queen, the Pope, and we went all over Europe and Asia. I just wish I was older when I did all this. Then I could appreciate it more. – Rick Schroder

144763. I always knew I was going to be a family man. – Rick Schroder

144764. I don’t know why it is, but sometimes I feel like I’m 60. It’s like I’ve been around for a long time. I felt that way even when I was 8. – Rick Schroder

144765. I feel like I’m a fighter. I’ve fought my whole life to get to where I’m at. I like fight movies. When someone gets knocked down, I like to root for him to succeed. – Rick Schroder

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144766. An animal that embarks on forming states without greatly restricting egoism will perish. – Erwin Schrodinger

144767. What we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space. – Erwin Schrodinger

144768. Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe. – Erwin Schrodinger

144769. I don’t like it, and I’m sorry I ever had anything to do with it. – Erwin Schrodinger

144770. The mathematical framework of quantum theory has passed countless successful tests and is now universally accepted as a consistent and accurate description of all atomic phenomena. – Erwin Schrodinger

144771. The scientist only imposes two things, namely truth and sincerity, imposes them upon himself and upon other scientists. – Erwin Schrodinger

144772. The verbal interpretation, on the other hand, i.e. the metaphysics of quantum physics, is on far less solid ground. In fact, in more than forty years physicists have not been able to provide a clear metaphysical model. – Erwin Schrodinger

144773. The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one. The barrier between them cannot be said to have broken down as a result of recent experience in the physical sciences, for this barrier does not exist. – Erwin Schrodinger

144774. For a solitary animal egoism is a virtue that tends to preserve and improve the species: in any kind of community it becomes a destructive vice. – Erwin Schrodinger

144775. A careful analysis of the process of observation in atomic physics has shown that the subatomic particles have no meaning as isolated entities, but can only be understood as interconnections between the preparation of an experiment and the subsequent measurement. – Erwin Schrodinger

144776. Colombian humor is very black, very sarcastic. – Barbet Schroeder

144777. Every time, I try to make something different. – Barbet Schroeder

144778. Hallucinatory – that’s just the way everyday life is, in Colombia. All the time, you say to yourself, did I just see that? – Barbet Schroeder

144779. I chose to treat the homosexuality like I would treat any other form of sexuality. – Barbet Schroeder

144780. I try not to have favorites, but Barfly is one that I like. My favorite is always the one I just finished. – Barbet Schroeder

144781. I’ve been following what’s happening in Colombia because it’s the country of my childhood. – Barbet Schroeder

144782. When you kill somebody in the movies, it matters, whereas in literature it can be allegorical. – Barbet Schroeder

144783. Every ten years there is a new generation of actors. – Barbet Schroeder

144784. We must take care that globalization does not become something people become afraid of. – Gerhard Schroeder

144785. I can’t let important policy decisions hinge on the fact that an election is coming up every 90 days. – Gerhard Schroeder

144786. I am not the German Tony Blair. Nor am I the German Bill Clinton. I am Gerhard Schroeder, chancellor of Germany, responsible for Germany. I don’t want to be a copy of anyone. – Gerhard Schroeder

144787. When people ask me why I am running as a woman, I always answer, “What choice do I have?” – Pat Schroeder

144788. I have a brain and a uterus and I use both. – Pat Schroeder

144789. Nobody ever says to men, how can you be a Congressman and a father. – Pat Schroeder

144790. Spine transplants are what we really need to take Reagan on. – Pat Schroeder

144791. The Pledge of Allegiance says, “liberty and justice for all”. – Pat Schroeder

144792. When men talk about defense, they always claim to be protecting women and children, but they never ask the women and children what they think. – Pat Schroeder

144793. You measure a government by how few people need help. – Patricia Schroeder

144794. If the search engines don’t respect the creators, there won’t be anything to search in the future because creators have to make a living too. – Patricia Schroeder

144795. Many women have more power than they recognize, and they’re very hesitant to use it, for they fear they won’t be loved. – Patricia Schroeder

144796. Spine transplants are what we really need to take Reagan on. – Patricia Schroeder

144797. The mood of the 80s – Get what you can, can what you get, and sit on the can. – Patricia Schroeder

144798. I have a brain and a uterus, and I use both. – Patricia Schroeder

144799. When it comes to college education, American families are paying more and getting less. – Patricia Schroeder

144800. Traditional copyright has been that you can’t make a full copy of somebody’s work without their permission. – Patricia Schroeder

144801. Truth will flourish in fantasy, only to wither and die in what you are pleased to call reality. – Bernard Schubert

144802. I try to decorate my imagination as much as I can. – Franz Schubert

144803. The manager is to be blamed who distributes parts to his players which they are unable to act. – Franz Schubert

144804. The moment is supreme. – Franz Schubert

144805. You believe happiness to be derived from the place in which once you have been happy, but in truth it is centered in ourselves. – Franz Schubert

144806. Easy mind, light heart. A mind that is too easy hides a heart that is too heavy. – Franz Schubert

144807. The greatest misfortune of the wise man and the greatest unhappiness of the fool are based upon convention. – Franz Schubert

144808. Nobody understands another’s sorrow, and nobody another’s joy. – Franz Schubert

144809. If only your pure and clean mind could touch me, dear Haydn, nobody has a greater reverence for you than I have. – Franz Schubert

144810. Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife. – Franz Schubert

144811. I never force myself to be devout except when I feel so inspired, and never compose hymns of prayers unless I feel within me real and true devotion. – Franz Schubert

144812. I am composing like a god, as if it simply had to be done as it has been done. – Franz Schubert

144813. There are two contrary impulses which govern this man’s brain-the one sane, and the other eccentric. They alternate at regular intervals. – Franz Schubert

144814. Our castle is not imposing, but is well built, and surrounded by a very fine garden. I live in the bailiff’s house. – Franz Schubert

144815. Every night when I go to bed, I hope that I may never wake again, and every morning renews my grief. – Franz Schubert

144816. No one feels another’s grief, no one understands another’s joy. People imagine they can reach one another. In reality they only pass each other by. – Franz Schubert

144817. When I wished to sing of love, it turned to sorrow. And when I wished to sing of sorrow, it was transformed for me into love. – Franz Schubert

144818. Approval or blame will follow in the world to come. – Franz Schubert

144819. Above all things, I must not get angry. If I do get angry I knock all the teeth out of the mouth of the poor wretch who has angered me. – Franz Schubert

144820. The world resembles a stage on which every man is playing a part. – Franz Schubert

144821. A man endures misfortune without complaint. – Franz Schubert

144822. There are eight girls in the house in which I am living, and practically all of them are good looking. You can realize that I am kept busy. – Franz Schubert

144823. One bites into the brass mouthpiece of his wooden cudgel, and the other blows his cheeks out on a French horn. Do you call that Art? – Franz Schubert

144824. Why should the composer be more guilty than the poet who warms to fantasy by a strange flame, making an idea that inspires him the subject of his own very different treatment? – Franz Schubert

144825. Why does God endow us with compassion? – Franz Schubert

144826. Advertisements ordinarily work their wonders, to the extent that they work at all, on an inattentive public. – Michael Schudson

144827. Advertising generally works to reinforce consumer trends rather than to initiate them. – Michael Schudson

144828. American advertisers rely on ‘essentially illogical’ approaches to determine their advertising budgets. – Michael Schudson

144829. Buy me and you will overcome the anxieties I have just reminded you of. – Michael Schudson

144830. Chances are that neither the client nor the agency will ever know very much about what role the ad has played in sales or profits of the client, either short-term or long-term. – Michael Schudson

144831. If advertising is not an official or state art, it is nonetheless clearly art. – Michael Schudson

144832. If there are signs that Americans bow to the gods of advertising, there are equally indications that people find the gods ridiculous. It is part of the popular culture that advertisements are silly. – Michael Schudson

144833. It is very likely that many firms spend more on advertising than, for their own best interests, they should. – Michael Schudson

144834. Most criticism of advertising is written in ignorance of what actually happens inside these agencies. – Michael Schudson

144835. Sales may lead to advertising as much as advertising leads to sales. – Michael Schudson

144836. The effectiveness of advertising depends on the amount and kind of product information available to consumers… advertising will be more successful the more impoverished the consumer’s information environment. – Michael Schudson

144837. The power of ads rests more in the repetition of obvious exhortations than in the subtle transmission of values. – Michael Schudson

144838. As much as I love boxing, I hate it. And as much as I hate it, I love it. – Budd Schulberg

144839. You can’t eat your friends and have them too. – Budd Schulberg

144840. Living with a conscience is like driving with the brakes on. – Budd Schulberg

144841. Conscience. That stuff can drive you nuts. – Budd Schulberg

144842. You either go along with the system – conform to what is expected to be a hit – or you have very tough going. – Budd Schulberg

144843. Very few fighters get the consideration of racehorses, which are put out to pasture to grow old with dignity and comfort when they haven’t got it anymore. – Budd Schulberg

144844. Silence is the sure sign that you’re on your way out in Hollywood. – Budd Schulberg

144845. I could have had class. I could have been a contender. – Budd Schulberg

144846. Hey, you want to hear my philosophy of life? Do it to him before he does it to you. – Budd Schulberg

144847. Fights can be dumped in a dozen ways. Sometimes everybody but the fighter knows. Sometimes only the fighter knows. – Budd Schulberg

144848. And it is this sense that some of us have to contribute to the culture, to the society in ways that may hurt financially, so what? We do it because we are born to do it, we feel we have no other choice and so be it. – Gunther Schuller

144849. Well, because music is my life and music is not work for me. – Gunther Schuller

144850. I don’t hate work, composing is not work for me, it’s my pleasure; it’s my life. So why should I stop? If something is pleasurable and exciting and rewarding, why should one stop? – Gunther Schuller

144851. As rich as Cincinnati was in live music, New York was even more. – Gunther Schuller

144852. Because I have sixty years of being a professional composer, conductor, musician, whatever, and you develop a lot of friendships and you get involved with a lot of sort of long-term commitments and obligations. – Gunther Schuller

144853. But somehow, I felt no inclination to be interested in it in any amateur way, let alone professional, until suddenly I became interested. And the first thing I did was to compose: not play an instrument, but to compose. – Gunther Schuller

144854. As long as I’m healthy and can keep going that’s what I’ll do. – Gunther Schuller

144855. I would like to read some books: I don’t have time; I would like to continue working on my autobiography. – Gunther Schuller

144856. So now, thirty years, forty years later, I mean, I could find a whole orchestra of a thousand to put these things together in New York City alone. In those days, if I could scrape up twenty musicians to do this it was something extraordinary. – Gunther Schuller

144857. So this anchoring in some way, in some important way in the past without repeating the past, but on the basis of the past building something new: that is what is important. – Gunther Schuller

144858. The record company started as an adjunct to that, to give young composers their first recorded performances; to give young musicians their first debut on a recording. These are all things that big record companies would never touch because there is no money in it! – Gunther Schuller

144859. You know, I’m not gonna take my money with me to heaven or hell, wherever I’m going. So I want to do something good with it even though my means are very limited. I’m no millionaire! – Gunther Schuller

144860. After the war, once the bop revolution had taken hold, there were all kinds of young musicians, talented young musicians, who were ready for this fusion of classical and jazz. – Gunther Schuller

144861. That was more or less coincidental in the sense that my parents wanted me to come back to New York because that’s the center of musical activity still to this day, more or less, and so I auditioned for the Metropolitan Opera. – Gunther Schuller

144862. You never suffer from a money problem, you always suffer from an idea problem. – Robert H. Schuller

144863. God’s delays are not God’s denials. – Robert H. Schuller

144864. Life is but a moment, death also is but another. – Robert H. Schuller

144865. Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future. – Robert H. Schuller

144866. It takes guts to get out of the ruts. – Robert H. Schuller

144867. It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts. – Robert H. Schuller

144868. It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow. – Robert H. Schuller

144869. If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been. – Robert H. Schuller

144870. If there exists no possibility of failure, then victory is meaningless. – Robert H. Schuller

144871. Never bring the problem solving stage into the decision making stage. Otherwise, you surrender yourself to the problem rather than the solution. – Robert H. Schuller

144872. High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true. – Robert H. Schuller

144873. Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come. – Robert H. Schuller

144874. Goals must never be from your ego, but problems that cry for a solution. – Robert H. Schuller

144875. Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive. – Robert H. Schuller

144876. Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure it just means you haven’t succeeded yet. – Robert H. Schuller

144877. Every person is responsible for all the good within the scope of his abilities, and for no more, and none can tell whose sphere is the largest. – Robert H. Schuller

144878. Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly. – Robert H. Schuller

144879. Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed. – Robert H. Schuller

144880. Always look at what you have left. Never look at what you have lost. – Robert H. Schuller

144881. Again and again, the impossible problem is solved when we see that the problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made. – Robert H. Schuller

144882. I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed. – Robert H. Schuller

144883. The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it. – Robert H. Schuller

144884. You can often measure a person by the size of his dream. – Robert H. Schuller

144885. Winning starts with beginning. – Robert H. Schuller

144886. When you can’t solve the problem, manage it. – Robert H. Schuller

144887. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? – Robert H. Schuller

144888. What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? – Robert H. Schuller

144889. What appears to be the end of the road may simply be a bend in the road. – Robert H. Schuller

144890. Turn your scars into stars. – Robert H. Schuller

144891. Most people who succeed in the face of seemingly impossible conditions are people who simply don’t know how to quit. – Robert H. Schuller

144892. Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities. – Robert H. Schuller

144893. You will suddenly realize that the reason you never changed before was because you didn’t want to. – Robert H. Schuller

144894. The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking. – Robert H. Schuller

144895. The hardest struggle of all is to be something different from what the average man is. – Robert H. Schuller

144896. Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation. – Robert H. Schuller

144897. Some people are at the top of the ladder, some are in the middle, still more are at the bottom, and a whole lot more don’t even know there is a ladder. – Robert H. Schuller

144898. Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines. – Robert H. Schuller

144899. Press on. Obstacles are seldom the same size tomorrow as they are today. – Robert H. Schuller

144900. Our greatest lack is not money for any undertaking, but rather ideas, If the ideas are good, cash will somehow flow to where it is needed. – Robert H. Schuller

144901. Never underestimate your problem or your ability to deal with it. – Robert H. Schuller

144902. Tough times never last, but tough people do. – Robert H. Schuller

144903. Let me dispel a few rumors so they don’t fester into facts. – Tom Schulman

144904. If it were up to the candidates for president on the Republican side, we would be driving foreign cars. They would have let the auto industry in America go down the tubes. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144905. Both referred to the Affordable Care Act, which is the accurate title of the health care reform law, as ‘Obamacare.’ That is a disparaging reference to the President of the United States, it is meant as a disparaging reference to the President of the United States. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144906. Last year, I was proud to be an original co-sponsor of legislation that would increase federal judges’ salaries by more than 40 percent. It also built in a cost of living adjustment, so the Judicial Branch would not be dependent on the Legislative Branch for increases each year. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144907. I have to admit, like so many women, I always knew there was a chance. But like so many women, I never thought it would be me. I never thought I’d hear those devastating words: ‘You have breast cancer.’ – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144908. Every woman needs to know the facts. And the fact is, when it comes to breast cancer, every woman is at risk. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144909. Even though I don’t agree with either Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann on virtually anything, I do think the unique scrutiny – because of their gender and highlighting the potential conflict between them is a product of the media’s desire for juicy storylines. I think it’s inappropriate. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144910. Diversity on the bench is critical. As practitioners, you need judges who ‘get it!’ We need judges who understand what discrimination feels like. We need judges who understand what inequality feels like. We need judges who understand the subtleties of unfair treatment and who are willing to call it out when they see it! – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144911. It is with great disappointment that I call on Representative Anthony Weiner to resign. The behavior he has exhibited is indefensible and Representative Weiner’s continued service in Congress is untenable. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144912. Breast cancer is not just a disease that strikes at women. It strikes at the very heart of who we are as women: how others perceive us, how we perceive ourselves, how we live, work and raise our families-or whether we do these things at all. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144913. People used to say everyone knows someone who’s had breast cancer. In the past few weeks, I’ve learned something else: Everyone has someone close to them who has had breast cancer. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144914. At a time when our moral standing in the world has been weakened by a rubber stamp Justice Department that placed the Bush Administration above the law, we now need someone who is objective and independent. And, make no mistake, Eric Holder is independent. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144915. And so to those who suggest that we are somehow ‘harming’ young women by encouraging them to take charge of their health we say this: We are not harming young women by educating them. We are arming them with information that they will carry with them throughout their lives. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144916. And I’ll tell you, honestly, folks that I talk to, the 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in America, that I am one of, understand that we’re done with insurance companies dropping us or denying us coverage because of – because we have a preexisting condition. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144917. And I think we need a combination of a freeze, potentially, and also we need to sit down with the – with the banking industry and talk to them about ways in which we can help them be able to work those mortgages out, because it’s absolutely imperative that we keep people in their homes. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144918. And American voters understand that if we want to keep fighting to move in the new – in a new direction, we’ve got a long way to go. And we need to make sure we continue with Democrats being in the majority. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144919. All too often in tough economic times, it is the environment that gets left on the cutting room floors of Congress as everyone scraps for limited federal dollars. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144920. Democrats are going to proudly run on the fact that we turned the economy around. It was our policies under President Obama’s leadership through the Recovery Act, through investing in the automobile industry. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144921. To be clear, climate change is a true 800 pound gorilla in the room. The effects of global warming threaten global environmental upheaval over the coming century. But for South Florida and the Everglades, it could be our death knell if urgent action is not taken. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144922. We’re going to need to absorb some pain. The Republicans want to pile all the pain on people who can least afford it and the middle class and Democrats under his leadership want to make sure that we can address deficit reduction and continue to make investments and shared sacrifice is going to be imperative in order to be able to do that. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144923. We own the economy. We own the beginning of the turnaround and we want to make sure that we continue that pace of recovery, not go back to the policies of the past under the Bush administration that put us in the ditch in the first place. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144924. We have to change course. And we have to do so now. That is why I worked with my colleagues in Washington to pass the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144925. We do not need to end Medicare. We don’t need to throw people who are younger than 55 years old to the wolves which is what we do. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144926. We certainly could have voted on making the middle-class tax cuts and tax cuts for working families permanent had the Republicans not insisted that the only way they would support those tax breaks is if we also added $700 billion to the deficit to give tax breaks to the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans. That’s what was really disturbing. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144927. Unfortunately, the Republican leadership in the House right now seems to have been strangled by the tea party. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144928. With the recent news that the State of Florida has agreed to purchase 181,000 acres of U.S. Sugar land, we have an historic opportunity for our larger restoration efforts and for the people of Florida. This too will not come without difficult challenges, but it reminds us that anything is possible. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144929. This sordid affair has become an unacceptable distraction for Representative Weiner, his family, his constituents and the House – and for the good of all, he should step aside and address those things that should be most important – his and his family’s well-being. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144930. The fact is, when it comes to economic leadership, the Republicans have nothing to brag about. This isn’t what the American people want. They want to see progress that works for them. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144931. The economic recession in America wasn’t caused by bad luck; it was caused by bad Republican policies. But the Republican candidates are doubling down on the same flawed policies that led to the loss of 3.6 million jobs in the final months of 2008 and gravely affected middle class families across America. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144932. So the tough questions that have been asked of Sarah Palin thus far just have been about the fact that she doesn’t know anything and isn’t ready to be vice president. That’s fair game and it has nothing to do with her gender. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144933. Really it’s hard to know where the Republican Party ends and the Tea Party begins. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144934. President Obama is making the tough decisions to get our country going in the right direction, has taken our economy from job losses to 15 straight months of job gains, cut taxes 26 times, and focused like a laser on getting the middle class back on its feet while those campaigning to replace him have failed to show they can lead on these issues. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144935. We can never, ever say it enough: every woman – especially every young woman-has to take charge of her health… and do what’s right for her! – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

144936. I’ve spent a lot of time researching the subject and government deception. So to be involved in Star Trek is perfect for me. I enjoy meeting the fans and discussing my interests with them. – Dwight Schultz

144937. It’s a fascinating area for me, UFOs have occupied a great part of my life since I was very young. – Dwight Schultz

144938. In fact, their eyes sort of roll around and they kind of go, ‘Hmm’- like there’s something there and they don’t want to talk about it. But they’re not that kind when they are speaking in public. – Dwight Schultz

144939. The Roswell incident, for instance, had over three hundred witnesses – some describing the bodies, some the craft, some the military procedures. Were they all perpetuating their own lives in a myth? – Dwight Schultz

144940. The New York Times’ was enigmatic: ‘Some unimaginable gravitational force is pulling our entire galaxy in the opposite direction.’ End of article. If you stop and think about that, we are recreating ourselves. – Dwight Schultz

144941. The more I read, to me the more incredible everything is. Based on what I’ve read, there are all these other dimensional planes and spaces, mathematically proven. – Dwight Schultz

144942. The director calmed me down and told me I was being too hard on myself. He went on to say that I wasn’t quite as bad as I thought, but needed to tone things down a bit. – Dwight Schultz

144943. The atom was unleashed in 1946, right when all this stuff was occurring. And the bomb’s incredible release of energy and light may have signalled somebody in a dimension which is sharing space with us very closely. – Dwight Schultz

144944. Politically speaking, you don’t necessarily give away information that allows your enemy to get an upper hand. But at the same time you don’t keep reality from the population. – Dwight Schultz

144945. People will be fascinated. We will think of each other in a far more homogeneous way, because we will know that there is something that is different from us. And when we say ‘us,’ it will mean as a species. – Dwight Schultz

144946. Of course, I have Gene Roddenberry to thank for the creation of Barclay. – Dwight Schultz

144947. They’ve discovered that, where all the other galaxies are moving in one direction, ours is going in another. Now, the Big Bang theory says that we’re all moving outward. – Dwight Schultz

144948. It’s a very typical UFO sighting. Carter said it changed color and, in the physical report, described it as being about the size of the moon. And he saw it with about twenty-five other people. – Dwight Schultz

144949. Today’s particle physics describe light as a crumple in space, and we may have deformed space in such a way that they noticed something peculiar – and they had the ability to investigate it. – Dwight Schultz

144950. It sort of filtered into their subconscious through motion pictures, but it’s an historical secret. This – whatever this is – needs to be studied and, in a kind of definitive way, talked about. – Dwight Schultz

144951. It rolls off my back. Ridicule doesn’t mean anything – even from people you’re supposed to wear knee pads around, like the scientific community. – Dwight Schultz

144952. It could be that people just want to be connected to something that’s bigger than they are that can’t be proven. I don’t know, I don’t think that’s it. – Dwight Schultz

144953. If they’re traveling at the speed of light, their month is perhaps the equivalent of twenty of our years. So they’re just buzzing around having a good old time, continuously looking. – Dwight Schultz

144954. I’ve been blessed with some lovely scripts and a character that people could truly identify with. It’s one of those surprises in life that makes you think, ‘God was smiling on me that particular day. – Dwight Schultz

144955. I find that easier to accept than this all happened out of nothing. – Dwight Schultz

144956. I don’t think it’s too late for ‘The War of the Worlds’ to come true. I’m talking about it from the standpoint that which you need to have and own things – to breed, to think, to create – is going on everywhere, not just on this planet or in the space around it. – Dwight Schultz

144957. Has one hostage from Lebanon come back with a photograph of his abductors? Has any hostage ever come back with a photograph of his abductors smiling? I mean, this was so incredible! – Dwight Schultz

144958. Governments are moved by numbers, and the greater the number of people who admit that they believe, the greater the likelihood that the secret – if there is one being kept – will be revealed. – Dwight Schultz

144959. Being closer to the genesis of this whole period, it captured the importance of the concept of making contact and accurately depicted the paranoia of the time. It’s an excellent film. – Dwight Schultz

144960. It’s horrible to think that a small cadre of people would manipulate that information. I mean, for God’s sake, we’ve admitted that we were experimenting on our veterans with mustard gas. So there is no security question. It can’t possibly be the reason. – Dwight Schultz

144961. ‘UFO’s’ attitude toward the subject is very similar to mine. It’s not an advocacy; its philosophy is more ‘I want to believe this, but I want it proved.’ – Dwight Schultz

144962. We all have a right to know, and if the government has been suppressing information about other life forms, that’s the cruelest hoax of all. – Dwight Schultz

144963. With science fiction I think we are preparing ourselves for contact with them, whoever they may be. – Dwight Schultz

144964. The time between appearances for us is so great that we lose track of it. It would be like watching “Ben Hur” at one frame a second. There would be long periods of time where absolutely nothing was going on. – Dwight Schultz

144965. He who walks in the middle of the roads gets hit from both sides. – George Schultz

144966. Negotiations are a euphemism for capitulation if the shadow of power is not cast across the bargaining table. – George Schultz

144967. The minute you start talking about what you’re going to do if you lose, you have lost. – George Schultz

144968. World Affairs Councils are great organizations. They help keep people throughout our country alive to important developments in world affairs and underscore that, in the country, we stay engaged and we are part of the world. – George Schultz

144969. Europe has always represented a major strategic opportunity to achieve our goal of creating and building an enduring global brand. – Howard Schultz

144970. We have a big opportunity in China. We think the number of stores here can rival the number in North America. – Howard Schultz

144971. Success in the United States is not an entitlement in China. You have to go there and earn it, and earn it the right way. – Howard Schultz

144972. Starbucks represents something beyond a cup of coffee. – Howard Schultz

144973. Risk more than others think safe. – Howard Schultz

144974. Expect more than others think possible. – Howard Schultz

144975. Dream more than others think practical. – Howard Schultz

144976. China traditionally has been a tea-drinking country but we turned them into coffee drinkers. – Howard Schultz

144977. Care more than others think wise. – Howard Schultz

144978. I believe life is a series of near misses. A lot of what we ascribe to luck is not luck at all. It’s seizing the day and accepting responsibility for your future. It’s seeing what other people don’t see And pursuing that vision. – Howard Schultz

144979. First you learn a new language, profanity; and second you learn not to discipline your dogs when you’re mad, and that’s most of the time when you’re training dogs. – Lou Schultz

144980. “No” is something you use a lot, and when you start using it you have a whip in your hands. – Lou Schultz

144981. And for man to look upon himself as a capital good, even if it did not impair his freedom, may seem to debase him… by investing in themselves, people can enlarge the range of choice available to them. It is one way free men can enhance their welfare. – Theodore William Schultz

144982. This enraged the other Nazi so much that the next morning he came to our house and he shot my father. – Bruno Schulz

144983. In our town there was a Gestapo officer who loved to play chess. After the occupation began, he found out that my father was the chess master of the region, and so he had him to his house every night. – Bruno Schulz

144984. Theses officers were good friends, so it must have been a terrible argument, because the one who played chess with my father was so angry that he walked over to the dentist’s house and got the dentist out of bed and shot him. – Bruno Schulz

144985. I think I’ve discovered the secret of life – you just hang around until you get used to it. – Charles M. Schulz

144986. No problem is too big to run away from. – Charles M. Schulz

144987. Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life. – Charles M. Schulz

144988. Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is. – Charles M. Schulz

144989. Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia. – Charles M. Schulz

144990. I have a new philosophy. I’m only going to dread one day at a time. – Charles M. Schulz

144991. I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand. – Charles M. Schulz

144992. If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself. – Charles M. Schulz

144993. Jogging is very beneficial. It’s good for your legs and your feet. It’s also very good for the ground. If makes it feel needed. – Charles M. Schulz

144994. Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use. – Charles M. Schulz

144995. Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time. – Charles M. Schulz

144996. All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. – Charles M. Schulz

144997. No problem is so formidable that you can’t walk away from it. – Charles M. Schulz

144998. A whole stack of memories never equal one little hope. – Charles M. Schulz

144999. Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love. – Charles M. Schulz

145000. Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask why me? Then a voice answers nothing personal, your name just happened to come up. – Charles M. Schulz

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