180000 famous quotes part 170 – 169001 to 170000

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180000 famous quotes part 170 – 169001 to 170000

169001. PC stuff just lowers the general acceptance of good work and replaces it with bogus poetry that celebrates values that in themselves are probably quite worthy. – Diane Wakoski

169002. Bach opens a vista to the universe. After experiencing him, people feel there is meaning to life after all. – Helmut Walcha

169003. The sigh of History rises over ruins, not over landscapes, and in the Antilles there are few ruins to sigh over, apart from the ruins of sugar estates and abandoned forts. – Derek Walcott

169004. Any serious attempt to try to do something worthwhile is ritualistic. – Derek Walcott

169005. A culture, we all know, is made by its cities. – Derek Walcott

169006. Because that is what such a city is, in the New World, a writer’s heaven. – Derek Walcott

169007. Break a vase, and the love that reassembles the fragments is stronger than that love which took its symmetry for granted when it was whole. – Derek Walcott

169008. If you know what you are going to write when you’re writing a poem, it’s going to be average. – Derek Walcott

169009. Memory that yearns to join the centre, a limb remembering the body from which it has been severed, like those bamboo thighs of the god. – Derek Walcott

169010. The personal vocabulary, the individual melody whose metre is one’s biography, joins in that sound, with any luck, and the body moves like a walking, a waking island. – Derek Walcott

169011. This is Port of Spain to me, a city ideal in its commercial and human proportions, where a citizen is a walker and not a pedestrian, and this is how Athens may have been before it became a cultural echo. – Derek Walcott

169012. Visual surprise is natural in the Caribbean; it comes with the landscape, and faced with its beauty, the sigh of History dissolves. – Derek Walcott

169013. We make too much of that long groan which underlines the past. – Derek Walcott

169014. The English language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself. – Derek Walcott

169015. The thought that we’re in competition with Russians or with Chinese is all a mistake, and trivial. We are one species, with a world to win. – George Wald

169016. As far as I know, the most conservative estimates of the number of Americans who would be killed in a major nuclear attack, with everything working as well as can be hoped and all foreseeable precautions taken, run to about fifty million. – George Wald

169017. The Vietnamese have a secret weapon. It’s their willingness to die beyond our willingness to kill. In effect, they’ve been saying, You can kill us, but you’ll have to kill a lot of us; you may have to kill all of us. And, thank heaven, we are not yet ready to do that. – George Wald

169018. In fact, death seems to have been a rather late invention in evolution. One can go a long way in evolution before encountering an authentic corpse. – George Wald

169019. I think all of you know there is no adequate defense against massive nuclear attack. – George Wald

169020. I tell my students to try to know molecules, so well that when they have some question involving molecules, they can ask themselves, What would I do if I were that molecule? – George Wald

169021. I tell my students to try early in life to find an unattainable objective. – George Wald

169022. I have lived much of my life among molecules. They are good company. – George Wald

169023. I am growing old, and my future, so to speak, is already behind me. – George Wald

169024. It’s not good enough to give it tender, loving care, to supply it with breakfast foods, to buy it expensive educations. Those things don’t mean anything unless this generation has a future. And we’re not sure that it does. – George Wald

169025. As you lecture, you keep watching the faces, and information keeps coming back to you all the time. – George Wald

169026. Nuclear weapons offer us nothing but a balance of terror, and a balance of terror is still terror. – George Wald

169027. And, you see, we are living in a world in which all wars are wars of defense. – George Wald

169028. All War Departments are now Defense Departments. This is all part of the doubletalk of our time. The aggressor is always on the other side. – George Wald

169029. A scientist should be the happiest of men. – George Wald

169030. A scientist lives with all reality. There is nothing better. – George Wald

169031. A scientist is in a sense a learned small boy. There is something of the scientist in every small boy. Others must outgrow it. Scientists can stay that way all their lives. – George Wald

169032. A physicist is an atom’s way of knowing about atoms. – George Wald

169033. A peacetime draft is the most un-American thing I know. – George Wald

169034. A lecture is much more of a dialogue than many of you probably realize. – George Wald

169035. Dropping those atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a war crime. – George Wald

169036. The trouble with most of the things that people want is that they get them. – George Wald

169037. We’ve committed many war crimes in Vietnam – but I’ll tell you something interesting about that. We were committing war crimes in World War II, before the Nuremberg trials were held and the principle of war crimes was stated. – George Wald

169038. We have to get rid of those nuclear weapons. – George Wald

169039. We have fallen in love with the body. That’s that thing that looks back at us from the mirror. That’s the repository of that lovely identity that you keep chasing all your life. – George Wald

169040. We are the products of editing, rather than of authorship. – George Wald

169041. To know reality is to accept it, and eventually to love it. – George Wald

169042. There’s life all over this universe, but the only life in the solar system is on earth, and in the whole universe we are the only men. – George Wald

169043. It would be a poor thing to be an atom in a universe without physicists, and physicists are made of atoms. A physicist is an atom’s way of knowing about atoms. – George Wald

169044. There is nothing worth having that can he obtained by nuclear war – nothing material or ideological – no tradition that it can defend. It is utterly self-defeating. – George Wald

169045. You see, every creature alive on the earth today represents an unbroken line of life that stretches back to the first primitive organism to appear on this planet; and that is about three billion years. – George Wald

169046. The only use for an atomic bomb is to keep somebody else from using one. – George Wald

169047. The only point of government is to safeguard and foster life. – George Wald

169048. The Nobel Prize is an honor unique in the world in having found its way into the hearts and minds of simple people everywhere. It casts a light of peace and reason upon us all; and for that I am especially grateful. – George Wald

169049. The concept of war crimes is an American invention. – George Wald

169050. So-called defense now absorbs sixty per cent of the national budget, and about twelve per cent of the Gross National Product. – George Wald

169051. Since we have had a history, men have pursued an ideal of immortality. – George Wald

169052. Science goes from question to question; big questions, and little, tentative answers. The questions as they age grow ever broader, the answers are seen to be more limited. – George Wald

169053. Our business is with life, not death. – George Wald

169054. Whether fuel cell system development in central Oregon, wind power generation along the Columbia Gorge, or geothermal energy in southern Oregon, investing in new energy sources makes America more energy independent while creating good paying, environmentally friendly jobs. – Greg Walden

169055. A $1.7 billion average increase in electricity costs is estimated to result in a $1.3 billion decrease in personal income and a loss of 13,000 more jobs in the region. – Greg Walden

169056. Large corporations and unions know the power of being big enough to bargain for better rates. – Greg Walden

169057. A man of strength and wisdom, John Paul became an inspiration to generations of both Catholics and non-Catholics throughout the world by encouraging freedom, promoting peace and respecting all faiths. – Greg Walden

169058. As federal lawmakers, we have a responsibility to set a precedent for energy efficient practices. – Greg Walden

169059. As the GAO report recognizes, the long-term health of our forests relies on additional fuel reduction options and funding to reduce the risks that catastrophic fire poses to our nation’s ecosystems, communities and federal budgetary resources. – Greg Walden

169060. I am maintaining my schedule of commuting to Washington, D.C. each week from Oregon so that I can spend my weekends and days when we are not in session traveling to communities throughout my district. – Greg Walden

169061. I came away from the forums with a profound concern about the highly addictive and destructive nature of methamphetamine. Families are torn apart, lives are destroyed and treatment is difficult to get. – Greg Walden

169062. I came here to help make America more competitive and prosperous by developing an energy policy that increases conservation, promotes cleaner technologies, encourages development of renewables and enhances domestic production of gas and oil. – Greg Walden

169063. I did not come to Washington to raise the electricity rates by as much as $40 per month as this plan would do. – Greg Walden

169064. I’ve experienced first-hand the wonderful work organizations like J Bar J do for young people in Central Oregon and I am encouraged that the federal government is taking an active role in the Cascade Youth and Family Center. – Greg Walden

169065. As a lifelong Oregonian, I prefer our forests green, not black. – Greg Walden

169066. It is up to us as lawmakers to provide the resources and streamlined processes that will enable our federal forest managers to become the best possible steward of our lands. – Greg Walden

169067. With the increasing demand for oil around the world and the rising costs in Oregon and throughout the nation, we must focus on the development of alternate energy sources, especially those that are clean, efficient and renewable. – Greg Walden

169068. Many individual growers now are growing organic fruit, and many are taking it upon themselves to market their own products to the public, as opposed to necessarily going through big processors, although, obviously, the bulk of the fruit still is dealt with that way. – Greg Walden

169069. Operation Northern Star with Canada has made significant progress in battling meth from the north, and we are engaged in numerous training opportunities in Mexico to help curb the problem from the south. – Greg Walden

169070. Removing substantial fuel loads from our forests helps prevent catastrophic fire and better protects species, watersheds and neighboring communities that call them home. – Greg Walden

169071. Since 2000, we’ve seen base power rates rise by 50%. – Greg Walden

169072. Small businesses are seeing huge rate increases every year, and more and more of them are saying they just can’t afford to provide coverage. That’s part of the reason more than 45 million Americans are now uninsured. – Greg Walden

169073. The Round-Up is a wonderful community celebration, and I greatly enjoy the chance to visit with residents and see so many families enjoying the festivities offered throughout the week. – Greg Walden

169074. The war on meth must be fought with a multi-pronged approach. – Greg Walden

169075. We are taking steps to fight the production of meth on our own soil through limiting access to precursor ingredients, supporting educational efforts and providing necessary resources to law enforcement. – Greg Walden

169076. It is no secret that those of us in the Northwest believe the Administration’s proposal to drive up the cost of electricity in our region is not only misguided, but also will not achieve the intended goal of raising money for the treasury. – Greg Walden

169077. We also have to stop the flow of precursor chemicals that meth cooks use to boil up this poison. – Greg Walden

169078. There is no such thing as collective guilt. – Kurt Waldheim

169079. A laugh is a smile that bursts. – Mary H. Waldrip

169080. Grandchildren are God’s way of compensating us for growing old. – Mary H. Waldrip

169081. It’s important that people know what you stand for. It’s equally important that they know what you won’t stand for. – Mary H. Waldrip

169082. When someone sings his own praises, he always gets the tune too high. – Mary H. Waldrip

169083. People are not fundamentally bad. It only takes the smallest of correctives to take care of that tiny minority that wants to disrupt the community. – Jimmy Wales

169084. The goal is to give people a free encyclopedia to every person in the world, in their own language. Not just in a ‘free beer’ kind of way, but also in the free speech kind of way. – Jimmy Wales

169085. Our growth rate continues to be staggering. – Jimmy Wales

169086. My original concept was to provide a free encyclopedia for every single person in the world. – Jimmy Wales

169087. Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing. – Jimmy Wales

169088. I have always viewed the mission of Wikipedia to be much bigger than just creating a killer website. We’re doing that of course, and having a lot of fun doing it, but a big part of what motivates us is our larger mission to affect the world in a positive way. – Jimmy Wales

169089. I have always liked the idea of going to print because a big part of what we are about is to disseminate knowledge throughout the world and not just to people who have broadband. – Jimmy Wales

169090. Love. It isn’t very popular in technical circles to say a lot of mushy stuff about love, but frankly it’s a very very important part of what holds our project together. – Jimmy Wales

169091. We hold our heads high, despite the price we have paid, because freedom is priceless. – Lech Walesa

169092. My most ardent desire is that my country will recapture its historic opportunity for a peaceful evolution and that Poland will prove to the world that even the most complex situations can be solved by a dialogue and not by force. – Lech Walesa

169093. My youth passed at the time of the country’s reconstruction from the ruins and ashes of the war in which my nation never bowed to the enemy paying the highest price in the struggle. – Lech Walesa

169094. Our firm conviction that ours is a just cause and that we must find a peaceful way to attain our goals gave us the strength and the awareness of the limits beyond which we must not go. – Lech Walesa

169095. Our national history has so often filled us with bitterness and the feeling of helplessness. – Lech Walesa

169096. The hope of the nation which throughout the nineteenth century had not for a moment reconciled itself with the loss of independence, and fighting for its own freedom, fought at the same time for the freedom of other nations. – Lech Walesa

169097. The sole and basic source of our strength is the solidarity of workers, peasants and the intelligentsia, the solidarity of the nation, the solidarity of people who seek to live in dignity, truth, and in harmony with their conscience. – Lech Walesa

169098. The supply of words in the world market is plentiful but the demand is falling. Let deeds follow words now. – Lech Walesa

169099. When I recall my own path of life I cannot but speak of the violence, hatred and lies. A lesson drawn from such experiences, however, was that we can effectively oppose violence only if we ourselves do not resort to it. – Lech Walesa

169100. This conviction brought me, in the summer of 1978, to the Free Trade Unions – formed by a group of courageous and dedicated people who came out in the defense of the workers’ rights and dignity. – Lech Walesa

169101. We shall not yield to violence. We shall not be deprived of union freedoms. We shall never agree with sending people to prison for their convictions. – Lech Walesa

169102. What until then seemed impossible to achieve has become a fact of life. We have won the right to association in trade unions independent from the authorities, founded and shaped by the working people themselves. – Lech Walesa

169103. My country is in the grips of a major economic crisis. This is causing dramatic consequences for the very existence of Polish families. A permanent economic crisis in Poland may also have serious repercussions for Europe. Thus, Poland ought to be helped and deserves help. – Lech Walesa

169104. I made the right decisions, I set everything on the right course, the reforms are going in the right direction. – Lech Walesa

169105. The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I se it, is service to a fellow human being. – Lech Walesa

169106. Lying at the root of the social agreements of 1980 are the courage, sense of responsibility, and the solidarity of the working people. Both sides have then recognized that an accord must be reached if bloodshed is to be prevented. – Lech Walesa

169107. Let the veil of silence fall presently over what happened afterwards. Silence, too, can speak out. – Lech Walesa

169108. It is hardly possible to build anything if frustration, bitterness and a mood of helplessness prevail. – Lech Walesa

169109. I’m lazy. But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things. – Lech Walesa

169110. I realize that the strivings of the Polish people gave rise, and still do so, to the feelings of understanding and solidarity all over the world. – Lech Walesa

169111. You have riches and freedom here but I feel no sense of faith or direction. You have so many computers, why don’t you use them in the search for love? – Lech Walesa

169112. I most sincerely wish that the world in which we live be free from the threat of a nuclear holocaust and from the ruinous arms race. It is my cherished desire that peace be not separated from freedom which is the right of every nation. This I desire and for this I pray. – Lech Walesa

169113. The program of our movement stems from the fundamental moral laws and order. – Lech Walesa

169114. I have always been and will be an enemy of communism, but I love all people. – Lech Walesa

169115. I got politics and economics moving and then others took over. – Lech Walesa

169116. I belong to the generation of workers who, born in the villages and hamlets of rural Poland, had the opportunity to acquire education and find employment in industry, becoming in the course conscious of their rights and importance in society. – Lech Walesa

169117. I belong to a nation which over the past centuries has experienced many hardships and reverses. The world reacted with silence or with mere sympathy when Polish frontiers were crossed by invading armies and the sovereign state had to succumb to brutal force. – Lech Walesa

169118. He who puts out his hand to stop the wheel of history will have his fingers crushed. – Lech Walesa

169119. As a nation we have the right to decide our own affairs, to mould our own future. This does not pose any danger to anybody. Our nation is fully aware of the responsibility for its own fate in the complicated situation of the contemporary world. – Lech Walesa

169120. I must tell you that the supply of words on the world market is plentiful, but the demand is falling. – Lech Walesa

169121. The defense of our rights and our dignity, as well as efforts never to let ourselves to be overcome by the feeling of hatred – this is the road we have chosen. – Lech Walesa

169122. When videotape came so a lot of movies that I do have a kind of afterlife in video. Things where movies that I do would come and go; they still come and go but you can go rent them and see them on TV. – Christopher Walken

169123. When I was a kid I joined the circus. I did that. It is true. But it’s not like you think. There was a guy, he had his own circus. His name was Carol Jacobs and he owned it. It was a small thing. – Christopher Walken

169124. They have a kind of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby thing going on. – Christopher Walken

169125. The minute I start to talk about acting, I realize that I can’t. You know, it’s an abstract thing, a little bit mysterious even if you do it for a living. – Christopher Walken

169126. The best thing for me is, when I’m not working, is to be at home and to have a script or two scripts is better, and to be just walking around the house and just thinking about the lines. – Christopher Walken

169127. One thing that’s happened to me is I’ve been around a long time and I’ve played a lot of villains and so forth. I think it had to do with, well one thing is that I looked younger than I was for a long time. Now I think I’m suddenly starting to play people’s father. – Christopher Walken

169128. Obviously an actor draws on his own experience. – Christopher Walken

169129. I live sort of in the country and I like that. It’s very quiet, it’s beautiful. – Christopher Walken

169130. Yeah, well I’ve always played comedy. My background is musical comedy theatre and that’s really where my training is. As an actor, that’s my training. – Christopher Walken

169131. My father passed away a couple of years ago, but he was very old. He was almost a 100 years old. And, you know, he had a very good life. He came to America and he had a good life. – Christopher Walken

169132. No, improvising is wonderful. But, the thing is that you cannot improvise unless you know exactly what you’re doing. – Christopher Walken

169133. I’ve never crashed a wedding. When I was a kid I, of course, used to crash parties. Crashing a wedding is difficult though because you have to have the suit, and you have to have information in case someone catches you. You have to know at least some names and something. – Christopher Walken

169134. I’ve made three musical movies which is pretty good considering that not many are made but I was lucky in other ways. I came along when independent movies were starting to boom. – Christopher Walken

169135. I’ve made movies that we’re very successful that we’re a complete surprise, and I’ve made movies that I thought we’re going to be very successful that, you know. – Christopher Walken

169136. I’m not much of an analyzer or a psychologist. – Christopher Walken

169137. I’d love to do a character with a wife, a nice little house, a couple of kids, a dog, maybe a bit of singing, and no guns and no killing, but nobody offers me those kind of parts. – Christopher Walken

169138. I try not to worry about things I can’t do anything about. – Christopher Walken

169139. I think that weddings have probably been crashed since the beginning of time. Cavemen crashed them. You go to meet girls. It makes sense. – Christopher Walken

169140. I think that sometimes when they see me in a movie they expect me to be something nasty. I mean, I play a lot of villains and you show up and they think maybe… That’s why it’s good to defy expectations sometimes. – Christopher Walken

169141. I think that if I had grown up and had been in show business and the movies twenty five, thirty years earlier, I think I would have made a lot more musical movies. – Christopher Walken

169142. No, but way before that, I’ve been doing little dances in movies for years. Yeah, that was an amazing chance. You know, at my age to be able to do a music dance video, very unusual. – Christopher Walken

169143. Everybody has to be a little lucky, I think. – Christopher Walken

169144. My favorite characters are the ones that are the most successful movies. – Christopher Walken

169145. I don’t carry lucky charms, but I believe in those things. – Christopher Walken

169146. Because if I don’t know my lines, I really don’t know what I’m doing. – Christopher Walken

169147. As an actor you become that lighting rod between the person who made the play and the audience. – Christopher Walken

169148. And I think that when I play these villains, maybe what is different is that the audience sees me play these and they know that that’s Chris and he’s having fun and he knows that and he knows that and you know that and everybody knows that. – Christopher Walken

169149. An actor really is a kind of intermediary between an audience and the piece, whether it’s a play or movie. – Christopher Walken

169150. Also, I think there are huge reactions sometimes, which are also mysterious. – Christopher Walken

169151. Also for me it was different because I play a lot of villains and in this one I play a dad and I play a good guy, basically. He’s the Secretary of the Treasury. I never had a job like that. – Christopher Walken

169152. Acting has to do with saying it as if you meant it, so for me the words are always very important. It’s very important for me to know my lines, know them so well that I don’t have to think about them. – Christopher Walken

169153. I remember that. I was talking to him and I said how great it would be if actors had a tail because I have animals and a tail is so expressive. On a cat you can tell everything. You can tell if they’re annoyed. You can tell whether they’re scared. – Christopher Walken

169154. I think early on I knew what I was going to do and it was based a lot on familiarity but it was also because I didn’t have a lot of skills. There was nothing I wanted t be. I didn’t want to be a doctor. I wanted to be in show business. – Christopher Walken

169155. I think if you do something effectively whether you’re the lover or the comic or the action guy or the villain like I play; movies are very expensive to make. Chances are you’ll get asked to play that part again. – Christopher Walken

169156. Man cannot degrade woman without himself falling into degradation; he cannot elevate her without at the same time elevating himself. – Alexander Walker

169157. I think that the enormous emphasis on violence and sex, and in particular violent sex, may not make rapists of us all, but it predisposes us to accept a kind of world in which these things happen. – Alexander Walker

169158. I’m of course disillusioned with what has happened to World cinema. Now cinemas in both Eastern and Western Europe are filled with the same blockbusters from Hollywood. – Alexander Walker

169159. In the days of Gary Cooper, James Stewart etc, film stars personified the better aspects of human nature. – Alexander Walker

169160. Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it. – Alice Walker

169161. Never be the only one, except, possibly, in your own home. – Alice Walker

169162. No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow. – Alice Walker

169163. Nobody is as powerful as we make them out to be. – Alice Walker

169164. People do not wish to appear foolish; to avoid the appearance of foolishness, they are willing to remain actually fools. – Alice Walker

169165. People tend to think that life really does progress for everyone eventually, that people progress, but actually only some people progress. The rest of the people don’t. – Alice Walker

169166. Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors. – Alice Walker

169167. The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men. – Alice Walker

169168. The experience of God, or in any case the possibility of experiencing God, is innate. – Alice Walker

169169. The gift of loneliness is sometimes a radical vision of society or one’s people that has not previously been taken into account. – Alice Walker

169170. I think we have to own the fears that we have of each other, and then, in some practical way, some daily way, figure out how to see people differently than the way we were brought up to. – Alice Walker

169171. The most important question in the world is, ‘Why is the child crying?’ – Alice Walker

169172. It is healthier, in any case, to write for the adults one’s children will become than for the children one’s “mature” critics often are. – Alice Walker

169173. Yes, Mother. I can see you are flawed. You have not hidden it. That is your greatest gift to me. – Alice Walker

169174. Writing saved me from the sin and inconvenience of violence. – Alice Walker

169175. Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender. – Alice Walker

169176. What the mind doesn’t understand, it worships or fears. – Alice Walker

169177. Us sing and dance, make faces and give flower bouquets, trying to be loved. You ever notice that trees do everything to git attention we do, except walk? – Alice Walker

169178. To me, the black black woman is our essential mother, the blacker she is the more us she is and to see the hatred that is turned on her is enough to make me despair, almost entirely, of our future as a people. – Alice Walker

169179. There are those who believe Black people possess the secret of joy and that it is this that will sustain them through any spiritual or moral or physical devastation. – Alice Walker

169180. The trouble with our people is as soon as they got out of slavery they didn’t want to give the white man nothing else. But the fact is, you got to give em something. Either your money, your land, your woman or your ass. – Alice Walker

169181. The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. – Alice Walker

169182. All partisan movements add to the fullness of our understanding of society as a whole. They never detract; or, in any case, one must not allow them to do so. Experience adds to experience. – Alice Walker

169183. For in the end, freedom is a personal and lonely battle; and one faces down fears of today so that those of tomorrow might be engaged. – Alice Walker

169184. Helped are those who create anything at all, for they shall relive the thrill of their own conception and realize a partnership in the creation of the Universe that keeps them responsible and cheerful. – Alice Walker

169185. Horses make a landscape look beautiful. – Alice Walker

169186. How simple a thing it seems to me that to know ourselves as we are, we must know our mothers names. – Alice Walker

169187. I have learned not to worry about love; but to honor its coming with all my heart. – Alice Walker

169188. I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it. – Alice Walker

169189. Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise. – Alice Walker

169190. The quietly pacifist peaceful always die to make room for men who shout. – Alice Walker

169191. It’s so clear that you have to cherish everyone. I think that’s what I get from these older black women, that every soul is to be cherished, that every flower Is to bloom. – Alice Walker

169192. All History is current; all injustice continues on some level, somewhere in the world. – Alice Walker

169193. It no longer bothers me that I may be constantly searching for father figures; by this time, I have found several and dearly enjoyed knowing them all. – Alice Walker

169194. And so our mothers and grandmothers have, more often than not anonymously, handed on the creative spark, the seed of the flower they themselves never hoped to see – or like a sealed letter they could not plainly read. – Alice Walker

169195. Any God I ever felt in church I brought in with me. – Alice Walker

169196. Don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself. – Alice Walker

169197. Anybody can observe the Sabbath, but making it holy surely takes the rest of the week. – Alice Walker

169198. Deliver me from writers who say the way they live doesn’t matter. I’m not sure a bad person can write a good book, If art doesn’t make us better, then what on earth is it for. – Alice Walker

169199. I try to teach my heart not to want things it can’t have. – Alice Walker

169200. In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful. – Alice Walker

169201. In search of my mother’s garden, I found my own. – Alice Walker

169202. Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister. – Alice Walker

169203. Charlie Brown is almost a tragic figure. – Brian Walker

169204. Remember, I am not trying to orbit the earth. It is a simple elevator ride for 20 minutes. – Brian Walker

169205. That tv box has a tremendous capacity to reach people. – Clint Walker

169206. I think you always have regrets. – Clint Walker

169207. Of course, DeMille never did anything on a small scale. – Clint Walker

169208. Shane was a classic, and you can’t find a better bad guy than Jack Palance. – Clint Walker

169209. I seldom ever missed a Gary Cooper picture if I could manage to see it. – Clint Walker

169210. There is a lot of stuff now that is in bad taste, and I don’t see the necessity for it all. We didn’t have to do it in our time, and they don’t have to do it now. – Clint Walker

169211. Well, The Dirty Dozen was like a vacation. – Clint Walker

169212. You can’t teach creativity at film school. – Daniel Walker

169213. I was an able-seaman, a deck hand. As I say, it’s the way to see the world and get paid for it. – David Walker

169214. Well, it was just, the bars was all just like the bamboo roofs and everything. You know. As I say, to me, it’s completely spoiled all, all these places now. Make them all just tourist traps. – David Walker

169215. Well, mines was a sub machine gun. That was my personal weapon with being the first person in the patrol. I used to lead the patrol. Used to have a leading scout, a second scout and then the officer. The officer would be third. As I say, it was educational. – David Walker

169216. By action and reaction do we become strong or weak, according to the character of our thoughts and mental states. Fear is the deadly nightshade of the mind. – Edward Walker

169217. To me, lighting really sets the mood for a room. A 40 watt bulb in a cheap lamp is the same as a 40 watt bulb in an expensive one. – Edward Walker

169218. Sometime I wish the aliens would abduct me and crown me as their leader. – George H. Walker

169219. He didn’t want to tell his son what to do, but told me to write the president a letter. I didn’t name a country, but there are many countries we have a fragile relationship with. – George Herbert Walker

169220. I never dreamed about being an actor, because that was out of reach. Coming from a small town that was big in farming, and also big in clothing factories, you don’t dream about being a professional football player or an actor. – Herschel Walker

169221. I was a little different. I still say I’m a little different, because success to me is not having the most money, or having the biggest car or the biggest house. – Herschel Walker

169222. The hardest thing I had to overcome in life? I think racism. That’s so difficult because I don’t think anyone can ever understand it. It’s not that people don’t want to understand it, but they don’t want to touch it. – Herschel Walker

169223. That person has to be accountable for himself. I think that’s what we have to do in society today is to be accountable for yourself. I think we have the tendency to always want to live someone else’s life. – Herschel Walker

169224. Success is just being happy. And I try so many different things. I do a lot of different things. Because I think God has helped me to love myself. I know who God is, and I love God. – Herschel Walker

169225. My God given talent is my ability to stick with training longer than anybody else. – Herschel Walker

169226. My favorite subject probably was math. I love math. Figures just intrigue me. I was really good at math. English probably was my worst subject. But I used to write a lot of poetry. I used to write poetry all the time. – Herschel Walker

169227. Lets not push it under the rug, or push it to the side because, no matter what, it’s going to keep coming up. You know, if you never deal with that dirt up under the carpet, it’s going to get larger and larger, and it’s going to keep coming up. – Herschel Walker

169228. If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat. – Herschel Walker

169229. If I had to come up with something that just came to me, I think growing up in a small town, I want knowledge. I still think today, knowledge is one of the keys. – Herschel Walker

169230. When I feel good about myself, things start happening for myself. When you look up, you go up. – Herschel Walker

169231. I don’t read a lot of the sports, because I think people sometimes either build it up, or you have this guy that hates sports that is going to write bad about it, so I figure I’m not going to read it. Because I’m not going to let him put an idea into my head. – Herschel Walker

169232. Growing up, I started developing confidence in what I felt. My parents helped me to believe in myself. I wasn’t the best looking guy, I wasn’t the best athlete in the world, but they made me feel good about myself. – Herschel Walker

169233. God, my parents, my wife. I don’t have a lot of friends, because I’m always moving around. I don’t drink, so I don’t hang out in bars. But they’ve been very big in my life. Because they have helped to encourage me. – Herschel Walker

169234. Football, that’s just athletics. But in the business world – doing everything – people are competing. So you need good work ethics, and I think it helped me to develop good work ethics, being in a small town. – Herschel Walker

169235. Coming from a small town it was tough to dream big. When I grew up in a small town in Georgia, my biggest dream was one day to be able to go to Atlanta. – Herschel Walker

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169236. Believing that no one is better than the other. You know I grew up in the South. My senior year there was a very big racial tension. – Herschel Walker

169237. Because my parents, growing up, they worked hard. Everyone in my family woke up early in the morning. I used to see my mother and my father go off to work, and come back and, no matter what, they had time for the kids. – Herschel Walker

169238. All these older kids here, and I’m the only one from a town that’s so small, if everyone breathed at the same time, you’d run out of oxygen. Man, there is nothing there. – Herschel Walker

169239. I’d usually read the Bible a lot. Read little short Bible stories. And today, whenever I give speeches, I bring up a few of those Bible stories, because those are inspirations to me. – Herschel Walker

169240. Maybe the mistakes have looked worse because they led to goals. – Ian Walker

169241. Well, we play Country music; we’re just not sure what country it is. – Jerry Jeff Walker

169242. I think it’s real easy to be famous these days; it’s not real easy to sustain success. – Jerry Jeff Walker

169243. The only way to know how much is enough, is to do too much, and then back up. – Jerry Jeff Walker

169244. The reason we’re getting bombed is ’cause we were on one side, and we’re gonna remain on that side. We can’t waver because these are our enemies right now. I’m sorry. I’m gonna say it out loud. The Arabs, that’s right, are our enemies. That’s right. – Jimmie Walker

169245. The world hates us, but the bottom line is we’re gonna have to show the world why they hate us by bombing the hell out of some people that have been hurting us. That’s all. That’s the end of it. – Jimmie Walker

169246. I was a keen sportsman, and became school captain in soccer and cricket. – John E. Walker

169247. In 1960, I went to St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, and received the B.A. degree in Chemistry in 1964. – John E. Walker

169248. In 1995, I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. – John E. Walker

169249. My father was a stone mason, and a talented amateur pianist and vocalist. – John E. Walker

169250. These studies resulted eventually in a complete sequence analysis of the complex from several species, and in the atomic resolution structure of the F catalytic domain of the enzyme from bovine mitochondria, giving new insights into how ATP is made in the biological world. – John E. Walker

169251. Let a new earth rise. Let another world be born. Let a bloody peace be written in the sky. Let a second generation full of courage issue forth; let a people loving freedom come to growth. – Margaret Walker

169252. The Word of fire burns today On the lips of our prophets in an evil age. – Margaret Walker

169253. The poetry of a people comes from the deep recesses of the unconscious, the irrational and the collective body of our ancestral memories. – Margaret Walker

169254. When I was about eight, I decided that the most wonderful thing, next to a human being, was a book. – Margaret Walker

169255. My grandmothers are full of memories, smelling of soap and onions and wet clay, with veins rolling roughly over quick hands, they have many clean words to say, my grandmothers were strong. – Margaret Walker

169256. Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go. – Margaret Walker

169257. Now when you hates you shrinks up inside and gets littler and you squeezes your heart tight and you stays so mad with peoples you feels sick all the time like you needs the doctor. – Margaret Walker

169258. I want my careless song to strike no minor key; no fiend to stand between my body’s Southern song – the fusion of the South, my body’s song and me. – Margaret Walker

169259. I used to want to be a lawyer, but I didn’t want to have half my brain sucked out. – Max Walker

169260. We’re all crazy and the only difference between patients and their therapists is the therapists haven’t been caught yet. – Max Walker

169261. When the war was over and the guys were back to shaving every day, the editor thought the Beetle Bailey strips were hurting their disciplinary efforts to get the guys back to routine. – Mort Walker

169262. I say, if you believe what you read in the comic strips, then you believe that mice run around with little gold buttons on their red pants and drive cars. – Mort Walker

169263. You learn just by trying and experimenting. By the time I was 14, I had my own comic strip in the Kansas City paper. – Mort Walker

169264. When I introduced a black soldier, Lt. Flap, in 1971, the Stars and Stripes banned the strip. They were having racial problems and thought it would increase the tensions. – Mort Walker

169265. The people who were against the Vietnam War thought I was attacking the Army. The guys in the Army thought I was representing their experiences. I was on both sides, and I survived. – Mort Walker

169266. Some people will do schlock or anything, just to get their name on it. – Mort Walker

169267. Laughter is the brush that sweeps away the cobwebs of your heart. – Mort Walker

169268. I was kicked out of The Stars And Stripes twice, and finally got back in. – Mort Walker

169269. Everything I know, I write about. My only research is what I did. – Mort Walker

169270. At one time Tribune Syndicate emptied out their storeroom. They put tables full of original cartoons down in the lobby and said take one if you want one. The comics were simply a burden to them. – Mort Walker

169271. I took Beetle home thinking that after the Korean War was over, I would have to take him out of the Army. I thought, well, what am I going to do with him? – Mort Walker

169272. Seven days without laughter makes one weak. – Mort Walker

169273. There are seven winners of the Monaco Grand Prix on the starting line today, and four of them are Michael Schumacher. – Murray Walker

169274. I can’t believe what’s happening visually, in front of my eyes. – Murray Walker

169275. I don’t make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong. – Murray Walker

169276. I should imagine that the conditions in the cockpit are totally unimaginable. – Murray Walker

169277. IF is a very long word in Formula One; in fact, IF is F1 spelled backwards. – Murray Walker

169278. I’m in my usual state up here in the commentary box: high tension, heart beating like a trip hammer, whatever that is. – Murray Walker

169279. I’ve no idea what Eddie Irvine’s orders are, but he’s following them superlatively well. – Murray Walker

169280. And now, excuse me while I interrupt myself. – Murray Walker

169281. Even in five years time, he will still be four years younger than Damon Hill. – Murray Walker

169282. He can’t decide whether to leave his visor half open or half closed. – Murray Walker

169283. That’s history. I say history because it happened in the past. – Murray Walker

169284. Now he must not go the wrong way round the circuit, and unless he can spin himself stationary through 360 degrees I fail to see how he can avoid doing so. – Murray Walker

169285. A battle is developing between them’ I say developing, because it’s not yet on. – Murray Walker

169286. And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing. – Murray Walker

169287. You can cut the tension with a cricket stump. – Murray Walker

169288. Either the car is stationary, or it’s on the move. – Murray Walker

169289. This circuit is interesting because it has inclines and declines. Not just up, but down as well. – Murray Walker

169290. With half the race gone, there is half the race still to go. – Murray Walker

169291. Anything happens in Grand Prix racing, and it usually does. – Murray Walker

169292. Well, now we have exactly the same situation as at the beginning of the race, only exactly opposite. – Murray Walker

169293. Schumacher wouldn’t have let him past voluntarily. Of course he did it voluntarily, but he had to do it. – Murray Walker

169294. The lead car is unique, except for the one behind it which is identical. – Murray Walker

169295. Eight minutes past the hour here in Belgium – and presumably eight minutes past the hour everywhere in the world. – Murray Walker

169296. There’s nothing wrong with the car except that it’s on fire. – Murray Walker

169297. You might not think that’s cricket, and it’s not, it’s motor racing. – Murray Walker

169298. You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae. – Paul Walker

169299. It’s not about working anymore, its about doing work I can be proud of. – Paul Walker

169300. I’m into being a dad, that’s where my focus is most of the time. I’m an actor that’s my job, but it’s not my life. I have a lot of other interests too. – Paul Walker

169301. Surfing soothes me, it’s always been a kind of Zen experience for me. The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I’m on a wave. – Paul Walker

169302. May I say, finally, that I have no illusions of grandeur; quite to the contrary, I am very humble in my knowledge that through forty years of my life my life has been an open book of service to my fellow architects and for the public good. – Ralph Thomas Walker

169303. I completely scorn the falsifying, the sanctimonious, the cheap and the shoddy. – Ralph Thomas Walker

169304. When I severe my connections with the A.I.A. I do so with my own self respect, as a matter of pride and I am sure within your knowledge of my character. – Ralph Thomas Walker

169305. The three chief virtues of a programmer are: Laziness, Impatience and Hubris. – Larry Wall

169306. Post-Modernism was a reaction against Modernism. It came quite early to music and literature, and a little later to architecture. And I think it’s still coming to computer science. – Larry Wall

169307. Programmers can be lazy. – Larry Wall

169308. Real programmers can write assembly code in any language. – Larry Wall

169309. Some of modern engineering is necessary to good art. But I think of myself is a cultural artist. – Larry Wall

169310. When I announced the development of Perl 6, I said it was going to be a community design. I designed Perl, myself. It’s limited by my own brain power. So I wanted Perl 6 to be a community design. – Larry Wall

169311. Somebody out there is going to do something that’s far more surprising than anything that I would do. I was surprised by the whole web thing in the first place. – Larry Wall

169312. We are so Post-Modern that we don’t realize how Post-Modern we are anymore. – Larry Wall

169313. We all agree on the necessity of compromise. We just can’t agree on when it’s necessary to compromise. – Larry Wall

169314. The problems that I really like to solve are our cultural problems. – Larry Wall

169315. The world has become a larger place. The universe has been expanding, and Perl’s been expanding along with the universe. – Larry Wall

169316. There is no schedule. We are all volunteers, so we get it done when we get it done. Perl 5 still works fine, and we plan to take the right amount of time on Perl 6. – Larry Wall

169317. To be a good artist, you have to serve the work of art and allow it to be what it is supposed to be. – Larry Wall

169318. Perl was designed to work more like a natural language. It’s a little more complicated but there are more shortcuts, and once you learned the language, it’s more expressive. – Larry Wall

169319. I think computer science, by and large, is still stuck in the Modern age. – Larry Wall

169320. The Harvard Law states: Under controlled conditions of light, temperature, humidity, and nutrition, the organism will do as it damn well pleases. – Larry Wall

169321. I talked about becoming stupid, but I’ve always been stupid. Fortunately I’ve been just smart enough to realize that I’m stupid. – Larry Wall

169322. If you’re a large corporation, you can afford to pay the money to register patents, but if you’re an individual like me, you can’t. – Larry Wall

169323. Younger hackers are hard to classify. They’re probably just as diverse as the old hackers are. We’re all over the map. – Larry Wall

169324. Doing linear scans over an associative array is like trying to club someone to death with a loaded Uzi. – Larry Wall

169325. For me, writing is a love-hate relationship. – Larry Wall

169326. Hubris itself will not let you be an artist. – Larry Wall

169327. I am not a sort of person who wants to run a company. – Larry Wall

169328. I think software patents are a bad idea. Many patents are given for trivial inventions. – Larry Wall

169329. I take time to watch anime. I don’t know whether I’m allowed to, but I do it anyway. – Larry Wall

169330. One of the very basic ideas of Post-Modernism is rejection of arbitrary power structures. Different people are sensitive to different kinds of power structures. – Larry Wall

169331. I think operating systems work best if they’re free and open. Particular applications are more likely to be proprietary. – Larry Wall

169332. I think the way IBM has embraced the open source philosophy has been quite astonishing, but gratifying. I hope they’ll do very well with it. – Larry Wall

169333. I want people to use Perl. I want to be a positive ingredient of the world and make my American history. So, whatever it takes to give away my software and get it used, that’s great. – Larry Wall

169334. I’m just paid to do whatever I want to do. Some of the time it’s development, and some of the time it’s just goofing off. – Larry Wall

169335. If any ideology is so serious that you can’t have fun while you’re doing it, it’s probably too serious. – Larry Wall

169336. Many days I don’t write any code at all, and some days I spend all day writing code. – Larry Wall

169337. I still drive my 1977 Honda Accord. The paint is almost all worn off. It’s still running. – Larry Wall

169338. I’m never satisfied because I’ve been always interested in too many things and I always want to do everything at once. – Larry Wall

169339. Academic sociologists have been trained to conceive of their discipline – sociology – as the scientific study of society, and to remit to the sister discipline of psychology the study of individuals. – Richard Wall

169340. I admit that the eyes of the intellectually and culturally lively tend to glaze over at the mere mention of sociology, often with ample justification. – Richard Wall

169341. To the mass of mankind religion of some kind is a necessity. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169342. To say that mind is a product or function of protoplasm, or of its molecular changes, is to use words to which we can attach no clear conception. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169343. What we need are not prohibitory marriage laws, but a reformed society, an educated public opinion which will teach individual duty in these matters. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169344. Truth is born into this world only with pangs and tribulations, and every fresh truth is received unwillingly. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169345. As well might it be said that, because we are ignorant of the laws by which metals are produced and trees developed, we cannot know anything of the origin of steamships and railways. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169346. But naturalists are now beginning to look beyond this, and to see that there must be some other principle regulating the infinitely varied forms of animal life. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169347. Civilisation has ever accompanied emigration and conquest – the conflict of opinion, of religion, or of race. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169348. I am decidedly of the opinion that in very many instances we can trace such a necessary connexion, especially among birds, and often with more complete success than in the case which I have here attempted to explain. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169349. I am thankful I can see much to admire in all religions. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169350. There is, I conceive, no contradiction in believing that mind is at once the cause of matter and of the development of individualised human minds through the agency of matter. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169351. I hold with Henry George, that at the back of every great social evil will be found a great political wrong. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169352. I spent, as you know, a year and a half in a clergyman’s family and heard almost every Tuesday the very best, most earnest and most impressive preacher it has ever been my fortune to meet with, but it produced no effect whatever on my mind. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169353. If this is not done, future ages will certainly look back upon us as a people so immersed in the pursuit of wealth as to be blind to higher considerations. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169354. In all works on Natural History, we constantly find details of the marvellous adaptation of animals to their food, their habits, and the localities in which they are found. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169355. In my solitude I have pondered much on the incomprehensible subjects of space, eternity, life and death. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169356. It has been generally the custom of writers on natural history to take the habits and instincts of animals as the fixed point, and to consider their structure and organization as specially adapted to be in accordance with them. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169357. Modification of form is admitted to be a matter of time. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169358. On the spiritual theory, man consists essentially of a spiritual nature or mind intimately associated with a spiritual body or soul, both of which are developed in and by means of a material organism. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169359. The foregoing considerations lead us to the very important conclusion, that matter is essentially force, and nothing but force; that matter, as popularly understood, does not exist, and is, in fact, philosophically inconceivable. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169360. To expect the world to receive a new truth, or even an old truth, without challenging it, is to look for one of those miracles which do not occur. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169361. What birds can have their bills more peculiarly formed than the ibis, the spoonbill, and the heron? – Alfred Russel Wallace

169362. I have since wandered among men of many races and many religions. – Alfred Russel Wallace

169363. You’ve got to keep an open mind. – Chris Wallace

169364. I think a lot of people in television news look at the cable networks with great envy. – Chris Wallace

169365. This diagnosis can be done in about two lines. It doesn’t engage anybody. – David Foster Wallace

169366. The great thing about irony is that it splits things apart, gets up above them so we can see the flaws and hypocrisies and duplicates. – David Foster Wallace

169367. The interesting thing is why we’re so desperate for this anesthetic against loneliness. – David Foster Wallace

169368. The other half is to dramatize the fact that we still “are” human beings, now. Or can be. – David Foster Wallace

169369. The problem is that once the rules of art are debunked, and once the unpleasant realities the irony diagnoses are revealed and diagnosed, “then” what do we do? – David Foster Wallace

169370. The reader becomes God, for all textual purposes. I see your eyes glazing over, so I’ll hush. – David Foster Wallace

169371. Rap’s conscious response to the poverty and oppression of U.S. blacks is like some hideous parody of sixties black pride. – David Foster Wallace

169372. This is nourishing, redemptive; we become less alone inside. – David Foster Wallace

169373. This is so American, man: either make something your God and cosmos and then worship it, or else kill it. – David Foster Wallace

169374. This might be one way to start talking about differences between the early postmodern writers of the fifties and sixties and their contemporary descendants. – David Foster Wallace

169375. To be willing to sort of die in order to move the reader, somehow. Even now I’m scared about how sappy this’ll look in print, saying this. – David Foster Wallace

169376. TV’s “real” agenda is to be “liked,” because if you like what you’re seeing, you’ll stay tuned. TV is completely unabashed about this; it’s its sole raison. – David Foster Wallace

169377. We’re kind of wishing some parents would come back. And of course we’re uneasy about the fact that we wish they’d come back – I mean, what’s wrong with us? – David Foster Wallace

169378. What TV is extremely good at – and realize that this is “all it does” – is discerning what large numbers of people think they want, and supplying it. – David Foster Wallace

169379. Pleasure becomes a value, a teleological end in itself. It’s probably more Western than U.S. per se. – David Foster Wallace

169380. We’re not keen on the idea of the story sharing its valence with the reader. But the reader’s own life “outside” the story changes the story. – David Foster Wallace

169381. For these cultures, getting rid of the pain without addressing the deeper cause would be like shutting off a fire alarm while the fire’s still going. – David Foster Wallace

169382. Nuclear weapons and TV have simply intensified the consequences of our tendencies, upped the stakes. – David Foster Wallace

169383. It seems important to find ways of reminding ourselves that most “familiarity” is meditated and delusive. – David Foster Wallace

169384. It looks like you can write a minimalist piece without much bleeding. And you can. But not a good one. – David Foster Wallace

169385. It can become an exercise in trying to get the reader to like and admire you instead of an exercise in creative art. – David Foster Wallace

169386. I think TV promulgates the idea that good art is just art which makes people like and depend on the vehicle that brings them the art. – David Foster Wallace

169387. I often think I can see it in myself and in other young writers, this desperate desire to please coupled with a kind of hostility to the reader. – David Foster Wallace

169388. I just think that fiction that isn’t exploring what it means to be human today isn’t art. – David Foster Wallace

169389. One of the things that makes Wittgenstein a real artist to me is that he realized that no conclusion could be more horrible than solipsism. – David Foster Wallace

169390. Fiction’s about what it is to be a human being. – David Foster Wallace

169391. An intellectual is someone who has found something more interesting than sex. – Edgar Wallace

169392. I’m the lamest lame duck there could be. – George C. Wallace

169393. I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever. – George C. Wallace

169394. They’re building a bridge over the Potomac for all the white liberals fleeing to Virginia. – George C. Wallace

169395. Sure, I look like a white man. But my heart is as black as anyone’s here. – George C. Wallace

169396. Since my accident I am a little more mindful of the suffering of other people. – George C. Wallace

169397. Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever! – George C. Wallace

169398. Look at all the buses now that want exact change, exact change. I figure if I give them exact change, they should take me exactly where I want to go. – George C. Wallace

169399. If any demonstrator ever lays down in front of my car, it’ll be the last car he’ll ever lay down in front of. – George C. Wallace

169400. Why does the Air Force need expensive new bombers? Have the people we’ve been bombing over the years been complaining? – George C. Wallace

169401. I’ve seen many politicians paralyzed in the legs as myself, but I’ve seen more of them who were paralyzed in the head. – George C. Wallace

169402. After much prayerful consideration, I feel that I must say I have climbed my last political mountain. – George C. Wallace

169403. The moral and spiritual aspects of both personal and international relationships have a practical bearing which so-called practical men deny. – Henry A. Wallace

169404. If we put our trust in the common sense of common men and ‘with malice toward none and charity for all’ go forward on the great adventure of making political, economic and social democracy a practical reality, we shall not fail. – Henry A. Wallace

169405. If we define an American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States. – Henry A. Wallace

169406. If this liberal potential is properly channeled, we may expect the area of freedom of the United States to increase. The problem is to spend up our rate of social invention in the service of the welfare of all the people. – Henry A. Wallace

169407. Fascism is a worldwide disease. Its greatest threat to the United States will come after the war, either via Latin America or within the United States itself. – Henry A. Wallace

169408. A liberal knows that the only certainty in this life is change but believes that the change can be directed toward a constructive end. – Henry A. Wallace

169409. A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends. – Henry A. Wallace

169410. There are probably several hundred thousand if we narrow the definition to include only those who in their search for money and power are ruthless and deceitful. – Henry A. Wallace

169411. Their final objective toward which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection. – Henry A. Wallace

169412. The worldwide, agelong struggle between fascism and democracy will not stop when the fighting ends in Germany and Japan. – Henry A. Wallace

169413. The symptoms of fascist thinking are colored by environment and adapted to immediate circumstances. But always and everywhere they can be identified by their appeal to prejudice and by the desire to play upon the fears and vanities of different groups in order to gain power. – Henry A. Wallace

169414. In an effort to eliminate the possibility of any rival growing up, some monopolists would sacrifice democracy itself. – Henry A. Wallace

169415. The myth of fascist efficiency has deluded many people. – Henry A. Wallace

169416. Monopolists who fear competition and who distrust democracy because it stands for equal opportunity would like to secure their position against small and energetic enterprise. – Henry A. Wallace

169417. The European brand of fascism will probably present its most serious postwar threat to us via Latin America. – Henry A. Wallace

169418. The dangerous American fascist is the man who wants to do in the United States in an American way what Hitler did in Germany in a Prussian way. – Henry A. Wallace

169419. The American fascists are most easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact. Their newspapers and propaganda carefully cultivate every fissure of disunity, every crack in the common front against fascism. – Henry A. Wallace

169420. The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. – Henry A. Wallace

169421. Our chemical and other manufacturing concerns are all too often ready to let the Germans have Latin American markets, provided the American companies can work out an arrangement which will enable them to charge high prices to the consumer inside the United States. – Henry A. Wallace

169422. Most American fascists are enthusiastically supporting the war effort. They are doing this even in those cases where they hope to have profitable connections with German chemical firms after the war ends. – Henry A. Wallace

169423. It has been claimed at times that our modern age of technology facilitates dictatorship. – Henry A. Wallace

169424. It is no coincidence that the growth of modern tyrants has in every case been heralded by the growth of prejudice. – Henry A. Wallace

169425. It may be shocking to some people in this country to realize that, without meaning to do so, they hold views in common with Hitler when they preach discrimination against other religious, racial or economic groups. – Henry A. Wallace

169426. The obvious types of American fascists are dealt with on the air and in the press. These demagogues and stooges are fronts for others. Dangerous as these people may be, they are not so significant as thousands of other people who have never been mentioned. – Henry A. Wallace

169427. The fascists in most Latin American countries tell the people that the reason their wages will not buy as much in the way of goods is because of Yankee imperialism. The fascists in Latin America learn to speak and act like natives. – Henry A. Wallace

169428. We must not tolerate oppressive government or industrial oligarchy in the form of monopolies and cartels. – Henry A. Wallace

169429. They are patriotic in time of war because it is to their interest to be so, but in time of peace they follow power and the dollar wherever they may lead. – Henry A. Wallace

169430. What we must understand is that the industries, processes, and inventions created by modern science can be used either to subjugate or liberate. The choice is up to us. – Henry A. Wallace

169431. Until democracy in effective enthusiastic action fills the vacuum created by the power of modern inventions, we may expect the fascists to increase in power after the war both in the United States and in the world. – Henry A. Wallace

169432. This dullness of vision regarding the importance of the general welfare to the individual is the measure of the failure of our schools and churches to teach the spiritual significance of genuine democracy. – Henry A. Wallace

169433. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power. – Henry A. Wallace

169434. To destroy a standing crop goes against the soundest instincts of human nature. – Henry Cantwell Wallace

169435. People in cities may forget the soil for as long as a hundred years, but Mother Nature’s memory is long and she will not let them forget indefinitely. – Henry Cantwell Wallace

169436. To be one’s self, and unafraid whether right or wrong, is more admirable than the easy cowardice of surrender to conformity. – Irving Wallace

169437. Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure. – Irving Wallace

169438. It’s really true in this country that more and more Americans think that underneath the economic crisis there’s a values crisis, and we won’t get to an economic recovery without a moral recovery as well. So a citizen’s movement about values and economics I’m finding all over the country on main street, and Wall Street needs to pay attention to that. – Jim Wallace

169439. The monuments of the nations are all protests against nothingness after death; so are statues and inscriptions; so is history. – Lew Wallace

169440. One is never more on trial than in the moment of excessive good fortune. – Lew Wallace

169441. Beauty is altogether in the eye of the beholder. – Lew Wallace

169442. As a rule, there is no surer way to the dislike of men than to behave well where they have behaved badly. – Lew Wallace

169443. When people are lonely they stoop to any companionship. – Lew Wallace

169444. If I displayed this cup, I might look at it once or twice a week. By using it, I get pleasure from it continually. – Lila Acheson Wallace

169445. A painting is like a man. If you can live without it, then there isn’t much point in having it. – Lila Acheson Wallace

169446. I knew right away that it was a gorgeous idea. – Lila Acheson Wallace

169447. There is no such thing as an unreasonable question, or a silly question, or a frivolous question, or a waste-of-time question. It’s your life, and you’ve got to get these answers. – Marcia Wallace

169448. You know, this is a business where only 15% make a living wage and only 9% of those are women. But I figured somebody has to be that 15%, somebody’s got to be one of those women. – Marcia Wallace

169449. I’m sure it really is hard to be an oncologist, and actually, more and more people are surviving cancer. – Marcia Wallace

169450. I’m in awe of people out there who deal with Alzheimer’s, because they have to deal with death 10 times over, year after year. – Marcia Wallace

169451. I went to these mixers, you know, where you’re supposed to meet people. And sure enough, some guy asked me for my phone number. but at the end of the evening he gave it back. – Marcia Wallace

169452. I think illness is a family journey, no matter what the outcome. Everybody has to be allowed to process it and mourn and deal with it in their own way. – Marcia Wallace

169453. I have a deep conviction that our lives are eternal, that it is waking and sleeping, that we are born together with the people we love lifetime after lifetime. – Marcia Wallace

169454. I don’t know what religious people do. I kind of wished I’d been a Christian with the blind faith that God is doing the right thing. As a Buddhist, you feel like you have more control over the situation, and that you can change your karma. – Marcia Wallace

169455. I asked for help, which is the hardest thing in the world. – Marcia Wallace

169456. Eve Ensler is a hero of mine. She’s been working for the rights of women for a long time. – Marcia Wallace

169457. Be good to yourself. Listen to your body, to your heart. We’re very hard on ourselves, and we’re always feeling like we’re not doing enough. It’s a terribly hard job. – Marcia Wallace

169458. I’m William Wallace, and the rest of you will be spared. Go back to England and tell them… Scotland is free! – William Wallace

169459. Every man dies. Not every man really lives. – William Wallace

169460. The highest form of development is to govern one’s self. – Zerelda G. Wallace

169461. And I did Batman, too. I did Mr. Freeze. I get more mail for him than anything I’ve ever done. – Eli Wallach

169462. And that movie was underrated – Nuts – because it deals with a terrible subject, but It’s very well done. – Eli Wallach

169463. And then the first was The Misfits, which I enjoyed very much, with Marilyn and Gable. – Eli Wallach

169464. All of these stories bounced around in my mind for a long time. – Eli Wallach

169465. But Clint I love, because Clint was my mentor. I knew nothing about making an Italian movie. – Eli Wallach

169466. This country has a complex about age. It’s unbelievable. If you’re over thirty, you’ve had it in this country. – Eli Wallach

169467. Well, I was getting a lot of money then, and I wasn’t getting any Hollywood films, so I just did those. I’d always do a play in between. Whenever I ran low on funds, I’d always rush off to do a movie somewhere. – Eli Wallach

169468. John Huston was a superb master. He knew how to make good films. I did three things with him. One is called Independence. It plays in Philadelphia, for free. It’s been playing there for 25 years. – Eli Wallach

169469. What is it in my makeup that makes me grab any offer and fly around the world? Will I ever be satisfied? Can’t I ever just rest? – Eli Wallach

169470. When I saw the movie, I said, I wish I had heard the music. I would have ridden the horse differently. – Eli Wallach

169471. I’ve worked with wonderful actors like Marlon Brando and Henry Fonda. – Eli Wallach

169472. Yes, I won the Bafta. I thought the British were very intelligent. – Eli Wallach

169473. Well, I go to the theater today, and its curtain – there is no curtain in this play; the lights go down and go up – and we start. And I live this character for two hours. There are only two of us in the play. And It’s a complete experience. – Eli Wallach

169474. So I wanted to show what I did with the money. So I got red silk shirts, beautiful hats, wonderful saddles, a great horse, and two gold teeth. So that was the way I did it. – Eli Wallach

169475. The big secret in acting is listening to people. – Eli Wallach

169476. The trouble with that movie is that you had to see Chinatown the day before you saw The Two Jakes. – Eli Wallach

169477. My wife says that stage acting is like being on a tightrope with no net, and being in the movies, there is a net – because you stop and go over it again. It’s very technical and mechanical. On stage you’re on your own. – Eli Wallach

169478. My first Western was called The Magnificent Seven. – Eli Wallach

169479. When you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk. – Eli Wallach

169480. I met my wife and, for the next ten years, we did no films at all. She did the first movie and then I did several after. My first movie was written by Tennessee Williams and directed by Kazan and was called Baby Doll. – Eli Wallach

169481. Having the critics praise you is like having the hangman say you’ve got a pretty neck. – Eli Wallach

169482. I always end up being the evil one, and I wouldn’t hurt a fly. – Eli Wallach

169483. Even if I don’t want to slow down, I’m slowing down. – Eli Wallach

169484. But I went to the University of Texas in the 30s, and while there I learned to ride. Mostly polo ponies. – Eli Wallach

169485. Well, I’ve maybe gotten 200 requests for interviews about Marilyn, and I just decided I’m gonna do my own. – Eli Wallach

169486. Everyone thinks acting is easy. It’s far from easy, but it’s the most gratifying thing I do. – Eli Wallach

169487. I love to tell stories and this is my way of getting them down on paper. – Eli Wallach

169488. I always wanted to tell stories and act. – Eli Wallach

169489. I never dreamed I would do Westerns. – Eli Wallach

169490. I never lost my appetite for acting. – Eli Wallach

169491. I was an original member of the Actors’ Studio. – Eli Wallach

169492. I’d come out of the army after five years as a medic. I was a medical administrator and we ran hospitals, and I was a Captain in the army at the end, in 1945. – Eli Wallach

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169493. One thing changes every evening: It’s the audience, and I’m working my magic. I’m always learning from it. – Eli Wallach

169494. I’ve learned that life is very tricky business: Each person needs to find what they want to do in life and not be dissuaded when people question them. – Eli Wallach

169495. I’ve never lost my appetite for acting; it’s innovative and challenging. – Eli Wallach

169496. Tea does our fancy aid, Repress those vapours which the head invade, And keeps that palace of the soul serene. – Edmund Waller

169497. Stronger by weakness, wiser men become. – Edmund Waller

169498. The fear of hell, or aiming to be blest, savors too much of private interest. – Edmund Waller

169499. The lark that shuns on lofty boughs to build, Her humble nest, lies silent in the field. – Edmund Waller

169500. To love is to believe, to hope, to know; Tis an essay, a taste of Heaven below! – Edmund Waller

169501. A narrow compass! and yet there Dwelt all that ‘s good, and all that ‘s fair; Give me but what this riband bound, Take all the rest the sun goes round. – Edmund Waller

169502. The seas are quiet when the winds give o’er; So calm are we when passions are no more! – Edmund Waller

169503. Poets that lasting marble seek Must come in Latin or in Greek. – Edmund Waller

169504. Poets lose half the praise they should have got, Could it be known what they discreetly blot. – Edmund Waller

169505. Others may use the ocean as their road; Only the English make it their abode. – Edmund Waller

169506. Vexed sailors cursed the rain, for which poor shepherds prayed in vain. – Edmund Waller

169507. Leaving the old, both worlds at once they view, That stand upon the threshold of the new. – Edmund Waller

169508. Illustrious acts high raptures do infuse, And every conqueror creates a muse. – Edmund Waller

169509. How small a part of time they share, That are so wondrous sweet and fair! – Edmund Waller

169510. His love at once and dread instruct our thought; As man He suffer’d and as God He taught. – Edmund Waller

169511. Go, lovely rose! Tell her that wastes her time and me That now she knows, When I resemble her to thee, How sweet and fair she seems to be. – Edmund Waller

169512. Give us enough but with a sparing hand. – Edmund Waller

169513. Could we forbear dispute, and practise love, We should agree as angels do above. – Edmund Waller

169514. Circle are praised, not that abound, In largeness, but the exactly round. – Edmund Waller

169515. All human things Of dearest value hang on slender strings. – Edmund Waller

169516. And as pale sickness does invade, Your frailer part, the breaches made, In that fair lodging still more clear, Make the bright guest, your soul, appear. – Edmund Waller

169517. So must the writer, whose productions should Take with the vulgar, be of vulgar mould. – Edmund Waller

169518. If you don’t know what it is, don’t mess with it. – Fats Waller

169519. It was a great time to be making music because everything else was changing. – Gordon Waller

169520. I didn’t want to be anyone else. – Gordon Waller

169521. Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, and a lot of American artists were my greatest influences. – Gordon Waller

169522. A good idea for lyrics and a melody to expand on. – Gordon Waller

169523. Remember the great adversity of art or anything else is a hurried life. – Robert James Waller

169524. Life is never easy for those who dream. – Robert James Waller

169525. No one could, therefore, rely on the law, and justice no longer existed. – William Waller

169526. Too late, the ordinary German realized that the violence which before had been directed against ‘other’ people could now equally land on him. – William Waller

169527. As a result of the ‘hung’ election of November 1932. Hitler set in motion the first of the 9 steps he would take in the next 52 days, which would, finally, bring him absolute power. – William Waller

169528. I’m terribly attention-seeking. It’s very different once you get all this attention, though. Because then you want to control it. And you can’t exactly. – David Walliams

169529. I love wearing drag. – David Walliams

169530. I would recommend that anyone who wants to do comedy on TV to do radio first. – David Walliams

169531. We sit in a room for months trying to think of funny things. – David Walliams

169532. I was the kind of person who got bullied and loved the attention of it. – David Walliams

169533. I know somebody from university who’s called Phil Collins and I think there’s something terribly unfortunate about sharing a name With somebody who either is famous or becomes famous. – David Walliams

169534. I don’t have a lot to share with other men. My heart sinks when I get into a taxi and someone starts talking to me about football. – David Walliams

169535. I have always liked shows that have laughter in them. – David Walliams

169536. I don’t get recognized much, and am very happy with that. The fans I have met have all been delightful. – David Walliams

169537. I’m thinking of going to programming school. Learn how to sit down at any computer and learn to do anything on it. That’s all I have left and have interest in. – Marc Wallice

169538. I’m done in this business, that’s for sure. – Marc Wallice

169539. I went into rehab December 14th, 1996, and got out eight months later? Then I went into a sober living place where I stayed for three months. I’ve been clean for a good year and a half. – Marc Wallice

169540. I was as big as I have ever been. I had a personal trainer and was working out. I was feeling good. I was muscular. I had never weighed more than 155 pounds. – Marc Wallice

169541. I still have my talent to produce and direct. – Marc Wallice

169542. I live a dramatic life, it’s just not on TV yet. – Marc Wallice

169543. I just put myself in a hotel and was smoking coke for a while. Then I met up with the wrong people. I ended up getting in a hassle. I had to call the police and get myself arrested or get attacked, ripped off and got to jail. So I called the cops on them and myself. – Marc Wallice

169544. I hear that Brooke Ashley is also pressing charges. I don’t know how she can prove anything. How can they prove anything, whether it’s true or not, that I’m the one that infected her? – Marc Wallice

169545. I’ve been making the best movies at Elegant Angel since Tom Byron left. – Marc Wallice

169546. I could never gain much weight. I’ve always had a fast metabolism. – Marc Wallice

169547. I feel good now. I’ve gained all my weight back after getting stoned for three weeks and not eating and not sleeping much. I’ve been coming by my mom’s and eating food. – Marc Wallice

169548. If I knew I was positive, why would I have ever gone to PAW to take a test? – Marc Wallice

169549. My father was gone when I was three years old. – Marc Wallice

169550. Nobody could’ve ever known I was positive because I didn’t know. – Marc Wallice

169551. Now I walk around with my head down, trying to hide, thinking that everybody knows that I inflicted people with HIV, because that is all they are going to read. – Marc Wallice

169552. That wasn’t because of money, it was because I had a job for the next two days and wanted to work. So I faked a test. That was over two years ago. Why has there been no issue about it since then? – Marc Wallice

169553. The world knows already, they just don’t have a picture up there or I’ll spend the rest of my life in exile. It’s hard to do that when you don’t have any money. – Marc Wallice

169554. Tom Byron is my friend. JJ Michaels is my friend. I haven’t heard from him. I don’t know what he believes. A couple of other have called but I haven’t called them back. – Marc Wallice

169555. With what all these people are saying, do you think that anybody wants to be around me? They all think that I did this on purpose? That I knew that I was positive, for so many years? I feel now that I’m going to be attacked if anybody sees me or if I go to the office. – Marc Wallice

169556. I got nothing. I got my shoes and my pants. I’m staying with a friend. I stop by my mother’s every once in a while to get my calls. I don’t want to be anywhere anybody can find me. – Marc Wallice

169557. But nobody is listening to those points. They are just listening to the gossip which is saying that I knew I was positive for all these years because I had a faked test a few years ago. – Marc Wallice

169558. The great thing about social movements is everybody gets to be a part of them. – Jim Wallis

169559. What is my calling? What am I supposed to do? I think running for office, public office, can be a divine calling. I mean, I’ve wrestled with that very question myself. – Jim Wallis

169560. I met the president when he was president-elect at a meeting in Austin. He spoke of his faith. He spoke of his desire for a compassionate conservatism, for a faith-based initiative that would do something for poor people. – Jim Wallis

169561. You can’t be evangelical and associate yourself with Jesus and what he says about the poor and just have no other domestic concerns than tax cuts for wealthy people. – Jim Wallis

169562. Martin Luther King Jr. really understood the role of the churches when he said, ‘The church is not meant to be the master of the state.’ We don’t sort of take power and grab the levers of government and impose our agenda down people’s throats. – Jim Wallis

169563. The left and right are not religious categories. They’re often not even value categories. – Jim Wallis

169564. If the president is going to use so much language of theology and the Bible, then let’s use that language for a serious discussion about the war in Iraq. And that was never done. – Jim Wallis

169565. No, we are not the master of the state, said King. We are not the servant of the state. We are the conscience of the state. The churches or the religious community should be, I think, the conscience of the state. We’re not just service providers. – Jim Wallis

169566. I think it’s a good thing for a president or political leaders to want to put their values or their faith into action. Desmond Tutu did that in South Africa. Martin Luther King Jr. did that here. This is a good thing. – Jim Wallis

169567. We have got some mountains to move. Three billion people – half of God’s children – are living on less than $2 a day. – Jim Wallis

169568. Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to reveal a social disaster. – Jim Wallis

169569. So when the only domestic social policy is tax cuts that mostly benefit the wealthiest Americans, we say, ‘Where is faith being put into action here?’ – Jim Wallis

169570. A billion dollars every week for Iraq, $87 billion for Iraq. We can’t get $5 billion for childcare over five years in welfare reform. – Jim Wallis

169571. But when one believes that you’ve been appointed by God for a particular mission in history, you have to be very careful about that, how you speak about that. Where is the self-reflection in that? Where is the humility in that? – Jim Wallis

169572. But when we place God on our side of things, that we are now ridding the world of evil – that’s very dangerous, that one nation has this role to rid the world of evil. What about the evil we have committed, that we are complicit in? – Jim Wallis

169573. Hope unbelieved is always considered nonsense. But hope believed is history in the process of being changed. – Jim Wallis

169574. I believe in the separation of church and state, absolutely. But I don’t believe in the separation of public life from our values, our basic values, and for many of us, our religious values. – Jim Wallis

169575. I don’t think we should discriminate against an organization or congregation because they’re religious, if they’re doing good work. But government can’t subsidize proselytizing or worship or religious activity. It can’t. – Jim Wallis

169576. I’m often asked what I think about the faith of the President George W. Bush. I think it is sincere. I think it’s very real. I think it’s deeply held. – Jim Wallis

169577. We are prophetic interrogators. Why are so many people hungry? Why are so many people and families in our shelters? Why do we have one of six of our children poor, and one of three of these are children of color? ‘Why?’ is the prophetic question. – Jim Wallis

169578. The media seems to think only abortion and gay marriage are religious issues. Poverty is a moral issue, it’s a faith issue, it’s a religious issue. – Jim Wallis

169579. When evangelical leaders can persuade the president to be concerned about what’s happening in Sudan, or sex trafficking around the world, or HIV-AIDS, that’s a very good thing. I am completely supportive of that. – Jim Wallis

169580. Government, which does not and did not grant us our rights, must not now seek to deny them by using fear as its justification. – Malcolm Wallop

169581. The utter incompetence of the U.N. is literally incomprehensible. – Malcolm Wallop

169582. The ultimate end is a nation that lies under the concept of the Declaration of Indepen dence. The Declaration of Independence is such an extraordinary statement – it was designed by people skeptical of government, local or national, but in particular national. – Malcolm Wallop

169583. We are a communicating nation which needs access to space, access to the seas. – Malcolm Wallop

169584. There aren’t traditions of freedom in a place like Iraq. They’re going to have to come to grips with a concept that they hadn’t been allowed to conceive before. – Malcolm Wallop

169585. If the Republicans think that by having stated and even achieved most of the Contract that they are therefore entitled to the acceptance and favor of the American voter, they’re crazy. – Malcolm Wallop

169586. I’m a big supporter of immigration. – Malcolm Wallop

169587. It’s insanity for a party that believes in freedom to allow some Republicans to seize an agenda that is totally alien to the agenda that was established in the election. – Malcolm Wallop

169588. Our educational system is appallingly poor right now. Yet, somehow we’re turning out some of the most intellectual and powerful sophisticated minds in the world. I think that’s because we still have the opportunity here. – Malcolm Wallop

169589. We don’t need a nation that has national identity cards. – Malcolm Wallop

169590. Finally we are a nation with some conscience. It means alliances are extremely important when they’re based on a national interest. We have to have the ability to sustain our presence within those alliances. – Malcolm Wallop

169591. Doctrines provide an architecture for both Republican and Democrat presidents to carry out policies. – Malcolm Wallop

169592. So with the end of the Cold War, it became increasingly obvious that there was no basis upon which any decision was being made, not in the White House, and certainly because of that, not in the Congress. – Malcolm Wallop

169593. The concept of minimum wage is crazy, if you really stop to think about it. If $8 an hour seems right, why not $20 an hour? If it’s coming by order of the government, why stop at any level? Why not just say everyone should get what Gates gets? – Malcolm Wallop

169594. I don’t think the only place to fight for freedom is in the halls of Congress. – Malcolm Wallop

169595. We are a studying nation. Scholarship from science is important to the whole world and those people need to be able to be safe and secure in what they do. – Malcolm Wallop

169596. We’re taking on Social Security as a property rights issue. We figure that every single American has an absolute property right interest in the fruits of his or her own labor. What I work for should be my property. – Malcolm Wallop

169597. Yes, many immigrants cherish the value of choice and opportunity and the value of education more than 7th or 8th generation Americans. – Malcolm Wallop

169598. You talked about national identity cards and the terrorism bill. We have made a government that has grown used to viewing us as subjects, has grown used to seeing its role as commanding us. – Malcolm Wallop

169599. I was so worried that people wouldn’t like me or my story. – Jeannette Walls

169600. My life is not just about the past. – Jeannette Walls

169601. Everything in life is gray, you know. – Jeannette Walls

169602. I never had any question that my parents loved me. I had a real sense of self confidence. – Jeannette Walls

169603. I know that I and my office acted with the highest integrity as an independent inspector general should act. – Gerald Walpin

169604. I would never say President Obama doesn’t have the capacity to continue to serve because of his statement that there are 56 states. – Gerald Walpin

169605. It appears to suggest that I was removed because I was disabled – based on one occasion out of hundreds. – Gerald Walpin

169606. I am now the target of the most powerful man in this country, with an army of aides whose major responsibility today seems to be to attack me and get rid of me. – Gerald Walpin

169607. We often repent of our first thoughts, and scarce ever of our second. – Horace Walpole

169608. Virtue knows to a farthing what it has lost by not having been vice. – Horace Walpole

169609. This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel. – Horace Walpole

169610. The world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those who feel. – Horace Walpole

169611. Oh that I were seated as high as my ambition, I’d place my naked foot on the necks of monarchs. – Horace Walpole

169612. Nine-tenths of the people were created so you would want to be with the other tenth. – Horace Walpole

169613. Men are sent into the world with bills of credit, and seldom draw to their full extent. – Horace Walpole

169614. The Methodists love your big sinners, as proper subjects to work upon. – Horace Walpole

169615. The wisest prophets make sure of the event first. – Horace Walpole

169616. Plot, rules, nor even poetry, are not half so great beauties in tragedy or comedy as a just imitation of nature, of character, of the passions and their operations in diversified situations. – Horace Walpole

169617. How well Shakespeare knew how to improve and exalt little circumstances, when he borrowed them from circumstantial or vulgar historians. – Horace Walpole

169618. Poetry is a beautiful way of spoiling prose, and the laborious art of exchanging plain sense for harmony. – Horace Walpole

169619. The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well. – Horace Walpole

169620. I never found even in my juvenile hours that it was necessary to go a thousand miles in search of themes for moralizing. – Horace Walpole

169621. Alexander at the head of the world never tasted the true pleasure that boys of his own age have enjoyed at the head of a school. – Horace Walpole

169622. By deafness one gains in one respect more than one loses; one misses more nonsense than sense. – Horace Walpole

169623. I do not admire politicians; but when they are excellent in their way, one cannot help allowing them their due. – Horace Walpole

169624. I avoid talking before the youth of the age as I would dancing before them: for if one’s tongue don’t move in the steps of the day, and thinks to please by its old graces, it is only an object of ridicule. – Horace Walpole

169625. Men are often capable of greater things than they perform – They are sent into the world with bills of credit, and seldom draw to their full extent. – Horace Walpole

169626. Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he isn’t. A sense of humor was provided to console him for what he is. – Horace Walpole

169627. It was easier to conquer it than to know what to do with it. – Horace Walpole

169628. It was said of old Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, that she never puts dots over her I s, to save ink. – Horace Walpole

169629. Justice is rather the activity of truth, than a virtue in itself. Truth tells us what is due to others, and justice renders that due. Injustice is acting a lie. – Horace Walpole

169630. Life is a comedy for those who think… and a tragedy for those who feel. – Horace Walpole

169631. Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think. – Horace Walpole

169632. Don’t play for safety – it’s the most dangerous thing in the world. – Hugh Walpole

169633. In all science, error precedes the truth, and it is better it should go first than last. – Hugh Walpole

169634. Happiness comes from… some curious adjustment to life. – Hugh Walpole

169635. But I must think that an address to his majesty to remove one of his servants, without so much as alleging any particular crime against him, is one of the greatest encroachments that was ever made upon the prerogatives of the crown. – Robert Walpole

169636. But I have the satisfaction, at the same time, to reflect that the impression to be made depends upon the consistency of the charge and the motives of the prosecutors. – Robert Walpole

169637. And therefore, for the sake of my mater, without any regard for my own, I hope all those that have a due regard for our constitution and for the rights and prerogatives of the crown, without which our constitution can not be preserved, will be against this motion. – Robert Walpole

169638. And here a most heinous charge is made, that the nation has been burdened with unnecessary expenses for the sole purpose of preventing the discharge of our debts and the abolition of taxes. – Robert Walpole

169639. All those men have their price. – Robert Walpole

169640. Admitting, however, for the sake of argument, that I am prime and sole minister in this country, am I, therefore, prime and sole minister of all Europe? Am I answerable for the conduct of other countries as well as for that of my own? – Robert Walpole

169641. Gentlemen have talked a great deal of patriotism. A venerable word, when duly practised. – Robert Walpole

169642. Is it no imputation to be arraigned before this House, in which I have sat forty years, and to have my name transmitted to posterity with disgrace and infamy? – Robert Walpole

169643. Have I given any symptoms of an avaricious disposition? Have I obtained any grants from the crown since I have been placed at the head of the treasury? Has my conduct been different from that which others in the same station would have followed? – Robert Walpole

169644. I am called repeatedly and insidiously prime and sole minister. – Robert Walpole

169645. I can not, therefore, see how this can be imputed as a crime, or how any of the king’s ministers can be blamed for his doing what the public has no concern in; for if the public be well and faithfully served it has no business to ask by whom. – Robert Walpole

169646. I happened to be one of those who thought all these expenses necessary, and I had the good fortune to have the majority of both houses of Parliament on my side. – Robert Walpole

169647. It is but refusing to gratify an unreasonable or an insolent demand, and up starts a patriot. – Robert Walpole

169648. The public treasure has been duly applied to the uses to which it was appropriated by Parliament, and regular accounts have been annually laid before Parliament, of every article of expense. – Robert Walpole

169649. I will not attempt to deny the reasonableness and necessity of a party war; but in carrying on that war all principles and rules of justice should not be departed from. – Robert Walpole

169650. I have never been afraid of making patriots; but I disdain and despise all their efforts. – Robert Walpole

169651. Oh, do not read history, for that I know must be false. – Robert Walpole

169652. No expense has been incurred but what has been approved of and provided for by Parliament. – Robert Walpole

169653. Some members of both Houses have, it is true, been removed from their employments under the Crown; but were they ever told, either by me or by any other of his majesty’s servants, that it was for opposing the measures of the administration in Parliament? – Robert Walpole

169654. Let sleeping dogs lie. – Robert Walpole

169655. It has from the beginning been carried on with as much vigor and as great care of our trade as was consistent with our safety at home and with the circumstances we were in at the beginning of the war. – Robert Walpole

169656. Whatever was the conduct of England, I am equally arraigned. – Robert Walpole

169657. If they are really persuaded that the army is annually established by me, that I have the sole disposal of posts and honours, that I employ this power in the destruction of liberty and the diminution of commerce, let me awaken them from their delusion. – Robert Walpole

169658. Wherever they have been arraigned, a plain charge has been exhibited against them. They have had an impartial trial and have been permitted to make their defense. – Robert Walpole

169659. The very idea of true patriotism is lost, and the term has been prostituted to the very worst of purposes. A patriot, sir! Why, patriots spring up like mushrooms! – Robert Walpole

169660. IT has been observed by several gentlemen, in vindication of this motion, that if it should be carried, neither my life, liberty, nor estate will be affected. – Robert Walpole

169661. Many words are not wanting to show that the particular view of each court occasioned the dangers which affected the public tranquillity; yet the whole is charged to my account. Nor is this sufficient. – Robert Walpole

169662. Because we believe that our ethnic group, our society, our political party, our God, is better than your God, we kill each other. – Neale Donald Walsch

169663. And we’re seeing a higher level of consciousness and many more opportunities for people to challenge their present ways of thinking and move into a grander and larger experience of who they really are. – Neale Donald Walsch

169664. Beyond the Catholic exclusionary paradigm is a larger one which is the Christian one. Christians claim that if you don’t believe in Christ, you can’t get to heaven. Well that eliminates two thirds of the world’s population! – Neale Donald Walsch

169665. Glorify who you are today, do not condemn who you were yesterday, and dream of who you can be tomorrow. – Neale Donald Walsch

169666. I think that things happen individually first, and then collectively. It’s not the other way around. – Neale Donald Walsch

169667. I was told to challenge every spiritual teacher, every world leader to utter the one sentence that no religion, no political party, and no nation on the face of the earth will dare utter: ‘Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way. – Neale Donald Walsch

169668. As the new spirituality begins to become the pervasive spirituality of the planet, we’ll find that we have abandoned our philosophy of contradictions in which we say we’re all one but continue to try to win. – Neale Donald Walsch

169669. If we win, someone else loses. But if someone else loses, we lose. Which is a point we’re not getting. The new spirituality will make this just painfully obvious. – Neale Donald Walsch

169670. It’s a very small and select slice of all the people who have ever been born. I believe we’ve come back during this time, those of us who are here now, specifically to experience it. And to cause a ‘quickening of the spirit.’ – Neale Donald Walsch

169671. I think that’s a result of just a general increase in speed of the vibration of life itself. – Neale Donald Walsch

169672. I’m calling my book series the ‘with God series.’ And this next ‘with God’ book is Friendship with God, which comes out in November. This books challenges us to bring about the end of ‘better’ on this planet. – Neale Donald Walsch

169673. I think the new spirituality will be a spirituality that’s not based on a particular dogma. And that steps away from the old spiritual paradigm that we have created on this planet, which comes from a thought that there is such a thing as being better. – Neale Donald Walsch

169674. I think in metaphysical terms, I would call that increasing the speed of the vibration of life. – Neale Donald Walsch

169675. And in which we say that life is eternal but continue to struggle to survive. – Neale Donald Walsch

169676. You’ll find individuals agreeing on this, but when they get into collective societies and larger groups they find it difficult to achieve group agreement. – Neale Donald Walsch

169677. The new spirituality will bring about what I’m calling the ‘end of better.’ And that is in fact what is called for in the next of the series of books that I’ve been writing. – Neale Donald Walsch

169678. The new spirituality will step away from dogma, will step away from ‘We’re right and you’re wrong.’ – Neale Donald Walsch

169679. The Roman Catholics teach that unless you’re a Roman Catholic you do not go to heaven. – Neale Donald Walsch

169680. The sad part about our past is that religions, ironically enough, are responsible for creating the most destructive idea that has ever been visited upon the human race: the idea that there is such a thing as ‘better.’ – Neale Donald Walsch

169681. They may not use the word better. But they certainly believe that they’ll go to heaven and Jews will not. – Neale Donald Walsch

169682. We’ve seen in the last half century an incredible shift. This is just an extraordinary time to be alive. – Neale Donald Walsch

169683. One either has to believe in a God who’s terribly prejudiced, or disbelieve the teachings of such exclusionary theologies. Religions have taught us that ‘we are better than they.’ – Neale Donald Walsch

169684. A great many people experience the movement from one century to the next, but a minuscule number of people experience the movement from one millennium to the next. – Neale Donald Walsch

169685. Because our choices are largely based on survival. But if life is eternal, life is not a question. – Neale Donald Walsch

169686. And because we are, somehow, better than they, we get to go to heaven and they don’t. Christians will tell you outright that they believe that. – Neale Donald Walsch

169687. A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation. – Neale Donald Walsch

169688. The new spirituality will also base itself on a third very large spiritual understanding, which is that life is eternal. Most religious people claim to believe that, but very few people actually live as if that were true. – Neale Donald Walsch

169689. It graduates to ‘our state is better than your state,’ and ‘our nation is better than your nation.’ And it circles all the way around to where it started: ‘Our God is better than your God.’ – Neale Donald Walsch

169690. The new spirituality is that it will produce an experience in human encounters in which we become a living demonstration of the basic spiritual teaching ‘We are all one.’ – Neale Donald Walsch

169691. As told in Friendship with God, if we simply decided to believe and act as if first, we’re all one, and second, life is eternal, it would render virtually everything we’ve done all our lives pointless. – Neale Donald Walsch

169692. As we move into the 21st century, there’s what the Bible calls a ‘quickening of the spirit.’ – Neale Donald Walsch

169693. It’ll become obvious that we’ve really been working against ourselves. – Neale Donald Walsch

169694. Writers’ bedtimes vary, but few have been spared the shock of a copy editor’s early wake-up call. – Bill Walsh

169695. Nothing is more effective than sincere, accurate praise, and nothing is more lame than a cookie-cutter compliment. – Bill Walsh

169696. Machines aren’t replacing proofreaders at all. Copy editors, who proofread and much, much more, use spellcheck as a tool but read every word that appears in the paper. – Bill Walsh

169697. If any sort of error is inexcusable, it’s an incorrect phone number. One of the cardinal rules of copy editing is that every phone number published must be checked. – Bill Walsh

169698. A harsh reality of newspaper editing is that the deadlines don’t allow for the polish that you expect in books or even magazines. – Bill Walsh

169699. I caution against beginning or ending a quotation with ellipses. – Bill Walsh

169700. Writing headlines is a specialty – there are outstanding writers who will tell you they couldn’t write a headline to save their lives. – Bill Walsh

169701. It is a struggle. But I don’t mind. I will just keep fighting on. – J. T. Walsh

169702. We are such materialists that all our metaphors are going to be material. – J. T. Walsh

169703. I personally don’t believe in aliens. But, I do believe that there is something out there that is accountable for all these mysterious things that are going on: I think it is a spiritual thing not a material thing. – J. T. Walsh

169704. For as long as this nation has known war, we have embraced the heroes it has produced. Americans have rightfully noted the honor and nobility of courage under hostile fire and thanked those who perished in their defense. – James T. Walsh

169705. And yet 50 percent of the kids who start high school in the United States today do not finish high school. – James T. Walsh

169706. Any Congressional agreement of an arbitrary time table to bring our troops home before we have accomplished our mission is unacceptable and could potentially increase the risk to our soldiers. – James T. Walsh

169707. As a civil rights leader, Mrs. King’s vision of racial peace and nonviolent social change was a fortifying staple in advancing the civil rights movement. – James T. Walsh

169708. Medicaid is a vital safety net for New York’s poor and vulnerable, young and old alike. – James T. Walsh

169709. Everyone agrees that our ultimate goal is to establish a free, open and democratic Iraqi government and bring our men and women in uniform home as soon as possible. – James T. Walsh

169710. And because of these programs like Medicare, Medicare prescription drugs, Social Security, we now have the healthiest and wealthiest group of senior citizens that the world has ever seen. This is a continuing commitment to that. – James T. Walsh

169711. For far too long, the people of Northern Ireland have been denied an equal voice and equal representation in government. It is time for the Assembly and Executive to be up and running and the people’s business to be addressed. – James T. Walsh

169712. How we continue to fund Medicare and Medicaid into the future is a pressing issue of national concern. – James T. Walsh

169713. Looking long term, a stronger, wealthier, and more stable Central America next door benefits the United States’ own safety, security, and economy. – James T. Walsh

169714. Our soldiers have done a valiant effort in fighting terrorism and bringing a semblance of law and order to the chaos in the region and it would be shortsighted to lay out a specific timetable to bring U.S. troops home prematurely before their mission is accomplished. – James T. Walsh

169715. Rest assured that my support for any eventual reform package will be based firmly upon what is in the best interests of the people of Upstate New York, not any party or president. – James T. Walsh

169716. The Children’s Safety Act will help protect children from the perpetrators of these vile crimes by strengthening notification requirements for sex offenders and increasing criminal penalties. – James T. Walsh

169717. The IRA has abandoned its armed struggle in pursuit of its goals by political means. This must be fully acknowledged. Continued challenge does nothing but obstruct and inhibit the peace process. – James T. Walsh

169718. The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is one of the most vicious crimes conceivable, a violation of mankind’s most basic duty to protect the innocent. – James T. Walsh

169719. We have a responsibility to make sure that the limited resources we have are spent efficiently and effectively and that programs achieve their mission. – James T. Walsh

169720. What they will try to do is get symbolic victories. Symbolism is important to them. They have little else. But they will strike, I believe, at centers of media, of financial, of American power, of American culture; and that is where we should place our bet. – James T. Walsh

169721. I do not believe that the Social Security system is in crisis. The Social Security Administration itself recently reported that the system is able to pay full benefits as they are defined today until at least 2042. – James T. Walsh

169722. New Yorkers should know that no one in the Administration, at the Department of Defense, or at the Selective Service System is advocating the reinstatement of the mandatory draft in any form. – Jim Walsh

169723. But as someone pointed out earlier, it is not really about fairness; it is about taking finite resources and applying them where they will have the most effect. – Jim Walsh

169724. Certainly, we need to support the communities around the country, and we do. – Jim Walsh

169725. For as long as this nation has known war, we have embraced the heroes it has produced. – Jim Walsh

169726. I believe Congress has a duty to do so as well; not simply as a body of legislators, but more importantly as a community of friends, neighbors, parents and Americans. – Jim Walsh

169727. I believe, based on the activities, and I am not an expert on terrorism by any stretch, but I believe that when they attacked the United States and they attacked New York and Washington, D.C., they thought they could defeat us. – Jim Walsh

169728. I do not believe that the Social Security system is in crisis. – Jim Walsh

169729. With this realization, came a growing need for men and women willing to take up arms in an effort to protect our American way of life and the freedoms so many of our ancestors died to entrench. – Jim Walsh

169730. Never, since the fall of communism, has it been so abundantly clear that an ethos exists, which is loath to accept the freedoms and prosperity we hold sacred in this nation. – Jim Walsh

169731. We must never forget or diminish the sacrifices of those who gave everything for this nation. – Jim Walsh

169732. Our soldiers and their families are benefiting. They deserve good, quality housing and they need it. – Jim Walsh

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169733. Personally, in my home, the district in central New York, the Air National Guard base, not 5 years ago, the commandant came through and said, This is one of the sorriest looking bases I have ever seen. – Jim Walsh

169734. The Federal appropriations process is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are at the beginning of that process. – Jim Walsh

169735. The selfless actions of these heroes have removed them from their families, businesses and homeland to fight, so that others may experience the liberty awaiting our troops upon safe return to America. – Jim Walsh

169736. The U.S. Armed Forces are the best trained, best equipped fighting forces in the world. – Jim Walsh

169737. This inevitability of conflict motivates us today and echoes the reminder that freedom is not given away and our national security is not achieved without sacrifice. – Jim Walsh

169738. Medicare and Social Security have created the healthiest and most financially secure generation of senior citizens in American history. – Jim Walsh

169739. Adam’s abduction was our private hell – but it was not an isolated incident. On any given day, any number of children are absent from their homes for diverse and numerous reasons. – John Walsh

169740. The abduction of a child is a tragedy. No one can fully understand or appreciate what a parent goes through at such a time, unless they have faced a similar tragedy. Every parent responds differently. Each parent copes with this nightmare in the best way he or she knows how. – John Walsh

169741. One missing child is one too many. – John Walsh

169742. America is ready for intelligent talk. I am ready to bring some humanity to TV. – John Walsh

169743. I figured out how to catch fugitives without a gun. – John Walsh

169744. I imagine there are things I wouldn’t do, but I haven’t been offered those recently either. – M. Emmet Walsh

169745. I’m impressed with how professional they are and what they can get an animal to do. I mean, dogs and cats – that’s one thing. But when you get into the larger animals, that’s a different thing all together. – M. Emmet Walsh

169746. Hell, I’m an old man. I’m 70 years old. I’m supposed to be sitting on a rocking chair watching the sunset. – M. Emmet Walsh

169747. But I’ve worked where they’ve had animals before, and animal wranglers, the people who raise animals and train animals for films and television, they’re all very, very professional. – M. Emmet Walsh

169748. But I’m an actor and I like to just keep working. – M. Emmet Walsh

169749. No, I’m not a horse better. Every once in a while somebody will give me a sure thing and of course it’s not. – M. Emmet Walsh

169750. Too many girls follow the line of least resistance but a good line is hard to resist. – Raoul Walsh

169751. Some men are all right in their place if they only knew the right places. – Raoul Walsh

169752. Give a man a free hand and he’ll try to put it all over you. – Raoul Walsh

169753. Humor results when society says you can’t scratch certain things in public, but they itch in public. – Tom Walsh

169754. There is nothing more dangerous than security. – Francis Walsingham

169755. There is less danger in fearing too much than too little. – Francis Walsingham

169756. See and keep silent. – Francis Walsingham

169757. Knowledge is never too dear. – Francis Walsingham

169758. I call God to witness that as a private person I have done nothing unbeseeming an honest man, nor, as I bear the place of a public man, have I done anything unworthy of my place. – Francis Walsingham

169759. I feel that the thing that probably aided me the most in that scene with the dog was the utilization and using an actual recreation, affective memory, if you want to call it, of pain. – Ray Walston

169760. If they’re working in a workshop somewhere, where there is, let’s say, uh… only twenty people, or something like that, that’s still, when they work and do a scene, that’s still working in front of somebody. – Ray Walston

169761. I should have been trying to build a career, rather than leaving it in the hands of somebody else. – Ray Walston

169762. Talent will come out. – Ray Walston

169763. If it’s not in New York, let’s say it’s in St. Louis, then they’ve got to find a place or get with someone who knows about the work… they’ve got to find a place like that and do scenes, and then try to get in plays. – Ray Walston

169764. I’ve often wondered, when they’ve done Of Mice And Men on stage, and I’ve seen it, how they did that gun thing. I’ve watched it on stage, but I don’t remember it. – Ray Walston

169765. I was very conscious of the actor; watched what he did. – Ray Walston

169766. I don’t see all the movies that come out. – Ray Walston

169767. But I would like to think that it’s the actor that makes the difference in these cases. Not the director, not the guy that wrote the book, not the guy that adapted it for the screen, but the actor. – Ray Walston

169768. I didn’t study acting. – Ray Walston

169769. I don’t watch television. – Ray Walston

169770. I love going on location, and the location was nice. – Ray Walston

169771. I have worked with some very great directors. – Ray Walston

169772. I suppose when I was a kid, and I went to movies, and later went to some plays on my own when I got a little older, in New Orleans, where I was living then, I zeroed in on the actor. – Ray Walston

169773. You could walk the streets, no matter how hungry people were, not matter how long they’d been out of jobs, you could walk the streets, you could ride the subways in New York, and you would not get knocked in the head. – Ray Walston

169774. Our Cuba policy didn’t make much sense during the Cold War and makes even less sense now. – Stephen M. Walt

169775. So much is man the slave of his heart that he will shut his eyes to what does not please him and believe all that he hopes. – Mika Waltari

169776. So foolish is the heart of man that he ever puts his hope in the future, learning nothing from his past errors and fancying that tomorrow must be better than today. – Mika Waltari

169777. A decision once taken brings peace to a man’s mind and eases his soul. – Mika Waltari

169778. During my life I have seen, known, and lost too much to be the prey of vain dread; and, as for the hope of immortality, I am as weary of that as I am of gods and kings. For my own sake only I write this; and herein I differ from all other writers, past and to come. – Mika Waltari

169779. By concentrating on precision, one arrives at technique, but by concentrating on technique one does not arrive at precision. – Bruno Walter

169780. It is glorious to become a learner again at my time of life. – Bruno Walter

169781. Napolean is dead – but Beethoven lives. – Bruno Walter

169782. Some movie I was in, I forget which one, some awful little movie, a reviewer said, What is Jessica Walter doing in this movie? And I said, Hello? Trying to make a living? – Jessica Walter

169783. I think that she’s a great dame. I’m crazy for Lucille. – Jessica Walter

169784. I must confess I took a couple or three jobs just for the money. – Jessica Walter

169785. Desperate? That can be a justification for all kinds of behavior. – Jessica Walter

169786. I think for being not unsympathetic that their appearance may also appear, so differently it, must; similarly as with animals, which meet us in very different forms, which look somehow harmonious however all. On exactly such forms I would stand. – Ulrich Walter

169787. At least believe this many humans, who are interested obviously in this topic. Many of them visited me after lectures and meetings, in hope that I can give concrete answers to their questions. For it was clear: If that does not know it, who is to then know it? – Ulrich Walter

169788. Deep breaths are very helpful at shallow parties. – Barbara Walters

169789. One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time. – Barbara Walters

169790. No one could ad lib like Peter. You would think that it was all scripted, he was so poetic, but it wasn’t. – Barbara Walters

169791. Most of us have trouble juggling. The woman who says she doesn’t is someone whom I admire but have never met. – Barbara Walters

169792. It would be nice to feel that we are a better world, a world of more compassion and a world of more humanity, and to believe in the basic goodness of man. – Barbara Walters

169793. If it’s a woman, it’s caustic; if it’s a man, it’s authoritative. – Barbara Walters

169794. I found it interesting that as people become more technically oriented all over the world, at the same time people are becoming increasingly spiritual. The success of the Da Vinci code – even though it was a great yawn – also showed people’s interest in religion. – Barbara Walters

169795. I don’t know about you, but I can never get enough David Letterman. – Barbara Walters

169796. I didn’t have a very religious family. – Barbara Walters

169797. I can get a better grasp of what is going on in the world from one good Washington dinner party than from all the background information NBC piles on my desk. – Barbara Walters

169798. I also found that for myself, since I’ve had no religious education, it was so interesting to see the different versions of heaven and what life on earth means. – Barbara Walters

169799. Don’t confuse being stimulating with being blunt. – Barbara Walters

169800. Success can make you go one of two ways. It can make you a prima donna – or it can smooth the edges, take away the insecurities, let the nice things come out. – Barbara Walters

169801. But for Muslims, everything that they don’t have on earth is what they get in heaven. They can drink, they can have sex. All of the forbidden pleasures on earth, you can have in paradise. – Barbara Walters

169802. Before we had airplanes and astronauts, we really thought that there was an actual place beyond the clouds, somewhere over the rainbow. There was an actual place, and we could go above the clouds and find it.there. – Barbara Walters

169803. Because there are so many shows on and because I’ve been so hands-on – I’ve had a piece on almost every single week – I don’t know how to cut back on that. You really can’t. – Barbara Walters

169804. And I really do believe that the most important thing is the way you live your life on earth. But I think it’s enormously comforting to believe that you’re going to see your loved ones. – Barbara Walters

169805. Although I myself don’t go to church or synagogue, I do, whether it’s superstition or whatever, pray every time I get on a plane. I just automatically do it. I say the same thing every time. – Barbara Walters

169806. All of the religions – with the exception of Tibetan Buddhism, which doesn’t believe in a heaven – teach that heaven is a better place. At the end of the program, I say that heaven is a place where you are happy. All of the religions have that in common. – Barbara Walters

169807. A man cannot be made comfortable without his own approval. – Barbara Walters

169808. A great many people think that polysyllables are a sign of intelligence. – Barbara Walters

169809. Show me someone who never gossips, and I will show you someone who is not interested in people. – Barbara Walters

169810. First of all, the Jewish religion has a great deal in common with the Christian religion because, as Rabbi Gillman points out in the show, Christianity is based on Judaism. Christ was Jewish. – Barbara Walters

169811. The sports page records people’s accomplishments, the front page usually records nothing, but man’s failures. – Barbara Walters

169812. The world may be full of fourth-rate writers but it’s also full of fourth-rate readers. – Barbara Walters

169813. To feel valued, to know, even if only once in a while, that you can do a job well is an absolutely marvelous feeling. – Barbara Walters

169814. To not sing with an orchestra, to not be able to communicate through my voice, which I’ve done all my life, and not to be able to phrase lyrics and give people that kind of joy, I think I would be totally devastated. – Barbara Walters

169815. Wait for those unguarded moments. Relax the mood and, like the child dropping off to sleep, the subject often reveals his truest self. – Barbara Walters

169816. Parents of young children should realize that few people, and maybe no one, will find their children as enchanting as they do. – Barbara Walters

169817. There are realities we all share, regardless of our nationality, language, or individual tastes. As we need food, so do we need emotional nourishment: love, kindness, appreciation, and support from others. – J. Donald Walters

169818. You will find peace not by trying to escape your problems, but by confronting them courageously. You will find peace not in denial, but in victory. – J. Donald Walters

169819. The secret of happiness is the determination to be happy always, rather than wait for outer circumstances to make one happy. – J. Donald Walters

169820. Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance. – J. Donald Walters

169821. Happiness is understanding that friendship is more precious than mere things, more precious than getting your own way, more precious than being in situations where true principles are not at stake. – J. Donald Walters

169822. Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple determination to be happy under all outward circumstances. – J. Donald Walters

169823. Happiness is not a brilliant climax to years of grim struggle and anxiety. It is a long succession of little decisions simply to be happy in the moment. – J. Donald Walters

169824. In a sense, each of us is an island. In another sense, however, we are all one. For though islands appear separate, and may even be situated at great distances from one another, they are only extrusions of the same planet, Earth. – J. Donald Walters

169825. Today’s marijuana is also twice as strong as it was in the mid 80’s. – John Walters

169826. Teen drug use went up dramatically in the 1990s. – John Walters

169827. The only think I like better than talking about Food is eating. – John Walters

169828. The purpose of random testing is not to catch, punish, or expose students who use drugs, but to save their lives and discover abuse problems early so that students can grow up and learn in a drug-free environment. – John Walters

169829. There are now more teens going into treatment for marijuana dependency than for all other drugs combined. – John Walters

169830. We know that if we can prevent kids from trying drugs in their teenage years, we dramatically reduce the likelihood that they will go on to have problems later in life. – John Walters

169831. To work to make the lives or others better is the most rewarding work of all. – John Walters

169832. Too many people just eat to consume calories. Try dining for a change. – John Walters

169833. We all have an interest in making sure teens grow up healthy and drug-free. – John Walters

169834. Research shows that parents are the single biggest influence on children – if you are worried about your teen and drugs, talk to them. – John Walters

169835. Parents should monitor their behavior, know who their friends are, and keep track of what they do. – John Walters

169836. This was a result of a number of factors, but we do know that the messages kids get about the harms of drugs has a significant impact on their decision on whether or not to use. – John Walters

169837. Educating young people about the harms of drugs is essential. – John Walters

169838. All school districts receive funds from the federal government, through the Department of Education, to support anti-drug education efforts. – John Walters

169839. Some of these pro-drug messages come from popular culture. – John Walters

169840. As parents, we need to talk to young people about drugs and make sure they understand that drugs are dangerous, addictive substances that can ruin their lives and harm their communities. – John Walters

169841. Get to know the Chef and you will start to enjoy dining out even more. – John Walters

169842. In recent years, we have been sending a clear, consistent signal about the harms of drugs, particularly marijuana, which for most young people is the first illegal drug that they are exposed to. – John Walters

169843. It has become much more difficult to smuggle dangerous substances across our borders over the past three years, and this is creating real problems for drug traffickers. – John Walters

169844. It is very rewarding to serve the country by helping President Bush work to reduce the drug problem. – John Walters

169845. Life is short, so enjoy it to the fullest. – John Walters

169846. Make your having dinner out become The Event of the Night, instead of just the beginning. – John Walters

169847. Marijuana is a much bigger part of the American addiction problem than most people – teens or adults – realize. – John Walters

169848. All too many young people are receiving mixed messages and inaccurate information about drugs. – John Walters

169849. You don’t want to give kids an idea that they might not have thought of. – John Walters

169850. We need to educate Americans about the real harms of marijuana if we want to sustain the gains we’ve made over the past three years. – John Walters

169851. Some people have a terrible stretch between family and work. It is a difficult thing to achieve. – Julie Walters

169852. I’d like to think there’ll be too much of real life going on for me to want to do much acting. – Julie Walters

169853. I’m massively talented, and very, very beautiful in person; the public don’t really realise that. – Julie Walters

169854. I’m too young at 50. I’m not grown up yet. There’s part of everybody like that. – Julie Walters

169855. I’m writing a novel about two actresses who go to New York, because that’s what I know about. One has lost touch with reality, disappears and is picked up by a man. – Julie Walters

169856. It seems that when you get to a certain age you almost give yourself permission to misbehave and say what you think. People allow it, with very old people. – Julie Walters

169857. It’s very strong after the birth. It’s extraordinary. You can’t watch anything to do with kids being harmed. – Julie Walters

169858. I was having my teens in my 30s. – Julie Walters

169859. My grandmother lived with us for a short time while I was a child. Old people tend to be slightly more eccentric – they can behave the way they want. – Julie Walters

169860. I’d love to be in another film, but they haven’t asked me. I think it’s a shame but the prospects of me doing another one now are remote. Please do campaign on my behalf. – Julie Walters

169861. Stage is the most exciting. Film is lovely, because it’s like a family. – Julie Walters

169862. Suddenly, you are very much in the present, and you learn it’s really the place where you should always live. – Julie Walters

169863. That’s why I’m an actress – escaping into a world. – Julie Walters

169864. The characters do have a life of their own; it’s weird. – Julie Walters

169865. The money isn’t a lure. I’ve done very well out of this business. – Julie Walters

169866. Jane Austen was an extraordinary woman; to actually be able to survive as a novelist in those days – unmarried – was just unheard of. – Julie Walters

169867. I don’t know if you can change things, but it’s a drop in the ocean. – Julie Walters

169868. As soon as I gave birth, it was as if you understand them. They become people, not kids. You start to identify with them. You see yourself in them. – Julie Walters

169869. Being a mother adds another emotional dimension, a feel for children that I didn’t have before I had one. They were a pain before. – Julie Walters

169870. I always loved my mother, felt loved, but she was judgmental. Her father in Ireland didn’t approve of women generally, and she took on his values. She believed her own mother was foolish. – Julie Walters

169871. I can understand why people get annoyed at being remembered for one thing, but a lot of actors aren’t remembered for anything. I don’t mind that. – Julie Walters

169872. I’m more selective now I’ve got a family. I don’t want to work all the time. My daughter’s 12; I don’t want to miss out on her life. Soon she’ll be a teenager; she won’t want me around. – Julie Walters

169873. I didn’t come into the business to get awards or titles. – Julie Walters

169874. I was asked about doing a nude shoot for men’s magazine GQ. I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard. – Julie Walters

169875. I don’t like being out of the crowd. It’s lonely within a group. – Julie Walters

169876. I don’t want to give up acting – it’s what I am. – Julie Walters

169877. I wanted above all else not to be like my mum. – Julie Walters

169878. I keep seeing myself in my daughter, and I see my mother in me and in her. Bloody hell. – Julie Walters

169879. I never had any acting heroes. I never really went to the theatre. – Julie Walters

169880. I never wanted to become an actress because I’d read great literature or seen great Shakespeare. It was more just wanting to understand what the people were really like, why they said all the strange things they did. – Julie Walters

169881. I was always someone who lived in the future all the time, it was always the next thing – dreams of escape. – Julie Walters

169882. I think comedy’s something you can’t learn. It’s an instinct, which makes it rather elusive. – Julie Walters

169883. I felt my mother about the place. I don’t think she haunts me, but I wouldn’t put it past her. – Julie Walters

169884. I couldn’t watch Tom and Jerry. The cruelty was too much. I had all these strange images, of tiny animals, all mixed up. – Julie Walters

169885. The United Nations has become a place where many countries seek to achieve a lynching of the United States by resolution. – Vernon A. Walters

169886. It is an endless procession of surprises. The expected rarely occurs and never in the expected manner. – Vernon A. Walters

169887. I’m a participant in the doctrine of constructive ambiguity. – Vernon A. Walters

169888. Americans have always had an ambivalent attitude toward intelligence. When they feel threatened, they want a lot of it, and when they don’t, they regard the whole thing as somewhat immoral. – Vernon A. Walters

169889. I don’t think we should tell them what we’re going to do in advance. Let them think. Worry. Wonder. Uncertainty is the most chilling thing of all. – Vernon A. Walters

169890. Life is about growth. People are not perfect when they’re 21 years old. – Bill Walton

169891. I had the only beard in the Western Hemisphere that made Bob Dylan’s look good. – Bill Walton

169892. Without question, no hesitation, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the best player I ever played against. – Bill Walton

169893. That’s what makes it so fun to be on a team. You’re sitting at your house, thinking up this wild, crazy stuff as to how it’s going to go, and the other guys are sitting at their houses doing the same thing. – Bill Walton

169894. But you have to understand, my beard is so nasty. I mean, it’s the only beard in the history of Western civilization that makes Bob Dylan’s beard look good. – Bill Walton

169895. A lot of people understand what not saying anything means, so, in effect, not saying anything is really saying a lot. – Bill Walton

169896. Bill Russell was my favorite player of all-time. – Bill Walton

169897. I don’t sleep much. I’m on the go. My mind is racing. My wife says my mind is like the rolling dials on a slot machine. So, yeah, I think about everything. – Bill Walton

169898. At 49, I can say something I never would have said when I was a player, that I’m a better person because of my failures and disgraces. – Bill Walton

169899. Well, we’ve made some changes on this tour. We’re no longer sleeping in the parking lots and swimming in the fountains. We’ve been staying in hotels most of the way, though I will say some hotels have declined to take us because we’re just having too much fun. – Bill Walton

169900. I love such mirth as does not make friends ashamed to look upon one another next morning. – Izaak Walton

169901. Words are men’s daughters, but God’s sons are things. – Izaak Walton

169902. Those little nimble musicians of the air, that warble forth their curious ditties, with which nature hath furnished them to the shame of art. – Izaak Walton

169903. The person that loses their conscience has nothing left worth keeping. – Izaak Walton

169904. That which is everybody’s business is nobody’s business. – Izaak Walton

169905. In so doing, use him as though you loved him. – Izaak Walton

169906. Angling may be said to be so like the mathematics that it can never be fully learned. – Izaak Walton

169907. Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. – Izaak Walton

169908. Good company and good discourse are the very sinews of virtue. – Izaak Walton

169909. God never did make a more calm, quiet, innocent recreation than angling. – Izaak Walton

169910. God has two dwellings; one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful heart. – Izaak Walton

169911. As no man is born an artist, so no man is born an angler. – Izaak Walton

169912. I have laid aside business, and gone a’fishing. – Izaak Walton

169913. No man can lose what he never had. – Izaak Walton

169914. In Iraq, embedding allows us to put reporters in situations that would otherwise be too dangerous for them. – Jim Walton

169915. We’re going to try to create some programs that are going to generate viewer interest and appointment viewing. We still will have news on Headline News. – Jim Walton

169916. Our embedded reporters during the war agreed to guidelines established by the military. – Jim Walton

169917. Since I arrived at CNN, it has grown into one of the largest and most trusted news organizations in the world. – Jim Walton

169918. Technology has saved us money in some circumstances, but it has really afforded us the ability to cover stories from locations we might not have been able to in the past. – Jim Walton

169919. We exercise great caution in airing an audio- or videotape released by a terrorist organization holding a hostage. These are decisions made by CNN’s editorial staff and not by any third party. – Jim Walton

169920. I can’t think of a time that the U.S. government asked us or instructed us not to report or air something. – Jim Walton

169921. Throughout the lead-up to the war, CNN worked hard to air all sides of the story. We had a regular segment called Voices of Dissent in which we spent time covering antiwar protests and interviewing those who were opposed to the war with Iraq. – Jim Walton

169922. I believe our editorial decisions reflected our constant desire to make sure that we fully cover and analyze any issue and give our viewers all the information they need. – Jim Walton

169923. During the war, in which several of our embedded correspondents were able to report from moving vehicles crossing the Iraqi desert, the use of technology made news gathering safer. – Jim Walton

169924. CNN was one of the first news organizations in the world to train and equip its journalists before deploying them to dangerous areas. – Jim Walton

169925. CNN can still afford 36 bureaus around the world. – Jim Walton

169926. At CNN, our view is that good journalism equals good business. – Jim Walton

169927. If we were in a similar circumstance in the future I would want to make sure that our reporting was at least as diverse as it was during this most recent war. – Jim Walton

169928. I’m not trying to be coy here; we’re just not prepared to give a lot of detail about our thinking, but we will be making some announcements in the coming months. – Jim Walton

169929. I figured if you’re going to do something, you should do it the best you can. – John T. Walton

169930. There is a growing acceptance and interest in publicly funded school choice as a catalyst for education reform in general and a way to empower parents to be education reformers. – John T. Walton

169931. On the whole, and this comment can get me in a lot of trouble, I find that retailers in the comic book business are not business people. They’re fans who’ve gotten themselves shops. – Rob Walton

169932. Marvel has put out good product. DC has put out good product. Even Image has put out good product, as far as I’m concerned… although it’s few and far between. But it’s not getting recognized, no matter who’s doing it. – Rob Walton

169933. The other thing is this industry has decided it only has one market. Unlike any other industry in the world, unlike film or books or sports even, this industry has decided it has only one market and that’s 14 year old boys. – Rob Walton

169934. My main point is to entertain in a way that is unique and different from what anybody else id doing; to apply my voice in a way that nobody else in the industry is applying theirs. – Rob Walton

169935. It’s wherever business rules, business is going to get the politicians they want because they control the money and money controls the power. – Rob Walton

169936. My wife is wonderful. She’s one of the people who has changed my life around… or has allowed ME to change my life around. – Rob Walton

169937. Jesus gives his life for the congregation, not the other way around. – Rob Walton

169938. Planet Lucy Press? I incorporated myself to deal with publishing and was calling myself Big Bang Incorporated, which of course has to do with the Big Bang at the beginning of creation. – Rob Walton

169939. Since the Gulf War, since the new World Order, America is now the number one arms dealer in the world. – Rob Walton

169940. That and the fact that I knew that nobody was going to publish my work at Dark Horse or DC or anywhere. – Rob Walton

169941. The only reality is our society, and I mean this seriously, Western Society is a very sick society. – Rob Walton

169942. The thing about American politics, as I’ve learned, is there is no choice. – Rob Walton

169943. The people that are running the bulk of the comic shops in North America aren’t business people and they don’t understand sales. They don’t understand good product. – Rob Walton

169944. It’s pretty well known that the CIA has been installing friendly dictators around the world for years. – Rob Walton

169945. The first thing you need to run for President is a budget of around $20 million dollars a day. – Rob Walton

169946. I mean, the most important thing to me is imagination. – Rob Walton

169947. The violence in society, I’m afraid, is perpetrated by the people at the top. – Rob Walton

169948. In the Second World War, they’re talking about the Japanese traitors and putting them into concentration camps. But companies like DuPont had factories in Germany turning out stuff for the German Army. – Rob Walton

169949. Comedy, at least the way I write comedy, is just drama with jokes. – Rob Walton

169950. But basically, I’m trying to write a fun story. – Rob Walton

169951. Everything I’ve done is an old Marvel comic in its’ own way. – Rob Walton

169952. I mean, price is price. It’s just where you want to spend your money. – Rob Walton

169953. I went to Vortex and Vortex is a whole ‘nother story. – Rob Walton

169954. I’ve done work for hire. I’ve worked for DC and Dark Horse. – Rob Walton

169955. If I have a question about women and their behavior or attitudes, I always double check things with Lucy. – Rob Walton

169956. If I’ve got food and water, as long as I can exercise my mind and keep it nimble, then I’ll be okay. – Rob Walton

169957. If it came to saving the life of one priest or sacrificing the life of an entire congregation, the church would save the life of the priest. Which is backwards, of course. – Rob Walton

169958. If you exercise your mind, you’re not going to get sick. – Rob Walton

169959. If you like a story that’s totally different and won’t know which way it’s going… where it’s go ing to end up and which way it’s going to take you, then I think my work fits the bill. – Rob Walton

169960. If you’d rather go to the football game than read a comic, that’s fine. I’d rather do both. – Rob Walton

169961. First of all: no one in their right mind would sign an exclusive contract. – Rob Walton

169962. High expectations are the key to everything. – Sam Walton

169963. Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish. – Sam Walton

169964. We’re all working together; that’s the secret. – Sam Walton

169965. We let folks know we’re interested in them and that they’re vital to us. cause they are. – Sam Walton

169966. There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. – Sam Walton

169967. I had to pick myself up and get on with it, do it all over again, only even better this time. – Sam Walton

169968. Capital isn’t scarce; vision is. – Sam Walton

169969. Each Wal-Mart store should reflect the values of its customers and support the vision they hold for their community. – Sam Walton

169970. I have always been driven to buck the system, to innovate, to take things beyond where they’ve been. – Sam Walton

169971. You’ve got people who are looking at DNA evidence and other evidence like that and they’re ignoring it. – Joseph Wambaugh

169972. When I wrote The Onion Field, I realized that my first two novels were just practice. – Joseph Wambaugh

169973. When I interview people accused of capital offenses, I never even ask if they did it. I would consider that unprofessional. – Joseph Wambaugh

169974. The time has come for professional jurors. – Joseph Wambaugh

169975. What is it about the component of fire? People have written about it. People have wondered about it. – Joseph Wambaugh

169976. Jury selection is strictly an emotional process. They’re looking for people they can manipulate. Both sides are. – Joseph Wambaugh

169977. If you take 67 brush fires times 10 years, that’s almost 700 right there. Those brush fires are incredibly dangerous, all those homes going down proved that. – Joseph Wambaugh

169978. I’m sure I took some licks at the system, and at trials and lawyers in general. I’ve seen enough of them for so many years both as a cop and a defendant in defamation cases. – Joseph Wambaugh

169979. I hadn’t done anything in six years; I was just vegetating. – Joseph Wambaugh

169980. I enjoy doing the research of nonfiction; that gives me some pleasure, being a detective again. – Joseph Wambaugh

169981. I enjoy adapting my own work, or anybody’s work. I like to adapt books. – Joseph Wambaugh

169982. What I didn’t know was that if I didn’t stand with my back to the wall, Hollywood people would unscrew my ass and sell it down the river. – Joseph Wambaugh

169983. Probably 95 percent of the things that are written never get on the screen. – Joseph Wambaugh

169984. The O.J. Simpson case, they had no understanding of that DNA evidence, and didn’t want to. – Joseph Wambaugh

169985. The Onion Field made a real writer. And then I knew it was over, I couldn’t be a cop anymore. – Joseph Wambaugh

169986. The Onion Field, that one got pretty close to me because I was a cop when it happened. I saw some of the indifference that my police department showed to the surviving officer. – Joseph Wambaugh

169987. The serial arsonist is the most difficult to apprehend because the evidence is burned up. – Joseph Wambaugh

169988. No one I know of has ever had this experience-where you had to sit and wait and wait for a DNA test to come back just so you can write the last page of the book. – Joseph Wambaugh

169989. Today, lawyers are attacking more; they’re attacking everything. A good example is the O.J. Simpson case. – Joseph Wambaugh

169990. I certainly believe it’s over for the jury system, but we won’t admit it for a while. – Joseph Wambaugh

169991. As a cop, I dealt with every kind of bum and criminal. They all have more integrity than some Hollywood people. – Joseph Wambaugh

169992. Civil servants take forever to do anything. – Joseph Wambaugh

169993. Every time I write a nonfiction book I get sued. – Joseph Wambaugh

169994. Frankly, alcohol leads to a lot of other things when you start drinking at 12-years old. It is a big problem that needs to be addressed. Frankly, the industry has pushed us back and pushed us back. – Zach Wamp

169995. I know it starts at home, but all families are not staying together. – Zach Wamp

169996. Today the people from my State of Tennessee would listen to this debate, or even talk about a reference to God on our money or in the Halls of Congress or in our Pledge and say, please, let common sense and logic win the day and prevail versus legal mumbo jumbo. – Zach Wamp

169997. We can not underestimate the potential harm North Korea’s capabilities can cause for the rest of the world. – Zach Wamp

169998. We must curtail the flow of illegal immigrants across the Mexican border. – Zach Wamp

169999. When you know something in your heart, you better not be quiet about it. You better speak out about it. – Zach Wamp

170000. And I am a conservative. Sometimes conservatives forget we are supposed to conserve, to save, to be efficient. Plus our dependence on other sources of energy is causing our country to not be independent and to really be vulnerable. So this is a security issue. – Zach Wamp


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