180000 famous quotes part 177 – 176001 to 177000

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180000 famous quotes part 177 – 176001 to 177000

176001. Tell me what is right and I will fight for it. – Woodrow Wilson

176002. Princeton is no longer a thing for Princeton men to please themselves with. Princeton is a thing with which Princeton men must satisfy the country. – Woodrow Wilson

176003. The American Revolution was a beginning, not a consummation. – Woodrow Wilson

176004. The awakening of the people of China to the possibilities under free government is the most significant, if not the most momentous, event of our generation. – Woodrow Wilson

176005. The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people. – Woodrow Wilson

176006. That a peasant may become king does not render the kingdom democratic. – Woodrow Wilson

176007. Sometimes people call me an idealist. Well, that is the way I know I am an American. America is the only idealistic nation in the world. – Woodrow Wilson

176008. So far as the colleges go, the sideshows are swallowing up the circus. – Woodrow Wilson

176009. The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy. – Woodrow Wilson

176010. Property as compared with humanity, as compared with the red blood in the American people, must take second place, not first place. – Woodrow Wilson

176011. The seed of revolution is repression. – Woodrow Wilson

176012. Politics I conceive to be nothing more than the science of the ordered progress of society along the lines of greatest usefulness and convenience to itself. – Woodrow Wilson

176013. One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty counsels. The thing to do is to supply light and not heat. – Woodrow Wilson

176014. Never attempt to murder a man who is committing suicide. – Woodrow Wilson

176015. Neutrality is a negative word. It does not express what America ought to feel. We are not trying to keep out of trouble; we are trying to preserve the foundations on which peace may be rebuilt. – Woodrow Wilson

176016. Prosperity is necessarily the first theme of a political campaign. – Woodrow Wilson

176017. There is little for the great part of the history of the world except the bitter tears of pity and the hot tears of wrath. – Woodrow Wilson

176018. The question of armaments, whether on land or sea, is the most immediately and intensely practical question connected with the future fortunes of nations and of mankind. – Woodrow Wilson

176019. My own ideals for the university are those of a genuine democracy and serious scholarship. These two, indeed, seem to go together. – Woodrow Wilson

176020. You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand. – Woodrow Wilson

176021. When I give a man an office, I watch him carefully to see whether he is swelling or growing. – Woodrow Wilson

176022. What we seek is the reign of law, based upon the consent of the governed and sustained by the organized opinion of mankind. – Woodrow Wilson

176023. The only use of an obstacle is to be overcome. All that an obstacle does with brave men is, not to frighten them, but to challenge them. – Woodrow Wilson

176024. There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed. – Woodrow Wilson

176025. The history of liberty is a history of resistance. – Woodrow Wilson

176026. There can be no equality or opportunity if men and women and children be not shielded in their lives from the consequences of great industrial and social processes which they cannot alter, control, or singly cope with. – Woodrow Wilson

176027. There are blessed intervals when I forget by one means or another that I am President of the United States. – Woodrow Wilson

176028. The world must be made safe for democracy. Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty. – Woodrow Wilson

176029. You cannot, in human experience, rush into the light. You have to go through the twilight into the broadening day before the noon comes and the full sun is upon the landscape. – Woodrow Wilson

176030. The method of political science is the interpretation of life; its instrument is insight, a nice understanding of subtle, unformulated conditions. – Woodrow Wilson

176031. The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it. – Woodrow Wilson

176032. We have not given science too big a place in our education, but we have made a perilous mistake in giving it too great a preponderance in method in every other branch of study. – Woodrow Wilson

176033. America lives in the heart of every man everywhere who wishes to find a region where he will be free to work out his destiny as he chooses. – Woodrow Wilson

176034. Every man who takes office in Washington either grows or swells, and when I give a man an office, I watch him carefully to see whether he is growing or swelling. – Woodrow Wilson

176035. Democracy is not so much a form of government as a set of principles. – Woodrow Wilson

176036. Caution is the confidential agent of selfishness. – Woodrow Wilson

176037. By ‘radical,’ I understand one who goes too far; by ‘conservative,’ one who does not go far enough; by ‘reactionary,’ one who won’t go at all. – Woodrow Wilson

176038. Business underlies everything in our national life, including our spiritual life. Witness the fact that in the Lord’s Prayer, the first petition is for daily bread. No one can worship God or love his neighbor on an empty stomach. – Woodrow Wilson

176039. At every crisis in one’s life, it is absolute salvation to have some sympathetic friend to whom you can think aloud without restraint or misgiving. – Woodrow Wilson

176040. My dream of politics all my life has been that it is the common business, that it is something we owe to each other to understand and discuss with absolute frankness. – Woodrow Wilson

176041. America was established not to create wealth but to realize a vision, to realize an ideal – to discover and maintain liberty among men. – Woodrow Wilson

176042. He is not a true man of the world who knows only the present fashions of it. – Woodrow Wilson

176043. America is not anything if it consists of each of us. It is something only if it consists of all of us. – Woodrow Wilson

176044. Absolute identity with one’s cause is the first and great condition of successful leadership. – Woodrow Wilson

176045. A little group of willful men, representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the great government of the United States helpless and contemptible. – Woodrow Wilson

176046. A conservative is someone who makes no changes and consults his grandmother when in doubt. – Woodrow Wilson

176047. A conservative is a man who just sits and thinks, mostly sits. – Woodrow Wilson

176048. The world is not looking for servants, there are plenty of these, but for masters, men who form their purposes and then carry them out, let the consequences be what they may. – Woodrow Wilson

176049. As compared with the college politician, the real article seems like an amateur. – Woodrow Wilson

176050. I would rather lose in a cause that will some day win, than win in a cause that will some day lose. – Woodrow Wilson

176051. Liberty has never come from Government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it. – Woodrow Wilson

176052. It is like writing history with lightning and my only regret is that it is all so terribly true. – Woodrow Wilson

176053. Interest does not tie nations together; it sometimes separates them. But sympathy and understanding does unite them. – Woodrow Wilson

176054. In the Lord’s Prayer, the first petition is for daily bread. No one can worship God or love his neighbor on an empty stomach. – Woodrow Wilson

176055. If you want to make enemies, try to change something. – Woodrow Wilson

176056. If you think too much about being re-elected, it is very difficult to be worth re-electing. – Woodrow Wilson

176057. Generally young men are regarded as radicals. This is a popular misconception. The most conservative persons I ever met are college undergraduates. The radicals are the men past middle life. – Woodrow Wilson

176058. If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience. – Woodrow Wilson

176059. Golf is a game in which one endeavors to control a ball with implements ill adapted for the purpose. – Woodrow Wilson

176060. I would rather belong to a poor nation that was free than to a rich nation that had ceased to be in love with liberty. – Woodrow Wilson

176061. I will not speak with disrespect of the Republican Party. I always speak with respect of the past. – Woodrow Wilson

176062. I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow. – Woodrow Wilson

176063. I have long enjoyed the friendship and companionship of Republicans because I am by instinct a teacher, and I would like to teach them something. – Woodrow Wilson

176064. I have come slowly into possession of such powers as I have. I receive the opinions of my day. I do not conceive them. But I receive them into a vivid mind. – Woodrow Wilson

176065. I am not sure that it is of the first importance that you should be happy. Many an unhappy man has been of deep service to himself and to the world. – Woodrow Wilson

176066. If there are men in this country big enough to own the government of the United States, they are going to own it. – Woodrow Wilson

176067. The worst thing about this war is the chance it gives these dreadful little persons, the chance to make themselves important. – Arthur Wimperis

176068. The only reason to invest in the market is because you think you know something others don’t. – R. Foster Winans

176069. Personally, I think tying garbage bags around your head and hands is overkill. – April Winchell

176070. I always like to get local music when I’m in another country. – April Winchell

176071. The theme of the party was Neverland Ranch, so guests were asked to come as anyone or anything associated with Michael Jackson. It was all very disturbing. – April Winchell

176072. Orphans, dead parents, lonely children at Christmas, morose spoken word recordings, everything you love about the holidays. Move the turkey over so you can fit your head in the oven. – April Winchell

176073. My bedspread isn’t washable. Since my bedding has to be washed every day, I’ll have to throw it out. – April Winchell

176074. Like every aspect of cancer I’ve weathered thus far, today’s experience was not at all demoralizing, expensive or humiliating. No, it was just plain fun. – April Winchell

176075. Let’s stop playing with ourselves and get on with the entertainment, shall we? – April Winchell

176076. I’d like to run for office someday, but I’m afraid my ability to spell might give me an unfair advantage. – April Winchell

176077. I wish you a tolerable Thursday. That’s all any of us can hope for. – April Winchell

176078. I never have anything to talk about. – April Winchell

176079. I know you aren’t supposed to speak ill of the dead. – April Winchell

176080. I have found that many other countries will buy off on anything American. As much as they hate us, they want to be us more than anything. – April Winchell

176081. I had glow in the dark bands made up and I’ve given away a ton of them. – April Winchell

176082. I had a migraine for about seven or eight straight days, and I was unable to sleep most nights. – April Winchell

176083. I can wholeheartedly apologize for not being at all sorry. And it really is the least I can do. – April Winchell

176084. I am severely distracted these days. It’s hard to sit in front of the computer, uploading bad music for hours, when you have a wonderful boyfriend who treats you like a Goddess. – April Winchell

176085. Usually, jet lag is not this big of an issue for me. I’m not sure why I’m so disoriented this time. It could be due to the amount of chocolate and french fries I’ve eaten in the last two and a half weeks. – April Winchell

176086. I remember lying down for a nap one day at about 4:00 and walking up at 11:00 the next morning. – April Winchell

176087. I think television defeats ventriloquism. – Paul Winchell

176088. Walt gave me a VIP tour of the studio. I remember people doing voices. – Paul Winchell

176089. On television, everyone talks and they don’t care about the mechanics. – Paul Winchell

176090. I first met Walt Disney 25 or 30 years ago. – Paul Winchell

176091. Children are so used to seeing puppets that when they see a real ventriloquist they don’t understand it. – Paul Winchell

176092. Ventriloquism today is in a slump. – Paul Winchell

176093. Nothing recedes like success. – Walter Winchell

176094. A friend is one who walks in when others walk out. – Walter Winchell

176095. Too many people expect wonders from democracy, when the most wonderful thing of all is just having it. – Walter Winchell

176096. We must not indulge in unfavorable views of mankind, since by doing it we make bad men believe they are no worse than others, and we teach the good that they are good in vain. – Walter Winchell

176097. Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s headline. – Walter Winchell

176098. The same thing happened today that happened yesterday, only to different people. – Walter Winchell

176099. The only ones who like Milton Berle are his mother – and the public. – Walter Winchell

176100. The best way to get along is never to forgive an enemy or forget a friend. – Walter Winchell

176101. She’s been on more laps than a napkin. – Walter Winchell

176102. Remember that nobody will ever get ahead of you as long as he is kicking you in the seat of the pants. – Walter Winchell

176103. A pessimist is one who builds dungeons in the air. – Walter Winchell

176104. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. – Walter Winchell

176105. Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you. – Walter Winchell

176106. An optimist is someone who gets treed by a lion but enjoys the scenery. – Walter Winchell

176107. Broadway is a main artery of New York life – the hardened artery. – Walter Winchell

176108. Gossip is the art of saying nothing in a way that leaves practically nothing unsaid. – Walter Winchell

176109. Hollywood is a place where they place you under contract instead of under observation. – Walter Winchell

176110. Hollywood is where they shoot too many pictures and not enough actors. – Walter Winchell

176111. I usually get my stuff from people who promised somebody else that they would keep it a secret. – Walter Winchell

176112. Those entrusted with arms… should be persons of some substance and stake in the country. – William Windham

176113. What I find interesting about folklore is the dialogue it gives us with storytellers from centuries past. – Terri Windling

176114. The first job I was offered was as an editorial assistant. I think it was the best thing for me, in terms of being a storyteller by nature, to have spent years being an editor because I learned so much from it. – Terri Windling

176115. My book collection is primarily in America, since that’s where I’ve lived most of my life. – Terri Windling

176116. Read the folklore masters. Go to galleries. Walk in the woods. That’s what you need to be an artist or storyteller. – Terri Windling

176117. Robert Jordan, whether he’s writing with passion or not, I don’t know. – Terri Windling

176118. Since fantasy isn’t about technology, the accelleration has no impact at all. But it’s changed the lives of fantasy writers and editors. I get to live in England and work for a New York publisher! – Terri Windling

176119. There are plenty of bad editors who try to impose their own vision on a book. – Terri Windling

176120. There have been a number of us working very, very hard to bring myth and fairy tales into public consciousness, through fantasy literature and other media. I hope we’re succeeding in some small way. – Terri Windling

176121. In more recent years, I’ve become more and more fascinated with the indigenous folklore of this land, Native American folklore, and also Hispanic folklore now that I live in the Southwest. – Terri Windling

176122. We’ve always lived in dark times. There has always been a range of human experience from the sublime to the brutal, and stories reflect it. It’s no less brutal now; each age has its horrors. – Terri Windling

176123. Magic Realism is not new. The label’s new, the specific Latin American form of it is new, its modern popularity is new, but it’s been around as long as literature has been around. – Terri Windling

176124. When I started in the business, there was a thing called adult fantasy, but nobody quite knew what it was, and most publishers didn’t have an adult fantasy list. They had science fiction lists, which they stuck a little bit of fantasy into. – Terri Windling

176125. When I was younger, I was in love with everything about the British Isles, from British folklore to Celtic music. That was always where my passions were as a young girl, and so I studied folklore as a college student in England and Ireland. – Terri Windling

176126. There’s that old adage about how there’s only seven plots in the world and Shakespeare’s done them all before. – Terri Windling

176127. I have a great respect for the academics who are working with the source material. My hat’s off to them. – Terri Windling

176128. One of the best things about folklore and fairy tales is that the best fantasy is what you find right around the corner, in this world. That’s where the old stuff came from. – Terri Windling

176129. I’ve only been living in England for the last 10 years, if you don’t count my student years. – Terri Windling

176130. But for me, really, the written word is always stronger than film. – Terri Windling

176131. I divide my time between homes in Arizona and England, six months a year in each place. – Terri Windling

176132. A good novel editor is invisible. – Terri Windling

176133. I like Celtic folk music, Native American music, and any kind of early music. There isn’t a lot of music that I don’t like… except for Show Tunes. – Terri Windling

176134. I wanted to be a scientist. But I had no math skills. – Terri Windling

176135. I was a great fan of Jim Henson. – Terri Windling

176136. I’d had no particular interest in the Southwest at all as a young girl, and I was completely surprised that the desert stole my heart to the extent it did. – Terri Windling

176137. I’d like to encourage people to please keep reading-and most importantly, to please keep trying new writers. The only way we can bring fresh new material into the field is if people go out and buy it. – Terri Windling

176138. I’m also looking for gems that the average reader might have missed. – Terri Windling

176139. I’m an artist, I’m not an academic folklorist. – Terri Windling

176140. I’m working on a very long series of paintings based on desert folklore. – Terri Windling

176141. Filmmaking can be a fine art. – Terri Windling

176142. Regrettably, I do sometimes have to fight a tendency to be bitchy. – Marie Windsor

176143. It finally became clear to me that they had no hopes of my ever walking again. – Marie Windsor

176144. Most actors are insecure enough already without having a director who adds to that. – Marie Windsor

176145. My forehead is sometimes too high, but bangs could correct this. – Marie Windsor

176146. Of course, in later years, I’d studied acting more than ever before – mostly with the late Stella Adler, who was marvelous! – but in my earlier years, I couldn’t afford to do this. – Marie Windsor

176147. Raft told me how to walk with him in a scene: We’d start off in a long shot normal, and about the time we got together in a close-up, I’d be bending my knees so I’d be shorter. – Marie Windsor

176148. So, I certainly subscribe to what Bette said about acting being very hard work. – Marie Windsor

176149. Some actresses seem to thrive on chaos, and I’ve often wondered if they felt they had to be that way in order to perform well? – Marie Windsor

176150. The scene where I took my eyelashes off we did in two takes. – Marie Windsor

176151. The way animals were and are abused appalls me to this very day. – Marie Windsor

176152. This has taught me that being pleasant is always so much more productive, for I know well the rewards for being good-natured. – Marie Windsor

176153. This I regard as a classic example of my not being properly prepared for a part I very much wanted. – Marie Windsor

176154. I’d also say having Jack’s son Chris living with us from his 13th year on helped in raising Rick. – Marie Windsor

176155. In ’48 when I left Metro, I tried to go back to radio, but somehow just didn’t do well at it. – Marie Windsor

176156. I didn’t know I was doing film noir, I thought they were detective stories with low lighting! – Marie Windsor

176157. I’m 5 9, and there were two stars in my life who didn’t mind that I was taller than they – George Raft and John Garfield. – Marie Windsor

176158. But painting can be too lonely… I like being with people too much to have ever made that my life’s work. – Marie Windsor

176159. Elisha Cook was a darling, and full of the devil. A wired – up little fellow who was always busy, busy, busy. – Marie Windsor

176160. For instance, it was very rare for anyone there with dogs to allow them into the house. – Marie Windsor

176161. I can’t remember anybody saying, Let’s get this show on the road. – Marie Windsor

176162. I got to know Sterling Hayden fairly well. He was a quiet man, who got more complicated as the years went on. – Marie Windsor

176163. I had to do a tango with Raft and I learned to dance in ballet shoes with my knees bent. – Marie Windsor

176164. I knew I had a great figure, but I never regarded myself as beautiful. – Marie Windsor

176165. I thought my nose was too prominent so I had this corrected via plastic surgery in 1959. – Marie Windsor

176166. About that time, stronger features became fashionable on the screen. – Marie Windsor

176167. I’d been trying for all of the eight years we’d been married to have a child, and finally I did. – Marie Windsor

176168. I’d say my happiest moment as an actress came when I learned I’d won the Look Magazine Best Supporting Actress Award for 1956 in The Killing. – Marie Windsor

176169. For many years my inherited arthritis had given me problems. – Marie Windsor

176170. Girls talk to each other like men talk to each other. But girls have an eye for detail. – Amy Winehouse

176171. Another person who’s smarter than I. What a relief to not have to be the smartest guy anymore. – Dave Winer

176172. The fruits of all our labors have left us as we started. To grow without is not to grow within. – Dave Winer

176173. You get the software you pay for. In every sense. To the nth degree. That’s the way the world works. – Dave Winer

176174. The infrastructure of the US is a long-term suspension of disbelief that such things won’t be exploded deliberately by people who don’t create anything. – Dave Winer

176175. One thing’s for sure, in the war between freedom and fear, our side is going to have better t-shirts. – Dave Winer

176176. Art and money are closely related. Try sitting down with a group of artists and ask them what’s on their mind. Very quickly the topic shifts to money. And it can be very hard to get them off that subject. – Dave Winer

176177. OK, he’s a Yankees fan. Now I know why I don’t like him. – Dave Winer

176178. The people like the American Legion Post that gave us a chance to play. A place to play and a chance to play. – Dave Winfield

176179. The Yankees won the pennant, we went on to the World Series, 41 years after that in the city of Toronto. The great city of Toronto, and all the provinces in Canada, everybody reached out and they were excited because we won the first World Series ever, across the border. – Dave Winfield

176180. You know, many of you kids can’t relate to what it takes to get to the top rung, the top of the heap, to have success. We’re looking for things that come in a minute. It just doesn’t happen. – Dave Winfield

176181. You know, heroes are ordinary people that have achieved extraordinary things in life. – Dave Winfield

176182. You have to go understand that life and baseball is littered with all kinds of obstacles and problems along the way. You have to learn how to overcome them to be successful in life. – Dave Winfield

176183. You have to be like a clock spring, wound but not loose at the same time. – Dave Winfield

176184. To the people out there, baseball is a simple sport. But it is complex. It is never easy. – Dave Winfield

176185. To give you an idea what it feels like to be going in with some of the best baseball players of all-time, I mean it is fantastic. I have to say this about them, there are so many of these guys up here that were my role models, people I looked up to, people I wanted to be like. – Dave Winfield

176186. These days baseball is different. You come to spring training, you get your legs ready, you arms loose, your agents ready, your lawyer lined up. – Dave Winfield

176187. There are a lot of people who influenced me, nurtured me, helped me along the way. But I can just recall looking back, the first time I got my baseball glove. Put it on the wrong hand, all those kind of things. – Dave Winfield

176188. The sooner I get into the Hall of Fame the better. – Dave Winfield

176189. All though I didn’t meet him. His legend and his saga and his story is just that. Jackie Robinson, we all have to tip our hat to him. Because he made the game available to guys like me. – Dave Winfield

176190. Now it’s on to May, and you know about me and May. – Dave Winfield

176191. There is no way, believe me, despite my name being Winfield, and loving the game dearly. It wasn’t in the cards. I didn’t know what it was going to take to get here. – Dave Winfield

176192. Made it through high school, went to the University of Minnesota. – Dave Winfield

176193. People I look to: again, Hank Aaron, man you challenged the status quo and the records of the game. Monumental feats in an era where people didn’t like that. – Dave Winfield

176194. I never had to cheat, I get them with what I got. – Dave Winfield

176195. I chose baseball because to me baseball is the best game of all. – Dave Winfield

176196. I am truly sorry that a fowl of Canada is no longer with us. – Dave Winfield

176197. Everyone has a breaking point, turning point, stress point, the game is permeated with it. The fans don’t see it because we make it look so efficient. But internally, for a guy to be successful, you have to be like a clock spring, wound but not loose at the same time. – Dave Winfield

176198. But I’ll tell you this, it started with my mother. I have to give her. God bless her and rest her soul. I had a good foundation at home, so when I was able to go off and do these things in baseball there was always support. – Dave Winfield

176199. And then 45 years later, as I finished my career in the great city of Cleveland, that was another great way to end my career, going to the World Series. – Dave Winfield

176200. And I found out, the other part of it is that I found out and in my desire to life successfully, that baseball fit very well into my life. It’s been a great teacher, trainer, mentor and you’ll see what I mean in the next few minutes that I have to speak. – Dave Winfield

176201. A lot of people go to find themselves. – Paul Winfield

176202. What I know is, is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come. – Oprah Winfrey

176203. The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. – Oprah Winfrey

176204. My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you I the best place for the next moment. – Oprah Winfrey

176205. Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. – Oprah Winfrey

176206. Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not. – Oprah Winfrey

176207. She is the mother I never had, she is the sister everybody would want. She is the friend that everybody deserves. I don’t know a better person. – Oprah Winfrey

176208. My first day in Chicago, September 4, 1983. I set foot in this city, and just walking down the street, it was like roots, like the motherland. I knew I belonged here. – Oprah Winfrey

176209. So go ahead. Fall down. The world looks different from the ground. – Oprah Winfrey

176210. Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. – Oprah Winfrey

176211. Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. – Oprah Winfrey

176212. The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. – Oprah Winfrey

176213. The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude. – Oprah Winfrey

176214. My idea of heaven is a great big baked potato and someone to share it with. – Oprah Winfrey

176215. The thing you fear most has no power. Your fear of it is what has the power. Facing the truth really will set you free. – Oprah Winfrey

176216. The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be. – Oprah Winfrey

176217. Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. – Oprah Winfrey

176218. Turn your wounds into wisdom. – Oprah Winfrey

176219. Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility. – Oprah Winfrey

176220. What God intended for you goes far beyond anything you can imagine. – Oprah Winfrey

176221. What material success does is provide you with the ability to concentrate on other things that really matter. And that is being able to make a difference, not only in your own life, but in other people’s lives. – Oprah Winfrey

176222. When I look into the future, it’s so bright it burns my eyes. – Oprah Winfrey

176223. Where there is no struggle, there is no strength. – Oprah Winfrey

176224. You CAN have it all. You just can’t have it all at once. – Oprah Winfrey

176225. You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job, and not be paid for it. – Oprah Winfrey

176226. Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. – Oprah Winfrey

176227. I always knew I was destined for greatness. – Oprah Winfrey

176228. Unless you choose to do great things with it, it makes no difference how much you are rewarded, or how much power you have. – Oprah Winfrey

176229. Excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism. – Oprah Winfrey

176230. As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around. – Oprah Winfrey

176231. Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. – Oprah Winfrey

176232. Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. – Oprah Winfrey

176233. Books were my pass to personal freedom. I learned to read at age three, and soon discovered there was a whole world to conquer that went beyond our farm in Mississippi. – Oprah Winfrey

176234. Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. – Oprah Winfrey

176235. I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear. – Oprah Winfrey

176236. Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. – Oprah Winfrey

176237. It’s much easier for me to make major life, multi-million dollar decisions, than it is to decide on a carpet for my front porch. That’s the truth. – Oprah Winfrey

176238. Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself. – Oprah Winfrey

176239. For everyone of us that succeeds, it’s because there’s somebody there to show you the way out. – Oprah Winfrey

176240. I am a woman in process. I’m just trying like everybody else. I try to take every conflict, every experience, and learn from it. Life is never dull. – Oprah Winfrey

176241. I don’t believe in failure. It is not failure if you enjoyed the process. – Oprah Winfrey

176242. It isn’t until you come to a spiritual understanding of who you are – not necessarily a religious feeling, but deep down, the spirit within – that you can begin to take control. – Oprah Winfrey

176243. I don’t think you ever stop giving. I really don’t. I think it’s an on-going process. And it’s not just about being able to write a check. It’s being able to touch somebody’s life. – Oprah Winfrey

176244. I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. – Oprah Winfrey

176245. I have a lot of things to prove to myself. One is that I can live my life fearlessly. – Oprah Winfrey

176246. I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes. – Oprah Winfrey

176247. I was raised to believe that excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism. And that’s how I operate my life. – Oprah Winfrey

176248. I’m black, I don’t feel burdened by it and I don’t think it’s a huge responsibility. It’s part of who I am. It does not define me. – Oprah Winfrey

176249. I’m not even kind of a lesbian. – Oprah Winfrey

176250. I’m sick of people sittin’ in chairs stating their problems. Then we roll the videotape… then we have our experts on the topic… I’m in the ‘What’s next?’ phase of my career. – Oprah Winfrey

176251. If you come to fame not understanding who you are, it will define who you are. – Oprah Winfrey

176252. If you want to accomplish the goals of your life, you have to begin with the spirit. – Oprah Winfrey

176253. I don’t think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody who from an early age knew I was responsible for myself, and I had to make good. – Oprah Winfrey

176254. Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it. – Oprah Winfrey

176255. I don’t believe in careers. I believe in work. I’m not interested in some ‘big picture that would be really good for me’. – Debra Winger

176256. I was never afraid of failure after that because, I think, coming that close to death you get kissed. With the years, the actual experience of course fades, but the flavor of it doesn’t. I just had a real sense of what choice do I have but to live fully? – Debra Winger

176257. I push for what I think can be the best, and if I feel they’re not going for the best, it kills me. – Debra Winger

176258. I tend to wear outfits that match the walls. – Debra Winger

176259. To actually put the time and energy into an album that would be better than Pull would be a hell of a lot of work, because I took that band really seriously, way more seriously than people took us. If you go back and listen to the records, you can hear it. – Kip Winger

176260. I’m not financially insecure anymore either so I don’t have to sit there and get on the latest Poison tour just to make money, which is what a lot of them are doing. – Kip Winger

176261. We tune down a full step when we play but I never miss a note. I’ve learned how to keep my voice. – Kip Winger

176262. Throughout the years I have tried to hone my skills to gain mastery over the music in my head. – Kip Winger

176263. The songs were really complicated. I used to meet people in bar bands who were trying to play our songs and they were really struggling with it. Technically it was really difficult stuff. – Kip Winger

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176264. The main thing is that I’ve been studying composition for the last four years. I’d say it’s the life experience combined with the lessons that enabled me to go much further. – Kip Winger

176265. Rock stardom and all that stuff like that was never like my main M.O., my main M.O. is musical growth, and if I become a rock star in the process, great! – Kip Winger

176266. It’s like, on my solo stuff, every single person who buys the record, gets it. On the other stuff, the masses… when you have a hit on the radio, not everyone’s going to get it. They are going to buy it for the hit. – Kip Winger

176267. It’s a little bit more like I want to give this to the people that are really into it first – I don’t have a lot of desire to be like Bon Jovi or something like that, I really want to concentrate on the music. – Kip Winger

176268. In general, I don’t feel artists should need producers. – Kip Winger

176269. I’ve studied voice from a few different people for years. – Kip Winger

176270. God would have to beam into me what I was doing and what the album actually sounded like because usually when I start a project like that, I already know what the album sounds like before I start it. – Kip Winger

176271. We were lumped into the Lite Metal radio bands. – Kip Winger

176272. I’m a child of the 70’s; influenced mostly by albums that had a wide variety of style. – Kip Winger

176273. A producer should only be there to enable an artist to be himself. – Kip Winger

176274. Good records – from my point of view, where I grew up which was Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull… bands that were pushing the envelope a little – musically and in production. – Kip Winger

176275. I could play everything but could never take a lead. My brain just doesn’t work like that. – Kip Winger

176276. I play piano and guitar. Acoustic guitar. I tried studying classical guitar when I was 16 but it got really hard. I could never play a lead to save my life. – Kip Winger

176277. I think it’s important to know your limitations too. – Kip Winger

176278. I was just going more for what I’ve always been influenced by, European music. – Kip Winger

176279. I was really into Black Sabbath, but heavy guitars can really be very limiting, it’s a great frequency and it’s great fun to listen to but on the other hand, musically you can do a lot more without it. – Kip Winger

176280. I wouldn’t do just a tour, it would have to be an album, and the album would have to beat Pull. – Kip Winger

176281. I’d like to tour, but again, to tour my music now would take a bigger band. – Kip Winger

176282. As a musician, basically the masses never thought I was a musician. – Kip Winger

176283. Producing came about because I never wanted to be in one of those books, Where Are They Now? – Henry Winkler

176284. That problem has been going on since men and women and their children moved from the plains and into caves. How many times have you heard Howard Cunningham talking to Marian about shopping? Too many. – Henry Winkler

176285. Your mind knows only some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path. – Henry Winkler

176286. You see, I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle, actually. – Henry Winkler

176287. When you love what you do, then you’re talking to one of the luckiest guys on the face of the earth. – Henry Winkler

176288. When Richie Cunningham drank too many beers, his parents sat him down and explained their concerns. If you live on this earth, you find out that we are all the same. – Henry Winkler

176289. Wes Craven is a wonderful friend, and we had a really good time together. – Henry Winkler

176290. To me acting is like a jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw puzzle is of the sky and all the pieces are blue. Out of this you have to create a human being and put it together. – Henry Winkler

176291. Being down in Orlando, Florida, where we filmed the movie, I learned how to bass fish. Jerry Reed, who plays the villain in the movie, taught me how to bass fish. – Henry Winkler

176292. Producing is the hardest of the three because there is almost no closure. Every time you solve a problem, another one pops up. Directing is second, and acting is the most fun. – Henry Winkler

176293. Assumptions are the termites of relationships. – Henry Winkler

176294. Adam Sandler is truly brilliant. He plays these goofy characters, but he is a brilliant fellow. – Henry Winkler

176295. In school, I was an underachiever. – Henry Winkler

176296. If you make compelling television, they will come. – Henry Winkler

176297. I rode it once, which was up the driveway in the opening credits of the show. I didn’t know how to stop it. I actually nearly killed the director of photography, and I smashed into the sound truck. – Henry Winkler

176298. I do most of my work with kids. They are the very foundation of our future. We are so incredibly disrespectful to them in America in every way because they can’t vote. – Henry Winkler

176299. A human being’s first responsibility is to shake hands with himself. – Henry Winkler

176300. Right now I belong to the wonderful organization called The Children’s Action Network. The first thing we did was immunize 200,000 children across the country against childhood diseases. – Henry Winkler

176301. The truth of the matter is that muggers are very interesting people. – Michael Winner

176302. A team effort is a lot of people doing what I say. – Michael Winner

176303. During the Sixties, the Americans thought I was the greatest thing in the history of cinema. – Michael Winner

176304. America is practically owned by China. – Tom Winnifrith

176305. The 200 years when Britain and the US were the top two economies were an aberration and that will change. The decline of empires has happened much faster than folks think. I believe that gold will be a far better bet in 20 years than the dollar. – Tom Winnifrith

176306. Photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame. When you put four edges around some facts, you change those facts. – Garry Winogrand

176307. There is nothing as mysterious as a fact clearly described. I photograph to see what something will look like photographed. – Garry Winogrand

176308. Life is short, and it is here to be lived. – Kate Winslet

176309. It’s funny when someone says to you ‘you’re hot’ and all that, because I don’t think of it in that way. – Kate Winslet

176310. Since I was 13 or 14 I’ve always felt older than I actually am. – Kate Winslet

176311. I’d rather do theater and British films than move to LA in hopes of getting small roles in American films. – Kate Winslet

176312. There’s more to life than cheek bones. – Kate Winslet

176313. I finally moved out of my parent’s house. It was only fair to let my sister have her own room. – Kate Winslet

176314. The whole concept of ‘grounding’ children is utterly stupid – they just go off and rebel and don’t like you. When my kids eventually come along, I don’t want them to not like me. – Kate Winslet

176315. Plastic surgery and breast implants are fine for people who want that, if it makes them feel better about who they are. But, it makes these people, actors especially, fantasy figures for a fantasy world. Acting is about being real being honest. – Kate Winslet

176316. Just because society, and government, and whatever was different 100 years ago, doesn’t mean that people didn’t have sex, pick their nose, or swear. – Kate Winslet

176317. Loving someone is setting them free, letting them go. – Kate Winslet

176318. It doesn’t make any sense… that’s why I trust it! – Kate Winslet

176319. I’d much rather be known as some curvy Kate than as some skinny stick. – Kate Winslet

176320. I wouldn’t dream of working on something that didn’t make my gut rumble and my heart want to explode. – Kate Winslet

176321. I like exposing myself. There’s not an awful lot that embarrasses me. I’m the kind of actress who absolutely believes in exposing herself. – Kate Winslet

176322. There are moments to indulge and enjoy, but I always know when it’s time to go home and wash my knickers. – Kate Winslet

176323. I do get a lot of requests for specific things. – Michael Winslow

176324. The music stuff has been very difficult. It’s got to be right, and even then, it better be on key. – Michael Winslow

176325. Keeping busy: This is a problem that you’re glad to have. – Michael Winslow

176326. Hardly a name in profane history is more august than his. Hardly another character in the world’s record has made so little of its opportunities. His discovery was a blunder; his blunder was a new world; the New World is his monument. – Justin Winsor

176327. A collection of good books, with a soul to it in the shape of a librarian, becomes a vitalized power among the impulses by which the world goes on to improvement. – Justin Winsor

176328. It was a woman’s bedroom, actually a boudoir, and no man belonged in it except by invitation. – Kathleen Winsor

176329. Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should do, they never get around to what they want to do. – Kathleen Winsor

176330. The king appeared… with his dogs and sycophants behind him. – Kathleen Winsor

176331. The only genius that’s worth anything is the genius for hard work. – Kathleen Winsor

176332. Charm is the ability to make someone else think that both of you are pretty wonderful. – Kathleen Winsor

176333. I do not know of any credible evidence that suggests Dr. Zavos can clone a human being. This seems to be yet another one of his claims to get publicity. – Robert Winston

176334. Same thing, like my commercials are often times really funny because I tend to find 30 seconds is a really good amount of time to tell a joke. – Alex Winter

176335. I get very driven by certain themes and ideas. – Alex Winter

176336. I’m one of the few people who really like Eyes Wide Shut. – Alex Winter

176337. I’m not trying to be some kind of underground renegade. – Alex Winter

176338. I’m not saying it isn’t frustrating that my films haven’t gotten a bigger release, but I’m really happy with them and if you just keep cranking and eventually, if you have a certain sensibility, some of your movies will hit and some just won’t. – Alex Winter

176339. I think movies are good for getting into dream states or exploring weird alternate states of thinking. – Alex Winter

176340. I think filmmakers want their movies to be seen. – Alex Winter

176341. I take a lot from everywhere. I take from music, architecture, novels, and plays. Anywhere that hits you. – Alex Winter

176342. The film, even when we were making it in that budget range, which was really a coup – we got it made because we pitched it to the studio head, Joe Roth. – Alex Winter

176343. I just like movies that somehow expose the world in a way that’s different than you imagine it. – Alex Winter

176344. Like I said about Freaked, people tend to find these films, and I think that in the end the cool thing about a movie is that it can be sort of burnt temporarily, but then it’s burnt into the fabric of your culture. – Alex Winter

176345. I direct a lot of TV commercials and music videos. – Alex Winter

176346. I actually did use to sell shoes. – Alex Winter

176347. Hitchcock had to fight to the death to make his movies. – Alex Winter

176348. Coppola has problems getting financing, so why should I not have problems getting financing. – Alex Winter

176349. Certain remakes are great. Carpenter’s The Thing is better than the original. – Alex Winter

176350. But it is funny, because I saw Unbreakable recently and it’s a strange movie, I didn’t mind it, and it’s got some interesting things going on. – Alex Winter

176351. After living in LA for 8 years, I sort of wanted a change, but there’s not much production in New York, which is where I primarily live, so I just sort of drifted over to London. – Alex Winter

176352. I really love sort of classical cinema where people were telling stories with very little dialogue, and people were using the camera in a really interesting way. – Alex Winter

176353. They’re innocent movies, and they’re fun movies and there were no pretensions about ’em. – Alex Winter

176354. I’m really influenced by so many different things. – Alex Winter

176355. With Fever, the film was so made for the screen, and there’s so much surround sound that was done for the film – enormous detail paid to that. I wasn’t thinking video, because I didn’t know how it was going to turn out. – Alex Winter

176356. It’s hard for a hit to be bad for your career. – Alex Winter

176357. The trick of making movies in this culture is how to not give up everything that makes them worthwhile in order to get them made – and that’s a tricky balance. – Alex Winter

176358. The thing is there have been American movies that are similar to Solaris, like Alien had a lot of things that are similar, although it’s also got the horror element. – Alex Winter

176359. The thing about movies these days is that the commerce end of it is so inflated and financiers are just expecting this enormous return on their investment. – Alex Winter

176360. That’s kind of the weird thing that M. Night Shyamalan has sort of unleashed upon the world is this need for every movie to have these ridiculous endings. – Alex Winter

176361. My favorite favorites are people like Bunuel, Fellini and Charlie Chaplin. – Alex Winter

176362. When I did it with Johnny, it was almost a telepathic kind of communication. – Edgar Winter

176363. There’s a bootleg album that was recorded when I was 14 or 15, a compilation of things live at different clubs. Songs like Girl from Ipanema and Cry Me A River. I don’t know what the title of it is. – Edgar Winter

176364. I can’t imagine anything more worthwhile than doing what I most love. And they pay me for it. – Edgar Winter

176365. I hadn’t realized the number of people that are still interested in listening to what I am doing, people I would never know about if not for being online. – Edgar Winter

176366. I just want to thank all my fans for their loyalty and support-for coming out to the shows and buying the CDs. – Edgar Winter

176367. I really had little interest in becoming famous. When I write my book, it will be my guide to avoid becoming a rock star. – Edgar Winter

176368. Music is very spiritual, it has the power to bring people together. – Edgar Winter

176369. The most profound, tangible influence in my life has been my wife, Monique. I don’t know that I would even be alive were it not for her, and I certainly would not be the person that I am today. – Edgar Winter

176370. We started out when I was 6 years old. We played ukuleles and sang Everly Brothers songs. – Edgar Winter

176371. As far as I’m concerned, blues and jazz are the great American contributions to music. – Edgar Winter

176372. I started playing ukulele first for 2 years from age 9 to 11 and got my first guitar and got inspired by blues I heard on the radio that turned me on and I started learning myself. – Johnny Winter

176373. Everybody was tellin’ me that I had to do something different, and I kind of agreed that I did need to vary it a little bit. I still love some rock ‘n’ roll too. – Johnny Winter

176374. Oh, I love to play on the road. I really love it. – Johnny Winter

176375. My mother played piano so we always had music around the house. – Johnny Winter

176376. Little Walter I would’ve liked to have played with. – Johnny Winter

176377. Jimi was always at The Scene when he was in New York and we played many times together. He was just everywhere – he went out and jammed everywhere he was. – Johnny Winter

176378. I’m not good enough to be playin’ much acoustic guitar onstage. Man, you gotta get so right; I mean, the tones, the feel, the sound. Plus, acoustic blues guitar is just that much harder on the fingers. – Johnny Winter

176379. The best artists are gone now. – Johnny Winter

176380. I think it will always be around it just takes one person to make people aware of the blues. – Johnny Winter

176381. The Progressive Blues Experiment, Johnny Winter… and Still Alive and Well is my favorite rock record. – Johnny Winter

176382. I really appreciate when someone can blow me away with live acoustic blues. – Johnny Winter

176383. I never really got to know Jimi as a person. – Johnny Winter

176384. I like playin’ for an audience the best, though, I think. – Johnny Winter

176385. I just like the blues better than rock ‘n’ roll. – Johnny Winter

176386. I always wanted to play music and have it be my career and knew this by the age of 12. – Johnny Winter

176387. Derek Trucks is a real good new artist. He’s a young guy. – Johnny Winter

176388. I think the blues will always be around. People need it. – Johnny Winter

176389. There were a whole lot, I bought every blues record I could find, it wasn’t just one or two people. My vocal influences were Ray Charles and Bobby Blue Bland. – Johnny Winter

176390. Well, one of the best things is workin’ with Muddy. – Johnny Winter

176391. When I got old enough to go to night clubs to hear that music at the age of 15. – Johnny Winter

176392. When I started workin’ with Muddy. That convinced me that I could get away with doin’ the blues. – Johnny Winter

176393. Yeah, we went to England to do a show and I got off the plane and I couldn’t write my name or hold my hand up. – Johnny Winter

176394. T-Bone Walker was a big influence on just about every guitar player around. – Johnny Winter

176395. Nowadays I construct my books as if they’re film scripts. – Leon de Winter

176396. I still enjoy watching films more than making them. – Michael Winterbottom

176397. When you start being enthusiastic about whatever it is you like, that is the golden age for you. – Michael Winterbottom

176398. When people approach me about my films it is usually to tell me how much they hate them. – Michael Winterbottom

176399. There’s still a 1950s view of cinema, that there’s one audience and they all want to see the same thing. – Michael Winterbottom

176400. If you do a story about a British journalist rescuing a child from Sarajevo, then Sarajevo just becomes an exotic location, and the story’s about this British journalist. – Michael Winterbottom

176401. I think it would be impossible if you had a name like mine not to get a little flack for it. – Michael Winterbottom

176402. I prefer to watch people. – Michael Winterbottom

176403. I’m a fan of music from all over the world. – Michael Winterbottom

176404. Nothing is impossible. Some things are just less likely than others. – Jonathan Winters

176405. I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it. – Jonathan Winters

176406. Now that I’m over sixty I’m veering toward respectability. – Shelley Winters

176407. I was so cold the other day, I almost got married. – Shelley Winters

176408. It was so cold I almost got married. – Shelley Winters

176409. I’m not overweight. I’m just nine inches too short. – Shelley Winters

176410. I think on-stage nudity is disgusting, shameful and damaging to all things American. But if I were 22 with a great body, it would be artistic, tasteful, patriotic and a progressive religious experience. – Shelley Winters

176411. I have bursts of being a lady, but it doesn’t last long. – Shelley Winters

176412. Every now and then, when you’re on stage, you hear the best sound a player can hear. It’s a sound you can’t get in movies or in television. It is the sound of a wonderful, deep silence that means you’ve hit them where they live. – Shelley Winters

176413. Where do you go to get anorexia? – Shelley Winters

176414. All marriages are happy. It’s trying to live together afterwards that causes all the problems. – Shelley Winters

176415. Whenever you want to marry someone, go have lunch with his ex-wife. – Shelley Winters

176416. In Hollywood, all marriages are happy. It’s trying to live together afterwards that causes the problems. – Shelley Winters

176417. I think heterosexuality and homosexuality are a kind of psychosis, and the truth is somewhere in the middle. – Jeanette Winterson

176418. I don’t write for any group. I write to bring about a change in consciousness. – Jeanette Winterson

176419. You play. You win. You play. You lose. You play. – Jeanette Winterson

176420. I never cared about money. – Jeanette Winterson

176421. I never wanted children. If I’d been deeply in love with a man and he’d wanted children, it would have been difficult. – Jeanette Winterson

176422. I like to think the price I paid by being open about my private life helped. – Jeanette Winterson

176423. I like to look at how people work together when they are put into stressful situations, when life stops being cozy. – Jeanette Winterson

176424. I hated historical novels with fluttering cloaks. – Jeanette Winterson

176425. I am a writer who happens to love women. I am not a lesbian who happens to write. – Jeanette Winterson

176426. Academics love to make theories about a body of work, but each book consumes the writer and is the sum of his or her world. – Jeanette Winterson

176427. Always in my books, I like to throw that rogue element into a stable situation and then see what happens. – Jeanette Winterson

176428. Anything outside marriage seems like freedom and excitement. – Jeanette Winterson

176429. Art saved me; it got me through my depression and self-loathing, back to a place of innocence. – Jeanette Winterson

176430. Confidence and superiority: It’s the usual fundamentalist stuff: I’ve got the truth, and you haven’t. – Jeanette Winterson

176431. Creative work is incredibly difficult, and that is where the tests lie. – Jeanette Winterson

176432. Everything in writing begins with language. Language begins with listening. – Jeanette Winterson

176433. I hate the word lesbian; it tells you nothing; its only purpose is to inflame. – Jeanette Winterson

176434. However it is debased or misinterpreted, love is a redemptive feature. To focus on one individual so that their desires become superior to yours is a very cleansing experience. – Jeanette Winterson

176435. I had relationships with men as well as women. I wasn’t choosing; I didn’t think I had to. – Jeanette Winterson

176436. I am not interested in genres. I am interested in doing the best work I can in whatever medium. – Jeanette Winterson

176437. I believe in communication; books communicate ideas and make bridges between people. – Jeanette Winterson

176438. I didn’t mind being unpopular at school, because everyone else was a heathen. – Jeanette Winterson

176439. I don’t believe in happy endings. – Jeanette Winterson

176440. I don’t read reviews because by then it’s too late – whatever anyone says, the book won’t change. It is written. – Jeanette Winterson

176441. I don’t understand why people talk of art as a luxury when it’s a mind-altering possibility. – Jeanette Winterson

176442. You never give away your heart; you lend it from time to time. If it were not so, how could we take it back without asking? – Jeanette Winterson

176443. I live alone, with cats, books, pictures, fresh vegetables to cook, the garden, the hens to feed. – Jeanette Winterson

176444. If you continually write and read yourself as a fiction, you can change what’s crushing you. – Jeanette Winterson

176445. Your weak point is the open, vulnerable place where you can always be hurt. Love, in all its aspects, opens the self so fully. – Jeanette Winterson

176446. My friends and the people who are close to me know what I am. And that is enough. – Jeanette Winterson

176447. My characters are always on the outside; the spotlight’s not on them. But they do get somewhere. – Jeanette Winterson

176448. My books always begin with a sentence and an image – not necessarily connected. – Jeanette Winterson

176449. Many people feel their outer self isn’t the whole self. – Jeanette Winterson

176450. London is a small place, and it is very incestuous. People know where you live. Everybody is sort of on top of each other. – Jeanette Winterson

176451. Life gives you enough hard knocks so it’s unlikely you’ll stay that sure of yourself. – Jeanette Winterson

176452. Nobody knows anything about Shakespeare the person. It’s all legend, it is all rumor. – Jeanette Winterson

176453. In my subconscious, my books were part of a single emotional journey. – Jeanette Winterson

176454. One room is always enough for one person. Two rooms is not enough for two people. That is one of the conundrums in life. – Jeanette Winterson

176455. If we make anything that lasts, it outlives us. – Jeanette Winterson

176456. I’m not a quitter. – Jeanette Winterson

176457. I wanted to write a new fable and see how many rules you could break. – Jeanette Winterson

176458. I wanted to invent myself as a fictional character. And I did, and it has caused a great deal of confusion. – Jeanette Winterson

176459. I wanted to cause trouble, but I know now it stays with you. – Jeanette Winterson

176460. I think we still believe that ambition is for boys. – Jeanette Winterson

176461. I think people deceive themselves about themselves, particularly as they get older. – Jeanette Winterson

176462. I think it would be very foolish not to take the irrational seriously. – Jeanette Winterson

176463. It is helpful for a woman artist not to have a husband. – Jeanette Winterson

176464. We shall all die, and our lives will be irrelevant then. – Jeanette Winterson

176465. Writers have to have a knack for listening. I need to be able to hear what is being said to me by the voices I create. – Jeanette Winterson

176466. With animal behavior, they’re all fine until you introduce some rogue element into the cage, and then they go crazy. – Jeanette Winterson

176467. Whether you want to call it God or the mystery of the cosmos doesn’t matter to me. – Jeanette Winterson

176468. When it is time to get to work, I go away completely and don’t do anything except the work. And that can be 16 hours a day. – Jeanette Winterson

176469. Whatever is powerful to you can be translated into something which will matter to somebody that you will never know. – Jeanette Winterson

176470. Naked is the best disguise. – Jeanette Winterson

176471. What you risk reveals what you value. – Jeanette Winterson

176472. To me, life, for all its privations, is a luminous thing. You have to risk it. – Jeanette Winterson

176473. To create a past that seemed authentic but would be a fiction, you need an invented language. – Jeanette Winterson

176474. They say that every snowflake is different. If that were true, how could the world go on? How could we ever get up off our knees? How could we ever recover from the wonder of it? – Jeanette Winterson

176475. There are so many separate selves; no one who writes creatively hasn’t felt that. – Jeanette Winterson

176476. The work that lasts over time is the work which still speaks to us when all contemporary interest in that work is extinct. – Jeanette Winterson

176477. The curious are always in some danger. If you are curious you might never come home. – Jeanette Winterson

176478. Quest is at the heart of what I do-the holy grail, and the terror that you’ll never find it, seemed a perfect metaphor for life. – Jeanette Winterson

176479. Ordinary professionalism and 20 years’ experience can accomplish a lot, but it can’t access the hidden places. – Jeanette Winterson

176480. What’s invisible to us is also crucial for our own well-being. – Jeanette Winterson

176481. The eyes of all people are upon us. – John Winthrop

176482. Love is the bond of perfection. – John Winthrop

176483. Liberty is the proper end and object of authority, and cannot subsist without it; and it is liberty to that which is good, just, and honest. – John Winthrop

176484. There are no points of the compass on the chart of true patriotism. – Robert Charles Winthrop

176485. Slavery is but half abolished, emancipation is but half completed, while millions of freeman with votes in their hands are left without education. – Robert Charles Winthrop

176486. A star for every State, and a State for every star. – Robert Charles Winthrop

176487. Our country – whether bounded by the St. John’s and the Sabine, or however otherwise bounded or described, and be the measurements more or less; – still our country, to be cherished in all our hearts, and to be defended by all our hands. – Robert Charles Winthrop

176488. The percentage you’re paying is too high priced While you’re living beyond all your means And the man in the suit has just bought a new car From the profit he’s made on your dreams. – Steve Winwood

176489. It could be my British need for discipline that makes me admire the American appetite for freedom and passion. – Steve Winwood

176490. Don’t you know by now, luck don’t lead to anything or why you keep on moving. – Steve Winwood

176491. Seize the moment of excited curiosity on any subject to solve your doubts; for if you let it pass, the desire may never return, and you may remain in ignorance. – William Wirt

176492. He is a great simpleton who imagines that the chief power of wealth is to supply wants. In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred it creates more wants than it supplies. – William Wirt

176493. Program construction consists of a sequence of refinement steps. – Niklaus Wirth

176494. Many people tend to look at programming styles and languages like religions: if you belong to one, you cannot belong to others. But this analogy is another fallacy. – Niklaus Wirth

176495. Software development is technical activity conducted by human beings. – Niklaus Wirth

176496. Yet, I am convinced that there is a need for high quality software, and the time will come when it will be recognized that it is worth investing effort in its development and in using a careful, structured approach based on safe, structured languages. – Niklaus Wirth

176497. Usually its users discover sooner or later that their program does not deliver all the desired results, or worse, that the results requested were not the ones really needed. – Niklaus Wirth

176498. The possible solutions to a given problem emerge as the leaves of a tree, each node representing a point of deliberation and decision. – Niklaus Wirth

176499. The idea that one might derive satisfaction from his or her successful work, because that work is ingenious, beautiful, or just pleasing, has become ridiculed. – Niklaus Wirth

176500. Programming is usually taught by examples. – Niklaus Wirth

176501. Our ultimate goal is extensible programming (EP). By this, we mean the construction of hierarchies of modules, each module adding new functionality to the system. – Niklaus Wirth

176502. Nevertheless, I consider OOP as an aspect of programming in the large; that is, as an aspect that logically follows programming in the small and requires sound knowledge of procedural programming. – Niklaus Wirth

176503. My being a teacher had a decisive influence on making language and systems as simple as possible so that in my teaching, I could concentrate on the essential issues of programming rather than on details of language and notation. – Niklaus Wirth

176504. It is evidently necessary to generate and test candidates for solutions in some systematic manner. – Niklaus Wirth

176505. Indeed, the woes of Software Engineering are not due to lack of tools, or proper management, but largely due to lack of sufficient technical competence. – Niklaus Wirth

176506. In the practical world of computing, it is rather uncommon that a program, once it performs correctly and satisfactorily, remains unchanged forever. – Niklaus Wirth

176507. I have never designed a language for its own sake. – Niklaus Wirth

176508. Experience shows that the success of a programming course critically depends on the choice of these examples. – Niklaus Wirth

176509. Clearly, programming courses should teach methods of design and construction, and the selected examples should be such that a gradual development can be nicely demonstrated. – Niklaus Wirth

176510. But quality of work can be expected only through personal satisfaction, dedication and enjoyment. In our profession, precision and perfection are not a dispensible luxury, but a simple necessity. – Niklaus Wirth

176511. But active programming consists of the design of new programs, rather than contemplation of old programs. – Niklaus Wirth

176512. A good designer must rely on experience, on precise, logic thinking; and on pedantic exactness. No magic will do. – Niklaus Wirth

176513. My duty as a teacher is to train, educate future programmers. – Niklaus Wirth

176514. But no, I’ve just been very lucky. But I’ve worked hard, and the harder you work, the luckier you seem to get. – Norman Wisdom

176515. At my age, the radiation will probably do me good. – Norman Wisdom

176516. All my boyhood, all I ever wanted was to be loved. – Norman Wisdom

176517. I was in the band as a boy and was taught music and learned to compose. – Norman Wisdom

176518. I’ve always had a sense of humour, and I still do, so I just want to go on performing as long as I can. It’s as simple as that. – Norman Wisdom

176519. I’ve an idea for doing a Situation Comedy myself but its always difficult to get people to listen to you because they like to put their own ideas forward. – Norman Wisdom

176520. I’ve been extremely lucky having been in the army when I was a boy of fourteen. – Norman Wisdom

176521. I’ve done seven shows at the Palladium – long running shows I’m talking about. – Norman Wisdom

176522. I’ve got one idea I want to do for a film and you know I just enjoy myself doing bits and pieces. – Norman Wisdom

176523. In fact, one was so booked out we went from March and were to go till November, but the pantomime was booked so they transferred the show to the Prince of Wales Theatre because it was so packed out, and it ran on from there. – Norman Wisdom

176524. Of course I’ve done musicals here in London. – Norman Wisdom

176525. Such is life and life is such and after all it isn’t much. First a cradle. Then a hearse. It might have been better, but it could have been worse. – Norman Wisdom

176526. Well if I was going to describe my audience, it’s going to take longer than you’d ever expect, hundreds of years in fact, because there’s many of them, all over the world. – Norman Wisdom

176527. As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two. – Norman Wisdom

176528. You know I’ve got a chum, a smashing mate, he’s got a dog with no legs, and he calls it a cigarette. It’s true, yeah, because at nighttime he has to take it out for a drag. – Norman Wisdom

176529. I’m still constantly thinking of ideas. I don’t feel 90. I think I’m about 12. – Norman Wisdom

176530. I was born in very sorry circumstances. Both of my parents were very sorry. – Norman Wisdom

176531. I was born in very sorry circumstances. – Norman Wisdom

176532. I was born in London, and went to school in Scotland – I used to be dead tired when I got home at night. – Norman Wisdom

176533. I used to first go on to entertain an audience. But now I go, and this is really true – I go on to have fun with a crowd of my chums. – Norman Wisdom

176534. I play drums, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, piano. – Norman Wisdom

176535. I owe everything to the army. – Norman Wisdom

176536. I like consistency. If you’ve had a childhood like mine, you want some things you can rely on to stay the same. – Norman Wisdom

176537. I don’t know nothing about communism. But I know the Albanians loved me. Same reason as anyone else loves me. Because I made them laugh. – Norman Wisdom

176538. I do play drums when I’m on tour. – Norman Wisdom

176539. Well the first order of government is to preserve the public order and safety. – Bob Wise

176540. I don’t believe we are, because I believe that just as 9/11 was an attack on a very populous area, terrorism also looks to see where you can go and where you’re not expected. – Bob Wise

176541. Things really began to move for us. In 1953 I could afford to marry Doreen. – Ernie Wise

176542. In 1958, we decided to go to Australia. We were there for six months, and all the shows went well. – Ernie Wise

176543. I met my wife, Doreen, who was a dancer in the show. – Ernie Wise

176544. We became Morris and Morecambe. This partnership did not last long, however. – Ernie Wise

176545. We took the whole thing far too seriously. After all, those were early days in television. – Ernie Wise

176546. I will not nullify, I will not secede, but I will under sovereign State authority fight in the Union another revolutionary conflict for civil liberty, and a Union which will defend it. – Henry A. Wise

176547. I have lately returned from Harpers Ferry, to which place I was suddenly called, on the 17th instant, by causes the most disturbing and destructive to the peace and safety of this State. – Henry A. Wise

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176548. This book, conceived in sorrow, composed in grief, and constructed at the brink of despair, contains my mind’s best thoughts, and my soul’s triumph over the powers of darkness. – Isaac Mayer Wise

176549. Had the Hebrews not been disturbed in their progress a thousand and more years ago, they would have solved all the great problems of civilization which are being solved now under all the difficulties imposed by the spirit of the Middle Ages. – Isaac Mayer Wise

176550. In the same proportion Russia is the misfortune of Europe and the Israelites. – Isaac Mayer Wise

176551. It flourished with the Saracens, and suffered in the obscure and fanatical days of the Middle Ages. – Isaac Mayer Wise

176552. Never preach a sermon without a text from the Bible, a text containing the theme which you can elaborate. The text is the best proof in support of your argument. A sermon without a text is an argument without a proof. – Isaac Mayer Wise

176553. Russia contains one fourth of the inhabitants of all Europe, and one half of the entire number of Israelites. – Isaac Mayer Wise

176554. The nations of antiquity rolled away in the current of ages, Israel alone remained one indestructible edifice of gray antiquity… preserved by an internal and marvelous power. – Isaac Mayer Wise

176555. The world is not yet redeemed. – Isaac Mayer Wise

176556. The attack of John Brown upon Harper’s Ferry came upon Virginia like a clap of thunder out of a clear sky. – John Sergeant Wise

176557. The first American ancestor of our name was a younger son of these old Devonshire people, and came to the Virginia colony in the reign of Charles the First. – John Sergeant Wise

176558. My mother was a Northern woman, daughter of Hon. John Sergeant, a distinguished lawyer, and for many years representative in Congress from Philadelphia. – John Sergeant Wise

176559. In those days, slavery was not looked upon, even in Quaker Philadelphia, with the shudder and abhorrence one feels towards it now. – John Sergeant Wise

176560. That settled Abraham Lincoln with me. I was thoroughly satisfied that no such man ought to be President; but I could not yet conceive it possible that such a monster would be the choice of a majority of the people for President. – John Sergeant Wise

176561. THE autumn of 1850 brought an event freighted with deep significance to me. My mother died. – John Sergeant Wise

176562. Of private differences personal to himself, my brother had none. – John Sergeant Wise

176563. Virginians were no more angels or philanthropists than people to the north or to the south of them. They were moved by their affections, their interest, and their resentments, just as humanity is moved today. – John Sergeant Wise

176564. Wealthy men, too, like several of those in our neighborhood, had so many slaves that they were compelled to buy other plantations on which to employ them. – John Sergeant Wise

176565. When I first concluded to print the book, I made an honest effort to construct it in the third person. – John Sergeant Wise

176566. John Brown was tried for treason, murder, and inciting slaves to insurrection. – John Sergeant Wise

176567. However the Southern man may have been master of the negro, there were compensatory processes whereby certain negroes were masters of their masters’ children. – John Sergeant Wise

176568. It is true, there was no public-school system, and the reason for it was very plain. The wealth of the upper classes enabled them to have private tutors. – John Sergeant Wise

176569. In the year 1857, passing through Washington on our return from the annual visit to Philadelphia, I had the distinguished honor of visiting a President for the first time. – John Sergeant Wise

176570. In such a condition of affairs, the practical difference between the abolitionist and the sympathizer, to the man who lost his slave and could not recover it, was very nebulous. – John Sergeant Wise

176571. This and many others only confirmed me in the opinion, planted when I saw the sale of Martha Ann, and growing steadily thereafter, that slavery was an accursed business, and that the sooner my people were relieved of it, the better. – John Sergeant Wise

176572. I was a tried seaman when, for the first time, I set foot upon the soil of my country, and took up my residence where my people had lived for over two hundred years. – John Sergeant Wise

176573. Father had notions about manhood suffrage, public schools, the education and the elevation of the masses, and the gradual emancipation of the slaves, that did not suit the uncompromising views of people in places like Richmond. – John Sergeant Wise

176574. Even if my mother had no qualms of conscience concerning ownership of negroes, her sense of duty carried her far beyond the mere supplying of their physical needs, or requiring that they render faithful service. – John Sergeant Wise

176575. As early as the autumn of 1862, I was made very happy by being sent to school. – John Sergeant Wise

176576. And let me tell you, you boys of America, that there is no higher inspiration to any man to be a good man, a good citizen, and a good son, brother, or father, than the knowledge that you come from honest blood. – John Sergeant Wise

176577. America is good enough for us. – John Sergeant Wise

176578. In all her history, from the formation of the federal government until the hour of secession, no year stands out more prominently than the year 1858 as evidencing the national patriotism of Virginia. – John Sergeant Wise

176579. As I’ve always said, preproduction is so important. When you cast the actors, you’ve done much of the work. Now, you may need to guide them a little, take it up or down, have them go faster or slower, but the casting process is crucial. – Robert Wise

176580. You know, people always think if you start out as a film editor, you shoot less footage. Actually, just the opposite is true. I tend to grab as much coverage as I can because as a former editor I know how important it is to have those few frames. – Robert Wise

176581. You look back on films sometimes and if they have not been as all-out successful as you anticipated you try to find reasons why maybe it didn’t come off for audiences as well as you would have liked. – Robert Wise

176582. The Sand Pebbles has always been one of my favorite films, I suppose because its the most difficult film – from a physical and logistical standpoint – that I’ve ever made. – Robert Wise

176583. Of all the stars whom I worked with, I think Steve knew better what worked for him on the screen than any other. He had such a sense of what he could register, and that helped a lot in terms of shaping the character and the script. – Robert Wise

176584. My three Ps: passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you’ve got to be a filmmaker. – Robert Wise

176585. You can’t tell any kind of a story without having some kind of a theme, something to say between the lines. – Robert Wise

176586. I think one of the major things a director has to do is to know his subject matter, the subject matter of his script, know the truth and the reality of it. That’s very important. – Robert Wise

176587. A Mac is a closed box, so Apple can make decisions about things that they don’t include. That makes, it in some ways, simpler for them. – Robert Wise

176588. I’ve always been proud of being a Hoosier. When I talk to people, I tell them that. – Robert Wise

176589. Vision looks upward and becomes faith. – Stephen Samuel Wise

176590. Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration. – Stephen Samuel Wise

176591. Vision looks inward and becomes duty. – Stephen Samuel Wise

176592. Whether you’re a newspaper journalist, a lawyer, a doctor. You have to organize your thoughts. – Frederick Wiseman

176593. Anybody whose mind is functioning at all can’t be content with the way the world works. – Frederick Wiseman

176594. I don’t like to read novels where the novelist tells me what to think about the situation and the characters. I prefer to discover for myself. – Frederick Wiseman

176595. My goal is to make as many films as possible about different aspects of American life. – Frederick Wiseman

176596. You have to edit the material. That assumes that some kind of a mind is operating in relation to the material. Not all minds are the same. Every aspect of filmmaking requires choice. The selection of the subject, the shooting, editing and length are all aspects of choice. – Frederick Wiseman

176597. I hope that not only my documentaries, but everybody’s documentaries, last. It will really confuse historians in the next century, because they’ll have, in addition to all the print material, they’ll have all these pictures to look at. – Frederick Wiseman

176598. When you can’t have what you choose, you just choose what you have. – Owen Wister

176599. When yu’ can’t have what you choose, yu’ just choose what you have. – Owen Wister

176600. Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone, It’s not warm when she’s away, Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone, And she’s always gone too long, Anytime she goes away. – Bill Withers

176601. An’ this house just ain’t no home, Anytime she goes away. – Bill Withers

176602. I feel that it is healthier to look out at the world through a window than through a mirror. Otherwise, all you see is yourself and whatever is behind you. – Bill Withers

176603. I write and sing about whatever I am able to understand and feel. – Bill Withers

176604. Never read a book through merely because you have begun it. – John Witherspoon

176605. Those who wish well to the State ought to choose to places of trust men of inward principle, justified by exemplary conversation. – John Witherspoon

176606. Never rise to speak till you have something to say; and when you have said it, cease. – John Witherspoon

176607. The people in general ought to have regard to the moral character of those whom they invest with authority either in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches. – John Witherspoon

176608. That said, my kids are at home right now with my husband and I’m missing something important at my daughter’s school which makes me feel sick inside. It’s a lot of balance and a lot of really hard decision making. – Reese Witherspoon

176609. I think women are natural caretakers. They take care of everybody. They take care of their husbands and their kids and their dogs, and don’t spend a lot of time just getting back and taking time out. – Reese Witherspoon

176610. I’m just chatty. But I do express my opinion. – Reese Witherspoon

176611. It really bothers me when people don’t use coasters. Particularly on my table. – Reese Witherspoon

176612. It’s fun to do a comedy and hook people in and then hoodwink them into watching a serious movie. I like to lead in with the comedy and then hit them over the head with a drama. – Reese Witherspoon

176613. It’s funny that it all becomes about clothes. It’s bizarre. You work your butt off and then you win an award and it’s all about your dress. You can’t get away from it. – Reese Witherspoon

176614. I think movies are great and I have a great time making them but they’re not what keeps you warm at night, or what’s ultimately the most important thing in anyone’s life journey. – Reese Witherspoon

176615. Ryan and I didn’t grow up like this at all, with this much attention. We’ll just try to keep their feet on the ground and raise them with the values we were raised with. – Reese Witherspoon

176616. That said, I’d love to do a musical, either in film or on stage. – Reese Witherspoon

176617. Being a Southern person and a blonde, it’s not a good combination. Immediately, when people meet you, they think of you as not being smart. – Reese Witherspoon

176618. To play June, I had an immediate connect with her background and culture. We grew up with the same religion and shared a lot of the same values of family and spirituality. But I was really so inspired by what a modern woman she was. – Reese Witherspoon

176619. We each own one car, and we have a reasonable house. It’s a lovely place to be, but it’s not extravagant. – Reese Witherspoon

176620. Well I always wanted to be Dolly Parton when I was a little girl. I was obsessed with her. – Reese Witherspoon

176621. Well I had my kids so young that I kind of feel that I’m a kid too and am growing up with them. The things they’re interested in tend to really influence me. – Reese Witherspoon

176622. Many people worry so much about managing their careers, but rarely spend half that much energy managing their LIVES. I want to make my life, not just my job, the best it can be. The rest will work itself out. – Reese Witherspoon

176623. For our first date, I made Ryan Hamburger Helper, which is basically what I grew up on. I make my own version of it now, with macaroni and cheese and hamburger meat. And the kids – it’s their favorite dinner. – Reese Witherspoon

176624. The joy we get as actors is out of transforming ourselves into something that’s not necessarily anything true to ourselves. And it’s a power – not being yourself, and being in the role; it’s just like another prop. – Reese Witherspoon

176625. I take the kids to church and Sunday school. They love it. I really think it’s important for a child to feel that there are things that are bigger than your life out there. – Reese Witherspoon

176626. But listen, I’m 29-years-old, I’m really lucky to be there and whatever happens I’ve been really blessed already. I have plenty of awards for this movie and if this was it for me I’d be really content. – Reese Witherspoon

176627. But with the right kind of coaching and determination you can accomplish anything and the biggest accomplishment that I feel I got from the film was overcoming that fear. – Reese Witherspoon

176628. Even people that know Johnny Cash’s music really well and know that he was married don’t really know that much about June Carter. So finding out about her really helped to inform my performance and to bring her to the front in a way that she has never been before. – Reese Witherspoon

176629. I don’t believe in perfection. I don’t think there is such a thing. But the energy of wanting things to be great is a perfectionist energy. – Reese Witherspoon

176630. I love to cook comfort food. I’ll make fish and vegetables or meat and vegetables and potatoes or rice. The ritual of it is fun for me, and the creativity of it. – Reese Witherspoon

176631. I started working on trying to sound like June from the very beginning. – Reese Witherspoon

176632. Confidence is everything in this business. – Reese Witherspoon

176633. I read while the kids play. I can see them from the kitchen window. And I’m a fast reader. – Reese Witherspoon

176634. I feel very blessed to have two wonderful, healthy children who keep me completely grounded, sane and throw up on my shoes just before I go to an awards show just so I know to keep it real. – Reese Witherspoon

176635. I love books. – Reese Witherspoon

176636. I got a role in this movie called Freeway playing this really angry, aggressive, violent young woman who believed wholeheartedly in the truth. I had such satisfaction afterward, and I thought, That’s what I want to do. – Reese Witherspoon

176637. I get crazy in a bookstore. It makes my heart beat hard because I want to buy everything. – Reese Witherspoon

176638. John Waters has certainly gotten to a place in his life where he doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do. He’s always been that way, but at this point, he’s greatly respected for it. – Alicia Witt

176639. All of those art-based fields are similar in that they’re all hard to make a living in and they all require an intense amount of training and discipline. – Alicia Witt

176640. Redheads get so stereotyped. You’re either exotic and wild or totally Victorian. – Alicia Witt

176641. You have to really concentrate on piano or acting. You can’t do both. – Alicia Witt

176642. Pianos tend to get better as they age, the more you play them. They grow into their sound. – Alicia Witt

176643. On-screen relationships are the best because you don’t have to worry about saying the wrong things. And if the guy’s got a girlfriend, or I’m not attracted to him, it’s even better. It’s just my character kissing his character. – Alicia Witt

176644. My goal is to just keep playing roles that are different from the roles I’ve played before. – Alicia Witt

176645. When I was a kid, my dream was to be a farmer and marry Charlie Brown. I wanted to rescue him and make him happy. Besides, he was always lusting after the little redhead girl. – Alicia Witt

176646. It occured to me the other day that I’ve made out with more people on camera than I have in real life! – Alicia Witt

176647. In my fantasy I was always the savior. I would come to Peanuts land and save everybody. Charlie Brown would fall madly in love with me. Peppermint Patty was so jealous. – Alicia Witt

176648. I’d never been to a prom, I had never had the whole high school experience. I think I was kind of an anomaly. I don’t think they knew where to put me. – Alicia Witt

176649. I went to national piano competitions and did that whole circuit. Then I played professionally to support myself when I moved out to LA. – Alicia Witt

176650. I was so happy that it filmed in New York not only because it’s an amazing city, but also because a lot of people across the world somehow started to think about New York as a dangerous place to be and envisioned it as some war zone after that happened. – Alicia Witt

176651. I compose my own stuff. I’ve been writing songs with words. I’ve been playing more on the keyboard because I can transpose it to sheet music on the computer. – Alicia Witt

176652. Acting is magical. Change your look and your attitude, and you can be anyone. – Alicia Witt

176653. I wanted to do a movie about being really good at something, yet being socially awkward and not as advanced in your personal life as you are in your creative life. – Alicia Witt

176654. Money was never the motivation. It never should be in sports. – Katarina Witt

176655. Every man prefers to look at a well-shaped woman instead of a rubber ball. – Katarina Witt

176656. Figure skating is a mixture of art and sport. – Katarina Witt

176657. I was the very first athlete in East Germany allowed to go professional. – Katarina Witt

176658. When I get up, I have a cup of coffee, surf the Internet, then do a half-hour run. – Katarina Witt

176659. It’s hard work to make a four-minute program look effortless and elegant. – Katarina Witt

176660. Spreading out the particle into a string is a step in the direction of making everything we’re familiar with fuzzy. You enter a completely new world where things aren’t at all what you’re used to. – Edward Witten

176661. You have that one basic string, but it can vibrate in many ways. But we’re trying to get a lot of particles because experimental physicists have discovered a lot of particles. – Edward Witten

176662. There was a long history of speculation that in quantum gravity, unlike Einstein’s classical theory, it might be possible for the topology of spacetime to change. – Edward Witten

176663. The theory has to be interpreted that extra dimensions beyond the ordinary four dimensions the three spatial dimensions plus time are sufficiently small that they haven’t been observed yet. – Edward Witten

176664. String theory is an attempt at a deeper description of nature by thinking of an elementary particle not as a little point but as a little loop of vibrating string. – Edward Witten

176665. So when you ask me how string theory might be tested, I can tell you what’s likely to happen at accelerators or some parts of the theory that are likely to be tested. – Edward Witten

176666. Quantum mechanics brought an unexpected fuzziness into physics because of quantum uncertainty, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. – Edward Witten

176667. One of the basic things about a string is that it can vibrate in many different shapes or forms, which gives music its beauty. – Edward Witten

176668. On the other hand, we don’t understand the theory too completely, and because of this fuzziness of spacetime, the very concept of spacetime and spacetime dimensions isn’t precisely defined. – Edward Witten

176669. But the beauty of Einstein’s equations, for example, is just as real to anyone who’s experienced it as the beauty of music. We’ve learned in the 20th century that the equations that work have inner harmony. – Edward Witten

176670. Technically you need the extra dimensions. At first people didn’t like them too much, but they’ve got a big benefit, which is that the ability of string theory to describe all the elementary particles and their forces along with gravity depends on using the extra dimensions. – Edward Witten

176671. It’s indeed surprising that replacing the elementary particle with a string leads to such a big change in things. I’m tempted to say that it has to do with the fuzziness it introduces. – Edward Witten

176672. As for the forces, electromagnetism and gravity we experience in everyday life. But the weak and strong forces are beyond our ordinary experience. So in physics, lots of the basic building blocks take 20th- or perhaps 21st-century equipment to explore. – Edward Witten

176673. As of now, string theorists have no explanation of why there are three large dimensions as well as time, and the other dimensions are microscopic. Proposals about that have been all over the map. – Edward Witten

176674. As far as extra dimensions are concerned, very tiny extra dimensions wouldn’t be perceived in everyday life, just as atoms aren’t: we see many atoms together but we don’t see atoms individually. – Edward Witten

176675. Even before string theory, especially as physics developed in the 20th century, it turned out that the equations that really work in describing nature with the most generality and the greatest simplicity are very elegant and subtle. – Edward Witten

176676. Having those extra dimensions and therefore many ways the string can vibrate in many different directions turns out to be the key to being able to describe all the particles that we see. – Edward Witten

176677. I wouldn’t have thought that a wrong theory should lead us to understand better the ordinary quantum field theories or to have new insights about the quantum states of black holes. – Edward Witten

176678. If I take the theory as we have it now, literally, I would conclude that extra dimensions really exist. They’re part of nature. We don’t really know how big they are yet, but we hope to explore that in various ways. – Edward Witten

176679. In Einstein’s general relativity the structure of space can change but not its topology. Topology is the property of something that doesn’t change when you bend it or stretch it as long as you don’t break anything. – Edward Witten

176680. Man has to awaken to wonder – and so perhaps do peoples. Science is a way of sending him to sleep again. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176681. Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176682. You get tragedy where the tree, instead of bending, breaks. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176683. The logic of the world is prior to all truth and falsehood. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176684. The real discovery is the one which enables me to stop doing philosophy when I want to. The one that gives philosophy peace, so that it is no longer tormented by questions which bring itself into question. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176685. The world is independent of my will. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176686. The world is the totality of facts, not of things. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176687. There are remarks that sow and remarks that reap. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176688. Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176689. What can be shown, cannot be said. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176690. What is your aim in philosophy? To show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176691. You learned the concept ‘pain’ when you learned language. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176692. Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176693. The limits of my language means the limits of my world. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176694. Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176695. When one is frightened of the truth then it is never the whole truth that one has an inkling of. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176696. Our greatest stupidities may be very wise. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176697. Philosophy is not a theory but an activity. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176698. Nowadays it is the fashion to emphasize the horrors of the last war. I didn’t find it so horrible. There are just as horrible things happening all round us today, if only we had eyes to see them. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176699. The human body is the best picture of the human soul. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176700. One often makes a remark and only later sees how true it is. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176701. Nothing is so difficult as not deceiving oneself. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176702. Philosophy is like trying to open a safe with a combination lock: each little adjustment of the dials seems to achieve nothing, only when everything is in place does the door open. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176703. Not every religion has to have St. Augustine’s attitude to sex. Why even in our culture marriages are celebrated in a church, everyone present knows what is going to happen that night, but that doesn’t prevent it being a religious ceremony. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176704. Propositions show what they say: tautologies and contradictions show that they say nothing. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176705. Resting on your laurels is as dangerous as resting when you are walking in the snow. You doze off and die in your sleep. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176706. Someone who knows too much finds it hard not to lie. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176707. The common behavior of mankind is the system of reference by means of which we interpret an unknown language. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176708. The face is the soul of the body. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176709. One of the most misleading representational techniques in our language is the use of the word ‘I.’ – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176710. I sit astride life like a bad rider on a horse. I only owe it to the horse’s good nature that I am not thrown off at this very moment. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176711. It seems to me that, in every culture, I come across a chapter headed “Wisdom.” And then I know exactly what is going to follow: “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176712. If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176713. It is an hypothesis that the sun will rise tomorrow: and this means that we do not know whether it will rise. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176714. It is one of the chief skills of the philosopher not to occupy himself with questions which do not concern him. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176715. If a lion could talk, we could not understand him. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176716. Language is a part of our organism and no less complicated than it. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176717. Like everything metaphysical the harmony between thought and reality is to be found in the grammar of the language. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176718. Logic is not a body of doctrine, but a mirror-image of the world. Logic is transcendental. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176719. Logic must look after itself. In a certain sense, we cannot make mistakes in logic. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176720. I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176721. A confession has to be part of your new life. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176722. Logic takes care of itself; all we have to do is to look and see how it does it. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176723. Humor is not a mood but a way of looking at the world. So if it is correct to say that humor was stamped out in Nazi Germany, that does not mean that people were not in good spirits, or anything of that sort, but something much deeper and more important. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176724. For a truly religious man nothing is tragic. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176725. Don’t get involved in partial problems, but always take flight to where there is a free view over the whole single great problem, even if this view is still not a clear one. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176726. Death is not an event in life: we do not live to experience death. If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176727. An inner process stands in need of outward criteria. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176728. A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176729. A picture is a fact. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176730. A philosophical problem has the form: I don’t know my way about. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176731. A philosopher who is not taking part in discussions is like a boxer who never goes into the ring. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176732. A new word is like a fresh seed sown on the ground of the discussion. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176733. A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that’s unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176734. It is so characteristic, that just when the mechanics of reproduction are so vastly improved, there are fewer and fewer people who know how the music should be played. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176735. A man’s thinking goes on within his consciousness in a seclusion in comparison with which any physical seclusion is an exhibition to public view. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176736. Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

176737. Success comes to a writer as a rule, so gradually that it is always something of a shock to him to look back and realize the heights to which he has climbed. – P. G. Wodehouse

176738. Sudden success in golf is like the sudden acquisition of wealth. It is apt to unsettle and deteriorate the character. – P. G. Wodehouse

176739. The fascination of shooting as a sport depends almost wholly on whether you are at the right or wrong end of the gun. – P. G. Wodehouse

176740. The least thing upset him on the links. He missed short putts because of the uproar of the butterflies in the adjoining meadows. – P. G. Wodehouse

176741. There is only one cure for gray hair. It was invented by a Frenchman. It is called the guillotine. – P. G. Wodehouse

176742. To find a man’s true character, play golf with him. – P. G. Wodehouse

176743. Why don’t you get a haircut? You look like a chrysanthemum. – P. G. Wodehouse

176744. She looked as if she had been poured into her clothes and had forgotten to say “when.” – P. G. Wodehouse

176745. He was white and shaken, like a dry martini. – P. G. Wodehouse

176746. She had a penetrating sort of laugh. Rather like a train going into a tunnel. – P. G. Wodehouse

176747. Memories are like mulligatawny soup in a cheap restaurant. It is best not to stir them. – P. G. Wodehouse

176748. It was my Uncle George who discovered that alcohol was a food well in advance of modern medical thought. – P. G. Wodehouse

176749. It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them. – P. G. Wodehouse

176750. I know I was writing stories when I was five. I don’t know what I did before that. Just loafed I suppose. – P. G. Wodehouse

176751. I just sit at a typewriter and curse a bit. – P. G. Wodehouse

176752. He was a tubby little chap who looked as if he had been poured into his clothes and had forgotten to say “when!” – P. G. Wodehouse

176753. Has anybody ever seen a dramatic critic in the daytime? Of course not. They come out after dark, up to no good. – P. G. Wodehouse

176754. Golf… is the infallible test. The man who can go into a patch of rough alone, with the knowledge that only God is watching him, and play his ball where it lies, is the man who will serve you faithfully and well. – P. G. Wodehouse

176755. Golf, like measles, should be caught young. – P. G. Wodehouse

176756. Flowers are happy things. – P. G. Wodehouse

176757. Few of them were to be trusted within reach of a trowel and a pile of bricks. – P. G. Wodehouse

176758. Every author really wants to have letters printed in the papers. Unable to make the grade, he drops down a rung of the ladder and writes novels. – P. G. Wodehouse

176759. Her pupils were at once her salvation and her despair. They gave her the means of supporting life, but they made life hardly worth supporting. – P. G. Wodehouse

176760. I could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled. – P. G. Wodehouse

176761. Television contracts the imagination and radio expands it. – Terry Wogan

176762. The lies the government and media tell are amplifications of the lies we tell ourselves. To stop being conned, stop conning yourself. – James Wolcott

176763. Even the most piddling life is of momentous consequence to its owner. – James Wolcott

176764. It’s one thing to fight for what you believe in, another thing to fight for what others believe in. – James Wolcott

176765. I wish to express my hope that the efforts of our nations, nationalities and peoples in the direction of the development of our democratic order will be successful. – Girma Woldegiorgis

176766. Thanks to the heroic sons and daughters of this country, who have paid sacrifices, we have been able to score a number of victories which are encouraging the nation-building process we are engaged in. – Girma Woldegiorgis

176767. The labour of the farmers, no doubt is of greater value than the financial capacity of the government and non-government institutions which can only play a supportive role. – Girma Woldegiorgis

176768. I forget very fast and want to record thus simply impress. – Christa Wolf

176769. As soon as you become complacent your show gets canceled. – Dick Wolf

176770. Advertising is the art of the tiny. You have to tell a complete a story and deliver a complete message in a very encapsulated form. It disciplines you to cut away extraneous information. – Dick Wolf

176771. Drama or comedy programming is still the surest way for advertisers to reach a mass audience. Once that changes, all bets are off. – Dick Wolf

176772. I would say that if you really wished to be a working member of the community, don’t go out on strike because then there’s no work and no potential of work. – Dick Wolf

176773. People recognize certain things, like ‘D’ means ‘this dialogue stinks.’ We’re dealing with shows that are written here, shot in New York and posted back here. Accurate communication is a necessity. – Dick Wolf

176774. The ad revenues still go up because nothing dependably delivers the eyeballs that successful series do. – Dick Wolf

176775. The agendas on the management side of the table now are not in sync like they used to be because you have vastly different entities supplying programming to networks. – Dick Wolf

176776. The environment doesn’t change that radically. You are still going to go home at night and NBC is going to be there, ABC and CBS will still be there. – Dick Wolf

176777. The heart and soul of network programming is series programming, the weekly repetition of characters you like having in your house. – Dick Wolf

176778. It’s show business. No show, no business. – Dick Wolf

176779. It was like in Samoa when they’d put up a movie screen on the beach and show movies and the locals would run behind the sheet to see where the people went. It was pretty grim. – Dick Wolf

176780. And the consumer doesn’t care. They don’t watch networks, they watch TV shows. – Dick Wolf

176781. If the scripts are not good, I’ll tell somebody, ‘This isn’t good.’ – Dick Wolf

176782. People do have viewing patterns, and you disrupt those at your own peril. That’s something that everybody learned after 1988. The numbers have gone down every year since that strike. Big time. – Dick Wolf

176783. I was raised not to be rude, but I also try to get the best work out of people. – Dick Wolf

176784. I try to just communicate what I want done as clearly and simply as possible. – Dick Wolf

176785. I think most people don’t react well to being screamed at. It’s counterproductive. – Dick Wolf

176786. I hardly see myself as a futurist. – Dick Wolf

176787. I get bored with establishing shots of people getting out of cars and walking into buildings, getting into elevators and then 45 seconds later they have a line. – Dick Wolf

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176788. I don’t think you can really make television based on what you think audiences want. You can only make stories that you like, because you have to watch it so many times. – Dick Wolf

176789. I do love television. But the business is accelerating and people are not getting the chance to fail. – Dick Wolf

176790. Everybody knows things are not the same. The people running the TV end of a major vertically integrated company know how much money a successful show can make. – Dick Wolf

176791. If you’re going to vote on a television contract, there is a certain rationality to saying that the same structures that are applied to Health Plan participation should be placed on the right to vote on a strike. – Dick Wolf

176792. When it went on the air, the sales department hated it. It was the highest advertising pullout show in the history of NBC. At the early focus groups, people were saying, ‘Who are these people? Why should we watch them? – Dick Wolf

176793. There are other options out there, after all, like read a book, go on the Internet, rent a movie. – Dick Wolf

176794. You have this disturbing reality that there are a lot of people who would rather say, ‘I’m on strike’ than ‘I’m unemployed.’ And those are the people who vote for strikes. – Dick Wolf

176795. There are professional negotiators working for the writers and the actors, but basically you’ve got the writers and actors negotiating against businessmen. That’s why you get rhetoric. – Dick Wolf

176796. There was an interesting article in Los Angeles Magazine about women directors. A woman director makes one bad independent film and her career is over. Guys tend to get an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. – Dick Wolf

176797. TIVO executives stand up and say, ‘Well, we’re not getting rid of commercials, but we are letting them fast forward, because people like commercials, and if they see one that they like they stop and watch it.’ I mean, please. – Dick Wolf

176798. The story drove the book. That had a very seminal effect on the way I saw writing and storytelling. If you can set a character in a story that is compelling and has a backbone, you draw people in. – Dick Wolf

176799. The threat to free television. The reason television is free is because it is a life support system for commercials. That fundamental aspect is about to change. – Dick Wolf

176800. Their argument is that most shows are losers, which is true, but it’s also disingenuous to say, ‘We are not going to take the risk unless it is totally covered by the few successful shows that are out there.’ – Dick Wolf

176801. The most positive step is to try to expand the employment base by making it, if not economically friendly, at least not economically disastrous, for studios to take on deficits. – Dick Wolf

176802. I don’t think people want to see someone buy a congressional race. – Frank R. Wolf

176803. My hope and prayer is that the body of Christ in America will awake with holy boldness, a boldness content neither with silence nor mere words but that backs up those words with action and results. – Frank R. Wolf

176804. Scripture makes it clear to me that there is an obligation to speak out on behalf of those being persecuted. – Frank R. Wolf

176805. We’re not losing the peace. – Frank R. Wolf

176806. When you see people suffering and dying and hungry, this job gives you the ability to do something about it. – Frank R. Wolf

176807. There were some tragic cases of women whose love was abused, who for a certain time procured important documents or information, not knowing who for, what service they worked for, and for a variety reasons got jailed, were tried and sentenced. – Markus Wolf

176808. You can’t do anything if a person says no. In such a case, there’s nothing you can do – unlike the popular cliche that pressure is exerted, or that maybe an unwilling source is done away with. – Markus Wolf

176809. We planted bugs, microphones, in premises which interested us in the West. We weren’t too successful – I would have said unfortunately in former years, but I don’t care anymore now. – Markus Wolf

176810. The particular feature of Berlin – well, all you need to do is look at the map: the geographical position of the city right in the heart of Europe, and the separation of the most powerful two blocs we’ve ever had in history, which went all the way through Germany. – Markus Wolf

176811. Most of the results of using technical bugging devices were of little importance for my service. It may have been different in counter-intelligence, where bugs in flats, etc., were used to obtain a lot of information about what counter-intelligence was interested in. – Markus Wolf

176812. Making use of human weaknesses in intelligence work is a logical matter. It keeps coming up, and of course you try to look at all the aspects that interest you in a human being. – Markus Wolf

176813. I tried to instill a different motivation, to give them the security and the conviction that they were doing something good, something necessary, something useful – if you want to use a grandiose expression, that they were doing something for peace. – Markus Wolf

176814. I feel that I, and the people under my command, tried to use all the traditional methods of recruiting agents which were also used by other intelligence services; adopting also means like pressure, money, sex – but that did not characterize my service. – Markus Wolf

176815. At our college we were taught a universal approach to find out about a person: what problems the person has, what difficulties, what personal tendencies and likings. – Markus Wolf

176816. One person can take papers, photograph them without getting excited, return them, and give them away without any scruples; while someone else has to overcome an enormous obstacle. – Markus Wolf

176817. What we wanted from an agent depended on what he brought in. – Markus Wolf

176818. No matter what a woman’s appearance may be, it will be used to undermine what she is saying and taken to individualize – as her personal problem – observations she makes about the beauty myth in society. – Naomi Wolf

176819. Women have face-lifts in a society in which women without them appear to vanish from sight. – Naomi Wolf

176820. Western women have been controlled by ideals and stereotypes as much as by material constraints. – Naomi Wolf

176821. Pain is real when you get other people to believe in it. If no one believes in it but you, your pain is madness or hysteria. – Naomi Wolf

176822. Most urgently, women’s identity must be premised upon our “beauty” so that we will remain vulnerable to outside approval, carrying the vital sensitive organ of self-esteem exposed to the air. – Naomi Wolf

176823. ‘Beauty’ is a currency system like the gold standard. Like any economy, it is determined by politics, and in the modern age in the West is is the last, best belief system that keeps male dominance intact. – Naomi Wolf

176824. To ask women to become unnaturally thin is to ask them to relinquish their sexuality. – Naomi Wolf

176825. Actually, I’ve only been involved with one girl I worked with. It was Alyssa Milano. We didn’t actually have an onscreen kiss – we’re about to but it gets broken up. – Scott Wolf

176826. Although, I didn’t really like sushi until I moved out to L.A. – Scott Wolf

176827. But since I’m single, it’s nice to get a kiss where I can. – Scott Wolf

176828. You can’t do your work worrying about what people will think of it – you kind of just have to do your work. – Scott Wolf

176829. We felt like we just got surrounded by this community of friends. – Scott Wolf

176830. There are so many people I would love to work with, like Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Gary Oldman – maybe Tom Cruise. I wanna play his brother in something – so call my agent! – Scott Wolf

176831. It’s kind of a shame that it’s even an issue. Not being gay, I can’t fully appreciate how complicated that is. In the article, the interviewer asked me, and I said that if I were, I would just say it. – Scott Wolf

176832. If I could live a parallel life, I would be a sitcom star; being in front of a live audience would be great. – Scott Wolf

176833. I watch sitcoms like Seinfeld, and here’s a newsflash, but what a great show. – Scott Wolf

176834. I was always enamored with TV shows and movies. But you didn’t grow up in my town and turn into an actor. – Scott Wolf

176835. I don’t think the way I look at myself has changed. – Scott Wolf

176836. Idolizing is a strong word, though. I’m happy that people respond well to the work I’m doing now. If anyone admires what I’m doing in any way, then I’m really proud of it. – Scott Wolf

176837. Everyone wants that sense of fulfilling a purpose in some way. – Scott Wolf

176838. I was a big Jersey meat-and-potatoes kind of guy before I got here. – Scott Wolf

176839. I got tackled once in a movie theater. I was with my mom and brother, and then suddenly I got hit from behind and sort of sprawled out on the candy counter. – Scott Wolf

176840. I guess I hit a point while I was in college when I realized I would have to do something with my life! – Scott Wolf

176841. I had heard before that there were rumors I was gay. It’s funny. My cousin gets his hair cut at this place, and one of the guys there told him that Scott Wolf was gay. He didn’t realize that he was my cousin. – Scott Wolf

176842. I see myself as the same person as I was, as I am now. – Scott Wolf

176843. I still feel like I’m doing this for the same reasons and working just as hard. – Scott Wolf

176844. Go, forget me – why should sorrow, O’er that brow a shadow fling? Go, forget me – and tomorrow, brightly smile and sweetly sing. Smile – though I shall not be near thee; Sing – though I shall never hear thee. – Charles Wolfe

176845. But he lay like a warrior taking his rest, with his martial cloak around him. – Charles Wolfe

176846. America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards. – Claire Wolfe

176847. It is the personality of the mistress that the home expresses. Men are forever guests in our homes, no matter how much happiness they may find there. – Elsie De Wolfe

176848. I have read only the first ‘Harry Potter’ book. I thought it excellent, perhaps the best thing written for older children since The Hobbit. I wish the books had been around when my kids were the right age for them. – Gene Wolfe

176849. A youthful American voice isn’t particularly challenging – I’ve been a young American, and they’re all around me. I can walk from my house to Barrington High School. – Gene Wolfe

176850. Ambiguity is necessary in some of my stories, not in all. In those, it certainly contributes to the richness of the story. I doubt that thematic closure is never attainable. – Gene Wolfe

176851. He’s not rewarding us by talking to us. He’s talking to us because He has something to say to us directly, as opposed to the things He says to all humanity. – Gene Wolfe

176852. Knowledge is soon changed, then lost in the mist, an echo half-heard. – Gene Wolfe

176853. My whole life experience feeds into my writing. I think that must be true for every writer. Clearly the Army and combat were major influences; just the same, you need to understand that many of the writers we have now couldn’t load a revolver. – Gene Wolfe

176854. Online publication is fine with me, in part because I hope to collect those stories later. – Gene Wolfe

176855. Whether the medium is ready for consumers is better judged by those consumers. I sometimes read online – but not often. The stigma is attached to pay scales. Much online publication is no pay or small pay. – Gene Wolfe

176856. You seem to think that the only genuine existence evil can have is conscious existence – that no one is evil unless he admits it to himself. I disagree. – Gene Wolfe

176857. I don’t think anyone is more intrinsically holy. People experience God in many ways; and it seems to me that God does what the rest of us do: He chooses the means that best gets His message across. – Gene Wolfe

176858. Now God be praised, I will die in peace. – James Wolfe

176859. You know too well the forces which compose their army to dread their superior numbers. – James Wolfe

176860. Possessed with a full confidence of the certain success which British valor must gain over such enemies, I have led you up these steep and dangerous rocks, only solicitous to show you the foe within your reach. – James Wolfe

176861. I congratulate you, my brave countrymen and fellow soldiers, on the spirit and success with which you have executed this important part of our enterprise. – James Wolfe

176862. A few regular troops from old France, weakened by hunger and sickness, who, when fresh, were unable to withstand the British soldiers, are their general’s chief dependence. – James Wolfe

176863. The impossibility of a retreat makes no difference in the situation of men resolved to conquer or die; and, believe me, my friends, if your conquest could be bought with the blood of your general, he would most cheerfully resign a life which he has long devoted to his country. – James Wolfe

176864. A young man is so strong, so mad, so certain, and so lost. He has everything and he is able to use nothing. – Thomas Wolfe

176865. Not even the most powerful organs of the press, including Time, Newsweek, and The New York Times, can discover a new artist or certify his work and make it stick. They can only bring you the scores. – Thomas Wolfe

176866. The reason a writer writes a book is to forget a book and the reason a reader reads one is to remember it. – Thomas Wolfe

176867. You have reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments, or publicity. – Thomas Wolfe

176868. Publishing is a very mysterious business. It is hard to predict what kind of sale or reception a book will have, and advertising seems to do very little good. – Thomas Wolfe

176869. Perhaps this is our strange and haunting paradox here in America – that we are fixed and certain only when we are in movement. – Thomas Wolfe

176870. One belongs to New York instantly. One belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years. – Thomas Wolfe

176871. Most of the time we think we’re sick, it’s all in the mind. – Thomas Wolfe

176872. Loneliness is and always has been the central and inevitable experience of every man. – Thomas Wolfe

176873. Is this not the true romantic feeling; not to desire to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping you. – Thomas Wolfe

176874. In Sleep we lie all naked and alone, in Sleep we are united at the heart of night and darkness, and we are strange and beautiful asleep; for we are dying the darkness and we know no death. – Thomas Wolfe

176875. If a man has talent and can’t use it, he’s failed. If he uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he uses the whole of it, he has succeeded, and won a satisfaction and triumph few men ever know. – Thomas Wolfe

176876. America – it is a fabulous country, the only fabulous country; it is the only place where miracles not only happen, but where they happen all the time. – Thomas Wolfe

176877. All things on earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travellers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken. – Thomas Wolfe

176878. Death the last voyage, the longest, and the best. – Thomas Wolfe

176879. Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs. – Thomas Wolfe

176880. On Wall Street he and a few others – how many? three hundred, four hundred, five hundred? had become precisely that… Masters of the Universe. – Tom Wolfe

176881. We are always acting on what has just finished happening. It happened at least 1/30th of a second ago. We think we’re in the present, but we aren’t. The present we know is only a movie of the past. – Tom Wolfe

176882. This is the artist, then, life’s hungry man, the glutton of eternity, beauty’s miser, glory’s slave. – Tom Wolfe

176883. A cult is a religion with no political power. – Tom Wolfe

176884. A liberal is a conservative who has been arrested. – Tom Wolfe

176885. At the outset, at least, all three groups had something else to recommend them, as well: They were headquartered 3,000 miles away from the East Side of Manhattan. – Tom Wolfe

176886. Frankly, these days, without a theory to go with it, I can’t see a painting. – Tom Wolfe

176887. If a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged, a liberal is a conservative who’s been arrested. – Tom Wolfe

176888. We are now in the Me Decade – seeing the upward roll of the third great religious wave in American history. – Tom Wolfe

176889. Love is the ultimate expression of the will to live. – Tom Wolfe

176890. There are some people who have the quality of richness and joy in them and they communicate it to everything they touch. It is first of all a physical quality; then it is a quality of the spirit. – Tom Wolfe

176891. Radical Chic, after all, is only radical in Style; in its heart it is part of Society and its traditions. – Tom Wolfe

176892. The attitude is we live and let live. This is actually an amazing change in values in a rather short time and it’s an example of freedom from religion. – Tom Wolfe

176893. The notion that the public accepts or rejects anything in modern art is merely romantic fiction. The game is completed and the trophies distributed long before the public knows what has happened. – Tom Wolfe

176894. The surest cure for vanity is loneliness. – Tom Wolfe

176895. The whole conviction of my life now rests upon the belief that loneliness, far from being a rare and curious phenomenon, peculiar to myself and to a few other solitary men, is the central and inevitable fact of human existence. – Tom Wolfe

176896. There has been a time on earth when poets had been young and dead and famous – and were men. But now the poet as the tragic child of grandeur and destiny had changed. The child of genius was a woman, now, and the man was gone. – Tom Wolfe

176897. It is very comforting to believe that leaders who do terrible things are, in fact, mad. That way, all we have to do is make sure we don’t put psychotics in high places and we’ve got the problem solved. – Tom Wolfe

176898. There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves. – Tom Wolfe

176899. We have three billion people, half the world’s population today, living on less than two dollars a day. – James Wolfensohn

176900. As you look at the flow of Muslim fundamentalism, or fundamentalism in various areas and various religions, they all play on the people who have very little. – James Wolfensohn

176901. But when someone is on a winning horse, and everything looks wonderful, it’s very hard as an outsider to persuade them something is wrong. – James Wolfensohn

176902. I was deeply concerned then, and have become more concerned since, that unless we can deal with the questions of development and the questions of poverty, there’s no way that we’re going to have a peaceful world for our children. – James Wolfensohn

176903. If you have Palestinians who have no hope, who don’t have a job, who’ve used up all their resources, the notion of getting rid of violence is a dream. – James Wolfensohn

176904. The notion of the world as a village is becoming a reality. – James Wolfensohn

176905. Well the specific role of the World Bank is to be ready with financial assistance immediately after this emergency takes place because you need to reconnect water, you need to reconnect power, you need roads, you need bridges, and that has to be done urgently. – James Wolfensohn

176906. So the first thing you need to do about conflict is to prevent it, and the best way of preventing it is by dealing with the question of poverty. – James Wolfensohn

176907. Had he learned to draw, M. Renoir would have made a very pleasing canvas out of his ‘Boating Party’. – Albert Wolff

176908. I am appalled at the state of discord in the field of climate science. There is no observational evidence that the addition of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions have caused any temperature perturbations in the atmosphere. – George T. Wolff

176909. There’s a joy in writing short stories, a wonderful sense of reward when you pull certain things off. – Tobias Wolff

176910. Anybody can be very destructive in that position without at all meaning to be, and I know that I have been inadvertently destructive in the past for certain people on certain occasions. – Tobias Wolff

176911. Because I don’t have to be careful of people’s feelings when I teach literature, and I do when I’m teaching writing. – Tobias Wolff

176912. Because the more you write the more you’re aware of the weight of your tradition and the difficulties of the form and the more you have already done that you do not want to do again. – Tobias Wolff

176913. But a lot of writers – and I’m one of them – do tend to feel dissatisfied. It makes you a little hard to live with, but it’s a goad and does keep you alert and restless. – Tobias Wolff

176914. You don’t teach information in a writing workshop. – Tobias Wolff

176915. But as my brother was doing his research for a book about my father, it became his opinion that the most influential anti-semitism my father encountered when he was growing up was from Jews, because his relatives were German Jews, and doctors. – Tobias Wolff

176916. Memory is funny. Once you hit a vein the problem is not how to remember but how to control the flow. – Tobias Wolff

176917. There are writers who do start doing the same thing again and again and almost inevitably fall into self-parody. – Tobias Wolff

176918. The short story, on the other hand, is the perfect American form. – Tobias Wolff

176919. The reader really has to step up to the plate and read a short story. – Tobias Wolff

176920. That, for me, is a very important test of a young writer’s commitment because most of them are going to have to continue doing that when they’ve finished the program. – Tobias Wolff

176921. Perhaps that is why the novel flourished in England. You had these communities that would stay put and people would see one another all the time and cause one another to change and have the opportunity to observe the changes over time. – Tobias Wolff

176922. One of the last courses I taught was on the Russian short story, which I love. – Tobias Wolff

176923. Work for most people is really very social, and the actual thinking is often done in community. – Tobias Wolff

176924. Most of us don’t live lives that lend themselves to novelistic expression, because our lives are so fragmented. – Tobias Wolff

176925. When I was about 14 or 15 I decided to become a writer and never for a moment since have I wanted to do anything else. – Tobias Wolff

176926. Like so many writers I started writing stories because I didn’t have much time for anything else. – Tobias Wolff

176927. It’s probably why I’m a short story writer. I tend to remember things in the past in narrative form, in story form, and I grew up around people who told stories all the time. – Tobias Wolff

176928. I try to help people become the best possible editors of their own work, to help them become conscious of the things they do well, of the things they need to look at again, of the wells of material they have not even begun to dip their buckets into. – Tobias Wolff

176929. I believe that the short story is as different a form from the novel as poetry is, and the best stories seem to me to be perhaps closer in spirit to poetry than to novels. – Tobias Wolff

176930. I teach one semester a year, and this year I’m just teaching one course during that semester, a writing workshop for older students in their late 20s and early 30s, people in our graduate program who are already working on a manuscript and trying to bring it to completion. – Tobias Wolff

176931. I love Chekhov. I could go on all day about him. – Tobias Wolff

176932. You have to be kind of clued into them, they are a world of their own, and most people find them disappointing because the best short stories are not constructed like novels. – Tobias Wolff

176933. Of course it’s why you want to become a writer – because you have the liberty to do that, but once you have the liberty you also have the obligation to do it. – Tobias Wolff

176934. And you can tell the writers who do it – Robert Stone, for example, who with each new novel is doing something new. I appreciate that in other writers. – Tobias Wolff

176935. Everything has to be pulling weight in a short story for it to be really of the first order. – Tobias Wolff

176936. Dying is easy; comedy is hard. – Donald Wolfit

176937. I say this quite deliberately, this is the finest Shakespearean performance I’ve seen. – Donald Wolfit

176938. I’ll ask you if you can play some speaking roles. – Donald Wolfit

176939. Public action should seek to expand the set of opportunities of those who have the least voice and fewest resources and capabilities. – Paul Wolfowitz

176940. We don’t start a job that we can’t finish… that’s the American way. – Paul Wolfowitz

176941. Jobs are a priority for every country. Doing more to improve regulation and help entrepreneurs is the key to creating jobs – and more growth. – Paul Wolfowitz

176942. I think one has to say it’s not just simply a matter of capturing people and holding them accountable, but removing the sanctuaries, removing the support systems, ending states who sponsor terrorism. And that’s why it has to be a broad and sustained campaign. – Paul Wolfowitz

176943. I think all foreigners should stop interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq. Those who want to come and help are welcome. Those who come to interfere and destroy are not. – Paul Wolfowitz

176944. The fact that the same symbolic programming primitives work for those as work for math kinds of things, I think, really validates the idea of symbolic programming being something pretty general. – Stephen Wolfram

176945. You kind of alluded to it in your introduction. I mean, for the last 300 or so years, the exact sciences have been dominated by what is really a good idea, which is the idea that one can describe the natural world using mathematical equations. – Stephen Wolfram

176946. There are a few very small incompatible changes – I really doubt most people will ever run into them. – Stephen Wolfram

176947. The thing that got me started on the science that I’ve been building now for about 20 years or so was the question of okay, if mathematical equations can’t make progress in understanding complex phenomena in the natural world, how might we make progress? – Stephen Wolfram

176948. The most important precedents deal with the whole idea of symbolic programming – the notion of setting up symbolic expressions that can represent anything one wants, and then having functions that operate on both their structure and content. – Stephen Wolfram

176949. So the thing I realized rather gradually – I must say starting about 20 years ago now that we know about computers and things – there’s a possibility of a more general basis for rules to describe nature. – Stephen Wolfram

176950. Well, the first thing to say is that we’ve worked hard to maintain compatibility, so that any program written with an earlier version of Mathematica can run without change in 3.0, and any notebook can be converted. – Stephen Wolfram

176951. Wonderful invention, the phonograph. Keeps a man alive long after he’s dead. – P. J. Wolfson

176952. Women have seldom sufficient employment to silence their feelings; a round of little cares, or vain pursuits frittering away all strength of mind and organs, they become naturally only objects of sense. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176953. Virtue can only flourish among equals. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176954. What, but the rapacity of the only men who exercised their reason, the priests, secured such vast property to the church, when a man gave his perishable substance to save himself from the dark torments of purgatory. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176955. Why is our fancy to be appalled by terrific perspectives of a hell beyond the grave? – Mary Wollstonecraft

176956. Women are systematically degraded by receiving the trivial attentions which men think it manly to pay to the sex, when, in fact, men are insultingly supporting their own superiority. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176957. Women ought to have representatives, instead of being arbitrarily governed without any direct share allowed them in the deliberations of government. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176958. Women are degraded by the propensity to enjoy the present moment, and, at last, despise the freedom which they have not sufficient virtue to struggle to attain. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176959. No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176960. If the abstract rights of man will bear discussion and explanation, those of women, by a parity of reasoning, will not shrink from the same test. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176961. If women be educated for dependence; that is, to act according to the will of another fallible being, and submit, right or wrong, to power, where are we to stop? – Mary Wollstonecraft

176962. In every age there has been a stream of popular opinion that has carried all before it, and given a family character, as it were, to the century. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176963. In fact, it is a farce to call any being virtuous whose virtues do not result from the exercise of its own reason. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176964. Independence I have long considered as the grand blessing of life, the basis of every virtue; and independence I will ever secure by contracting my wants, though I were to live on a barren heath. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176965. It appears to me impossible that I should cease to exist, or that this active, restless spirit, equally alive to joy and sorrow, should be only organized dust. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176966. It is time to effect a revolution in female manners – time to restore to them their lost dignity. It is time to separate unchangeable morals from local manners. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176967. Learn from me, if not by my precepts, then by my example, how dangerous is the pursuit of knowledge and how much happier is that man who believes his native town to be the world than he who aspires to be greater than his nature will allow. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176968. The divine right of husbands, like the divine right of kings, may, it is hoped, in this enlightened age, be contested without danger. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176969. Men and women must be educated, in a great degree, by the opinions and manners of the society they live in. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176970. Children, I grant, should be innocent; but when the epithet is applied to men, or women, it is but a civil term for weakness. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176971. Nothing contributes so much to tranquilizing the mind as a steady purpose – a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176972. Slavery to monarchs and ministers, which the world will be long freeing itself from, and whose deadly grasp stops the progress of the human mind, is not yet abolished. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176973. Strengthen the female mind by enlarging it, and there will be an end to blind obedience. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176974. Surely something resides in this heart that is not perishable – and life is more than a dream. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176975. Taught from infancy that beauty is woman’s sceptre, the mind shapes itself to the body, and roaming round its gilt cage, only seeks to adorn its prison. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176976. The beginning is always today. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176977. I love my man as my fellow; but his scepter, real, or usurped, extends not to me, unless the reason of an individual demands my homage; and even then the submission is to reason, and not to man. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176978. I do earnestly wish to see the distinction of sex confounded in society, unless where love animates the behaviour. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176979. The being cannot be termed rational or virtuous, who obeys any authority, but that of reason. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176980. Make women rational creatures, and free citizens, and they will quickly become good wives; – that is, if men do not neglect the duties of husbands and fathers. – Mary Wollstonecraft

176981. How can a rational being be ennobled by any thing that is not obtained by its own exertions? – Mary Wollstonecraft

176982. I started with Sam Cooke when I was 6 or 7 years old. – Bobby Womack

176983. I will play my part by singing the spirit into every open heart. – Bobby Womack

176984. It is my fondest wish that the gift of song that God has given me will flow from my soul to yours and help ease any burden that might weigh upon you. – Bobby Womack

176985. Leave them wanting more and you know they’ll call you back. – Bobby Womack

176986. Nobody could understand why a guy would love his guitar, then all of a sudden turn around and try to destroy it. Jimi was just different. – Bobby Womack

176987. People shout out for songs and I don’t even remember writing them. – Bobby Womack

176988. You gotta know when it’s time to hang up. But when I finally go, let me go out on stage, my perfect ending. Don’t let me go when I’m sick or asleep. Let me be in motion. – Bobby Womack

176989. I keep living life as it’s dealt to me. Sometimes, it’s not dealt 100 percent. Sometimes it’s dealt on the low ’30s. – Bobby Womack

176990. A lot of times in this business, we are taking advantage of hot times in our career to do a lot of TV and a lot of radio and that sort of thing, and George is able to be so humble that he can get away with not doing those things. – Lee Ann Womack

176991. I can see me continuing to make the best music I can, and let the chips fall where they may. – Lee Ann Womack

176992. I came to town thinking that everybody had the same idea of what country music was that I did. – Lee Ann Womack

176993. Having that amount of nominations makes me a little nervous, because you feel that the bar is really high, the expectations are really high, but it also feels great. – Lee Ann Womack

176994. But I’m also a music lover, and I’ll always try a lot of different things. – Lee Ann Womack

176995. But I just love that music scene so much, and I enjoy really being around those artists and watching them even more than I do performing, because they are a whole group of people that do it because they love music. – Lee Ann Womack

176996. And to me, I had come out of Texas, and during that time was when I realized that a lot of people in Nashville, their idea of what country music was was not the same as mine. – Lee Ann Womack

176997. And for the past 10 years I’ve been in a real commercial setting where people are all about numbers, they’re all about that bottom line. So it’s nice to step out of that and hang out with a bunch of people who play music just because they love it, as you can imagine. – Lee Ann Womack

176998. I love my little Mac G4 computer and we just had Internet installed on the bus… we all have little Macs actually, there’s four of us on the bus, and we all just sit there and surf the Internet! – Lee Ann Womack

176999. And I hate to see artists who are real safe. I love to see artists swing for the fences sometimes. – Lee Ann Womack

177000. It’s hard either way, at home or on the bus, I think the hardest thing probably for me is going one second from being mom to right out on the stage and having to be that person too. It’s hard to switch gears. – Lee Ann Womack

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