180000 famous quotes part 23 – 22001 to 23000

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180000 famous quotes part 23 – 23001 to 24000

22001. For how many people do you think might yet stand on this planet before the sun grows cold? That’s the responsibility we hold in our hands. – David R. Brower

22002. Even if you build the perfect reactor, you’re still saddled with a people problem and an equipment problem. – David R. Brower

22003. Perhaps most ridiculous of all is the suggestion that we ‘keep’ our radioactive garbage for the use of our descendants. This ‘solution’, I think, requires an immediate poll of the next 20,000 generations. – David R. Brower

22004. Once we open the door to the plutonium economy, we expose ourselves to absolutely terrible, horrifying risks from these people. – David R. Brower

22005. It’s very hard for me to know what to say about fusion right now, inasmuch as it is not yet scientifically feasible. I just can’t understand how so many people are able to predict so much about something that still isn’t scientifically possible. – David R. Brower

22006. It’s like turning the space program over to the Long Island Railroad. – David R. Brower

22007. I was actually telling people that – by harnessing the atom – we could enter a new era of unlimited power that would do away with the need to dam our beautiful streams. – David R. Brower

22008. When people say, ‘You’re not being realistic,’ they’re just trying to tag some thoughts that they can’t otherwise handle. – David R. Brower

22009. They simply don’t know that much about what they’re doing. There isn’t enough control. There isn’t enough capability in ordinary people to tinker with such a complicated piece of machinery. – David R. Brower

22010. Understanding how DNA transmits all it knows about cancer, physics, dreaming and love will keep man searching for some time. – David R. Brower

22011. Until four years ago, in fact, I was absolutely in love with the atom. – David R. Brower

22012. We are at the edge of an abyss and we’re close to being irrevocably lost. – David R. Brower

22013. We tried burying the waste at sea and the concrete cannisters that held it cracked open. – David R. Brower

22014. We’ve got to search back to our last known safe landmark. I can’t say exactly where, but I think it’s back there at the start of the Industrial Revolution, we began applying energy in vast amounts to tools with which we began tearing the environment apart. – David R. Brower

22015. We’ve pumped waste into cavities in solid rock and found that it spread through the rock. – David R. Brower

22016. Bring diversity back to agriculture. That’s what made it work in the first place. – David R. Brower

22017. What’s even more unsettling is the way these people hide what they’re doing from the public. They strip the labels off miracle wheat when they ship it, for instance, and say, ‘Watch out. Don’t plant too much and don’t depend on it too much.’ – David R. Brower

22018. There is no place where we can safely store worn-out reactors or their garbage. No place! – David R. Brower

22019. Yet another proposal would have us rocket the waste into the sun, but, as you’re probably aware, about one in ten of our space shots doesn’t quite make it out of the earth’s gravitational field. – David R. Brower

22020. There are many different kinds of radioactive waste and each has its own half-life so, just to be on the safe side and to simplify matters, I base my calculations on the worst one and that’s plutonium. – David R. Brower

22021. At that time a senator who was on the Joint Committee of Atomic Energy said rather quietly, ‘You know, we’re having a little problem with waste these days.’ I didn’t know what he meant then, but I know now. – David R. Brower

22022. The Sierra Club is a very good and a very powerful force for conservation and, as a matter of fact, has grown faster since I left than it was growing while I was there! It must be doing something right. – David R. Brower

22023. The risk presented by these lethal wastes is like no other risk, and we should not be expected to accept it or to project it into the future in order for manufacturers and utilities to make a dollar killing now. – David R. Brower

22024. The more we pour the big machines, the fuel, the pesticides, the herbicides, the fertilizer and chemicals into farming, the more we knock out the mechanism that made it all work in the first place. – David R. Brower

22025. Some otherwise sane scientists have seriously proposed that we tuck this deadly garbage under the edges of drifting continents but how can they be sure the moving land masses will climb over the waste and not just push it forward? – David R. Brower

22026. ‘Realistic’ is a loaded word for me. Anyone who uses the word ‘realistic’ is all bad. – David R. Brower

22027. What happens when the guy who runs the reactor gets out of bed wrong or decides, for some reason, that he wants to override his instruction sheet some afternoon? – David R. Brower

22028. That is the saving grace of humor, if you fail no one is laughing at you. – A. Whitney Brown

22029. Our bombs are smarter than the average high school student. At least they can find Kuwait. – A. Whitney Brown

22030. I’m not an athiest. How can you not believe in something that doesn’t exist? That’s way too convoluted for me. – A. Whitney Brown

22031. I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants. – A. Whitney Brown

22032. I am as frustrated with society as a pyromaniac in a petrified forest. – A. Whitney Brown

22033. A group of white South Africans recently killed a black lawyer because he was black. That was wrong. They should have killed him because he was a lawyer. – A. Whitney Brown

22034. The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down. – A. Whitney Brown

22035. I have no problem with the security… It’s something that must be done for the times in which we live. Safety first. – Aaron Brown

22036. We are in the business of gathering the news. We’re not in the business of talking about the news. – Aaron Brown

22037. TV news is what you want it to be, and if you want it to be different, take a look at what you watch. – Aaron Brown

22038. No one wants to hear the truth if it isn’t what they want to hear. – Aaron Brown

22039. Television is the most perfect democracy. You sit there with your remote control and vote. – Aaron Brown

22040. Last year, I made a refrigerator in my basement. And I needed to because I needed to figure how – you know there is no such thing as “cold.” There is only less heat. – Alton Brown

22041. I have nothing but sympathy for the people who are forced to work with me. I’m better now at picking out those that want to play that game with me, and those that don’t. – Alton Brown

22042. My feeling has always been that ‘Good Eats’ would have never happened had it been left to a committee. – Alton Brown

22043. My college degree was in theater. But the real reason, if I have any success in that milieu, so to speak, is because I spent a lot of years directing, I spent a lot of years behind the camera. – Alton Brown

22044. I’m going from doing all of the work to having to delegate the work – which is almost harder for me than doing the work myself. I’m a lousy delegator, but I’m learning. – Alton Brown

22045. I love to have battles of the wits with people that can dish fast and dirty – and it leads to problems occasionally, ’cause I can sound mean without attempting to be mean. – Alton Brown

22046. I love poking fun at myself. I have a rather mean sense of humor. – Alton Brown

22047. I looked for a very long time, knowing that it had to happen, but it took me a long time to find someone with the same background and whatnot and I finally found him. – Alton Brown

22048. Recipe writers hate to write about heat. They despise it. Because there aren’t proper words for communicating what should be done with it. – Alton Brown

22049. I kept thinking, ‘Somebody has to make a food show that is actually educational and entertaining at the same time… a show that got down to the ‘why things happen.’ Plus, I hated my job – I didn’t think it was very worthwhile. – Alton Brown

22050. Seriously. I’m not very bright, and it takes a lot for me to get a concept – to really get a concept. To get it enough that it becomes part of me. But when it happens I get real excited about it. – Alton Brown

22051. I had kicked around the idea for Good Eats when I was directing commercials. – Alton Brown

22052. I can’t talk about anything or write about anything if I don’t understand it. So a lot of the stuff that I go through and a lot of the time that I spend is understanding. – Alton Brown

22053. For me, it was kind of like going into the military or something. And anybody – any male – who has ever worked in a French kitchen knows what I am talking about when I say that. – Alton Brown

22054. Enough people have now mentioned Bill Nye the Science Guy to me that I now desperately avoid it all costs. – Alton Brown

22055. Although I don’t take myself very seriously, I do take my work extraordinarily seriously. – Alton Brown

22056. A lot of food shows need only to tempt. Some food shows only need to inspire, to empower. And there are a lot of shows that do that. – Alton Brown

22057. I like television. I still believe that television is the most powerful form of communication on Earth – I just hate what is being done with it. – Alton Brown

22058. So I quit my job and went to the New England Culinary Institute for the full two years and worked in the restaurant industry after that until finally I thought I had a grasp on what I needed to do what I do. – Alton Brown

22059. Take ice. Ice is fascinating to me. Ice is the one thing in our world that went from an agricultural product to being manufactured. – Alton Brown

22060. The problem is I am both a procrastinator and a power junkie, so I am very frustrating to work with. – Alton Brown

22061. My first book is really about heat. That book, for me, was an exploration of heat as ingredient. Why we don’t talk about heat as an ingredient, I don’t quite understand, because it is the common ingredient to all cooking processes. – Alton Brown

22062. Art, in the first place, has to connect with yourself. – Andrew Brown

22063. The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life. – Andrew Brown

22064. In securing the future of the planet, we secure happiness for ourselves. One of the aims of the Greens is to turn around the tide of pessimism amongst the young people of the world. – Bob Brown

22065. There are better alternatives… Australia should be exporting its solar technology, not its uranium. – Bob Brown

22066. Behind every successful man there’s a lot of unsuccessful years. – Bob Brown

22067. In the beginning, the media was calling me a bad boy all the time because of the way I act and feel onstage. None of them have ever taken the time to get to know me when I climb offstage. – Bobby Brown

22068. I like being in control of making all the major decisions pertaining to my projects. That’s something that you don’t get to do in a group. Everything has to be voted on – every minor decision. – Bobby Brown

22069. Whitney and I have fun reading the newspaper sometimes. You’d be amazed at the places they say I’ve been. – Bobby Brown

22070. People want variety and something that is affordable. – Bobby Brown

22071. I could really care less about what they think about me, but at the same time, I do have something to prove. – Bobby Brown

22072. We need the best education system in the United States. The best system, not the most expensive. – Bruce Brown

22073. When you live in a place, you’re not just taking from it, you’re contributing to it. In America I would never be able to make myself a person who could contribute. I wasn’t interested in that society; I was interested in this society. – Bryan Brown

22074. We are always going to be influenced by America… I watched the word ‘bum’ go out and ‘butt’ come in. And part of me says, oh that’s a shame, but Aussie boys are still Aussie boys. – Bryan Brown

22075. I simply went down there to catch up with an old mate of mine, who owns the place. He’s the one who wrote the book on the place, but no, no movie, just a beer. – Bryan Brown

22076. The whole schizophrenia angle interested me. When I first started working on it, I thought I would play up that angle more than I ended up doing. The religious aspect of the story was also a draw. – Chester Brown

22077. We’re not very accepting of people who act strangely. – Chester Brown

22078. I’m planning on finishing the Gospels at some point. – Chester Brown

22079. PENTHOUSE didn’t seem to concentrate as much on the girls’ faces, and I really wanted to see the girls’ faces. It seems like through the 1980’s, they almost went out of their way to obscure the girls’ faces. – Chester Brown

22080. There’s a bit of debate about that; some say it was really Matthew, but the popular consensus is that Mark was the first one, so that’s why I did that one first. And I was planning on doing all four. – Chester Brown

22081. That’s the thing. in medicine, you’re used to saying there’s a problem within the person, and saying there’s a problem within the culture, that’s not a medical answer. Medicine has to look in one direction, so there’s only one type of answer that they can find. – Chester Brown

22082. The counter-argument would be, so what if my sexual relationships are superficial, one can still have satisfying and rewarding relationships with friends, or parents, or siblings, or whatever. – Chester Brown

22083. You kind of hope that the events themselves are interesting. I think that’s what you have to hope for, that on a broad level it’s an interesting story. – Chester Brown

22084. I’d begun reading Crumb shortly before that, and other underground stuff, so that was an influence to some degree. Of course the Marvel and DC comics, they had been my main interests in my teenage years. – Chester Brown

22085. When I was a teenager, ‘Playboy’ was the most interesting magazine in the world, and not just for the playmates. I liked the interviews and the stories, and all that, but nowadays most of the stuff in there doesn’t interest me. – Chester Brown

22086. It’s not so much that I got that idea at some point, it came up naturally because of the improvisational nature of the story I was telling. – Chester Brown

22087. We couldn’t be making as much money, if we had to deal with stranger behaviour. And right now, anybody who slows down our economic productivity, off they go. We have a place for them, the psychiatric institution. That’s the main thing, they slow things down. – Chester Brown

22088. They thought they were identifying a set of behaviours, but yeah, they just wanted to have an answer. – Chester Brown

22089. The director is planning on titling the film ‘Yummy Fur’ so we are probably planning on changing the title of the book to ‘Yummy Fur’ to match the film. – Chester Brown

22090. There I was limited to what happened the same way I am with Riel. It doesn’t feel like a great burden to have your story, to some degree, set. I am enjoying figuring out what I think is the most dramatic way of telling this set of historical facts. – Chester Brown

22091. The main problem was a pacing problem. I had wanted the project to be about 20-30 issues, and I should have written it out as a full script beforehand. – Chester Brown

22092. The scientists at the end of the 19th century had people coming to them with this weird behaviour, and they didn’t know what was going on but there seemed to be a similarity. They needed an answer, so they made up one. – Chester Brown

22093. With each of those projects I wasn’t thinking about how the layout would really affect the story I was working on – it wasn’t the content that was affecting the layout, it was, how I wanted to draw at that point in time. – Chester Brown

22094. Almost every scene, I re-think as I’m about to start drawing it, and at least half of the time I’m changing dialogue or whatever, or adding scenes or different things. – Chester Brown

22095. People should be allowed the freedom to make their own choices. They should be able to buy or not buy porn and be monogamous or promiscuous as they see fit. – Chester Brown

22096. I was looking to do something non-fiction because I had done a strip, ‘My Mom Was a Schizophrenic.’ I really enjoyed the process of doing that strip, despite its subject matter. To do it I’d had to do a lot of research and reading and I figured I’d like to do that again. – Chester Brown

22097. Alan Moore does have a sheen of class. He’s a smart guy, and I’m sure there was a metaphoric level, I’m not denying that, but let’s face it. the main reason he was doing a super-hero comic was because he was working for a super-hero comic book company. – Chester Brown

22098. I consider myself a right-winger and Gray was certainly one. – Chester Brown

22099. I Never Liked You. I think that’s my best book. I think it works the best as a story, and I like the drawing. It works on both levels, for me at least. – Chester Brown

22100. I think people should have the legal right to hurt themselves without fearing that they’re going to get locked up for doing so. But on a personal level, if someone I loved was hurting himself or herself in front of me, I would, of course, try to restrain them. – Chester Brown

22101. I think politics is important. It’s how we run our society. I think it should be natural to have an interest in the subject, and I almost don’t understand why some people don’t. – Chester Brown

22102. I think the thinking is, in the comic books, I should pack as much onto a page as possible, because, you know, it’s kind of the cheaper format, and you want to give readers as much as you can for their dollar. – Chester Brown

22103. My personal life is the same. At the end of the day, this is just a job. I love what I do, and it’s a great job. But it’s like my alter ego. There’s Chris Brown the singer. And there’s Christopher Brown, the down-home Tappahannock boy that plays video games and basketball and hangs out. – Chris Brown

22104. I think I can beat Usher on the dance floor. – Chris Brown

22105. My best kiss was on stage. Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child gave me a really nice soft kiss on my lips during a performance on my birthday. It was amazing. – Chris Brown

22106. I’m 18 in this album. I’m not losing fans, and I’m not disrepecting women, but you reach the maturity of taking it to the next level with a girl. It was only necessary for me to have at least one song like that. – Chris Brown

22107. I’m not gonna say that I hate it, because I really respect Usher and I was influenced by him. But so many people compare me to him, and I don’t think it’ll ever stop. I just want to be my own artist. – Chris Brown

22108. Loving is doing anything for them, thinking about them constantly and being able to spend your whole life with that person. Liking somebody is just like, ‘Okay, I like them because of this, this and this, but I don’t knkow if I am ready to be in love with them’. – Chris Brown

22109. With the song ‘This Christmas’ I wanted to do something that was kind of different. I mean, Donny Hathaway is an amazing artist. So I wanted to bring my flavor to the song so when people over the age of 45 or 50 hear it they’ll be like ‘OK, he did his thing with that record.’ It’s like I can appeal to everybody and not just a younger demographic. – Chris Brown

22110. I used to feel so shy speaking to girls. It was even worse when they were around their crew because they would diss me. – Chris Brown

22111. With fame, you can’t trust everybody. You can’t depend on them being there for you as a person. They will only be there because of what you’ve got you as a person. They will only be there because of what you’ve got and what you can bring to their life. It’s not a relationship-it’s a leech. – Chris Brown

22112. With dates I like to cater a girl. We do whatever she likes. If she was open to what I wanted to do, it probably wouldn’t be a dull date, because I am a jock. – Chris Brown

22113. When I was 12, all I wanted for Christmas was a trampoline or a four-wheeler. I ended up getting both presents for Christmas. – Chris Brown

22114. Since I’m always working, my best holiday memories are definitely when I can just go home and spend time with my family. – Chris Brown

22115. My mother taught me to treat a lady respectfully. – Chris Brown

22116. My first album was me finding myself and my voice, finding how I sing. I was rolling with the punches because everything was new to me. – Chris Brown

22117. I like low-maintenance girls, but at the same time, classy. She needs to take care of herself. But also be a girl who isn’t afraid to get sweaty and play basketball, so it’s cool if she’s a tomboy. – Chris Brown

22118. The worst moment was when I was performing and I was about to sing, but I choked. I had a tickle in my throat and I started coughing, and I couldn’t get the words out. It lasted for like thirty seconds, but I got over it, and luckily the crowd didn’t seem to care. – Chris Brown

22119. Having the right people around you all the time is important. I do take the acting seriously. But this is all fun. I look at it like smoke and mirrors. I still think it’s a dream, but I ain’t pinching myself yet. – Chris Brown

22120. I love attention. If I see a gang of girls? That makes me dance even more! – Chris Brown

22121. I always imagined I could be what I wanted to be. – Chris Brown

22122. I love sneakers on a girl. I don’t know why, but I guess it’s because I’m still a young. I really like just like a girl who has style – a girl who does her own thing, is unique in what she’s wearing and works what she’s got. – Chris Brown

22123. Girls are losing their virginity at 15, 16. I’m not promoting that. But my songs are talking… about me becoming a man. – Chris Brown

22124. Follow your dreams. Just make sure to have fun too. – Chris Brown

22125. I didn’t understand that I could sing until I was like 11 or 12. My mom heard me singing around the house and she said, What are you doing? You really can sing! So then I started going to school and singing to the girls. – Chris Brown

22126. Haters keep on hating, cause somebody’s gotta do it. – Chris Brown

22127. Atrocities are human nature – they don’t have political beliefs, color, creed or anything like that. They just happen, it’s human. – Clancy Brown

22128. I have something to say: it’s better to burn out, than to fade away. – Clancy Brown

22129. I would have had fun doing just about anything. – Clancy Brown

22130. There have been a couple of jobs I’ve done without thinking, without being engaged, and they just stink. – Clancy Brown

22131. If it’s something that reaches out and grabs me, I want to do it. I have a lot of trouble doing things that don’t grab me. So, I’m not a very good actor in that way. I can’t fake it. – Clancy Brown

22132. It used to be that a son could look at the father, and pretty much know what life was gonna be like as an adult. There was confidence in that, and comfort in that, and frustration also. – Clancy Brown

22133. Veterans continue to get the short end of the stick when it comes to this administration. – Corrine Brown

22134. Undoubtedly, there are numerous problems with the immigration system here in The United States. – Corrine Brown

22135. We are also ignoring and underfunding high speed rail which is one of the best ways to move citizens and improve congestion on our highways. – Corrine Brown

22136. We continue to subsidize highways and aviation, but when it comes to our passenger rail system, we refuse to provide the money Amtrak needs to survive. – Corrine Brown

22137. Without the funding Amtrak needs to keep operating, we will soon see people that rely on Amtrak to get them to work each day, waiting for a train that isn’t coming. – Corrine Brown

22138. You know, having been an election monitor in countries across the world, I can tell you that we would never certify another country’s election if it had as many flaws in place as we had in Florida. – Corrine Brown

22139. The punishment should fit the crime and if a doctor or drug company does harm knowingly or negligently to a patient they should be compensated to make them whole. – Corrine Brown

22140. You know, for most seniors Medicare is their only form of health care. – Corrine Brown

22141. Not only should we be giving Amtrak the money it needs to continue to provide services; we should be providing security money to upgrade their tracks and improve safety and security measures in the entire rail system. – Corrine Brown

22142. I do not support a constitutional amendment to prohibit gay marriage. – Corrine Brown

22143. As a Member of the CBC, I will fight tooth and nail to increase funding for programs, such as Ryan White, that were flat funded in the President’s budget. – Corrine Brown

22144. I represent central Florida, which depends on tourists for its economic survival. We need people to be able to get to the State and enjoy it. – Corrine Brown

22145. I think everybody knows that on November 7th more people voted for Al Gore than George Bush, a fact that has been documented time and time again. – Corrine Brown

22146. I come from a district where the veterans are not the richest in the country. – Corrine Brown

22147. If we are wondering why only 19 percent of the American people feel that the Congress is in tune with their priorities, the cuts in Amtrak is one blatant reason why. – Corrine Brown

22148. Today right here in America we have 50 million people without health insurance. – Corrine Brown

22149. Marriage has historically been in the domain of the States to regulate. – Corrine Brown

22150. Transportation funding is a win-win for everyone involved. – Corrine Brown

22151. Once again, we see the Bush administration paying for its failed policies by cutting funds to vital public services and jeopardizing more American jobs. – Corrine Brown

22152. So here we are, just two months away from the election, with more and more examples that modern day Jim Crowe laws are alive and well in the state of Florida. – Corrine Brown

22153. Southern states in the confederacy were not ready to give up their fight to secede or give up their way of life, which was made possible in large part through the blood, sweat and tears of African slaves. – Corrine Brown

22154. States get to improve transportation infrastructure; that creates economic development, puts people back to work and, most important, enhances safety and improves local communities. – Corrine Brown

22155. The Emancipation Proclamation, signed by President Abraham Lincoln, was put into effect on January 1, 1863, but news of the Proclamation and enforcement did not reach Texas until after the end of the Civil War almost two years later. – Corrine Brown

22156. This administration is cutting the programs that our Nation and its citizens need most, while dissolving the safety nets created to protect the elderly and less fortunate in this wealthy Nation. – Corrine Brown

22157. Is bankrupting this great country the top priority of this administration? – Corrine Brown

22158. I just want someone to explain to the American public why investing in transportation in Iraq is so much more important than investing in passenger rail right here in the United States of America. – Corrine Brown

22159. Suggesting a married Jesus is one thing, but questioning the Resurrection undermines the very heart of Christian belief. – Dan Brown

22160. Two thousand years ago, we lived in a world of Gods and Goddesses. Today, we live in a world solely of Gods. Women in most cultures have been stripped of their spiritual power. – Dan Brown

22161. That is the definition of faith – acceptance of that which we imagine to be true, that which we cannot prove. – Dan Brown

22162. She was deeply passionate about the sacred feminine. – Dan Brown

22163. My interest in secret societies is the product of many experiences, some I can discuss, others I cannot. – Dan Brown

22164. I spend my life essentially alone at a computer. That doesn’t change. I have the same challenges every day. – Dan Brown

22165. I consider myself a student of many religions. The more I learn, the more questions I have. For me, the spiritual quest will be a life-long work in progress. – Dan Brown

22166. There’s a lot of stress… but once you get in the car, all that goes out the window. – Dan Brown

22167. Although as a boy I had dreamed about going into space, I had completely forgotten about that until one day I received a call from an astronaut, who suggested that I should join the program. – David M. Brown

22168. As a physician and as a pilot, I think it lets me be a pretty good translator having one foot in the medical world and one foot in the flying world. Sometimes when the medical guys come in and speak medical stuff to the pilots, the pilots really don’t know what they’re saying. – David M. Brown

22169. I remember growing up thinking that astronauts and their job was the coolest thing you could possibly do… But I absolutely couldn’t identify with the people who were astronauts. I thought they were movie stars. – David M. Brown

22170. The views of the Earth are really beautiful. If you’ve ever seen a space IMAX movie, that’s really what it looks like. I wish I’d had more time just to sit and look out the window with a map, but our science program kept us very busy in the lab most of the time. – David M. Brown

22171. I’ve tried word processors, but I think I’m too old a dog to use one. – Dee Brown

22172. The Indians knew that life was equated with the earth and its resources, that America was a paradise, and they could not comprehend why the intruders from the East were determined to destroy all that was Indian as well as America itself. – Dee Brown

22173. You just don’t give up. There have been times when everything seemed to conspire against getting a book done or printed, and I would feel like turning my back on the whole thing. But I came back and persisted. – Dee Brown

22174. You just went right in and just recorded songs and listened them, and if there were any mistakes, then we would correct them and just went on… one take or two take. – Dennis Brown

22175. You see, that is it with music, you never stop learning. – Dennis Brown

22176. We just make music. For I never stop working. – Dennis Brown

22177. Well, I heard of Sunny Ade, and looks as if his music is gonna be big on a global level, because I was in London the other day and some people asked me to review the album. – Dennis Brown

22178. Well, maybe it’s because of the rumors they had going around, you know, they had some rumors about Dennis Brown was in the hospital and all that. Well, that is all bull! – Dennis Brown

22179. Well, until this very day, I’m still learning. – Dennis Brown

22180. You know, we had that groove; I didn’t feel no way. – Dennis Brown

22181. You can’t find the sound if you just love sleep. – Dennis Brown

22182. Sometimes that is why you might even stay in the bathroom for even half an hour, making that water running all over, just singing. – Dennis Brown

22183. I think I have a more wider scope for music, I have more taste for music. – Dennis Brown

22184. You always will be singing a song or humming a line or a melody. – Dennis Brown

22185. Drugs have played no significant factor in my life. – Dennis Brown

22186. Because I used to go and watch him rehearsing for pantomime, and I have adopted some of those priciples, like try to be on time, learn your script, how he approach it, etc. – Dennis Brown

22187. But when you have to deal with notes, and to be able to make a full definition of what a sound is – if you are not around that environment, then you’ll find you lose that feel, that momentum, you lose all that. – Dennis Brown

22188. Jah is love, or God, whichever way you might accept it. – Dennis Brown

22189. Certain songs by hearing the rhythm, it tells you that is either a love song or you might be heartbroken or the songs give you the vibes and you just know that certain songs are militant that you have to write. – Dennis Brown

22190. No man is an island. No man stands alone. – Dennis Brown

22191. Every day you learn something new. – Dennis Brown

22192. I sing a lot about love. – Dennis Brown

22193. I wasn’t thinking of competing with any artists as such, I was more thinking of being among them, and sharing thoughts with them; like sharing views, ideas, etc. – Dennis Brown

22194. But now I’m getting that spiritual motivation to visit Africa. – Dennis Brown

22195. Like Noel Brown and Scotty, they recorded as the Chosen Few, and I recorded as Dennis Brown then. – Dennis Brown

22196. Certain rhythms just have certain moods. – Dennis Brown

22197. What is a good performance? It lies in the hands and head of a performer… the shortest way between two people is not a straight line. – Earle Brown

22198. Cage’s Music of Changes was a further indication that the arts in general were beginning to consciously deal with the “given” material and, to varying degrees, liberating them from the inherited, functional concepts of control. – Earle Brown

22199. It is not possible, given any degree of optimism and generosity in regard to people in general, to set a time limit on creative reflection or a limitation on the number of people involved in the creation. – Earle Brown

22200. There is no music that can’t be used politically, but the motives behind the creation of that music can be non-political. – Earle Brown

22201. Why my interest in writers? Well, I’m one, and many of my friends are writers. I know what it’s like to write. I’m interested in the creative process. I’m fascinated by the disparity between who we are on the outside, and what we have bubbling away inside us. – Eric Brown

22202. I write about five thousand words a day, when working on a book, about three thousand a day if I’m writing a short story. I take long periods off between projects, when I read a lot, garden, and think about the next book or stories. – Eric Brown

22203. The inspiration to write? Perhaps it’s not so much inspiration, as a NEED to write. I get itchy and guilty and dissatisfied when I haven’t written for a while. Ideas come to me and need to be written down. – Eric Brown

22204. The market for short stories is hard to break into, but a magazine editor isn’t always looking for big names with which to sell his magazine – they’re more willing to try stories by newcomers, if those tales are good. – Eric Brown

22205. The professionals are going to be joined by the average Joe. Everybody’s a publisher. – Eric Brown

22206. To me, it’s all about opening all the doors and getting people to be not only prolific, but creative and having control of their music. – Eric Brown

22207. Which, of course, isn’t the point of writing – but it would be nice if, along with the creative satisfaction of writing and seeing my work in print, I could do more than merely scrape a living. Okay, moaning over. – Eric Brown

22208. ‘Made it as a writer’? I’m still wondering if I’ve made it as a writer. I’ve made it as a published writer of the type of SF that I want to write and read, but I’m still waiting for that big breakthrough. – Eric Brown

22209. You don’t have to fight for your life anymore. You’re starting a new one. – Eric Brown

22210. Well, to be honest I think I’m a better short story writer than a novelist. Novels I find very hard, hours and hours, weeks and weeks, of conscious thought – whereas short stories slip out painlessly in a few days. – Eric Brown

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22211. I think my fascination is less with genre figures than with writers in general. – Eric Brown

22212. I think it’s a short story writer’s duty, as well as writing well about emotions and characters, to write story. – Eric Brown

22213. To find a prince, you gotta kiss some toads. – Foxy Brown

22214. Take, therefore, what modern technology is capable of: the power of our moral sense allied to the power of communications and our ability to organize internationally.That, in my view, gives us the first opportunity as a community to fundamentally change the world. – Gordon Brown

22215. So another challenge for our generation is to create global institutions that reflect our ideas of fairness and responsibility, not the ideas that were the basis of the last stage of financial development over these recent years. – Gordon Brown

22216. There is nothing that you could say to me now that I could ever believe. – Gordon Brown

22217. America knows it has got to deal with its deficit problems so that it, too, can promise it is making its proper and best contributions to the world economy. – Gordon Brown

22218. Britain can be proud of its response to the tsunami appeal. – Gordon Brown

22219. Britain should be the world’s number one center for genetic and stem cell research, building on our world leading regulatory regime in the area. – Gordon Brown

22220. Each year India and China produce four million graduates compared with just over 250,000 in Britain. – Gordon Brown

22221. I believe there is a moral sense and a global ethic that commands attention from people of every religion and every faith, and people of no faith. But I think what’s new is that we now have the capacity to communicate instantaneously across frontiers right across the world. – Gordon Brown

22222. I’m a father; that’s what matters most. Nothing matters more. – Gordon Brown

22223. In 2005 we have a once in a generation opportunity to deliver a modern Marshall plan for the developing world. – Gordon Brown

22224. We are being tough in saying it is a duty on the unemployed in future not only to be available for work – and not to shirk work – but also to get the skills for work. That is a new duty we are introducing. – Gordon Brown

22225. You need in the long run for stability, for economic growth, for jobs, as well as for financial stability, global economic institutions that make sure that growth to be sustained has to be shared, and are built on the principle that the prosperity of this world is indivisible. – Gordon Brown

22226. We spend more on cows than the poor. – Gordon Brown

22227. We must then build a proper relationship between the richest and the poorest countries based on our desire that they are able to fend for themselves with the investment that is necessary in their agriculture, so that Africa is not a net importer of food, but an exporter of food. – Gordon Brown

22228. We talking about revolution because that’s the era that you’re caught in. – H. Rap Brown

22229. Black people must address itself to the causes of poverty. That’s oppression in this country. – H. Rap Brown

22230. There’s no such thing as second class citizenship. That’s like telling me you can be a little bit pregnant. – H. Rap Brown

22231. No such thing as a Dixiecrat. – H. Rap Brown

22232. They cannot divide us by saying that you’re middle class or you’re lower class. – H. Rap Brown

22233. We happen to be the vanguard of that revolutionary struggle because we are the most dispossessed. – H. Rap Brown

22234. One of the lies that we tell ourselves is that we’re making progress; but Huey’s chair’s empty. – H. Rap Brown

22235. See, it’s no in between: you’re either free or you’re a slave. – H. Rap Brown

22236. The poverty program was not designed to eliminate poverty. – H. Rap Brown

22237. So black people all across this country are uniting. They must unite, and they must organize themselves. – H. Rap Brown

22238. In terms of the revolution, I believe that the revolution will be a revolution of dispossessed people in this country: that’s the Mexican American, the Puerto Rican American, the American Indian, and black people. – H. Rap Brown

22239. The man does not beat your head because you got a Cadillac or because you got a Ford; he beats you because you’re black! – H. Rap Brown

22240. If America don’t come around, we’re gonna’ burn it down. – H. Rap Brown

22241. The only politics in this country that’s relevant to black people today is the politics of revolution… none other. – H. Rap Brown

22242. You’ve got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize. – H. Rap Brown

22243. You see, the poverty program for the last five years have been buy-off programs. – H. Rap Brown

22244. Yes, politics IS war without bloodshed; and war is an extension of those politics. – H. Rap Brown

22245. See, justice is a joke in this country, and it stinks of its hypocricy. – H. Rap Brown

22246. An old African leader says about leadership, he says that leadership should never be shared; it should always remain in the hands of the dispossessed people. We will lead the revolution. – H. Rap Brown

22247. But black people fall for that same argument, and they go around talking about law breakers. We did not make the laws in this country. We are neither morally nor legally confined to those laws. Those laws that keep them up, keep us down. – H. Rap Brown

22248. Class structures are a luxury that we cannot afford. – H. Rap Brown

22249. Everybody in the black community must organize, and then we decide whether we will have alliance with other people or not, but not until we are organized. – H. Rap Brown

22250. The only thing that’s going to free Huey is gun powder. – H. Rap Brown

22251. And understand: class differences will not save you. – H. Rap Brown

22252. I say violence is necessary. It is as American as cherry pie. – H. Rap Brown

22253. There is no such thing as a black middle class. – H. Rap Brown

22254. The privilege of being at the university for four years is something I’ll always treasure. – Hank Brown

22255. Just as we know rationally that the time will come when each of us as individuals will perish, so we know that our country, our culture and our species cannot exist for ever. Sometime there must be an end. – Harrison Brown

22256. The first and by far the most likely pattern is a return to agrarian existence. – Harrison Brown

22257. After you’re older, two things are possibly more important than any others: health and money. – Helen Gurley Brown

22258. Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. – Helen Gurley Brown

22259. One of the paramount reasons for staying attractive is so you can have somebody to go to bed with. – Helen Gurley Brown

22260. You can have your titular recognition. I’ll take money and power. – Helen Gurley Brown

22261. You name it, we’re out there with the latest and the best cutting edge. – Helen Gurley Brown

22262. Money, if it does not bring you happiness, will at least help you be miserable in comfort. – Helen Gurley Brown

22263. Never fail to know that if you are doing all the talking, you are boring somebody. – Helen Gurley Brown

22264. My success was not based so much on any great intelligence but on great common sense. – Helen Gurley Brown

22265. Nearly every glamorous, wealthy, successful career woman you might envy now started out as some kind of schlep. – Helen Gurley Brown

22266. Beauty can’t amuse you, but brainwork – reading, writing, thinking – can. – Helen Gurley Brown

22267. If one race be inferior to the other socially, the Constitution of the United States cannot put them upon the same plane. – Henry Billings Brown

22268. I think everybody has a bent, and the key is to follow that bent. So much human wastage comes from people who are doing things with their lives that they really aren’t happy with. – J. Carter Brown

22269. Do what you really want to do. That’s why God put you on this earth. – J. Carter Brown

22270. I am deeply aware of the dimension of luck. It’s so important to be prepared to receive it, but it is a major factor. There’s no question. – J. Carter Brown

22271. I found that it wasn’t so oddball to like music and poetry and visual arts, they’re kindred spirits. – J. Carter Brown

22272. The Washingtonian said it shouldn’t be built. The gallery’s East Building is now considered a triumph, and members of the American Association of Architects have voted it one of the best buildings of all time. – J. Carter Brown

22273. There’s no point breaking a lot of crockery unnecessarily. – J. Carter Brown

22274. No one will understand a Japanese garden until you’ve walked through one, and you hear the crunch underfoot, and you smell it, and you experience it over time. Now there’s no photograph or any movie that can give you that experience. – J. Carter Brown

22275. There are more ways of skinning a cat than rubbing its fur the wrong way. – J. Carter Brown

22276. I had to tell about my colonic, which expresses the fact why I’m so neat today as opposed to a few years ago. I never knew that the weight made that much difference. – James Brown

22277. I’ve been knocked down a lot of times. – James Brown

22278. Michael Jackson has a very good heart. He was crying when he was giving me the award, ’cause his mind went back over the early days. – James Brown

22279. My expectations of other people, I double them on myself. – James Brown

22280. You only live once. – James Brown

22281. You can’t teach others if you are living the same way. – James Brown

22282. You can take care of yourself, and God helps those who help themselves. – James Brown

22283. When I’m on stage, I’m trying to do one thing: bring people joy. Just like church does. People don’t go to church to find trouble, they go there to lose it. – James Brown

22284. When God took it, he accepted it; when he brought it back, he accepted it. That’s what’s happening with me. – James Brown

22285. I’m not going to be joining ZZ Top. You know they can’t play my stuff. It’s too complicated. – James Brown

22286. My son don’t have to say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud. He don’t have to be called those crazy names. – James Brown

22287. I’ve been held responsible for taxes I know nothing about. – James Brown

22288. I just thank God for all of the blessings. – James Brown

22289. I’m kidding about having only a few dollars. I might have a few dollars more. – James Brown

22290. I named my new son James Joseph Brown II. I think he’s going to be a lot better than I was. – James Brown

22291. Sometimes I feel like I’m a preacher as well, ’cause I can really get into an audience. – James Brown

22292. Sometimes you struggle so hard to feed your family one way, you forget to feed them the other way, with spiritual nourishment. Everybody needs that. – James Brown

22293. Thank God for the journey. – James Brown

22294. The hardest thing about being James Brown is I have to live. I don’t have no down time. – James Brown

22295. The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing. – James Brown

22296. I taught them everything they know, but not everything I know. – James Brown

22297. Like Christ said, love thee one another. I learned to do that, and I learned to respect and be appreciative and thankful for what I had. – James Brown

22298. Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things he’s got it all. – James Brown

22299. I got a wife who likes expensive things, so she takes all the cash. – James Brown

22300. I started Michael years ago. I saw him in Gary, Indiana, and we’d have him on the talent shows. He kind of emulated me, and did the best he could. – James Brown

22301. I think the best thing about being James Brown is looking at my little son. Hopefully I can make my son a role model to a lot of people. – James Brown

22302. I think what I came through is great, but my son can take it to another level, not having to fight racism. His mother’s a Norwegian and I’m mixed up four or five times, so he can face the world. – James Brown

22303. I used to think like Moses. That knocked me down for a couple years and put me in prison. Then I start thinking like Job. Job waited and became the wealthiest and richest man ever ’cause he believed in God. – James Brown

22304. I want to say to you, Help yourself, so you can help someone else. – James Brown

22305. I was stillborn. The midwives laid me aside, thought I was really gone. I laid there about an hour, and they picked me back up and tried again, ’cause my body was still warm. The Good Lord brought me back. – James Brown

22306. I’d like to cut down on the work a little bit. – James Brown

22307. I did the thing with bonds, which was about 30 million dollars, and didn’t get none of the money on them. – James Brown

22308. I like computers. I like the Internet. It’s a tool that can be used. But don’t be misled into thinking that these technologies are anything other than aspects of a degenerate economic system. – Jerry Brown

22309. In some cases, managers and employees have secured pensions beyond their original base salary. It is wrong, the people doing it know it’s wrong, and we have to put an end to it. – Jerry Brown

22310. Automation and technology would be a great boon if it were creative, if there were more leisure, more opportunity to engage in raising a family, providing guidance to the young, all the stuff we say we need. America will work if we’re all in it together. It’ll work when there’s a shared sense of destiny. It can be done! – Jerry Brown

22311. Too often I find that the volume of paper expands to fill the available briefcases. – Jerry Brown

22312. The reason that everybody likes planning is that nobody has to do anything. – Jerry Brown

22313. We have to be realistic about what the state can afford, and put an end to abuses of the system that cost millions. – Jerry Brown

22314. Several unions have agreed to larger employee contributions for their members. Taxpayers are living with cuts and making sacrifices to deal with the reality of California’s budget crisis, state workers are going to have to do the same. – Jerry Brown

22315. We have to deal with where we are. We have to create cooperatives, we have to create intentional communities, we have to work for local cooperation where we are. – Jerry Brown

22316. Where there is a sufficient social movement of self-reliant communities, there can be political change. There must be political change. – Jerry Brown

22317. The conventional viewpoint says we need a jobs program and we need to cut welfare. Just the opposite! We need more welfare and fewer jobs. – Jerry Brown

22318. Inaction may be the biggest form of action. – Jerry Brown

22319. Prisons don’t rehabilitate, they don’t punish, they don’t protect, so what the hell do they do? – Jerry Brown

22320. We have to restore power to the family, to the neighborhood, and the community with a non-market principle, a principle of equality, of charity, of let’s-take-care-of-one-another. That’s the creative challenge. – Jerry Brown

22321. When the farmer can sell directly to the consumer, it is a more active process. There’s more contact. The consumer can know, who am I buying this from? What’s their name? Do they have a face? Is the food they are selling coming out of Mexico with pesticides? – Jerry Brown

22322. Pension reform can be hard to talk about. In the long run, reform now means fewer demands for layoffs and less draconian measures in the future. It’s in the best interest of all Californians to fix this system now. – Jerry Brown

22323. Multinational corporations do control. They control the politicians. They control the media. They control the pattern of consumption, entertainment, thinking. They’re destroying the planet and laying the foundation for violent outbursts and racial division. – Jerry Brown

22324. Jobs for every American is doomed to failure because of modern automation and production. We ought to recognize it and create an income-maintenance system so every single American has the dignity and the wherewithal for shelter, basic food, and medical care. I’m talking about welfare for all. Without it, you’re going to have warfare for all. – Jerry Brown

22325. It looks to me to be obvious that the whole world cannot eat an American diet. – Jerry Brown

22326. The government is becoming the family of last resort. – Jerry Brown

22327. Our flag is red, white and blue, but our nation is a rainbow – red, yellow, brown, black and white – and we’re all precious in God’s sight. – Jesse Brown

22328. I was just a big guy running down with a big, deep pocket and little short stick putting it against my chest. – Jim Brown

22329. I’m not interested in trying to work on people’s perceptions. I am who I am, and if you don’t take the time to learn about that, then your perception is going to be your problem. – Jim Brown

22330. I loved the game. We played because we loved it. – Jim Brown

22331. I came from Long Island, so I had a lot of experience at the stick. I played in junior high school, then I played in high school. The technical aspect of the game was my forte. I had all that experience, then I had strength and I was in good condition. – Jim Brown

22332. Charm is a glow within a woman that casts a most becoming light on others. – John Mason Brown

22333. The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose. – John Mason Brown

22334. The critic is a man who prefers the indolence of opinion to the trials of action. – John Mason Brown

22335. Some television programs are so much chewing gum for the eyes. – John Mason Brown

22336. How prophetic L’Enfant was when he laid out Washington as a city that goes around in circles! – John Mason Brown

22337. No one is worthy of a good home here or in heaven that is not willing to be in peril for a good cause. – John Mason Brown

22338. The more one has seen of the good, the more one asks for the better. – John Mason Brown

22339. I am ready any time. Do not keep me waiting. – John Mason Brown

22340. He played the king as if afraid someone else would play the ace. – John Mason Brown

22341. America is a land where men govern, but women rule. – John Mason Brown

22342. A good conversationalist is not one who remembers what was said, but says what someone wants to remember. – John Mason Brown

22343. So often we rob tomorrow’s memories by today’s economies. – John Mason Brown

22344. Whenever the occasion arose, he rose to the occasion. – Jonathan Brown

22345. Yep, I’ll stay a Brisbane Lion, you’ve heard it first. – Jonathan Brown

22346. We have been in Victoria for 3 years now after moving here from Vancouver. Victoria is a great place to live and we plan on staying especially as the kids are now in school. – Jonathan Brown

22347. Twice a week I’ll run fast quality workouts either on the track or road. – Jonathan Brown

22348. The British have given me good support for the last 8 years and have always believed in me. – Jonathan Brown

22349. My wife and I came to Canada for the 1994 Commonwealth Games and we really liked the B.C. lifestyle and environment. The following year we applied to become permanent residents. We moved here in 1996 after the Atlanta Olympics. – Jonathan Brown

22350. My favourite quality workout is 6 X 5 minutes with 1 minute rest between each. – Jonathan Brown

22351. If my training goes well and according to plan I feel that I am capable of a top 8 finish in Athens. It will be a very difficult and technical course which will be to my advantage. – Jonathan Brown

22352. I’ve completed the first part of my preparations without injury problems. My speed is good and I’m doing lots of volume for strength. – Jonathan Brown

22353. I can’t see myself leaving the club I grew up supporting… it’s one of those things, the money’s great but I still get paid reasonably well from the Lions and at the end of the day I think job satisfaction is the No.1 priority and I just love it up here. – Jonathan Brown

22354. For 6 days a week I aim to get in between 18-23 miles. – Jonathan Brown

22355. Call it loyalty, call it what you want, but I suppose I’ve got people up here who I’m really tight with, we’ve made a lot of great bonds over the last few years and I’ve got people in my corner I can trust. – Jonathan Brown

22356. I am neither a free-trade man, willing to collect all the money we have to raise by direct tax upon the people, nor am I willing to lay a tax simply for protection when the Government does not need the money. – Joseph E. Brown

22357. Debbie Gibson and dog food. I’ve always dreamed of this. – Julie Brown

22358. I don’t just want to be successful I want to have fun. – Julie Brown

22359. I got confused. I thought it was a K.Y. scare, so I bought 2000 jars of personal lubricant. I still have some. – Julie Brown

22360. I think it is necessary to sit down and work for years and years to get it right. I think that’s the main thing, that’s what the emphasis has got to be on: individual work. – Larry Brown

22361. I originally had an idea about a family of people who were homeless, just traveling around without any solid roots or any home, who made their way around working wherever they could. I started it with them. The idea of Joe as a protagonist came along a little later. – Larry Brown

22362. I listen to some of the comments on WIP – they’re playing parts of the press conference – and I can see where people would read into things. But if anyone was at the press conference, I think would sense how much I enjoyed Philly and how I loved working for those people. – Larry Brown

22363. I didn’t hear what he said and really don’t care. – Larry Brown

22364. I can’t coach anymore. I want to run a team. – Larry Brown

22365. They drink a lotta beer, do a lotta riding around; I drink a lotta beer, do a lotta riding around. – Larry Brown

22366. You have to do something in your life that is honorable and not cowardly if you are to live in peace with yourself, and for the firefighter it is fire. – Larry Brown

22367. All of us need to grow continuously in our lives. – Les Brown

22368. I advise you to say your dream is possible and then overcome all inconveniences, ignore all the hassles and take a running leap through the hoop, even if it is in flames. – Les Brown

22369. Honor your commitments with integrity. – Les Brown

22370. Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours. – Les Brown

22371. Goals help you channel your energy into action. – Les Brown

22372. Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on. – Les Brown

22373. Forgive those who have hurt you. – Les Brown

22374. Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality. – Les Brown

22375. If you are carrying strong feelings about something that happened in your past, they may hinder your ability to live in the present. – Les Brown

22376. Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you. – Les Brown

22377. Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else. – Les Brown

22378. A lot of people do not muster the courage to live their dreams because they are afraid to die. – Les Brown

22379. Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead. – Les Brown

22380. Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way. – Les Brown

22381. Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life. – Les Brown

22382. Your ability to communicate is an important tool in your pursuit of your goals, whether it is with your family, your co-workers or your clients and customers. – Les Brown

22383. You take on the responsibility for making your dream a reality. – Les Brown

22384. You need to make a commitment, and once you make it, then life will give you some answers. – Les Brown

22385. You must remain focused on your journey to greatness. – Les Brown

22386. You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change. – Les Brown

22387. When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back up. – Les Brown

22388. We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams. – Les Brown

22389. Unlike productions in the other arts, all television shows are born to destroy two other shows. – Les Brown

22390. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. – Les Brown

22391. There are winners, there are losers and there are people who have not yet learned how to win. – Les Brown

22392. The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today. – Les Brown

22393. It takes someone with a vision of the possibilities to attain new levels of experience. Someone with the courage to live his dreams. – Les Brown

22394. If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness. – Les Brown

22395. If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you. – Les Brown

22396. If you fall, fall on your back. If you can look up, you can get up. – Les Brown

22397. In day-to-day commerce, television is not so much interested in the business of communications as in the business of delivering audiences to advertisers. People are the merchandise, not the shows. The shows are merely the bait. – Les Brown

22398. Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. – Les Brown

22399. Just because Fate doesn’t deal you the right cards, it doesn’t mean you should give up. It just means you have to play the cards you get to their maximum potential. – Les Brown

22400. Life has no limitations, except the ones you make. – Les Brown

22401. Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner. – Les Brown

22402. Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality. – Les Brown

22403. Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them. – Les Brown

22404. Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars. – Les Brown

22405. If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams. – Les Brown

22406. And love can come to everyone, the best things in life are free. – Lew Brown

22407. So how can you lose what you’ve never owned? – Lew Brown

22408. When dad told me Mr Steptoe had passed away, I broke down. – Louise Brown

22409. Much of my reading time over the last decade and a half has been spent reading aloud to my children. Those children’s bedtime rituals of supper, bath, stories, and sleep have been a staple of my life and some of the best, most special times I can remember. – Louise Brown

22410. Don’t write the book you think publishers want to commission. Plenty of other writers will be doing the same thing. – Louise Brown

22411. Every year I teach dozens of students at the University of Birmingham. Most of the students on the gender and sexuality courses are women. I guess this is because the boys don’t think that gender applies to them: that it’s a subject for girls. – Louise Brown

22412. I bought a selection of short, romantic fiction novels, studied them, decided that I had found a formula and then wrote a book that I figured was the perfect story. Thank goodness it was rejected. – Louise Brown

22413. I could write an entertaining novel about rejection slips, but I fear it would be overly long. – Louise Brown

22414. I can’t pick out one single book that had such a profound personal impact. – Louise Brown

22415. I have a good collection of cookery books. This is not so much because I like cooking, but because I like eating. – Louise Brown

22416. I don’t envy men and I certainly wouldn’t like to become one now. – Louise Brown

22417. I like many types of music and probably too many to mention here. – Louise Brown

22418. I never felt any different from anyone else though. – Louise Brown

22419. I thought it was something peculiar to me. I thought I was abnormal. – Louise Brown

22420. I used to think about how I was conceived quite a lot when I was about 10 or 11, but I don’t think about it at all now that so many other babies have been born in the same way. – Louise Brown

22421. I’m working on a nonfiction book on Nepal and a novel about diasporas. – Louise Brown

22422. If you can’t return a favor, pass it on. – Louise Brown

22423. It took a brave editor in the U.S. to sign a contract for Dancing Girls, and without her belief in the book, I’m not sure it would ever have found its way into print. – Louise Brown

22424. People still come up to me and ask whether I am Louise Brown or if they’ve seen me somewhere else before. – Louise Brown

22425. Never give up. And most importantly, be true to yourself. Write from your heart, in your own voice, and about what you believe in. – Louise Brown

22426. Then I obviously didn’t understand what it all meant, but I do now. – Louise Brown

22427. Reading is my greatest luxury. – Louise Brown

22428. Remember that what you have is unique because it’s your own special way of looking at the world. – Louise Brown

22429. Sometimes I like to play the soundtracks to famous musicals so we can all sing along. South Pacific is one of my favorites. Our neighbors must hate us. – Louise Brown

22430. The Dancing Girls of Lahore was offered to dozens of British publishers and was turned down by everyone. It is still on offer in the U.K., but I’m not confident there will be any takers. – Louise Brown

22431. The importance and influence of books on me has been cumulative: the result of hearing and reading lots of stories about interesting people and places. – Louise Brown

22432. The richest most meaningful stories are found in small places: made, carried, crafted, told, and retold by apparently unimportant people. – Louise Brown

22433. The young women in my classes are feisty and clever and believe, often with the passion of youthful optimism, that feminism is a battle already won. I worry for them – and for my daughters, too. – Louise Brown

22434. When I was a child and teenager I read whenever I had the opportunity, but since then I’ve found it hard to read as much as I’d like, children, work, and pets all providing powerful incentives to escape into a book and a practical reason why I rarely do so. – Louise Brown

22435. Hopefully, next year if we can get everything sorted out and together. – Melanie Brown

22436. I live on my gut instinct. – Melanie Brown

22437. If my senses don’t feel right then I don’t do it. – Melanie Brown

22438. The way that I live my life is on spontaneity. – Melanie Brown

22439. I live my life on self-belief and I live it partly on going with the flow. – Melanie Brown

22440. The view only changes for the lead dog. – Norman O. Brown

22441. All currency is neurotic currency. – Norman O. Brown

22442. Freedom is poetry, taking liberties with words, breaking the rules of normal speech, violating common sense. Freedom is violence. – Norman O. Brown

22443. I am what is mine. Personality is the original personal property. – Norman O. Brown

22444. In its famous paradox, the equation of money and excrement, psychoanalysis becomes the first science to state what common sense and the poets have long known – that the essence of money is in its absolute worthlessness. – Norman O. Brown

22445. The dynamics of capitalism is postponement of enjoyment to the constantly postponed future. – Norman O. Brown

22446. Love without attachment is light. – Norman O. Brown

22447. The grandest thing has been the lifting up of the gates and the opening of the doors to the women of America, giving liberty to twenty-seven million women, thus opening to them a new and larger life and a higher ideal. – Olympia Brown

22448. Fortuitous circumstances constitute the moulds that shape the majority of human lives, and the hasty impress of an accident is too often regarded as the relentless decree of all ordaining fate. – Olympia Brown

22449. He who never sacrificed a present to a future good or a personal to a general one can speak of happiness only as the blind do of colors. – Olympia Brown

22450. How natural that the errors of the ancient should be handed down and, mixing with the principles and system which Christ taught, give to us an adulterated Christianity. – Olympia Brown

22451. The more we learn of science, the more we see that its wonderful mysteries are all explained by a few simple laws so connected together and so dependent upon each other, that we see the same mind animating them all. – Olympia Brown

22452. Kittens are wide-eyed, soft and sweet. With needles in their jaws and feet. – Pam Brown

22453. If your sister is in a tearing hurry to go out and cannot catch your eye, she’s wearing your best sweater. – Pam Brown

22454. Odd how much it hurts when a friend moves away- and leaves behind only silence. – Pam Brown

22455. For every person who has ever lived there has come, at last, a spring he will never see. Glory then in the springs that are yours. – Pam Brown

22456. A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. – Pam Brown

22457. A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often – just to save it from drying out completely. – Pam Brown

22458. A cat can maintain a position of curled up somnolence on your knee until you are nearly upright. To the last minute she hopes your conscience will get the better of you and you will settle down again. – Pam Brown

22459. The courage of very ordinary people is all that stands between us and the dark. – Pam Brown

22460. One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home. – Pam Brown

22461. We assume people we know can’t be serial killers. – Pat Brown

22462. Since there are only so many ways to kill a person, a good portion of homicides look pretty much alike. – Pat Brown

22463. Telling the community a serial killer is out there stirs up a lot of unpleasant attention. – Pat Brown

22464. The accepted definition of a serial killer is a person who kills at least three times with a cooling off period in between his murders. – Pat Brown

22465. The most important issue for the killer is the ability to get a victim easily and successfully. – Pat Brown

22466. There are many more serial killers living outside the prison walls than inside. – Pat Brown

22467. Serial killing is not about sex at all, but about power and control and revenge on society. – Pat Brown

22468. Using MO to link crimes can be problematic. – Pat Brown

22469. The one noticeable similarity with almost all serial killer victims is their short height and low weight. – Pat Brown

22470. We struggle to understand how any mother could kill her own children. – Pat Brown

22471. What does signature mean? Supposedly these are the added touches that make the crime personal to the killer. – Pat Brown

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22472. While there are many wonderful police investigators out there doing some very fine work, the majority of the time it is not brains that catches serial killers. – Pat Brown

22473. While we are being fascinated by the tales of famous serial killers and how they were brought to justice, the real serial killer goes about his business with hardly a thought to being caught. – Pat Brown

22474. Without solid connections between homicides, we may have the reverse problem of believing three local murders are the work of one serial killer when they may actually be the work of three! – Pat Brown

22475. All serial killers want to win. They choose victims they can kill successfully. – Pat Brown

22476. Many of the less prolific killers’ stories go unheard because they simply don’t make good books. – Pat Brown

22477. There are two kinds of serial killers as far as the victim is concerned: the kind that you don’t see before they pounce on you and the kind you see and don’t expect to pounce on you. – Pat Brown

22478. Serial killers kill for the power and control they experience during the murders and for the added ego boost they get in the aftermath from community fears, media coverage, and the police investigations. – Pat Brown

22479. Evidence can vary depending on the circumstances, the weather, and how long it has been hanging around. – Pat Brown

22480. In reality, serial killers are of average intelligence. – Pat Brown

22481. In reality, those rare few cases with good forensic evidence are the ones that make it to court. – Pat Brown

22482. Last but not least among serial killer methodologies, we have women who kill their own children. – Pat Brown

22483. Most well-known serial killers have victims numbering in the dozens, have sent taunting letters to the police or have done bizarre things to the bodies. – Pat Brown

22484. Nowadays, with much more racial and ethnic mixing, we are seeing serial killers murdering a variety of victims; whoever comes along will most likely do. – Pat Brown

22485. Often I am asked if there is any such thing as a female serial killer. – Pat Brown

22486. Often, a serial killer has no felony record. – Pat Brown

22487. Outside of dumb luck, the number one way serial killers are caught is through the help of the public. – Pat Brown

22488. Police are reluctant to label a murder as a possible serial homicide. – Pat Brown

22489. Serial killers are everywhere! Well, perhaps not in our neighborhood, but on our television screens, at the movie theatres, and in rows and rows of books at our local Borders or Barnes and Noble Booksellers. – Pat Brown

22490. Killers can seem smart when you can’t figure out who they are. – Pat Brown

22491. A winner never whines. – Paul Brown

22492. When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less. – Paul Brown

22493. You can learn a line from a win and a book from a defeat. – Paul Brown

22494. What we have currently available is what we have available. – Paul Brown

22495. The key to winning is poise under stress. – Paul Brown

22496. Football is a game of errors. The team that makes the fewest errors in a game usually wins. – Paul Brown

22497. A ‘For Sale’ sign in your yard during the holidays is like a ‘kick me’ sign. You are telling buyers you are a distressed seller. – Ray Brown

22498. Coming down off crack is like the worst depression. The worst. – Ray Brown

22499. I will have a song that I’m in love with for a couple of months and then I’ll go to something else. That’s just constantly changing. And sometimes I will go back to old one that I haven’t heard for a long time. – Ray Brown

22500. People are trading distance for dollars. – Ray Brown

22501. The best time to buy a home is always five years ago. – Ray Brown

22502. They played so good it was frightening. And I, of course, being young, was in awe of everything that was going on and rightly so. I mean, it was too good to believe. – Ray Brown

22503. We had to do a lot of rehearsals to get it so that it was playable. What it did was make you practice. That’s good for any musician to have that kind of pressure. It brings things out of you that might not come out if you don’t have to reach for something all the time. – Ray Brown

22504. Well, jazz is to me, a complete lifestyle. It’s bigger than a word. It’s a much bigger force than just something that you can say. It’s something that you have to feel. It’s something that you have to live. – Ray Brown

22505. Don’t ask to live in tranquil times. Literature doesn’t grow there. – Rita Mae Brown

22506. The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they’re okay, then it’s you. – Rita Mae Brown

22507. Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides. – Rita Mae Brown

22508. Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself. – Rita Mae Brown

22509. Leroy bet me I couldn’t find a pot of gold at the end, and I told him that was a stupid bet because the rainbow was enough. – Rita Mae Brown

22510. Moral passion without entertainment is propaganda, and entertainment without moral passion is television. – Rita Mae Brown

22511. One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory. – Rita Mae Brown

22512. Recognition of function always precedes recognition of being. – Rita Mae Brown

22513. Intuition is a suspension of logic due to impatience. – Rita Mae Brown

22514. The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself. – Rita Mae Brown

22515. Morals are private. Decency is public. – Rita Mae Brown

22516. To love without role, without power plays, is revolution. – Rita Mae Brown

22517. Virginia Woolf said that writers must be androgynous. I’ll go a step further. You must be bisexual. – Rita Mae Brown

22518. Women who love women are Lesbians. Men, because they can only think of women in sexual terms, define Lesbian as sex between women. – Rita Mae Brown

22519. Writers will happen in the best of families. – Rita Mae Brown

22520. You can’t be truly rude until you understand good manners. – Rita Mae Brown

22521. You sell a screenplay like you sell a car. If someone drives it off a cliff, that’s it. – Rita Mae Brown

22522. Every action is either strong or weak, and when every action is strong we are successful. – Rita Mae Brown

22523. The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody. – Rita Mae Brown

22524. Art is moral passion married to entertainment. Moral passion without entertainment is propaganda, and entertainment without moral passion is television. – Rita Mae Brown

22525. A deadline is negative inspiration. Still, it’s better than no inspiration at all. – Rita Mae Brown

22526. A life of reaction is a life of slavery, intellectually and spiritually. One must fight for a life of action, not reaction. – Rita Mae Brown

22527. Pornography exists for the lonesome, the ugly, the fearful – it’s made for the losers. – Rita Mae Brown

22528. About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won’t like you at all. – Rita Mae Brown

22529. If the world were a logical place, men would ride side-saddle. – Rita Mae Brown

22530. As a woman, I find it very embarrassing to be in a meeting and realize I’m the only one in the room with balls. – Rita Mae Brown

22531. Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work. – Rita Mae Brown

22532. Divorce is the one human tragedy that reduces everything to cash. – Rita Mae Brown

22533. Education is a wonderful thing. If you couldn’t sign your name you’d have to pay cash. – Rita Mae Brown

22534. Humor comes from self-confidence. – Rita Mae Brown

22535. I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it. – Rita Mae Brown

22536. I am a comic writer, which means I get to slay the dragons, and shoot the bull. – Rita Mae Brown

22537. A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one. – Rita Mae Brown

22538. I became a lesbian because of women, because women are beautiful, strong, and compassionate. – Rita Mae Brown

22539. I believe in a lively disrespect for most forms of authority. – Rita Mae Brown

22540. I believe the true function of age is memory. I’m recording as fast as I can. – Rita Mae Brown

22541. I believe you are your work. Don’t trade the stuff of your life, time, for nothing more than dollars. That’s a rotten bargain. – Rita Mae Brown

22542. Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment. – Rita Mae Brown

22543. Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. – Robert McAfee Brown

22544. The Church cannot be content to live in its stained-glass house and throw stones through the picture window of modern culture. – Robert McAfee Brown

22545. Prayer for many is like a foreign land. When we go there, we go as tourists. Like most tourists, we feel uncomfortable and out of place. Like most tourists, we therefore move on before too long and go somewhere else. – Robert McAfee Brown

22546. When I got through, Duke Ellington stood up and started the applause. – Ruth Brown

22547. But of course it’s different now, the blues is no longer blues, it’s green now. – Ruth Brown

22548. I sang on Church Street, every place that had a stage. – Ruth Brown

22549. I thought the best thing you were supposed to do was find somebody and try to sound like them. – Ruth Brown

22550. I was trying to do Billie Holiday, because she was the voice to be heard at that time. – Ruth Brown

22551. If you are speaking about my own songs, I would think so because we were talking about that particular era and I was singing one of my songs that I recorded 50 years ago. – Ruth Brown

22552. There are stories that people don’t want to talk about that brought this music through. – Ruth Brown

22553. There was a time we decided that it was songs that were done especially from my background because of the things we were dealing with, but nowadays, anybody who has a need, and can find the need, they can sing the blues. – Ruth Brown

22554. When I saw all of the people I have known all these years, when we got together, it was scary because B.B King and I lived in the same place in Nevada. – Ruth Brown

22555. We are trying to prove that the blues lives on forever and anybody in this place can sing the blues. – Ruth Brown

22556. A fox is a wolf who sends flowers. – Ruth Brown

22557. Unfortunately, the young generation, who I believe have their own place in the sun like I had mine; but I wish it was possible there were other ways to have them understand this music was here before they came, and the reason that it was here. – Ruth Brown

22558. Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance. – Sam Brown

22559. The only thing that ever sat its way to success was a hen. – Sarah Brown

22560. Rarely have elected leaders been so intent on defying the public will. – Scott Brown

22561. Somehow, the greater the public opposition to the health care bill, the more determined they seem to force it on us anyway. Their attitude shows Washington at its very worst – the presumption that they know best, and they’re going to get their way whether the American people like it or not. – Scott Brown

22562. Nearly one in ten Americans are still out of work. And still, the President and Congress are focused on ramming through their health-care bill, whatever it takes, whatever the cost. – Scott Brown

22563. In speech after speech on his health care plan, the President has tried to convince us that what he is proposing will be good for America. But, how can it be good for America if it raises taxes by a half trillion dollars and costs a trillion dollars or more to implement? – Scott Brown

22564. I’ve criticized President Bush for his failure to use his veto pen. There’s plenty of blame to go around. The question is how to solve problems. It’s not bailouts. What made America great? Free markets, free enterprise, manufacturing, job creation. That’s how we’re gonna do it, not by enlarging government. – Scott Brown

22565. For many members of Congress, the time for choosing is near – do what the party leadership demands, or do what the people have asked you to do. If my colleagues don’t mind some advice from a newcomer, I’d suggest going with the will of the people. – Scott Brown

22566. The surest way to return to the people’s business is to listen to the people themselves: We need to drop this whole scheme of federally controlled health care, start over, and work together on real reforms at the state level that will contain costs and won’t leave America trillions of dollars deeper in debt. – Scott Brown

22567. I’m disappointed that Senator DeWine once again chose to go along with his party leaders and their big corporate lobbyist supporters. Ohio deserves a Senator who will be more than a rubber stamp. – Sherrod Brown

22568. The current minimum wage simply is not supporting Ohio’s working families. – Sherrod Brown

22569. We should not mislead the Iraqis into thinking they have unlimited time to reach a settlement. The longer they think that, the less likely they will be to act. – Sherrod Brown

22570. We must support initiatives that provide clear, concrete measures and milestones that our troops need for defeating the insurgency, building up Iraqi security forces, and handing over Iraq to the Iraqi people. – Sherrod Brown

22571. We must have a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. forces – or at the very least a plan for it – something the administration has incredulously failed to do for over two years. – Sherrod Brown

22572. Thousands of Ohio families are going deeper and deeper in debt just trying to pay their heating bills, fill prescriptions, and buy groceries. The current minimum wage is simply not enough. – Sherrod Brown

22573. This year, we are going to take our government out of the hands of corporate special interests and put it back into the hands of Ohio families – where it belongs. – Sherrod Brown

22574. The Republicans are running wild with our tax dollars and it’s been a mistake to let this administration continue a policy of incompetence when it comes to Iraq. – Sherrod Brown

22575. The president overstepped his authority when he asked the NSA to eavesdrop on Americans’ international phone calls without obtaining a warrant. – Sherrod Brown

22576. The administration needs to speak honestly with the American people. Exaggerating our progress in defeating the insurgency or in creating an Iraqi army paints a dangerous picture. – Sherrod Brown

22577. Republican leadership in Congress let the energy companies write the energy bill that sent prices soaring, and has turned a blind eye to the struggles of working families trying to make ends meet. – Sherrod Brown

22578. Raising the minimum wage means raising the living wage – and that’s good news for Ohio. – Sherrod Brown

22579. Ohio is one of only two states that have a minimum wage below the federal level of $5.15 an hour. – Sherrod Brown

22580. We were told this war would be over in a matter of weeks, and that the Iraqis would be able to finance it with oil sales. We were promised it was not a mission of nation building. – Sherrod Brown

22581. It is past time for Republican leadership to answer for record deficits and reckless spending, both in Iraq and in the U.S. It’s time for a plan to bring our troops home. – Sherrod Brown

22582. This drug coverage program was clearly designed by Republicans in Congress to serve the interests of the drug and insurance industries. America’s seniors were an afterthought. – Sherrod Brown

22583. Big government conservatives are spending trillions and wasting billions. Republicans are no longer the party of fiscal conservancy, but the party of runaway spending and corruption. – Sherrod Brown

22584. Anyone who’s tried to pay a heating bill, fill a prescription, or simply buy groceries knows all too well that the current minimum wage does not cut the mustard. – Sherrod Brown

22585. It is unacceptable that someone can work full time – and work hard – and not be able to lift themselves out of poverty. – Sherrod Brown

22586. Year after year, President Bush has broken his campaign promises on college aid. And year after year, the Republican leadership in Congress has let him do it. – Sherrod Brown

22587. Young people have been at the forefront of every great social movement in our country’s history. – Sherrod Brown

22588. Workers organized and fought for worker rights and food safety, Social Security and Medicare – they fought to change government. And they won. – Sherrod Brown

22589. The reality in Iraq is that we are creating new terrorists and severely damaging the public impression of the United States in the Muslim world. – Sherrod Brown

22590. I think people are sick and tired of all the abuse songs, and drug addiction, we want to bring to world a big fat smile. – Steve Brown

22591. No it wasn’t at the time cause you have to remember, I had been playing clubs since I was 13. – Steve Brown

22592. It’s in the vein, somewhere in a cross between The Beatles, Cheap Trick, The Stones, Badfinger, you know, but it’s not retro at all. But it is very pop. – Steve Brown

22593. It’s a bummer sometimes but I always believe that great bands and great music always prevail. – Steve Brown

22594. It’s a big shame, because ‘Trixter’ in my mind were what a real rock n’ roll band is all about. – Steve Brown

22595. The music is fun and all that, but first and foremost it is a business, it’s about money. – Steve Brown

22596. I think there is always room for a timeless sounding rock band like us. – Steve Brown

22597. One of my friends is Snake from Skid Row. – Steve Brown

22598. But either way you cannot deny the sales and what we did. – Steve Brown

22599. I have known from the beginning one thing you need to know. That is, the music business is a business. – Steve Brown

22600. I also have a recording studio that I use to produce bands. – Steve Brown

22601. But we did the best we could and in the end some of us had to get day jobs and start fresh. – Steve Brown

22602. I guess it comes back to the old motto, you have you’re fifteen minutes a fame. – Steve Brown

22603. I think we were always humble. – Steve Brown

22604. We can get airplay all across the board, from CHR to Active rock. – Steve Brown

22605. We did not have anyone like a manager, who could guide us and make it happen. – Steve Brown

22606. We had gone out on the road in 94 and 95 for a three month American tour, and we realised, as did our manager and booking agent at the time, that we have really exhausted it, and we can’t make money at this anymore. – Steve Brown

22607. We have an amazing fan base all around the world that love 40FT. – Steve Brown

22608. We really put together a great band, and have a great time. – Steve Brown

22609. Yeah, man I am going to be writing a book soon. The reality of being in a rock band in the music business’. – Steve Brown

22610. You know, with bands like Kiss back out on the road and Aerosmith coming out, we are going to be a band like that, in the sense that it’s a big rock band. – Steve Brown

22611. Always gotta keep busy or the voices start telling me to do wild things. – Steve Brown

22612. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you learn to do it well. – Steve Brown

22613. Too many people get lost in the game of having a good time and being naive about things. – Steve Brown

22614. Just tasking a team to be creative won’t get you to be innovative. It’s having a corporate climate that gives people the space to experiment and take risks. Only then can you truly sustain it. – Steve Brown

22615. It is not my wish to lounge about the college and fatten on a fellowship all my days. I am always trying to look upon a college life as a medium not an end. – Thomas Edward Brown

22616. I must be free… free to do what I like, say what I like, write what I like, within the limits prescribed for me by my own sense of what is seemly and fitting. – Thomas Edward Brown

22617. The best scheme of Phonetics is a stiff uncertain thing. – Thomas Edward Brown

22618. Every man should follow the bent of his nature in art and letters, always provided that he does not offend against the rules of morality and good taste. – Thomas Edward Brown

22619. As I pass it, I feel as if I saw a dear old mother, sweet in her weakness, trembling at the approach of her dissolution, but not appealing to me against the inevitable, rather endeavouring to reassure me by her patience, and pointing to a hopeful future. – Thomas Edward Brown

22620. A rich man’s joke is always funny. – Thomas Edward Brown

22621. Literature is my calling To hold up the mirror to my countrymen comes natural to me; and in the open field of invention I am not without hopes of giving them pleasure. – Thomas Edward Brown

22622. Admitting weakness seems to be such a severe psychic threat for Bush that when he makes a mistake it’s safer just to reinforce it. The strategy creates a perverse system of rewards and punishments. – Tina Brown

22623. I just simply write as it moves me. I may be writing about a book or a movie or a person, places where I’ve been or something I’ve done. Or politics. It’s going to what’s on my mind at the moment. – Tina Brown

22624. I think for a young journalist, it’s better to write for the Web at the moment than it is for print. – Tina Brown

22625. In TV, you always feel you are standing on the tracks of an oncoming train. – Tina Brown

22626. I love to run smart essays and commentary. But it doesn’t replace the other kind of reporting. – Tina Brown

22627. I’m trying to be entertaining without being mean. – Tina Brown

22628. In the end, Dan Rather’s legend skewered him, CBS and the craft of journalism. – Tina Brown

22629. The cloud that descended on Black Rock on Monday was not for the past but the future. How much will this debacle chill the pursuit of other risky investigations? – Tina Brown

22630. To win respect, the networks seem to feel they have to keep absurdly overstating their anchors’ reporting cred. – Tina Brown

22631. I just wanted to have fun for myself – I felt I had a lot to say, and I realized that I missed having a magazine as a place to express my ideas. The Times column is a place for me to unload those perceptions. – Tina Brown

22632. TV journalism is a much more collaborative, horizontal business than print reporting. It has to be, because of the logistics. Anchors are wholly dependent on producers to do all the hustling. – Tina Brown

22633. Nothing is better for a young journalist than to go and write about something that other people don’t know about. If you can afford to send yourself to some foreign part, I still think that’s by far the best way to break in. – Tina Brown

22634. To treat a poor wretch with a bottle of Burgundy, and fill his snuff-box, is like giving a pair of laced ruffles to a man that has never a shirt on his back. – Tom Brown

22635. Neither fish, flesh nor good red herring. – Tom Brown

22636. Sharpton is not even on the Presidential primary ballot here in Louisiana. – Tony Brown

22637. I have always been a firm believer in participation so there were no cuts. We practiced three times a week but if a student had an academic conflict, academics took priority. – Tony Brown

22638. Being a full time coach doesn’t mean that we practice more than other teams. In fact we have strict regulations about the length of our practices and playing season. The academic schedule here means that I rarely have a full team at any one practice! – Tony Brown

22639. Tell us exactly – certainly our listeners – why does it appear that some folks, certainly in the Democratic Party and in the news media – seem to be afraid of you? – Tony Brown

22640. We just kept hanging in and fighting. – Troy Brown

22641. It’s football season; anything can happen. – Troy Brown

22642. I actually write film music because I’m classically trained on the piano so as well as songwriting I also write actual film music that could be used for movies like war movies and love movies. – Vanessa Brown

22643. I mean if I’m in the middle of a field with my keyboard and some headphones and I feel inspired to write something, I’ll just write something really beautiful and mellow. – Vanessa Brown

22644. I think it’s so important to feed your brain you know. Sometimes you’ve just got to read. – Vanessa Brown

22645. So film music is something I absolutely wanna get involved in. – Vanessa Brown

22646. The thing about being in America is when you are driving with the sun on your back, there’s hip hop. I never used to be into hip hop, but there’s hip hop in the food, soul food, there’s hip hop in the cars. – Vanessa Brown

22647. Despotism increases in severity with the number of despots; the responsibility is more divided, and the claims are more numerous. – William Wells Brown

22648. When this boy was brought to Dr. Young, his name being William, the same as mine, my mother was ordered to change mine to something else. This, at the time, I thought to be one of the most cruel acts that could be committed upon my rights. – William Wells Brown

22649. The last struggle for our rights, the battle for our civilization, is entirely with ourselves. – William Wells Brown

22650. All I demand for the black man is, that the white people shall take their heels off his neck, and let him have a chance to rise by his own efforts. – William Wells Brown

22651. I would have the Constitution torn in shreds and scattered to the four winds of heaven. Let us destroy the Constitution and build on its ruins the temple of liberty. I have brothers in slavery. I have seen chains placed on their limbs and beheld them captive. – William Wells Brown

22652. People don’t follow titles, they follow courage. – William Wells Brown

22653. In politics, a lie unanswered becomes truth within 24 hours. – Willie Brown

22654. Mayors are judged by results. – Willie Brown

22655. Also by my earliest days, I was fascinated by a utopian vision of what the world could be like. I’ve thought that science could be the basis for a better world, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do all these years. – George E. Brown, Jr.

22656. The vast majority of politicians think they are functioning on high principle. – George E. Brown, Jr.

22657. Industrial opportunities are going to stem more from the biological sciences than from chemistry and physics. I see biology as being the greatest area of scientific breakthroughs in the next generation. – George E. Brown, Jr.

22658. I was interested in science before I even knew what science was. – George E. Brown, Jr.

22659. From my earliest days, I was fascinated by science. – George E. Brown, Jr.

22660. Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they’re already asleep. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22661. In business or in life, don’t follow the wagon tracks too closely. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22662. If you’re doing your best, you won’t have any time to worry about failure. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22663. If someone offers you a breath mint, accept it. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22664. I never expect to lose. Even when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22665. Good manners sometimes means simply putting up with other people’s bad manners. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22666. Find a job you like and you add five days to every week. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22667. Be smarter than other people, just don’t tell them so. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22668. Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22669. Choose your life’s mate carefully. From this one decision will come 90 percent of all your happiness or misery. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22670. Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22671. We’re constantly striving for success, fame and comfort when all we really need to be happy is someone or some thing to be enthusiastic about. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22672. Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22673. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22674. Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22675. Success is getting what you want. Happiness is liking what you get. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22676. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22677. When you have nothing important or interesting to say, don’t let anyone persuade you to say it. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22678. You can always tell when a man’s well informed. His views are pretty much like your own. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22679. You can’t hire someone to practice for you. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22680. Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22681. You either make dust or eat dust. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22682. Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22683. When you are angry or frustrated, what comes out? Whatever it is, it’s a good indication of what you’re made of. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22684. You must take action now that will move you towards your goals. Develop a sense of urgency in your life. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22685. Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22686. Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22687. Luck marches with those who give their very best. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22688. Marrying an old bachelor is like buying second-hand furniture. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22689. Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22690. Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22691. Oh, the difference between nearly right and exactly right. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22692. Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22693. People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22694. Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22695. Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22696. Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

22697. Evil can be a teacher, if you look at the wisdom of its negative power. – Tom Brown, Jr.

22698. We walk ourselves into ruts so deep we cannot see over them. – Tom Brown, Jr.

22699. We learned to be patient observers like the owl. We learned cleverness from the crow, and courage from the jay, who will attack an owl ten times its size to drive it off its territory. But above all of them ranked the chickadee because of its indomitable spirit. – Tom Brown, Jr.

22700. None of us takes amending the Constitution lightly. The plain fact is this amendment has been exhaustively studied and it really is time to act. – Sam Brownback

22701. We must take proactive steps to promote democracy and human rights abroad. – Sam Brownback

22702. We must do everything we can to be more aggressive in confronting Syria about what they are doing in Iraq. – Sam Brownback

22703. Unborn children do not have a voice, but they are young members of the human family. It is time to look at the unborn child, and recognize that it is really a young human, who can feel pain and should be treated with care. – Sam Brownback

22704. This is a bipartisan effort. This is just good common sense. This is where the public wants us to go. They want us to not be so dependent on foreign oil. – Sam Brownback

22705. It is time for the government of China to stop holding innocent religious figures in captivity merely for peacefully protesting China’s occupation of Tibet. – Sam Brownback

22706. I think we just need to stick to our knitting on the topics and the subjects the American people care about. – Sam Brownback

22707. As we consider the fast pace of scientific and technological progress in our modern world, we must not lose our moral compass and give way to ‘free market eugenics’. – Sam Brownback

22708. Today, as we look back on the history of our nation and take note of how far we have come as a people, we are reminded that we owe a great debt to those who fought valiantly for the freedoms that we easily take for granted. – Sam Brownback

22709. They drink with impunity, or anybody who invites them. – Charles Farrar Browne

22710. My wife is one of the best wimin on this Continent, altho’ she isn’t always gentle as a lamb with mint sauce. – Charles Farrar Browne

22711. Let us all be happy, and live within our means, even if we have to borrow the money to do it with. – Charles Farrar Browne

22712. I’m not a politician and my other habits are good. – Charles Farrar Browne

22713. I have already given two cousins to the war and I stand ready to sacrifice my wife’s brother. – Charles Farrar Browne

22714. I am not a politician, and my other habits air good. – Charles Farrar Browne

22715. Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness? – Charles Farrar Browne

22716. You don’t have to buy from anyone. You don’t have to work at any particular job. You don’t have to participate in any given relationship. You can choose. – Harry Browne

22717. Everything you want in life has a price connected to it. There’s a price to pay if you want to make things better, a price to pay just for leaving things as they are, a price for everything. – Harry Browne

22718. Left-wing politicians take away your liberty in the name of children and of fighting poverty, while right-wing politicians do it in the name of family values and fighting drugs. Either way, government gets bigger and you become less free. – Harry Browne

22719. Security… it’s simply the recognition that changes will take place and the knowledge that you’re willing to deal with whatever happens. – Harry Browne

22720. The government’s War on Poverty has transformed poverty from a short-term misfortune into a career choice. – Harry Browne

22721. The important thing is to concentrate upon what you can do – by yourself, upon your own initiative. – Harry Browne

22722. Whatever the price, identify it now. What will you have to go through to get where you want to be? There is a price you can pay to be free of the situation once and for all. It may be a fantastic price or a tiny one – but there is a price. – Harry Browne

22723. Everyone will experience the consequences of his own acts. If his act are right, he’ll get good consequences; if they’re not, he’ll suffer for it. – Harry Browne

22724. You can’t give the government the power to do good without also giving it the power to do bad – in fact, to do anything it wants. – Harry Browne

22725. You don’t need an explanation for everything, Recognize that there are such things as miracles – events for which there are no ready explanations. Later knowledge may explain those events quite easily. – Harry Browne

22726. You are where you are today because you have chosen to be there. – Harry Browne

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22727. Also, right at that particular time in the music business, because of people like the Beatles, people began owning their own publishing. I’ll just say this really quickly – they used to divide the money for the music that was written in two, just equal halves. – Jackson Browne

22728. I told my father I wanted to play the banjo, and so he saved the money and got ready to give me a banjo for my next birthday, and between that time and my birthday, I lost interest in the banjo and was playing guitar. – Jackson Browne

22729. No matter how close to yours another’s steps have grown, in the end there is one dance you’ll do alone. – Jackson Browne

22730. Musician jokes are a kind of joke that usually have to do with how much money someone makes. Musicians are always starving, so they’re really mean to each other about who makes what. – Jackson Browne

22731. Music itself is a great source of relaxation. Parts of it anyway. Working in the studio, that’s not relaxing, but playing an instrument that I don’t know how to play is unbelievably relaxing, because I don’t have any pressure on me. – Jackson Browne

22732. Like, What is the least often heard sentence in the English language? That would be: Say, isn’t that the banjo player’s Porsche parked outside? – Jackson Browne

22733. It was a great time to be born, because I got to have my own publishing company right from the beginning, so I made more money than somebody would have doing what I did ten or fifteen years before. – Jackson Browne

22734. I’ve written many extra verses to songs that I learned to sing – an extra verse about a friend, or just add some verse – and that led to writing my own songs. – Jackson Browne

22735. I’ve also gotten to play in front of a million people in Central Park when there was a grass roots movement calling for nuclear disarmament – it was about 1982 – they called it Peace Sunday. – Jackson Browne

22736. As far as those kinds of things, I also played at the concert to call for the release of Nelson Mandela when he was a political prisoner in South Africa. We were celebrating his 70th birthday and calling for his release. – Jackson Browne

22737. I wrote the song For A Dancer for a friend of mine who died in a fire. He was in the sauna in a house that burned down, so he had no idea anything was going on. It was very sad. – Jackson Browne

22738. So I had a couple of years of playing trumpet. I really enjoyed it, but it was not the kind of instrument you could whip out at a party. Let’s face it. – Jackson Browne

22739. I taught myself to play the piano, because I wanted to play it. – Jackson Browne

22740. I started playing the trumpet when I was about eight. – Jackson Browne

22741. I never was a very good singer. – Jackson Browne

22742. I love to read. I love to stretch. In the morning, I get up, and if I’m not in a hurry, I will lie on the floor on a rug, look through some books and magazines, and maybe listen to music and try to do stretching exercises to tune up. – Jackson Browne

22743. I grew up reading Shakespeare and Mark Twain. – Jackson Browne

22744. And my dad wanted me to play the trumpet because that’s what he liked. His idol was Louis Armstrong. My dad thought my teeth came together in a way that was perfect for playing the trumpet. – Jackson Browne

22745. That folk music led to learning to play, and making things up led to what turns out to be the most lucrative part of the music business – writing, because you get paid every time that song gets played. – Jackson Browne

22746. I’d have to say that my favorite thing is writing a song that really says how I feel, what I believe – and it even explains the world to myself better than I knew it. – Jackson Browne

22747. That’s maybe the most important thing each generation does, is to break a lot of rules and make up their own way of doing things. – Jackson Browne

22748. So what I do, more than play any instrument – I mean, I love to play – but more than that, I write songs. Songs that are about living, about what it’s like to be going through all the things that people go through in life. – Jackson Browne

22749. The biggest influence? I’ve had several at different times – but the biggest for me was Bob Dylan, who was a guy that came along when I was twelve or thirteen and just changed all the rules about what it meant to write songs. – Jackson Browne

22750. The idea that I wrote something that stood for the way I feel about things, and that it lasts, that’s probably my favorite thing that I’ve done. – Jackson Browne

22751. We have an open society. No one will come and take me away for saying what I am saying. But they don’t have to, if they can control how many people hear it. And that’s how they do it. – Jackson Browne

22752. When I really started liking music was when I could play some of it myself, and after a couple of years of playing folk music, I kinda rediscovered those hits that were on the radio all the time when I was a kid. – Jackson Browne

22753. You can take as much as you can from the generation that has preceded you, but then it’s up to you to make something new. – Jackson Browne

22754. Right around the end of the fifties, college students and young people in general, began to realize that this music was almost like a history of our country – this music contained the real history of the people of this country. – Jackson Browne

22755. Now, guitar was pretty cool. Everybody knew something on the guitar. So I wanted to play guitar, but I told my dad if he wanted me to keep studying something, I’d like to study piano. – Jackson Browne

22756. The elegance of honesty needs no adornment. – Merry Browne

22757. Expect people to be better than they are; it helps them to become better. But don’t be disappointed when they are not; it helps them to keep trying. – Merry Browne

22758. Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom. – Merry Browne

22759. You know you’re old when you’ve lost all your marvels. – Merry Browne

22760. If you want an accounting of your worth, count your friends. – Merry Browne

22761. A ghost is someone who hasn’t made it – in other words, who died, and they don’t know they’re dead. So they keep walking around and thinking that you’re inhabiting their – let’s say, their domain. So they’re aggravated with you. – Sylvia Browne

22762. A spirit is, like, your mother, my dad, who’ve made it. They can come around, but they come around in a loving way because they’ve already made it to God. Most people make it. – Sylvia Browne

22763. Animal totems, like the tiger, come from the Other Side to protect us while we are away from Home. – Sylvia Browne

22764. The more painful it is, tragically, the more you do learn, though, that’s the good part. – Sylvia Browne

22765. The weeds keep multiplying in our garden, which is our mind ruled by fear. Rip them out and call them by name. – Sylvia Browne

22766. Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles. – Thomas Browne

22767. Forcible ways make not an end of evil, but leave hatred and malice behind them. – Thomas Browne

22768. A man may be in as just possession of truth as of a city, and yet be forced to surrender. – Thomas Browne

22769. All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God. – Thomas Browne

22770. As reason is a rebel to faith, so passion is a rebel to reason. – Thomas Browne

22771. Be able to be alone. Lose not the advantage of solitude, and the society of thyself. – Thomas Browne

22772. Be charitable before wealth makes you covetous. – Thomas Browne

22773. Though it be in the power of the weakest arm to take away life, it is not in the strongest to deprive us of death. – Thomas Browne

22774. Death is the cure for all diseases. – Thomas Browne

22775. We carry within us the wonders we seek without us. – Thomas Browne

22776. It is the common wonder of all men, how among so many million faces, there should be none alike. – Thomas Browne

22777. It is we that are blind, not fortune. – Thomas Browne

22778. To believe only possibilities is not faith, but mere philosophy. – Thomas Browne

22779. Charity But how shall we expect charity towards others, when we are uncharitable to ourselves? Charity begins at home, is the voice of the world; yet is every man his greatest enemy, and, as it were, his own executioner. – Thomas Browne

22780. We all labor against our own cure, for death is the cure of all diseases. – Thomas Browne

22781. Let age, not envy, draw wrinkles on thy cheeks. – Thomas Browne

22782. There are mystically in our faces certain characters which carry in them the motto of our souls, wherein he that cannot read A, B, C may read our natures. – Thomas Browne

22783. Obstinacy in a bad cause is but constancy in a good. – Thomas Browne

22784. Men live by intervals of reason under the sovereignty of humor and passion. – Thomas Browne

22785. Man is a noble animal, splendid in ashes, and pompous in the grave. – Thomas Browne

22786. Life itself is but the shadow of death, and souls departed but the shadows of the living. – Thomas Browne

22787. If thou must love me, let it be for naught except for love’s sake only. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22788. Since when was genius found respectable? – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22789. You were made perfectly to be loved – and surely I have loved you, in the idea of you, my whole life long. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22790. World’s use is cold, world’s love is vain, world’s cruelty is bitter bane; but is not the fruit of pain. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22791. Who so loves believes the impossible. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22792. What is genius but the power of expressing a new individuality? – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22793. What I do and what I dream include thee, as the wine must taste of its own grapes. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22794. The Greeks said grandly in their tragic phrase, ‘Let no one be called happy till his death;’ to which I would add, ‘Let no one, till his death, be called unhappy.’ – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22795. For tis not in mere death that men die most. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22796. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22797. The beautiful seems right by force of beauty and the feeble wrong because of weakness. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22798. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22799. Light tomorrow with today! – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22800. He lives most life whoever breathes most air. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22801. God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22802. If you desire faith, then you have faith enough. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22803. Girls blush, sometimes, because they are alive, half wishing they were dead to save the shame. The sudden blush devours them, neck and brow; They have drawn too near the fire of life, like gnats, and flare up bodily, wings and all. What then? Who’s sorry for a gnat or girl? – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22804. How many desolate creatures on the earth have learnt the simple dues of fellowship and social comfort, in a hospital. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22805. First time he kissed me, he but only kissed The fingers of this hand wherewith I write; And, ever since, it grew more clean and white. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22806. Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God: But only he who sees takes off his shoes. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22807. But the child’s sob curses deeper in the silence than the strong man in his wrath! – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22808. At painful times, when composition is impossible and reading is not enough, grammars and dictionaries are excellent for distraction. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22809. And each man stands with his face in the light. Of his own drawn sword, ready to do what a hero can. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22810. An ignorance of means may minister to greatness, but an ignorance of aims make it impossible to be great at all. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22811. A woman is always younger than a man at equal years. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22812. God answers sharp and sudden on some prayers, And thrusts the thing we have prayed for in our face, A gauntlet with a gift in it. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22813. My sun sets to raise again. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22814. Suddenly, as rare things will, it vanished. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22815. Smiles, tears, of all my life! – and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22816. He said true things, but called them by wrong names. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

22817. Doing shows is always a side of skating that I’ve loved, it’s the performing. I get to do that without the pressure, it’s always fun between the skaters and the preparation, the show is always so much fun. – Kurt Browning

22818. Who hears music feels his solitude peopled at once. – Robert Browning

22819. My sun sets to rise again. – Robert Browning

22820. Never the time and the place and the loved one all together! – Robert Browning

22821. Oh, to be in England now that April’s there. – Robert Browning

22822. Ambition is not what man does… but what man would do. – Robert Browning

22823. On the earth the broken arcs; in the heaven a perfect round. – Robert Browning

22824. You should not take a fellow eight years old and make him swear to never kiss the girls. – Robert Browning

22825. One who never turned his back but marched breast forward, never doubted clouds would break, Never dreamed, though right were worsted, wrong would triumph, Held we fall to rise, are baffled to fight better, sleep to wake. – Robert Browning

22826. Perhaps one has to be very old before one learns to be amused rather than shocked. – Robert Browning

22827. What Youth deemed crystal, Age finds out was dew. – Robert Browning

22828. What of soul was left, I wonder, when the kissing had to stop? – Robert Browning

22829. Stung by the splendour of a sudden thought. – Robert Browning

22830. White shall not neutralize the black, nor good compensate bad in man, absolve him so: life’s business being just the terrible choice. – Robert Browning

22831. Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. – Robert Browning

22832. Tis not what man Does which exalts him, but what man Would do! – Robert Browning

22833. The moment eternal – just that and no more – When ecstasy’s utmost we clutch at the core While cheeks burn, arms open, eyes shut, and lips meet! – Robert Browning

22834. The aim, if reached or not, makes great the life: Try to be Shakespeare, leave the rest to fate! – Robert Browning

22835. What’s a man’s age? He must hurry more, that’s all; Cram in a day, what his youth took a year to hold. – Robert Browning

22836. That’s the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over, lest you should think he never could recapture the first fine careless rapture! – Robert Browning

22837. Take away love and our earth is a tomb. – Robert Browning

22838. So, fall asleep love, loved by me… for I know love, I am loved by thee. – Robert Browning

22839. Faultless to a fault. – Robert Browning

22840. But what if I fail of my purpose here? It is but to keep the nerves at strain, to dry one’s eyes and laugh at a fall, and baffled, get up and begin again. – Robert Browning

22841. A minute’s success pays the failure of years. – Robert Browning

22842. Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp. Or what’s a heaven for? – Robert Browning

22843. Autumn wins you best by this its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay. – Robert Browning

22844. Love is energy of life. – Robert Browning

22845. Fail I alone, in words and deeds? Why, all men strive and who succeeds? – Robert Browning

22846. God is the perfect poet. – Robert Browning

22847. Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. – Robert Browning

22848. How good is man’s life, the mere living! How fit to employ all the heart and the soul and the senses forever in joy! – Robert Browning

22849. I count life just a stuff to try the soul’s strength on. – Robert Browning

22850. I give the fight up: let there be an end, a privacy, an obscure nook for me. I want to be forgotten even by God. – Robert Browning

22851. I trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and autumn garner to the end of time. – Robert Browning

22852. If you get simple beauty and naught else, you get about the best thing God invents. – Robert Browning

22853. Like dogs in a wheel, birds in a cage, or squirrels in a chain, ambitious men still climb and climb, with great labor, and incessant anxiety, but never reach the top. – Robert Browning

22854. The epic implications of being human end in more than this: We start our lives as if they were momentous stories, with a beginning, a middle and an appropriate end, only to find that they are mostly middles. – Anatole Broyard

22855. We are all tourists in history, and irony is what we win in wars. – Anatole Broyard

22856. When friends stop being frank and useful to each other, the whole world loses some of its radiance. – Anatole Broyard

22857. It is one of the paradoxes of American literature that our writers are forever looking back with love and nostalgia at lives they couldn’t wait to leave. – Anatole Broyard

22858. There is something about seeing real people on a stage that makes a bad play more intimately, more personally offensive than any other art form. – Anatole Broyard

22859. To be misunderstood can be the writer’s punishment for having disturbed the reader’s peace. The greater the disturbance, the greater the possibility of misunderstanding. – Anatole Broyard

22860. There was a time when we expected nothing of our children but obedience, as opposed to the present, when we expect everything of them but obedience. – Anatole Broyard

22861. The more I like a book, the more slowly I read. this spontaneous talking back to a book is one of the things that makes reading so valuable. – Anatole Broyard

22862. Aphorisms are bad for novels. They stick in the reader’s teeth. – Anatole Broyard

22863. Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city. – Anatole Broyard

22864. People have no idea what a hard job it is for two writers to be friends. Sooner or later you have to talk about each other’s work. – Anatole Broyard

22865. Lapped in poetry, wrapped in the picturesque, armed with logical sentences and inalienable words. – Anatole Broyard

22866. The tension between “yes” and “no,” between “I can” and “I cannot,” makes us feel that, in so many instances, human life is an interminable debate with one’s self. – Anatole Broyard

22867. Nothing makes you feel that you’ve overstayed your welcome like a flower arrangement that has withered and died. – Holly Brubach

22868. We don’t know the power that’s within our own bodies. – Dave Brubeck

22869. There’s a way of playing safe, there’s a way of using tricks and there’s the way I like to play which is dangerously where you’re going to take a chance on making mistakes in order to create something you haven’t created before. – Dave Brubeck

22870. It’s like a whole orchestra, the piano for me. – Dave Brubeck

22871. I’m beginning to understand myself. But it would have been great to be able to understand myself when I was 20 rather than when I was 82. – Dave Brubeck

22872. I’m always hoping for the nights that are inspired where you almost have an out of body experience. – Dave Brubeck

22873. I had the first integrated Army band in World War II. – Dave Brubeck

22874. And there is a time where you can be beyond yourself. You can be better than your technique. You can be better than most of your usual ideas. And this is a whole other category that you can get into. – Dave Brubeck

22875. If I gave a damn what other people think of me, I would be more like other people. – Craig Bruce

22876. If the shoe fits, it is probably worn out. – Craig Bruce

22877. In order for a man to be truly evil, he must be a woman. – Craig Bruce

22878. It’s a bit odd that nobody seems to be using the correct technical term to describe organized Islamic terrorists. They are not a faction of a religion or a social movement. They are a cult. A suicide cult. – Craig Bruce

22879. It’s easy to idealize someone that you don’t know. – Craig Bruce

22880. The only thing that is obscene is censorship. – Craig Bruce

22881. I wonder if those people shown protesting the deployment of nuclear weapons to western Europe during the Reagan era are feeling appropriately stupid today. ‘Please don’t take away our precious Soviet Union! – We demand the annihilation of all life on Earth!’ – Craig Bruce

22882. Time is a resource whose supply is inversely proportional to its demand. – Craig Bruce

22883. Something is always simple until you try it. – Craig Bruce

22884. Supermarket automatic doors open for me; therefore, I am. – Craig Bruce

22885. Temporary solutions often become permanent problems. – Craig Bruce

22886. The difference between being able to understand something and inventing it in the first place… is called genius. – Craig Bruce

22887. 1 + 1 = 2. Everything else is derived. – Craig Bruce

22888. The people who actually do things always suffer the slings and arrows of those who don’t. – Craig Bruce

22889. The entire universe is working against me. I can’t believe the entire universe could be that foolish! – Craig Bruce

22890. The world is real. Consciousness is the illusion. – Craig Bruce

22891. Silence is a statement that is open to gross misinterpretation. – Craig Bruce

22892. Think Tank, noun: The shower. – Craig Bruce

22893. The only people I’ve ever heard saying that disagreeing with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld is un-American or treasonous are people who disagree with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. – Craig Bruce

22894. When anarchy is declared, the first thing we do, let’s kill all the anarchists. – Craig Bruce

22895. When shooting in the dark, it is a good idea to use a machine gun. – Craig Bruce

22896. When trying to locate something, search your mind first. – Craig Bruce

22897. When you are finished with it, put it back in the first place that you looked for it. – Craig Bruce

22898. When you talk to yourself, at least you know that someone is listening. – Craig Bruce

22899. Whoever invented double clicking should be shot in the head! Twice! – Craig Bruce

22900. Why are people unemployed? Because there is no work. Why is there no work? Because people are not buying products and services. Why are people not buying products and services? Because they have no money. Why do people have no money? Because they are unemployed. – Craig Bruce

22901. Yeah, computers are going to take over the programming business because they have become so fast recently that they can solve the Halting Problem in five seconds flat. – Craig Bruce

22902. You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for. – Craig Bruce

22903. Things always look better when you haven’t seen them. – Craig Bruce

22904. I think; therefore, I am the center of the universe. – Craig Bruce

22905. Anything on paper is obsolete! – Craig Bruce

22906. Don’t judge a book by its thickness either. – Craig Bruce

22907. Don’t trust anyone who has been in school for the past 24 consecutive years. – Craig Bruce

22908. The Thought Police: To censor and protect. – Craig Bruce

22909. Fighting a war on terrorism is like fighting against crime. We can never hope to eradicate crime, so we shouldn’t bother fighting it. – Craig Bruce

22910. ‘Programming’ is a four-letter word. – Craig Bruce

22911. From each according to his ability, to each according to his ability. – Craig Bruce

22912. Geez, all that money we waste on space exploration; just think how many bombs that would buy! – Craig Bruce

22913. I am woman, hear me bitch. – Craig Bruce

22914. It’s funny how most activists are pacifists. – Craig Bruce

22915. Organizations like the ACLU fought and won the good fight back in the 1960’s, but it’s clear that nowadays they’ve run out of useful things to do since they now spend most of their time defending the scum of the Earth from getting what they rightly deserve. – Craig Bruce

22916. It’s hardware that makes a machine fast. It’s software that makes a fast machine slow. – Craig Bruce

22917. Liberalism is financed by the dividends from Conservatism. – Craig Bruce

22918. Live every day as if it is your last, and you’ll be correct sooner than you otherwise would be. – Craig Bruce

22919. My to-do list is so long that it doesn’t have an end; it has an event horizon. – Craig Bruce

22920. Never question the relevance of truth, but always question the truth of relevance. – Craig Bruce

22921. Never underestimate the power of a simple tool. – Craig Bruce

22922. Nothing surpasses the beauty and elegance of a bad idea. – Craig Bruce

22923. Now is the time for all good men to run like hell. – Craig Bruce

22924. It’s funny how social activists usually protest against the only things that have a credible chance of achieving the activists’ goals. – Craig Bruce

22925. Even IBM can’t stand in the way of progress… for more than a decade. – Craig Bruce

22926. Well, as a general remark, I would say that I was discouraged by the physical and economic conditions in continental Europe after the war. – David Bruce

22927. There’s always a great deal of business to be transacted in one’s office. There are always visitors it seems to me, an unending stream of them, who come with letters of recommendation, or come actually on substantive business. – David Bruce

22928. The real duties of an ambassador are to enter into or follow negotiations between his own government and that of the country to which he is accredited. – David Bruce

22929. Personally I believe that the courses we followed for some years after World War II were enlightened, surprisingly imaginative and extremely effective. – David Bruce

22930. My knowledge of the state of President Roosevelt’s health was derived entirely from conversations, from newspaper articles and from photographs. – David Bruce

22931. I think, like many others, I realized that only the massive introduction of American support in one form or another, could possibly bring about a rehabilitation of the economies of those countries within a reasonable time. – David Bruce

22932. I thought that in general we in the United States were too optimistic in believing that the Soviets might alter what had been for a long time, as a matter of fact for centuries, fundamental Russian policies in respect to the rest of the world. – David Bruce

22933. Between now and then and I just felt it was ready and it was a long enough period gone by. I obviously didn’t want to hurt anybody, you know. It was done out of a genuine memorial or tribute whatever you want to call it. – Jack Bruce

22934. I know he played on the last record but I don’t wake up in the middle of the night thinking of Eric Clapton. – Jack Bruce

22935. Well all the big companies are really panicked by the internet thing and all that, and sales went down, although sales have gone up again in this country a bit and also the big companies, because they’re so big, they need big sales really so they’re not really interested. – Jack Bruce

22936. Well I like everything but my first love has always been piano because when I started out there was a piano in my house and it was there so I just started tinkling on it really so it’s always been my first love. – Jack Bruce

22937. A lot of people say to me, ‘Why did you kill Christ?’ I dunno, it was one of those parties, got out of hand, you know. – Lenny Bruce

22938. Communism is like one big phone company. – Lenny Bruce

22939. Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God. – Lenny Bruce

22940. Miami Beach is where neon goes to die. – Lenny Bruce

22941. When you’re eight years old nothing is your business. – Lenny Bruce

22942. There are never enough I Love You’s. – Lenny Bruce

22943. The role of a comedian is to make the audience laugh, at a minimum of once every fifteen seconds. – Lenny Bruce

22944. The only truly anonymous donor is the guy who knocks up your daughter. – Lenny Bruce

22945. The only honest art form is laughter, comedy. You can’t fake it… try to fake three laughs in an hour – ha ha ha ha ha – they’ll take you away, man. You can’t. – Lenny Bruce

22946. The liberals can understand everything but people who don’t understand them. – Lenny Bruce

22947. Satire is tragedy plus time. You give it enough time, the public, the reviewers will allow you to satirize it. Which is rather ridiculous, when you think about it. – Lenny Bruce

22948. In the Halls of Justice the only justice is in the halls. – Lenny Bruce

22949. If you can take the hot lead enema, then you can cast the first stone. – Lenny Bruce

22950. If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses. – Lenny Bruce

22951. I’ll die young, but it’s like kissing God. – Lenny Bruce

22952. I won’t say ours was a tough school, but we had our own coroner. We used to write essays like: What I’m going to be if I grow up. – Lenny Bruce

22953. I hate small towns because once you’ve seen the cannon in the park there’s nothing else to do. – Lenny Bruce

22954. The “what should be” never did exist, but people keep trying to live up to it. There is no “what should be,” there is only what is. – Lenny Bruce

22955. It’s a gamble. A band like Kiss, a lot of those are our audience but we don’t do as much make-up. Alice would have more to lose if we got back together. – Michael Owen Bruce

22956. I do like to write but I also like to get and out and play. I am losing track of all the Cooper versions that I do – I have one for Iceland, different one over here. – Michael Owen Bruce

22957. Towards the end it got really rough. I take my hat of to Alice, he’s still doing it. This is probably more work than going on the road for 2-3 months. I wish I was 25 again! – Michael Owen Bruce

22958. It started twelve and went on until twelve. I never had to buy a drink all day! – Michael Owen Bruce

22959. I’ve got them in the can and I am looking for a label. – Michael Owen Bruce

22960. Gone are the days when reality fed the feminist movement. – Tammy Bruce

22961. Yes, we have the freedom to do what we please, but it only works because we don’t do everything we might please – we should exercise some degree of personal, and corporate, responsibility. – Tammy Bruce

22962. When the courts decide that murderers, rapists, and others who maliciously break our social contract deserve health care that most working Americans can’t afford, they are condemning good people to death. – Tammy Bruce

22963. Unfortunately, what many people forget is that judges are just lawyers in robes. – Tammy Bruce

22964. Trials are no longer about freeing the innocent, punishing the guilty, and making restitution to the injured. They have devolved into a contest over who will win. – Tammy Bruce

22965. The question we all face is what sort of culture we will live in for the rest of our lives and then hand on to the next generation – one that embraces these most basic of values, or one that collapses because of their absence. – Tammy Bruce

22966. The Left Elite only pretend to be concerned about what’s best for everyone else because it is the most effective way to manipulate you and your children into their abyss. – Tammy Bruce

22967. Remember, social progress only happens when those in society’s privileged classes choose to give up their status. – Tammy Bruce

22968. One of the biggest problems with the modern feminist movement is its failure to bring men along with us. – Tammy Bruce

22969. From the subtle to the extreme, our culture and our values are under unrelenting attack from the media. – Tammy Bruce

22970. For women who turn to welfare, Big Brother becomes Husband. – Tammy Bruce

22971. For the gay establishment, the death of right and wrong began when gaining civil rights ceased to be enough. – Tammy Bruce

22972. Blacks who have not succumbed to the victim culture have been, are, and will be doing quite well – all on their own, without handouts, affirmative action, and other patronizing measures. – Tammy Bruce

22973. Believing a person deserves a defence is not the same as doing anything in your power to get him off scot-free. – Tammy Bruce

22974. One of the goals of the Feminist Elite is to reinforce to women the idea that men are obsolete. – Tammy Bruce

22975. We need a very strong military to protect the freedoms we do have. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22976. If I knew what makes a movie catch on then I’d make hit after hit. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22977. If you have a crisis, whether on a ship or wherever, there are heroes who rise above it. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22978. In TV we’ve used something that I love… it’s called process. I love process. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22979. Our military thought that they couldn’t get to Pearl Harbor, that it was too long a journey from Japan to get there, and they proved us wrong. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22980. The director’s who want to be innovative use the DVD as a tool to see what people have done in the past and you have other people who will actually take from better directors and that makes them better directors. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22981. The whole world has changed after September 11th. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22982. I think we look to the military as something that protects our shores. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22983. We know as filmmakers where you draw the line. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22984. It’s very difficult to release an X-rated movie. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22985. We want to create these dramatic situations, whether they are real or not, to entertain audiences. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22986. Well, I don’t look back and celebrate. I just always worry about the next one. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22987. What I do is try to stay away from the hot subjects. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22988. Yeah sure, I’d love to have all my movies on DVD. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22989. There are a lot of movies that inspire me to do what I do. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22990. Definitely, it’s a fear of failure that drives me. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22991. Although, I think you look back and you try to learn from your mistakes. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22992. And usually the studios they don’t want you to have credit for your movies because they want to take credit for the movies because if you get credit for your movies they’ve got to pay you more. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22993. Sometimes we’ll only get one script in a year that we want to make that we feel is good enough. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22994. But once we got them on its feet then they run themselves, unless there’s corrections you have to make. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22995. I still that that movie-goers like the experience of leaving their homes and going to have a communal experience, especially in comedies or interactive things where you can get an audience reaction to. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22996. Dramatics are what keep you in the seats. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22997. I don’t make movies because I think audiences will want to go see them. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22998. I just don’t know what makes a movie catch on and other ones don’t. – Jerry Bruckheimer

22999. I love entertaining people and this is entertainment. – Jerry Bruckheimer

23000. I only make movies I want to go see. – Jerry Bruckheimer


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