180000 famous quotes part 31 – 30001 to 31000

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180000 famous quotes part 31 – 30001 to 31000

30001. My parents really encouraged me. – Randy Castillo

30002. My other Main Man is Muhamed Ali, for the obvious reasons. – Randy Castillo

30003. There are no rules to writing a song. – Randy Castillo

30004. My best investment is my imagination, because it has never failed to bring me my greatest returns! – Randy Castillo

30005. The nurses were all angels in my eyes. – Randy Castillo

30006. I prefer recording drums in the analog format, but that does not mean I would only do it that way. – Randy Castillo

30007. I dig all kinds of competition. – Randy Castillo

30008. I dare anyone to play like Charlie Watts. – Randy Castillo

30009. I’d just play ’til my hands fell off. My parents would yell at me to stop because they couldn’t stand the noise any more! I was terrible! It must have been hard for them to listen to me as a beginning drummer. – Randy Castillo

30010. My favorite athlete of all time would have to be Jim Thorpe. – Randy Castillo

30011. Those were the ideals that drove us to nationalization of the health service. – Barbara Castle

30012. It is true that they paid much more attention to the trade unions because the trade unions were after all speaking for the rights and conditions of working men and women in their employment. – Barbara Castle

30013. It might have been offset for us if the revenue from our own oil and natural gas that was just developing had been available to the Labor Government, but the oil revenues were just coming in when Labor fell in ’79. – Barbara Castle

30014. It was very much a cry for democratic control at that time. Above all, breaking the accomplished power of a few people to rule the lives of everybody else. – Barbara Castle

30015. That was not what men and women fought for during the war. – Barbara Castle

30016. There was no welfare state, and people had to rely mainly on the Poor Law – that was all the state provided. It was very degrading, very humiliating. And there was a means test for receiving poor relief. – Barbara Castle

30017. I remember people who’d had a lot of hardship during the war. They’d thought we’d won. – Barbara Castle

30018. Why not pool your resources? And so we broke into the concept of the sacredness of private property. – Barbara Castle

30019. What we set out to do was to ensure that this system of fair shares and the planning and controls continued after the war, and when we won, that’s what we did. – Barbara Castle

30020. You see, another reason for nationalization was that private ownership meant fragmentation. – Barbara Castle

30021. Then, with lots of people doing that without ever looking over their shoulders to see how they were affecting anybody else, it couldn’t work, and it didn’t work, and it just came to a standstill. – Barbara Castle

30022. If you’ve got unemployment, low pay, that was just too bad. But that was the system. That was the sort of economy and philosophy against which I was fighting in the 1930s. – Barbara Castle

30023. I remember a big meeting with the hosiery trade in Harold’s ministerial room. – Barbara Castle

30024. He described how, as a boy of 14, his dad had been down the mining pit, his uncle had been down the pit, his brother had been down the pit, and of course he would go down the pit. – Barbara Castle

30025. Britain in the 1970s was undoubtedly an economic mess because of the oil price explosion. – Barbara Castle

30026. Another example of that was that even during the economic problems of the 1945 government, we managed to carry out other aspects of our policy and other ideals. Through the establishment of national parks, for instance. – Barbara Castle

30027. And what always struck me about that war period was how even Churchill had to talk socialism to keep up people’s morale. – Barbara Castle

30028. And that will increasingly dawn on people. The demand for controlling the commanding heights will grow. – Barbara Castle

30029. And that had a powerful appeal, particularly to those who had been denied the choice to stay on at school, to go to university, to be something else, other than going down the pit. – Barbara Castle

30030. In politics, guts is all. – Barbara Castle

30031. I believe it is important for the university to always remember its roots. – Michael N. Castle

30032. But all of this success came at the end of a long climb. – Michael N. Castle

30033. After completing a Delaware State education, they were afforded opportunities beyond anything they might have imagined – and they opened doors for themselves that surely would have remained closed if they only had a high school education. – Michael N. Castle

30034. And the university’s reputation will only continue to grow as stories like Elaine’s are spread. Delaware State University’s motto ‘a past to honor, a future to insure,’ couldn’t be any more fitting for this transitional period you are going through. – Michael N. Castle

30035. This is a value-added college education if I have heard one described. And what is the most remarkable about Delaware State University graduates – is they just keeping giving back. – Michael N. Castle

30036. I could not agree more. The students of Delaware State often looked to the school as their chance, their hand up, their hope. And they gave their all. – Michael N. Castle

30037. I remember coming to this college in the 1960s as a new legislator when a road divided the campus – and it was not fully paved at that – and no wall defined the campus from the highway. – Michael N. Castle

30038. I think this is one of the greatest strengths of this school. Not only do the students go on to achieve great milestones in their own lives, they never forget their roots and the school that gave them the chance they needed to improve their lives and their families’ lives. – Michael N. Castle

30039. Just the example Delaware State University graduates set by the way they live their lives, should be an inspiration to other high school students to go to Delaware State. – Michael N. Castle

30040. Lance Armstrong, the famous cyclist and more importantly, cancer survivor, has said ‘if you ever get a second chance for something, you’ve got to go all the way.’ – Michael N. Castle

30041. Maya Angelou, the famous African American poet, historian, and civil rights activist who is hailed be many as one of the great voices of contemporary literature, believes a struggle only makes a person stronger. – Michael N. Castle

30042. Repaying the debt of these ultimate sacrifices seems nearly impossible but we must try. – Michael N. Castle

30043. The teachers were focused on helping these students. The students benefited from hands-on teaching and a faculty who cared about them and their success in life and soon the students began to believe in themselves and the reality that they could make something of their lives. – Michael N. Castle

30044. Getting to where Delaware State is today was a challenge my friends – a challenge proudly met by the people of this community and the Delaware State family. – Michael N. Castle

30045. They were often the first students in their family to go to college and the very idea of higher education was still foreign to them. They had to make a conscious and often difficult decision to come to college. – Michael N. Castle

30046. Their families helped them realize that there was more out there for them. These students came to Delaware State because of its inexpensive tuition, closeness to home, and solid reputation. – Michael N. Castle

30047. Through the years you, the Delaware State family and your predecessors, have faced many challenges. You worked through them with fierce determination and good will, and you have made great progress. – Michael N. Castle

30048. Typically, historical black colleges and universities like Delaware State, attracted students who were raised in an environment where going to college wasn’t the next natural step after high school. – Michael N. Castle

30049. Upon arriving, meeting their teachers and signing up for classes, these students began to realize that their attendance at Delaware State University was not a goal achieved, but rather a dream being sewn – a first step, if you will. – Michael N. Castle

30050. We have long honored those who gave their lives during the unfortunate reality of war. – Michael N. Castle

30051. We have to instill in them the skills they need to succeed at a young age and open up their imaginations to the very real opportunities they can be afforded if they put their minds to it. – Michael N. Castle

30052. When Delaware State University was founded in 1890, it was not by choice, but by social reality. – Michael N. Castle

30053. With the establishment of a presence in all three counties of Delaware, recruitment in and outside Delaware and throughout the world and new master’s and doctoral programs, Delaware State University will continue to grow and attract even more qualified students. – Michael N. Castle

30054. Working together we can strengthen Delaware State University and the students who attend it. – Michael N. Castle

30055. These fallen heroes represent the character of a nation who has a long history of patriotism and honor – and a nation who has fought many battles to keep our country free from threats of terror. – Michael N. Castle

30056. Delaware State has established itself as an institution of excellence in its own right and attracts a diversity of students from various races, socio-economic status and locations. – Michael N. Castle

30057. These ivy league students are in the upper echelon of the college boards and had great opportunity in front of them regardless of where they go to college. Its in their very nature and it is something they expect. – Michael N. Castle

30058. Delaware State began as a school bent on service – teaching education, social services and nursing. – Michael N. Castle

30059. Delaware State is no longer a college for African Americans without other choices, it is a university of choice. – Michael N. Castle

30060. During the days of segregation, there was not a place of higher learning for African Americans. They were simply not welcome in many of the traditional schools. And from this backward policy grew the network of historical black colleges and universities. – Michael N. Castle

30061. Ensuring a bright future for all our children is the responsibility of the community, the schools, families and like it or not- politicians as well. – Michael N. Castle

30062. By climbing a steeper road, the value and appreciation Delaware State students took and continue to take from their education and their experiences is just as great, if not greater, than students attending ivy league schools. – Michael N. Castle

30063. Don’t whine – laugh. – Roy Castle

30064. A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past. – Fidel Castro

30065. A revolution is not a bed of roses. – Fidel Castro

30066. Capitalism is using its money; we socialists throw it away. – Fidel Castro

30067. How can we help President Obama? – Fidel Castro

30068. Men do not shape destiny, Destiny produces the man for the hour. – Fidel Castro

30069. They talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America? – Fidel Castro

30070. I am a Marxist Leninist and I will be one until the last day of my life. – Fidel Castro

30071. I am not a communist and neither is the revolutionary movement. – Fidel Castro

30072. I began revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I do it with 10 or 15 and absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action. – Fidel Castro

30073. I find capitalism repugnant. It is filthy, it is gross, it is alienating… because it causes war, hypocrisy and competition. – Fidel Castro

30074. I never saw a contradiction between the ideas that sustain me and the ideas of that symbol, of that extraordinary figure, Jesus Christ. – Fidel Castro

30075. I am Fidel Castro and we have come to liberate Cuba. – Fidel Castro

30076. I would not vote for the mayor. It’s not just because he didn’t invite me to dinner, but because on my way into town from the airport there were such enormous potholes. – Fidel Castro

30077. The universities are available only to those who share my revolutionary beliefs. – Fidel Castro

30078. More than 820 million people in the world suffer from hunger; and 790 million of them live in the Third World. – Fidel Castro

30079. My idea, as the whole world knows, is that the capitalist system now doesn’t work either for the United States or the world, driving it from crisis to crisis, which are each time more serious. – Fidel Castro

30080. No thieves, no traitors, no interventionists! This time the revolution is for real! – Fidel Castro

30081. North Americans don’t understand… that our country is not just Cuba; our country is also humanity. – Fidel Castro

30082. The revenues of Cuban state-run companies are used exclusively for the benefit of the people, to whom they belong. – Fidel Castro

30083. The revolution is a dictatorship of the exploited against the exploiters. – Fidel Castro

30084. I think that a man should not live beyond the age when he begins to deteriorate, when the flame that lighted the brightest moment of his life has weakened. – Fidel Castro

30085. Great breakthroughs are always followed by great catastrophes. – Rosalia de Castro

30086. I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it. – Rosalia de Castro

30087. Happiness, I do not know where to turn to discover you on earth, in the air or the sky; yet I know you exist and are no futile dream. – Rosalia de Castro

30088. When kindness has left people, even for a few moments, we become afraid of them as if their reason had left them. When it has left a place where we have always found it, it is like shipwreck; we drop from security into something malevolent and bottomless. – Willa Cather

30089. Winter lies too long in country towns; hangs on until it is stale and shabby, old and sullen. – Willa Cather

30090. Where there is great love, there are always wishes. – Willa Cather

30091. When we look back, the only things we cherish are those which in some way met our original want; the desire which formed in us in early youth, undirected, and of its own accord. – Willa Cather

30092. Give the people a new word and they think they have a new fact. – Willa Cather

30093. Only solitary men know the full joys of frienship. Others have their family; but to a solitary and an exile, his friends are everything. – Willa Cather

30094. Of all the bewildering things about a new country, the absence of human landmarks is one of the most depressing and disheartening. – Willa Cather

30095. No one can build his security upon the nobleness of another person. – Willa Cather

30096. Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen. – Willa Cather

30097. It does not matter much whom we live with in this world, but it matters a great deal whom we dream of. – Willa Cather

30098. I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do. – Willa Cather

30099. Sometimes a neighbor whom we have disliked a lifetime for his arrogance and conceit lets fall a single commonplace remark that shows us another side, another man, really; a man uncertain, and puzzled, and in the dark like ourselves. – Willa Cather

30100. Every artist makes himself born. It is very much harder than the other time, and longer. – Willa Cather

30101. Desire is creation, is the magical element in that process. If there were an instrument by which to measure desire, one could foretell achievement. – Willa Cather

30102. All the intelligence and talent in the world can’t make a singer. The voice is a wild thing. It can’t be bred in captivity. It is a sport, like the silver fox. It happens. – Willa Cather

30103. A work-room should be like an old shoe; no matter how shabby, it’s better than a new one. – Willa Cather

30104. I shall not die of a cold. I shall die of having lived. – Willa Cather

30105. The heart of another is a dark forest, always, no matter how close it has been to one’s own. – Willa Cather

30106. To note an artist’s limitations is but to define his talent. A reporter can write equally well about everything that is presented to his view, but a creative writer can do his best only with what lies within the range and character of his deepest sympathies. – Willa Cather

30107. There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm. – Willa Cather

30108. There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before. – Willa Cather

30109. The thing that teases the mind over and over for years, and at last gets itself put down rightly on paper whether little or great, it belongs to Literature. – Willa Cather

30110. The sun was like a great visiting presence that stimulated and took its due from all animal energy. When it flung wide its cloak and stepped down over the edge of the fields at evening, it left behind it a spent and exhausted world. – Willa Cather

30111. The stupid believe that to be truthful is easy; only the artist, the great artist, knows how difficult it is. – Willa Cather

30112. Paris is a hard place to leave, even when it rains incessantly and one coughs continually from the dampness. – Willa Cather

30113. The irregular and intimate quality of things made entirely by the human hand. – Willa Cather

30114. Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happen to one again. – Willa Cather

30115. The fact that I was a girl never damaged my ambitions to be a pope or an emperor. – Willa Cather

30116. The dead might as well try to speak to the living as the old to the young. – Willa Cather

30117. The condition every art requires is, not so much freedom from restriction, as freedom from adulteration and from the intrusion of foreign matter. – Willa Cather

30118. That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. – Willa Cather

30119. Sometimes I wonder why God ever trusts talent in the hands of women, they usually make such an infernal mess of it. I think He must do it as a sort of ghastly joke. – Willa Cather

30120. What was any art but a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself – life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose. – Willa Cather

30121. The miracles of the church seem to me to rest not so much upon faces or voices or healing power coming suddenly near to us from afar off, but upon our perceptions being made finer, so that for a moment our eyes can see and our ears can hear what is there about us always. – Willa Cather

30122. I am one of the people who love the why of things. – Catherine II

30123. I beg you take courage; the brave soul can mend even disaster. – Catherine II

30124. I like to praise and reward loudly, to blame quietly. – Catherine II

30125. I shall be an autocrat: that’s my trade. And the good Lord will forgive me: that’s his. – Catherine II

30126. In my position you have to read when you want to write and to talk when you would like to read. – Catherine II

30127. In politics a capable ruler must be guided by circumstances, conjectures and conjunctions. – Catherine II

30128. Men make love more intensely at 20, but make love better, however, at 30. – Catherine II

30129. Power without a nation’s confidence is nothing. – Catherine II

30130. The more a man knows, the more he forgives. – Catherine II

30131. Your wit makes others witty. – Catherine II

30132. For to tempt and to be tempted are things very nearly allied – whenever feeling has anything to do in the matter, no sooner is it excited than we have already gone vastly farther than we are aware of. – Catherine II

30133. The composing room has an unlimited supply of periods available to terminate short, simple sentences. – Turner Catledge

30134. I have, for many years past, contemplated the noble races of red men who are now spread over these trackless forests and boundless prairies, melting away at the approach of civilization. – George Catlin

30135. A Crow is known wherever he is met by his beautiful white dress, and his tall and elegant figure; the greater part of the men being six feet high. – George Catlin

30136. I have seen him set fire to his wigwam and smooth over the graves of his fathers… clap his hand in silence over his mouth, and take the last look over his fair hunting ground, and turn his face in sadness to the setting sun. – George Catlin

30137. Thank God, it is over, that I have seen it and am able to tell it to the world. – George Catlin

30138. The Crows are very handsome and gentlemanly Indians in their personal appearance: and have been always reputed, since the first acquaintance made with them, very civil and friendly. – George Catlin

30139. The Missouri is, perhaps, different in appearance and character from all other rivers in the world; there is a terror in its manner which is sensibly felt, the moment we enter its muddy waters from the Mississippi. – George Catlin

30140. The several tribes of Indians inhabiting the regions of the Upper Missouri, and of whom I spoke in my last Letter, are undoubtedly the finest looking, best equipped, and most beautifully costumed of any on the Continent. – George Catlin

30141. The very use of the word savage, as it is applied in its general sense, I am inclined to believe is an abuse of the word, and the people to whom it is applied. – George Catlin

30142. An Indian’s dress of deer skins, which is wet a hundred times upon his back, dries soft; and his lodge also, which stands in the rains, and even through the severity of winter, is taken down as soft and as clean as when it was first put up. – George Catlin

30143. After I’m dead I’d rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one. – Cato

30144. An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes. – Cato

30145. Cessation of work is not accompanied by cessation of expenses. – Cato

30146. Even though work stops, expenses run on. – Cato

30147. I would much rather have men ask why I have no statue than why I have one. – Marcus Porcius Cato

30148. It is a hard matter, my fellow citizens, to argue with the belly, since it has no ears. – Marcus Porcius Cato

30149. My greatest honour was to be included in the Australian Olympic team in 1992, 1996 and hopefully 2000. – Rhonda Cator

30150. There are whole precincts of voters in this country whose united intelligence does not equal that of one representative American woman. – Carrie Chapman Catt

30151. In the adjustment of the new order of things, we women demand an equal voice; we shall accept nothing less. – Carrie Chapman Catt

30152. No written law has ever been more binding than unwritten custom supported by popular opinion. – Carrie Chapman Catt

30153. To the wrongs that need resistance, To the right that needs assistance, To the future in the distance, Give yourselves. – Carrie Chapman Catt

30154. Sooner or later you must move down an unknown road that leads beyond the range of the imagination, and the only certainty is that the trip has to be made. – Bruce Catton

30155. And there is the headlight, shining far down the track, glinting off the steel rails that, like all parallel lines, will meet in infinity, which is after all where this train is going. – Bruce Catton

30156. The present moment is nice but it does not last. Living in it is like waiting in a junction town for the morning limited; the junction may be interesting but some day you will have to leave it and you do not know where the limited will take you. – Bruce Catton

30157. To learn to get along without, to realize that what the world is going to demand of us may be a good deal more important than what we are entitled to demand of it – this is a hard lesson. – Bruce Catton

30158. Say this for big league baseball – it is beyond any question the greatest conversation piece ever invented in America. – Bruce Catton

30159. Our American heritage is greater than any one of us. It can express itself in very homely truths; in the end it can lift up our eyes beyond the glow in the sunset skies. – Bruce Catton

30160. I think I was always subconsciously driven by an attempt to restate that faith and to show where it was properly grounded, how it grew out of what a great many young men on both sides felt and believed and were brave enough to do. – Bruce Catton

30161. Early youth is a baffling time. – Bruce Catton

30162. In this respect early youth is exactly like old age; it is a time of waiting for a big trip to an unknown destination. The chief difference is that youth waits for the morning limited and age waits for the night train. – Bruce Catton

30163. The first professional play I ever saw was The Importance Of Being Earnest, and I just fell in love. – Kim Cattrall

30164. My experiences in film and theatre in the States have been much more rigorous-in England there’s an environment of, Let’s try this. – Kim Cattrall

30165. I’ve always thought that less was a lot more. – Kim Cattrall

30166. I’ve been playing sexually aware women most of my life. At this point I expected to be playing moms and wives. It’s exciting to play a femme fatale. – Kim Cattrall

30167. If you stick with a vision, it might not all work, but some of it will be absolute genius. To me, 15 minutes worth of absolute genius in a film is so much better than two hours of mediocrity. I would rather pay to see something different like that. – Kim Cattrall

30168. Men cheat for the same reason that dogs lick their balls… because they can. – Kim Cattrall

30169. I’m a trisexual. I’ll try anything once. – Kim Cattrall

30170. I think the wonderful thing about doing theater is that it’s more of an actor’s medium. I think that film is more of a director’s medium. You can’t edit something out on stage. It’s there. – Kim Cattrall

30171. Practically all the relationships I know are based on a foundation of lies and mutually accepted delusion. – Kim Cattrall

30172. Really rejoice in being yourself. Have your own drumbeat. – Kim Cattrall

30173. That’s what life is – you follow where your heart leads you – at least I do. – Kim Cattrall

30174. The roles for women in theatre are much better than they are in film. – Kim Cattrall

30175. Theatre can’t be done again and again and again and again – it’s organic. – Kim Cattrall

30176. I first wanted to be an actress after seeing a play – not a movie. – Kim Cattrall

30177. Art is an expression of who you are. Parts that I play are my sculptures. – Kim Cattrall

30178. I don’t read reviews because if they’re bad I’m devastated and if they’re good I get a big head. – Kim Cattrall

30179. I sort of have a love affair with my work. Many of us work far too hard and we don’t put enough value in the epicurean, sensual part of life. – Kim Cattrall

30180. Since doing the show I’ve been so busy that I’ve not really had time to mope. – Kim Cattrall

30181. I’m certainly not a prude. – Kim Cattrall

30182. There is nothing more silly than a silly laugh. – Gaius Valerius Catullus

30183. The best advice is to take it easy, respect speed limits and do not try to make up time lost in the tailbacks on the open road. – Emma Caulfield

30184. He played football too long without a helmet. – Jerome Cavanagh

30185. What will it profit this country if we… put our man on the Moon by 1970 and at the same time you can’t walk down Woodward Avenue in this city without fear of some violence? – Jerome Cavanagh

30186. We hoped against hope that what we had been doing was enough to prevent a riot. It was not enough. – Jerome Cavanagh

30187. Getting married, for me, was the best thing I ever did. I was suddenly beset with an immense sense of release, that we have something more important than our separate selves, and that is the marriage. There’s immense happiness that can come from working towards that. – Nick Cave

30188. People think I’m a miserable sod but it’s only because I get asked such bloody miserable questions. – Nick Cave

30189. I’ve always had an obligation to creation, above all. – Nick Cave

30190. I’m very happy to hear that my work inspires writers and painters. It’s the most beautiful compliment, the greatest reward. Art should always be an exchange. – Nick Cave

30191. I’m a believer. I don’t go to church. I don’t belong to any particular religion, but I do believe in God. I couldn’t write what I write about and be creative without a certain form of belief. – Nick Cave

30192. I love rock-n-roll. I think it’s an exciting art form. It’s revolutionary. Still revolutionary and it changed people. It changed their hearts. But yeah, even rock-n-roll has a lot of rubbish, really bad music. – Nick Cave

30193. At some point you start seeing the difference between what you really want, and what is your priority order. I feel that today I know what I want. That’s the problem with perspective, as well as focus and concentration. – Nick Cave

30194. An artist’s duty is rather to stay open-minded and in a state where he can receive information and inspiration. You always have to be ready for that little artistic Epiphany. – Nick Cave

30195. I write a lot, and very often I write a couple of lines that are particularly revealing in some kind of way. And then as a few more lines get added and a piece gets added, eventually the song pretty much takes over and you can’t really find a way to change those things. – Nick Cave

30196. I realize that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone. – Edith Cavell

30197. And though my Lord hath lost his estate and been banished out of his country, yet neither despised poverty nor pinching necessity could make him break the bonds of friendship or weaken his loyal duty. – Margaret Cavendish

30198. A rude nature is worse than a brute nature by so much more as man is better than a beast: and those that are of civil natures and genteel dispositions are as much nearer to celestial creatures as those that are rude and cruel are to devils. – Margaret Cavendish

30199. For I, hearing my Lord’s estate amongst many more estates was to be sold, and that the wives of the owners should have an allowance therefrom, it gave me hopes I should receive a benefit thereby. – Margaret Cavendish

30200. Not because they were servants were we so reserved, for many noble persons are forced to serve through necessity, but by reason the vulgar sort of servants are as ill bred as meanly born, giving children ill examples and worse counsel. – Margaret Cavendish

30201. My mother was a good mistress to her servants, taking care of them in their sicknesses, not sparing any cost she was able to bestow for their recovery. – Margaret Cavendish

30202. Marriage is the grave or tomb of wit. – Margaret Cavendish

30203. Indeed, I was so afraid to dishonour my friends and family by my indiscreet actions, that I rather chose to be accounted a fool, than to be thought rude or wanton. – Margaret Cavendish

30204. Indeed I had not much wit, yet I was not an idiot – my wit was according to my years. – Margaret Cavendish

30205. Indeed I did not stand as a beggar at the Parliament door, for I never was at the Parliament-House, nor stood I ever at the door as I do know or can remember; not as a petitioner I am sure. – Margaret Cavendish

30206. And not only my own brothers and sisters agreed so but my brothers and sisters in law; and their children, although but young, had the like agreeable natures and affectionate dispositions. – Margaret Cavendish

30207. For Pleasure, Delight, Peace and Felicity live in method and temperance. – Margaret Cavendish

30208. And though I might have learnt more wit and advanced my understanding by living in a Court, yet being dull, fearful and bashful, I neither heeded what was said or practised, but just what belonged to my loyal duty and my own honest reputation. – Margaret Cavendish

30209. For disorder obstructs: besides, it doth disgust life, distract the appetities, and yield no true relish to the senses. – Margaret Cavendish

30210. First, they were bred when I was not capable to observe or before I was born; likewise the breeding of men is of a different manner from that of women. – Margaret Cavendish

30211. But if our sex would but well consider and rationally ponder, they will perceive and find that it is neither words nor place that can advance them, but worth and merit. – Margaret Cavendish

30212. As for plenty, we had not only for necessity, conveniency and decency, but for delight and pleasure to superfluity. – Margaret Cavendish

30213. As for our garments, my Mother did not only delight to see us neat and cleanly, fine and gay, but rich and costly: maintaining us to the heighth of her estate, but not beyond it. – Margaret Cavendish

30214. As for my brothers, of whom I had three, I know not how they were bred. – Margaret Cavendish

30215. My other brother, the Lord Lucas, who was heir to my father’s estate, and as it were the father to take care of us all, is not less valiant than they were, although his skill in the discipline of war was not so much, not being bred therein. – Margaret Cavendish

30216. In such misfortunes my Mother was of an heroic spirit, in suffering patiently when there was no remedy, and being industrious where she thought she could help. – Margaret Cavendish

30217. Not that I am ashamed of my mind or body, my birth or breeding, my actions or fortunes, for my bashfulness is in my nature, not for any crime. – Margaret Cavendish

30218. To see and be acquainted with strangers, in especial with men in honour and authority. – Thomas Cavendish

30219. And he that said that a horse was not dressed, whose curb was not loose, said right; and it is equally true that the curb can never play, when in its right place, except the horse be upon his haunches. – William Cavendish

30220. Be always lavish of your caresses, and sparing in your corrections. – William Cavendish

30221. But my method of the pillar, as it throws the horse yet more upon the haunches, is still more effectual to this purpose, and besides always gives him the ply to the side he goes of. – William Cavendish

30222. But there is nothing to be done till a horse’s head is settled. – William Cavendish

30223. But we ought to consider the natural form and shape of a horse, that we may work him according to nature. – William Cavendish

30224. By this way you may dress all sorts of horses in the utmost perfection, if you know how to practice it; a thing that is very easy in the hands of a master. – William Cavendish

30225. Now being upon the haunches (as he necessarily must be in this case) is it impossible but he must be light in hand, because no horse can be rightly upon his haunches without being so. – William Cavendish

30226. The horse’s neck is between the two reins of the bridle, which both meet in the rider’s hand. – William Cavendish

30227. The main secret for a horse that is heavy upon the hand, is for the rider to have a very light one; for when he finds nothing to bear upon with his mouth, he infallibly throws himself upon the haunches for his own security. – William Cavendish

30228. These are excellent lessons to break him, and make him light in hand: but nothing puts a horse so much upon his haunches, and consequently makes him so light in hand, as my new method of the pillar. – William Cavendish

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30229. Use gentle means before you come to extremity, and whatever lesson you work him, and never take above half his strength, nor ride him till he is weary, but a little at a time and often. – William Cavendish

30230. Without knowing this, no man can dress a horse perfectly. – William Cavendish

30231. You may observe in all my lessons, that I tell you how the legs go, and those who are unacquainted with that, are entirely ignorant and work in the dark. – William Cavendish

30232. You should pull him back besides in all the lines before the quarter, just as you make the others advance. – William Cavendish

30233. You must in all Airs follow the strength, spirit, and disposition of the horse, and do nothing against nature; for art is but to set nature in order, and nothing else. – William Cavendish

30234. If your parents never had children, chances are… neither will you. – Dick Cavett

30235. Years have passed since I have set foot in a comedy club. If the comic is doing badly it’s painful, and if the comic is doing brilliantly, it’s extremely painful. – Dick Cavett

30236. To label me an intellectual is a misunderstanding of what that is. – Dick Cavett

30237. There’s so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets? – Dick Cavett

30238. The Nixon administration kept a nasty eye on our show… Cops would come by – often just in time to see the act they wanted to see. – Dick Cavett

30239. Show people tend to treat their finances like their dentistry. They assume the man handling it knows what he is doing. – Dick Cavett

30240. As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it. – Dick Cavett

30241. It’s a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn’t want to hear. – Dick Cavett

30242. I’m not sure why writing for others became harder. Probably a reluctance to give away anything you might conceivably use yourself caused a block. I did it, but it remained hard when it had once been easy. – Dick Cavett

30243. I think I’d be pretty easy to write for. – Dick Cavett

30244. I don’t think anyone ever gets over the surprise of how differently one audience’s reaction is from another. – Dick Cavett

30245. Every student of comedy should see Dame Edna at least twice. – Dick Cavett

30246. Censorship feeds the dirty mind more than the four-letter word itself. – Dick Cavett

30247. Once I left out what I then considered my best line because there was a suspected column rat in the house. – Dick Cavett

30248. Can you picture yourself at the age 60 doing what you do now? – Dick Cavett

30249. I didn’t want to be an actor. – James Caviezel

30250. Working with Mel Gibson is a little like waltzing with a hurricane. It’s always exciting, and you’re never quite sure where it’s going to take you. – James Caviezel

30251. In the world we make good as evil and evil as good. – James Caviezel

30252. I was freezing in that loincloth. – James Caviezel

30253. I try to be the best man I can for the day. – James Caviezel

30254. I think you can’t be passive in making this film – or in watching it. – James Caviezel

30255. I married a woman who is much better than me, I’m very fortunate to be with her and I know I’ll be happy with her the rest of my life. – James Caviezel

30256. I don’t want people to see me – I want them to see Jesus. – James Caviezel

30257. I don’t really prepare for each role the same way. – James Caviezel

30258. I do what I do, and I do it well, and focus and take it one moment at a time. – James Caviezel

30259. My faith doesn’t go over real well in Hollywood. – Jim Caviezel

30260. A woman in Mexico wanted me to heal her. But I can’t heal anybody. I just put my hand on her and said, ‘Thank you for seeing the film.’ – Jim Caviezel

30261. Everyone was thinking it was going to be a bust. I felt redeemed. – Jim Caviezel

30262. I felt unworthy to play Jesus. I just accepted the responsibility and said, ‘What actor wouldn’t want to play this role?’ – Jim Caviezel

30263. I know we didn’t make an anti-Semitic film. This is what the Gospels are. And it’s none of my business what other people think of me. – Jim Caviezel

30264. I still put my pants on the same way. I still walk on my pool twice a day. – Jim Caviezel

30265. Lotteries, a tax upon imbeciles. – Camillo di Cavour

30266. The man who trusts men will make fewer mistakes than he who distrusts them. – Camillo di Cavour

30267. I have discovered the art of deceiving diplomats. I tell them the truth and they never believe me. – Camillo di Cavour

30268. A lot of lawyers are set to tell me that it’s not my fault I like to eat. – Neil Cavuto

30269. I don’t know if many people know this about me, but I have multiple sclerosis. So I don’t have time for a lot of shades of gray. I don’t have time for BS. – Neil Cavuto

30270. It’s a good thing Winston Churchill was around before the shallow age of television. He might never have become one of the greatest leaders of all time. – Neil Cavuto

30271. I don’t think business news is just for old white men with money. – Neil Cavuto

30272. It’s sad that we have become so accustomed to bad service that we’re shocked when we get good service. – Neil Cavuto

30273. I feel strongly that I need to try to make my shows as real as possible. What you see is what you get. – Neil Cavuto

30274. I hate elitists. I hate conceited people. I hate pompous people. – Neil Cavuto

30275. I want to democratize business news. – Neil Cavuto

30276. I’ll rail against what I think is wrong. – Neil Cavuto

30277. I’m not staid and unbiased here. I have certain biases I want to convey, and if you disagree, that’s fine. – Neil Cavuto

30278. I’m the reason why I’m overweight. No one made me do it. I did it. – Neil Cavuto

30279. If Edwards gained 60 pounds and lost all his hair, he’d look like Dick Cheney! – Neil Cavuto

30280. The other day at a drive-through, I reminded the teenage girl serving me that she forgot my drinks. She looked at me, hissed, rolled her eyes, and then took her sweet time getting me the sodas. – Neil Cavuto

30281. It’s not as if I can just pop on my show and be rude if I’ve had a hard day. – Neil Cavuto

30282. Why the hell do we make such a big deal out of things that shouldn’t be a big deal? – Neil Cavuto

30283. Sexy ain’t guys like Churchill and Lincoln. – Neil Cavuto

30284. The good thing about having this illness is that it allows me to be a little bit crazy. – Neil Cavuto

30285. I’m not wedded to covering the markets. I’m intrigued by the markets. If I can connect Main Street with Wall Street, then I’ve succeeded. – Neil Cavuto

30286. The rich pay more in total taxes now than ever before – ever. It’s true. Just like it’s true that when the rich are convinced they’re going to be taxed more, they spend less. And when the top few percenters don’t spend, there goes all your spending, because they account for half of all retail spending. – Neil Cavuto

30287. The tobacco companies knew quite early on the addictive nature of their product. – Neil Cavuto

30288. There’s nothing wrong or evil about having a bad day. There’s everything wrong with making others have to have it… with you. – Neil Cavuto

30289. We forget the little things, so it’s no wonder some of us screw up the big things. – Neil Cavuto

30290. We’re a nation of liars. But I mean that in the kindest sense. – Neil Cavuto

30291. We’re all going to die. While I’m still here, I want to make a difference. – Neil Cavuto

30292. We’re teaching our kids that attributes as vague and relatively meaningless as a toothy smile or a fine head of hair make a fine statement about a person. – Neil Cavuto

30293. I’ve known attractive airheads, and I’ve known ugly idiots. – Neil Cavuto

30294. My dad was a big believer in treating people well, oftentimes even when he himself wasn’t well. – Neil Cavuto

30295. For, he that expects nothing shall not be disappointed, but he that expects much – if he lives and uses that in hand day by day – shall be full to running over. – Edgar Cayce

30296. There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move! – Edgar Cayce

30297. When ye are prepared for a thing, the opportunity to use it presents itself. – Edgar Cayce

30298. You can never lose anything that really belongs to you, and you can’t keep that which belongs to someone else. – Edgar Cayce

30299. Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions. – Edgar Cayce

30300. It is thought and feeling which guides the universe, not deeds. – Edgar Cayce

30301. But be that as it may, I think it is more respectful to you that I should speak to you upon and do my best to interest you in the subject which has occupied me, and in which I am myself most interested. – Arthur Cayley

30302. Not that the propositions of geometry are only approximately true, but that they remain absolutely true in regard to that Euclidean space which has been so long regarded as being the physical space of our experience. – Arthur Cayley

30303. Projective geometry is all geometry. – Arthur Cayley

30304. So much the worse, it may be, for a particular meeting: but the meeting is the individual, which on evolution principles, must be sacrificed for the development of the race. – Arthur Cayley

30305. As for everything else, so for a mathematical theory: beauty can be perceived but not explained. – Arthur Cayley

30306. And in another point of view, I think it is right that the address of a president should be on his own subject, and that different subjects should be thus brought in turn before the meetings. – Arthur Cayley

30307. I sometimes wonder if the inability to find oneself makes one seek oneself in other people, in characters. – John Cazale

30308. Because all of biology is connected, one can often make a breakthrough with an organism that exaggerates a particular phenomenon, and later explore the generality. – Thomas R. Cech

30309. I think there is value in having practising scientists as leaders of research institutions. – Thomas R. Cech

30310. If you want to study one of these strange organisms, you had better have a good justification. It’s not good to study gene organisation in some obscure insect that no one’s ever heard about. – Thomas R. Cech

30311. There should be more attention paid to scientific research in the ecology area, and I think that such attention to proper environmental concerns would make the public feel much better about it. – Thomas R. Cech

30312. The overall view of the human genome project has been one of great excitement and positive press, but there are people who have concerns that are quite reasonable, and they are frightened of things they don’t understand. – Thomas R. Cech

30313. We really think it is a good thing for scientists to spend a little bit of their time either in the community or in schools or helping to train high school teachers. – Thomas R. Cech

30314. Compromise: An agreement between two men to do what both agree is wrong. – Lord Edward Cecil

30315. If I have made an appointment with you, I owe you punctuality, I have no right to throw away your time, if I do my own. – Richard Cecil

30316. Wisdom prepares for the worst, but folly leaves the worst for the day when it comes. – Richard Cecil

30317. There is no such thing as a fixed policy, because policy like all organic entities is always in the making. – Richard Cecil

30318. The world looks at preachers out of church to know what they mean in it. – Richard Cecil

30319. The history of all the great characters of the Bible is summed up in this one sentence: They acquainted themselves with God, and acquiesced His will in all things. – Richard Cecil

30320. Self-will so ardent and active that it will break a world to pieces to make a stool to sit on. – Richard Cecil

30321. God’s way of answering the Christian’s prayer for more patience, experience, hope and love often is to put him into the furnace of affliction. – Richard Cecil

30322. Every year of my life I grow more convinced that it is wisest and best to fix our attention on the beautiful and the good, and dwell as little as possible on the evil and the false. – Richard Cecil

30323. The first step towards knowledge is to know that we are ignorant. – Richard Cecil

30324. Virtue consisted in avoiding scandal and venereal disease. – Robert Cecil

30325. Examples is more forcible than precept. People look at my six days in the week to see what I mean on the seventh. – Robert Cecil

30326. Faith makes all evil good to us, and all good better; unbelief makes all good evil, and all evil worse. Faith laughs at the shaking of the spear; unbelief trembles at the shaking of a leaf. – Robert Cecil

30327. People look at my six days in the week to see what I mean on the seventh. – Robert Cecil

30328. Solitude shows us what should be; society shows us what we are. – Robert Cecil

30329. A wise man looks upon men as he does on horses; all their comparisons of title, wealth, and place, he consider but as harness. – Robert Cecil

30330. When debts are not paid because they cannot be paid, the best thing to do is not talk about them, and shuffle the cards again. – Camilo Jose Cela

30331. There are two kinds of man: the ones who make history and the ones who endure it. – Camilo Jose Cela

30332. Literature is the denunciation of the times in which one lives. – Camilo Jose Cela

30333. Ideas? My head is full of them, one after the other, but they serve no purpose there. They must be put down on paper, one after the other. – Camilo Jose Cela

30334. Poetry is a sort of homecoming. – Paul Celan

30335. Reality is not simply there, it must be searched and won. – Paul Celan

30336. The heart hid still in the dark, hard as the Philosopher’s Stone. – Paul Celan

30337. Only truthful hands write true poems. I cannot see any basic difference between a handshake and a poem. – Paul Celan

30338. Almost every desire a poor man has is a punishable offence. – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

30339. We’ve no use for intellectuals in this outfit. What we need is chimpanzees. Let me give you a word of advice: never say a word to us about being intelligent. We will think for you, my friend. Don’t forget it. – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

30340. Truth is a pain which will not stop. And the truth of this world is to die. You must choose: either dying or lying. Personally, I have never been able to kill myself. – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

30341. To philosophize is only another way of being afraid and leads hardly anywhere but to cowardly make-believe. – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

30342. To hell with reality! I want to die in music, not in reason or in prose. People don’t deserve the restraint we show by not going into delirium in front of them. To hell with them! – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

30343. The poetry of heroism appeals irresistibly to those who don’t go to a war, and even more to those whom the war is making enormously wealthy. It’s always so. – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

30344. One can’t relive one’s life. Forgiveness is not what’s difficult; one’s always too ready to forgive. And it does no good, that’s obvious. – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

30345. Experience is a dim lamp, which only lights the one who bears it. – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

30346. With two thousand years of Christianity behind him… a man can’t see a regiment of soldiers march past without going off the deep end. It starts off far too many ideas in his head. – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

30347. If you aren’t rich you should always look useful. – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

30348. Life is filigree work. What is written clearly is not worth much, it’s the transparency that counts. – Louis-Ferdinand Celine

30349. He has your finger, but I have your heart. – Brian Celio

30350. Just because you’re upfront with someone doesn’t mean you’re an honest person; you might just be someone in the passenger seat. – Brian Celio

30351. Just because you’re scarred for life doesn’t mean you should be scared to live. – Brian Celio

30352. Individuality or Unity? I say there’s room for both. – Brian Celio

30353. I’ll take a redrum with a rellik please. – Brian Celio

30354. I write my own quotes. Except this one. I obviously stole this from somebody really clever. – Brian Celio

30355. I wonder: when a Jehovah’s Witness dies and goes to Heaven, does God hide behind the door and pretend He’s not home? – Brian Celio

30356. Love becomes logically true when lost but still sought from the same source. – Brian Celio

30357. I imagine the life of an atheistic praying mantis to be rather torturous. – Brian Celio

30358. Don’t hate the word, playa; hate the dictionary. – Brian Celio

30359. Get tough: don’t work under pressure; work over pressure. – Brian Celio

30360. Don’t hate me ’cause I’m booed a fool! – Brian Celio

30361. Comedy is only as stupid as you are smart. – Brian Celio

30362. Chuck Norris doesn’t need to understand the work of James Joyce; James Joyce needs to understand the work of Chuck Norris. – Brian Celio

30363. As much as it hurts, I would rather miss someone than hit someone. – Brian Celio

30364. I watch what I eat every day. I mean, who actually eats with their eyes closed? – Brian Celio

30365. A government full of Democrats would rather have you be a Republican, and a government full of Republicans would rather have you be a Democrat, than have you oppose both. – Brian Celio

30366. Some people put up a peace sign with one hand. Some people put up the middle finger instead. I use two hands and put up both. – Brian Celio

30367. Technology forced me to divorce a pixie and remarry a pixel. – Brian Celio

30368. Dear disgruntled artists: the key to success isn’t kicking down the door; it’s building your own. – Brian Celio

30369. The only way to get under me is to get over yourself. – Brian Celio

30370. True friends: only a few have ’em, but only a few will admit that they don’t. – Brian Celio

30371. What’s love if not the thing you’ll do anything and everything to get back once lost? What’s hate if not the thing you’ll do anything and everything to get rid of once found? – Brian Celio

30372. You might not be able to stomach it, but as long as you can mind it, your heart will be all right. – Brian Celio

30373. Maybe the best way to get people to be pro-life is to start ’em off in amateur-life. – Brian Celio

30374. The studied, unquestioning pace of my family irritated me. – Emanuel Celler

30375. Roosevelt’s humor was broad, his manner friendly. Of wit there was little; of philosophy, none. What did he possess? Intuition, inspiration, love of adventure. – Emanuel Celler

30376. Roosevelt’s magic lay in one facet of his personality: He knew how to take the risk. No other man in public life I knew could so readily take the challenge of the new. – Emanuel Celler

30377. The author of McCarthyism was given the distinction of addressing the Republican National Convention. This strikes terror in the hearts of honest men. – Emanuel Celler

30378. The Democratic Party will never desert the freedoms of our people under the guise of pretending to protect them. – Emanuel Celler

30379. The inferior complex is now extended to all Europe, save Nordics. – Emanuel Celler

30380. The panic of the Depression loosened my inhibitions against being different. I could be myself. – Emanuel Celler

30381. The population forecast for the United States in 1970 is 170 million. The population forecast for Russia alone in 1970 is 251 million. The implications are clear. – Emanuel Celler

30382. People were hurt, and because they were hurt, they were angry and quarreled and were jealous of one another. – Emanuel Celler

30383. The rate of population growth in the United States is slightly below that required to reproduce itself. – Emanuel Celler

30384. My wife – to-be and I went to see my father. Only he could answer the two questions before us: Shall we get married now? Shall I begin the practice of law, or continue being the successful wine salesman I had become, working my way through law school? – Emanuel Celler

30385. The study of music was a family interest. – Emanuel Celler

30386. We believe firmly that Communism internally and externally can and must be fought without resort to the Communist tactics of the suppression of all individual freedom. – Emanuel Celler

30387. We pledge to fight the dark forces high in the counsels of the Republican Party which have made political capital out of the techniques of character assassination by innuendo. – Emanuel Celler

30388. The power to investigate is a great public trust. – Emanuel Celler

30389. Illegality will never solve the problem of political lawlessness. – Emanuel Celler

30390. In our house we repeated the pattern of thousands of other homes. There were a few books and a lot of music. Our food and our furniture were no different from our neighbors’. – Emanuel Celler

30391. Our population is headed for a stable plateau, which means an aging population. – Emanuel Celler

30392. Communism feeds on aggression, hatred, and the imprisonment of men’s minds and souls. This shall not take root in the United States. – Emanuel Celler

30393. I didn’t know then that I would never be able to leave the sounds and smells of these sights behind me, but I was fiercely conscious of one thing-my ambition. – Emanuel Celler

30394. I had taken on the color of the climate around me and had driven back all the emotion that rose from the Brooklyn streets so that I could belong to the exclusive club of Congress. – Emanuel Celler

30395. I had fought against the unjust restriction of immigration. – Emanuel Celler

30396. I had advocated the establishment of a Negro industrial commission. I had gestured against the growth of monopoly power. I had introduced a few civil rights bills. – Emanuel Celler

30397. It is the purpose of the majority of the Immigration Committee to encourage assimilation, yet this bill has already done more than anything I know of to bring about discord among our resident aliens. – Emanuel Celler

30398. My grandfather was Catholic; my grandmother, Jewish. Crossing over from Bavaria, as immigrants to the United States, the ship started to sink. My grandmother jumped overboard. My grandfather followed, to save this girl he had never met. – Emanuel Celler

30399. My grandfather, in 1848, had fled from Germany to find political freedom in the United States. – Emanuel Celler

30400. On the one hand we publicly pronounce the equality of all peoples; on the other hand, in our immigration laws, we embrace in practice these very theories we abhor and verbally condemn. – Emanuel Celler

30401. In March of 1933 we witnessed a revolution in manner, in mores, in the definition of government. What before had been black or white sprang alive with color. – Emanuel Celler

30402. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and CSIS have provided extraordinary co-operation, as I mentioned earlier. – Paul Cellucci

30403. I can tell you that the Canadian intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been providing outstanding co-operation with our intelligence and law enforcement agencies as we work together to track down terrorists here in North America and put them out of commission. – Paul Cellucci

30404. Another part of the global war on terrorism that Canada and the United States are working on together is in helping failed states, states like Afghanistan, where people have no voice. – Paul Cellucci

30405. But Canada remains a crucial partner in this global war on terrorism, and we are grateful for that. Canadian naval vessels, aircraft and military personnel continue anti-terrorist operations in the Persian Gulf. – Paul Cellucci

30406. Canada and the United States are also working at the World Trade Organization and in our own hemisphere with negotiations for a Trade Area of the Americas to try to help countries create a positive climate for investment and trade. – Paul Cellucci

30407. Canada is preparing to play a major role in the continued stability and security of Afghanistan through ISAF. – Paul Cellucci

30408. We are at war to liberate Iraq, to protect the people of the United States and other countries from the devastating impact of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction being used by terrorists or the Iraqi government to kill thousands of innocent civilians. – Paul Cellucci

30409. I do want to try to put things in perspective today relative to the U.S.-Canada relationship. I would like to start by talking about how important this relationship is to the people of the United States. – Paul Cellucci

30410. Yet there is disappointment in Washington and in the United States that Canada is not supporting us fully. – Paul Cellucci

30411. When you think about the day-to-day, positive impact on the lives of U.S. citizens, there is no relationship that we have in the world that is more important than our relationship with Canada. – Paul Cellucci

30412. When I was Governor of Massachusetts, we worked to get Sable Island gas into New England. – Paul Cellucci

30413. We would be there for Canada, part of our family. That is why so many in the United States are disappointed and upset that Canada is not fully supporting us now. – Paul Cellucci

30414. We will have a border that is open for business, open for tourism, open for legitimate travelers; but that is closed to terrorists and drug pushers and smugglers and others who seek to break the law. – Paul Cellucci

30415. We want to look at how we would respond because, as hard as we work to prevent terrorist attacks here North America, if we have a catastrophic terrorist attack, it is the military that is going to have to go in at the request of civilian authorities. – Paul Cellucci

30416. We saw when those World Trade towers came down what these terrorists will do. – Paul Cellucci

30417. We need to defeat al Queda and other terrorist organizations. – Paul Cellucci

30418. We must also remember that our work is not done. – Paul Cellucci

30419. We know that if al Queda or one of these terrorist organizations were to get a weapon of mass destruction from Iraq, that they would have no hesitation about using it to catastrophic consequences; the potential is for hundreds of thousands of casualties. – Paul Cellucci

30420. We get more oil from Canada than any country. – Paul Cellucci

30421. We are very grateful for what the Ontario provincial government is doing, and for cooperation from provincial and local police forces all across Canada. – Paul Cellucci

30422. We are also looking to Canada as we continue to integrate the North American energy market. – Paul Cellucci

30423. Our ties are deep and long-standing. We are dependent on each other. And no matter what the issue of the day, whether it be softwood lumber, whether it be a war in Iraq, we need to continue to work together. – Paul Cellucci

30424. I want you to know that, despite what you might read at times in the newspapers or see on the television news, we have actually been getting a lot of things done the last several months, the U.S.-Canada relationship. – Paul Cellucci

30425. Ironically, the Canadian naval vessels, aircraft and personnel in the Persian Gulf I mentioned earlier who are fighting terrorism will provide more support indirectly to this war in Iraq than most of the 46 countries that are fully supporting our efforts there. – Paul Cellucci

30426. Let me close as I did in Gander on September 11, 2002 when I went to that community to thank the people of Gander and the people of Canada for the overwhelming support and help that was given to us in the wake of those attacks on September 11, 2001. – Paul Cellucci

30427. Like Canada, we very much wanted the United Nations to be a relevant and effective body. But once those efforts failed, we no longer saw things from a multilateral perspective. For us, now, it is much more basic than that. It is about family. – Paul Cellucci

30428. We believe, as the President has indicated, that this combination of a rogue state that possesses weapons of mass destruction and has known ties to terrorist organizations, is a grave threat to the people of the United States and to other countries around the world. – Paul Cellucci

30429. Much has been accomplished during the last year in the campaign against terrorism. This struggle will require vigilance, perseverance and sacrifice for many years to come. – Paul Cellucci

30430. We already get more energy from Canada than from any other foreign country. – Paul Cellucci

30431. The agreement to place the binational planning group at our new Northern Command was also signed in December. – Paul Cellucci

30432. So we are disappointed that some of our closest allies, including Canada, have not agreed with us on the urgent need for this military action against Iraq. – Paul Cellucci

30433. Then we can help these failed states turn around and give their people a better life. This, too, is a critical part of this global war on terrorism, and Canada and the United States are together. – Paul Cellucci

30434. There is $1.4 billion a day in trade that goes back and forth across the border. That means millions of jobs and livelihoods for families here in Canada and for families in the United States. – Paul Cellucci

30435. These are Canadian and United States intelligence and law enforcement offices who are working in teams and who are using good intelligence and good law enforcement to really stop the criminals and terrorists before they ever get to the border. – Paul Cellucci

30436. This ability to have reliable sources of energy and a reliable transmission of energy here in North America is critical for both of us and for Mexico as we want to keep our economies growing. – Paul Cellucci

30437. This war in Iraq is part of a larger effort to remove this terrorist threat from the planet. – Paul Cellucci

30438. Trust me, you have to fight. When people are wrong, you’ve got to let them know it. – Orlando Cepeda

30439. When people are wrong, you’ve got to let them know it. – Orlando Cepeda

30440. Good manners: The noise you don’t make when you’re eating soup. – Bennett Cerf

30441. Middle age is when your old classmates are so grey and wrinkled and bald they don’t recognize you. – Bennett Cerf

30442. The Atomic Age is here to stay – but are we? – Bennett Cerf

30443. Gross ignorance is 144 times worse than ordinary ignorance. – Bennett Cerf

30444. The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed. – Bennett Cerf

30445. Fame – anyone who says he doesn’t like it is crazy. – Bennett Cerf

30446. A person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed. – Bennett Cerf

30447. A pat on the back, through only a few vertebrae removed from a kick in the pants, is miles ahead in results. – Bennett Cerf

30448. The Detroit String Quartet played Brahms last night. Brahms lost. – Bennett Cerf

30449. For me, a hearty “belly laugh” is one of the beautiful sounds in the world. – Bennett Cerf

30450. We live in a very complex world. – Vinton Cerf

30451. Their Internet usage is growing very rapidly, and even they can do the math: If everyone in China needed an IPv4 address – just one – this country would use up one third of the entire public IP address space. – Vinton Cerf

30452. There has been a substitution of ideology for fact and scientific and engineering data in this administration. – Vinton Cerf

30453. There is an underlying, fundamental reliance on the Internet, which continues to grow in the number of users, country penetration and both fixed and wireless broadband access. – Vinton Cerf

30454. There was something amazingly enticing about programming. – Vinton Cerf

30455. There’s a tremendous amount of energy in Japan and, increasingly, in China. – Vinton Cerf

30456. There’s an old maxim that says, ‘Things that work persist,’ which is why there’s still Cobol floating around. – Vinton Cerf

30457. We had no idea that this would turn into a global and public infrastructure. – Vinton Cerf

30458. The purpose behind terrorism is to instill fear in people – the fear that electrical power, for instance, will be taken away or the transportation system will be taken down. – Vinton Cerf

30459. We never, ever in the history of mankind have had access to so much information so quickly and so easily. – Vinton Cerf

30460. We will have more Internet, larger numbers of users, more mobile access, more speed, more things online and more appliances we can control over the Internet. – Vinton Cerf

30461. What is special about VOIP is that it’s just another thing you can do on the Internet, whereas it is the only thing – or nearly the only thing with the exception of the dial-up modem and fax – that you can do on the public switched telephone network. – Vinton Cerf

30462. Yet in all those cases I finally steeled myself to seize the opportunity, and find a way to muddle through and eventually conclude that I had, in fact, chosen the right path, as risky as it seemed at the time. – Vinton Cerf

30463. Yet we still see continuous reports of bugs. – Vinton Cerf

30464. Today we have 1 billion users on the Net. By 2010 we will have maybe 2 billion. – Vinton Cerf

30465. First of all, in terms of investment in Internet-related developments, venture capitalists – once burned – are now very cautious and are investing in areas that actually make business sense. – Vinton Cerf

30466. Although I’ve had several major career changes, I was extremely hesitant about making some of them. – Vinton Cerf

30467. In the larger companies, you have this tendency to get top-down direction. – Vinton Cerf

30468. But what we all have to learn is that we can’t do everything ourselves. – Vinton Cerf

30469. The Internet lives where anyone can access it. – Vinton Cerf

30470. I expect to see a lot of household appliances on the Net by 2010, as well as autos and other mobile devices. – Vinton Cerf

30471. I was very nervous about going up to teach at Stanford and very nervous even about going to ARPA. – Vinton Cerf

30472. In a small company, you often see a lot more of what goes on in a broader range of things. And that’s good. – Vinton Cerf

30473. In the earliest days, this was a project I worked on with great passion because I wanted to solve the Defense Department’s problem: it did not want proprietary networking and it didn’t want to be confined to a single network technology. – Vinton Cerf

30474. Movie distribution may very well have migrated fully to digital form by then, making a huge dent in the need to print film and physically distribute content. – Vinton Cerf

30475. My reaction to a lot of the current situation that we’re in is based in part on a serious concern that the present administration’s course ignores reality. – Vinton Cerf

30476. So, for me, working with larger companies has often been very satisfying, precisely because of the ability of bringing critical mass to bear on a given effort. – Vinton Cerf

30477. The computer would do anything you programmed it to do. – Vinton Cerf

30478. I’m projecting somewhere between 100 million and 200 million computers on the Net by the end of December 2000, and about 300 million users by that same time. – Vinton Cerf

30479. At some point, you can’t lift this boulder with just your own strength. And if you find that you need to move bigger and bigger boulders up hills, you will need more and more help. – Vinton Cerf

30480. It’s our destiny to explore. It’s our destiny to be a space-faring nation. – Eugene Cernan

30481. We leave as we came and, god willing, as we shall return, with peace, and hope for all mankind. – Eugene Cernan

30482. Everything beautiful has its moment and then passes away. – Luis Cernuda

30483. The media transforms the great silence of things into its opposite. Formerly constituting a secret, the real now talks constantly. News reports, information, statistics, and surveys are everywhere. – Michel De Certeau

30484. Political organizations have slowly substituted themselves for the Churches as the places for believing practices. Politics has once again become religious. – Michel De Certeau

30485. Along with the lazy man… the dying man is the immoral man: the former, a subject that does not work; the latter, an object that no longer even makes itself available to be worked on by others. – Michel De Certeau

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30486. The only freedom supposed to be left to the masses is that of grazing on the ration of simulacra the system distributes to each individual. – Michel De Certeau

30487. I have always heard, Sancho, that doing good to base fellows is like throwing water into the sea. – Miguel De Cervantes

30488. The eyes those silent tongues of love. – Miguel de Cervantes

30489. Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within. – Miguel de Cervantes

30490. There is nothing so subject to the inconstancy of fortune as war. – Miguel De Cervantes

30491. There is no greater folly in the world than for a man to despair. – Miguel de Cervantes

30492. There is also this benefit in brag, that the speaker is unconsciously expressing his own ideal. Humor him by all means, draw it all out, and hold him to it. – Miguel de Cervantes

30493. There are only two families in the world, my old grandmother used to say, the Haves and the Have-nots. – Miguel de Cervantes

30494. The most difficult character in comedy is that of the fool, and he must be no simpleton that plays that part. – Miguel de Cervantes

30495. Those who’ll play with cats must expect to be scratched. – Miguel de Cervantes

30496. The gratification of wealth is not found in mere possession or in lavish expenditure, but in its wise application. – Miguel de Cervantes

30497. Thou hast seen nothing yet. – Miguel de Cervantes

30498. The bow cannot always stand bent, nor can human frailty subsist without some lawful recreation. – Miguel De Cervantes

30499. That’s the nature of women, not to love when we love them, and to love when we love them not. – Miguel de Cervantes

30500. That which costs little is less valued. – Miguel de Cervantes

30501. Tell me thy company, and I’ll tell thee what thou art. – Miguel De Cervantes

30502. Proverbs are short sentences drawn from long experience. – Miguel de Cervantes

30503. Pray look better, Sir… those things yonder are no giants, but windmills. – Miguel de Cervantes

30504. Our hours in love have wings; in absence, crutches. – Miguel de Cervantes

30505. The knowledge of yourself will preserve you from vanity. – Miguel de Cervantes

30506. True valor lies between cowardice and rashness. – Miguel de Cervantes

30507. When thou art at Rome, do as they do at Rome. – Miguel de Cervantes

30508. When the severity of the law is to be softened, let pity, not bribes, be the motive. – Miguel de Cervantes

30509. Well, there’s a remedy for all things but death, which will be sure to lay us flat one time or other. – Miguel De Cervantes

30510. Virtue is the truest nobility. – Miguel De Cervantes

30511. I believe there’s no proverb but what is true; they are all so many sentences and maxims drawn from experience, the universal mother of sciences. – Miguel de Cervantes

30512. Truth will rise above falsehood as oil above water. – Miguel de Cervantes

30513. There’s no taking trout with dry breeches. – Miguel de Cervantes

30514. Truth indeed rather alleviates than hurts, and will always bear up against falsehood, as oil does above water. – Miguel de Cervantes

30515. Truth may be stretched, but cannot be broken, and always gets above falsehood, as does oil above water. – Miguel de Cervantes

30516. Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be. – Miguel de Cervantes

30517. To withdraw is not to run away, and to stay is no wise action, when there’s more reason to fear than to hope. – Miguel De Cervantes

30518. To be prepared is half the victory. – Miguel de Cervantes

30519. Tis the only comfort of the miserable to have partners in their woes. – Miguel De Cervantes

30520. ‘Tis ill talking of halters in the house of a man that was hanged. – Miguel de Cervantes

30521. Tis a dainty thing to command, though twere but a flock of sheep. – Miguel De Cervantes

30522. Time ripens all things; no man is born wise. – Miguel de Cervantes

30523. A closed mouth catches no flies. – Miguel De Cervantes

30524. Drink moderately, for drunkeness neither keeps a secret, nor observes a promise. – Miguel de Cervantes

30525. God bears with the wicked, but not forever. – Miguel de Cervantes

30526. From reading too much, and sleeping too little, his brain dried up on him and he lost his judgment. – Miguel de Cervantes

30527. Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory. – Miguel de Cervantes

30528. For a man to attain to an eminent degree in learning costs him time, watching, hunger, nakedness, dizziness in the head, weakness in the stomach, and other inconveniences. – Miguel de Cervantes

30529. Fear has many eyes and can see things underground. – Miguel de Cervantes

30530. Fair and softly goes far. – Miguel de Cervantes

30531. Good actions ennoble us, and we are the sons of our deeds. – Miguel de Cervantes

30532. Every man is as heaven made him, and sometimes a great deal worse. – Miguel De Cervantes

30533. A proverb is a short sentence based on long experience. – Miguel de Cervantes

30534. Diligence is the mother of good fortune, and idleness, its opposite, never brought a man to the goal of any of his best wishes. – Miguel de Cervantes

30535. Delay always breeds danger; and to protract a great design is often to ruin it. – Miguel de Cervantes

30536. Be a terror to the butchers, that they may be fair in their weight; and keep hucksters and fraudulent dealers in awe, for the same reason. – Miguel de Cervantes

30537. Alas! all music jars when the soul’s out of tune. – Miguel De Cervantes

30538. A private sin is not so prejudicial in this world, as a public indecency. – Miguel De Cervantes

30539. One of the most considerable advantages the great have over their inferiors is to have servants as good as themselves. – Miguel De Cervantes

30540. Valor lies just halfway between rashness and cowardice. – Miguel de Cervantes

30541. Every man is the son of his own works. – Miguel de Cervantes

30542. Laziness never arrived at the attainment of a good wish. – Miguel de Cervantes

30543. He had a face like a blessing. – Miguel de Cervantes

30544. A person dishonored is worst than dead. – Miguel de Cervantes

30545. No fathers or mothers think their own children ugly. – Miguel de Cervantes

30546. No padlocks, bolts, or bars can secure a maiden better than her own reserve. – Miguel de Cervantes

30547. Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn. – Miguel de Cervantes

30548. Modesty, tis a virtue not often found among poets, for almost every one of them thinks himself the greatest in the world. – Miguel De Cervantes

30549. Man appoints, and God disappoints. – Miguel De Cervantes

30550. Liberty, as well as honor, man ought to preserve at the hazard of his life, for without it life is insupportable. – Miguel de Cervantes

30551. Jests that give pains are no jests. – Miguel de Cervantes

30552. It seldom happens that any felicity comes so pure as not to be tempered and allayed by some mixture of sorrow. – Miguel de Cervantes

30553. It is one thing to praise discipline, and another to submit to it. – Miguel de Cervantes

30554. In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd. – Miguel de Cervantes

30555. One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world will be better for this. – Miguel de Cervantes

30556. I do not say a proverb is amiss when aptly and reasonably applied, but to be forever discharging them, right or wrong, hit or miss, renders conversation insipid and vulgar. – Miguel de Cervantes

30557. He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he that loses his courage loses all. – Miguel de Cervantes

30558. He preaches well that lives well. – Miguel de Cervantes

30559. Love and war are the same thing, and stratagems and policy are as allowable in the one as in the other. – Miguel De Cervantes

30560. I have a different idea of a universal. It is of a universal rich with all that is particular, rich with all the particulars there are, the deepening of each particular, the coexistence of them all. – Aime Cesaire

30561. Reason, I sacrifice you to the evening breeze. – Aime Cesaire

30562. It is no use painting the foot of the tree white, the strength of the bark cries out from beneath the paint. – Aime Cesaire

30563. Poetic knowledge is born in the great silence of scientific knowledge. – Aime Cesaire

30564. The rut I was in with the people that I had been previously been with it took the heart right out of me. – Peter Cetera

30565. People think how a sugar basin has no physiognomy, no soul. But it changes every day. – Paul Cezanne

30566. The awareness of our own strength makes us modest. – Paul Cezanne

30567. The artist makes things concrete and gives them individuality. – Paul Cezanne

30568. Tell me, do you think I’m going mad? I sometimes wonder, you know. – Paul Cezanne

30569. My nervous system is enfeebled, only work in oils can sustain me. – Paul Cezanne

30570. Shadow is a colour as light is, but less brilliant; light and shadow are only the relation of two tones. – Paul Cezanne

30571. Optics, developing in us through study, teach us to see. – Paul Cezanne

30572. Pure drawing is an abstraction. Drawing and colour are not distinct, everything in nature is coloured. – Paul Cezanne

30573. With a painter’s temperament, all that’s needed are the means of expression sufficient to be intelligible to the wide public. – Paul Cezanne

30574. Painting is damned difficult – you always think you’ve got it, but you haven’t. – Paul Cezanne

30575. Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations. – Paul Cezanne

30576. The clear French landscape is as pure as a verse of Racine. – Paul Cezanne

30577. One does not substitute oneself for the past, one merely adds to it a new link. – Paul Cezanne

30578. The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution. – Paul Cezanne

30579. The most seductive thing about art is the personality of the artist himself. – Paul Cezanne

30580. The painter must enclose himself within his work; he must respond not with words, but with paintings. – Paul Cezanne

30581. The truth is in nature, and I shall prove it. – Paul Cezanne

30582. The world doesn’t understand me and I don’t understand the world, that’s why I’ve withdrawn from it. – Paul Cezanne

30583. There are two things in the painter, the eye and the mind; each of them should aid the other. – Paul Cezanne

30584. Two sittings a day of my models and I’m totally exhausted. – Paul Cezanne

30585. We live in a rainbow of chaos. – Paul Cezanne

30586. When I judge art, I take my painting and put it next to a God made object like a tree or flower. If it clashes, it is not art. – Paul Cezanne

30587. With an apple I will astonish Paris. – Paul Cezanne

30588. My age and health will never allow me to realize the dream of art I’ve been pursuing all my life. – Paul Cezanne

30589. Doubtless there are things in nature which have not yet been seen. If an artist discovers them, he opens the way for his successors. – Paul Cezanne

30590. You say a new era in art is preparing; you sensed it coming; continue your studies without weakening. God will do the rest. – Paul Cezanne

30591. We must not be content to memorize the beautiful formulas of our illustrious predecessors. Let us go out and study beautiful nature. – Paul Cezanne

30592. I ask you to pray for me, for once age has overtaken us, we find consolation only in religion. – Paul Cezanne

30593. I want to die painting. – Paul Cezanne

30594. A puny body weakens the soul. – Paul Cezanne

30595. A thousand painters ought to be killed yearly. Say what you like: I’m every inch a painter. – Paul Cezanne

30596. A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art. – Paul Cezanne

30597. An art which isn’t based on feeling isn’t an art at all. – Paul Cezanne

30598. Art is a harmony parallel with nature. – Paul Cezanne

30599. Don’t be an art critic. Paint. There lies salvation. – Paul Cezanne

30600. For an Impressionist to paint from nature is not to paint the subject, but to realize sensations. – Paul Cezanne

30601. Here, on the river’s verge, I could be busy for months without changing my place, simply leaning a little more to right or left. – Paul Cezanne

30602. I allow no one to touch me. – Paul Cezanne

30603. I am a pupil of Pissarro. – Paul Cezanne

30604. Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience. – Paul Cezanne

30605. I am the primitive of the method I have invented. – Paul Cezanne

30606. Keep good company – that is, go to the Louvre. – Paul Cezanne

30607. I could paint for a hundred years, a thousand years without stopping and I would still feel as though I knew nothing. – Paul Cezanne

30608. I have nothing to hide in art. The initial force alone can bring anyone to the end he must attain. – Paul Cezanne

30609. I have sworn to die painting. – Paul Cezanne

30610. I lack the magnificent richness of color that animates nature. – Paul Cezanne

30611. I must be more sensible and realize that at my age, illusions are hardly permitted and they will always destroy me. – Paul Cezanne

30612. I paint as if I were Rothschild. – Paul Cezanne

30613. I’ll always be grateful to the public of intelligent amateurs. – Paul Cezanne

30614. If isolation tempers the strong, it is the stumbling-block of the uncertain. – Paul Cezanne

30615. Is art really the priesthood that demands the pure in heart who belong to it wholly? – Paul Cezanne

30616. Is it the factitious and the conventional that most surely succeed on earth and in the course of life? – Paul Cezanne

30617. It is impossible for emotion not to come on us in thinking of that time now flowed away. – Paul Cezanne

30618. It’s so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas. – Paul Cezanne

30619. I am more a friend of art than a producer of painting. – Paul Cezanne

30620. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not really possible to help others. – Paul Cezanne

30621. I like shopping, and I like to drive. – Lacey Chabert

30622. I had to have my first kiss in front of, like, a hundred people. I didn’t know what to do. So my sisters told me to, like, practice on a pillow, you know? But it didn’t kiss me back so I didn’t know what to expect. – Lacey Chabert

30623. I like to take pictures of lots of things: people-such as my nephews, my dogs, and just interesting objects that I see. For instance, I might take a picture of flowers by the side of the road, an old sign or a fence. – Lacey Chabert

30624. I need to decide whether to apply for college or delay it for a couple of years while I pursue some more acting projects. Right now I’m trying to sort things out, so I can make the right choices. – Lacey Chabert

30625. It’s more fun if you can control things like lighting and make special effects in the darkroom. – Lacey Chabert

30626. The only way I can be there and really get into the character is if I’m her. – Lacey Chabert

30627. We did a remake of Lost in Space. Filmed it in London for four months. – Lacey Chabert

30628. Do what you’re passionate about. – Lacey Chabert

30629. I don’t want to be a ‘teen star’ because so many people don’t ever grow out of that. – Lacey Chabert

30630. I was thinking, too, of Superman and his fortress of solitude. – Michael Chabon

30631. Every time another review comes out I let out a deep breath. – Michael Chabon

30632. He comes to this other world and he has to reinvent himself. Again, it felt natural, even though I’d been working really hard trying to come up with something. – Michael Chabon

30633. I found one remaining box of comics which I had saved. When I opened it up and that smell came pouring out, that old paper smell, I was struck by a rush of memories, a sense of my childhood self that seemed to be contained in there. – Michael Chabon

30634. I have a deadline. I’m glad. I think that will help me get it done. – Michael Chabon

30635. I love Richard Yates, his work, and the novel, Revolutionary Road. It’s a devastating novel. – Michael Chabon

30636. Moby Dick – that book is so amazing. I just realized that it starts with two characters meeting in bed; that’s how my book begins, too, but I hadn’t noticed the parallel before, two characters forced to share a bed, reluctantly. – Michael Chabon

30637. What’s going to be hard for me is to try to divorce myself as much as possible from what I wrote. I’ll have to approach it simply as raw material and try to craft a film script out of it. – Michael Chabon

30638. The things I keep going back to, rereading, maybe they say more about me as a reader than about the books. Love in the Time of Cholera, Pale Fire. – Michael Chabon

30639. The First Amendment has the same role in my life as a citizen and a writer as the sun has in our ecosystem. – Michael Chabon

30640. That’s the best thing about writing, when you’re in that zone, you’re porous, ready to absorb the solution. – Michael Chabon

30641. That was all very nice of them. They didn’t have to do anything because I wasn’t officially involved at all. – Michael Chabon

30642. I wanted to give readers the feeling of knowing the characters, a mental image. – Michael Chabon

30643. People keep saying, ‘Oh, you’re getting all these great reviews, that must make you really happy.’ I guess it does, but mostly it’s just a relief. – Michael Chabon

30644. I was surprised that my wife thought it was a good idea, then again with my agent, another woman, then my editor, another woman – in spite of the fact that all three of them reacted positively I still have this fear. – Michael Chabon

30645. Joe is the hero and Sammy is the sidekick. That’s how I feel about it. – Michael Chabon

30646. It was fun. That was something I came to fairly late. – Michael Chabon

30647. It was an incredible resource. I’d sit with a big stack of bound New Yorkers in the library and read through, especially the ‘Talk of the Town’ sections. – Michael Chabon

30648. It is unusual for Joe to be that way, but that’s what interested me. – Michael Chabon

30649. I wasn’t involved, except to the degree that they sent me drafts of the script as the writer turned them in. They asked me at one point to write a memo about what I thought of it. – Michael Chabon

30650. It’s good to have it over with. I worked on it a long time, and I didn’t know what people were going to think of it. Would people like it? Would they buy it? So far it’s been doing pretty well. – Michael Chabon

30651. So it was scary, but that’s how it goes. To my great delight, I discovered that it did all belong. – Michael Chabon

30652. As soon as I read that, it clicked: that’s my theater of war. It was exciting to think that I could write about World War Two from a totally new place. – Michael Chabon

30653. Louis Pasteur said, ‘Chance favors the prepared mind.’ If you’re really engaged in the writing, you’ll work yourself out of whatever jam you find yourself in. – Michael Chabon

30654. Comic books were just the means for me to tell the story. – Michael Chabon

30655. Traditional marriage between a man and a woman has been a cornerstone of our society for generations. If we are going to change that, it ought to be done by the will of the people. – Steve Chabot

30656. If people use common sense and their own guiding moral compass, I think they’ll generally stay out of trouble. – Steve Chabot

30657. I think it’s very easy to get corrupted. – Steve Chabot

30658. Go by your own conscience. – Steve Chabot

30659. Even with not having a balanced budget at this time, I support tax cuts. That will help limit spending. – Steve Chabot

30660. People can really have an impact on a campaign and learn an awful lot. It can be an enjoyable experience. – Steve Chabot

30661. Politics is a contact sport. – Steve Chabot

30662. The liberals are fighting so hard whenever President Bush appoints any federal judges. – Steve Chabot

30663. The Senate needs 60 votes to pass anything. They have to compromise with liberal Democrats to spend more money. Even though arguably we have control of the Senate, we really don’t. – Steve Chabot

30664. There is insufficient support for the police and safety and law enforcement, in general, in the city council. – Steve Chabot

30665. There’s so much mudslinging going on, and people get so turned off by that. It seems like neither party is aware of that. They’re too concerned with blasting each other. – Steve Chabot

30666. Too often, they play to whatever group is the loudest down at City Hall, and they buy them off, essentially. – Steve Chabot

30667. We’ve passed an energy bill in the House, to help us be less reliant upon foreign oil so we can get gas prices down. But nothing happens in the Senate. – Steve Chabot

30668. Just because people are in authority, if it doesn’t seem right, don’t do it. If it violates your own principles, don’t do it. – Steve Chabot

30669. You have to starve the Beast. That’s one of the most important things about tax cuts. If you leave the money in Washington, it’s going to be spent. – Steve Chabot

30670. First I went to the Sorbonne to do my licence en lettres, but I also started to study law. – Claude Chabrol

30671. I’m not pessimistic about people in general, but only about the way they live. – Claude Chabrol

30672. I wanted to make a film about stupid people that was very vulgar and deeply stupid. From that moment on I can hardly be reproached for making a film that is about stupid people. – Claude Chabrol

30673. I remember an article, I can’t recall who by, it was after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which said that now the Wall was down, there could be no more class war. Only someone with money could ever say such a thing. – Claude Chabrol

30674. I love mirrors. They let one pass through the surface of things. – Claude Chabrol

30675. I brought the film like a flower to the world. – Claude Chabrol

30676. As far as I was concerned, either I was a homosexual or I wasn’t, so making films would change nothing. – Claude Chabrol

30677. A woman is subject matter enough. – Claude Chabrol

30678. A woman confronting men is a proper subject, it is inexhaustible. – Claude Chabrol

30679. I like making black and white films in natural surroundings, but I much prefer shooting a color film inside a studio where the colors are easier to control. – Claude Chabrol

30680. It’s often wrong to write for specific actors because one ends up using what is least interesting about them, their mannerisms and habits. I prefer not to write for specific people. – Claude Chabrol

30681. My father wanted me to be a pharmacist like himself. He had been a doctor, but he no longer believed in medicine; so he became a pharmacist, but he believed in that hardly more. – Claude Chabrol

30682. Some colors are very difficult to render, and you must compensate to get the color you want on the screen. – Claude Chabrol

30683. I’m not wild about hand-held shots. – Claude Chabrol

30684. Laying tracks gives you freedom without being too obvious. – Claude Chabrol

30685. There’s one thing which I hate about color films… people who use up a lot of their despairing producer’s money by working in the laboratory to bring out the dominant hues, or to make color films where there isn’t any color. – Claude Chabrol

30686. There are no bridges in folk songs because the peasants died building them. – Eugene Chadbourne

30687. The Nationals tried hard to recover the lost ground. The final result, however, was the success of the Forest Citys by a score of 29 to 23 in a nine innings game, twice interrupted by rain. – Henry Chadwick

30688. Most Americans think Abner Doubleday invented the game but he had little or nothing to do with cricket. – Henry Chadwick

30689. It was not long before I was struck with the idea that base ball was just the game for a national sport for Americans. – Henry Chadwick

30690. Base Ball, to be played thoroughly, requires the possession of muscular strength, great agility, quickness of eye, readiness of hand, and many other faculties of mind and body that mark the man of nerve. – Henry Chadwick

30691. A Church which has lost its memory is in a sad state of senility. – Henry Chadwick

30692. You need the House, you need the Senate and you need the administration. And absent one of them, you’re not going to get a heck of a lot done. – John Chafee

30693. Caution, not exuberance, should be our fiscal motto. – John Chafee

30694. Well, usually when you talk about a mandate, you’re talking about an overwhelming win. I don’t think by any measurement the 2004 election was an overwhelming win. – Lincoln Chafee

30695. Reform of the medical liability system should be considered as part of a comprehensive response to surging medical malpractice premiums that endanger Americans’ access to quality medical care. – Lincoln Chafee

30696. On the issues that I care deeply about – the environment, Roe vs. Wade, the war in Iraq, with no weapons of mass destruction, the tax cuts that are now leading to deficits, I’ve got some deep issues with the president. – Lincoln Chafee

30697. I worry about 10, 15, 20, 25 years down the road. Where are we going to be in this age of nuclear weapons, where there is no margin for error? – Lincoln Chafee

30698. In the world of diplomacy, some things are better left unsaid. – Lincoln Chafee

30699. Israelis can be proud of the vibrant democracy that they have created, and I know that many Rhode Islanders share my deep appreciation for the close friendship between our two nations. – Lincoln Chafee

30700. Problems look mighty small from 150 miles up. – Roger B. Chaffee

30701. The world itself looks cleaner and so much more beautiful. Maybe we can make it that way – the way God intended it to be – by giving everyone, eventually, that new perspective from out in space. – Roger B. Chaffee

30702. If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. – Marc Chagall

30703. When I am finishing a picture, I hold some God-made object up to it – a rock, a flower, the branch of a tree or my hand – as a final test. If the painting stands up beside a thing man cannot make, the painting is authentic. If there’s a clash between the two, it’s bad art. – Marc Chagall

30704. The fingers must be educated, the thumb is born knowing. – Marc Chagall

30705. The dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world. In this long vigil he often has to vary his methods of stimulation; but in this long vigil he is also himself striving against a continual tendency to sleep. – Marc Chagall

30706. Work isn’t to make money; you work to justify life. – Marc Chagall

30707. In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love. – Marc Chagall

30708. I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment. – Marc Chagall

30709. Great art picks up where nature ends. – Marc Chagall

30710. All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites. – Marc Chagall

30711. I adore the theater and I am a painter. I think the two are made for a marriage of love. I will give all my soul to prove this once more. – Marc Chagall

30712. Only love interests me, and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love. – Marc Chagall

30713. Why do Greeks always open restaurants that fail? – George Chakiris

30714. No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible. – George Chakiris

30715. I don’t think that they have many of the scientists who were involved in the weapons program to talk to at this time, and there were thousands of people, engineers and scientists, they know where the weapons are. – Ahmed Chalabi

30716. And we are grateful to the American young men and women who are risking their lives to give the Iraqi people this chance, this dream of democracy in Iraq now. – Ahmed Chalabi

30717. I call on the international community to be fair to the Iraqi people. My position is that we respect international resolutions but in return demand justice and accountability for those who stole Iraq’s money. – Ahmed Chalabi

30718. I strongly believe that a federal structure based on administrative and geographic lines with strong powers for the federated states will be the best solution for Iraq. – Ahmed Chalabi

30719. It will be a war of national liberation. We believe the people reject totalitarianism. – Ahmed Chalabi

30720. The Iraqi people are living a long-running tragedy because of the legacy of the old regime, the Americans and their actions that are unsuitable for Iraqi society, and the weakness of national resolve. – Ahmed Chalabi

30721. The issue of terrorism must be dealt with firmly. We must work very hard to avoid loss of life. We must work very hard to avoid civilian casualties. And those terrorists and Baathists are holding the people of Fallujah hostage. We must release the hostages. – Ahmed Chalabi

30722. The view that we hold in Iraq now is this – that democracy is associated with elections. I believe that elections are possible. – Ahmed Chalabi

30723. Do not seek to find a reason why elections are not possible. Seek to make them possible, and they will be possible. – Ahmed Chalabi

30724. I’ve slowly gone back, later on in life, to fish and then chicken and then, last year, red meat. – Sarah Chalke

30725. But to be part of helping create a character and be a part of something from the beginning – the excitement of it – it doesn’t get any better. – Sarah Chalke

30726. Human beings are not meant to lose their anonymity and privacy. – Sarah Chalke

30727. Your home should be your home. People shouldn’t be allowed to use whatever crazy lenses they use to catch you waking up in the morning. – Sarah Chalke

30728. What doctor does not need platform heels and dark black eyeliner to treat their patients? – Sarah Chalke

30729. We have such a good time working together. It makes such a difference going to work every day for 14 hours and being able to hang out and have a good time. – Sarah Chalke

30730. Walking into a show when I was 16, at that time when it was the No. 1 hit show, and replacing a character comes with so many expectations. I felt a lot of pressure with that. – Sarah Chalke

30731. The first time I lived in L.A. I was too young. I really wanted to be back home in Vancouver. – Sarah Chalke

30732. So the first season about halfway through he just sort of put us together and then broke us up all within one episode. One of the ideas is to have us do that once a year – to have everything blow up in our faces and not work out. – Sarah Chalke

30733. Roseanne was incredible to work with. She was extremely bright. – Sarah Chalke

30734. In fact, if they didn’t let me commute, I would not have taken the role because I wanted to graduate high school with my classmates. I remember my agent’s jaw dropping when I told him if I couldn’t commute I didn’t want the role. – Sarah Chalke

30735. I’m having the time of my life. I’ve never looked forward to going to work so much every day. I’m loving it; it’s great. It’s what I love to do and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. – Sarah Chalke

30736. I think it’s because it’s so different and it takes risks. Plus, it’s really smart humor. It gives the audience credit in terms of not needing to tell them when to laugh. I love that about the show. There’s no laugh track. – Sarah Chalke

30737. I don’t smoke, I try to eat right, and I love doing yoga and going for hikes with my dog. – Sarah Chalke

30738. I don’t think when people sign up for a life of doing something they love to do they should have to sign up for a complete loss of privacy. I understand a little loss of privacy coming with the job. – Sarah Chalke

30739. It was really cool going to Sea World. We had an amazing time. They were amazing to us. We got to swim with the dolphins, and it was really special. – Sarah Chalke

30740. I love acting, and it was really important to me to give it a real shot. – Sarah Chalke

30741. I would like to think that I’m more different from my character than I am. – Sarah Chalke

30742. I think that as is true in this industry, everything gets blown out of proportion because it’s more fun for people to read about. It’s even more fun to read about if the stories get wilder and wilder. – Sarah Chalke

30743. I think that we had a really loyal, great audience on Tuesdays and we were hoping that with the move, they would come with us. It looks like they have, so things are good and we are going to keep building. – Sarah Chalke

30744. I was 17 and the whole thing was very confusing at the time. It was a great job and I loved it, and to lose the role was definitely tough for me. I was devastated when I lost the role. – Sarah Chalke

30745. I would be sad if it ended now. It’s been the best job I’ve had by a long shot, especially creatively because the writing is so good. Every week I get the script and I laugh out loud and get excited for the different stuff we get to do. – Sarah Chalke

30746. I lived in Vancouver, where they film so many things. So it gave me a good shot at it. – Sarah Chalke

30747. I have taught history on the high school and college levels, and am or have been a lecturer at the Smithsonian, The National Institutes of Health, and numerous colleges and universities, mostly on science fiction and technology subjects. – Jack L. Chalker

30748. If you got what it takes, you’ll make it. If you don’t, Shakespeare couldn’t help you. – Jack L. Chalker

30749. First, people don’t read novels off screens, and they don’t have a tendency to shell out real money for books when they don’t retain anything physically for their money. – Jack L. Chalker

30750. I write novels and other things. – Jack L. Chalker

30751. No, I don’t autograph blank slips, checks, or stickers, and certainly no books without me in them. – Jack L. Chalker

30752. I do not read SF as much as I used to. It’s too much like a busman’s holiday. – Jack L. Chalker

30753. I am a registered Democrat and two-time unsuccessful candidate for office. – Jack L. Chalker

30754. Decadence is wonderful. – Jack L. Chalker

30755. I have long been active in and supportive of conservation and historical preservation causes. – Jack L. Chalker

30756. I am also a Kentucky Colonel and an Honorary Mayor of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, among other things. – Jack L. Chalker

30757. Here, the broader issues are already familiar, and discussion has focused at a more sophisticated and detailed level. Within the philosophy of mind, the problem of consciousness is no big news. – David Chalmers

30758. Within psychology and neuroscience, some new and rigorous experimental paradigms for studying consciousness have helped it begin to overcome the stigma that has been attached to the topic for most of this century. – David Chalmers

30759. What does it mean, exactly, for a given system to be a “neural correlate of consciousness”? – David Chalmers

30760. Things are still in early stages, but one can imagine that as we build up and systematize our theories of these associations, and try to boil them down to their core, the result might point us toward the sort of fundamental principles I advocate. – David Chalmers

30761. There’s certainly nothing original about the observation that conscious experience poses a hard problem. – David Chalmers

30762. Sense data are much more controversial than qualia, because they are associated with a controversial theory of perception – that one perceives the world by perceiving one’s sense-data, or something like that. – David Chalmers

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30763. People have managed to avert their eyes and hope for the best. – David Chalmers

30764. It probably helps that my background is in the sciences and I can speak the scientists’ language. – David Chalmers

30765. I never expected this to catch on in the way it did! Of course similar observations have been made by any number of people, and the distinction is obvious to anyone who thinks about the subject a little. – David Chalmers

30766. Even when I was studying mathematics, physics, and computer science, it always seemed that the problem of consciousness was about the most interesting problem out there for science to come to grips with. – David Chalmers

30767. Anyway, there is a lot of really interesting work going on in the neuroscience and psychology of consciousness, and I would love to see philosophers become more closely involved with this. – David Chalmers

30768. Although I’m Australian, I find myself much more in sympathy with the Austrian version! – David Chalmers

30769. Actually, I think my view is compatible with much of the work going on now in neuroscience and psychology, where people are studying the relationship of consciousness to neural and cognitive processes without really trying to reduce it to those processes. – David Chalmers

30770. Actually, I think most people accept the existence of qualia. – David Chalmers

30771. I think that consciousness has always been the most important topic in the philosophy of mind, and one of the most important topics in cognitive science as a whole, but it had been surprisingly neglected in recent years. – David Chalmers

30772. This writer, and all others of his stamp, should remember that the colonies are now in a state of revolt and rebellion against their rightful sovereign. – James Chalmers

30773. The public! the public! how many fools does it require to make the public? – Thomas Chalmers

30774. I’m more interested in seeing what the material tells me than in imposing my will on it. – John Chamberlain

30775. Art is basically made by dissatisfied people who are willing to find some means to relieve the dissatisfaction. – John Chamberlain

30776. Art is a liaison between some sort of deranged mentality and others who are not going through it. – John Chamberlain

30777. The day of small nations has long passed away. The day of Empires has come. – Joseph Chamberlain

30778. London is the clearing-house of the world. – Joseph Chamberlain

30779. Learn to think impartially. – Joseph Chamberlain

30780. In politics, there is no use looking beyond the next fortnight. – Joseph Chamberlain

30781. Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities – because it is the quality which guarantees all others. – Joseph Chamberlain

30782. You cannot teach old dogs new tricks. – Joseph Chamberlain

30783. On great fields something stays. – Joseph L. Chamberlain

30784. In great deeds something abides. – Joseph L. Chamberlain

30785. We have to go in places no body would ever think of going into were it not for the necessities of war. – Joshua Chamberlain

30786. Let me say no danger and no hardship ever makes me wish to get back to that college life again. – Joshua Chamberlain

30787. I never could be a partisan leader – a man of one idea. – Joshua Chamberlain

30788. Just after writing those we were called up to defend a new position on the left, where the terrible storming of the bridge over the Antietam took place. – Joshua Chamberlain

30789. I long to be in the Field again, doing my part to keep the old flag up, with all its stars. – Joshua Chamberlain

30790. Mounting a large rock, I was able to see a considerable body of the enemy moving by the flank in rear of their line engaged, and passing from the direction of the foot of Great Round Top through the valley toward the front of my left. – Joshua Chamberlain

30791. My officers and men understood wishes so well that this movement was executed under fire, the right wing keeping up fire, without giving the enemy any occasion to seize or even to suspect their advantage. – Joshua Chamberlain

30792. The power of noble deeds is to be preserved and passed on to the future. – Joshua Chamberlain

30793. I do not pretend to write much of a letter. You know under what circumstances I am writing. – Joshua Chamberlain

30794. We fought no better, perhaps, than they. We exhibited, perhaps, no higher individual qualities. – Joshua Chamberlain

30795. Rations were scarcely issued, and the men about preparing supper, when rumors that the enemy had been encountered that day near Gettysburg absorbed every other interest, and very soon orders came to march forthwith to Gettysburg. – Joshua Chamberlain

30796. We know not of the future and cannot plan for it much. – Joshua Chamberlain

30797. We pass now quickly from each other’s sight; but I know full well that where beyond these passing scenes you shall be, there will be Heaven. – Joshua Chamberlain

30798. This is the great reward of service, to live, far out and on, in the life of others; this is the mystery of Christ, – to give life’s best for such high sake that it shall be found again unto life eternal. – Joshua Chamberlain

30799. But we can hold our spirits and our bodies so pure and high, we may cherish such thoughts and such ideals, and dream such dreams of lofty purpose, that we can determine and know what manner of men we will be, whenever and wherever the hour strikes and calls to noble action. – Joshua Chamberlain

30800. But the cause for which we fought was higher; our thought wider… That thought was our power. – Joshua Chamberlain

30801. The word was enough. It ran like fire along the line, from man to man, and rose into a shout, with which they sprang forward upon the enemy, now not 30 yards away. – Joshua Chamberlain

30802. Every pioneer and musician who could carry a musket went into the ranks. Even the sick and foot-sore, who could not keep up in the march, came up as soon as they could find their regiments, and took their places in line of battle, while it was battle, indeed. – Joshua Chamberlain

30803. We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by analysing possible causes, by trying to remove them, by discussion in a spirit of collaboration and good will. – Neville Chamberlain

30804. We would fight not for the political future of a distant city, rather for principles whose destruction would ruin the possibility of peace and security for the peoples of the earth. – Neville Chamberlain

30805. In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers. – Neville Chamberlain

30806. I believe it is peace in our time. – Neville Chamberlain

30807. However much we may sympathize with a small nation confronted by a big and powerful neighbours, we cannot in all circumstances undertake to involve the whole British Empire in a war simply on her account. – Neville Chamberlain

30808. How horrible, fantastic, incredible, it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing. – Neville Chamberlain

30809. Each generation of scientists stands upon the shoulders of those who have gone before. – Owen Chamberlain

30810. The whole structure of science gradually grows, but only as it is built upon a firm foundation of past research. – Owen Chamberlain

30811. The development of physics, like the development of any science, is a continuous one. – Owen Chamberlain

30812. ‘Handsome’ means many things to many people. If people consider me handsome, I feel flattered – and have my parents to thank for it. Realistically, it doesn’t hurt to be good-looking, especially in this business. – Richard Chamberlain

30813. Nothing is secret once you tell anyone. If you want to keep it quiet – don’t tell a soul. – Richard Chamberlain

30814. I’ve learned, I think, to be able to distinguish between the necessary and the unnecessary as far as my limited outside time is concerned. Saying “no” politely is a necessity if one wants to lead any kind of stable life. – Richard Chamberlain

30815. I suppose everyone tells little white lies. Quite often they’re necessary to make someone feel better or prevent feelings from being hurt. Whoppers? No, that’s dangerous and they’ll boomerang. – Richard Chamberlain

30816. I pattern my actions and life after what I want. No two people are alike. You might admire attributes in others, but use these only as a guide in improving yourself in your own unique way. I don’t go for carbon copies. Individualism is sacred! – Richard Chamberlain

30817. I actually feel sorry for people who have a lot of illusions in their head about what gay is. I mean, I know some gay people who are really wonderful people. – Richard Chamberlain

30818. I consider myself a religious person. God is something very personal with me and I don’t flaunt religion in conversation with others. – Richard Chamberlain

30819. Over a long period of time, living as if you were someone else is no fun. – Richard Chamberlain

30820. They were so clever finding ways to get me the ball. They had to do more than just give up open shots. They had to avoid fouls and pass me the ball in traffic. – Wilt Chamberlain

30821. You must understand as a kid of color in those days, the Harlem Globetrotters were like being movie stars. – Wilt Chamberlain

30822. With all of you men out there who think that having a thousand different ladies is pretty cool, I have learned in my life I’ve found out that having one woman a thousand different times is much more satisfying. – Wilt Chamberlain

30823. When you go out there and do the things you’re supposed to do, people view you as selfish. – Wilt Chamberlain

30824. They were willing to do anything to stop me. – Wilt Chamberlain

30825. The man who won’t loan money isn’t going to have many friends – or need them. – Wilt Chamberlain

30826. Nobody roots for Goliath. – Wilt Chamberlain

30827. It was a challenge to my teammates to help me. – Wilt Chamberlain

30828. Everybody pulls for David, nobody roots for Goliath. – Wilt Chamberlain

30829. We’re all fascinated by the numbers, as we were about the 100 points. – Wilt Chamberlain

30830. But the point of using the number was to show that sex was a great part of my life as basketball was a great part of my life. That’s the reason why I was single. – Wilt Chamberlain

30831. It just wasn’t right the way they were behind by 25 points and then they’re told to hold the ball. – Wilt Chamberlain

30832. I believe that good things come to those who work. – Wilt Chamberlain

30833. I couldn’t have come close without my teammates’ help because the Knicks didn’t want me to make 100. – Wilt Chamberlain

30834. I get constant reminders from fans who equate that game and my career as one and the same. – Wilt Chamberlain

30835. I guarantee you, if you could give me 10 points in all those seventh games against the Boston Celtics, instead of Bill Russell having 11 rings, I could’ve at least had nine or eight. – Wilt Chamberlain

30836. If you have ability in a certain area, why not capitalize on it and improve it and use it? – Wilt Chamberlain

30837. And I remember leaving my place in L.A. and – my father is a big fight fan – and I said, ‘Dad, I got a couple of days off and I’m getting ready to go to Houston to sign to fight Muhammad Ali. – Wilt Chamberlain

30838. If you put the right things out there the right things will happen. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30839. What I see for the band by the end of this year is the Complex live at the Montreux Jazz Festival. I want my guys to be comfortable. I’m certainly not in this for the money, but I’d really like to see my guys make some money off of this stuff. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30840. When I’m at home I practice everyday. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30841. The thing I try to do the most is to play in terms of the song and play in terms of what I’m hearing. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30842. The lyrics came out of necessity. When we started writing the record, we started in a more fusion environment and that got boring really quick and that wasn’t what we were about on an organic level. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30843. People just expect you to show up, be a cartoon character of yourself, take your money and go home. But don’t screw up to the point where you’re gonna be out of the picture. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30844. No one writes about the emotional things you go through. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30845. My brother was always in bands and on the road when I was a kid and he was my inspiration. He never made it with a big band, in fact he never made a record. Here he is fifty-something years old. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30846. My brother and I had a real love-hate relationship with my success. There was some bitterness there that I didn’t understand until recently, but I told him that if I ever did a record I wanted him to play on it. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30847. All he wants to do is practice and that’s all he does, all day long. That’s what it takes if you want to change the face of music. You’ve gotta be committed to it. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30848. If you can get a twelve year-old kid to go listen to Thelonius Monk, what more do you want? Do you want a big pile of cash, too? That’s a home run for me. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30849. You start to look at it with a deeper respect and I think that deeper respect for what you do builds more self-respect. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30850. At first it was a bit daunting, but once I started to do it, the more I got into it, the more I started enjoying it and being able to say things lyrically that I would normally have to say musically. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30851. But back then the thing that saved me was the music, and it’s certainly the music that saves me now. The music, my family and my friends and everybody around me. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30852. Had I joined a straight rock band, I’m sure my drumming would be a little bit different right now. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30853. I can’t take days off and play like I did last night. Maybe some people can, but I can’t. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30854. I feel really good in the teacher role. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30855. I take my craft very seriously. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30856. I think that the jazzy approach that I have is based on the way that I hear music and in the way I play a supporting role to the other people in the band. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30857. I’ve always seen my drumming as lyrical anyway. – Jimmy Chamberlin

30858. Must not fight simply to win; no holds barred is not the way; you must win by the rules. – John Graham Chambers

30859. We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties. – Oswald Chambers

30860. It is the unseen and the spiritual in people that determines the outward and the actual. – Oswald Chambers

30861. When it is a question of God’s almighty Spirit, never say, “I can’t.” – Oswald Chambers

30862. We look upon the enemy of our souls as a conquered foe, so he is, but only to God, not to us. – Oswald Chambers

30863. The whole point of getting things done is knowing what to leave undone. – Oswald Chambers

30864. The dearest friend on earth is a mere shadow compared to Jesus Christ. – Oswald Chambers

30865. You will never cease to be the most amazed person on earth at what God has done for you on the inside. – Oswald Chambers

30866. I have learnt that I am me, that I can do the things that, as one might put it, me can do, but I cannot do the things that me would like to do. – Oswald Chambers

30867. Holiness, not happiness, is the chief end of man. – Oswald Chambers

30868. Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time. – Oswald Chambers

30869. Character in a saint means the disposition of Jesus Christ persistently manifested. – Oswald Chambers

30870. Books are the blessed chloroform of the mind. – Oswald Chambers

30871. A good book, in the language of the book-sellers, is a salable one; in that of the curious, a scarce one; in that of men of sense, a useful and instructive one. – Oswald Chambers

30872. When a man is at his wits’ end it is not a cowardly thing to pray, it is the only way he can get in touch with Reality. – Oswald Chambers

30873. If in preaching the gospel you substitute your knowledge of the way of salvation for confidence in the power of the gospel, you hinder people from getting to reality. – Oswald Chambers

30874. Books are standing counselors and preachers, always at hand, and always disinterested; having this advantage over oral instructors that they are ready to repeat their lessons as often as we please. – Robert Chambers

30875. Books are the blessed chloroform of the mind. – Robert Chambers

30876. If you treat with courtesy your equal, who is privileged to resent an impertinence, how much more cautious should you be to your dependents, from whom you demand a respectful demeanor. – Robert Chambers

30877. I do not know any way to explain why God’s grace touches a man who seems unworthy of it. – Whittaker Chambers

30878. My children, as long as you live, the shadow of the Hiss Case will brush you. In every pair of eyes that rests on you, you will see pass, like a cloud passing behind a woods in winter, the memory of your father – dissembled in friendly eyes, lurking in unfriendly eyes. – Whittaker Chambers

30879. A nation’s life is about as long as its reverential memory. – Whittaker Chambers

30880. It is popular to call it a crisis of the Western world. It is in fact a crisis of the whole world. Communism, which claims to be a solution of the crisis, is itself a symptom and an irritant of the crisis. – Whittaker Chambers

30881. Political freedom is a political reading of the Bible. – Whittaker Chambers

30882. In 1937, I began, like Lazarus, the impossible return. – Whittaker Chambers

30883. I see in Communism the focus of the concentrated evil of our time. – Whittaker Chambers

30884. I know that I am leaving the winning side for the losing side, but it is better to die on the losing side than to live under Communism. – Whittaker Chambers

30885. Human societies, like human beings, live by faith and die when faith dies. – Whittaker Chambers

30886. For in this century, within the next decades, will be decided for generations whether all mankind is to become Communist, whether the whole world is to become free, or whether, in the struggle, civilization as we know it is to be completely destroyed or completely changed. – Whittaker Chambers

30887. Every man is crucified upon the cross of himself. – Whittaker Chambers

30888. At issue was the question whether this man’s faith could prevail against a man whose equal faith it was that this society is sick beyond saving, and that mercy itself pleads for its swift extinction and replacement by another. – Whittaker Chambers

30889. A witness, in the sense that I am using the word, is a man whose life and faith are so completely one that when the challenge comes to step out and testify for his faith, he does so, disregarding all risks, accepting all consequences. – Whittaker Chambers

30890. A man is not primarily a witness against something. That is only incidental to the fact that he is a witness for something. – Whittaker Chambers

30891. On that road of the informer, it is always night. I cannot ever inform against anyone without feeling something die within me. I inform without pleasure, because it is necessary. – Whittaker Chambers

30892. At issue in the Hiss Case was the question whether this sick society, which we call Western civilization, could in its extremity still cast up a man whose faith in it was so great that he would voluntarily abandon those things which men hold good, including life, to defend it. – Whittaker Chambers

30893. The chief fruit of the First World War was the Russian Revolution and the rise of Communism as a national power. – Whittaker Chambers

30894. The Communist vision is the vision of man without God. – Whittaker Chambers

30895. Tragedy occurs when a human soul awakes and seeks, in suffering and pain, to free itself from crime, violence, infamy, even at the cost of life. The struggle is the tragedy – not defeat or death. – Whittaker Chambers

30896. When you understand what you see, you will no longer be children. You will know that life is pain, that each of us hangs always upon the cross of himself. And when you know that this is true of every man, woman and child on earth, you will be wiser. – Whittaker Chambers

30897. On a scale personal enough to be felt by all, but big enough to be symbolic, the two irreconcilable faiths of our time – Communism and Freedom – came to grips in the persons of two conscious and resolute men. – Whittaker Chambers

30898. The security of the United States, which is so dependent on having accurate and timely intelligence, is not a Republican or a Democratic issue. – Saxby Chambliss

30899. The truth is our country, our people, our liberties, and our way of life are under attack by radical Islamic terrorists who kill and destroy in the name of religion. – Saxby Chambliss

30900. The backbone of our nation’s domestic defense against terrorist attacks will continue to be the men and women in local law enforcement and emergency services. – Saxby Chambliss

30901. Saddam Hussein has openly admitted to the rest of the world that he had weapons of mass destruction. He used those weapons to kill his own people. – Saxby Chambliss

30902. Japan’s inexplicable lack of response to even consider a move to re-open their market to U.S. beef will sorely tempt economic trade action against Japan. – Saxby Chambliss

30903. Intelligence is our first line of defense against terrorism, and we must improve the collection capabilities and analysis of intelligence to protect the security of the United States and its allies. – Saxby Chambliss

30904. But the thing we do know is whatever it costs to save and protect American lives in this conflict, we’re going to spend. – Saxby Chambliss

30905. I’m concerned about the cost, just like everybody else. There’s no question that we have an obligation to help the people of Louisiana and Mississippi to rebuild. – Saxby Chambliss

30906. When his nomination comes before the United States Senate, Timothy Batten can count on my strong support… He is the right person for the job. – Saxby Chambliss

30907. Let me be clear: There is no stronger advocate for civil liberties in the Senate than myself. – Saxby Chambliss

30908. Of all days, the day on which one has not laughed is the one most surely wasted. – Nicolas Chamfort

30909. There is a melancholy that stems from greatness. – Nicolas Chamfort

30910. People are governed with the head; kindness of heart is little use in chess. – Nicolas Chamfort

30911. Love is more pleasant than marriage for the same reason that novels are more amusing than history. – Nicolas Chamfort

30912. The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed. – Nicolas Chamfort

30913. There are well-dressed foolish ideas just as there are well-dressed fools. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30914. Most of those who make collections of verse or epigram are like men eating cherries or oysters: they choose out the best at first, and end by eating all. – Nicolas De Chamfort

30915. Nature never said to me: Do not be poor; still less did she say: Be rich; her cry to me was always: Be independent. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30916. One must not hope to be more than one can be. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30917. Philosophy, like medicine, has plenty of drugs, few good remedies, and hardly any specific cures. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30918. Preoccupation with money is the great test of small natures, but only a small test of great ones. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30919. Real worth requires no interpreter: its everyday deeds form its emblem. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30920. Scandal is an importunate wasp, against which we must make no movement unless we are quite sure that we can kill it; otherwise it will return to the attack more furious than ever. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30921. Society is composed of two great classes those who have more dinners than appetite, and those who have more appetite than dinners. – Nicolas De Chamfort

30922. There are two things that one must get used to or one will find life unendurable: the damages of time and injustices of men. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30923. The only thing that stops God from sending another flood is that the first one was useless. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30924. Whatever evil a man may think of women, there is no woman but thinks more. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30925. When a man and a woman have an overwhelming passion for each other, it seems to me, in spite of such obstacles dividing them as parents or husband, that they belong to each other in the name of Nature, and are lovers by Divine right, in spite of human convention or the laws. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30926. Most books today seemed to have been written overnight from books read the day before. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30927. There are certain times when public opinion is the worst of all opinions. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30928. There are more people who wish to be loved than there are who are willing to love. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30929. Swallow a toad in the morning and you will encounter nothing more disgusting the rest of the day. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30930. The person is always happy who is in the presence of something they cannot know in full. A person as advanced far in the study of morals who has mastered the difference between pride and vanity. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30931. The art of the parenthesis is one of the greatest secrets of eloquence in Society. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30932. The most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30933. Some things are easier to legalize than to legitimate. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30934. The contemplative life is often miserable. One must act more, think less, and not watch oneself live. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30935. If it were not for the government, we should have nothing to laugh at in France. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30936. I have three kinds of friends: those who love me, those who pay no attention to me, and those who detest me. – Nicolas De Chamfort

30937. Man may aspire to virtue, but he cannot reasonably aspire to truth. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30938. Man arrives as a novice at each age of his life. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30939. Living is a sickness to which sleep provides relief every sixteen hours. It’s a palliative. The remedy is death. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30940. It must be admitted that there are some parts of the soul which we must entirely paralyse before we can live happily in this world. – Nicolas De Chamfort

30941. Do you think that revolutions are made with rose water? – Nicolas de Chamfort

30942. It is commonly supposed that the art of pleasing is a wonderful aid in the pursuit of fortune; but the art of being bored is infinitely more successful. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30943. Conviction is the conscience of the mind. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30944. Contemplation often makes life miserable. We should act more, think less, and stop watching ourselves live. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30945. Change of fashion is the tax levied by the industry of the poor on the vanity of the rich. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30946. Celebrity is the advantage of being known to people who we don’t know, and who don’t know us. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30947. All passions exaggerate; and they are passions only because they do exaggerate. – Nicolas de Chamfort

30948. This man, although he appeared so humble and embarrassed in his air and manners, and passed so unheeded, had inspired me with such a feeling of horror by the unearthly paleness of his countenance, from which I could not avert my eyes, that I was unable longer to endure it. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30949. On recovering my senses, I hastened to quit a place where I hoped there was nothing further to detain me. I first filled my pockets with gold, then fastened the strings of the purse round my neck, and concealed it in my bosom. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30950. Of what use were wings to a man fast bound in chains of iron? – Adelbert von Chamisso

30951. My vanity was flattered by having been mistaken for our revered sovereign. I ordered a banquet to be got ready for the following evening, under the trees before my house, and invited the whole town. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30952. My first care the following morning was, to devise some means of discovering the man in the grey cloak. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30953. In this watering-place I acted an heroic character, badly studied; and being a novice on such a stage, I forgot my part before a pair of lovely blue eyes. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30954. I will give you three days to seek your shadow. Return to me in the course of that time with a well-fitted shadow, and you shall receive a hearty welcome; otherwise, on the fourth day – remember, on the fourth day – my daughter becomes the wife of another. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30955. I ordered gold in the meantime to be showered down without ceasing among the happy multitude. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30956. Because it appears to me a hazardous thing to exchange my soul for my shadow. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30957. All possible means were used by the infatuated parents to conclude the bargain; and deception put an end to these usual artifices. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30958. After a prosperous, but to me very wearisome, voyage, we came at last into port. Immediately on landing I got together my few effects; and, squeezing myself through the crowd, went into the nearest and humblest inn which first met my gaze. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30959. A person without a shadow should keep out of the sun, that is the only safe and rational plan. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30960. The word majesty was now dropped; but, with the deepest respect and humility, I was addressed as the count. What could I do? I accepted the title, and from that moment I was known as Count Peter. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30961. When I spoke, I was listened to; and I was at a loss to know how I had so easily acquired the art of commanding attention, and giving the tone to the conversation. – Adelbert von Chamisso

30962. The free world is really helping Lebanon restore its sovereignty. I imagine there is quite a bit of pressure on Syria to leave. I hope they leave in a peaceful way. – Camille Chamoun

30963. I use dancing to embellish, extend or enlarge upon an existing emotion. – Gower Champion

30964. Optimism is the key. – Will Champion

30965. When you write something it has to hit the level that you accept as being good. – Will Champion

30966. We’re also passionate about music and very critical about the music that we listen to. – Will Champion

30967. Two weeks later, we played our first concert and had 100 people there. It was pretty cool. – Will Champion

30968. I think hopefully we’ve got enough brain cells left to decide if our music is really worth something. – Will Champion

30969. The first time we all played as a band, I think it was in January 1998, in Jonny’s bedroom. – Will Champion

30970. A lot of the time there is a lot of melancholy in the lyrics. – Will Champion

30971. At the end of the day, we’re just trying to prevent each other from going mad. – Will Champion

30972. Coldplay are just four friends trying to make great music. – Will Champion

30973. I can’t do all that riddly diddly stuff. I’m not good enough. It’s all about not playing. – Will Champion

30974. They might in the future more than ever before engage in hunting beavers. – Samuel de Champlain

30975. I directed the men in our barque to approach near the savages, and hold their arms in readiness to do their duty in case they notice any movement of these people against us. – Samuel de Champlain

30976. The life of an action star is very short. I want to be an actor like Robert De Niro , like Dustin Hoffman or Clint Eastwood who in their 70s or 80s can still act. – Jackie Chan

30977. Do not let circumstances control you. You change your circumstances. – Jackie Chan

30978. American stuntmen are smart – they think about safety. When they do a jump in a car, they calculate everything: the speed, the distance… But in Hong Kong, we don’t know how to count. Everything we do is a guess. If you’ve got the guts, you do it. All of my stuntmen have gotten hurt. – Jackie Chan

30979. After all those years in Asia, I don’t have to do promotion anymore. We just release a Jackie Chan movie and – Boom! – people go. – Jackie Chan

30980. A lot of people ask me when I do a stunt, ‘Jackie, are you scared?’ Of course I’m scared. I’m not Superman. – Jackie Chan

30981. I hate violence, yes I do. It’s kind of a dilemma, huh?. – Jackie Chan

30982. I don’t want to be an action star, an action star’s life is so short. I want my life to get longer, I want my career to get longer. – Jackie Chan

30983. Very difficult to understand American audience, what they like, what they don’t like. Some movie I like very much, it doesn’t work. Some movie I don’t like, it gets big box office. Very difficult. – Jackie Chan

30984. For me the greatest source of income is still movies. Nothing – stocks, financial speculation, real estate speculation or businesses – makes more money for me than making movies. – Jackie Chan

30985. I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan. – Jackie Chan

30986. The ads all call me fearless, but that’s just publicity. Anyone who thinks I’m not scared out of my mind whenever I do one of my stunts is crazier than I am. – Jackie Chan

30987. I will make action movies, I think, for a few more years, another five years. – Jackie Chan

30988. I’m crazy, but I’m not stupid. – Jackie Chan

30989. Don’t try to be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie. Study computers instead. – Jackie Chan

30990. Cinema reflects culture and there is no harm in adapting technology, but not at the cost of losing your originality. – Jackie Chan

30991. I’m crazy, but I’m not too crazy. – Jackie Chan

30992. I’m tired of fighting. I’ve always known that I can’t be an action star all my life. – Jackie Chan

30993. In the past when I was in Hollywood, I was like a dog. I felt humiliated. My English was not good. People would even ask me ‘Jackie Who?’. – Jackie Chan

30994. Since the child knew his parents would give in, he tried the same trick again and again. – Jackie Chan

30995. Sometimes I’d like to play the bad guy and sometimes I’d like to die in a movie. – Jackie Chan

30996. I just want people to remember me like I remember Buster Keaton. When they talk about Buster Keaton or Gene Kelly, people say, ‘Ah yes, they good.’ Maybe one day, they remember Jackie Chan that way. – Jackie Chan

30997. Based on assessment of all available information and following several expert consultations, I have decided to raise the current level of influenza pandemic alert from phase 4 to phase 5. – Margaret Chan

30998. All countries should immediately now activate their pandemic preparedness plans. Countries should remain on high alert for unusual outbreaks of influenza-like illness and severe pneumonia. – Margaret Chan

30999. For the first time in history we can track the evolution of a pandemic in real time. Influenza viruses are notorious for their rapid mutation and unpredictable behaviour. – Margaret Chan

31000. After all it really is all of humanity that is under threat during a pandemic. – Margaret Chan

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