180000 famous quotes part 34 – 33001 to 34000

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180000 famous quotes part 34 – 33001 to 34000

33001. We have a human rights interest. Then there is the immigration problem. The human-rights violations have caused people to take to boats and flood not only the United States, but other countries in the region, creating great instability. – Warren Christopher

33002. Probably the most useful thing I can do as secretary of state is to assist the president in adapting and renewing the transnational institutions that were created after World War II. – Warren Christopher

33003. It’s very important to always put things in their historical contexts. It teaches important lessons about the country in question. – Warren Christopher

33004. We’ve had it very clear to the Bosnians that our obligation to equip and train their forces is completely conditional on the foreign forces being gone. – Warren Christopher

33005. We see considerable strain in Russia, and that’s obviously a matter of concern to us. It’s in the very strong self-interest of Russia to continue on the reform path. – Warren Christopher

33006. I’m very skeptical about the good intentions of Milosevic. – Warren Christopher

33007. I’ve got many close friends, but there’s an awful lot about friendship that is not demonstrative in my case. – Warren Christopher

33008. It was helpful to have the American troops there in great strength. They knew there’d be consequences if they didn’t move back. Now, there has been some removal of the foreign forces. – Warren Christopher

33009. It will be undertaken, of course, in the June or July summit, and then to bring NATO closer to Russia or vice versa is a way to move toward integration – toward the integration of Europe. – Warren Christopher

33010. Both sides were supposed to release all their prisoners, those were unconditional. There was some prisoner release that took place but it’s not been satisfactory. – Warren Christopher

33011. It’s very important not to lose your temper in a courtroom, or in anything else you’re doing. – Warren Christopher

33012. Despite the demands of this job, one of the things my wife and I try to do is to spend time together alone. And one of the things we really enjoy doing together is seeing a good movie. – Warren Christopher

33013. I was born in a very small town in North Dakota, a town of only about 350 people. I lived there until I was 13. It was a marvelous advantage to grow up in a small town where you knew everybody. – Warren Christopher

33014. I think there is a good deal of promise in those discussions as well. I think there is a range of matters that might be discussed between NATO and Russia that can provide a mechanism for talking through these issues, a way to give reassurance on these issues. – Warren Christopher

33015. I think before 1997 is over, NATO will have taken giant strides in what’s called adaptation, the discussions about bringing the French fully into the NATO forces. – Warren Christopher

33016. I had all of one nanosecond to savor the news before we had to move on to other problems. – Warren Christopher

33017. I’m very much in favor of focused responsibility, and so in the main areas that I’m worried about, I try to have a single person who is basically the key person in that area. – Warren Christopher

33018. Hamas, the opponents of Arafat, the opponents of peace, urged a boycott of the election, and yet there was an 85 percent turnout where Hamas is supposed to be strong. Isn’t that really quite incredible? – Warren Christopher

33019. It’s been President Clinton’s dream that we’ll have finally a fully integrated Europe. – Warren Christopher

33020. Environmental degradation, overpopulation, refugees, narcotics, terrorism, world crime movements, and organized crime are worldwide problems that don’t stop at a nation’s borders. – Warren Christopher

33021. It would be fun to do a reunion show. I hope we do it some day, but it better be soon. We’re all getting on. – William Christopher

33022. I’ve often wondered about people that come to the profession late in life. I’ve wanted to be an actor since the first grade. I watched a play being performed by the third grade class, and it was… magic. – William Christopher

33023. I feel sorry for the person who can’t get genuinely excited about his work. Not only will he never be satisfied, but he will never achieve anything worthwhile. – Walter Chrysler

33024. The real secret of success is enthusiasm. – Walter Chrysler

33025. To me every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle. – Walter Chrysler

33026. Men have the power of thinking that they may avoid sin. – John Chrysostom

33027. The divine law indeed has excluded women from this ministry, but they endeavour to thrust themselves into it; and since they can effect nothing of themselves, they do all through the agency of others. – John Chrysostom

33028. A comprehended god is no god. – John Chrysostom

33029. Hell is paved with priests’ skulls. – John Chrysostom

33030. I know my own soul, how feeble and puny it is: I know the magnitude of this ministry, and the great difficulty of the work; for more stormy billows vex the soul of the priest than the gales which disturb the sea. – John Chrysostom

33031. No one can harm the man who does himself no wrong. – John Chrysostom

33032. Poor human reason, when it trusts in itself, substitutes the strangest absurdities for the highest divine concepts. – John Chrysostom

33033. Nothing is more fallacious than wealth. It is a hostile comrade, a domestic enemy. – John Chrysostom

33034. Slander is worse than cannibalism. – John Chrysostom

33035. And all men are ready to pass judgement on the priest as if he was not a being clothed with flesh, or one who inherited a human nature. – John Chrysostom

33036. Riches are not forbidden, but the pride of them is. – John Chrysostom

33037. The highest point of philosophy is to be both wise and simple; this is the angelic life. – John Chrysostom

33038. When one is required to preside over the Church, and be entrusted with the care of so many souls, the whole female sex must retire before the magnitude of the task, and the majority of men also. – John Chrysostom

33039. A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing after the dreams of others. – Chin-Ning Chu

33040. In spite of your fear, do what you have to do. – Chin-Ning Chu

33041. To succeed in life in today’s world, you must have the will and tenacity to finish the job. – Chin-Ning Chu

33042. I approached the bulk of my schoolwork as a chore rather than an intellectual adventure. – Steven Chu

33043. At Rochester, I came with the same emotions as many of the entering freshman: everything was new, exciting and a bit overwhelming, but at least nobody had heard of my brothers and cousins. – Steven Chu

33044. By the fourth grade, I graduated to an erector set and spent many happy hours constructing devices of unknown purpose where the main design criterion was to maximize the number of moving parts and overall size. – Steven Chu

33045. However, when my parents married in 1945, China was in turmoil and the possibility of returning grew increasingly remote, and they decided to begin their family in the United States. – Steven Chu

33046. Geometry was the first exciting course I remember. – Steven Chu

33047. I performed adequately at school, but in comparison to my older brother, who set the record for the highest cumulative average for our high school, my performance was decidedly mediocre. – Steven Chu

33048. I think the Caribbean countries face rising oceans and they face increase in the severity of hurricanes. This is something that is very, very scary to all of us. The island states in the world represent – I remember this number – one-half of 1 percent of the carbon emissions in the world. And they will – some of them will disappear. – Steven Chu

33049. Let me state what the official IPCC prediction is: Sea levels could go up as much as three-quarters of a meter in this century, but there is a reasonable probability it could be much higher than that. – Steven Chu

33050. My physics teacher, Thomas Miner was particularly gifted. To this day, I remember how he introduced the subject of physics. He told us we were going to learn how to deal with very simple questions such as how a body falls due to the acceleration of gravity. – Steven Chu

33051. Occasionally, I would focus on a particular school project and become obsessed with, what seemed to my mother, to be trivial details instead of apportioning the time I spent on school work in a more efficient way. – Steven Chu

33052. So imagine a world 6 degrees warmer. It’s not going to recognize geographical boundaries. It’s not going to recognize anything. So agriculture regions today will be wiped out. – Steven Chu

33053. The atoms become like a moth, seeking out the region of higher laser intensity. – Steven Chu

33054. There were only two other Chinese families in this town of 25,000, but to our parents, the determining factor was the quality of the public school system. – Steven Chu

33055. Education in my family was not merely emphasized, it was our raison d’etre. – Steven Chu

33056. I also developed an interest in sports, and played in informal games at a nearby school yard where the neighborhood children met to play touch football, baseball, basketball and occasionally, ice hockey. – Steven Chu

33057. I’m communicating with the directors of the Soviet companies, and I see that it is wrong, but when I go to the official discussions, they discuss we should change the color of the walls. – Anatoly Chubais

33058. The kind of capitalism I hate most is crony capitalism, the friends who decide. These are things which should be killed in Russia. – Anatoly Chubais

33059. Bill Gates finds people in Russia to hire them to Microsoft. That’s the Russian interest in this process. – Anatoly Chubais

33060. The directors thought, They understand nothing in the real economy, in real life. They read some stupid books, and they came from the moon to the earth, and maybe in one month they will disappear. – Anatoly Chubais

33061. Russia should support globalization. The Internet can develop in Russia in a very speedy way. – Anatoly Chubais

33062. Private property is a very fundamental and very long-term institution. – Anatoly Chubais

33063. Money is the kind of instrument which is very speedily produced. – Anatoly Chubais

33064. Killing the private property-that was the center of the Marxist economy and Marxist ideology. That was the center of the Lenin ideology. – Anatoly Chubais

33065. It was almost forbidden in the Soviet Union to study the New Economic Policy. – Anatoly Chubais

33066. The red directors were one of the main political forces. Another force was the former Soviet ministers who lost everything because of the transformation of the Soviet Union to Russia. – Anatoly Chubais

33067. If I just produce the transparent ideal accepted by the Western experts, a process of privatization which will be very good but never happen, that means nothing. – Anatoly Chubais

33068. The diversification of the people’s demand could not be followed by the state apparatus. – Anatoly Chubais

33069. I went to government for making these changes. I remember a number of guys among these important figures. – Anatoly Chubais

33070. I joined the city government, and we start to operate as the bureaucrats on the local level, so we were the only ones in the whole Russian team who were experienced in practical bureaucratic management in the complicated condition of 1990. – Anatoly Chubais

33071. I don’t think Russia will follow the United States’s way. I don’t think Russia will follow the French way. I’m sure Russia will find its own way. – Anatoly Chubais

33072. I am joining the government not from the academic position but from St. Petersburg city council. – Anatoly Chubais

33073. For the whole of Western Europe, I know the business community quite good. – Anatoly Chubais

33074. For the producers, there was no reason to produce. You get money, but you couldn’t use this money. For consumers, you could have money, but you have no way to use it because you go to the shop and see nothing. – Anatoly Chubais

33075. Each university should have a Young Scholars’ Committee. I became the chairman of this Committee, and immediately it was permitted to have this plan officially adopted. – Anatoly Chubais

33076. During the election in 1989, there was the first Soviet election with alternative candidates to local government. I myself arranged special training for them. – Anatoly Chubais

33077. In 1995 the whole political situation was very complicated. I was the first deputy prime minister, and at the same time I had very low influence in the government. – Anatoly Chubais

33078. These guys were the real owners of the country, and for them to discuss with this young guy who becomes a member of the government was absolutely unacceptable. – Anatoly Chubais

33079. You’re not always able to choose. – Anatoly Chubais

33080. You’re never able to please everybody, especially when you’re transforming a country like Russia. – Anatoly Chubais

33081. The Bolsheviks started not just on the killing of private property; they were trying to abolish money itself. – Anatoly Chubais

33082. You need to find somebody who will speak the same language. We understand that we couldn’t have any kind of discussion without permission, without a legal framework behind it. – Anatoly Chubais

33083. There are no two countries with the same style of economic mechanism, with the same capitalism. – Anatoly Chubais

33084. There was no doubt that sooner or later we will fight. But we will fight not in the way of the dissidents’ protests. We understood that we needed to be as professional as possible. – Anatoly Chubais

33085. There is a state that is able to understand the demand in the economy. That state should use prices as an instrument for implementation of this understanding. – Anatoly Chubais

33086. There was the scientific and technical progress which couldn’t be predicted by the state. – Anatoly Chubais

33087. Just about any story we think about doing, whether we’ve read it in a newspaper, heard it on the radio or come upon it through word of mouth – by the time you get there, every other network, cable station and talk show is already racing to the scene. – Connie Chung

33088. You know, there are not only – all of the networks, and I mean every television news operation and print and radio and magazines, newspapers, all of them, are remiss in the diversity area. I mean, none of these organizations have reached a level of parity. – Connie Chung

33089. Well, honestly, both my husband and I tend to ignore the tabloids. We see them every once in awhile or it comes to our attention that we are in a tabloid for one reason or another. But it’s always false. – Connie Chung

33090. As the youngest, I wanted to be my father’s son and perpetuate the family name. – Connie Chung

33091. Our son is in school now. You know, he’s six-and-a-half and so a big chunk of the day is taken up by school. So I’m hoping that I’ll be able to certainly take him to school in the morning, maybe pick him up in the afternoon and come back to work. – Connie Chung

33092. I mean, all the ratings wars are silly. But, I mean, someone has to be concerned about the ratings because it means, you know, it translates into revenue. – Connie Chung

33093. For instance, he says I let him play golf, and he says, he lets me be miserable in my job. Now – that doesn’t quite sound right, does it? But nonetheless, I think for the first time in my life, I’m not going to be miserable in my life when I come and work at CNN. – Connie Chung

33094. Today, especially, when there are so many stations for viewers to choose from, if they want news, they always come to CNN and that’s where I wanted to be. – Connie Chung

33095. I once bought an old car back after I sold it because I missed it so much and I had forgotten that it never ran. It was a British racing car. You know, because I just wanted it back. I could only remember what was good about it. – Connie Chung

33096. I don’t know when network executives will get out of the Dark Ages. – Connie Chung

33097. I was just going at this career – boom, boom, boom! Then all of a sudden, at 38, Oh, my God – I forgot to get married! – Connie Chung

33098. I think, you know, it was something that I really wanted. I wanted so much to have a son or daughter. We adopted a son. And it was just the most wonderful thing. I think the only thing that was difficult for both Maury and myself were the sleepless nights. – Connie Chung

33099. I think that they had afforded me many opportunities to do good work there, and I think I did. It was a wonderful four years. I really worked with some great people, terrific producers, terrific editors. – Connie Chung

33100. I think men are allowed to be fat and bald and ugly and women aren’t. And it’s just not – there is no equality there. – Connie Chung

33101. We’re going to develop – what we want to do is to provide the viewers with what they want from CNN and that is the news. So when people tune in, they’ll get the latest news, but they’ll also get the biggest story of the day in depth, as CNN does so well. – Connie Chung

33102. But, you know, sometimes – many – they all understand. That’s the nice thing. They were all very happy for me and they understand why I decided to come to CNN. So in that respect, I know that they think it’s the best thing for me to do. – Connie Chung

33103. I now need to take a very aggressive approach to having a baby. – Connie Chung

33104. Those who abhors democracy would rarely immigrate to an authoritarian state if they have to. – Joe Chung

33105. Remember, things extremely hard to come by are not necessarily good. – Joe Chung

33106. People never know how strong is their lust for being cheated. – Joe Chung

33107. It always takes awfully long time to understand unbelievably simple things. – Joe Chung

33108. We can see, so we are always blind to things deeper than skin. – Joe Chung

33109. I tried reading Hilbert. Only his papers published in mathematical periodicals were available at the time. Anybody who has tried those knows they are very hard reading. – Alonzo Church

33110. Never had any mathematical conversations with anybody, because there was nobody else in my field. – Alonzo Church

33111. The only thing that might have annoyed some mathematicians was the presumption of assuming that maybe the axiom of choice could fail, and that we should look into contrary assumptions. – Alonzo Church

33112. I was an undergraduate at Princeton, and I was pressed by the math department to go on to graduate school. Actually they gave me fellowships that paid my way, otherwise I would not have been able to continue. – Alonzo Church

33113. Well it was not exactly a dissertation in logic, at least not the kind of logic you would find in Whitehead and Russell’s Principia Mathematica for instance. It looked more like mathematics; no formalized language was used. – Alonzo Church

33114. I’m just experimenting with every different type of music you can imagine and seeing where my voice lies and what sounds best. I think when I do finally do the album it will be very eclectic – just loads of different stuff on it. That’s what I am hoping. – Charlotte Church

33115. When I try to get work in the US all they say is that I need to lose weight – but I bet they never said that to Mae West. – Charlotte Church

33116. They used to but not any more. You kind of get used to it – you accept it is part of your job – if you’re famous and you want this life, you have got to accept this part of it as well. – Charlotte Church

33117. They never were planning to be here. All my family are going to London because they wanted to go to the big one. There was never any showdown – there wouldn’t be. – Charlotte Church

33118. There are some truths to some of the stories, but a lot of it isn’t – you just have got to let it go. – Charlotte Church

33119. The cast and the crew made me feel really welcome. Towards the end it just got better and better. – Charlotte Church

33120. It was quite natural – the first day I got to the set I was really nervous, but I loved the whole experience. – Charlotte Church

33121. I’m curvy and wholesome. – Charlotte Church

33122. I would quite like to do a different accent or play something so different from myself because Olivia, the character I play in this film, is similar to me. – Charlotte Church

33123. I love singing – singing is what I’m famous for doing. Now it’s turned into things I am famous for doing – like having rows with my mum or about my boyfriend, so it does get irritating. – Charlotte Church

33124. I know bugger all about golf. – Charlotte Church

33125. I can’t stand Bob Dylan. – Charlotte Church

33126. Since I was 12 or 13, I have been taking movie meetings finding a project right for me because I wanted to try it. Craig gave us the script – it was set in Wales, it is really British humour. I just loved it. – Charlotte Church

33127. In examining the CIA’s past and present use of the U.S. media, the Committee finds two reasons for concern. The first is the potential, inherent in covert media operations, for manipulating or incidentally misleading the American public. – Frank Church

33128. The second is the damage to the credibility and independence of a free press which may be caused by covert relationships with the U.S. journalists and media organizations. – Frank Church

33129. I did a series called Ned and Stacey for two years for Fox back in the 90s. I was writer on it as well as a producer, and it was very important to me that there were no contemporary references. – Thomas Haden Church

33130. I enjoy doing press for something that I like, and I think the movie is very fun and charming and clever. – Thomas Haden Church

33131. I like to keep my private stuff pretty vague. – Thomas Haden Church

33132. I invested, and I protected myself, so I enjoy that freedom. – Thomas Haden Church

33133. I kind of have a rededication in my life now to acting because I’m very fond of being in this movie. – Thomas Haden Church

33134. I’m not so proud to think that anything is unworthy, and I don’t think I was that way 10 years ago. – Thomas Haden Church

33135. It’s one of those scenarios where no, I never imagined that I’d be directed in a love scene – not even a love scene because it’s kind of a hard-core sex scene because it’s kind of just purely played for this carnal venting. – Thomas Haden Church

33136. The title of the movie is open to interpretation. – Thomas Haden Church

33137. I would say 95% of the time, because you just can’t remember your lines if you’re drinking alcohol. I would say about 95% of the time it was grape juice or this fake wine, which was horrible. – Thomas Haden Church

33138. But to this day I am convinced that the real reason we met was because Alexander is from Nebraska, and he was completely fascinated that I was about to go off and make a movie with Brando – perhaps the most famous Nebraskan of all. – Thomas Haden Church

33139. I made a comfortable living for several years. I invested, and I protected myself, so I enjoy that freedom. – Thomas Haden Church

33140. I love knowing that I’m not better than any other person on the planet. – Thomas Haden Church

33141. Last summer when we were preparing for the movie, I actually kind of wanted to stay fairly uninformed about it. As we went through the process that we do in the movie, I wanted to be a little wide-eyed. – Thomas Haden Church

33142. I love going to the feed store and drinking coffee and talking about how much rain we need. – Thomas Haden Church

33143. Cary and I are working together on another movie, Charlotte’s Web. – Thomas Haden Church

33144. But I think once the word gets out that the movie is funny – funny is transcendent – it will traverse all demographic barriers if people embrace it as a funny movie. – Thomas Haden Church

33145. Their lives have been largely defined by failure and you would think the prospect of marriage, which is supposed to be bountiful and hopeful, it’s just really another kind of tangential thing in his life. – Thomas Haden Church

33146. But I’m a citizen of Texas and try to spend most of my time there. – Thomas Haden Church

33147. Children from like 8 and even up to the college age – Spider-Man appeals to a fairly broad demographic but, like I said, a mean age probably of 12 is a good mark – they process information so quickly and it’s not because of attention deficit or short attention span. – Thomas Haden Church

33148. He was using me. When he cast me in Sideways I was nothing but a vessel. – Thomas Haden Church

33149. I believe in singularity in relationships because you’ve got to have trust on both sides. – Thomas Haden Church

33150. But I certainly know a lot of people that existed at that level and are always kind of pining for more, always thinking that the next big break, the next opportunity, the big role are just around the corner of the next audition. – Thomas Haden Church

33151. I certainly was an actor and then I drifted more towards writing and directing. – Thomas Haden Church

33152. When I moved to L.A. in 1989, the very first thing I did was this horrific pilot called To Protect And Surf. – Thomas Haden Church

33153. To some extent I could identify with that because I kind of just made my money and got out. – Thomas Haden Church

33154. Between Clive Owen winning at the Golden Globes and the British Academy announcing its nominations, of which Sideways received only one, I’m feeling pretty humbled these days. – Thomas Haden Church

33155. As an actor I kind of do. I started out doing voice overs in the mid 80s when I was in grad school. – Thomas Haden Church

33156. But all actors go through the process, it’s hit and miss, you have achievement and failure. – Thomas Haden Church

33157. But at the same time, if the right thing came along, I would do it in a second. – Thomas Haden Church

33158. And there have certainly been movies I wanted to be in and milestones I wanted to surpass that did not happen. – Thomas Haden Church

33159. If men had to do their vile work without the assistance of woman and the stimulant of strong drink they would be obliged to be more divine and less brutal. – Caroline Nichols Churchill

33160. The master class seldom lose a chance to insult a woman who has the ability for something besides service to his lordship. – Caroline Nichols Churchill

33161. The best things carried to excess are wrong. – Charles Churchill

33162. Those who would make us feel, must feel themselves. – Charles Churchill

33163. Though by whim, envy, or resentment led, they damn those authors whom they never read. – Charles Churchill

33164. Prudent dullness marked him for a mayor. – Charles Churchill

33165. To copy beauty forfeits all pretense to fame; to copy faults is want of sense. – Charles Churchill

33166. The danger chiefly lies in acting well; no crime’s so great as daring to excel. – Charles Churchill

33167. Patience is sorrow’s salve. – Charles Churchill

33168. Little do such men know the toil, the pains, the daily, nightly racking of the brains, to range the thoughts, the matter to digest, to cull fit phrases, and reject the rest. – Charles Churchill

33169. Keep up appearances; there lies the test. The world will give thee credit for the rest. – Charles Churchill

33170. It can’t be Nature, for it is not sense. – Charles Churchill

33171. Genius is of no country. – Charles Churchill

33172. Genius is independent of situation. – Charles Churchill

33173. Be England what she will, with all her faults she is my country still. – Charles Churchill

33174. We owe something to extravagance, for thrift and adventure seldom go hand in hand. – Jennie Churchill

33175. Treat your friends as you do your best pictures, and place them in their best light. – Jennie Churchill

33176. It is so tempting to try the most difficult thing possible. – Jennie Churchill

33177. You may be a princess or the richest woman in the world, but you cannot be more than a lady. – Jennie Churchill

33178. Life is not always not always what one wants it to be., but to make the best of it as it is the only way of being happy. – Jennie Churchill

33179. One is forever throwing away substance for shadows. – Jennie Churchill

33180. He has a future and I have a past, so we should be all right. – Jennie Jerome Churchill

33181. Treat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light. – Jennie Jerome Churchill

33182. I never could make out what those damn dots meant. – Randolph Churchill

33183. When you kill 500,000 children in order to impose your will on other countries, then you shouldn’t be surprised when somebody responds in kind. – Ward Churchill

33184. My comments are reserved for reputable journalists. – Ward Churchill

33185. There is no consensus, there is no homogeneity, there is no truth. – Ward Churchill

33186. There’s always merit to having a debate. – Ward Churchill

33187. Truth is the best defense. – Ward Churchill

33188. If U.S. foreign policy results in massive death and destruction abroad, we cannot feign innocence when some of that destruction is returned. – Ward Churchill

33189. They were targeting those people I referred to as ‘little Eichmanns.’ These were legitimate targets. – Ward Churchill

33190. A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject. – Winston Churchill

33191. A joke is a very serious thing. – Winston Churchill

33192. A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. – Winston Churchill

33193. A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. – Winston Churchill

33194. “No comment” is a splendid expression. I am using it again and again. – Winston Churchill

33195. One does not leave a convivial party before closing time. – Winston Churchill

33196. A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen. – Winston Churchill

33197. A man does what he must – in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures – and that is the basis of all human morality. – Winston Churchill

33198. Perhaps it is better to be irresponsible and right, than to be responsible and wrong. – Winston Churchill

33199. Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught. – Winston Churchill

33200. Play the game for more than you can afford to lose… only then will you learn the game. – Winston Churchill

33201. Politics is almost as exciting as war, and quite as dangerous. In war you can only be killed once, but in politics many times. – Winston Churchill

33202. A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, and then asks you not to kill him. – Winston Churchill

33203. No crime is so great as daring to excel. – Winston Churchill

33204. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. – Winston Churchill

33205. Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result. – Winston Churchill

33206. Nothing can be more abhorrent to democracy than to imprison a person or keep him in prison because he is unpopular. This is really the test of civilization. – Winston Churchill

33207. No part of the education of a politician is more indispensable than the fighting of elections. – Winston Churchill

33208. No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with a searching but at the same time a steady eye. – Winston Churchill

33209. One ought never to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never! – Winston Churchill

33210. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – Winston Churchill

33211. Politics are very much like war. We may even have to use poison gas at times. – Winston Churchill

33212. My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me. – Winston Churchill

33213. All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. – Winston Churchill

33214. It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary. – Winston Churchill

33215. It was the nation and the race dwelling all round the globe that had the lion’s heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar. – Winston Churchill

33216. Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it. – Winston Churchill

33217. Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning. – Winston Churchill

33218. Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on. – Winston Churchill

33219. Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of champagne; knowing him was like drinking it. – Winston Churchill

33220. Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. – Winston Churchill

33221. If you’re going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill

33222. Mr. Attlee is a very modest man. Indeed he has a lot to be modest about. – Winston Churchill

33223. It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see. – Winston Churchill

33224. My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them. – Winston Churchill

33225. My wife and I tried two or three times in the last 40 years to have breakfast together, but it was so disagreeable we had to stop. – Winston Churchill

33226. Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room. – Winston Churchill

33227. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. – Winston Churchill

33228. India is a geographical term. It is no more a united nation than the Equator. – Winston Churchill

33229. It is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right. – Winston Churchill

33230. It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried. – Winston Churchill

33231. In the course of my life, I have often had to eat my words, and I must confess that I have always found it a wholesome diet. – Winston Churchill

33232. In those days he was wiser than he is now; he used to frequently take my advice. – Winston Churchill

33233. Most people stumble over the truth, now and then, but they usually manage to pick themselves up and go on, anyway. – Winston Churchill

33234. Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. – Winston Churchill

33235. If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law. – Winston Churchill

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33236. If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack. – Winston Churchill

33237. If you go on with this nuclear arms race, all you are going to do is make the rubble bounce. – Winston Churchill

33238. If you are going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill

33239. If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future. – Winston Churchill

33240. If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another. – Winston Churchill

33241. If the Almighty were to rebuild the world and asked me for advice, I would have English Channels round every country. And the atmosphere would be such that anything which attempted to fly would be set on fire. – Winston Churchill

33242. If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons. – Winston Churchill

33243. I’m just preparing my impromptu remarks. – Winston Churchill

33244. It is more agreeable to have the power to give than to receive. – Winston Churchill

33245. Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong. – Winston Churchill

33246. Although prepared for martyrdom, I preferred that it be postponed. – Winston Churchill

33247. Short words are best and the old words when short are best of all. – Winston Churchill

33248. Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. – Winston Churchill

33249. Really I feel less keen about the Army every day. I think the Church would suit me better. – Winston Churchill

33250. Politics is the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen. – Winston Churchill

33251. Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business. – Winston Churchill

33252. Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft. – Winston Churchill

33253. It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time. – Winston Churchill

33254. It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations. – Winston Churchill

33255. In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies. – Winston Churchill

33256. Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon. – Winston Churchill

33257. Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. – Winston Churchill

33258. In war as in life, it is often necessary when some cherished scheme has failed, to take up the best alternative open, and if so, it is folly not to work for it with all your might. – Winston Churchill

33259. Great and good are seldom the same man. – Winston Churchill

33260. From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent. – Winston Churchill

33261. For my part, I consider that it will be found much better by all parties to leave the past to history, especially as I propose to write that history myself. – Winston Churchill

33262. For good or for ill, air mastery is today the supreme expression of military power and fleets and armies, however vital and important, must accept a subordinate rank. – Winston Churchill

33263. Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others. – Winston Churchill

33264. Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put. – Winston Churchill

33265. Eating words has never given me indigestion. – Winston Churchill

33266. Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old. – Winston Churchill

33267. Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have. – Winston Churchill

33268. Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. – Winston Churchill

33269. History is written by the victors. – Winston Churchill

33270. Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities… because it is the quality which guarantees all others. – Winston Churchill

33271. Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential. – Winston Churchill

33272. Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all. – Winston Churchill

33273. Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein we never had a defeat. – Winston Churchill

33274. Battles are won by slaughter and maneuver. The greater the general, the more he contributes in maneuver, the less he demands in slaughter. – Winston Churchill

33275. Baldwin thought Europe was a bore, and Chamberlain thought it was only a greater Birmingham. – Winston Churchill

33276. Never, never, never give up. – Winston Churchill

33277. An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. – Winston Churchill

33278. Although personally I am quite content with existing explosives, I feel we must not stand in the path of improvement. – Winston Churchill

33279. Difficulties mastered are opportunities won. – Winston Churchill

33280. I am never going to have anything more to do with politics or politicians. When this war is over I shall confine myself entirely to writing and painting. – Winston Churchill

33281. I was only the servant of my country and had I, at any moment, failed to express her unflinching resolve to fight and conquer, I should at once have been rightly cast aside. – Winston Churchill

33282. I never worry about action, but only inaction. – Winston Churchill

33283. I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly. – Winston Churchill

33284. I like a man who grins when he fights. – Winston Churchill

33285. I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me. – Winston Churchill

33286. I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. – Winston Churchill

33287. I have never developed indigestion from eating my words. – Winston Churchill

33288. I have been brought up and trained to have the utmost contempt for people who get drunk. – Winston Churchill

33289. He has all of the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire. – Winston Churchill

33290. I am prepared to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter. – Winston Churchill

33291. In war, you can only be killed once, but in politics, many times. – Winston Churchill

33292. I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. – Winston Churchill

33293. I am easily satisfied with the very best. – Winston Churchill

33294. I am certainly not one of those who need to be prodded. In fact, if anything, I am the prod. – Winston Churchill

33295. I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else. – Winston Churchill

33296. I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. – Winston Churchill

33297. I always seem to get inspiration and renewed vitality by contact with this great novel land of yours which sticks up out of the Atlantic. – Winston Churchill

33298. I always avoid prophesying beforehand, because it is a much better policy to prophesy after the event has already taken place. – Winston Churchill

33299. However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. – Winston Churchill

33300. History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. – Winston Churchill

33301. I cannot pretend to be impartial about the colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns. – Winston Churchill

33302. We occasionally stumble over the truth but most of us pick ourselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. – Winston Churchill

33303. To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. – Winston Churchill

33304. To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war. – Winston Churchill

33305. Too often the strong, silent man is silent only because he does not know what to say, and is reputed strong only because he has remained silent. – Winston Churchill

33306. True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information. – Winston Churchill

33307. Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival. – Winston Churchill

33308. War is a game that is played with a smile. If you can’t smile, grin. If you can’t grin, keep out of the way till you can. – Winston Churchill

33309. War is mainly a catalogue of blunders. – Winston Churchill

33310. We are all worms. But I believe that I am a glow-worm. – Winston Churchill

33311. We are asking the nations of Europe between whom rivers of blood have flowed to forget the feuds of a thousand years. – Winston Churchill

33312. We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out. – Winston Churchill

33313. We are stripped bare by the curse of plenty. – Winston Churchill

33314. We do not covet anything from any nation except their respect. – Winston Churchill

33315. To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day. – Winston Churchill

33316. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill

33317. When I am abroad, I always make it a rule never to criticize or attack the government of my own country. I make up for lost time when I come home. – Winston Churchill

33318. We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender. – Winston Churchill

33319. We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival. – Winston Churchill

33320. We shall show mercy, but we shall not ask for it. – Winston Churchill

33321. We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. – Winston Churchill

33322. What kind of people do they think we are? Is it possible they do not realize that we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson which they and the world will never forget? – Winston Churchill

33323. When the war of the giants is over the wars of the pygmies will begin. – Winston Churchill

33324. When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite. – Winston Churchill

33325. Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse. – Winston Churchill

33326. You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else. – Winston Churchill

33327. You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. – Winston Churchill

33328. Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

33329. We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English. – Winston Churchill

33330. The length of this document defends it well against the risk of its being read. – Winston Churchill

33331. When you are winning a war almost everything that happens can be claimed to be right and wise. – Winston Churchill

33332. Sure I am of this, that you have only to endure to conquer. – Winston Churchill

33333. The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. – Winston Churchill

33334. The British nation is unique in this respect. They are the only people who like to be told how bad things are, who like to be told the worst. – Winston Churchill

33335. The empires of the future are the empires of the mind. – Winston Churchill

33336. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill

33337. The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see. – Winston Churchill

33338. Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiam. – Winston Churchill

33339. The first quality that is needed is audacity. – Winston Churchill

33340. Those who can win a war well can rarely make a good peace and those who could make a good peace would never have won the war. – Winston Churchill

33341. The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. – Winston Churchill

33342. The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. – Winston Churchill

33343. The power of an air force is terrific when there is nothing to oppose it. – Winston Churchill

33344. There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion. – Winston Churchill

33345. This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read. – Winston Churchill

33346. This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure. – Winston Churchill

33347. The great defense against the air menace is to attack the enemy’s aircraft as near as possible to their point of departure. – Winston Churchill

33348. There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at without result. – Winston Churchill

33349. The power of man has grown in every sphere, except over himself. – Winston Churchill

33350. There is no such thing as a good tax. – Winston Churchill

33351. There are two things that are more difficult than making an after-dinner speech: climbing a wall which is leaning toward you and kissing a girl who is leaning away from you. – Winston Churchill

33352. There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true. – Winston Churchill

33353. The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is. – Winston Churchill

33354. The short words are best, and the old words are the best of all. – Winston Churchill

33355. The reserve of modern assertions is sometimes pushed to extremes, in which the fear of being contradicted leads the writer to strip himself of almost all sense and meaning. – Winston Churchill

33356. The problems of victory are more agreeable than those of defeat, but they are no less difficult. – Winston Churchill

33357. The price of greatness is responsibility. – Winston Churchill

33358. These are not dark days: these are great days – the greatest days our country has ever lived. – Winston Churchill

33359. The whales, you see, eat up the little fish. – Thomas Churchyard

33360. Italy advocates the adoption of a legal instrument on cultural diversity, guaranteeing every country the protection of its own historical identity and the uniqueness of its physical and intangible cultural heritage. – Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

33361. The Destiny of every Nation is bound to the Destiny of all Others. – Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

33362. The diffusion of a universalist culture and of a pedagogy of peace appears more than ever to be the path that we must follow for the salvation of all nations on earth. – Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

33363. The education of peoples is a necessary precondition to peace. – Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

33364. The return to the Organization of the United States of America, the bearers of a great and diversified democratic culture that has inspired many other peoples. – Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

33365. The United Nations system is still the best instrument for making the world less fragile. – Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

33366. The German decision to fight is implacable. Even if they were given more than they ask, they would attack just the same, because they are possessed by the demon of destruction. – Galeazzo Ciano

33367. The farewell between Hitler and Mussolini at the station was very affectionate. Both men were moved. – Galeazzo Ciano

33368. Victory has a hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan. – Galeazzo Ciano

33369. The reader deserves an honest opinion. If he doesn’t deserve it, give it to him anyhow. – John Ciardi

33370. You don’t have to suffer to be a poet; adolescence is enough suffering for anyone. – John Ciardi

33371. Written by a sponge dipped in warm milk and sprinkled with sugar. – John Ciardi

33372. A dollar saved is a quarter earned. – John Ciardi

33373. There is nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation. – John Ciardi

33374. The day will happen whether or not you get up. – John Ciardi

33375. The Constitution gives every American the inalienable right to make a damn fool of himself. – John Ciardi

33376. The classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it. – John Ciardi

33377. Poetry lies its way to the truth. – John Ciardi

33378. Nothing goes further toward a man’s liberation than the act of surviving his need for character. – John Ciardi

33379. Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged, and the mutual dependence of the old. – John Ciardi

33380. It is easy enough to praise men for the courage of their convictions. I wish I could teach the sad young of this mealy generation the courage of their confusions. – John Ciardi

33381. Intelligence recognizes what has happened. Genius recognizes what will happen. – John Ciardi

33382. Gentility is what is left over from rich ancestors after the money is gone. – John Ciardi

33383. Every parent is at some time the father of the unreturned prodigal, with nothing to do but keep his house open to hope. – John Ciardi

33384. Every game ever invented by mankind, is a way of making things hard for the fun of it! – John Ciardi

33385. A university is what a college becomes when the faculty loses interest in the students. – John Ciardi

33386. A neighborhood is a residential area that is changing for the worse. – John Ciardi

33387. A good question is never answered. It is not a bolt to be tightened into place but a seed to be planted and to bear more seed toward the hope of greening the landscape of idea. – John Ciardi

33388. What has any poet to trust more than the feel of the thing? Theory concerns him only until he picks up his pen, and it begins to concern him again as soon as he lays it down. – John Ciardi

33389. Modern art is what happens when painters stop looking at girls and persuade themselves that they have a better idea. – John Ciardi

33390. Prithee don’t screw your wit beyond the compass of good manners. – Colley Cibber

33391. Thou strange piece of wild nature! – Colley Cibber

33392. It takes time for the absent to assume their true shape in our thoughts. After death they take on a firmer outline and then cease to change. – Colley Cibber

33393. You know, one had as good be out of the world, as out of the fashion. – Colley Cibber

33394. If any of you have seen my shows, you know that I don’t skimp on them and the same is true for the gym. We spend what it takes to make a globally first-class gym. – Madonna Ciccone

33395. I always felt like I was a freak when I was growing up and that there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t fit in anywhere. – Madonna Ciccone

33396. Things were a lot simpler in Detroit. I didn’t care about anything but boyfriends. – Madonna Ciccone

33397. There are moments when I can’t believe I’m as old as I am. But I feel better physically than I did 10 years ago. I don’t think, Oh God, I’m missing something. – Madonna Ciccone

33398. Prince Charles is very relaxed at the table, throwing his salad around willy-nilly. I didn’t find him stiff at all. – Madonna Ciccone

33399. Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another. – Madonna Ciccone

33400. People hear the soul, black influence in my voice. I grew up listening to CKLW and all the black stations like WLBS. – Madonna Ciccone

33401. My father was very strong. I don’t agree with a lot of the ways he brought me up. I don’t agree with a lot of his values, but he did have a lot of integrity, and if he told us not to do something, he didn’t do it either. – Madonna Ciccone

33402. In this business, my business, I get to meet all kinds of incredible people, fascinating people, glamorous people and sexy people and highly intellectual people. And you meet them and you go ‘interesting, interesting, interesting’. They’re interesting, but not very many people stop you in your tracks. – Madonna Ciccone

33403. If I was a girl again, I would like to be like my fans, I would like to be like Madonna. – Madonna Ciccone

33404. I go to Malawi twice a year. It’s where two of my children were adopted from, and I have a lot of projects there that I go and check up on and children who I look after. It’s sort of a commitment that I’ve made to this country and the hundreds of thousands of children there who have been orphaned by AIDS. – Madonna Ciccone

33405. I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay. – Madonna Ciccone

33406. A lot of places I go are dangerous, like Tel Aviv or Rio, but that never stops me from going there and putting on a show. I have good security. I don’t worry about that. – Madonna Ciccone

33407. But I love the idea – whether it’s in my work or where I live – exploring new frontier, and I like putting myself in strange places and trying to survive and figure things out and gather up an infrastructure. I like knowing that I could figure out a way to live anywhere. – Madonna Ciccone

33408. Catholicism is not a soothing religion. It’s a painful religion. We’re all gluttons for punishment. – Madonna Ciccone

33409. I always thought I should be treated like a star. – Madonna Ciccone

33410. I guess some people are brilliant enough to be brilliant on their own and never doubt anything and come up with fabulous things. But I think it’s good to get into arguments with people and have them say, ‘That sucks’ or ‘You’re crazy’ or ‘That’s cheesy”‘or ‘What do you think of this?’ – Madonna Ciccone

33411. I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams. – Madonna Ciccone

33412. I suppose I sometimes used to act like I wasn’t a human being… Sometimes I look back at myself and remember things I used to say, or my hairstyle, and I cringe. – Madonna Ciccone

33413. I think in the end, when you’re famous, people like to narrow you down to a few personality traits. I think I’ve just become this ambitious, say-whatever’s-on-her-mind, intimidating person. And that’s part of my personality, but it’s certainly not anywhere near the whole thing. – Madonna Ciccone

33414. I’m not interested in being Wonder Woman in the delivery room. Give me drugs. – Madonna Ciccone

33415. What sweetness is left in life, if you take away friendship? Robbing life of friendship is like robbing the world of the sun. A true friend is more to be esteemed than kinsfolk. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33416. What gift has providence bestowed on man that is so dear to him as his children? – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33417. We must conceive of this whole universe as one commonwealth of which both gods and men are members. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33418. We should not be so taken up in the search for truth, as to neglect the needful duties of active life; for it is only action that gives a true value and commendation to virtue. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33419. What an ugly beast the ape, and how like us. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33420. We forget our pleasures, we remember our sufferings. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33421. What is permissible is not always honorable. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33422. What is thine is mine, and all mine is thine. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33423. What one has, one ought to use: and whatever he does he should do with all his might. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33424. What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33425. Whatever you do, do with all your might. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33426. When you are aspiring to the highest place, it is honorable to reach the second or even the third rank. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33427. When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33428. While there’s life, there’s hope. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33429. You will be as much value to others as you have been to yourself. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33430. What nobler employment, or more valuable to the state, than that of the man who instructs the rising generation? – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33431. Take from a man his reputation for probity, and the more shrewd and clever he is, the more hated and mistrusted he becomes. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33432. One who sees the Supersoul accompanying the individual soul in all bodies and who understands that neither the soul nor the Supersoul is ever destroyed, actually sees. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33433. Orators are most vehement when their cause is weak. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33434. Our character is not so much the product of race and heredity as of those circumstances by which nature forms our habits, by which we are nurtured and live. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33435. Peace is liberty in tranquillity. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33436. People do not understand what a great revenue economy is. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33437. Rashness belongs to youth; prudence to old age. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33438. Rather leave the crime of the guilty unpunished than condemn the innocent. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33439. Rightly defined philosophy is simply the love of wisdom. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33440. Silence is one of the great arts of conversation. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33441. That last day does not bring extinction to us, but change of place. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33442. Sweet is the memory of past troubles. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33443. The countenance is the portrait of the soul, and the eyes mark its intentions. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33444. Old age: the crown of life, our play’s last act. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33445. Nothing is more unreliable than the populace, nothing more obscure than human intentions, nothing more deceptive than the whole electoral system. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33446. The authority of those who teach is often an obstacle to those who want to learn. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33447. The best interpreter of the law is custom. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33448. So near is falsehood to truth that a wise man would do well not to trust himself on the narrow edge. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33449. No sane man will dance. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33450. Nature abhors annihilation. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33451. Nature has planted in our minds an insatiable longing to see the truth. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33452. Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33453. Never injure a friend, even in jest. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33454. Next to God we are nothing. To God we are Everything. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33455. No obligation to do the impossible is binding. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33456. No one can give you better advice than yourself. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33457. No one has the right to be sorry for himself for a misfortune that strikes everyone. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33458. Nothing is so unbelievable that oratory cannot make it acceptable. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33459. No poet or orator has ever existed who believed there was any better than himself. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33460. Of all nature’s gifts to the human race, what is sweeter to a man than his children? – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33461. Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33462. Not cohabitation but consensus constitutes marriage. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33463. Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable than fidelity. Faithfulness and truth are the most sacred excellences and endowments of the human mind. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33464. The harvest of old age is the recollection and abundance of blessing previously secured. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33465. Nothing is so strongly fortified that it cannot be taken by money. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33466. The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33467. Nothing stands out so conspicuously, or remains so firmly fixed in the memory, as something which you have blundered. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33468. O wretched man, wretched not just because of what you are, but also because you do not know how wretched you are! – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33469. No one was ever great without some portion of divine inspiration. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33470. To live is to think. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33471. There is nothing so absurd that some philosopher has not already said it. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33472. This is the truth: as from a fire aflame thousands of sparks come forth, even so from the Creator an infinity of beings have life and to him return again. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33473. Those wars are unjust which are undertaken without provocation. For only a war waged for revenge or defense can be just. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33474. Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33475. Though silence is not necessarily an admission, it is not a denial, either. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33476. Thrift is of great revenue. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33477. Time destroys the speculation of men, but it confirms nature. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33478. The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33479. To know the laws is not to memorize their letter but to grasp their full force and meaning. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33480. The study and knowledge of the universe would somehow be lame and defective were no practical results to follow. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33481. To some extent I liken slavery to death. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33482. True glory takes root, and even spreads; all false pretences, like flowers, fall to the ground; nor can any counterfeit last long. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33483. True nobility is exempt from fear. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33484. Virtue is a habit of the mind, consistent with nature and moderation and reason. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33485. We are motivated by a keen desire for praise, and the better a man is the more he is inspired by glory. The very philosophers themselves, even in those books which they write in contempt of glory, inscribe their names. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33486. If you pursue good with labor, the labor passes away but the good remains; if you pursue evil with pleasure, the pleasure passes away and the evil remains. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33487. Natural ability without education has more often attained to glory and virtue than education without natural ability. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33488. To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33489. The nobler a man, the harder it is for him to suspect inferiority in others. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33490. The false is nothing but an imitation of the true. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33491. The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33492. The good of the people is the greatest law. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33493. The greatest pleasures are only narrowly separated from disgust. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33494. The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33495. The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33496. The long time to come when I shall not exist has more effect on me than this short present time, which nevertheless seems endless. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33497. There are more men ennobled by study than by nature. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33498. The more laws, the less justice. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33499. The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33500. The only excuse for war is that we may live in peace unharmed. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33501. The precepts of the law are these: to live honestly, to injure no one, and to give everyone else his due. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33502. The pursuit, even of the best things, ought to be calm and tranquil. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33503. The rule of friendship means there should be mutual sympathy between them, each supplying what the other lacks and trying to benefit the other, always using friendly and sincere words. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33504. The safety of the people shall be the highest law. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33505. The sinews of war are infinite money. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33506. The spirit is the true self. The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33507. The eyes like sentinel occupy the highest place in the body. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33508. The magistrates are the ministers for the laws, the judges their interpreters, the rest of us are servants of the law, that we all may be free. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33509. Freedom is a possession of inestimable value. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33510. Hatreds not vowed and concealed are to be feared more than those openly declared. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33511. Death is not natural for a state as it is for a human being, for whom death is not only necessary, but frequently even desirable. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33512. Empire and liberty. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33513. Even if you have nothing to write, write and say so. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33514. Every man can tell how many goats or sheep he possesses, but not how many friends. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33515. Fear is not a lasting teacher of duty. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33516. For a tear is quickly dried, especially when shed for the misfortunes of others. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33517. Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33518. Freedom is a man’s natural power of doing what he pleases, so far as he is not prevented by force or law. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33519. Cannot people realize how large an income is thrift? – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33520. Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33521. Frivolity is inborn, conceit acquired by education. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33522. Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33523. Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33524. Great is our admiration of the orator who speaks with fluency and discretion. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33525. Great is the power of habit. It teaches us to bear fatigue and to despise wounds and pain. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33526. Hatred is inveterate anger. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33527. Hatred is settled anger. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33528. For how many things, which for our own sake we should never do, do we perform for the sake of our friends. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

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33529. All pain is either severe or slight, if slight, it is easily endured; if severe, it will without doubt be brief. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33530. A friend is, as it were, a second self. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33531. A home without books is a body without soul. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33532. A letter does not blush. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33533. A man of courage is also full of faith. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33534. A man’s own manner and character is what most becomes him. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33535. A tear dries quickly when it is shed for troubles of others. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33536. Ability without honor is useless. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33537. Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33538. In a republic this rule ought to be observed: that the majority should not have the predominant power. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33539. An unjust peace is better than a just war. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33540. More law, less justice. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33541. Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33542. Any man is liable to err, only a fool persists in error. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33543. As fire when thrown into water is cooled down and put out, so also a false accusation when brought against a man of the purest and holiest character, boils over and is at once dissipated, and vanishes and threats of heaven and sea, himself standing unmoved. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33544. As I approve of a youth that has something of the old man in him, so I am no less pleased with an old man that has something of the youth. He that follows this rule may be old in body, but can never be so in mind. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33545. Before beginning, plan carefully. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33546. Brevity is a great charm of eloquence. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33547. Brevity is the best recommendation of speech, whether in a senator or an orator. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33548. According to the law of nature it is only fair that no one should become richer through damages and injuries suffered by another. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33549. Laws are silent in time of war. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33550. It is foolish to tear one’s hair in grief, as though sorrow would be made less by baldness. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33551. It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33552. It is the nature of every person to error, but only the fool perseveres in error. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33553. It is the peculiar quality of a fool to perceive the faults of others and to forget his own. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33554. It might be pardonable to refuse to defend some men, but to defend them negligently is nothing short of criminal. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33555. It shows nobility to be willing to increase your debt to a man to whom you already owe much. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33556. Just as the soul fills the body, so God fills the world. Just as the soul bears the body, so God endures the world. Just as the soul sees but is not seen, so God sees but is not seen. Just as the soul feeds the body, so God gives food to the world. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33557. Justice consists in doing no injury to men; decency in giving them no offense. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33558. In time of war the laws are silent. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33559. Knowledge which is divorced from justice, may be called cunning rather than wisdom. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33560. Love is the attempt to form a friendship inspired by beauty. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33561. Laws should be interpreted in a liberal sense so that their intention may be preserved. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33562. Let us not listen to those who think we ought to be angry with our enemies, and who believe this to be great and manly. Nothing is so praiseworthy, nothing so clearly shows a great and noble soul, as clemency and readiness to forgive. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33563. Liberty consists in the power of doing that which is permitted by the law. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33564. Like associates with like. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33565. Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33566. He does not seem to me to be a free man who does not sometimes do nothing. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33567. Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33568. Advice in old age is foolish; for what can be more absurd than to increase our provisions for the road the nearer we approach to our journey’s end. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33569. Justice is the set and constant purpose which gives every man his due. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33570. If we are not ashamed to think it, we should not be ashamed to say it. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33571. Honor is the reward of virtue. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33572. I am not ashamed to confess that I am ignorant of what I do not know. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33573. I criticize by creation – not by finding fault. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33574. I never admire another’s fortune so much that I became dissatisfied with my own. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33575. I never heard of an old man forgetting where he had buried his money! Old people remember what interests them: the dates fixed for their lawsuits, and the names of their debtors and creditors. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33576. If I err in belief that the souls of men are immortal, I gladly err, nor do I wish this error which gives me pleasure to be wrested from me while I live. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33577. I add this, that rational ability without education has oftener raised man to glory and virtue, than education without natural ability. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33578. If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33579. If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33580. He only employs his passion who can make no use of his reason. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33581. In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33582. In so far as the mind is stronger than the body, so are the ills contracted by the mind more severe than those contracted by the body. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33583. In doubtful cases the more liberal interpretation must always be preferred. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33584. In everything truth surpasses the imitation and copy. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33585. In everything, satiety closely follows the greatest pleasures. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33586. In honorable dealing you should consider what you intended, not what you said or thought. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33587. I prefer tongue-tied knowledge to ignorant loquacity. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

33588. Avoid any specific discussion of public policy at public meetings. – Quintus Tullius Cicero

33589. During war, the laws are silent. – Quintus Tullius Cicero

33590. I sort of was good at writing essays. I was never very good at mathematics, and I was never very good at algebra. I loved science, but I wasn’t sure of it. – Diane Cilento

33591. I don’t think in my family anyone looked after anyone. It didn’t matter how old they were. – Diane Cilento

33592. If you were in the film industry at that time, you were always picked up by directors who were much older. You were whisked about and shown things. I did work very hard though. – Diane Cilento

33593. I was a hard worker, and I always knew my lines. – Diane Cilento

33594. At boarding school you had to wear your name across your chest and your back, and obviously I had a pretty funny name. It wasn’t Brown or Smith or Hughes. – Diane Cilento

33595. Blank House was exactly a nice empty sheet where nothing was accountable because you were so naughty that you were in Blank House. – Diane Cilento

33596. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I wasn’t excited by the teaching of the school. If they’d been intent on really teaching you things, I would have been a little more attentive. – Diane Cilento

33597. I got through my teen years by being a bit of a clown. – Diane Cilento

33598. I had a place in England and was commuting from England to Australia, which is pretty stupid, but after two years I sort of knew what I wanted to do, more or less. – Diane Cilento

33599. I had a quick ear and could pick up languages. – Diane Cilento

33600. I learnt the theory of movement, which I still teach sometimes. I was very, very ambitious to learn a skill. – Diane Cilento

33601. I never used to sleep much. I think we all go through a bit of a time like that where we rage about. If we don’t, I don’t think you’ve ever really lived. – Diane Cilento

33602. I spoke French a bit, and I could speak a bit of this and that, and when you were taught those things by people who couldn’t really do it, you can do some pretty wonderfully, imaginative horrific things to teachers. – Diane Cilento

33603. I was often very, incredibly naughty, and if I didn’t come home at tea time I used to be sent to bed without any dinner. But people used to bring me things: I was better fed in bed. – Diane Cilento

33604. If there was a distraction I’d get up and jump out the window. I was quite out of hand. In schools like that I don’t think they expect that girls are going to behave in such an outrageous fashion. – Diane Cilento

33605. Both my parents were doctors, and my mother had her surgery in the house. There were six children. – Diane Cilento

33606. The best part of learning any profession, when you’re really going through those huge stretching escalated times of learning and energy, is when you want to do it so much. – Diane Cilento

33607. When I did Taming of the Shrew, I was very tired, and I decided to have a holiday and make a documentary. – Diane Cilento

33608. Very quickly, without really looking back or trying, I was just suddenly lifted into another sphere. – Diane Cilento

33609. The most surprising thing for my mother and father was when I was actually earning more money than them by the time I was about 18. They thought I was going to be the ne’er do well, who they’d have to keep worrying about. – Diane Cilento

33610. Once, the parental bed collapsed because all the children sat on it at once. – Diane Cilento

33611. My mother felt it was time that I had some parental control, so I went off to America and went to New York. – Diane Cilento

33612. My father said, If you want to do acting, you have to be successful, which is a silly thing to say. – Diane Cilento

33613. You never came home for lunch: you just stayed doing, playing, having fun, surfing, running round. – Diane Cilento

33614. It was a very odd household, because the grandmothers were so different. Both of them had their own pianos. So it would be duelling pianos by grandmothers. – Diane Cilento

33615. If you’ve got a lot of children, I think you let the other children bring them up more and you just sort of step in and do stuff like every now and again. – Diane Cilento

33616. Suddenly I had a contract and I was earning lots of money. – Diane Cilento

33617. To act is to anchor in the imminent future. – Emile M. Cioran

33618. The limit of every pain is an even greater pain. – Emile M. Cioran

33619. The mind is the result of the torments the flesh undergoes or inflicts upon itself. – Emile M. Cioran

33620. The more we try to rest ourselves from our Egos, the deeper we sink into it. – Emile M. Cioran

33621. The obsession with suicide is characteristic of the man who can neither live nor die, and whose attention never swerves from this double impossibility. – Emile M. Cioran

33622. The task of the solitary man is to be even more solitary. – Emile M. Cioran

33623. The fear of being deceived is the vulgar version of the quest for Truth. – Emile M. Cioran

33624. There is no means of proving it is preferable to be than not to be. – Emile M. Cioran

33625. Society is not a disease, it is a disaster. What a stupid miracle that one can live in it. – Emile M. Cioran

33626. To exist is a habit I do not despair of acquiring. – Emile M. Cioran

33627. To Live signifies to believe and hope – to lie and to lie to oneself. – Emile M. Cioran

33628. The Universal view melts things into a blur. – Emile M. Cioran

33629. The fanatic is incorruptible: if he kills for an idea, he can just as well get himself killed for one; in either case, tyrant or martyr, he is a monster. – Emile M. Cioran

33630. The desire to die was my one and only concern; to it I have sacrificed everything, even death. – Emile M. Cioran

33631. Philosophers write for professors; thinkers for writers. – Emile M. Cioran

33632. So long as man is protected by madness – he functions – and flourishes. – Emile M. Cioran

33633. Skepticism is the sadism of embittered souls. – Emile M. Cioran

33634. Since all life is futility, then the decision to exist must be the most irrational of all. – Emile M. Cioran

33635. Revenge is not always sweet, once it is consummated we feel inferior to our victim. – Emile M. Cioran

33636. Reason is a whore, surviving by simulation, versatility, and shamelessness. – Emile M. Cioran

33637. Progress is the injustice each generation commits with regard to its predecessors. – Emile M. Cioran

33638. Philosophy: Impersonal anxiety; refuge among anemic ideas. – Emile M. Cioran

33639. To venture upon an undertaking of any kind, even the most insignificant, is to sacrifice to envy. – Emile M. Cioran

33640. What pride to discover that nothing belongs to you – what a revelation. – Emile M. Cioran

33641. Speech and silence. We feel safer with a madman who talks than with one who cannot open his mouth. – Emile M. Cioran

33642. We interest others by the misfortune we spread around us. – Emile M. Cioran

33643. Our works, whatever they may be, derive from our incapacity to kill or to kill ourselves. – Emile M. Cioran

33644. Sperm is a bandit in its pure state. – Emile M. Cioran

33645. Write books only if you are going to say in them the things you would never dare confide to anyone. – Emile M. Cioran

33646. Word – that invisible dagger. – Emile M. Cioran

33647. Woes and wonders of Power, that tonic hell, synthesis of poison and panacea. – Emile M. Cioran

33648. Who Rebels? Who rises in arms? Rarely the slave, but almost always the oppressor turned slave. – Emile M. Cioran

33649. When we cannot be delivered from ourselves, we delight in devouring ourselves. – Emile M. Cioran

33650. What would be left of our tragedies if an insect were to present us his? – Emile M. Cioran

33651. What surrounds us we endure better for giving it a name – and moving on. – Emile M. Cioran

33652. What does the future, that half of time, matter to the man who is infatuated with eternity? – Emile M. Cioran

33653. We would not be interested in human beings if we did not have the hope of someday meeting someone worse off than ourselves. – Emile M. Cioran

33654. We understand God by everything in ourselves that is fragmentary, incomplete, and inopportune. – Emile M. Cioran

33655. To want fame is to prefer dying scorned than forgotten. – Emile M. Cioran

33656. We inhabit a language rather than a country. – Emile M. Cioran

33657. We die in proportion to the words we fling around us. – Emile M. Cioran

33658. We derive our vitality from our store of madness. – Emile M. Cioran

33659. We define only out of despair, we must have a formula… to give a facade tot he void. – Emile M. Cioran

33660. We are born to Exist, not to know, to be, not to assert ourselves. – Emile M. Cioran

33661. We are afraid of the enormity of the possible. – Emile M. Cioran

33662. Under each formula lies a corpse. – Emile M. Cioran

33663. Truths begin by a conflict with the police – and end by calling them in. – Emile M. Cioran

33664. Torment, for some men, is a need, an appetite, and an accomplishment. – Emile M. Cioran

33665. Tolerance – the function of an extinguished ardor – tolerance cannot seduce the young. – Emile M. Cioran

33666. You are done for – a living dead man – not when you stop loving but stop hating. Hatred preserves: in it, in its chemistry, resides the mystery of life. – Emile M. Cioran

33667. Criticism is a misconception: we must read not to understand others but to understand ourselves. – Emile M. Cioran

33668. If we could see ourselves as others see us, we would vanish on the spot. – Emile M. Cioran

33669. I’m simply an accident. Why take it all so seriously? – Emile M. Cioran

33670. I have no nationality – the best possible status for an intellectual. – Emile M. Cioran

33671. I foresee the day when we shall read nothing but telegrams and prayers. – Emile M. Cioran

33672. Great persecutors are recruited among martyrs whose heads haven’t been cut off. – Emile M. Cioran

33673. God – a disease we imagine we are cured of because no one dies of it nowadays. – Emile M. Cioran

33674. Glory – once achieved, what is it worth? – Emile M. Cioran

33675. For you who no longer posses it, freedom is everything, for us who do, it is merely an illusion. – Emile M. Cioran

33676. Everything is pathology, except for indifference. – Emile M. Cioran

33677. Every thought derives from a thwarted sensation. – Emile M. Cioran

33678. If, at the limit, you can rule without crime, you cannot do so without injustices. – Emile M. Cioran

33679. Each concession we make is accompanied by an inner diminution of which we are not immediately conscious. – Emile M. Cioran

33680. Ambition is a drug that makes its addicts potential madmen. – Emile M. Cioran

33681. Crime in full glory consolidates authority by the sacred fear it inspires. – Emile M. Cioran

33682. Consciousness is much more than the thorn, it is the dagger in the flesh. – Emile M. Cioran

33683. Chaos is rejecting all you have learned, Chaos is being yourself. – Emile M. Cioran

33684. By all evidence we are in the world to do nothing. – Emile M. Cioran

33685. Anyone who speaks in the name of others is always an imposter. – Emile M. Cioran

33686. Anyone can escape into sleep, we are all geniuses when we dream, the butcher’s the poet’s equal there. – Emile M. Cioran

33687. A sudden silence in the middle of a conversation suddenly brings us back to essentials: it reveals how dearly we must pay for the invention of speech. – Emile M. Cioran

33688. A marvel that has nothing to offer, democracy is at once a nation’s paradise and its tomb. – Emile M. Cioran

33689. A golden rule: to leave an incomplete image of oneself. – Emile M. Cioran

33690. Our first intuitions are the true ones. – Emile M. Cioran

33691. The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live – moreover, the only one. – Emile M. Cioran

33692. Ennui is the echo in us of time tearing itself apart. – Emile M. Cioran

33693. No one can enjoy freedom without trembling. – Emile M. Cioran

33694. A people represents not so much an aggregate of ideas and theories as of obsessions. – Emile M. Cioran

33695. Imaginary pains are by far the most real we suffer, since we feel a constant need for them and invent them because there is no way of doing without them. – Emile M. Cioran

33696. Nothing proves that we are more than nothing. – Emile M. Cioran

33697. Nothing is so wearing as the possession or abuse of liberty. – Emile M. Cioran

33698. One does not inhabit a country; one inhabits a language. That is our country, our fatherland – and no other. – Emile M. Cioran

33699. One hardly saves a world without ruling it. – Emile M. Cioran

33700. Negation is the mind’s first freedom, yet a negative habit is fruitful only so long as we exert ourselves to overcome it, adapt it to our needs; once acquired it can imprison us. – Emile M. Cioran

33701. My mission is to kill time, and time’s to kill me in its turn. How comfortable one is among murderers. – Emile M. Cioran

33702. Music is the refuge of souls ulcerated by happiness. – Emile M. Cioran

33703. Man starts over again everyday, in spite of all he knows, against all he knows. – Emile M. Cioran

33704. Man must vanquish himself, must do himself violence, in order to perform the slightest action untainted by evil. – Emile M. Cioran

33705. A civilization is destroyed only when its gods are destroyed. – Emile M. Cioran

33706. Impossible to spend sleepless nights and accomplish anything: if, in my youth, my parents had not financed my insomnias, I should surely have killed myself. – Emile M. Cioran

33707. No one recovers from the disease of being born, a deadly wound if there ever was one. – Emile M. Cioran

33708. Life is possible only by the deficiencies of our imagination and memory. – Emile M. Cioran

33709. In every man sleeps a prophet, and when he wakes there is a little more evil in the world. – Emile M. Cioran

33710. In order to have the stuff of a tyrant, a certain mental derangement is necessary. – Emile M. Cioran

33711. Intelligence flourishes only in the ages when belief withers. – Emile M. Cioran

33712. Isn’t history ultimately the result of our fear of boredom? – Emile M. Cioran

33713. It is because we are all imposters that we endure each other. – Emile M. Cioran

33714. It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late. – Emile M. Cioran

33715. Jealousy – that jumble of secret worship and ostensible aversion. – Emile M. Cioran

33716. Life creates itself in delirium and is undone in ennui. – Emile M. Cioran

33717. Life inspires more dread than death – it is life which is the great unknown. – Emile M. Cioran

33718. A distant enemy is always preferable to one at the gate. – Emile M. Cioran

33719. In a republic, that paradise of debility, the politician is a petty tyrant who obeys the laws. – Emile M. Cioran

33720. Americans are a can-do people, an enthusiastic people, a problem-solving people. And when given a direction and given a plan, they’ll sign on. – Henry Cisneros

33721. The hurricane complicates things in that what would have been purely a business decision becomes a decision of the heart. – Henry Cisneros

33722. We can either allow our youth to shoot baskets or watch them continue to shoot people. – Henry Cisneros

33723. I was a little lacking in vision as mayor – I failed to understand the significance that housing and the revitalization of housing means for a city. – Henry Cisneros

33724. As Secretary of Housing, I do have to express alarm, signal the alarm if you will, that the potential for homelessness to grow is there. – Henry Cisneros

33725. I don’t think we have any time to waste. – Henry Cisneros

33726. Well, I’m Buddhist, Ray, and so part of my Buddhism has allowed me to look a little more deeply at people and the events in my life that created me. And I think a lot of that Buddhism comes out in the world view in this novel. – Sandra Cisneros

33727. Sometimes I feel I can’t quite master my written and spoken Spanish, because I’m too much a student of English. I would need another lifetime to learn it. – Sandra Cisneros

33728. I was silent as a child, and silenced as a young woman; I am taking my lumps and bumps for being a big mouth, now, but usually from those whose opinion I don’t respect. – Sandra Cisneros

33729. Revenge only engenders violence, not clarity and true peace. I think liberation must come from within. – Sandra Cisneros

33730. I always tell people that I became a writer not because I went to school but because my mother took me to the library. I wanted to become a writer so I could see my name in the card catalog. – Sandra Cisneros

33731. Perhaps the greatest challenge has been trying to keep my time to myself and my private life private in order to do my job. Everything that is most mine belongs to everyone now. – Sandra Cisneros

33732. My feminism is humanism, with the weakest being those who I represent, and that includes many beings and life forms, including some men. – Sandra Cisneros

33733. Mexico is only a memory of childhood safety. – Sandra Cisneros

33734. I’m afraid I’m still trying to find that balance. Especially now that everyone wants a piece of me. I find that I have to become more and more reclusive, and pick and choose when I am public and when I am private. – Sandra Cisneros

33735. I usually say Latina, Mexican-American or American Mexican, and in certain contexts, Chicana, depending on whether my audience understands the term or not. – Sandra Cisneros

33736. I try to be as honest about what I see and to speak rather than be silent, especially if it means I can save lives, or serve humanity. – Sandra Cisneros

33737. I think my family and closest friends are learning about my need to withdraw, and I am learning how to restore and store my energy to both serve the community to the best of my ability and to serve my writer’s heart. – Sandra Cisneros

33738. I realize that when I moved out of my father’s house I shocked and frightened him because I needed a room of my own, a space of my own to reinvent myself. – Sandra Cisneros

33739. I don’t see any kind of mirror of power, male power, that is, as a form of liberation. I don’t believe in an eye for an eye. I don’t believe this is truly freedom. – Sandra Cisneros

33740. But I deal with this meditating and by understanding I’ve been put on the planet to serve humanity. I have to remind myself to live simply and not to overindulge, which is a constant battle in a material world. – Sandra Cisneros

33741. And the nice thing about writing a novel is you take your time, you sit with the character sometimes nine years, you look very deeply at a situation, unlike in real life when we just kind of snap something out. – Sandra Cisneros

33742. I have to understand what my strengths and limitations are, and work from a true place. I try to do this as best I can while still protecting my writer self, which more than ever needs privacy. – Sandra Cisneros

33743. I was raised in Chicago, so always used Latina. It’s what my Father and brothers called ourselves, when we meant the entire Spanish-speaking community of Chicago. – Sandra Cisneros

33744. Only when you are lost can love find itself in you without losing its way. – Helene Cixous

33745. He was an innovator, an experimenter, a missionary in bringing the gospel of good cooking to the home table. – Craig Claiborne

33746. Man is born to eat. – Craig Claiborne

33747. When you get over the anxiety, you discover you should have been mad a long time ago. – Amy Clampitt

33748. Women who are inclined to write poetry at all are inspired by being mad at something. – Amy Clampitt

33749. Some very plausible stuff is being written by women in a way that most men are not doing. – Amy Clampitt

33750. Everybody has to write out of rage sometimes. – Amy Clampitt

33751. Whenever somebody comes up with a good idea, there’s somebody else who has never had a good idea in his life who stands up and says, Oh, you can’t do that. – Tom Clancy

33752. What do I know about sex? I’m a married man. – Tom Clancy

33753. There was a time when nails were high-tech. There was a time when people had to be told how to use a telephone. Technology is just a tool. People use tools to improve their lives. – Tom Clancy

33754. There used to be this country called the Soviet Union; it’s not there anymore. Our technology was better than theirs. – Tom Clancy

33755. There are two kinds of people: the ones who need to be told and the ones who figure it out all by themselves. – Tom Clancy

33756. The U.S. Military is us. There is no truer representation of a country than the people that it sends into the field to fight for it. The people who wear our uniform and carry our rifles into combat are our kids, and our job is to support them, because they’re protecting us. – Tom Clancy

33757. The human condition today is better than it’s ever been, and technology is one of the reasons for that. – Tom Clancy

33758. The good old days are now. – Tom Clancy

33759. The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense. – Tom Clancy

33760. The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people. – Tom Clancy

33761. Show me an elitist, and I’ll show you a loser. – Tom Clancy

33762. Probably what pushed the Russians over the edge was SDI. They realized they couldn’t beat us. – Tom Clancy

33763. America is the most inventive country in the world because everybody has access to information. – Tom Clancy

33764. Collaboration on a book is the ultimate unnatural act. – Tom Clancy

33765. People live longer today than they ever have. They live happier lives, have more knowledge, more information. All this is the result of communications technology. How is any of that bad? – Tom Clancy

33766. Fighting wars is not so much about killing people as it is about finding things out. The more you know, the more likely you are to win a battle. – Tom Clancy

33767. I was one of the first generations to watch television. TV exposes people to news, to information, to knowledge, to entertainment. How is it bad? – Tom Clancy

33768. I’ve made up stuff that’s turned out to be real, that’s the spooky part. – Tom Clancy

33769. In the Soviet Union it was illegal to take a photograph of a train station. Look what happened to them. They tried to classify everything. – Tom Clancy

33770. Life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die. – Tom Clancy

33771. Man is a creature of hope and invention, both of which belie the idea that things cannot be changed. – Tom Clancy

33772. Never ask what sort of computer a guy drives. If he’s a Mac user, he’ll tell you. If not, why embarrass him? – Tom Clancy

33773. No matter what you or anyone else does, there will be someone who says that there’s something bad about it. – Tom Clancy

33774. It’s not right to say that our loss in Vietnam turned out to be a gain. But lessons were learned. And they were the right lessons. – Tom Clancy

33775. Nothing is as real as a dream. The world can change around you, but your dream will not. Responsibilities need not erase it. Duties need not obscure it. Because the dream is within you, no one can take it away. – Tom Clancy

33776. Economic advance is not the same thing as human progress. – John Clapham

33777. The maxims of men reveal their characters. – Luc de Clapier

33778. Patience is the art of hoping. – Luc de Clapier

33779. One can not be just if one is not humane. – Luc de Clapier

33780. Obscurity is the realm of error. – Luc de Clapier

33781. It is difficult to esteem a man as highly as he would wish. – Luc de Clapier

33782. Indolence is the sleep of the mind. – Luc de Clapier

33783. Great thoughts come from the heart. – Luc de Clapier

33784. Clearness ornaments profound thoughts. – Luc de Clapier

33785. The wicked are always surprised to find ability in the good. – Luc de Clapier

33786. When a thought is too weak to be expressed simply, it is a proof that it should be rejected. – Luc de Clapier

33787. The conscience of the dying belies their life. – Luc de Clapier

33788. The fool is like those people who think themselves rich with little. – Luc de Clapier

33789. Prosperity makes few friends. – Luc de Clapier

33790. The fruit derived from labor is the sweetest of pleasures. – Luc de Clapier

33791. To execute great things, one should live as though one would never die. – Luc de Clapier

33792. Yeah, it is, because it’s a real discovery of your inner resources, you know. That’s what my character is all about and what my playing is all about. But to get up there and just go inside and draw out something that makes you feel good first and foremost. – Eric Clapton

33793. One summer I remember, I got exposed to Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly and Buddy Holly was a very very big, made a very big impression on me. Because of a lot of things, you know, the way he looked and his charisma. – Eric Clapton

33794. The first one was quite cheap, but that was expensive for us. For my folks to buy on the Never Never. It was quite, you know, a rare object to have and I gained quite a lot of status by having this. – Eric Clapton

33795. They looked great, you know the drawings of the guys playing looked great and bits of string around their necks. So it didn’t seem to be that difficult a thing to do, or that inaccessible. – Eric Clapton

33796. This moment in time, on this tour, you know, I’m discovering a lot of new things. And to be 45 and doing that, it’s a mixture of pleasure and pain, I can assure you. – Eric Clapton

33797. Very much like that, and very much a loner, do you know and I didn’t fit really into sport or all kind of group activities as a kid, I couldn’t find a niche. And music was not really part of the kind of village curriculum it would, you know. – Eric Clapton

33798. Yeah, I wanted to know where they got it from, what it was all about, you know, and it seemed to strike something in me that was you know rearing it’s head and I still don’t know what that is. – Eric Clapton

33799. Oh yeah, I mean, it wasn’t a very good guitar, most good guitars have got thrust rods in the necks that you can adjust or that’ll keep them in shape, you know keep them straight. This one just, well it turned into a bow and arrow after a couple of months. – Eric Clapton

33800. I mean, it didn’t matter to me that there were people, it didn’t matter that I was shy Just the sound was so captivating that it helped me to get rid of those inhibitions. – Eric Clapton

33801. Yeah, and I went straight into a fantasy world. Just stepped straight into the abyss. You know, I was gone and kids used to walk past my front room, cause I lived on the green. – Eric Clapton

33802. Leave bands, go back to obscurity if I choose to, without a great sense of loss of security because it’s all been based on the fact that I did it on my own or was doing, enjoying doing it on my own in the first place. – Eric Clapton

33803. It’s very dependent on your state of mind. And your emotional state as well. And a lot of it comes pouring out, you don’t really have that much control with it. – Eric Clapton

33804. It was stumbling on to really the bible of the blues, you know, and a very powerful drug to be introduced to us and I absorbed it totally, and it changed my complete outlook on music. – Eric Clapton

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33805. It was a mystery to me, how the tuning was, or the style seemed to come out of nowhere, it obviously had roots in America going way back, there was nothing like it for me I’d ever seen before. – Eric Clapton

33806. I mean, the sound of an amplified guitar in a room full of people was so hypnotic and addictive to me, that I could cross any kind of border to get on there. – Eric Clapton

33807. I just managed to convince my grandmother that it was a worth while that was something to do, you know, and when I did finally get the guitar, it didn’t seem that difficult to me, to be able to make a good noise out of it. – Eric Clapton

33808. I don’t have half the nerves there that I have anywhere else. – Eric Clapton

33809. Although they can do it all the time, you know, they’re far better than me, on a musically, on a theoretical music level. You know, they’re out of my league. – Eric Clapton

33810. A British pressing with a compilation of the best stuff really, I mean actually not only that but, these were all kind of semi hits for the people on it in America. – Eric Clapton

33811. I’ve got the god given talent or the god given opportunity better put, to let that out in a harmless way you know, and I don’t know what it does to you, I don’t really know. – Eric Clapton

33812. He could not die when trees were green, for he loved the time too well. – John Clare

33813. The best way to avoid a bad action is by doing a good one, for there is no difficulty in the world like that of trying to do nothing. – John Clare

33814. And all the charms of face or voice Which I in others see, Are but the recollected choice Of what I feel for thee. – John Clare

33815. If life had a second edition, how I would correct the proofs. – John Clare

33816. Still, I have been no one’s enemy but my own. My easy nature, either in drinking or anything else, was always ready to submit to persuasions of profligate companions, who often led me into snares. – John Clare

33817. As to my Title, I know not yet whether it will be honourable or dishonourable, the issue of the War must Settle it. Perhaps our Congress will be Exalted on a high Gallows. – Abraham Clark

33818. I have the Pleasure to assure you Congress pay particular Attention to the Defence of New Jersey, and hitherto have denied us nothing which we have Asked for that Purpose. – Abraham Clark

33819. Our fates are in the hands of An Almighty God, to whom I can with pleasure confide my own; he can save us, or destroy us; his Councils are fixed and cannot be disappointed, and all his designs will be Accomplished. – Abraham Clark

33820. There’s nothing so improves the mood of the Party as the imminent execution of a senior colleague. – Alan Clark

33821. They’re just actors. I much prefer the real thing! – Alan Clark

33822. There are no true friends in politics. We are all sharks circling, and waiting, for traces of blood to appear in the water. – Alan Clark

33823. The more you know about a species, the more you understand about how better to help protect them. – Alan Clark

33824. In the end we are all sacked and it’s always awful. It is as inevitable as death following life. If you are elevated there comes a day when you are demoted. Even Prime Ministers. – Alan Clark

33825. I’ve had. It’s the real me. People don’t deserve anything less. – Corey Clark

33826. Well, I’m using a cane, so what? So what if they shot me sitting in a wheelchair? That’s life! – Dick Clark

33827. Humor is always based on a modicum of truth. Have you ever heard a joke about a father-in-law? – Dick Clark

33828. I don’t set trends. I just find out what they are and exploit them. – Dick Clark

33829. If you want to stay young-looking, pick your parents very carefully. – Dick Clark

33830. It’s real good to be back with you again this year. – Dick Clark

33831. Music is the soundtrack of your life. – Dick Clark

33832. It seems as though women keep growing. Eventually they can have little or nothing in common with the men they chose long ago. – Eugenie Clark

33833. There is nothing that can help you understand your beliefs more than trying to explain them to an inquisitor. – Frank Howard Clark

33834. Modern man is frantically trying to earn enough to buy things he’s too busy to enjoy. – Frank Howard Clark

33835. Most smiles are started by another smile. – Frank Howard Clark

33836. Moving between the legs of tables and of chairs, rising or falling, grasping at kisses and toys, advancing boldly, sudden to take alarm, retreating to the corner of arm and knee, eager to be reassured, taking pleasure in the fragrant brilliance of the Christmas tree. – Frank Howard Clark

33837. Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out. – Frank Howard Clark

33838. The more you learn to live without, the more you’ll have to live with. – Frank Howard Clark

33839. Why not upset the apple cart? If you don’t, the apples will rot anyway. – Frank Howard Clark

33840. The reason there’s so much ignorance is that those who have it are so eager to share it. – Frank Howard Clark

33841. There is one advantage to having nothing, it never needs repair. – Frank Howard Clark

33842. There’s nothing that can help you understand your beliefs more than trying to explain them to an inquisitive child. – Frank Howard Clark

33843. We didn’t actually overspend our budget. The health Commission allocation simply fell short of our expenditure. – Frank Howard Clark

33844. We find comfort among those who agree with us – growth among those who don’t. – Frank Howard Clark

33845. Maybe a person’s time would be as well spent raising food as raising money to buy food. – Frank Howard Clark

33846. We’ve put more effort into helping folks reach old age than into helping them enjoy it. – Frank Howard Clark

33847. The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them. – Frank Howard Clark

33848. A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be, A father is someone who carries pictures where his money used to be. – Frank Howard Clark

33849. We’re all generous, but with different things, like time, money, talent – criticism. – Frank Howard Clark

33850. Many folks think they aren’t good at earning money, when what they don’t know is how to use it. – Frank Howard Clark

33851. A child, like your stomach, doesn’t need all you can afford to give it. – Frank Howard Clark

33852. A habit is something you can do without thinking – which is why most of us have so many of them. – Frank Howard Clark

33853. A leading authority is anyone who has guessed right more than once. – Frank Howard Clark

33854. A man’s conscience, like a warning line on the highway, tells him what he shouldn’t do – but it does not keep him from doing it. – Frank Howard Clark

33855. Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots. – Frank Howard Clark

33856. Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things. – Frank Howard Clark

33857. Habit is something you can do without thinking, which is why most of us have so many of them. – Frank Howard Clark

33858. I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it. – Frank Howard Clark

33859. I’d rather see folks doubt what’s true than accept what isn’t. – Frank Howard Clark

33860. If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get. – Frank Howard Clark

33861. Kindness makes a fellow feel good whether it’s being done to him or by him. – Frank Howard Clark

33862. If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. – Frank Howard Clark

33863. It’s hard to detect good luck – it looks so much like something you’ve earned. – Frank Howard Clark

33864. Gossip needn’t be false to be evil – there’s a lot of truth that shouldn’t be passed around. – Frank Howard Clark

33865. A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it. – Frank Howard Clark

33866. The actual writing of a song usually comes in the form of a realisation. I can’t contrive a song. – Gene Clark

33867. Zen, per se, is not just an art, it’s not just a religion, it’s a realisation. – Gene Clark

33868. Damn the sword! When Virginia wanted a sword, I gave her one. Now she sends me a toy! I require bread! – George Rogers Clark

33869. I am George Rogers Clark. You have just become a prisoner of the Commonwealth of Virginia. – George Rogers Clark

33870. The sword is very handsome. I am too old and infirm, as you see, to ever use a sword again, but I am glad that my old mother state has not entirely forgotten me. – George Rogers Clark

33871. I’ve known Shawn for several years. And he’s just an amazing talent. He’s a great writer, a marvelous, marvelous guitar player, and plays really good fiddle. – Guy Clark

33872. Well, I had a fiddle that I really can’t play, so I loaned it to Darrell. But yeah, he’s from another planet. – Guy Clark

33873. Things change all the time, and they’ll probably never be the same again. It’s just the natural evolution of the human condition. Things change, and whatever it is is what it is. I mean, you try to start second guessing that, you either get rich or die broke. – Guy Clark

33874. There aren’t any rules, as far as anything-and that applies especially to writing songs, whatever gets the point across. So you’re just kind of brought up to feel-in any field, if you say you can do it, do it. There it is. – Guy Clark

33875. But by the time you get there and you get home, it winds up being a lot of time out. So I’m getting the itch to build, I know that. I keep looking at my stacks of wood and what I can do with it. – Guy Clark

33876. Mary Gauthier’s great. Yeah, we’ve played a lot of gigs together. She’s really wonderful. – Guy Clark

33877. It’s just something I’ve always done. In South Texas, the first guitar you get is a Mexican guitar. And the first one I got, the first thing I did was take it apart. – Guy Clark

33878. It was really amazing. I mean, he’d never mentioned that he played in the symphony, like serious violin playing, not fiddle playing. And he just blew us away. – Guy Clark

33879. I have no reason to sit home and write songs all day without going out and playing for the folks. And I have no reason to go play for the folks unless I’m writing new songs so they can sort of feed off one another. And I just try to do the best I can. – Guy Clark

33880. I get pretty much all the exercise I need walking down airport concourses carrying bags. – Guy Clark

33881. I don’t know what the outcome will be. I put a couple away for my grandkids, like that. So I don’t know, who knows? Maybe I’ll start building guitars for a living. – Guy Clark

33882. Chris is the engineer down at the studio where we do these things. And he’s just such an integral part and he has such a marvelous ear. Also it turns out, we didn’t know, but he’s a pretty good fiddle player. – Guy Clark

33883. Ain’t no chance if you don’t take it. – Guy Clark

33884. All gut strings. That’s just the first kind of guitar I played, it was a nylon string guitar. And to me, it’s the purest form of guitar making, and I just enjoy doing it. – Guy Clark

33885. Darrell is really good in the studio. I mean, he has a real working knowledge of how the process works, and what sounds good coming back over tape, and how the stuff works together. – Guy Clark

33886. I just was apologizing for maybe being a little goofy. – Guy Clark

33887. We don’t want to deal with a separatist party. – Helen Clark

33888. Well of course New Zealand isn’t anti-American. – Helen Clark

33889. We just sent our condolences to the President of the United States and the American people on what is a terrible, terrible tragedy. – Helen Clark

33890. If the market is left to sort matters out, social injustice will be heightened and suffering in the community will grow with the neglect the market fosters. – Helen Clark

33891. As New Zealanders, we’ve been in on the United Nations from the very beginning, played a role in the drafting of the charter – it means a lot to us that those processes are followed. – Helen Clark

33892. Well in the end the world can crank itself up to sanctions, as it has with Zimbabwe, another sad case. – Helen Clark

33893. I say to you that the price of liberty is and always has been blood, human blood, and if our liberties are lost, we shall never regain them except at the price of blood. They must not be lost. – J. Reuben Clark

33894. It is the union of independence and dependence of these branches – legislative, executive and judicial – and of the governmental functions possessed by each of them, that constitutes the marvellous genius of this unrivalled document. – J. Reuben Clark

33895. May He who holds in his hands the destinies of nations, make you worthy of the favors He has bestowed, and enabled you with pure hearts and hands and sleepless vigilance, to guard and defend to the end of time, the great charge He has committed to your keeping. – J. Reuben Clark

33896. Reduced to its lowest terms, the great struggle which now rocks the whole earth more and more takes on the character of a struggle of the individual versus the state. – J. Reuben Clark

33897. You have the highest of human trusts committed to your care. Providence has showered on this favored land blessings without number, and has chosen you as the guardians of freedom, to preserve it for the benefit of the human race. – J. Reuben Clark

33898. The Internet is not just one thing, it’s a collection of things – of numerous communications networks that all speak the same digital language. – Jim Clark

33899. I have a policy that I get to spend as much on myself as I give away. – Jim Clark

33900. I’d say there was a fair amount of skepticism at the time about whether the Internet held any promise. And of course I felt that it did. – Jim Clark

33901. No matter how much Bill Gates may claim otherwise, he missed the Internet, like a barreling freight train that he didn’t hear or see coming. – Jim Clark

33902. ‘Authoring tools’ are terrible; there is almost no software that can create closed captions for media players. And of course there is no training. TV captioning is bad enough, and this stuff is generally worse. – Joe Clark

33903. Self-respect permeates every aspect of your life. – Joe Clark

33904. The issue in Web accessibility is the fact that blind and visually-impaired people need the single biggest boost to achieve equivalence, since the real-world Web is a visual medium. – Joe Clark

33905. There’s what we expect bears to do and then there’s what they do. Sometimes the two don’t match. – Joe Clark

33906. If the adjustment made by a court can be accepted or not, it will be refused whenever the men can gain more by continuing the strike, with whatever of violence that involves. – John Bates Clark

33907. When we say that the persistence of competition is ensured by fate, we mean that individual freedom is so guaranteed. The one thing to which fate binds us is liberty. – John Bates Clark

33908. We cannot afford to have any large section of the business world in doubt whether they have broken the laws or not, and we cannot let the laws become a dead letter through vagueness. In this view it is clear that an administrative commission can render invaluable service. – John Bates Clark

33909. The market tends to pay as a wage what an individual laborer is worth. But the case last studied suggests the question how accurately the law operates in practice. May it not be an honest law, but be so vitiated in its working as to give a dishonest result? – John Bates Clark

33910. The limit is not as narrow as it might be. I do not claim for this action, as it now goes on, an ideal degree of efficiency. What I do claim is that this type of competition already reveals its nature and its ultimate power to hold seeming monopolies in check. – John Bates Clark

33911. The first issue to be settled is whether socialism has a right to exist Are its allegations concerning the present system true? Is industry proceeding on a principle of fraud? I wish to test the power of recent economic theory to give an exact answer to this question. – John Bates Clark

33912. The decree of a coercive tribunal would not need to conform to the true standard of wages, the final productivity of social labor. It would introduce into distribution a genuinely arbitrary element, with a very large ultimate power to pervert the natural system. – John Bates Clark

33913. In a recent decision of the Supreme Court, not made, however, by the full court, and concurred in by only four justices, it was held that the seller of a patented mimeograph could bind the purchaser to use only his ink in the machine, though the ink was not patented. – John Bates Clark

33914. If a man were living in isolation his income would be literally his product. Make him the monarch and owner of an island, and the fruits that he raises and the clothing that he makes constitute, in themselves, his income. This ceases to be true when trading begins. – John Bates Clark

33915. Experience alone can give a final answer. The knowledge gained in a few years by a commission of the kind suggested would be worth more than volumes of mere assertions and contradictions. – John Bates Clark

33916. Dull would be the man who should merely tolerate this plan of social industry. Weak would be the position of him who should take an apologetic tone in defending it, or present its claims in a merely negative way, by exposing the evils and perils of the socialistic plan. – John Bates Clark

33917. A laborer no longer makes whole articles. He receives raw materials, puts his touch on them, and passes them to another worker in the series. When the articles are quite finished they are carried out of sight by currents of commercial exchange. These currents are untraceable. – John Bates Clark

33918. Socialism appeals to better classes and has far more strength. Attack the state and you excite feelings of loyalty even among the disaffected classes; but attack the industrial system and appeal to the state, and you may have loyalty in your favor. – John Bates Clark

33919. One aspect of this is the way we have come during recent centuries to appreciate that the world and indeed the very universe in which we live have evolved over immense periods of time. – John G. D. Clark

33920. To be awarded a prize which takes its name from an illustrious Dutchman who at the same time was a great citizen of Europe and through his writings did so much to open up our modern world of sensibility and thought is indeed a most signal honour. – John G. D. Clark

33921. If we turn to palaeontology to tell us about our biological evolution it is to prehistory that we look for evidence of the evolution of specifically human patterns of behaviour. – John G. D. Clark

33922. As contemporary history reminds us we are human to the extent that we are able to chose between alternatives. – John G. D. Clark

33923. Now the master paid a number of visits to England and, as a Cambridge man, it is a source of pride that he taught there for a longer period than elsewhere in my country. – John G. D. Clark

33924. To hurry through the rise and fall of a fine, full sentence is like defying the role of time in human life. – Kenneth Clark

33925. A lot of people you think you know you don’t know until you find out you don’t know then it may be too late to know. – Kenneth Clark

33926. We can destroy ourselves by cynicism and disillusion, just as effectively as by bombs. – Kenneth Clark

33927. The great achievement of the Catholic Church lay in harmonizing, civilizing the deepest impulses of ordinary, ignorant people. – Kenneth Clark

33928. Opera, next to Gothic architecture, is one of the strangest inventions of Western man. It could not have been foreseen by any logical process. – Kenneth Clark

33929. No nude, however abstract, should fail to arouse in the spectator some vestige of erotic feeling, even if it be only the faintest shadow – and if it does not do so it is bad art and false morals. – Kenneth Clark

33930. Children who are treated as if they are uneducable almost invariably become uneducable. – Kenneth Clark

33931. All great civilizations, in their early stages, are based on success in war. – Kenneth Clark

33932. We’ve had such thorough training, we’ve had an excellent team on the ground. With the minor glitches that have occurred, we’ve been able to take care of them. And the teams on the ground are getting tons of incredible data. – Laurel Clark

33933. There was a moth in there, and it still had its wings crumpled up, and it was just starting to pump its wings up. Life continues in lots of places, and life is a magical thing. – Laurel Clark

33934. It’s such a long mission and we get to spend so much time in space… we’re doing such exciting research. And I don’t want to overemphasize the life science research, but as a physician the life science research that we’re doing is extremely exciting. – Laurel Clark

33935. The microgravity or the very, very low amount of gravity that we have up in space forces some changes in different processes. It forces changes in us as human beings. – Laurel Clark

33936. The Navy’s paid for you to go through school, and then they need doctors to go out and take care of people who are in various different parts of the world. I decided to pay back my time first as an undersea medical officer. I was stationed in Scotland. – Laurel Clark

33937. There are some very significant changes in the way the fluids are distributed in our body, the way our heart functions initially, and as well as our bone and muscle. – Laurel Clark

33938. Some things are only capable of being done in space. Examples of that are looking at our Earth from that far away, and understanding the entire processes of storms and weather patterns, and oceans, and coastlines. – Laurel Clark

33939. There’s a lot of different things that we do during life that could personally harm us and I choose not to stop doing those things. – Laurel Clark

33940. Things are going very smoothly. As expected, there are some minor glitches, and the eight minutes that it took us to get to orbit, we trained months and months for, and didn’t have to use any of that preparation, other than being aware and ready. – Laurel Clark

33941. This has been a great experience for me. The first couple of days you don’t always feel too well. You adjust to the fluid shifting, how to fly through space without hitting things or anybody else. But then you get in a groove. – Laurel Clark

33942. We trained for a lot more malfunctions than any ever happen. – Laurel Clark

33943. We’re looking at Earth science, observing our planet. Also space science, looking at the ozone in the atmosphere around our Earth. Also looking at life science. And on a human level, using ourselves as test subjects. – Laurel Clark

33944. When you talk to crews that went to Mir or have gone up to International Space Station, they say that you go through different phases of adaptation or getting used to the space environment. – Laurel Clark

33945. We’d like to have immediate answers to all of our questions. I think medicine in particular. I found it frustrating as a physician sometimes to not be able to tell someone exactly why something was happening to them. There are still so many mysteries in medicine. – Laurel Clark

33946. Certainly my parents were a huge influence. They always expected the most out of all of us. And expected us to do our very best. I’m thankful to them for allowing me to do what I wanted to do. – Laurel Clark

33947. Science, for hundreds of years, has spanned the differences between cultures and between countries. – Laurel Clark

33948. Other than motherhood, the eight years that I spent at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, I have incredibly fond memories of. It’s a beautiful place, with four seasons up in Wisconsin. And really wonderful people. – Laurel Clark

33949. As a physician, I understand how important it is to collect data on people so we can understand what’s happening with them. I will be in the position to help enable that knowledge. – Laurel Clark

33950. Everyone that I’ve talked to who’s been to space has thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and what you often hear them say is: It was great, but we just had to come home. – Laurel Clark

33951. Gravity is one variable in a lot of scientific processes. If you can remove gravity or minimize its effect, then you can understand the other processes that are going on. – Laurel Clark

33952. Gravity pulls our bodily fluids down, like water in a glass goes to the bottom part of a glass. In space, the water doesn’t stay in the bottom of the glass. It distributes itself evenly over time throughout the entire volume of the glass. – Laurel Clark

33953. Hello from above our magnificent planet Earth. – Laurel Clark

33954. I can’t think of anything that’s as exciting as I’m sure this mission will be, and actually being in space. But, we did some training as a crew together. – Laurel Clark

33955. I feel blessed to be here representing our country and carrying out th research of scientists around the world… I hope you could feel the positive energy that beamed to the whole planet as we glided over. – Laurel Clark

33956. I have a computer screen near my seat where I monitor the overall health of the vehicle and pick up any problems that might be occurring early on or once we see any kind of a malfunction or anything unusual that’s happening, we can look at the data and figure out what that is. – Laurel Clark

33957. Life science research can be done on multiple platforms. Since we have a very small number of people flying into space, the more people you have, the better. – Laurel Clark

33958. I’ve always enjoyed traveling and having experience with different cultures and different people. But it’s also a wonderful thing to be able to benefit and enable research, not only in our country but around the world. – Laurel Clark

33959. If you’re trying to get someone who’s sick with a fever off of a submarine and it’s cold and raining outside, the only way in and out of a submarine, generally, is through a fairly narrow hatch. – Laurel Clark

33960. I can’t think of anything specific growing up that pointed me toward NASA at all. I was interested in the Moon landings just about the same as everyone else of my generation. But I never really thought about being an astronaut or working in space myself. – Laurel Clark

33961. The first four months of writing the book, my mental image is scratching with my hands through granite. My other image is pushing a train up the mountain, and it’s icy, and I’m in bare feet. – Mary Higgins Clark

33962. Even though it was six o’clock, there was no sense of approaching dawn. – Mary Higgins Clark

33963. The truth is I hate cocktail parties when the only person I know is my supposed date, and he abandons me the minute we come in the door. – Mary Higgins Clark

33964. If you want to be happy for life, love what you do. – Mary Higgins Clark

33965. There are definitely people who are stuck in the ’60s and there are definitely people who think I am and it’s just not true. I was performing for a long time before the ’60s and I’ll be doing exciting interesting things for along time to come. – Petula Clark

33966. In some ways, I’ve always approached singing as acting, and the voice is just like a way of carrying the song. – Petula Clark

33967. If Rosa Parks had not refused to move to the back of the bus, you and I might never have heard of Dr. Martin Luther King. – Ramsey Clark

33968. Who will protect the public when the police violate the law? – Ramsey Clark

33969. Turbulence is life force. It is opportunity. Let’s love turbulence and use it for change. – Ramsey Clark

33970. There are few better measures of the concern a society has for its individual members and its own well being than the way it handles criminals. – Ramsey Clark

33971. The measure of your quality as a public person, as a citizen, is the gap between what you do and what you say. – Ramsey Clark

33972. Most faults are not in our Constitution, but in ourselves. – Ramsey Clark

33973. A great many people in this country are worried about law-and-order. And a great many people are worried about justice. But one thing is certain; you cannot have either until you have both. – Ramsey Clark

33974. I didn’t volunteer; they asked me. I felt a duty to testify. – Ramsey Clark

33975. A right is not what someone gives you; it’s what no one can take from you. – Ramsey Clark

33976. Our first concern is the security of the lawyers because without security you can’t possibly have a fair trial, if trial at all, and that’s not been adequately attended to. – Ramsey Clark

33977. The greatest crime since World War II has been U.S. foreign policy. – Ramsey Clark

33978. To put it better, we believe the radar gun will get you drafted, but you have to pitch to get to the big leagues. Tools will get you drafted, but you have to be able to play to get to the big leagues. – Roy Clark

33979. We draft mostly high school kids and we have one of the finest, if not the finest, player development programs and coaching staffs and we teach our players the right way to play. We also have a game plan in scouting, and there are certain types of players that we look for. – Roy Clark

33980. So I’m going to tell you, it’s going to be a good year. There are good players all over this country, and it is our job as a scouting department to find them, draft them, sign them, develop them, and help us to continue to win championships. So it’s going to be a good year. – Roy Clark

33981. In Georgia it’s a little different because of the East Cobb program. It’s such a strong program that we see a lot of kids that come through here on a lot of different teams from across the country that come here to play in tournaments. – Roy Clark

33982. I want to see a player on the football field. I want to see what kind of teammate they are, what kind of leadership qualities they have. I want to see how aggressive they are, how much fun they have playing the game. – Roy Clark

33983. As a scouting department, with the confidence we have in our player development, if a guy has the potential that we think they have and the makeup and they stay healthy, we think they will be a productive Major Leaguer. We take a lot of pride in that. – Roy Clark

33984. Absolutely the worst thing about this job is the travel and being away from family. I have a wife and three wonderful children, the kids are all active in sports and it’s very difficult to up and leave and miss them growing up. – Roy Clark

33985. I never felt that getting angry would do you any good other than hurt your own digestion, keep you from eating, which I liked to do. – Septima Clark

33986. I have great belief in the fact that whenever there is chaos, it creates wonderful thinking. I consider chaos a gift. – Septima Clark

33987. Artists who write songs… what they’re going through usually comes through in their music. – Terri Clark

33988. I think I’ve grown a lot in the last few years, and I needed to express myself as an artist on this. It wasn’t necessarily about going in and making an album chocked full of hit singles… there were a lot of things I did out of the joy and the want to do it. – Terri Clark

33989. That’s a song about reaching deep inside yourself where you can completely be who you are. – Terri Clark

33990. The best thing to do is stare it in the face and move on. We have to face our fears and plow through. I think taking chances takes a lot more courage than staying stagnant and doing what’s safe and comfortable. – Terri Clark

33991. A defendant on trial for a specific crime is entitled to his day in court, not in a stadium or a city or nationwide arena. – Tom C. Clark

33992. In the relationship between man and religion, the state is firmly committed to a position of neutrality. – Tom C. Clark

33993. The heightened public clamor resulting from radio and television coverage will inevitably result in prejudice. Trial by television is, therefore, foreign to our system. – Tom C. Clark

33994. I think we’re at risk with our democracy. I think we’re dealing with the most closed, imperialistic, nastiest administration in living memory. They even put Richard Nixon to shame. – Wesley Clark

33995. Europe and America must act together in the face of evil. It’s high time for Americans and Europeans to restore that unity and be able to take actions collectively together. – Wesley Clark

33996. As president of the United States, my top priority will be to keep America safe. We’re going to go after the terrorist networks. We’re going to go after Osama bin Laden. We are not going to live in fear in this country. – Wesley Clark

33997. George W. Bush has helped those who have most, hurt those who have least and ignored everyone in between. – Wesley Clark

33998. Matthew being a constant attendant on our Lord, his history is an account of what he saw and heard; and, being influenced by the Holy Spirit, his history is entitled to the utmost degree of credibility. – Adam Clarke

33999. Now an infinite happiness cannot be purchased by any price less than that which is infinite in value; and infinity of merit can only result from a nature that is infinitely divine or perfect. – Adam Clarke

34000. Now it would be as absurd to deny the existence of God, because we cannot see him, as it would be to deny the existence of the air or wind, because we cannot see it. – Adam Clarke

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