180000 famous quotes part 41 – 40001 to 41000

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180000 famous quotes part 41 – 40001 to 41000

40001. Though we hear various reports of his existence we can never find the young wizard who is able so they say to graft the soul of a girl to the soul of her lover so that not even the sharp scissors of the Fates can ever sever them apart. – Harry Crosby

40002. A wisely chosen illustration is almost essential to fasten the truth upon the ordinary mind, and no teacher can afford to neglect this part of his preparation. – Howard Crosby

40003. The great unity which true science seeks is found only by beginning with our knowledge of God, and coming down from Him along the stream of causation to every fact and event that affects us. – Howard Crosby

40004. To let politics become a cesspool, and then avoid it because it is a cesspool, is a double crime. – Howard Crosby

40005. Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. – John C. Crosby

40006. The first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete promise… and cultivate the delightfully vague. – John C. Crosby

40007. Sometimes you sing songs about the way you want to feel more than the way you actually do feel. – Jon Crosby

40008. It doesn’t really seem any different anywhere. I’d say it seems like we’re biggest in Australia. It’s just that we’ve always been this underground band and for some reason in the last month has been starting to go overground. – Jon Crosby

40009. It definitely seems like we are connecting with people, which is nice, because I’ve had a lot of music do the same for me. It’s not like I don’t I understand why we get the reactions we do. – Jon Crosby

40010. It’s a very nice thing to be able to give joy to people. – Jon Crosby

40011. Just having the pain of being alive without anything else, whether it’s good or bad. There’s a lot of serious songs on the record, you know. That song is just about feeling like a fish out of water, feeling like you don’t belong on the planet sometimes. – Jon Crosby

40012. So I think it was a good thing It was a little surreal watching Leo scream ‘I’m not going to die today!’ with our music playing – that was the last thing on my mind when I wrote the song. – Jon Crosby

40013. The audience that surprised us the most was definitely Paris, when we played there last. They were just incredibly into us and we weren’t expecting it at all. – Jon Crosby

40014. The two records are very different. I guess, on the second record, that’s more where I was at. Its not that I’m more well-adjusted or anything, it’s just that what I wanted to sing about maybe was more the way I wanted to feel. – Jon Crosby

40015. We used to go and play shows in the south in front of two people and now every show we did was just great. The warm-ups, most of those weren’t even advertised and most of them were sold out. I don’t know what’s going on, it’s just so much different than it used to be. – Jon Crosby

40016. You can lose people without them dying, and I have, from moving, from traveling. The emotion is real, it just doesn’t actually have to do with death. I’m singing about what I know, and it’s a song about longing for somebody who’s disappeared in your life. – Jon Crosby

40017. We were number one most added at radio, when the single came out and that’s much different. It took like eight months for any radio to happen on the first record, so a lot more support has happened right out of the box. – Jon Crosby

40018. We’re making this huge changeover from underground to more mainstream audiences. I don’t know if we could ever repeat this type of feeling. We’re really excited. – Jon Crosby

40019. I’ve never really had anybody close to me die. I think the song is about a feeling that I have that, it still applies. It’s a feeling of longing, once again. – Jon Crosby

40020. ‘Free’ is more of that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ kind of thing. It’s about saying ‘Wait, I’m longing for something more than I have and I don’t know what it is that I want, but I know I want it.’ It has nothing to do with what I’m going through, personally. – Jon Crosby

40021. I need to reach a lot of people to sell records. – Jon Crosby

40022. I’m really happy with Elektra, I don’t have anything bad to say about them at all. I always knew a major label was the right place for me to be. I never really had an opportunity to go to an independent label anyway. – Jon Crosby

40023. I don’t trust the Bee Gee’s because there’s no way they could always be happy. – Jon Crosby

40024. At least the rap metal stuff is good, but it’s not really my bag. I’ve been listening to the radio since we’ve been touring the past month, because we don’t get it most of the time. – Jon Crosby

40025. I didn’t want the record to be cold and I don’t think it’s cold at all. I felt it was very people oriented. – Jon Crosby

40026. I guess lyrically they’re similar because they’re talking about escaping the kind of misery that likes company. ‘The Last One Alive,’ for me, is very simple. It’s just about alienation, really, that causes anger. – Jon Crosby

40027. I need to think about ‘Make sure you drink your water.’ That’s the kind of person I am. – Jon Crosby

40028. I think any band we played with would be a weird match. We’re on our own, a little out there, but it’s a good thing. I think we’re complimentary to each other. – Jon Crosby

40029. I think it would be very scary and very confusing if I didn’t understand where people are coming from, but I’ve felt the exact same way for so many other bands, growing up. It’s not really a big deal. – Jon Crosby

40030. I think stuff on the radio is mostly good, but it’s just not what I’m into. I’m not into rap metal. – Jon Crosby

40031. I think things can have more than one meaning and still connect with people. There’s a lot of meaning to the title ‘Music For People’ and they’re all true and they’re all accurate. – Jon Crosby

40032. I want to do a collaboration or some kind of side thing or some soundtrack work. Because I’ve been doing this for years and years. I’d like to just step out and try something different. – Jon Crosby

40033. I wanted to do that again but, when I went to look for chants, I didn’t want to do it in the exact same way. – Jon Crosby

40034. I feel that I want what allows me to reach the largest number of people as possible, and I don’t feel ashamed of that. I think I’m the kind of artist that’s meant to be on a major label because my music is different. – Jon Crosby

40035. I had a head start in acting. Because of my parents, I had a SAG card, an agent and a recognizable name. But I knew if I screwed up, people would never forget. I’d be dead. – Mary Crosby

40036. I’ll miss everyone on Dallas so much, but I have a wonderful career ahead of me. I can feel it. – Mary Crosby

40037. There were so many stories about Bing’s daughter living in sin. We weren’t hurting anyone. We were living in love. I couldn’t understand why people were trying to hurt us and hurt our families. – Mary Crosby

40038. The things that are really important to me are my man, my animals and my books. I don’t need anything else. – Mary Crosby

40039. All of my life people have thought of me as Bing Crosby’s daughter. Now they’ll remember me as the person who shot J.R. – Mary Crosby

40040. I didn’t have anything to do with being born to my mother and father. But I had a lot to do with Kristin Shepard’s notoriety. I’m proud of the work I did on Dallas. – Mary Crosby

40041. I can enjoy a vacation as well as the next person, as long as I know it’s a vacation and not a premature retirement. – Mary Crosby

40042. I play a nice crazy lady whose morals are right but who is really foundering. – Mary Crosby

40043. I was terrified. My first week, walking around in a teeny bikini, I kept crossing my arms over my chest because I was afraid I was going to fall out of the top of the suit. And I didn’t know anything about technique or lighting. – Mary Crosby

40044. I met Elvis first in Las Vegas. I think I was appearing with Tom Jones and he came backstage to say hello to Tom or we went to his dressing room to say hello. – Norm Crosby

40045. I was the first spokesperson for the Better Hearing Institute in Washington. And that’s the message we tried to send out – there is hearing help out there, and the technology and options are amazing. – Norm Crosby

40046. When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty. – Norm Crosby

40047. Slowness to change usually means fear of the new. – Phil Crosby

40048. Successful people breed success. – Phil Crosby

40049. The audience only pays attention as long as you know where you are going. – Phil Crosby

40050. The great discoveries are usually obvious. – Phil Crosby

40051. Very few of the great leaders ever get through their careers without failing, sometimes dramatically. – Phil Crosby

40052. We can spend our whole lives underachieving. – Phil Crosby

40053. You have to lead people gently toward what they already know is right. – Phil Crosby

40054. Eliminating what is not wanted or needed is profitable in itself. – Phil Crosby

40055. Selecting the right person for the right job is the largest part of coaching. – Phil Crosby

40056. You don’t have to be noisy to be effective. – Phil Crosby

40057. A rule to live by: I won’t use anything I can’t explain in five minutes. – Phil Crosby

40058. Quality has to be caused, not controlled. – Phil Crosby

40059. No one can remember more than three points. – Phil Crosby

40060. Making a wrong decision is understandable. Refusing to search continually for learning is not. – Phil Crosby

40061. In a true zero-defects approach, there are no unimportant items. – Phil Crosby

40062. If anything is certain, it is that change is certain. The world we are planning for today will not exist in this form tomorrow. – Phil Crosby

40063. Change should be a friend. It should happen by plan, not by accident. – Phil Crosby

40064. Being convinced one knows the whole story is the surest way to fail. – Phil Crosby

40065. Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment. It has to be the fabric of the organization, not part of the fabric. – Phil Crosby

40066. What one generation sees as a luxury, the next sees as a necessity. – Anthony Crosland

40067. If you can’t play it on an acoustic guitar or a grand piano then it’s not a song. – Christopher Cross

40068. I think MTV put a huge dent in the songwriting craft. – Christopher Cross

40069. We should just get somebody from the left and the right and they should all throw bumper stickers at each other and the first one to cover the other one wins. – David Cross

40070. I’ll think of the idea and then I’ll write something down, then within that there will be a joke or two which is the original thing which I thought was funny. – David Cross

40071. There were a number of referendums in ’98 that most of the things I voted for passed. That’s very satisfying when you feel that most of the country is in step with your views. – David Cross

40072. The best thing about me is there are no skeletons. – David Cross

40073. Sketches have characters, exits, entrances and are vastly different. – David Cross

40074. Originally they wanted me to be Buster but I really like the Tobias part. – David Cross

40075. Occasionally I’ll watch Fox News for as long as I can tolerate it, or CNN. I’ll watch until I get infuriated, but you got to know what they’re talking about and what they’re not talking about. – David Cross

40076. Nobody is going to be as bad for free thinking, right-minded individuals than George Bush. – David Cross

40077. My biggest problem is retaining the exact information. – David Cross

40078. It’s not about trying to be funny all the time. It’s more of a document that hopefully is funny. – David Cross

40079. In New York there isn’t that weird palpable competitive thing where it’s friendly but everyone isn’t trying to top one another with jokes when you’re just hanging around. – David Cross

40080. You can’t just yell jokes at people. – David Cross

40081. As for Tenacious D, of course it could work as a full length movie; all it requires is a great writer and great director with an ability to think outside of conventional film comedy. – David Cross

40082. I’d be curious to find out, but I don’t think people in the entertainment industry are proportionally more or less serious politically than anyone in the landscaping industry. – David Cross

40083. Besides if people really want to support the troops they would vote democrat. – David Cross

40084. I also try to think of ways to articulate the joke more economically. – David Cross

40085. I don’t think HBO would want to do anything in conjunction with Sub Pop but I never asked either. – David Cross

40086. I hate bumper stickers, you can’t sum anything up. All you do is paint yourself in some caricaturist corner. – David Cross

40087. I love doing stuff with Todd Barry and Jon Benjamin. We give the stage to good bands and funny people. – David Cross

40088. I love Tinkle, it’s really the most fun I’ve had in years. – David Cross

40089. I remember being a kid and the Vietnam War was huge and looking at Watergate. – David Cross

40090. I went to a bunch of marches in New York and Washington, and you know I believe in the cause, but to march with those people takes a lot of compromise on my end. – David Cross

40091. I think people, for the most part, actually want what they think is best. – David Cross

40092. I lived in LA for almost nine years and if I never went back there again it would be fine. – David Cross

40093. I have always wanted to know what’s going on under the surface. – Marcia Cross

40094. It’s kind of ironic that if I get my Ph.D., I’ll be a real doctor. – Marcia Cross

40095. I couldn’t do an acting job just to be working. It really had to have some soul to it. – Marcia Cross

40096. I would ask my dad what he did, and he’d say, ‘I listen to people’s problems.’ In some way what he did for a living is in my genes. – Marcia Cross

40097. I’d like to be a wife and mother. I guess I’ll know Mr. Right when I meet him. – Marcia Cross

40098. In real football, I wouldn’t want Terrell Owens anywhere near my team. But you’re nuts if you don’t take him in fantasy. – Randy Cross

40099. The NFL, like life, is full of idiots. – Randy Cross

40100. Man does not bring to God’s altar the stuff of nature in itself, in its initial structure, but something he has made and molded out of nature for the nourishment and the inspiration of men. – Wilford O. Cross

40101. Our consciences are littered like an old attic with the junk of sheer conviction. – Wilford O. Cross

40102. The rational mind of man is a shallow thing, a shore upon a continent of the irrational, wherein thin colonies of reason have settled amid a savage world. – Wilford O. Cross

40103. Try as hard as we may for perfection, the net result of our labors is an amazing variety of imperfectness. We are surprised at our own versatility in being able to fail in so many different ways. – Samuel McChord Crothers

40104. A prose writer gets tired of writing prose, and wants to be a poet. So he begins every line with a capital letter, and keeps on writing prose. – Samuel McChord Crothers

40105. The trouble with facts is that there are so many of them. – Samuel McChord Crothers

40106. God as my witness, may He strike me down if this allegation is true. – Paul Crouch

40107. Regarding comments attributed to me in the Los Angeles Times – allegedly made on a bus trip from Germany to Holland in 1998 – I emphatically denounce such comments as false. – Paul Crouch

40108. The statements of four witnesses of unquestioned integrity, traveling with me that day, attest that such comments were never made and confirm that it simply did not happen. – Paul Crouch

40109. When a violent minority that crosses color lines comes to believe that killing those you know or do not know is a reasonable solution to problems, we are in need of another vision. – Stanley Crouch

40110. Your ethnic or sexual identity, what region of the country you’re from, what your class is – those aspects of your identity are not the same as your aesthetic identity. – Stanley Crouch

40111. Popular culture tells you that schools and parents don’t know what’s going on, the police are dogs, politicians are all liars and scum, and any crime that’s not committed by the Mafia is done by the CIA. – Stanley Crouch

40112. Now the writing in the head, I definitely do every day, thinking about how I want to phrase something or how I’d like to rephrase something I’ve already written. – Stanley Crouch

40113. Rap actually comes out of punk rock, not black music. – Stanley Crouch

40114. The discussion of ideas as opposed to the American narcissistic obsession with what’s going on with the self, that’s the general thing people are talking about. – Stanley Crouch

40115. The grand irony, however, is that Southern segregation was not brought to an end, nor redneck violence dramatically reduced, by violence. – Stanley Crouch

40116. The high point of civilization is that you can hate me and I can hate you but we develop an etiquette that allows us to deal with each other because if we acted solely upon our impulse we’d probably go to war. – Stanley Crouch

40117. Under popular culture’s obsession with a naive inclusion, everything is O.K. – Stanley Crouch

40118. What we need in America is a renaissance. We need to go forward by going backward. – Stanley Crouch

40119. People don’t really think other people are the same. – Stanley Crouch

40120. When people conclude that all is futile, then the absurd becomes the norm. – Stanley Crouch

40121. When you’re artistic director of a program, you present the music you want to present. – Stanley Crouch

40122. You can meet a young person who goes to school and is really enthusiastic, but if a sufficiently strong personality convinces them that this is a waste of time, that person might flunk out. – Stanley Crouch

40123. You’d never know that listening to people in the UN but tribalism is the father of racism. – Stanley Crouch

40124. Unfortunately, I’m not a person that’s always capable of living up to the Boy Scout philosophy. – Stanley Crouch

40125. As you know from reading many of these Negro writers, we don’t deal too much with the discussion of democracy and what it means and how improvisation fits in all that. – Stanley Crouch

40126. Our job as writers and thinkers in the time is how to bring about the occasions that let people have that first-person experience – or the metaphoric experience that allows them to see human continuity as opposed to total threat, total willingness to do violence. – Stanley Crouch

40127. Our society has gotten to the point where we might soon become less and less shocked by any kind of violence. – Stanley Crouch

40128. All of us are made up of the stories that we listen to, the ones we disagree with and the ones that we agree with. – Stanley Crouch

40129. Big business, for all its lobbying, is often put in line by investigative reporting, public scandals and multi-million-dollar judgments in court against those who put products on the market that are dangerous to their buyers. – Stanley Crouch

40130. But the myth of violent solutions as the ultimate solutions maintains itself in much of popular media. – Stanley Crouch

40131. Everybody has to be reminded that there’s another way to be. Another more mysterious, unpredictable way to be that’s not necessarily based upon contrivances. – Stanley Crouch

40132. Getting to the pint where the other is not the enemy is a big leap. – Stanley Crouch

40133. Louis Armstrong, who learned to be in exquisite dress, came from the bottom, and he’s not a trash can. – Stanley Crouch

40134. I don’t know any women who don’t think about what they look like, and I don’t know any men who don’t think about what women look like. – Stanley Crouch

40135. I wanted to get to that aesthetic proposition that comes out of learning the human elements of a world, so that those notes and rhythms mean something to you besides just the academic way in which they fall in place. – Stanley Crouch

40136. If there’s an intellectual highway, there’s also an intellectual subway. – Stanley Crouch

40137. In America, we have to learn to be patient enough to figure out what somebody is saying. Somebody might actually be saying something. – Stanley Crouch

40138. I also wanted to do something that I hadn’t really seen in almost any black novels, which was a complex love story in which both people were extremely intelligent and talented and understood a lot of things and were still at odds getting it together. – Stanley Crouch

40139. Our democratic richness arrives when we’re able to comprehend our collective humanity accurately. – Stanley Crouch

40140. That feeling of freedom, open highways of possibilities, has kind of been lost to materialism and marketing. – Sheryl Crow

40141. Steve McQueen was from a time when you didn’t know every little dirty thing about our public figures. He and James Dean were very mysterious, archetypal American heroes. – Sheryl Crow

40142. Some people are really good at maneuvering their careers and images and I’m not one of those people. – Sheryl Crow

40143. People don’t realize that I’m really funny and I’m an excellent bridge player. – Sheryl Crow

40144. No matter how chaotic it is, wildflowers will still spring up in the middle of nowhere. – Sheryl Crow

40145. Music really becomes the soundtrack to the major events to your life. – Sheryl Crow

40146. It’s interesting when I jog, how much the music makes a difference. You can pretty much count on the Foo Fighters to get your heart rate up. – Sheryl Crow

40147. Most writers like to maintain some sort of anonymity. For me, making videos was an assault. – Sheryl Crow

40148. It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got. – Sheryl Crow

40149. The bands that wrote the big, heroic rock songs – I really wanted to make a record like that. – Sheryl Crow

40150. Where I fit in is confusing to me. – Sheryl Crow

40151. Music commands how we feel, dictates what we experience in our feelings. – Sheryl Crow

40152. The beauty of having a producer is that you have someone who says, You’re finished. – Sheryl Crow

40153. The greatest hits in some weird way marks the end of something. – Sheryl Crow

40154. The video forum for me has been a source of great consternation because once you start projecting a look to a song, it robs the listener of their ability to adopt that song and make the lyric their own. – Sheryl Crow

40155. The writing process for me is pretty much always the same – it’s a solitary experience. – Sheryl Crow

40156. There’s a lot of integrity with musicians; you really still aspire to grow, and be great, to be the best version of yourself you can be. – Sheryl Crow

40157. There’s so much of it you can’t control. There is no handbook for how to conduct yourself in the public world. – Sheryl Crow

40158. When you tune your guitar in a different way, it lends itself to a new way of looking at your songwriting. – Sheryl Crow

40159. You can’t be in the public eye without making mistakes and having some regrets and having people analyze everything you do. – Sheryl Crow

40160. Your art kind of changes as you get older, by nature of the fact that you’re hopefully gaining wisdom and you’re starting to watch things with a better overview. – Sheryl Crow

40161. A song that sounds simple is just not that easy to write. One of the objectives of this record was to try and write melodies that continue to resonate. – Sheryl Crow

40162. I’ve only been making records since 1991. When you look at the long-standing careers of people like Joni, it’s not very long! – Sheryl Crow

40163. When I reach the point that I write Yesterday, then I can retire. – Sheryl Crow

40164. I don’t set goals for myself too much, but I’m always trying to write that one great song. – Sheryl Crow

40165. I’ve been really, really blessed. I got to perform on stage with Bob Dylan. I’ve gotten to sing with Mick Jagger. – Sheryl Crow

40166. Beck said he didn’t believe in the theory of a song coming through you as if you were an open vessel. I agree with him to a certain extent. – Sheryl Crow

40167. Artists have really never had any representation on Capitol Hill, because it’s not the nature of the artist to join together and make a unified presence. Those days kind of died in the ’60s. – Sheryl Crow

40168. A lot of people seem to get preoccupied with what I’m wearing as opposed to the music. – Sheryl Crow

40169. However I am is however I am. When you see me onstage or in the press, there’s not a lot of thought and calculation that goes into it. – Sheryl Crow

40170. I become more seasoned, it’s less interesting to try and compete in the pop market. – Sheryl Crow

40171. I can always tell when people have had plastic surgery. – Sheryl Crow

40172. I don’t really cringe over any of my albums. – Sheryl Crow

40173. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about regrets because there’s nothing I can do. – Sheryl Crow

40174. I draw from my family and my friends and I feel like that small-town person. The achievements, the materialistic possessions have really become to mean less. They mean nothing. – Sheryl Crow

40175. I think everyone became sick of Sheryl Crow. I actually became sick of Sheryl Crow. – Sheryl Crow

40176. I’m not much of a partier anymore. I enjoy clarity much more. – Sheryl Crow

40177. I wish I was having as much fun as the press reports said I had. – Sheryl Crow

40178. I didn’t get into making music for the fame aspect. There are people who do desire that. – Sheryl Crow

40179. I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow. I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies. – Sheryl Crow

40180. I got to learn to surf. – Sheryl Crow

40181. I have yet to write that one song that defines my career. – Sheryl Crow

40182. I have been around for a long, long time. I didn’t make it ’til I was older. I went through the period when women were not getting signed, particularly if you were writing songs that were lyrically propelled. – Sheryl Crow

40183. I have a golden Lab who goes everywhere with me. He’s a great leveler. – Sheryl Crow

40184. I hate that word, mature, but I guess I am growing up. – Sheryl Crow

40185. I hate how I’ve had the mantle set on my shoulders as being against the record label. We’ve had some issues, but that is the nature of business. – Sheryl Crow

40186. I try to conduct my life with a little levity. – Sheryl Crow

40187. And I liked that whole idea that energy comes from not disseminating your ideas and talking about them. – Cameron Crowe

40188. Great music is its own movie, already. And the challenge, as a music fan, is to keep the song as powerful as it wants to be, to not tamper with it and to somehow give it a home. – Cameron Crowe

40189. In the future, everybody is going to be a director. Somebody’s got to live a real life so we have something to make a movie about. – Cameron Crowe

40190. It’s more like can I build a group of characters and can I tell some universal truths that feel real and aren’t formulaic in the spirit of filmmakers gone by who’ve told American stories that were personal and universal as well. – Cameron Crowe

40191. People dance and we have a lot of music and… this might be the closet I get for a while. – Cameron Crowe

40192. Probably having fallen in love with music and movies at a young age and then first learning about writing by kind of following the path of writers like Dave Marsh and Lester Bangs and being a rock journalist. – Cameron Crowe

40193. Time puts things in proper perspective. – Cameron Crowe

40194. Well it kind of is project to project because as a writer I think you always write to some degree about things that you know or things that happened – but my favourite filmmakers, my favourite movies of theirs tend to be the personal movies. – Cameron Crowe

40195. I cannot but think that it would be a great step if mankind could familiarise themselves with the idea that they are spirits incorporated for a time in the flesh re spirits incorporated for a time in the flesh. – Catherine Crowe

40196. What a man has made himself he will be; his state is the result of his past life, and his heaven or hell is in himself. – Catherine Crowe

40197. A great many things have been pronounced untrue and absurd, and even impossible, by the highest authorities in the age in which they lived, which have afterwards, and, indeed, within a very short period, been found to be both possible and true. – Catherine Crowe

40198. There has to be a mathematical explanation for how bad that tie is. – Russell Crowe

40199. The important thing to me is that I’m not driven by people’s praise and I’m not slowed down by people’s criticism. I’m just trying to work at the highest level I can. – Russell Crowe

40200. Some of the things you read you get an immediate reaction to so I’ve stopped reading things now. I do worry about my family though. Some people do try some nasty things to get at them and try and get a reaction from them. – Russell Crowe

40201. People accuse me of being arrogant all the time. I’m not arrogant, I’m focused. – Russell Crowe

40202. Like everyone else, I’ve had moments when I’ve felt that I’ve been losing my grip. – Russell Crowe

40203. If I don’t get the goose-bump factor when I’m reading it than I can’t do it. – Russell Crowe

40204. I have respect for beer. – Russell Crowe

40205. There’s nothing like sitting back and talking to your cows. – Russell Crowe

40206. I’m destined to be attracted to those I cannot defeat. – Russell Crowe

40207. I’d move to Los Angeles if New Zealand and Australia were swallowed up by a tidal wave, if there was a bubonic plague in England and if the continent of Africa disappeared from some Martian attack. – Russell Crowe

40208. When I was a little kid, I used to really embarrass my parents. – Russell Crowe

40209. I like villains because there’s something so attractive about a committed person – they have a plan, an ideology, no matter how twisted. They’re motivated. – Russell Crowe

40210. Reality is, I’m an actor and an entertainer, and I really wouldn’t know what to do with another profession. – Russell Crowe

40211. I don’t make demands. I don’t tell you how it should be. I’ll give you options, and it’s up to you to select or throw ’em away. That should be the headline: If you’re insecure, don’t call. – Russell Crowe

40212. God bless America. God save the Queen. God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia. – Russell Crowe

40213. I really feel sorry for people who are, who divide their whole life up into ‘things that I like’ and ‘things that I must do.’ You’re only here for a short time, mate. Learn to like it. – Russell Crowe

40214. Meg Ryan is a beautiful and courageous woman. I grieve the loss of her companionship but I’ve not lost the friendship. We talk all the time and that was what our connection was about. She has a wonderful mind and we just like a chat. – Russell Crowe

40215. I would not fear nor wish my fate, but boldly say each night, tomorrow let my sun his beams display, or in clouds hide them; I have lived today. – Abraham Crowley

40216. A mighty pain to love it is, and ’tis a pain that pain to miss; but of all the pains, the greatest pain is to love, but love in vain. – Abraham Crowley

40217. The ordinary man looking at a mountain is like an illiterate person confronted with a Greek manuscript. – Aleister Crowley

40218. Ordinary morality is only for ordinary people. – Aleister Crowley

40219. To read a newspaper is to refrain from reading something worth while. The first discipline of education must therefore be to refuse resolutely to feed the mind with canned chatter. – Aleister Crowley

40220. To me a book is a message from the gods to mankind; or, if not, should never be published at all. – Aleister Crowley

40221. The supreme satisfaction is to be able to despise one’s neighbor and this fact goes far to account for religious intolerance. It is evidently consoling to reflect that the people next door are headed for hell. – Aleister Crowley

40222. The pious pretense that evil does not exist only makes it vague, enormous and menacing. – Aleister Crowley

40223. The people who have really made history are the martyrs. – Aleister Crowley

40224. The conscience of the world is so guilty that it always assumes that people who investigate heresies must be heretics; just as if a doctor who studies leprosy must be a leper. Indeed, it is only recently that science has been allowed to study anything without reproach. – Aleister Crowley

40225. Science is always discovering odd scraps of magical wisdom and making a tremendous fuss about its cleverness. – Aleister Crowley

40226. Intolerance is evidence of impotence. – Aleister Crowley

40227. Paganism is wholesome because it faces the facts of life. – Aleister Crowley

40228. Part of the public horror of sexual irregularity so-called is due to the fact that everyone knows himself essentially guilty. – Aleister Crowley

40229. Modern morality and manners suppress all natural instincts, keep people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales. – Aleister Crowley

40230. The joy of life consists in the exercise of one’s energies, continual growth, constant change, the enjoyment of every new experience. To stop means simply to die. The eternal mistake of mankind is to set up an attainable ideal. – Aleister Crowley

40231. I can imagine myself on my death-bed, spent utterly with lust to touch the next world, like a boy asking for his first kiss from a woman. – Aleister Crowley

40232. In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless. – Aleister Crowley

40233. If one were to take the bible seriously one would go mad. But to take the bible seriously, one must be already mad. – Aleister Crowley

40234. I was not content to believe in a personal devil and serve him, in the ordinary sense of the word. I wanted to get hold of him personally and become his chief of staff. – Aleister Crowley

40235. I was asked to memorise what I did not understand; and, my memory being so good, it refused to be insulted in that manner. – Aleister Crowley

40236. I have never grown out of the infantile belief that the universe was made for me to suck. – Aleister Crowley

40237. Chinese civilisation is so systematic that wild animals have been abolished on principle. – Aleister Crowley

40238. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. – Aleister Crowley

40239. Falsehood is invariably the child of fear in one form or another. – Aleister Crowley

40240. I slept with faith and found a corpse in my arms on awakening; I drank and danced all night with doubt and found her a virgin in the morning. – Aleister Crowley

40241. Indubitably, magic is one of the subtlest and most difficult of the sciences and arts. There is more opportunity for errors of comprehension, judgment and practice than in any other branch of physics. – Aleister Crowley

40242. I had very clever producers, who scheduled it brilliantly, but scheduling it was a nightmare. – John Crowley

40243. The bottom line is, it’s a great script and that’s very inspiring and makes you want to overcome whatever technical difficulties you come up against. – John Crowley

40244. Fundamentally, whether directing in the theatre or a film, you have to be a good storyteller, regardless of the form. The thing I had to work hardest at was thinking in shots. – John Crowley

40245. Certainly it’s very difficult to keep momentum going through a film which has as many characters as this does, and the piece took on a life of its own to try and shape it. That took all the time we had in editing. – John Crowley

40246. But I’m very happy to work within tight parameters, and when you know you have an actor for two days, and you have to get that work done in two days, that focuses the mind wonderfully. – John Crowley

40247. Some of the FDA’s own scientists have charged that politics, not science, is behind the FDA’s actions. – Joseph Crowley

40248. Every time I do a movie, I think it’s going to be a huge hit. – Billy Crudup

40249. If I had done ‘Titanic,’ it would have made, probably, $200,000 – worldwide. So I think my life would have been very, very similar. – Billy Crudup

40250. My limits are limitless. I find my limits every time I act. – Billy Crudup

40251. That’s what I always enjoyed about acting, the real adrenalin rush. My heart – still before I go on stage – crashing out of my chest. That’s thrilling to me. – Billy Crudup

40252. I don’t want to be a thief of my own wallet. – Johan Cruijff

40253. Without the ball, you can’t win. – Johan Cruijff

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40254. To win you have to score one more goal than your opponent. – Johan Cruijff

40255. Sometimes something’s got to happen before something is going to happen. – Johan Cruijff

40256. Speed is often confused with insight. When I start running earlier than the others, I appear faster. – Johan Cruijff

40257. You have got to shoot, otherwise you can’t score. – Johan Cruijff

40258. I’m not religious. In Spain all 22 players make the sign of the cross before they enter the pitch. If it works all matches must therefore end in a draw. – Johan Cruijff

40259. Every disadvantage has its advantage. – Johan Cruijff

40260. Coincidence is logical. – Johan Cruijff

40261. Soccer is simple, but it is difficult to play simple. – Johan Cruijff

40262. Italians can not beat us, but we can certainly lose against them. – Johan Cruijff

40263. What I find sometimes that is tricky is if actors are using too much of their own life in a picture, in a scene, they get locked into a particular way to play the scene, and it lacks an immediacy. – Tom Cruise

40264. I’ve learned to relax more. Everybody feels pressure in what they do, maybe mine is just a little different because there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish what I want to. – Tom Cruise

40265. I’ve never done work for money ever. If your choices are based on grosses and the film doesn’t do well, what does that mean? It leaves you with nothing. – Tom Cruise

40266. It’s well known I’m a Scientologist, and that has helped me to find that inner peace in my life and it’s something that has given me great stability and tools that I use. – Tom Cruise

40267. Saddam has committed many crimes against humanity and against his own people. – Tom Cruise

40268. Talk is over-rated as a means of settling disputes. – Tom Cruise

40269. I’ve gotten very good at scheduling my life, scheduling the scene and preparing myself for knowing, saving the energy, consuming the energy, knowing when to go for it and having the available reserves to be able to do that. You have to think about that, because it’s endurance. – Tom Cruise

40270. The thing about film-making is I give it everything, that’s why I work so hard. I always tell young actors to take charge. It’s not that hard. Sign your own cheques, be responsible. – Tom Cruise

40271. I’ve never made a film that I didn’t believe in, you know? However the picture turns out, I’ve always given everything to it. That’s kind of how I approach life. I can’t help it. There’s no part-way with me on anything in any area of my life. – Tom Cruise

40272. When I first started out all the attention could be a bit unnerving, especially when people stared. Now I find the best thing is to just relax. Being recognized is just something you have to get used to. – Tom Cruise

40273. When I work, I work very hard. So I look to work with people who have that level of dedication. And I depend on that from everyone. From the director to my crews that I work with. – Tom Cruise

40274. When you become successful in any type of life, there are people who are not contributing to the motion. – Tom Cruise

40275. When you have to cope with a lot of problems, you’re either going to sink or you’re going to swim. – Tom Cruise

40276. The exciting part of acting, I don’t know how else to explain it, are those moments when you surprise yourself. – Tom Cruise

40277. I always look for a challenge and something that’s different. – Tom Cruise

40278. Nothing ends nicely, that’s why it ends. – Tom Cruise

40279. I’ve been… chased by paparazzi, and they run lights, and they chase you and harass you the whole time. It happens all over the world, and it has certainly gotten worse. You don’t know what it’s like being chased by them. – Tom Cruise

40280. Awards are wonderful. I’ve been nominated many times and I’ve won many awards. But my journey is not towards that. If it happens it will be a blast. If it doesn’t, it’s still been a blast. – Tom Cruise

40281. Have you ever gotten the feeling that you aren’t completely embarassed yet, but you glimpse tomorrow’s embarrassment? – Tom Cruise

40282. As a young actor, people were trying to define who I was before I really knew that for myself. But I still remember thinking, “This is what I love doing, and I hope I’m going to be able to do it forever.” – Tom Cruise

40283. I didn’t become an actor to have power, but it just happens that I have it and so I have a lot of opportunities. – Tom Cruise

40284. I disagree with people who think you learn more from getting beat up than you do from winning. – Tom Cruise

40285. I look at the Samurai because they were the artists of their time. What I think struck me when I read Bushido is compassion. ‘If there’s no one there to help, go out and find someone to help.’ That hit me, because I try to lead my life like that. – Tom Cruise

40286. I love kids. I was a kid myself, once. – Tom Cruise

40287. I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can’t do something halfway, three-quarters, nine-tenths. If I’m going to do something, I go all the way. – Tom Cruise

40288. I want a world without war, a world without insanity. I want to see people do well. I don’t even think it’s as much as what I want for myself. It’s more what I want for the people around me. That’s what I want. – Tom Cruise

40289. I would live with all of my sisters if I could. We’ve always been very close, my sisters and me. – Tom Cruise

40290. I’m passionate about learning. I’m passionate about life. – Tom Cruise

40291. Every single time I start to do a picture, without fail, I feel as if I don’t know what I’m doing. – Tom Cruise

40292. The advent of electronically synthesized sound after World War II has unquestionably had enormous influence on music in general. – George Crumb

40293. One very important aspect of our contemporary musical culture – some might say the supremely important aspect – is its extension in the historical and geographical senses to a degree unknown in the past. – George Crumb

40294. Perhaps many of the perplexing problems of the new music could be put into a new light if we were to reintroduce the ancient idea of music being a reflection of nature. – George Crumb

40295. Perhaps of all the most basic elements of music, rhythm most directly affects our central nervous system. – George Crumb

40296. Nonetheless, I sense that it will be the task of the future to somehow synthesize the sheer diversity of our present resources into a more organic and well-ordered procedure. – George Crumb

40297. Perhaps two million years ago the creatures of a planet in some remote galaxy faced a musical crisis similar to that which we earthly composers face today. – George Crumb

40298. The development of new instrumental and vocal idioms has been one of the remarkable phenomena of recent music. – George Crumb

40299. The future will be the child of the past and the present, even if a rebellious child. – George Crumb

40300. The retrospective glance is a relatively easy gesture for us to make. – George Crumb

40301. This is not a happy time for this kind of music in this country. – George Crumb

40302. Unquestionably, our contemporary world of music is far richer, in a sense, than earlier periods, due to the historical and geographical extensions of culture to which I have referred. – George Crumb

40303. I must confess, my Spanish is not so good – except I read a little, so I started with the English but then determined that it would have to be in Spanish. – George Crumb

40304. Writing seems to be more difficult as you move through the years. – George Crumb

40305. It is easy to write unthinking music. – George Crumb

40306. In a broader sense, the rhythms of nature, large and small – the sounds of wind and water, the sounds of birds and insects – must inevitably find their analogues in music. – George Crumb

40307. If we look at music history closely, it is not difficult to isolate certain elements of great potency which were to nourish the art of music for decades, if not centuries. – George Crumb

40308. I pick up the New York Times or Time and it’s talking about the latest rock group, which I’m sure is exciting to some people, but it neglects a huge area of music. – George Crumb

40309. Most of my influences are turn-of-the-century. – George Crumb

40310. I have observed, too, that the people of the many countries that I have visited are showing an ever increasing interest in the classical and traditional music of their own cultures. – George Crumb

40311. I frequently hear our present period described as uncertain, confused, chaotic. – George Crumb

40312. I am optimistic about the future of music. – George Crumb

40313. I am certain that most composers today would consider today’s music to be rich, not to say confusing, in its enormous diversity of styles, technical procedures, and systems of esthetics. – George Crumb

40314. As interesting as that music can occasionally be, I don’t think it really replaces the other. – George Crumb

40315. Although technical discussions are interesting to composers, I suspect that the truly magical and spiritual powers of music arise from deeper levels of our psyche. – George Crumb

40316. I think we’re in a very low point of music right now. – George Crumb

40317. I have always had an abiding interest in that type of female anatomy. – Robert Crumb

40318. I moved further and further away from mass entertainment. The sexual element became increasingly sinister and bizarre. Don’t blame me! The bastards drove me to it! They all backed off after that! – Robert Crumb

40319. Everything that is strong in me has gone into my art work. – Robert Crumb

40320. I felt so painfully isolated that I vowed I would get revenge on the world by becoming a famous cartoonist. – Robert Crumb

40321. I guess I didn’t enjoy drawing very much. It was like homework. – Robert Crumb

40322. Killing yourself is a major commitment, it takes a kind of courage. Most people just lead lives of cowardly desperation. It’s kinda half suicide where you just dull yourself with substances. – Robert Crumb

40323. When people say ‘What are underground comics?’ I think the best way you can define them is just the absolute freedom involved… we didn’t have anyone standing over us. – Robert Crumb

40324. When I come up against the real world, I just vacillate. – Robert Crumb

40325. The only burning passion I’m sure I have, is the passion for sex. – Robert Crumb

40326. Most of my adult life I had this towering contempt for America. – Robert Crumb

40327. Oh, yes. I knew I was weird by the time I was four. I knew I wasn’t like other boys. I knew I was more fearful. I didn’t like the rough and tumble most boys were into. I knew I was a sissy. – Robert Crumb

40328. I think housework is the reason most women go to the office. – Heloise Cruse

40329. I feel that it’s the music, not anything else, that matters. – Brandon Cruz

40330. The crew knew because they had heard from other people, and when I showed up on the set the next day, they were all looking at me kind of weird. I told them that Bill always taught me that whenever something bad like that happens, the best thing to do is work. – Brandon Cruz

40331. You could not even pay anyone to say something bad about Bill. – Brandon Cruz

40332. If I don’t work, I’ll be sitting on the couch watching TV, eating popcorn and getting like a cow. – Celia Cruz

40333. I love living on that stage. Without that, I’d die. – Celia Cruz

40334. You would give up your career if you lost your voice for good, or if the impresarios stopped calling, or the audiences stopped coming. But as long as those things are there, I don’t plan to stop. There is nothing that makes me feel better than to be with my public. – Celia Cruz

40335. Singing is my life. It has always been my life. It will always be my life. – Celia Cruz

40336. I always clean before the cleaning lady comes. If not, when I come home, I can’t find anything. Cleaning ladies are always hiding things you leave out. – Celia Cruz

40337. The most important lesson I’ve learned in this business is how to say no. I have said no to a lot of temptations, and I am glad I did. – Penelope Cruz

40338. I want to have babies one day but not right now. When I do it I want to do it really well. I want it to be my best project in life. – Penelope Cruz

40339. I like roles that people don’t recognize me in. – Penelope Cruz

40340. I have stepped off the relationship scene to come to terms with myself. I have spent most of my adult life being ‘someone’s girlfriend’, and now I am happy being single. – Penelope Cruz

40341. I don’t know if I believe in marriage. I believe in family, love and children. – Penelope Cruz

40342. I am amazed about how everyone wants to know about my love life. They whisper to me, ‘Tell me the truth? Is it true?’ Who cares? Because we have this job, we are to say to everybody what we do, or with whom we sleep? It’s a bit absurd, but that’s why everybody lies so much. – Penelope Cruz

40343. The most difficult thing in the world is to start a career known only for your looks, and then to try to become a serious actress. No one will take you seriously once you are known as the pretty woman. – Penelope Cruz

40344. My ambition is to be happy. – Penelope Cruz

40345. Johnny Depp is so special that he is like a Martian. In fact, that’s what I call him, Martian. – Penelope Cruz

40346. When I start a movie, the first day, I feel like a duck. – Penelope Cruz

40347. Well, the way things are going, aside from wheat and auto parts, America’s biggest export is now the Oscar. – Billy Crystal

40348. I can’t be funny if my feet don’t feel right. – Billy Crystal

40349. Bambi, to a kid, was scary. – Billy Crystal

40350. Change is such hard work. – Billy Crystal

40351. Even when I was in school shows, in elementary school doing plays, I’d always go off book and start improvising. – Billy Crystal

40352. From the first time I saw Sid Caesar be funny I knew that’s what I had to do. – Billy Crystal

40353. Gentlemen, start your egos. – Billy Crystal

40354. I’m comfortable being old… being black… being Jewish. – Billy Crystal

40355. My granddaughter’s birth has made me want to create things she will love. – Billy Crystal

40356. Nobody is more truthful when he’s acting than De Niro. – Billy Crystal

40357. To be good, you need to believe in what you’re doing. – Billy Crystal

40358. Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place. – Billy Crystal

40359. That’s the thing about jazz: it’s free flowing, it comes from your soul. – Billy Crystal

40360. As I get older and I get a few more years experience I become more like Dad, you know, King Lear. – David Crystal

40361. At the same time we overlap, because, I do linguistics, and Ben did a first degree in Linguistics at Lancaster University, so he knows some of my subject. – David Crystal

40362. It took three years to put Shakespeare’s words together, there were a lot of words to be studied and a lot of words to be sorted out, and it proved to be a major project. – David Crystal

40363. It hasn’t been a problem with Ben, I think we worked together very well, we don’t have rows. – David Crystal

40364. And it has become a kind of a truism in the study of creativity that you can’t be creating anything with less than 10 years of technical knowledge immersion in a particular field. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

40365. And, in fact, you can find that the lack of basic resources, material resources, contributes to unhappiness, but the increase in material resources do not increase happiness. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

40366. If we know what that set point is, we can predict fairly accurately when you will be in flow, and it will be when your challenges are higher than average and skills are higher than average. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

40367. Repetition on things like that becomes quite painful. If you do a stunt sometimes it can look like a stunt. – Marton Csokas

40368. I remember Berlin. Berlin to me was the star of the film. I loved for six months that we filmed there. – Marton Csokas

40369. I would take lots of falls and you know, get shot three or four times and this sort of thing, so all that sort of stuff. And there are tussles with various characters. I like that kind of thing. – Marton Csokas

40370. I’ve done a lot of that kind of work before, anyway, and I was in good hands. – Marton Csokas

40371. The sexual deviance – I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss that; but we do have hints of it but in a more psychological way and therefore more human way, arguably. Or certainly to the extent that the animated series takes that sexuality. – Marton Csokas

40372. I’m relatively physically adept and I like throwing myself around. Once, twice, but then you get to nine, ten, eleven and to try and make it look realistic all the time, that’s not very pleasant. – Marton Csokas

40373. Any time you try to win everything, you must be willing to lose everything. – Larry Csonka

40374. I do not find the supposed scientific consensus among my colleagues. Curiously, it is a feature of man-made global warming that every fact confirms it: rising temperatures or decreasing temperatures. No matter what the weather, some model of global warming offers a watertight explanation. – Javier Cuadros

40375. I think that any reporter or columnist will be a little more careful when doing interviews with me. – Mark Cuban

40376. Make sure you are the boss. I don’t think I would encourage executives that work for me to blog. There can be only 1 public vision for an organization. – Mark Cuban

40377. I think the worst thing you can do about a situation is nothing. – Ice Cube

40378. Snoop Dog is the Phil Jackson of youth football coaches. He ain’t going to accept nothing but a winner. – Ice Cube

40379. You know, there have been a lot of casualties in rock-n-roll. – Warren Cuccurullo

40380. Most of the hotel gym’s are not adequate. I mean you might be able to train your arms, but you aren’t going to be able to train legs, back, or even chest if they don’t have dumbbells and benches. – Warren Cuccurullo

40381. It’s easy to get four days a week of training in and I don’t spend more than 55-60 minutes in the gym. – Warren Cuccurullo

40382. Once you are over 30, 35 years old, I think everyone should get down to the gym and start moving again. – Warren Cuccurullo

40383. And so there I was living in California from Brooklyn, New York, and it was this whole new world for me and I was meeting vegetarians. I thought, let me try this vegetarian thing. I got really into that. – Warren Cuccurullo

40384. Missing Persons was based in Los Angeles. – Warren Cuccurullo

40385. Making music is fantastic. – Warren Cuccurullo

40386. You know, on the road, I never miss a meal. I eat five, six, seven times a day, depending on when I wake up and when I got to sleep. I never miss a training day. I always get my four days out of my seven. – Warren Cuccurullo

40387. But the business side of it, as with most creative things, there is no room for business. It is about art. It’s not about marketing. – Warren Cuccurullo

40388. Fortunately, I was still living in Los Angeles at the time. So I went out to World Gym and got a membership. – Warren Cuccurullo

40389. I have had shoulder injuries in the past, but usually it’s from training. – Warren Cuccurullo

40390. I love the life of a musician but I live the life of a bodybuilder. – Warren Cuccurullo

40391. I never used to drink water. I am drinking six liters of water every day now. That’s the key. – Warren Cuccurullo

40392. I thought, you know the food and the diet thing is one way to start yourself onto a healthy lifestyle, but if you don’t move, if you don’t start exercising you’re gonna deteriorate. – Warren Cuccurullo

40393. I went from 118 pounds to 135 pounds in a few months. But, I still didn’t know anything about food. – Warren Cuccurullo

40394. I would never go to a gym. How could I do it? So I tried to do it in my house and it doesn’t work. – Warren Cuccurullo

40395. I’m a product of good nutrition, cutting edge supplementation and hard training, and I’m an old guy. – Warren Cuccurullo

40396. I’m doing it by enjoying what I do in the gym, really enjoying my foods. – Warren Cuccurullo

40397. It is a career that can be enhanced or destroyed by success. – Warren Cuccurullo

40398. Plus, we spend most of our time writing music. Most of the time is spent in the studio in my house. – Warren Cuccurullo

40399. Yeah, about sixteen to twenty weeks a year. For example, we can do America in six or seven weeks. You can do Europe in three weeks; England in two weeks. South America you could do in three weeks; Asia you could do in three weeks. – Warren Cuccurullo

40400. Yeah, I came in at the end of the Notorious album, played on about five tracks and then we went on a tour. Then we did another album, Big Thing, and then we started writing songs together in 1989. – Warren Cuccurullo

40401. The health industry, the fitness industry, was really starting to pick up. This was around the mid 80’s. – Warren Cuccurullo

40402. The lights go down, you hear the applause and you’re up there, and then everything else is forgotten. – Warren Cuccurullo

40403. The turning point really is just knowing you’re an imbecile. – Warren Cuccurullo

40404. You can hit your legs really hard, you can get very, very sore from training and I love that, but, the one I’d feel most on stage is legs. But, the thing that happens is once the adrenalin kicks in, that’s the trigger. – Warren Cuccurullo

40405. It doesn’t matter if people perceive me as being a little strange. I think overall, even when I am on stage, when people see me, I am setting an example. – Warren Cuccurullo

40406. I took acting and elocution lessons, to get rid of my Sicilian accent. – Maria Grazia Cucinotta

40407. The true knowledge or science which exists nowhere but in the mind itself, has no other entity at all besides intelligibility; and therefore whatsoever is clearly intelligible, is absolutely true. – Ralph Cudworth

40408. Knowledge is not a passion from without the mind, but an active exertion of the inward strength, vigor and power of the mind, displaying itself from within. – Ralph Cudworth

40409. Now all the knowledge and wisdom that is in creatures, whether angels or men, is nothing else but a participation of that one eternal, immutable and increased wisdom of God. – Ralph Cudworth

40410. Sense is a line, the mind is a circle. Sense is like a line which is the flux of a point running out from itself, but intellect like a circle that keeps within itself. – Ralph Cudworth

40411. I am a free man. I feel as light as a feather. – Javier Perez de Cuellar

40412. The patient is in intensive care but still alive. – Javier Perez de Cuellar

40413. I would rather play Chiquita Banana and have my swimming pool than play Bach and starve. – Xavier Cugat

40414. If she was a victim of any kind, she was a victim of her friends. – George Cukor

40415. It is reassuring for people to feel they have a boss, someone who knows the answers and has charted the course. – George Cukor

40416. Unless the story line carries the scenes, the scenes don’t really mean anything. – George Cukor

40417. You can’t have any successes unless you can accept failure. – George Cukor

40418. The border sheriffs are locally elected. They’re accountable. They know the territory and the people. And they can respond the most quickly to what is a real national security emergency, because the border is unprotected. – John Culberson

40419. This is not the first time that Mexican authorities have handed over an Arab from a country with known Al Qaeda connections to a local sheriff across the border. FBI picks them up and disappears. – John Culberson

40420. The sheriffs are completely outnumbered and outgunned. And we don’t have enough border patrol agents. – John Culberson

40421. Foreign nationals entering the United States illegally who are taken into custody by the Border Protection Corps or by State or local law enforcement authorities must be promptly delivered to a federal law enforcement authority. – John Culberson

40422. Eligible citizens from any State in the Union can serve in the Border Protection Corps of that State. – John Culberson

40423. Federal authorities do not have the manpower or the resources to protect America’s international borders. – John Culberson

40424. I’m going to vote in support of the president of the United States in keeping the troops in Iraq until the president and our military is convinced that the mission is complete. – John Culberson

40425. A deck of cards is built like the purest of hierarchies, with every card a master to those below it, a lackey to those above it. – Ely Culbertson

40426. God and the politicians willing, the United States can declare peace upon the world, and win it. – Ely Culbertson

40427. The bizarre world of cards is a world of pure power politics where rewards and punishments are meted out immediately. – Ely Culbertson

40428. I think people are going to keep asking me about Macaulay. Some things change and some things don’t. – Kieran Culkin

40429. When I worked on Altar Boys, they wanted to see us having fun. The four of us would have fun on set and steal each other’s lines, and mess with the director. – Kieran Culkin

40430. Watching a good actor is the best way to learn. – Kieran Culkin

40431. They put me in a whole body suit, from my neck to my ankles. It was so bad, I couldn’t straighten my legs. – Kieran Culkin

40432. The whole family is tight. We all really love each other. – Kieran Culkin

40433. The Professional Children’s School, it’s for professional kids, so if you wanted to ditch, you could just write, Audition on a note and leave. I didn’t really like school all that much. – Kieran Culkin

40434. The divorce was rough on all of us. I don’t blame Hollywood for my family’s problems. But having all of it reported in the press made it more of an ordeal. – Kieran Culkin

40435. Igby was a really good opportunity for me to grow up. The cast was great. – Kieran Culkin

40436. I shut up and keep my ears and eyes open. – Kieran Culkin

40437. I see Igby as my first movie as an adult, and it’s a big deal for me because I really, really like the film. – Kieran Culkin

40438. I liked a lot of the scenes I did with Ryan Phillippe. – Kieran Culkin

40439. I feel different than I did three years ago, in The Cider House Rules. – Kieran Culkin

40440. I don’t know how long I’ll be trick or treating. Maybe I’ll be 80 years old and still trick or treating. – Kieran Culkin

40441. A week before shooting, they told me, You don’t have the part, yet. We’re still trying to find a handicapped kid who can act. Either that or we break your legs. – Kieran Culkin

40442. It was a lot of auditions and tapings and stuff like that. – Kieran Culkin

40443. I write a good amount. I’ve been gathering up a backlog of stuff and maybe I’ll do something with it someday, but I don’t want to talk about it just yet because that would jinx it. – Macaulay Culkin

40444. They put it on the page because it sounded good or it looked good or they read it in a book somewhere that this is how you structure a script or something, and they just don’t get it. It’s surprising. – Macaulay Culkin

40445. Michael Jackson and I talk all the time. I think we understand each other in a way that most people can’t understand either of us. – Macaulay Culkin

40446. It’s a place where I could do something on a weekly basis and see if I like it. – Macaulay Culkin

40447. I’m the most out-of-work actor I know. In the last two years I’ve basically taken meetings for a living. – Macaulay Culkin

40448. I’m doing naughty things, I’m drinking too much, I’m going to clubs. It really didn’t matter to me, other than the fact that some parents wouldn’t let their kids hang out with me. – Macaulay Culkin

40449. I don’t mind if somebody comes up to me and shakes my hand, but if I’m in the middle of a restaurant and somebody asks me for a picture, I can be a jerk and say no, or I can say yes and draw more attention to myself, which is exactly the opposite of what I want. – Macaulay Culkin

40450. I did 14 movies in six years, I had a cartoon TV show, and I don’t want to do that again. I just want to make unique pieces of art. That’s why I quit everything when I was 14 and sat around for eight years before I did another movie. – Macaulay Culkin

40451. I could have gone the route of a lot of these former child actors, but I didn’t want that for myself. Like I said, when I was 14 years old, I decided to quit. I didn’t ever want to do it again. – Macaulay Culkin

40452. I went to high school, which was a good thing because I hadn’t interacted with many people my age, and I didn’t really have friends. I had a million acquaintances and no friends. – Macaulay Culkin

40453. Because of what I did when I was 10 years old, I’m not living from paycheck to paycheck, and I can do things because I want to do them. – Macaulay Culkin

40454. He was so excited. He cut out pictures of these landscapes and neighborhoods and kind of really tried to give you a feel of the movie. It was kind of cute but at the same time it really showed his enthusiasm for it. – Macaulay Culkin

40455. Commuting from New York to Hollywood to do this show gets more interesting every week. Before I used to think the country was just New York on one end and Los Angeles on the other, with sand and mountains in the middle. – Bill Cullen

40456. So in the dark we hide the heart that bleeds, And wait, and tend our agonizing seeds. – Countee Cullen

40457. There is no secret to success except hard work and getting something indefinable which we call ‘the breaks.’ In order for a writer to succeed, I suggest three things – read and write – and wait. – Countee Cullen

40458. I was reared in the conservative atmosphere of a Methodist parsonage. – Countee Cullen

40459. I have a rendezvous with life. – Countee Cullen

40460. For we must be one thing or the other, an asset or a liability, the sinew in your wing to help you soar, or the chain to bind you to earth. – Countee Cullen

40461. Your love to me was like an unread book. – Countee Cullen

40462. In a very simple sense I want everything that’s in a work to be there for the reason that it’s needed. It’s not an ornamentation. It’s not there because I thought it looked nice but because it has to be there. – Paul Cullen

40463. It’s a matter of reducing the work to its very simplest possible state, eliminating all of the things that lead away from the guts of the work, the thing the work is really about. Anything that’s there must build towards its over-all organization and meaning. – Paul Cullen

40464. I’ve had it happen to me before where it turns out that they never had the money and couldn’t have made the movie in the first place. And these are the things you have to look for when trying to read the behavior of the people you sit down with. – Robert Culp

40465. Spry is not a look, spry is behavior. – Robert Culp

40466. There is no sense in doing a wonderful script with somebody who can’t direct because that is a disaster. – Robert Culp

40467. The Barks of Trees are best gathered in the Spring, if it be of great Trees, as Oaks or the like, because then they come easiest off, and so you may dry them if you please, but indeed your best way is to gather all Barks only for present use. – Nicholas Culpeper

40468. Such Roots as are soft, your best way is to dry in the Sun, or else hang them up in the Chimney corner upon a string; as for such as are hard you may dry them any where. – Nicholas Culpeper

40469. The Herbs ought to be distilled when they are in their greatest vigor, and so ought the Flowers also. – Nicholas Culpeper

40470. Waters are distilled out of Herbs, Flowers, Fruits, and Roots. – Nicholas Culpeper

40471. In all Diseases strengthen the part of the Body afflicted. – Nicholas Culpeper

40472. Gather all Leaves in the hour of that Planet that governs them. – Nicholas Culpeper

40473. For God’s sake build not your faith upon Tradition, ’tis as rotten as a rotten Post. – Nicholas Culpeper

40474. All Juleps are made for present use, and therefore it is in vain to speak of their duration. – Nicholas Culpeper

40475. Thus have you the way of making Conserves, the way of keeping of them is in Earthen pots. – Nicholas Culpeper

40476. Let your Medicine be somthing of the Nature of the Sign ascending. – Nicholas Culpeper

40477. Women in New York have to work much harder to compete with the supermodels for attention. – Jessica Culter

40478. It is not hard to feel like an outsider. I think we have all felt like that at one time or another. – Alan Cumming

40479. It’s really rare for film directors to be that interested in things other than themselves. – Alan Cumming

40480. I like working on things that are very different and that involve different disguises. – Alan Cumming

40481. Actually I like working kind of fast, because if you got it, why bother doing it over and over? – Alan Cumming

40482. Nowadays people don’t know how to handle it if all the ends aren’t tied up and they’re not told what to think in films. And if they’re challenged, they think it’s something wrong with the film. – Alan Cumming

40483. You could live in Winnipeg a thousand years and not meet Ringo, Paul McCartney, or Bob Dylan. – Burton Cummings

40484. There may be a new album, and there may not. Right now, we’re encouraging bootlegging because there have been some great live things that ended up on the Internet. Rather than try to stop it, we like it. If nobody gave a crap about you, they wouldn’t bother to bootleg you. – Burton Cummings

40485. Private property began the instant somebody had a mind of his own. – e. e. cummings

40486. Knowledge is a polite word for dead but not buried imagination. – e. e. cummings

40487. Kisses are a better fate than wisdom. – e. e. cummings

40488. Unless you love someone, nothing else makes any sense. – e. e. cummings

40489. Nothing recedes like progress. – e. e. cummings

40490. Listen; there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go. – e. e. cummings

40491. The earth laughs in flowers. – e. e. cummings

40492. The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. – e. e. cummings

40493. The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful. – e. e. cummings

40494. To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. – e. e. cummings

40495. To destroy is always the first step in any creation. – e. e. cummings

40496. Unbeing dead isn’t being alive. – e. e. cummings

40497. It takes three to make a child. – e. e. cummings

40498. To like an individual because he’s black is just as insulting as to dislike him because he isn’t white. – e. e. cummings

40499. A wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. I think, I too, have known autumn too long. – e. e. cummings

40500. It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. – e. e. cummings

40501. A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man. – e. e. cummings

40502. Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question. – e. e. cummings

40503. America makes prodigious mistakes, America has colossal faults, but one thing cannot be denied: America is always on the move. She may be going to Hell, of course, but at least she isn’t standing still. – e. e. cummings

40504. At least the Pilgrim Fathers used to shoot Indians: the Pilgrim Children merely punch time clocks. – e. e. cummings

40505. Be of love a little more careful than of anything. – e. e. cummings

40506. Humanity I love you because when you’re hard up you pawn your intelligence to buy a drink. – e. e. cummings

40507. I like my body when it is with your body. It is so quite new a thing. Muscles better and nerves more. – e. e. cummings

40508. I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes. – e. e. cummings

40509. I would rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach 10,000 stars how not to dance. – e. e. cummings

40510. I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach ten thousand stars how not to dance. – e. e. cummings

40511. I’m living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart. – e. e. cummings

40512. If a poet is anybody, he is somebody to whom things made matter very little – somebody who is obsessed by Making. – e. e. cummings

40513. I imagine that yes is the only living thing. – e. e. cummings

40514. Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. – e. e. cummings

40515. Americans of our own time – minority and majority Americans alike – need the continued guidance that the Voting Rights Act provides. We have come a long way, but more needs to be done. – Elijah Cummings

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40516. Typically diagnosed during childhood and adolescent years, juvenile diabetes, also referred to as Type I diabetes, currently affects more than 3 million Americans and more then 13,000 children are diagnosed each year. – Elijah Cummings

40517. The U.S. Census Bureau acknowledged this fact when it reported that those with a bachelor’s degree earn on average $1 million more over their lifetime than those with only a high school diploma. – Elijah Cummings

40518. More than 26,000 lives may be lost to the effects of drug abuse this year. This tragic impact is felt in communities across this great nation. Sadly many of these deaths occur among our young people. – Elijah Cummings

40519. It was to carry the American democratic journey beyond these failings that Black citizens and civil rights workers risked unemployment, violence and death. – Elijah Cummings

40520. By providing students in our Nation with such an education, we help save our children from the clutches of poverty, crime, drugs, and hopelessness, and we help safeguard our Nation’s prosperity for generations yet unborn. – Elijah Cummings

40521. African-American women account for 67 percent of all newly diagnosed female AIDS cases. – Elijah Cummings

40522. In the same vein as these events, National Minority Health Month also serves as a reminder of how much work needs to be done to eliminate health and healthcare inequities. – Elijah Cummings

40523. While the hollow oak our palace is, Our heritage the sea. – Allan Cunningham

40524. Get it out of your historic head. – Imogen Cunningham

40525. I don’t talk about success. I don’t know what it is. Wait until I’m dead. – Imogen Cunningham

40526. I don’t resent anything. – Imogen Cunningham

40527. I don’t love the world. I think Jupiter should have hit us. – Imogen Cunningham

40528. Everybody who does anything for the public can be criticized. There’s always someone who doesn’t like it. – Imogen Cunningham

40529. Anybody is influenced by where and how he lives. – Imogen Cunningham

40530. A woman said to me when she first sat down, You’re photographing the wrong side of my face. I said, Oh, is there one? – Imogen Cunningham

40531. I became kind of a drop-out in science after I came back to America. I wanted to photograph. – Imogen Cunningham

40532. I don’t know what love means. – Imogen Cunningham

40533. My mind is vacant on names, but I know him as well as anything. When I need names they drop out of my head; when I don’t need them they drop back. – Imogen Cunningham

40534. Oh, you ask me, what is the greatest torture of a person who does portraits for a living? I could fill several volumes with nice nasty stories. I don’t know. – Imogen Cunningham

40535. When people ask me silly questions about my private life, I just say, I don’t discuss that. – Imogen Cunningham

40536. When I need names they drop out of my head; when I don’t need them they drop back. – Imogen Cunningham

40537. Well, I turn people into human beings by not making them into gods. – Imogen Cunningham

40538. There are certain things you don’t discuss with Ansel, especially if you don’t agree. – Imogen Cunningham

40539. Some people say to me, Isn’t it too bad that people discovered you so late? I never thought that. – Imogen Cunningham

40540. When People magazine called me, I did the job on Ansel. I’m older than Ansel and he has to mind me. – Imogen Cunningham

40541. It’s silly to keep people alive who have a terrible disease. – Imogen Cunningham

40542. I’d never kill myself for a man. I wouldn’t do it for anybody. – Imogen Cunningham

40543. I was poor. When you’re poor you work, and when you’re rich you expect somebody to hand it to you. So I think being reasonably poor is very good for people. – Imogen Cunningham

40544. I was invited to photograph Hollywood. They asked me what I would like to photograph. I said, Ugly men. – Imogen Cunningham

40545. When you do portraits professionally it’s not a desire, it’s for money. – Imogen Cunningham

40546. I think San Francisco is the best place in the whole world for an easy life. – Imogen Cunningham

40547. I was brought up on art. My father thought I had a great hand at art and sent me to art school. But he did not want me to become a photographer. – Imogen Cunningham

40548. I never stopped photographing. There were a couple of years when I didn’t have a darkroom, but that didn’t stop me from photographing. – Imogen Cunningham

40549. I hate big models. – Imogen Cunningham

40550. I don’t think there’s any such thing as teaching people photography, other than influencing them a little. People have to be their own learners. They have to have a certain talent. – Imogen Cunningham

40551. I turn people into human beings by not making them into gods. – Imogen Cunningham

40552. I told the students that whatever they did in class was for the wastebasket. – Imogen Cunningham

40553. You see, I became kind of a drop-out in science after I came back to America. – Imogen Cunningham

40554. Looking back I find it hard to believe that I could forge a career in anything other than football but I didn’t do too badly in my final exams and there were a few business-related courses that interested me. – Kenny Cunningham

40555. He was a fantastic player, but the thing that impressed me most about Paul was his manner off the pitch. He was always very humble about his achievements and had a lot of time for the paying public and people in general. – Kenny Cunningham

40556. I am hugely proud to have played for Ireland. – Kenny Cunningham

40557. I became more confident within myself and matured as a person and become a little bit more opinionated – maybe the lads might say a little bit too opinionated for their liking but that is just a natural progression for a player. – Kenny Cunningham

40558. I definitely want to be involved but only while I think I can make a contribution and I make a difference. – Kenny Cunningham

40559. I enjoyed seven years at Wimbledon and there were high and low points. – Kenny Cunningham

40560. I never felt I would be part of the international scene for 50 caps in my wildest dreams. – Kenny Cunningham

40561. I never felt I would get to the stage where I would to have to actively think about retiring from international football as I always thought it would pass me by. – Kenny Cunningham

40562. I wouldn’t even mention myself in the same breath as someone like big Paul. – Kenny Cunningham

40563. It will be difficult to let go but it is going to happen sooner rather than later in my case. – Kenny Cunningham

40564. I was told that I had to give grades to the students, which I wasn’t particularly interested in doing. – Merce Cunningham

40565. My dance classes were open to anybody, my only stipulation was that they had to come to the class every day. – Merce Cunningham

40566. The only difference was one of them was trying to make a perfect cake and one of them was trying to write a great book. But if we remove that from the equation, it’s the same impulse and they are equally entitled to their ecstasies and their despair. – Michael Cunningham

40567. If you’ve really loved a book, or a movie for that matter, really loved it, what you want is that same book again, but as if you’ve never read it. And when you get something unfamiliar, you feel betrayed. – Michael Cunningham

40568. Before there was any talk of a movie, people would sometimes ask me what actors I would imagine playing these characters. And the only thing I could ever say is: I have such a clear idea of these characters that they’d have to play themselves. – Michael Cunningham

40569. The final phone call that said we’re going to be picked up again was just a miracle. We’ve overcome the impossible and we’re still pushing forward. I know John is smiling and so happy that he gets to watch us on TV. – Kaley Cuoco

40570. You do a job; your show gets canceled. You get used to it. – Kaley Cuoco

40571. People tend to think they know you when u come into their tv’s every week. They think you are different than who you are. Don’t believe everything u here. – Kaley Cuoco

40572. After everything happened, we all got super tight. I can’t deny it. We all just love each other. James Garner and David Spade came on and we fell in love with them too. We’ve just become a family all over again. We don’t want to lose anyone again. – Kaley Cuoco

40573. John was the smartest and most amazing comedian I’ve ever worked with. I think more than teaching me about acting or comedy, he taught me about life and the love of people and respect of people. – Kaley Cuoco

40574. My whole family actually, but my parents. I had such a normal and amazing childhood. I’ve been so lucky. My parents are cool and normal. They don’t talk about the business and I still have stuff to do at their house. – Kaley Cuoco

40575. James Garner is like a peaceful river through our chaos. – Kaley Cuoco

40576. Finally there was a moment when it just hit me. John wouldn’t want me to sit on my butt for the rest of my life feeling sorry for myself or sorry for him. As cheesy as it sounds, he would have wanted us to go on. – Kaley Cuoco

40577. For me, what I really want to come out of it is to show people that I can hold together a movie, be the number one character and play someone who is twenty or twenty-one. – Kaley Cuoco

40578. I love all music. Right now I am loving Josh Grobin and Kelly Clarkson. – Kaley Cuoco

40579. I will always be the way I was a couple years ago before anything happened. And that’s to my parents’ credit, my amazing parents who have been around me my whole life and raised me right. I’m very happy with what has happened so far. – Kaley Cuoco

40580. I love the fashion world. I love clothes. I love style. – Kaley Cuoco

40581. There is no dispute that Albany needs to be changed. There is no dispute that the current situation in Albany is untenable. Nobody knows that better than I do. – Andrew Cuomo

40582. I respect the state workers and I respect their unions, but we simply can’t afford to pay benefits and pensions that are out of line with economic reality. – Andrew Cuomo

40583. I’m in politics. I’m in government, so nothing surprises me. – Andrew Cuomo

40584. I’ve been not only articulating the dissatisfaction with Albany, I’ve been acting on it. I’ve been very aggressive in bringing public integrity cases and public corruption cases and bringing cases against sitting legislators. – Andrew Cuomo

40585. New York State is upside down and backwards; high taxes and low performance. The New York State government was at one time a national model. Now, unfortunately, it’s a national disgrace. Sometimes, the corruption in Albany could even make Boss Tweed blush. – Andrew Cuomo

40586. The essential job of government is to facilitate, not frustrate, job development. – Andrew Cuomo

40587. I believe we need to attract a new generation of the best and brightest to public service and I believe that government can be a source of inspiration, not degradation. – Andrew Cuomo

40588. There was never a war on poverty. Maybe there was a skirmish on poverty. – Andrew Cuomo

40589. The Declaration of Independence says when government fails, the people have the right to replace it. Well, New York State government has failed and the people have the right, indeed the people have the the people have the obligation, to act. – Andrew Cuomo

40590. I believe women still face a glass ceiling that must be shattered. – Andrew Cuomo

40591. I believe Wall Street needs serious ongoing regulation. – Andrew Cuomo

40592. I believe public education is the new civil rights battle and I support charter schools. – Andrew Cuomo

40593. I believe global warming and climate change are real threats to our planet. – Andrew Cuomo

40594. I believe discrimination still exists in society and we must fight it in every form. – Andrew Cuomo

40595. I am fiscally prudent and socially progressive. I believe in protecting a woman’s right to choose. I believe in marriage equality. – Andrew Cuomo

40596. I am against the death penalty. – Andrew Cuomo

40597. I know how bad Albany is. I know it better than most. I understand why people are angry. I’m angry. The question is going to be, how do you change Albany, what is the plan for change, and then how do you actually get it done? – Andrew Cuomo

40598. The mugger who is arrested is back on the street before the police officer, but the person mugged may not be back on the street for a long time, if ever. – Mario Cuomo

40599. You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose. – Mario Cuomo

40600. We must get the American public to look past the glitter, beyond the showmanship, to the reality, the hard substance of things. And we’ll do it not so much with speeches that will bring people to their feet as with speeches that bring people to their senses. – Mario Cuomo

40601. You want calamities? What about the Ice Age? – Mario Cuomo

40602. The price of seeking to force our beliefs on others is that someday they might force their beliefs on us. – Mario Cuomo

40603. I talk and talk and talk, and I haven’t taught people in fifty years what my father taught me by example in one week. – Mario Cuomo

40604. I said I didn’t want to run for president. I didn’t ask you to believe me. – Mario Cuomo

40605. I have no plans, and no plans to plan. – Mario Cuomo

40606. I am a trial lawyer. Matilda says that at dinner on a good day I sound like an affidavit. – Mario Cuomo

40607. Every time I’ve done something that doesn’t feel right, it’s ended up not being right. – Mario Cuomo

40608. There are few things more amusing in the world of politics than watching moderate Republicans charging to the right in pursuit of greater glory. – Mario Cuomo

40609. If you can manipulate news, a judge can manipulate the law. A smart lawyer can keep a killer out of jail, a smart accountant can keep a thief from paying taxes, a smart reporter could ruin your reputation- unfairly. – Mario Cuomo

40610. It’s easy to see the faults in people I know; it’s hardest to see the good. Especially when the good isn’t there. – Will Cuppy

40611. The trouble with the dictionary is that you have to know how a word is spelled before you can look it up to see how it is spelled. – Will Cuppy

40612. The Dodo never had a chance. He seems to have been invented for the sole purpose of becoming extinct and that was all he was good for. – Will Cuppy

40613. Just when you’re beginning to think pretty well of people, you run across somebody who puts sugar on sliced tomatoes. – Will Cuppy

40614. If an animal does something, we call it instinct; if we do the same thing for the same reason, we call it intelligence. – Will Cuppy

40615. I don’t like to boast, but I have probably skipped more poetry than any other person of my age and weight in this country. – Will Cuppy

40616. Etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential. – Will Cuppy

40617. Caesar might have married Cleopatra, but he had a wife at home. There’s always something. – Will Cuppy

40618. Aristotle was famous for knowing everything. He taught that the brain exists merely to cool the blood and is not involved in the process of thinking. This is true only of certain persons. – Will Cuppy

40619. Aristotle taught that the brain exists merely to cool the blood and is not involved in the process of thinking. This is true only of certain persons. – Will Cuppy

40620. If a cat does something, we call it instinct; if we do the same thing, for the same reason, we call it intelligence. – Will Cuppy

40621. Some people lose all respect for the lion unless he devours them instantly. There is no pleasing some people. – Will Cuppy

40622. And looking at the landslides, you saw how Gore beat Bush so substantially in California. – Mike Curb

40623. We’re thrilled to expand our relationship, knowing that with the great team at the Music Group, Word, and Warner Bros., and with their proven record of excellence, we’re looking ahead to an even brighter future for Curb. – Mike Curb

40624. I was the last Republican lieutenant governor and it’s been over 20 years. – Mike Curb

40625. I think it’s a tremendous opportunity, particularly given the complexion of the overall voter structure in California. It’s very hard for a Republican to get elected. – Mike Curb

40626. And I remember looking at Gray Davis and, you know, Gray is the consummate political operative. – Mike Curb

40627. I think you need a really strong businessperson running the state, a person who’s used to turning negatives into positives, which is what happens in business. – Mike Curb

40628. I have frequently been questioned, especially by women, of how I could reconcile family life with a scientific career. Well, it has not been easy. – Marie Curie

40629. One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done. – Marie Curie

40630. Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. – Marie Curie

40631. Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained. – Marie Curie

40632. In science, we must be interested in things, not in persons. – Marie Curie

40633. There are sadistic scientists who hurry to hunt down errors instead of establishing the truth. – Marie Curie

40634. I am one of those who think like Nobel, that humanity will draw more good than evil from new discoveries. – Marie Curie

40635. Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas. – Marie Curie

40636. All my life through, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child. – Marie Curie

40637. After all, science is essentially international, and it is only through lack of the historical sense that national qualities have been attributed to it. – Marie Curie

40638. A scientist in his laboratory is not a mere technician: he is also a child confronting natural phenomena that impress him as though they were fairy tales. – Marie Curie

40639. I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy. – Marie Curie

40640. I have no dress except the one I wear every day. If you are going to be kind enough to give me one, please let it be practical and dark so that I can put it on afterwards to go to the laboratory. – Marie Curie

40641. Alfred Nobel’s discoveries are characteristic; powerful explosives can help men perform admirable tasks. They are also a means to terrible destruction in the hands of the great criminals who lead peoples to war. – Pierre Curie

40642. Is it right to probe so deeply into Nature’s secrets? The question must here be raised whether it will benefit mankind, or whether the knowledge will be harmful. – Pierre Curie

40643. Radium could be very dangerous in criminal hands. – Pierre Curie

40644. It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. – John Philpot Curran

40645. When I can’t talk sense, I talk metaphor. – John Philpot Curran

40646. My dear doctor, I am surprised to hear you say that I am coughing very badly, as I have been practising all night. – John Philpot Curran

40647. In this administration, a place can be found for every bad man. – John Philpot Curran

40648. His smile is like the silver plate on a coffin. – John Philpot Curran

40649. Evil prospers when good men do nothing. – John Philpot Curran

40650. Assassinate me you may; intimidate me you cannot. – John Philpot Curran

40651. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance. – John Philpot Curran

40652. I have never yet heard of a murderer who was not afraid of a ghost. – John Philpot Curran

40653. The people on the business side in the music business are kind of different from the theatre business. I think it’s partly because there are different pressures on the industries. – Tim Curry

40654. Um, musicians are funnier you know, than actors on the whole. – Tim Curry

40655. One of the best things that ever happened to me was Rocky Horror being a total flop in New York as a play. I mean, it was a disaster, and it was the night of the long knives as far as the critics were concerned. – Tim Curry

40656. Don’t dream it, be it. – Tim Curry

40657. But we live in a modern world, you know, and, and also it does seem to me that if you – that whatever talents you have, it… I mean it may sound a bit absurd but I, I think it’s your, absolutely your duty to resolve them, you know? – Tim Curry

40658. I’m easy. Put me in an interesting location with good people and I’m there. – Jane Curtin

40659. If I liken the Pacific War to a football match, I can say to you that the first half is over, we have kicked off after the interval, and we are going to carry the ball into enemy territory for a smashing victory. – John Curtin

40660. The game is not lost – or won – until the last bell goes. – John Curtin

40661. I just always want a new producer. I’m going to have a new producer on the next one. Because I’m the same person, and I feel like, I know I’m going to bring to it a certain sensibility that’s me, and I want to have something different coming out on each album. – Catie Curtis

40662. I’m pretty social so it’s hard for me to find solitude, but I need to have solitude to write. – Catie Curtis

40663. So, once I get writing I really try and put five to eight hours a day in my room with a guitar to really try and come up with stuff that feels interesting enough to me to keep it. – Catie Curtis

40664. When you do have songs where you’re going to say something, some kind of statement about cultural or social stuff, that in general people love it. People love to be challenged in that way. – Catie Curtis

40665. Bias and prejudice are attitudes to be kept in hand, not attitudes to be avoided. – Charles Curtis

40666. Fraud is the homage that force pays to reason. – Charles Curtis

40667. His venture sounds like a banana peel awaiting its victim. – Charlotte Curtis

40668. The nearest we have to a Henry James or an Edith Wharton of the East Coast’s Wasp upper classes. – Charlotte Curtis

40669. I love Sweden. The entire world should be like Sweden. They all like to drink and get naked, and the women are hot. I can’t think of a better nation on the planet. – Drew Curtis

40670. I’m actually an evil bastard in real life. Fark allows me to vent weirdness. Thank god for that, too. – Drew Curtis

40671. We usually break our records every Monday, so we’ll see what turns up tonight after midnight. Next month it’ll probably be higher, which is always weird. – Drew Curtis

40672. You don’t notice the referee during the game unless he makes a bad call. – Drew Curtis

40673. The new year begins in a snow-storm of white vows. – George William Curtis

40674. The test of civilization is its estimate of women. – George William Curtis

40675. The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose. – George William Curtis

40676. The big mistake that men make is that when they turn thirteen or fourteen and all of a sudden they’ve reached puberty, they believe that they like women. Actually, you’re just horny. It doesn’t mean you like women any more at twenty-one than you did at ten. – George William Curtis

40677. Romance like a ghost escapes touching; it is always where you are not, not where you are. The interview or conversation was prose at the time, but it is poetry in the memory. – George William Curtis

40678. Reputation is favorable notoriety as distinguished from fame, which is permanent approval of great deeds and noble thoughts by the best intelligence of mankind. – George William Curtis

40679. Our common liberty is consecrated by a common sorrow. – George William Curtis

40680. Nature makes woman to be won and men to win. – George William Curtis

40681. Anger is an expensive luxury in which only men of certain income can indulge. – George William Curtis

40682. It is not observed in history that families improve with time. – George William Curtis

40683. Imagination is as good as many voyages – and how much cheaper! – George William Curtis

40684. Happiness lies first of all in health. – George William Curtis

40685. Every great crisis of human history is a pass of Thermopylae, and there is always a Leonidas and his three hundred to die in it, if they can not conquer. – George William Curtis

40686. Books are the ever burning lamps of accumulated wisdom. – George William Curtis

40687. A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle and patriotism is loyalty to that principle. – George William Curtis

40688. While we read history we make history. – George William Curtis

40689. It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage. – George William Curtis

40690. Because I know I’m an addict, and I know I’m an alcoholic. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40691. And I was ashamed of myself for feeling like I had to do that in order to look a certain way. I felt misshapen, just not natural anymore. And I think it was a big stimulator of my drug use. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40692. All the work built my fame and certainly made me more money, but the toll it took in my home was not good. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40693. Actually, the books were never a planned career path. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40694. I think I felt that I was very well known for my figure and needed to keep that up for my work. And I regret all of it. I felt fraudulent and very shameful. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40695. Now all of a sudden I’m so less interested in pretending to be a lot of other people, and much more interested in being me. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40696. If I’m honest I don’t think the world would miss me if I never acted again. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40697. If you just watch a teenager, you see a lot of uncertainty. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40698. It was during a cosmetic procedure that I first had painkillers. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40699. Kids are going to try drugs and alcohol; that’s part of society. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40700. My deal was that they would use a full-length picture of me in my underwear and a full-length picture of me all done up, and they would write about how long it took and how much it cost, because that was the whole point. It was very liberating. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40701. I’ve been in showbusiness all my life, but as an actress I have never been overly driven. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40702. My mother and stepfather were married 43 years, so I have watched a long marriage. I feel like I had a very good role model for that. And, you know, it’s just a number. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40703. Well, I could do it for a day, but I wouldn’t want to be a teenager again. I really wouldn’t. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40704. So, am I friendly with my daughter and her friends? Yes. Am I their friend? No. Does she shut the door? Yes, and I very much support the shut door. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40705. The more I like me, the less I want to pretend to be other people. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40706. The parameters are such that I don’t get offered a lot of work. I’m sure most directors hear my list of don’ts and say forget it. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40707. With short hair you have to get a haircut every two or three weeks. And if you’re coloring your hair, you have to color it that often. Every time I did it, I felt fraudulent. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40708. I talk too much. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40709. Being an actor, you are recognized for being somebody else, whereas these books are distilled from me. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40710. My marriage? Up to now everything’s okay. But it’s a real marriage – imperfect and very difficult. It’s all about people evolving somewhat simultaneously through their lives. I think we’ve emotionally evolved. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40711. I think happiness comes from self-acceptance. We all try different things, and we find some comfortable sense of who we are. We look at our parents and learn and grow and move on. We change. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40712. Hollywood is the backdrop of my family, and I know that the movie business is incredibly cruel as you get older. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40713. I can play rhythm guitar. I know how to hold a guitar and strum it. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40714. Getting sober just exploded my life. Now I have a much clearer sense of myself and what I can and can’t do. I am more successful than I have ever been. I feel very positive where I never did before, and I think that’s all a direct result of getting sober. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40715. I’ve been happily married to Chris for almost 20 years. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40716. I love performing and pretending – it’s very easy for me. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40717. I think my capacity to change has given me tremendous happiness, because who I am today I am completely content to be. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40718. I thought, while they’re up and firm, why not shoot them once or twice. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40719. I try to go to the gym three times a week. And I have to watch what I eat. I’m a normal person. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40720. I used to dream of being normal. For me, if Kirk Douglas walked into the house, that was normal. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40721. I was doing a children’s book on self-esteem, and I really felt like I wanted to shed the shame I’d been feeling – and maybe make it easier for women my age who had probably felt bad about themselves. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40722. I work with The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. I sit proudly as one of only two recovering addicts on their board. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40723. I’m a layperson. I barely got out of high school. I have no business telling people what to do or my big philosophy on life. I’m certainly not going to write any sort of memoir. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40724. I’ve always put my family first and that’s just the way it is. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40725. I’ve been going through photos of my mother, looking back on her life and trying to put it into context. Very few people age gracefully enough to be photographed through their aging. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40726. I have very short hair. It’s the only cute haircut I think I’ve ever had. – Jamie Lee Curtis

40727. In this business you break a leg and 150 other people are out of work while production is shut down. It’s not like you were an accountant and could still work with your leg in a cast. – Ken Curtis

40728. The scenes in the show were filmed with a crew of really excellent stunt jumpers, but we had the feel of the parachutes, so we could be more realistic in the roles. – Ken Curtis

40729. I really miss Gunsmoke. It was like losing my whole family. – Ken Curtis

40730. We did some jumping at the start of the show. We went out without telling anyone – and the studio liked to kill us. They were threatened with cancellation of their production insurance. – Ken Curtis

40731. I’ve thought about doing other dramatic roles besides westerns, but I grew up in the West and I know the West. – Ken Curtis

40732. I’m really proud of Gunsmoke. We put on a good show every week – one that families could all watch together without offending anyone. – Ken Curtis

40733. I wouldn’t care if they tattoo Festus all over. He’s been good to me. – Ken Curtis

40734. I’d stop in the middle of a gun fight and sing a song. – Ken Curtis

40735. I joined Tommy Dorsey at the Paramount Theater in New York as a singer. I replaced Frank Sinatra. – Ken Curtis

40736. Again, we turn down most books that have been self-published unless they have a special track record. We have taken a small number on, however, and sold them to major publishers for a nice sum. But that is an exception to the rule. – Richard Curtis

40737. Except for a few small presses, most publishers are north of Ground Zero. – Richard Curtis

40738. I do send out information about my books. Very few people buy the books that way, but I always feel that if they want to know more about the process, they can get the information from my books. – Richard Curtis

40739. I have no problem selling books to media franchises and we do it all the time. The author must understand that he/she is a writer for hire and has no control over copyright or over editorial changes made to the text. – Richard Curtis

40740. I tend to turn down books originally published as e-books. As for selling books directly to e-book publishers, I would do so only if all traditional publishers had turned them down. – Richard Curtis

40741. You have to remember that in addition to running a literary agency, I am also an ebook publisher. – Richard Curtis

40742. It’s always a mistake for writers to key their submissions to world events, because they move so quickly and unpredictably, as has certainly proven the case in Afghanistan. – Richard Curtis

40743. We now open our mail with gloves and mask, though I can’t imagine why anyone would target a literary agency! – Richard Curtis

40744. We are taking a business-as-usual position at my agency, though business before 9/11 wasn’t that hot either! – Richard Curtis

40745. We are forced by the major publishers to include electronic rights in the contracts we make with publishers for new books. And there’s very little we can do about that. – Richard Curtis

40746. The real effect of the WTC calamity has been depressed spirits, anxiety, and uncertainty among publishers, and of course those emotions are not restricted to publishers. – Richard Curtis

40747. Laboratories can reduce risk by implementing a proven and internationally accepted quality assurance technology that is applicable across the globe. – Richard Curtis

40748. The key factor is whether the agent is a member of the Association of Authors’ Representatives, which screens its members and requires them to uphold a Canon of Ethics. – Richard Curtis

40749. We often don’t think of them, we think of the great wars and the great battles, but what about losing a son or a daughter, or a girl losing her husband or vice versa? I think of the people who never got the chance to have the opportunities I had. – Tony Curtis

40750. They gave me away as a prize once – a Win Tony Curtis For A Weekend competition. The woman who won was disappointed. She’d hoped for second prize – a new stove. – Tony Curtis

40751. Yes I’m still working, but my life’s no longer filled with it. – Tony Curtis

40752. The movie business is very twisted, out of site, out of mind, you know. – Tony Curtis

40753. The service meant so much to me. You don’t know privileged I feel and how lucky I am to have served. – Tony Curtis

40754. While you’re doing it, you don’t really know what you’re doing. – Tony Curtis

40755. Painting is much more than therapy to me its a way of life. – Tony Curtis

40756. But my longevity is due to my good timing. – Tony Curtis

40757. But where there is no art show, I would still be painting. – Tony Curtis

40758. Even on a personal note, my dressing table downstairs is crowded with things, like a mini landscape. It’s a city with buildings and towers and roads. There’s a pool and a little park. When I move something around it becomes a different tableau. – Tony Curtis

40759. The government gave me enough money to go to acting school. – Tony Curtis

40760. I can’t sit around and wait for the telephone to ring. – Tony Curtis

40761. I enjoy being recognized whatever environment I’m in. – Tony Curtis

40762. At 17, I dreamed of seeing the world. At 19, I had been around the world and back. – Tony Curtis

40763. I don’t know what organically grown chickens are; I’ve never seen one. – Tony Curtis

40764. Now I’m a painter. That was another opportunity I was able to pursue, I’ve been painting all my life, now it’s become a second career because of my success in the movies. – Tony Curtis

40765. For instance, I always have one hanging in Budapest in the mayors office. – Tony Curtis

40766. Everywhere I go in the world, people know me and recognise me and really show affection for me. – Tony Curtis

40767. Every movie I’ve been in has ended up on television. – Tony Curtis

40768. I enlisted when I was a boy. The Navy looked after me like my mother. It fed me, took care of me and gave me wonderful opportunities. – Tony Curtis

40769. I joined the Navy hoping to be submariner and ended up in the sub service aboard a tender in the Pacific. – Tony Curtis

40770. I like Vegas for its spontaneity. – Tony Curtis

40771. I look at everything in an artistic way. – Tony Curtis

40772. I used to be good friends with my depression, saying oh I’m so depressed, or life is terrible. – Tony Curtis

40773. I want the public to know that it will be an honor for me to meet them and spend a few special moments with all those who helped me through my filmed career. – Tony Curtis

40774. It is for the latter that I always wanted to be an actor: to play characters who are always on the move. – Tony Curtis

40775. I was born in and worked in a period that could be called enviable. – Tony Curtis

40776. My whole world before I joined the Navy was my neighborhood in the Bronx. – Tony Curtis

40777. Like an opera singer, I am able to sing out my song in paint. – Tony Curtis

40778. It’s such a human condition, whether you’re a great track star or a great knitting person or you paint watercolors – someone knows who you are. – Tony Curtis

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40779. If you know how to live in Vegas you can have the best time. – Tony Curtis

40780. I’ve made 122 movies, and I daresay there’s a picture of mine showing somewhere in the world every day. – Tony Curtis

40781. I’ve just opened a show in Florida, although I also have many pieces on display around the world. – Tony Curtis

40782. I’ve been in the movies for 50 years, I’ve made 130 some-odd movies. – Tony Curtis

40783. I’m world famous, everywhere I go there are people who love me because of I’ve been able to bring them some joy from the movies I’ve made. – Tony Curtis

40784. I wouldn’t be caught dead marrying a woman old enough to be my wife. – Tony Curtis

40785. I will always remember this summer day in Paris, when I was to perform a great acrobatic move. I can still see myself stepping on the ring of a packed circus along real performers. – Tony Curtis

40786. Its not age as much as the experiences I have had. – Tony Curtis

40787. The only things you regret are the things you don’t do. – Michael Curtiz

40788. Gentlemen never wear brown in London. – Lord Curzon

40789. I was rather a fat little boy. – Cyril Cusack

40790. They say 6 million people see you when you act in a film; it may only be 600 in a play. But the effect on the 600 may be truer and more lasting. – Cyril Cusack

40791. Theatre has no national identity. It is something for the world, whether it is Irish, English, or French. – Cyril Cusack

40792. The relationship with a live audience seems to me to count for more. – Cyril Cusack

40793. The actor has a constant problem of personal identity. – Cyril Cusack

40794. Simple stories… emerge as lovely films or television pieces. – Cyril Cusack

40795. Religion promotes the divine discontent within oneself, so that one tries to make oneself a better person and draw oneself closer to God. – Cyril Cusack

40796. One’s performance is often heightened by the brilliance and generosity of other actors. – Cyril Cusack

40797. If you asked me for my New Year Resolution, it would be to find out who I am. – Cyril Cusack

40798. To maintain one’s individuality, integrity, and true personality in the theatre is a big task. – Cyril Cusack

40799. I love the theatre and theatre people. – Cyril Cusack

40800. I have tried to explore the little talent I have for writing. – Cyril Cusack

40801. I have been on my own all my life except during those touring days. – Cyril Cusack

40802. I am basically a religious man. – Cyril Cusack

40803. I am a nationalist… my native soil is the theatre. – Cyril Cusack

40804. Acting is the most brotherly and sisterly profession in the world. – Cyril Cusack

40805. In my younger years my dedication may have expressed itself egotistically. – Cyril Cusack

40806. I play- it’s kind of like a slice-of-life, LA women in their forties, playing forty kind of what’s their friendship like, and what’s their life like and so I just play one of the four friends. – Joan Cusack

40807. I love Chicago. It’s such a great town, and it’s got great culture and great history, and it’s not as extreme as LA or New York, and it’s just- it’s hard for me for work, because I don’t live and work in the same place and that’s tough. But I’m- I love it. – Joan Cusack

40808. You know, I loved math. My mom was a math teacher. – Joan Cusack

40809. Can they do both? That’s a huge balance, I think, with kids- trying to find the right- it’s everything, you know, it’s social life, it’s academics, it’s sports. – Joan Cusack

40810. Every week it’s another opportunity to really make that work and figure out how to make it work better. And I love that it’s like theater, too, and the audience, and it’s so short. It’s only 20 minutes. It’s like a haiku or something. – Joan Cusack

40811. The British keep employing me, and that makes me like them. It also makes me think they’re very intelligent. – John Cusack

40812. I was raised Irish Catholic, but I don’t consider myself Irish Catholic: I consider myself me, an American. – John Cusack

40813. I’ve seen the people who talk about their love lives in print invariably have doomed relationships with the person they’re talking about. – John Cusack

40814. If you’re going to get into social criticism with absurdity and satire, you can’t be politically correct when you do that. – John Cusack

40815. It seems to me that one thing people do over and over again is try to figure out how to get married, stay married, fall in love, how to rekindle all this stuff. It seems to me to be a pretty eternal theme so I don’t know if you can get typecast from making movies about men relating to women. It seems to be what is going on on the planet a lot. – John Cusack

40816. Kitsch is more dangerous than it looks when taken to the extreme. – John Cusack

40817. New York’s like a boxing match. In Hollywood, it’s like a Fellini movie or something. – John Cusack

40818. Nope, no sex scandals yet. But I am open to offers! – John Cusack

40819. Sometimes you meet people and you feel like you’ve known them for a long time. – John Cusack

40820. The film is not a success until it makes money. It’s only good when there’s a dollar figure attached to the box office. – John Cusack

40821. The more you expose yourself as a celebrity, the less interesting you are to watch in your work, because if you’re putting yourself out there all the time, you’re not holding anything back. – John Cusack

40822. The reason bin Laden staggered the planes going into the towers was so every camera would be focused on the second tower when the plane hit. It was not only the murder, but the perpetual image of the horror that permeated into people’s consciousness. – John Cusack

40823. There are some good people. But a good chunk of them will lie for no reason at all – it’ll be ten o’clock and they’ll tell you it’s nine. You’re looking at the clock and you can’t even fathom why they’re lying. They just lie because that’s what they do. – John Cusack

40824. Usually I play people who just keep babbling on and on and on. – John Cusack

40825. When applied to politics and taken to its extreme, kitsch is the mask of death. Fascism was all aesthetics. There was no core principle to it. There was no truth to it. – John Cusack

40826. I was raised Catholic until I was old enough to say no. – John Cusack

40827. People try to keep their past, like kind of holding on to their past. Every Springsteen song talks about that. – John Cusack

40828. Being on a movie set is like one long financial crisis. – John Cusack

40829. Any time you stop looking at evil as a black and white thing, it’s helpful. So the fact that there won’t be any obligatory Islamic terrorist stereotypes in movies any more, that’d be helpful. – John Cusack

40830. I was never interested in being an overly public person. – John Cusack

40831. A lot of people are not meant to be together. – John Cusack

40832. Art is spiritual. – John Cusack

40833. Death is a billion-dollar business. They can’t even pass a law where it takes seven days to get a gun. Why don’t you have to go through the same kind of screening you do to get a driver’s license? It’s totally insane. – John Cusack

40834. Do I listen to pop music because I’m miserable or am I miserable because listen to pop music? – John Cusack

40835. Good actors can sort of see into people and immediately you have a chemistry with them or not. It’s like an affair with no mess. – John Cusack

40836. Hitler was so modern, in that he was obsessed with being famous. He was caught up with this rush to be have achieved greatness before turning 30. – John Cusack

40837. I guess maybe I’m idealistic. – John Cusack

40838. I have a bit of a rebellious nature. – John Cusack

40839. I like the George Romero films, which were really great, social satire movies; really twisted. – John Cusack

40840. I love these movies where it’s just about the film. You don’t have my face on the poster. It’s all about the movie. I like that. – John Cusack

40841. I was a teen star. That’s disgusting enough. – John Cusack

40842. I think good actors can sort of see into people and immediately you have a chemistry with them or not. It’s like an affair with no mess. You don’t actually consummate it, but you get to pretend, imagine what it would be like. – John Cusack

40843. I think the more you expose yourself as a celebrity, the less interesting you are to watch in your work, because if you’re putting yourself out there all the time, you’re not holding anything back. – John Cusack

40844. I feel like I’m a filmmaker; I don’t feel I need to yell action and cut. – John Cusack

40845. I think when you get to the point where you don’t need to be in love, then you could be in love. You have to just be OK with yourself-and that’s a long process. – John Cusack

40846. When we fled from the oppressions of kings and parliaments in Europe, to found this great Republic in America, we brought with us the laws and the liberties, which formed a part of our heritage as Britons. – Caleb Cushing

40847. The proceedings of this House in 1790, in reference to petitions on the matter of the slave trade, and of slavery in the States, have been cited. It has been said that those petitions were not received. – Caleb Cushing

40848. The right of petition is an old undoubted household right of the blood of England, which runs in our veins. – Caleb Cushing

40849. The right of petition, I have said, was not conferred on the People by the Constitution, but was a pre-existing right, reserved by the People out of the grants of power made to Congress. – Caleb Cushing

40850. The winged words uttered in this House have gone forth to the world, on their mission of good or of evil. – Caleb Cushing

40851. These our great natural rights we keep to ourselves; we will not have them tampered with; respecting them we give to you no commission whatsoever. – Caleb Cushing

40852. This Republic was called into being, organized, and is upheld, by a great political doctrine. – Caleb Cushing

40853. You well know, sir, that when the Constitution was submitted to the People of the respective States for their adoption or rejection, it awakened the warmest debates of the several State conventions. – Caleb Cushing

40854. We are laying the foundations of a government, which we hope may outlast the Pyramids. – Caleb Cushing

40855. The Normans came over, lance in hand, burning and trampling down every thing before them, and cutting off the Saxon dynasty and the Saxon nobles at the edge of the sword; but the right of petition remained untouched. – Caleb Cushing

40856. Men of New England, I hold you to the doctrines of liberty which ye inherit from your Puritan forefathers. – Caleb Cushing

40857. Upon the Constitution, upon the pre-existing legal rights of the People, as understood in this country and in England, I have argued that this House is bound to revive the Petition under debate. – Caleb Cushing

40858. Sir, I am a republican; and I desire to see this House observe the principles of that democracy which is ever on the lips of its members, and which, I hope, is in their hearts, as I know and feel it is in mine, and mean it shall be in my conduct. – Caleb Cushing

40859. Men of Virginia, countrymen of Washington, of Patrick Henry, of Jefferson, and of Madison, will ye be true to your constitutional faith? – Caleb Cushing

40860. It is impossible, in my mind, to distinguish between the refusal to receive a petition, or its summary rejection by some general order, and the denial of the right of petition. – Caleb Cushing

40861. If there be any plausible reason for supposing that we have the right to legislate on the slave interests of the District, you cannot put down the investigation of the subject out of doors, by refusing to receive petitions. – Caleb Cushing

40862. I maintain that the House is bound by the Constitution to receive the petitions; after which, it will take such method of deciding upon them as reason and principle shall dictate. – Caleb Cushing

40863. I declare and protest in advance, that I do not intend, at this time at least; to be drawn or driven into the question of slavery, in either of its subdivisions or forms. – Caleb Cushing

40864. Here, again, as I conceive, gentlemen forget that this government is a republican one, resting exclusively in the intelligence and virtue of the People. – Caleb Cushing

40865. Entertaining these opinions of the course to be pursued, I beg of gentlemen to look at the question, as I have done, in a calm review of facts and of principles. – Caleb Cushing

40866. Be the responsibility on their heads who raise this novel and extraordinary question of reception, going to the unconstitutional abridgment, as I conceive, of the great right of petition inherent in the People of the United States. – Caleb Cushing

40867. And if this House is to be scared, by whatever influences, from its duty, to receive and hear the petitions of the People, then I shall send my voice beyond the walls of this Capitol for redress. – Caleb Cushing

40868. Some of them, in accepting the proposed plan of government, coupled their acceptance with a recommendation of various additions to the Constitution, which they deemed essential to the preservation of the rights of the States, or of the People. – Caleb Cushing

40869. Sir, allusion has been made, in an early stage of this debate, to the history of the excitement which once pervaded a considerable part of the country, in reference to the transportation of the mails on the Lord’s day. – Caleb Cushing

40870. A physician is obligated to consider more than a diseased organ, more even than the whole man – he must view the man in his world. – Harvey Cushing

40871. The capacity of man himself is only revealed when, under stress and responsibility, he breaks through his educational shell, and he may then be a splendid surprise to himself no less than to this teachers. – Harvey Cushing

40872. Standardization of our educational systems is apt to stamp out individualism and defeat the very ends of education by leveling the product down rather than up. – Harvey Cushing

40873. In these days when science is clearly in the saddle and when our knowledge of disease is advancing at a breathless pace, we are apt to forget that not all can ride and that he also serves who waits and who applies what the horseman discovers. – Harvey Cushing

40874. I would like to see the day when somebody would be appointed surgeon somewhere who had no hands, for the operative part is the least part of the work. – Harvey Cushing

40875. I didn’t set out to make this kind of picture. It just came my way. But its been going on for me for 16 years now and its wonderful for an actor to work consistently. There seems to be an insatiable audience for this type of film. – Peter Cushing

40876. I don’t think there is really a favorite, I’m very fond of film making as a whole and as a medium and of course, there are some that I’ve enjoyed making more than others but I’ve enjoyed making all of them. – Peter Cushing

40877. I hope this doesn’t sound pompous but I don’t think of myself as famous, whatever fame I’ve got has come through what I’ve done and associations of things I’ve done. – Peter Cushing

40878. I’m always glad to be offered roles, but wouldn’t take any role as this could do you more harm than good, but I’ve been at what they call ‘on the top’ as far as being known for twenty years. – Peter Cushing

40879. You see I don’t like to be really too commercial about things but in this business you’ve just got to be commercial otherwise the films don’t make money and you don’t make films and as a long as a commodity is selling it’s silly to kill it dead. – Peter Cushing

40880. Today’s youth cannot miss something they have never known, but I fear that there are no current fictional characters whose impact and influence will last with such abiding affection into their ‘sore and yellow’ as this splendid man’s creations have in mine! – Peter Cushing

40881. There are all sorts of reasons why I don’t do much work in the theatre, the main one being that after two performances I feel I’ve given all I can. I hate repetition, I really do. It’s like asking a painter to paint he same picture every day of his life. – Peter Cushing

40882. The bishops will govern the Church, the priests will do all the work and the deacons will have all the fun. – Richard Cardinal Cushing

40883. No artist work is so high, so noble, so grand, so enduring, so important for all time, as the making of character is a child. – Charlotte Saunders Cushman

40884. When I first started writing, I was in advertising at the time, I was doing most of my writing on weekends. I had studied most of the other series heroes and I figured it would be fun for mine to be different and put him in and around water. So I dreamed up Dirk Pitt. – Clive Cussler

40885. She had the kids during the day and I would have them at night. That way they were never alone. I would put the kids to bed, and then I had nothing to do and nobody to talk to, so I would write. – Clive Cussler

40886. Sometimes my plot lines are so convoluted, I get calls from friends at 3 am saying; you SOB, you’ll never pull this one off. – Clive Cussler

40887. I appeal to you as a soldier to spare me the humiliation of seeing my regiment march to meet the enemy and I not share its dangers. – George Armstrong Custer

40888. You ask me if I will not be glad when the last battle is fought, so far as the country is concerned I, of course, must wish for peace, and will be glad when the war is ended, but if I answer for myself alone, I must say that I shall regret to see the war end. – George Armstrong Custer

40889. There are not enough Indians in the world to defeat the Seventh Cavalry. – George Armstrong Custer

40890. My purpose is to make my narrative as truthful as possible. – George Armstrong Custer

40891. I would be willing, yes glad, to see a battle every day during my life. – George Armstrong Custer

40892. Benteen, come on, big village, be quick. Bring packs. – George Armstrong Custer

40893. What annoyances are more painful than those of which we cannot complain? – Marquis De Custine

40894. Nations have always good reasons for being what they are, and the best of all is that they cannot be otherwise. – Marquis De Custine

40895. The love of their country is with them only a mode of flattering its master; as soon as they think that master can no longer hear, they speak of everything with a frankness which is the more startling because those who listen to it become responsible. – Marquis De Custine

40896. The circumstances of human society are too complicated to be submitted to the rigor of mathematical calculation. – Marquis De Custine

40897. I always felt free when I ran. I suppose that’s what was good about it. – Betty Cuthbert

40898. Everything I did that required effort, I opened my mouth. Even to catch a ball, I opened my mouth. – Betty Cuthbert

40899. My favourite event was the 200m, so as I won the 100m, I thought it was possible I’d win the 200m. – Betty Cuthbert

40900. I realised from a very early age that God gave me a gift, and that gift was to run, and I wanted to use it to the best of my ability. – Betty Cuthbert

40901. You’ve got to stick at a thing, a particular thing, until you succeed.I feel that’s the only way to succeed – by concentrating on something in particular. Once you know what you’ve got to do you will succeed, you will succeed. – Betty Cuthbert

40902. My salvation was a free gift. I didn’t have to work for it and it’s better than any gold medal that I’ve ever won. – Betty Cuthbert

40903. No way did I ever think I was going to win the 100m. – Betty Cuthbert

40904. My parents always encouraged me and I had a good home life. We were always taught to respect things and other people. It’s so different today, because children are just not taught the right way. – Betty Cuthbert

40905. The integral part of being a star is having the will to win. All the champions have it. – Betty Cuthbert

40906. I don’t ever want to be doing the same sort of thing, I never want to be typecast, because I have way too much to give to be sort of, to always be the hot chick in the movie. – Elisha Cuthbert

40907. I know, it was a little bit out of control, but hey. It was all fun. – Elisha Cuthbert

40908. In real life, people are constantly saying one thing and doing another, but if you write your characters that way, the story becomes too hard to follow. – Jessica Cutler

40909. It’s amazing to me that people have any interest in such a low-level sex scandal. If I were sleeping with a congressman, maybe, but I’m a nobody and the people I’m writing about are nobodies. – Jessica Cutler

40910. New York is where you go to catch a big fish. – Jessica Cutler

40911. Normal people have sex lives of their own to worry about. – Jessica Cutler

40912. There’s no point in living in an alternate reality. – Jessica Cutler

40913. They’ll totally hire me if I say I got fired from my job on the Hill because of a sex scandal. – Jessica Cutler

40914. I always feel like I’m missing out on something, that someone is having more fun than I am, so I take measures to make sure that is impossible. – Jessica Cutler

40915. I always regarded people who want fame with a lot of suspicion. Unless you have a product to sell, I don’t know why anyone would want to be famous. I can’t imagine what need that would fill. – Jessica Cutler

40916. If you don’t like or care about your job, what’s the big deal? I am so over it. – Jessica Cutler

40917. If you’re still in a bar when the lights go on, you are a loser. – Jessica Cutler

40918. And we made decisions on each of those matters which were ultimately upheld by the courts. – Lloyd Cutler

40919. The whole thing was done for internal political reasons to galvanize and unify the country against the Americans, and if they hadn’t had that immediate opportunity they would have found another one. – Lloyd Cutler

40920. Later in that administration, I was asked to take a job which I had to turn down as Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs because we were just then putting together the merger of two small law firms that became this law firm. I couldn’t leave them at that point. – Lloyd Cutler

40921. In the end, the Foreign Ministry had no power at all to do anything. – Lloyd Cutler

40922. I think the President himself is a remarkably intelligent, decent, ethical man. I think he did very well, but I think the job builds up over expectations which all candidates contribute to including this President that simply cannot be fulfilled. – Lloyd Cutler

40923. Certainly the existence of these huge nuclear force was important for the ultimate confrontation, let’s say, over western Europe. You just can’t use them to deal with a situation like Afghanistan. – Lloyd Cutler

40924. I learned running the government for the Presidency, which I always thought was difficult, is even more difficult than I thought. – Lloyd Cutler

40925. It’s the duty of a lawyer to represent anyone for whom a responsible argument could be made. – Lloyd Norton Cutler

40926. The appearance of the bones of quadrupeds, especially those of complete bodies in the strata, tells us either that the layer itself which carries them was in earlier times dry land or that dry land was at least formed in the immediate area. – George Cuvier

40927. Hence the same instant which killed the animals froze the country where they lived. This event was sudden, instantaneous, without any gradual development. – George Cuvier

40928. Thus it cannot be denied that the masses which today form our highest mountains were originally in a liquid state; for a long time they were covered by waters which did not sustain any life. – George Cuvier

40929. The traces of upheavals become more impressive when one moves a little higher, when one gets even closer to the foot of the great mountain ranges. There are still plenty of shell layers. We notice them, even thicker and more solid ones. – George Cuvier

40930. The older the layers, the more each of them is uniform over a great extent; the newer the layers, the more they are limited and subject to variation within small distances. – George Cuvier

40931. The lowest and most level land areas show us, especially when we dig there to very great depths, nothing but horizontal layers of material more or less varied, which almost all contain innumerable products of the sea. – George Cuvier

40932. Moreover, it thus follows that not a great deal of time was needed for the large animals of the three major parts of the world to become known to the people who spent time on the coasts of those regions. – George Cuvier

40933. But the revolutions and changes which are responsible for the present state of the earth are not limited to the upsetting of the ancient strata and to the ebbing of the sea after the formations of new layers. – George Cuvier

40934. Secondly, the nature of the revolutions which have altered the surface of the earth must have had a more decisive effect on the terrestrial quadrupeds than on the marine animals. – George Cuvier

40935. My object will be, first, to show by what connections the history of the fossil bones of land animals is linked to the theory of the earth and why they have a particular importance in this respect. – George Cuvier

40936. It is evident that one cannot say anything demonstrable about the problem before having resolved these preliminary questions, and yet we hardly possess the necessary information to solve some of them. – Georges Cuvier

40937. Why has not anyone seen that fossils alone gave birth to a theory about the formation of the earth, that without them, no one would have ever dreamed that there were successive epochs in the formation of the globe. – Georges Cuvier

40938. Each person has their own calling on this Earth. – Billy Ray Cyrus

40939. The people at the record company had asked me if I could write a song about my life, my relationship with God, and where I’m from. Well, I can’t write a song on purpose, my songs come in a moment of inspiration or desperation. – Billy Ray Cyrus

40940. My grandfather was a Pentecostal preacher. – Billy Ray Cyrus

40941. I don’t think there’s any accidents in my life. – Billy Ray Cyrus

40942. I always prayed that God would give me the wisdom and the vision to do the things on this earth that I was supposed to do to express His life and love and His will. – Billy Ray Cyrus

40943. A lot of people think Christianity is about always being perfect. It’s actually the opposite of that. It’s realizing that we’re all humans, and that’s why God sent his Son to this earth – to save people. – Billy Ray Cyrus

40944. Well, I’ve never left my faith – but have I made a lot of mistakes? But was I fortunate that I was brought up in that Pentecostal church, where I heard about God’s love and God’s forgiveness. – Billy Ray Cyrus

40945. I am and always will be a sinner. But that’s the beautiful thing about Jesus. I’ll always try to be a better person in the eyes of God. But I’m not all of a sudden stepping up on a pedestal and saying I’m holier than thou, ’cause I’m not! – Billy Ray Cyrus

40946. I come from this really small town near Nashville, Tennessee, where everything was la-di-da and normal. – Miley Cyrus

40947. I have four shelves covered with journals that I’ve written. Dad and I are writing songs together. I’ve probably written 100 songs. – Miley Cyrus

40948. I get more anxious than nervous before a concert. – Miley Cyrus

40949. I don’t want to be perfect, but I do want to be a role model. My mom always tells me that imperfections equal beauty. All of us are imperfect. – Miley Cyrus

40950. I am not very good at keeping secrets at all! If you want your secret kept do not tell me! – Miley Cyrus

40951. As soon as I step on that stage, nothing matters. I don’t think of it as work. It’s just so much fun. – Miley Cyrus

40952. I am so excited to let fans in on how important my relationship with my family is to me. I hope to motivate mothers and daughters to build lifetimes of memories together and inspire kids around the world to live their dreams. – Miley Cyrus

40953. I am fully committed to Hannah Montana. It’s what gave me this amazing opportunity to reach out to so many people. I’m really excited about our new season. We are making great new episodes that I can’t wait for our fans to see and I’m looking forward to the “Hannah Montana” movie that will be out in the spring. – Miley Cyrus

40954. Life is all about having a good time. – Miley Cyrus

40955. You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind and if you have a positive outcome you have a positive income and just to have more positivity and just to kind of laugh it off. – Miley Cyrus

40956. With yourself, I think you have to decide the kind of person that you really want to be, and for me, it’s just a sweet girl. – Miley Cyrus

40957. There’s nothing more fun than being out on stage and getting the vibe from the crowd. There’s nothing like being on a set where you are there to make other people happy and to make them laugh. That’s the best job in the world. – Miley Cyrus

40958. The only people that you really have, that I learned, are your family, because they love you no matter what. – Miley Cyrus

40959. The best part of my carreer is getting to meet so many different people, because I learn so much from everyone. – Miley Cyrus

40960. Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude! – Miley Cyrus

40961. My mom is always telling me it takes a long time to get to the top, but a short time to get to the bottom. – Miley Cyrus

40962. My favourite sport is cheerleading! – Miley Cyrus

40963. You don’t have to go out and party every night. You can act because it’s your dream. – Miley Cyrus

40964. Music is what I breath, what I love to do. It keeps me alive. – Miley Cyrus

40965. When preparing for a concert, I do lots of training. I work with a choreographer to create great moves and then I have to keep my voice strong with lessons. – Miley Cyrus

40966. If you believe in yourself anything is possible. – Miley Cyrus

40967. If I could get any animal it would be a dolphin. I want one so bad. Me and my mom went swimming with dolphins and I was like, ‘How do we get one of those?’ and she was like, ‘You can’t get a dolphin. What are you gonna do, like, put it in your pool?’ – Miley Cyrus

40968. I’ve got high standards when it comes to boys. As my dad says, all girls should! I’m from the South – Tennessee, to be exact – and down there, we’re all about southern hospitality. I know that if I like a guy, he better be nice, and above all, my dad has to approve of him! – Miley Cyrus

40969. I’m pretty outspoken. – Miley Cyrus

40970. I told my mom, ‘I’m not buying another magazine until I can get past this thought of looking like the girl on the cover’. She said, “Miley, you are the girl on the cover,’ and I was, like, ‘I know, but I don’t feel like that girl every day.’ You can’t always feel perfect. – Miley Cyrus

40971. I think my dad is a lot cooler than other dads. He still acts like he’s still 17. – Miley Cyrus

40972. I think Hannah gets nervous just like any other person would. She’s like a dork, personally. She’s just really, really fun. – Miley Cyrus

40973. I probably have an earlier curfew than anyone. My mom wants to keep me really safe and my dad’s not overly protective, but he’s a dad no matter what. – Miley Cyrus

40974. I need more friends. It’s kind of like my quest right now just to have more true friends. – Miley Cyrus

40975. I love to sleep. I’d sleep all day if I could. – Miley Cyrus

40976. My dad says I could sing before I could talk, if that’s possible. I was always humming and things like that. – Miley Cyrus

40977. There are so many people that have come up to me during our shows and tell me: “The hour that we are watching your show is the hour that my kids are happiest and are smiling, they are laughing,” and that is what I long to do. – Miley Cyrus

40978. I killed the President because he was the enemy of the good people, the good working people. – Leon Czolgosz

40979. I am sorry I could not see my father. – Leon Czolgosz

40980. I am not sorry for my crime. – Leon Czolgosz

40981. Of course voting is useful. But then again, I don’t put a big glow to it. Voting is about as essential as washing yourself. It’s something you’re supposed to do. Now, you can’t go around bragging, expecting to get props because you voted. That’s stupid. – Chuck D.

40982. I’d rather have a hundred thousand or a million people saying I’m nuts and I’m crazy for my musical choices and what I’ve said lyrically, than a million people all raising their hand on the first day. – Chuck D.

40983. I think right about now we have to beware of marketed Malcolms and Martins. Real people do real things. – Chuck D.

40984. I think governments are the cancer of civilization. – Chuck D.

40985. There are too many leaders anointed because they have a public voice – television, radio, or record, or whatever. That even includes myself. In the past, I’d say, ‘Don’t anoint me when you can anoint yourself.’ – Chuck D.

40986. We don’t see the people who are doing real things getting enough props. We often see politicians who are everywhere but nowhere at the same goddamn time. You know the kind of person: You see them everywhere on television but nowhere in front of your face. – Chuck D.

40987. You have to wait for people to program you. The only difference is the amount of people that you’re going to reach but that’s going to even out in the next two or three years anyway. Computers are being bought faster than televisions right now. – Chuck D.

40988. A lot of times black folks look for love in all the wrong places. You’re always looking for somebody to love you, be accepted, and there’s the insecurities that are even transmitted through rap. Everyone is trying to aim to please too much. – Chuck D.

40989. Then come the wild weather, come sleet or come snow, we will stand by each other, however it blow. – Simon Dach

40990. I have had fans make me the big picture collages of the photo books; I have had fans send me birthday cakes… sing to me on my voicemail. I have had fans flash me. I have had older fans give me their bras and underwear onstage. – Puff Daddy

40991. I’ve got to take a break, to be honest. I’m not even going to lie. – Puff Daddy

40992. Bad Boy Entertainment did not shoot anybody. I didn’t shoot anybody. – Puff Daddy

40993. Don’t get yourself in certain circumstances or instances, because it’s not a good feeling to be sitting in that chair where you’ve got 12 people that are in control of your life. You have an opportunity to be in control of your life for yourself by the decisions that you make. – Puff Daddy

40994. Everybody’s just been spilling their guts all over records and talking about how hard it is to be an entertainer and how much we get hated on and what we have to go through. But I ain’t really got it that bad. I’m just happy to be here. – Puff Daddy

40995. Fans made me. The fans gave me a chance, and they made me. Beyond that, my career has been trials and tribulations and ups and downs, so I have to have true fans riding with me. – Puff Daddy

40996. I got a chance to have my dream come true, and I wanted to make sure I made the decision as to when I dropped my last album. If I don’t feel like this album is an incredible piece of work, then I’m cool with the albums I’ve done. I don’t have to put out another album. – Puff Daddy

40997. If you’re looking for a deep album or you’re looking for me to talk about past situations, it’s not even about that. It’s just 14 hot records that are gonna make you dance. – Puff Daddy

40998. I have so much respect for people in the theater. You can’t do 10 or 15 takes. It’s all live. It’s like life in motion. – Puff Daddy

40999. I think that’s good that I have to watch how I act and what I say. I think that’s a part of growing up. – Puff Daddy

41000. I would never withhold information about the murder of my man Biggie, or anybody else. It’s just silly and ridiculous. The accusations are just flying out. All I’ve been trying to do all my life is to make great music. – Puff Daddy

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