180000 famous quotes part 50 – 49001 to 50000

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180000 famous quotes part 50 – 49001 to 50000

49001. But even the President of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked. – Bob Dylan

49002. Chaos is a friend of mine. – Bob Dylan

49003. Colleges are like old-age homes, except for the fact that more people die in colleges. – Bob Dylan

49004. Democracy don’t rule the world, You’d better get that in your head; This world is ruled by violence, But I guess that’s better left unsaid. – Bob Dylan

49005. Don’t matter how much money you got, there’s only two kinds of people: there’s saved people and there’s lost people. – Bob Dylan

49006. He not busy being born is busy dying. – Bob Dylan

49007. I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me. – Bob Dylan

49008. I am against nature. I don’t dig nature at all. I think nature is very unnatural. I think the truly natural things are dreams, which nature can’t touch with decay. – Bob Dylan

49009. I consider myself a poet first and a musician second. I live like a poet and I’ll die like a poet. – Bob Dylan

49010. I define nothing. Not beauty, not patriotism. I take each thing as it is, without prior rules about what it should be. – Bob Dylan

49011. I don’t think the human mind can comprehend the past and the future. They are both just illusions that can manipulate you into thinking theres some kind of change. – Bob Dylan

49012. Being on tour is like being in limbo. It’s like going from nowhere to nowhere. – Bob Dylan

49013. A poem is a naked person… Some people say that I am a poet. – Bob Dylan

49014. It’s a little gross to put yourself in every song. I mean, how interesting do people really think you are? – Jakob Dylan

49015. I would much rather see responsibilities exercised by individuals than have them imposed by the government. – Esther Dyson

49016. What I’m thinking about more and more these days is simply the importance of transparency, and Jefferson’s saying that he’d rather have a free press without a government than a government without a free press. – Esther Dyson

49017. Well, take the evolution of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It began as hackers’ rights. Then it became general civil liberties of everybody – government stay away. – Esther Dyson

49018. There’s almost no way of doing importing honestly, because if you do you’re at such a disadvantage competitively. So people spend huge amounts of effort getting around stupid laws and not paying taxes. – Esther Dyson

49019. Since I became chairman, I’ve tried to turn EFF into civil liberties and responsibilities. – Esther Dyson

49020. Part of the problem is when we bring in a new technology we expect it to be perfect in a way that we don’t expect the world that we’re familiar with to be perfect. – Esther Dyson

49021. Oh, that all the things my father had told me about how disgusting Washington is are true. And again it’s the system – there are lots of nice, well-meaning people there. But it’s a sleazy place. And politics is all about doing favors. – Esther Dyson

49022. It may not always be profitable at first for businesses to be online, but it is certainly going to be unprofitable not to be online. – Esther Dyson

49023. In the space of three weeks, I met a fair bunch of the guys who were just starting those little programmers’ co-ops, and everybody was talking about starting businesses. – Esther Dyson

49024. In the sense that people who produce things and work get rewarded, statistically. You don’t get rewarded precisely for your effort, but in Russia you got rewarded for being alive, but not very well rewarded. – Esther Dyson

49025. I’ve seen disgusting excess in business, and I’ve seen disgusting excess in Washington. But at the same time, I’ve certainly learned that Washington matters and that you can’t ignore it, especially when you get into telecom. – Esther Dyson

49026. I joined the board of the Santa Fe Institute. – Esther Dyson

49027. Don’t leave hold of your common sense. Think about what you’re doing and how the technology can enhance it. Don’t think about technology first. – Esther Dyson

49028. I think that the use of copyright is going to change dramatically. Part of it is economics. There is just going to be so much content out there – there’s a scarcity of attention. Information consumes attention, and there’s too much information. – Esther Dyson

49029. A worker’s paradise is a consumer’s hell. – Esther Dyson

49030. As long as a government can come and shoot you, you can’t jump on the Internet to freedom. – Esther Dyson

49031. Change means that what was before wasn’t perfect. People want things to be better. – Esther Dyson

49032. From the business point of view – not to overstate it – intellectual property is dead; long live intellectual process. Long live service; long live performance. – Esther Dyson

49033. Having seen a non-market economy, I suddenly understood much better what I liked about a market economy. – Esther Dyson

49034. I became a real free market fanatic. I’m probably less so now than even two or three years ago. – Esther Dyson

49035. And the Russians certainly don’t have it. If a woman shows up in a fur coat, I just assume she’s a crook. And that’s me, the nice American. The assumption that you can’t make money honestly is a killer. – Esther Dyson

49036. I think copyright is moral, proper. I think a creator has the right to control the disposition of his or her works – I actually believe that the financial issue is less important than the integrity of the work, the attribution, that kind of stuff. – Esther Dyson

49037. I think I have the right to know what Steve Forbes paid in taxes – I don’t think there should be a law. I think there should be a presumption. I wouldn’t vote for a guy who wouldn’t reveal what he paid in taxes. That kind of thing. – Esther Dyson

49038. But there is a corollary to freedom and that’s personal responsibility, and the real challenge is how you generate that personal responsibility without imposing it. – Esther Dyson

49039. There is a great satisfaction in building good tools for other people to use. – Freeman Dyson

49040. You ask: what is the meaning or purpose of life? I can only answer with another question: do you think we are wise enough to read God’s mind? – Freeman Dyson

49041. Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences. – Freeman Dyson

49042. The technologies which have had the most profound effects on human life are usually simple. – Freeman Dyson

49043. It’s better to get mugged than to live a life of fear. – Freeman Dyson

49044. It is characteristic of all deep human problems that they are not to be approached without some humor and some bewilderment. – Freeman Dyson

49045. A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible. There are no prima donnas in engineering. – Freeman Dyson

49046. The question that will decide our destiny is not whether we shall expand into space. It is: shall we be one species or a million? A million species will not exhaust the ecological niches that are awaiting the arrival of intelligence. – Freeman Dyson

49047. One of the most fun inventions of my lifetime is the Mini. – James Dyson

49048. Enjoy failure and learn from it. You can never learn from success. – James Dyson

49049. The writers are writing human beings, and they’re writing about the human condition and how difficult it is to function in that condition. I think it’s one of the charms of the show, the idea of redemption and working towards becoming better people, for everybody involved. – George Dzundza

49050. I feel like a nuclear missile. Point me in that direction, I’ll go. – George Dzundza

49051. Throughout the course of my life, I’ve been blessed to work with extremely talented people. – George Dzundza

49052. My concern has always been that people who I portray, or the professions that I portray, are not embarrassed by my portrayal of them. – George Dzundza

49053. If you know you’re going to be outside, you have to be a little bit more in tune, so that you don’t get distracted by what’s going on and focus better. – George Dzundza

49054. I love Philadelphia. I was shocked at what a great city this is. For me, it is the cat’s pajamas. I love everything about it. I love where I live. I love the people. I have been met with such kindness and affection here. – George Dzundza

49055. I just am grateful for every opportunity to go to work. I don’t really focus on celebrity status. – George Dzundza

49056. I have a Lab, it’s fun to hang out and hike with the dog, people come up to him, and pet him, it’s fun. – George Eads

49057. I love what I do and I love the fans. – George Eads

49058. I think what’s always been interesting to me than the science and the criminality with this job is what happens to your persona, your disposition, after day in and day out dealing with life and death. – George Eads

49059. One lady wrote me and told me how she wants to see me get beat up and near death and that kind of stuff. – George Eads

49060. I think I’ll give it up, the fantasy is over, I wanted to play Spiderman, Peter Parker. – George Eads

49061. I think I’m a fan of people who were brave, my aunt, my grandmother, those are my heroes. – George Eads

49062. I think my character’s getting to the point where he can’t even eat spaghetti with red sauce anymore, where he has horrible nightmares, he can’t sleep anymore. – George Eads

49063. Any time you put a cast like this in compromising circumstances or shake it up a little bit, I think we’re all pretty close so we draw on real emotion. – George Eads

49064. We give each other a hard time, but no pranks. – George Eads

49065. I’m interested to go other places, I’ve been the boy in the bubble since we’ve been shooting, I need to go travel a little bit, see where the action is, other than going to see family, of course. – George Eads

49066. I’ve been trying to pick up painting but it’s hard. – George Eads

49067. I’ve seen a dead body, I’ve seen some pretty gruesome fist fights, I’ve been a hunter since I was a child, though I don’t anymore, I’ve gutted wild game. – George Eads

49068. It looks easy, like surfing, but surfing is hard too. – George Eads

49069. No, there are some location shoots in Vegas, maybe four trips a year. It’s shot in Santa Clarita, CA. – George Eads

49070. The show has boundaries right now we’re trying to widen them not break them. – George Eads

49071. There are a lot of times that if a detail in a scene or a beat, feels unnatural, they’ll allow me to explore another direction to go until we’re all comfortable with what we are doing. – George Eads

49072. Most of my stuff before CSI was kind of the jerk boyfriend, so I thought this was one of those deals, where these two have a thing going on, so we had a scene where they make out. – George Eads

49073. To be honest with you, I get a little fed up with actors who act crazy to make themselves more interesting. – George Eads

49074. I work so hard for the fans who watch our show. – George Eads

49075. Our grand business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand. – J. W. Eagan

49076. A good scare is worth more than good advice. – J. W. Eagan

49077. Never judge a book by its movie. – J. W. Eagan

49078. My point here is I think international pressures of our acting unilaterally again are going to be such that the administration will say, well, we just can’t take this on now. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49079. That said, there is a tendency to help the large industrial conglomerate more quickly than the small company you have never heard of. That is something in the culture we are trying to change. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49080. And beyond that, the next issue is how do we guarantee one of these weapons, not necessarily this missile, but nuclear weapons ends up in the hands of Al Qaeda or some other terrorist group. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49081. Any Ambassador or Foreign Service Officer who has his or her head screwed on right knows that the U.S. position in the world is far more dependent on our ability to compete in world markets. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49082. I believe that sooner or later we’re going to have to deal with Saddam Hussein, because of his general reputation, because of what I’m convinced he’s done with regard to terrorism and the support thereof. But I’m not at all sure I believe that it has to be right now. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49083. I think what he’s – what he believes, and he may be correct, I don’t know, that we have some intelligence information that leads us to know some things about what’s going on in Iraq that we haven’t revealed to others. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49084. If we had made it clear from the very beginning that we were not going to tolerate another nuclear power on the face of the earth, and had done it in Korea, where we could have accomplished it militarily, if necessary, I would put a stop to it and would have put a stop to it there. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49085. In a time of constrained resources we will have to shift emphasis. but not necessarily from the traditional Political Officer to the traditional Economic Officer. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49086. In the best of all worlds everyone in the Embassy is doing something to assist U.S. exports. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49087. My father was somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49088. The question is not really about a shift to the economic cone where officers are writing about the balance of payments and the need for economic stabilization. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49089. What I can’t quite see at this stage is that the evidence, even to the president, seems to be that clear. And if it is that clear, I can’t understand why we are not capable of convincing our closest allies that given that evidence, they ought to join us in this effort. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49090. We must advertise to U.S. business that we are there, that our attitude has changed, and that we care. When we are asked to help, we have to perform and provide the right advice. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49091. We have to spend a lot more time training people to be good advocates of U.S. business. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49092. There’s Hezbollah, there’s Hamas, there is a whole range of terrorist targets out there related to Palestine and to Israel that we ought to be trying to deal with. And there’s a great deal of targets in the Philippines, Indonesia. You name it, there are a number of places where there are targets that we ought to be trying to deal with. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49093. There is a natural partnership between State and Commerce, and the American business community to work together to educate the United States about marketing overseas. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49094. There are sometimes problems for which there is no immediate solution, and there are sometimes problems for which there is no solution. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49095. There are a lot of other terrorist targets we ought to be focusing on. Well, there is Syria, for example, which is pumping through – because of Iran, is pumping weapons on into Hezbollah and so forth – which is then producing a lot of agony in Palestine and in Israel. We ought to be doing a bit to try to stop that. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49096. Now there is a cultural change under way in the Foreign Service. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49097. The question really is how do we get Embassy Officers into the minds of the American business community. That is a much more difficult task than understanding a statistical matrix. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49098. What is more important is that Foreign Service Officers understand business, about the needs of U.S. business and how to help U.S. companies make the right connections abroad. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49099. The point is, once they have a missile that can hit the United States, we are now back in the kind of game we used to worry about with the Soviet Union, only the Soviet Union was more mature about this whole thing than I think the North Koreans will be. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49100. The fact of the matter is that if we were going to do anything about Gaddafi, it should have been at the beginning. And by fooling around like this as long as we have, we have wasted an opportunity that would have gotten rid of him. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49101. The consequence of a world full of nuclear powers to me is so incomprehensible in terms of the dangers that that implies. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49102. Small- and medium-sized companies do not know what we have to offer and that needs to be changed. We must react just as strenuously on their behalf as we do for larger companies. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49103. Some day, somebody is going to have to start talking about what happens to us all a decade from now if we let these North Koreans and the Iranians go forward with their nuclear weapons program. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49104. My own view of this, by the way, is, if the war on terrorism is successful over time, in its own way it’s going to box Saddam in in a way that’s going to make it much more difficult for him to maintain his power, and that he’s going to become increasingly isolated. I think that’s going to take time. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49105. One nuclear war is going to be the last nuclear – the last war, frankly, if it really gets out of hand. And I just don’t think we ought to be prepared to accept that sort of thing. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49106. The whole nuclear thing is a terrible mess and it’s hard for me to understand why it is that we, the United States, seem to be the only ones that are really particularly concerned about it and prepared to do something. – Lawrence Eagleburger

49107. Deconstruction insists not that truth is illusory but that it is institutional. – Terry Eagleton

49108. Postmodernism is among other things a sick joke at the expense of revolutionary avant-gardism. – Terry Eagleton

49109. The big artist keeps an eye on nature and steals her tools. – Thomas Eakins

49110. In architecture the idea degenerated. Design allows a more direct and pleasurable route. – Charles Eames

49111. Who ever said that pleasure wasn’t functional? – Charles Eames

49112. To whom does design address itself: to the greatest number, to the specialist of an enlightened matter, to a privileged social class? Design addresses itself to the need. – Charles Eames

49113. The real questions are: Does it solve a problem? Is it serviceable? How is it going to look in ten years? – Charles Eames

49114. The details are not the details. They make the design. – Charles Eames

49115. The details are details. They make the product. The connections, the connections, the connections. It will in the end be these details that give the product its life. – Charles Eames

49116. Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design. – Charles Eames

49117. It makes me feel guilty that anybody should have such a good time doing what they are supposed to do. – Charles Eames

49118. It is almost impossible to reconcile self expression with the creative act. – Charles Eames

49119. Ideas are cheap. Always be passionate about ideas and communicating those ideas and discoveries to others in the things you make. – Charles Eames

49120. Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se. – Charles Eames

49121. Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose. – Charles Eames

49122. Choose your corner, pick away at it carefully, intensely and to the best of your ability and that way you might change the world. – Charles Eames

49123. Art resides in the quality of doing, process is not magic. – Charles Eames

49124. We work because it’s a chain reaction, each subject leads to the next. – Charles Eames

49125. It is not easy to do something good, but it is extremely difficult to do something bad. – Charles Eames

49126. Lord, bless me with the ability to achieve all that I can, and the wisdom to realize it doesn’t all have to be by tomorrow! – William Eardley IV

49127. Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. – William Eardley IV

49128. Better do a good deed near at home than go far away to burn incense. – Amelia Earhart

49129. Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done. – Amelia Earhart

49130. Never do things others can do and will do if there are things others cannot do or will not do. – Amelia Earhart

49131. In soloing – as in other activities – it is far easier to start something than it is to finish it. – Amelia Earhart

49132. I want to do it because I want to do it. – Amelia Earhart

49133. Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace. – Amelia Earhart

49134. Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price. – Amelia Earhart

49135. Please know that I am aware of the hazards. I want to do it because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be a challenge to others. – Amelia Earhart

49136. The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship. – Amelia Earhart

49137. The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure , the process is its own reward. – Amelia Earhart

49138. The most effective way to do it, is to do it. – Amelia Earhart

49139. The woman who can create her own job is the woman who will win fame and fortune. – Amelia Earhart

49140. There are two kinds of stones, as everyone knows, one of which rolls. – Amelia Earhart

49141. There is so much that must be done in a civilized barbarism like war. – Amelia Earhart

49142. Women must pay for everything. They do get more glory than men for comparable feats, but, they also get more notoriety when they crash. – Amelia Earhart

49143. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail their failure must be but a challenge to others. – Amelia Earhart

49144. Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others. – Amelia Earhart

49145. Obviously I faced the possibility of not returning when first I considered going. Once faced and settled there really wasn’t any good reason to refer to it. – Amelia Earhart

49146. Adventure is worthwhile in itself. – Amelia Earhart

49147. If I can get Me out of the way, I can do anything. – Steve Earle

49148. You see things differently at 40 than you do at 31. Especially if you got to 40 the way I did. – Steve Earle

49149. Townes van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and I’ll stand on Bob Dylan’s coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that. – Steve Earle

49150. I think the criticism that I take to heart is from other writers that I respect. – Steve Earle

49151. Me, I’m spiritually retarded, I need to be knee deep in water with a fly rod in my hands, that’s about as close to God as I get. – Steve Earle

49152. Sonnets are guys writing in English, imitating an Italian song form. It was a form definitely sung as often as it was recited. – Steve Earle

49153. Actually, in its purest form, Islam is incredibly tolerant. That makes what’s going on in the world really bizarre. – Steve Earle

49154. I don’t really think in terms of obstacles. My biggest obstacle is always myself. – Steve Earle

49155. I don’t usually read reviews. – Steve Earle

49156. If there is such a thing as a workaholic, I’m it, and that’s what passes for leisure. – Steve Earle

49157. With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live. – Sylvia Earle

49158. No water, no life. No blue, no green. – Sylvia Earle

49159. Ten percent of the big fish still remain. There are still some blue whales. There are still some krill in Antarctica. There are a few oysters in Chesapeake Bay. Half the coral reefs are still in pretty good shape, a jeweled belt around the middle of the planet. There’s still time, but not a lot, to turn things around. – Sylvia Earle

49160. I hope for your help to explore and protect the wild ocean in ways that will restore the health and, in so doing, secure hope for humankind. Health to the ocean means health for us. – Sylvia Earle

49161. As a GM Goodwrench Service Plus dealer, I understand how good service makes a difference to our customers. – Dale Earnhardt

49162. I enjoy Saturday night racing. – Dale Earnhardt

49163. If we’re going to run for points we need to run in the top-five every week. – Dale Earnhardt

49164. I’ve had confidence in myself all along. It was just a matter of getting the pieces back in place. – Dale Earnhardt

49165. I’ve got to win every race. – Dale Earnhardt

49166. I woke up this morning, and I still don’t believe I won the Daytona 500. – Dale Earnhardt

49167. It’s just really hard to work and get better, building and planning for the future with the new Monte Carlo and keeping the race team intact and keeping them healthy. – Dale Earnhardt

49168. I started 20 years without missing a race and ESPN started broadcasting on the air waves. – Dale Earnhardt

49169. It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself. – Dale Earnhardt

49170. I don’t want to argue with my wife about her car – or my driving. – Dale Earnhardt

49171. Growing up, I’ve enjoyed hunting with my father. – Dale Earnhardt

49172. Finishing races is important, but racing is more important. – Dale Earnhardt

49173. But I’m good to go through my contract with Childress, and my determination is to win races and try to win that other championship. – Dale Earnhardt

49174. I want to be up front racing. – Dale Earnhardt

49175. The thing about it is, all those races we lost, we won this race together. We won it as a team. – Dale Earnhardt

49176. You’ve got to be closer to the edge than ever to win. That means sometimes you go over the edge, and I don’t mean driving, either. – Dale Earnhardt

49177. You win some, lose some, and wreck some. – Dale Earnhardt

49178. You can’t let one bad moment spoil a bunch of good ones. – Dale Earnhardt

49179. With 20 top-10 finishes, I feel we’re on the right path. – Dale Earnhardt

49180. When he was young, I told Dale Jr. that hunting and racing are a lot alike. Holding that steering wheel and holding that rifle both mean you better be responsible. – Dale Earnhardt

49181. If I was 30th in points and not making races and not being competitive in races, I could understand them saying I’m over-the-hill or I’m ready to quit or whatever. – Dale Earnhardt

49182. To come in and win three races already this year and maybe set a record by winning four is pretty unique. But guys like Mark Martin, Rusty Wallace and these guys are not wanting that to happen. – Dale Earnhardt

49183. Maybe now that we have the same sponsor in Remington we can spend some time together outdoors. – Dale Earnhardt

49184. The atmosphere seems to change once the sun goes down and the race fans get to watch a good show. – Dale Earnhardt

49185. That’s what we’re striving for, making us a contender in every race. – Dale Earnhardt

49186. That strategy of racing for the top five and racing for the win is where everybody wants to be. – Dale Earnhardt

49187. Second place is just the first place loser. – Dale Earnhardt

49188. Richard Childress and myself have made some important innovations on our cars. – Dale Earnhardt

49189. People are going to get older and young guys are going to come in and race and get more competitive. – Dale Earnhardt

49190. Two of my favorite things are my steering wheel and my Remington rifle. – Dale Earnhardt

49191. Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. – Wyatt Earp

49192. We must remember that North Carolina is more than a collection of regions and people. We are one state, one people, one family, bound by a common concern for each other. – Michael F. Easley

49193. I had hoped to let the one-half cent sales tax sunset this year, but we do not believe revenues will grow as fast as we hoped for the rest of the year. – Michael F. Easley

49194. Real vision demands that we make tough choices. Real vision is responsible and it is paid for. – Michael F. Easley

49195. If you want to look young and thin hang around old fat people. – Jim Eason

49196. It is a natural gift I was born with but it’s something I’ve had to nurture in training. – Michael East

49197. Deciding on when to kick is crucial and depends on how the race is unfolding. – Michael East

49198. Stepping up a gear during any race is not an easy thing to do. – Michael East

49199. It probably won’t sink in until I’ve retired from running but I’m a much better athlete than two years ago. – Michael East

49200. Winning Commonwealth gold was just totally unbelievable. – Michael East

49201. If you see swarms of guys coming around you, you have to try and avoid being stuck on the kerb. – Michael East

49202. If you go too soon, you can come unstuck with 50m left when the guys are going past you. – Michael East

49203. If it’s a slow race you have to be on your guard. You have to be patient, but I prefer that. – Michael East

49204. I first discovered my turn of pace when I was playing football as a kid. – Michael East

49205. I could produce spurts of speed and after taking up athletics I found myself running quite quickly over 400m. – Michael East

49206. You have to have your wits about you and think quickly on your feet. – Michael East

49207. So when you put the kick in and the other runners go past you, it’s game over! – Michael East

49208. I’m working seven days a week in the fall. I couldn’t possibly keep that up. This is only for the fall. In the last couple of years I’ve tended to do most of my serious writing in the winter, when there’s nothing going on with football. – Gregg Easterbrook

49209. Inevitably, these sorts of things are going to come back to blow up in people’s faces. – Gregg Easterbrook

49210. It was actually a very nice little book done by a gift book company. They illustrated it with pictures from 1920s football, before there were face guards. – Gregg Easterbrook

49211. It was Orwellian. I completely disappeared, and disappeared the same day. It was by early that evening when the Times story ran. That was an overreaction. All human beings under pressure behave poorly. – Gregg Easterbrook

49212. Jewish persecution is a historical memory of the present generation and people fear it in the present day, and that’s why those references are so much more powerful. I just understand that better now. – Gregg Easterbrook

49213. Now, for pure bloggers, for individual people who are just posting their own thoughts, they would still run the same risk of saying something wrong or embarrassing, but they wouldn’t harm their institutions by doing so. – Gregg Easterbrook

49214. Stereotypes involving Christian identity, Christian persecution is so far back in history now that no one fears it being revived, unless you live in China, I guess. – Gregg Easterbrook

49215. I’m a smart guy, I know the history of this issue and why people care about it. – Gregg Easterbrook

49216. You know, some of the good part of blog theory was that blogs would be like diaries that the world could read. They would be spontaneous, whatever pops into your mind, as a diary would be. – Gregg Easterbrook

49217. For what I wrote that started this whole controversy, I deserved to be criticized, and I felt bad about writing it. I felt bad mainly as a writer and a thinker. – Gregg Easterbrook

49218. Torture numbers, and they’ll confess to anything. – Gregg Easterbrook

49219. I think the thing that I most appreciate now is that stereotypes involving Jewish identity activate fears of persecution that exist in the present day. – Gregg Easterbrook

49220. I think that might have been an element in it, and people have asked me that very thing. Remember, Disney is the majority shareholder, but it is not an operating division of Disney. – Gregg Easterbrook

49221. I think professional sports, football, to use it as an example, it’s fundamentally a form of entertainment. – Gregg Easterbrook

49222. I don’t think there are many larger lessons to be found in sports. – Gregg Easterbrook

49223. I didn’t view myself as attacking the boss. I viewed my boss at ESPN as the publisher and president of ESPN. – Gregg Easterbrook

49224. Heroic people take risks to themselves to help others. There’s nothing heroic about accepting $5 million to go out and run around chasing a ball, although you may show fortitude or those other qualities while you do it. – Gregg Easterbrook

49225. Everyone needs a certain amount of money. Beyond that, we pursue money because we know how to obtain it. We don’t necessarily know how to obtain happiness. – Gregg Easterbrook

49226. Even though Rush is not me and the situations were very different, I think, in the Rush Limbaugh thing, ESPN was criticized for not acting, and you remember that after a couple days of controversy over Rush. – Gregg Easterbrook

49227. But if you could make that mistake and press the send button and the entire world sees it forever. – Gregg Easterbrook

49228. But by showing us live coverage of every bad thing happening everywhere in the world, cable news makes life seem like it’s just an endless string of disasters – when, for most people in most places today, life is fairly good. – Gregg Easterbrook

49229. And if there was something, suppose I wanted to write something really damning or embarrassing about one of the owners, that would really be a problem on the NFL’s site. – Gregg Easterbrook

49230. I behaved poorly by starting this whole thing and I made some mistakes in dealing with it, and they made some mistakes in dealing with me, and taking down all my stuff was probably one of them. – Gregg Easterbrook

49231. And then ESPN fired me. I did not think that was a fitting punishment. – Gregg Easterbrook

49232. I did a film once that I was killed in. It was a painful, horrifying day. It was a wonderful day from the standpoint of acting, but I was a wreck otherwise. – Leslie Easterbrook

49233. I have fans all around the world. – Leslie Easterbrook

49234. I wish I had a funny story. – Leslie Easterbrook

49235. I’m a big taco fan. – Leslie Easterbrook

49236. Mother Firefly is the kind of character I’ve always wanted to play. She’s larger than life, terribly tragic, and capable of a lot of love. – Leslie Easterbrook

49237. When I first started acting, I started in opera and had a great desire to play grand, tragic characters. I got sidetracked in musical theater and ended up doing a lot of comedy. – Leslie Easterbrook

49238. I can be inappropriate at times. – Leslie Easterbrook

49239. Love between a man and a woman is founded on the mating instinct and is not free from desire and self-seeking. But to have a friend and to be true under any and all trials is the mark of a man! – Charles Alexander Eastman

49240. Nearness to nature… keeps the spirit sensitive to impressions not commonly felt and in touch with the unseen powers. – Charles Alexander Eastman

49241. Friendship is held to be the severest test of character. It is easy, we think, to be loyal to a family and clan, whose blood is in your own veins. – Charles Alexander Eastman

49242. It has been said that the position of woman is the test of civilization, and that of our women was secure. In them was vested our standard of morals and the purity of our blood. – Charles Eastman

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49243. But to have a friend, and to be true under any and all trials, is the mark of a man! – Charles Eastman

49244. More than this, even in those white men who professed religion we found much inconsistency of conduct. They spoke much of spiritual things, while seeking only the material. – Charles Eastman

49245. Friendship is held to be the severest test of character. – Charles Eastman

49246. He sees no need for setting apart one day in seven as a holy day, since to him all days are God’s. – Charles Eastman

49247. In every religion there is an element of the supernatural, varying with the influence of pure reason over its devotees. – Charles Eastman

49248. Among us all men were created sons of God and stood erect, as conscious of their divinity. – Charles Eastman

49249. The family was not only the social unit, but also the unit of government. – Charles Eastman

49250. There were no temples or shrines among us save those of nature. – Charles Eastman

49251. There was no religious ceremony connected with marriage among us, while on the other hand the relation between man and woman was regarded as in itself mysterious and holy. – Charles Eastman

49252. The religion of the Indian is the last thing about him that the man of another race will ever understand. – Charles Eastman

49253. The red man divided mind into two parts, – the spiritual mind and the physical mind. – Charles Eastman

49254. The native American has been generally despised by his white conquerors for his poverty and simplicity. – Charles Eastman

49255. The logical man must either deny all miracles or none, and our American Indian myths and hero stories are perhaps, in themselves, quite as credible as those of the Hebrews of old. – Charles Eastman

49256. Indian names were either characteristic nicknames given in a playful spirit, deed names, birth names, or such as have a religious and symbolic meaning. – Charles Eastman

49257. The hospitality of the wigwam is only limited by the institution of war. – Charles Eastman

49258. At the age of about eight years, if he is a boy, she turns him over to his father for more Spartan training. – Charles Eastman

49259. The elements and majestic forces in nature, Lightning, Wind, Water, Fire, and Frost, were regarded with awe as spiritual powers, but always secondary and intermediate in character. – Charles Eastman

49260. The clan is nothing more than a larger family, with its patriarchal chief as the natural head, and the union of several clans by intermarriage and voluntary connection constitutes the tribe. – Charles Eastman

49261. The American Indian was an individualist in religion as in war. He had neither a national army nor an organized church. – Charles Eastman

49262. That is, we believed, the supreme duty of the parent, who only was permitted to claim in some degree the priestly office and function, since it is his creative and protecting power which alone approaches the solemn function of Deity. – Charles Eastman

49263. Our people, though capable of strong and durable feeling, were not demonstrative in their affection at any time, least of all in the presence of guests or strangers. – Charles Eastman

49264. Our old age was in some respects the happiest period of life. – Charles Eastman

49265. No one who is at all acquainted with the Indian in his home can deny that we are a polite people. – Charles Eastman

49266. The Indian was a religious man from his mother’s womb. – Charles Eastman

49267. Every act of his life is, in a very real sense, a religious act. – Charles Eastman

49268. A good deal of tyranny goes by the name of protection. – Crystal Eastman

49269. I am not interested in women just because they’re women. I am interested, however, in seeing that they are no longer classed with children and minors. – Crystal Eastman

49270. I would not have a woman go to Congress merely because she is a woman. – Crystal Eastman

49271. If the feminist program goes to pieces on the arrival of the first baby, it’s false and useless. – Crystal Eastman

49272. Indifference is harder to fight than hostility, and there is nothing that kills an agitation like having everybody admit that it is fundamentally right. – Crystal Eastman

49273. It is all right for the lion and the lamb to lie down together if they are both asleep, but if one of them begins to get active, it is dangerous. – Crystal Eastman

49274. It is not so much that women have a different point of view in politics as that they give a different emphasis. And this is vastly important, for politics is so largely a matter of emphasis. – Crystal Eastman

49275. The average man has a carefully cultivated ignorance about household matters – from what to do with the crumbs to the grocer’s telephone number – a sort of cheerful inefficiency which protects him. – Crystal Eastman

49276. Until women learn to want economic independence, and until they work out a way to get this independence without denying themselves the joys of love and motherhood, it seems to me feminism has no roots. – Crystal Eastman

49277. You push the button, we do the rest. – George Eastman

49278. Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography. – George Eastman

49279. What we do during our working hours determines what we have; what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are. – George Eastman

49280. I don’t know why it is we are in such a hurry to get up when we fall down. You might think we would lie there and rest for a while. – Max Eastman

49281. The defining function of the artist is to cherish consciousness. – Max Eastman

49282. Robert Benchley has a style that is weak and lies down frequently to rest. – Max Eastman

49283. People who demand neutrality in any situation are usually not neutral but in favor of the status quo. – Max Eastman

49284. Laughter is, after speech, the chief thing that holds society together. – Max Eastman

49285. A joke is not a thing but a process, a trick you play on the listener’s mind. You start him off toward a plausible goal, and then by a sudden twist you land him nowhere at all or just where he didn’t expect to go. – Max Eastman

49286. It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process. – Max Eastman

49287. A poet in history is divine, but a poet in the next room is a joke. – Max Eastman

49288. Humor is the instinct for taking pain playfully. – Max Eastman

49289. Emotion is the surest arbiter of a poetic choice, and it is the priest of all supreme unions in the mind. – Max Eastman

49290. Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails. – Max Eastman

49291. Classic art was the art of necessity: modern romantic art bears the stamp of caprice and chance. – Max Eastman

49292. A smile is the universal welcome. – Max Eastman

49293. The worst enemy of human hope is not brute facts, but men of brains who will not face them. – Max Eastman

49294. A liberal mind is a mind that is able to imagine itself believing anything. – Max Eastman

49295. It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humor. – Max Eastman

49296. I used to hate, with a capitol H, making videos. It was nothing but a chore. It was something you had to do to have your music accepted in the visual medium. – Sheena Easton

49297. When you’re single and in your 20s, you throw on a pair of jeans and look fabulous. – Sheena Easton

49298. Even if your job is a professional singer, we still dork out at home. – Sheena Easton

49299. Even though I pretty much made my own decisions early on, when I was younger I tended to overbook my life. – Sheena Easton

49300. Every time I show up to do something here it’s considered a comeback. If I came into town and they didn’t call it that, I’d be disappointed. – Sheena Easton

49301. My mother has never been involved in my professional life. I am very close to my mother but we keep it on a mother-daughter basis and not a work-related basis. – Sheena Easton

49302. Disco is just pop music you can dance to. – Sheena Easton

49303. Any time I have to get on a plane and leave my kids for a few days, it’s kind of tortuous. – Sheena Easton

49304. When my kids are in college, maybe I’ll drag my fishnets and high heels out. – Sheena Easton

49305. When I was working with David Cassidy at the Rio, I made an album of updated versions of some 1970s disco tunes. I had a blast. – Sheena Easton

49306. We are supposed to enjoy the good stuff now, while we can, with the people we love. Life has a funny way of teaching us that lesson over and over again. – Sheena Easton

49307. The whole world has changed much since the ’80’s. In the united States, rap music and country music dominate radio and that certainly wasn’t the case in the early ’80’s. – Sheena Easton

49308. Proving I’m a good mother is the one achievement I’m most proud of. It’s brought out the best in me. – Sheena Easton

49309. I have lived in the United States for half of my life, my entire adult life. – Sheena Easton

49310. My sole focus as far back as I can remember was all about my dream to become a singer. – Sheena Easton

49311. I have the life of Riley. I take my kids to school, do a bit of work in the afternoon, pick my kids up, microwave a meal, hang out with my kids, and work for a couple of hours. – Sheena Easton

49312. It’s very validating when you are new in the industry to get awards. It boosts your self-esteem. – Sheena Easton

49313. It’s nice to have been around long enough to be a part of people’s lives. A lot of people who come to my show are real nostalgic for the ’80s. – Sheena Easton

49314. I would make tea for Joni Mitchell or clean her car, anything to be in the studio and watch her work. – Sheena Easton

49315. I used to think I had to stay frozen in time. No amount of Botox will keep up. – Sheena Easton

49316. Prince used to call me up 3am in the morning and invite me to hear some of his new songs. – Sheena Easton

49317. I was blessed in the sense that I got handed so much early on in life. I got a lot of the things people go through their 20s and 30s craving. – Sheena Easton

49318. If I was still at school, I’d be looking at Britney Spears and dying to be her. – Sheena Easton

49319. I wouldn’t consciously pursue trying to make something for the charts. It’s just not in my scope now. I’d rather stick needles in my eyes. – Sheena Easton

49320. I’d love to a duet with Luther Vandross. – Sheena Easton

49321. I’m a terrible dancer. The worst. – Sheena Easton

49322. I’m definitely a pop artist at heart. – Sheena Easton

49323. I’m just passionately in love with my kids. – Sheena Easton

49324. I’m terrible at relationships. I consider myself to be smart and a good mother but it’s taken me this long to realise you don’t have to marry a guy after three days or dump him. – Sheena Easton

49325. If I have no children what would be the point of living. – Sheena Easton

49326. We boil at different degrees. – Clint Eastwood

49327. This film cost $31 million. With that kind of money I could have invaded some country. – Clint Eastwood

49328. They say marriages are made in Heaven. But so is thunder and lightning. – Clint Eastwood

49329. There’s only one way to have a happy marriage and as soon as I learn what it is I’ll get married again. – Clint Eastwood

49330. There’s a lot of great movies that have won the Academy Award, and a lot of great movies that haven’t. You just do the best you can. – Clint Eastwood

49331. The less secure a man is, the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice. – Clint Eastwood

49332. Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands. – Clint Eastwood

49333. Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power. – Clint Eastwood

49334. We are like boxers, one never knows how much longer one has. – Clint Eastwood

49335. Men must know their limitations. – Clint Eastwood

49336. It takes tremendous discipline to control the influence, the power you have over other people’s lives. – Clint Eastwood

49337. In school, I could hear the leaves rustle and go on a journey. – Clint Eastwood

49338. If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster. – Clint Eastwood

49339. If you think it’s going to rain, it will. – Clint Eastwood

49340. I’ve never met a genius. A genius to me is someone who does well at something he hates. Anybody can do well at something he loves – it’s just a question of finding the subject. – Clint Eastwood

49341. I’m interested in the fact that the less secure a man is, the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice. – Clint Eastwood

49342. I tried being reasonable, I didn’t like it. – Clint Eastwood

49343. I don’t believe in pessimism. If something doesn’t come up the way you want, forge ahead. If you think it’s going to rain, it will. – Clint Eastwood

49344. I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it. – Clint Eastwood

49345. My old drama coach used to say, ‘Don’t just do something, stand there.’ Gary Cooper wasn’t afraid to do nothing. – Clint Eastwood

49346. It takes a lot of experience of life to see why some relationships last and others do not. But we do not have to wait for a crisis to get an idea of the future of a particular relationship. Our behavior in little every incidents tells us a great deal. – Eknath Easwaran

49347. Patience can’t be acquired overnight. It is just like building up a muscle. Every day you need to work on it. – Eknath Easwaran

49348. Through meditation and by giving full attention to one thing at a time, we can learn to direct attention where we choose. – Eknath Easwaran

49349. It’s not important to me to found a school; it’s not important to me to have disciples. – John Eaton

49350. What’s important for me is to communicate the vision that I have in sound with the audience that’s hearing it. – John Eaton

49351. Well, the very best operas are the ones written by the very best composers. – John Eaton

49352. Well, opera began with an intent to resuscitate Greek drama, that is, modern opera as we know it. – John Eaton

49353. Well, let me, first of all, say, that as a microtonal composer, I’ve never been much of a theorist. – John Eaton

49354. We need to open up the future. We also need to keep everything valuable from the past. – John Eaton

49355. We need to have as broad a range as possible, because life itself has that kind of range. – John Eaton

49356. We need it to capture the energy of contemporary life. – John Eaton

49357. The way that I got involved with microtonal music was, frankly, through jazz. – John Eaton

49358. Nevertheless, one doesn’t have time to think, oh, well, this is a quarter tone sharp, or flat. – John Eaton

49359. I want the audience to be so involved in the sweep of the music. – John Eaton

49360. However, yes, especially as one gets older, you know, you really hope that your music will become more generally available, even though some of the performances might be riddled with faults. – John Eaton

49361. I’ve just simply used what I’ve used because of the great, great expressive potential of it. – John Eaton

49362. But nevertheless, it’s music ultimately that matters in opera, and opera is a piece of music reaching out as a vision in sound reaching out to the world. – John Eaton

49363. In other words, I think that if an audience listens to something as an experience of how in tune it is or something of that kind, that the whole point is somehow being missed, and the music has failed. – John Eaton

49364. I really write for people. – John Eaton

49365. I think a lot of composers get into trouble just making up a plot and expecting an audience to follow that. – John Eaton

49366. I think I was first to do live performances on a modern electronic sound synthesizer. – John Eaton

49367. I think one of the greatest enemies in the use of technology, however, is the idea that if you use the technology you have to throw other things out of the window. – John Eaton

49368. I think the composer and production staff of an opera have a real responsibility to use visual elements of all kinds to make clear to the American audience, at any rate, exactly what is going on. – John Eaton

49369. I’m thinking in terms of a point of departure, a field of action for performers to express an expressive need of mine which hopefully the context of music would convey. – John Eaton

49370. If you look at the timing of many of the Greek dramas from the theatrical point of view, it’s all off, and I think the reason for that is that music played a very important part. – John Eaton

49371. No American soldier should be allowed to set foot on Iranian soil, regardless of the criticism we have of the Iranian government. – Shirin Ebadi

49372. When a person is humiliated, when his rights are being violated, and he does not have the proper education, naturally he gravitates toward terrorism. – Shirin Ebadi

49373. What is important is that one utilizes one’s intellect and not to be 100 percent sure about one’s convictions. One should always leave room for doubt. – Shirin Ebadi

49374. We must not enable anyone to impose his personal view regarding religion on others by force, oppression, or pressure. – Shirin Ebadi

49375. The Iranian government intends to use the nuclear program for peaceful purposes, but must convince international public opinion of that. – Shirin Ebadi

49376. The idea of cultural relativism is nothing but an excuse to violate human rights. – Shirin Ebadi

49377. Women are the victims of this patriarchal culture, but they are also its carriers. Let us keep in mind that every oppressive man was raised in the confines of his mother’s home. – Shirin Ebadi

49378. Sadly the job security of lawyers has been ruined, so they are less willing to defend political defendants. – Shirin Ebadi

49379. When we criticize in Iran the actions of the government, the fundamentalists say that we and the Bush Administration are in the same camp. The funny thing is that human rights activists and Mr. Bush can never be situated in the same group. – Shirin Ebadi

49380. Democracy doesn’t recognize east or west; democracy is simply people’s will. Therefore, I do not acknowledge that there are various models of democracy; there is just democracy itself. – Shirin Ebadi

49381. My aim is to show that those governments that violate the rights of people by invoking the name of Islam have been misusing Islam. – Shirin Ebadi

49382. The condition of women in Islamic societies as a whole is also far from desirable. However, we should acknowledge that there are differences. In certain countries, the conditions are much better and in others much worse. – Shirin Ebadi

49383. How can you defy fear? Fear is a human instinct, just like hunger. Whether you like it or not, you become hungry. Similarly with fear. But I have learned to train myself to live with this fear. – Shirin Ebadi

49384. Human rights is a universal standard. It is a component of every religion and every civilization. – Shirin Ebadi

49385. I hope the example of Saddam Hussein will give a lesson to leaders of other countries where human rights are not respected. – Shirin Ebadi

49386. I maintain that nothing useful and lasting can emerge from violence. – Shirin Ebadi

49387. Lawyers have a dangerous job in Iran. – Shirin Ebadi

49388. Lawyers should not be charged with the same crimes as their clients. Trials related to political charges are not in accordance with human rights. – Shirin Ebadi

49389. The Jews are the living embodiment of the minority, the constant reminder of what duties societies owe their minorities, whoever they might be. – Abba Eban

49390. If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions. – Abba Eban

49391. One of the chief tasks of any dialogue with the Gentile world is to prove that the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is not a distinction at all. – Abba Eban

49392. Men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all the other alternatives. – Abba Eban

49393. Lest Arab governments be tempted out of sheer routine to rush into impulsive rejection, let me suggest that tragedy is not what men suffer but what they miss. – Abba Eban

49394. It is our experience that political leaders do not always mean the opposite of what they say. – Abba Eban

49395. Time and again these governments have rejected proposals today – and longed for them tomorrow. – Abba Eban

49396. History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. – Abba Eban

49397. His ignorance is encyclopedic. – Abba Eban

49398. Consensus is what many people say in chorus but do not believe as individuals. – Abba Eban

49399. Better to be disliked than pitied. – Abba Eban

49400. A statesman who keeps his ear permanently glued to the ground will have neither elegance of posture nor flexibility of movement. – Abba Eban

49401. A consensus means that everyone agrees to say collectively what no one believes individually. – Abba Eban

49402. You can’t achieve anything without getting in someone’s way. – Abba Eban

49403. I think that this is the first war in history that on the morrow the victors sued for peace and the vanquished called for unconditional surrender. – Abba Eban

49404. The strength in our third-quarter financial results is cause for excitement. I’m particularly pleased that we continue to demonstrate impressive growth at the same time we are engaged in important merger discussions. – Bernard Ebbers

49405. We accelerated our capital spending in the fourth quarter, particularly in international and next-generation network deployment, which should not only sustain future revenue growth but also drive significant cost reductions across all communications services. – Bernard Ebbers

49406. Our investments in data, Internet and international have been particularly timely and have positioned the company to post industry-leading incremental revenue gains. – Bernard Ebbers

49407. No one will find me to have knowingly committed fraud. – Bernard Ebbers

49408. I just want you to know you aren’t going to church with a crook. – Bernard Ebbers

49409. I guess the one question I will not get today is: When are you going to do anything about cellular? – Bernard Ebbers

49410. Our communications services revenue growth is being driven by continued strong top-line performance in data, Internet and international – three of the fastest growing and most profitable areas within communications services. – Bernard Ebbers

49411. We very much regret that our merger with Sprint was not allowed to proceed. – Bernard Ebbers

49412. I have some assets that over time will be worth something. I’ve been in the process of selling others. – Bernie Ebbers

49413. We have the right assets for a fast-growing digital business. – Bernie Ebbers

49414. The coach’s job is to get the best players and get them to play together. – Bernie Ebbers

49415. I wasn’t ever advised by Scott Sullivan of anything ever being wrong. – Bernie Ebbers

49416. I was a pretty good coach and working with marketing was like coaching. – Bernie Ebbers

49417. I used practically all the money I had available. – Bernie Ebbers

49418. I put those people in place. I trusted them. I had no idea they would do anything like this. – Bernie Ebbers

49419. I know what I don’t know. To this day, I don’t know technology, and I don’t know finance or accounting. – Bernie Ebbers

49420. I know I lost my temper, but I tried to be human along the way. – Bernie Ebbers

49421. I don’t know technology and engineering. I don’t know accounting. – Bernie Ebbers

49422. I didn’t have anything to apologize for. – Bernie Ebbers

49423. We were a fast-growing company, and I was a demanding boss. – Bernie Ebbers

49424. I never thought anything like that would have gone on. – Bernie Ebbers

49425. I expected results. – Bernie Ebbers

49426. On the basis of the familiar experience that that which is learned with difficulty is better retained, it would have been safe to prophesy such an effect from the greater number of repetitions. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49427. These syllables, about 2,300 in number, were mixed together and then drawn out by chance and used to construct series of different lengths, several of which each time formed the material for a test. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49428. The school-boy doesn’t force himself to learn his vocabularies and rules altogether at night, but knows that be must impress them again in the morning. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49429. The relation of repetitions for learning and for repeating English stanzas needs no amplification. These were learned by heart on the first day with less than half of the repetitions necessary for the shortest of the syllable series. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49430. The constant flux and caprice of mental events do not admit of the establishment of stable experimental conditions. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49431. The aim of the tests carried on with these syllable series was, by means of repeated audible perusal of the separate series, to so impress them that immediately afterward they could voluntarily be reproduced. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49432. Series of syllables which have been learned by heart, forgotten, and learned anew must be similar as to their inner conditions at the times when they can be recited. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49433. Sensorial perception, for example, certainly occurs with greater or less accuracy according to the degree of interest; it is constantly given other directions by the change of external stimuli and by ideas. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49434. One needs but to say that, in the case of an unfamiliar sequence of syllables, only about seven can be grasped in one act, but that with frequent repetition and gradually increasing familiarity with the series this capacity of consciousness may be increased. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49435. The musician writes for the orchestra what his inner voice sings to him; the painter rarely relies without disadvantage solely upon the images which his inner eye presents to him; nature gives him his forms, study governs his combinations of them. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49436. Often, even after years, mental states once present in consciousness return to it with apparent spontaneity and without any act of the will; that is, they are reproduced involuntarily. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49437. No matter how thoroughly a person may have learned the Greek alphabet, he will never be in a condition to repeat it backwards without further training. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49438. Mental states of every kind, – sensations, feelings, ideas, – which were at one time present in consciousness and then have disappeared from it, have not with their disappearance absolutely ceased to exist. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49439. Mental events, it is said, are not passive happenings but the acts of a subject. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49440. Meanwhile the fact that the connection with the activity of memory in ordinary life is for the moment lost is of less importance than the reverse, namely, that this connection with the complications and fluctuations of life is necessarily still a too close one. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49441. Ideas which have been developed simultaneously or in immediate succession in the same mind mutually reproduce each other, and do this with greater ease in the direction of the original succession and with a certainty proportional to the frequency with which they were together. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49442. A poem is learned by heart and then not again repeated. We will suppose that after a half year it has been forgotten: no effort of recollection is able to call it back again into consciousness. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49443. Out of the simple consonants of the alphabet and our eleven vowels and diphthongs all possible syllables of a certain sort were constructed, a vowel sound being placed between two consonants. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49444. The amount of detailed information which an individual has at his command and his theoretical elaborations of the same are mutually dependent; they grow in and through each other. – Hermann Ebbinghaus

49445. A nomad I will remain for life, in love with distant and uncharted places. – Isabelle Eberhardt

49446. I am not afraid of death, but would not want to die in some obscure or pointless way. – Isabelle Eberhardt

49447. One must never look for happiness: one meets it by the way. – Isabelle Eberhardt

49448. Style is the perfection of a point of view. – Richard Eberhart

49449. Poems in a way are spells against death. They are milestones, to see where you were then from where you are now. To perpetuate your feelings, to establish them. If you have in any way touched the central heart of mankind’s feelings, you’ll survive. – Richard Eberhart

49450. Poetry is a natural energy resource of our country.It has no energy crisis, possessing a potential that will last as long as the country. Its power is equal to that of any country in the world. – Richard Eberhart

49451. The second host that I had was an actress I didn’t know named Susan St. James. – Dick Ebersol

49452. The definition of winning has become distorted. If winning the rights to a property brings with it hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, what have you won? When faced with the prospect of heavy financial losses, we have consistently walked away and have done so again. – Dick Ebersol

49453. She says that I wore some pretty sexy leather pants to that first meeting, but I don’t remember. – Dick Ebersol

49454. Out all of these zillions of letters, one of the first ones that came was, as it turned out from Johnny Carson within the last five or six weeks of his life. I had worked with him. He lost a son who had worked for me. – Dick Ebersol

49455. If there’s anything that is the center of my career both creatively and emotionally, it’s the Olympics. – Dick Ebersol

49456. I will never be cynical again about people. – Dick Ebersol

49457. I live more than anything else to produce the Games. – Dick Ebersol

49458. I was never really a big presence in the home. – Dick Ebersol

49459. Thus we have at least a national song that unites all Germans, and is the symbol of our sixty-million nation. – Friedrich Ebert

49460. Freedom and Justice are twin sisters. – Friedrich Ebert

49461. Without democracy there is no freedom. Violence, no matter who is using it, is always reactionary. – Friedrich Ebert

49462. The Academy is paranoid about its image. – Roger Ebert

49463. If a movie is really working, you forget for two hours your Social Security number and where your car is parked. You are having a vicarious experience. You are identifying, in one way or another, with the people on the screen. – Roger Ebert

49464. If a movie isn’t a hit right out of the gate, they drop it. Which means that the whole mainstream Hollywood product has been skewed toward violence and vulgar teen comedy. – Roger Ebert

49465. If Hollywood stars speak out, so do all sorts of other people. Now Hollywood stars can get a better hearing. – Roger Ebert

49466. It’s a good question, because a movie isn’t good or bad based on its politics. It’s usually good or bad for other reasons, though you might agree or disagree with its politics. – Roger Ebert

49467. It’s funny that there was so much disturbance about having a Catholic in the White House with Kennedy, and when we finally get a religion in the White House that’s causing a lot of conflicts, and concerns, and disturbances for a lot of people, it’s in the Bush Administration. – Roger Ebert

49468. Most of us do not consciously look at movies. – Roger Ebert

49469. No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough. – Roger Ebert

49470. Catholic theology believes that God gave man free will, and you can’t give somebody free will and then send in a play from the sidelines. – Roger Ebert

49471. The movies that are made more thoughtfully or made or with more ambition often get just get drowned out by the noise. – Roger Ebert

49472. The problem with being sure that God is on your side is that you can’t change your mind, because God sure isn’t going to change His. – Roger Ebert

49473. The right really dominates radio, and it’s amazing how much energy the right spends telling us that the press is slanted to the left when it really isn’t. They want to shut other people up. They really don’t understand the First Amendment. – Roger Ebert

49474. We can now have action movies with two stars where one might be African American and one might be Asian American. One of them doesn’t have to be white, and the other one doesn’t have to be the ethnic sidekick. We’re way over that. And I think it’s happening in society, too. – Roger Ebert

49475. We don’t have a lot of class-conscious filmmaking. – Roger Ebert

49476. Well, you know what, I’m 60 years old, and I’ve been interested in politics since I was on my daddy’s knee. During the 1948 election, we were praying for Truman. I know a lot about politics. – Roger Ebert

49477. I’m kind of glad the web is sort of totally anarchic. That’s fine with me. – Roger Ebert

49478. Movies absorb our attention more completely, I think. – Roger Ebert

49479. You can have a movie with hardly any cuts, or very few cuts, that is fascinating, you can’t take your eyes away from it… Look at some of the long takes in Citizen Kane. – Roger Ebert

49480. A lot of people just go to movies that feed into their preexisting and not so noble needs and desires: They just go to action pictures, and things like that. – Roger Ebert

49481. All over the web there are some very good critics and it’s become for people who are interested. It’s become a very good way to get to reviews and involve yourself in discussions. – Roger Ebert

49482. And I think both the left and the right should celebrate people who have different opinions, and disagree with them, and argue with them, and differ with them, but don’t just try to shut them up. – Roger Ebert

49483. Because I don’t give the studios advanced quotes or an advanced look at my reviews. I think the readers deserve to read my reviews before the studios do. – Roger Ebert

49484. But the fact is, most people are not going to be rich someday. – Roger Ebert

49485. By going to the movies, and because of other things, too, going to college, making a wide variety of friends, moving around traveling, I became a lot more open-minded than the heritage I was born into might have suggested. – Roger Ebert

49486. Every great film should seem new every time you see it. – Roger Ebert

49487. Class is often invisible in America in the movies, and usually not the subject of the film. – Roger Ebert

49488. I’ll tell you, I think that the Internet has provided an enormous boost to film criticism by giving people an opportunity to self publish or to find sites that are friendly. – Roger Ebert

49489. I am utterly bored by celebrity interviews. Most celebrities are devoid of interest. – Roger Ebert

49490. I begin to feel like I was in the last generation of Americans who took a civics class. – Roger Ebert

49491. I begin to feel like most Americans don’t understand the First Amendment, don’t understand the idea of freedom of speech, and don’t understand that it’s the responsibility of the citizen to speak out. – Roger Ebert

49492. I don’t think Bush was legitimately elected President. – Roger Ebert

49493. I think most people are more susceptible to prejudice than to reason. – Roger Ebert

49494. I think that probably the – I don’t give quotes to studios. They have to get those out of the paper or from television. So they wouldn’t have had my quote opening day. – Roger Ebert

49495. I think we have to get beyond the idea that we have to categorize people. – Roger Ebert

49496. Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you. – Roger Ebert

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49497. We don’t believe in rheumatism and true love until after the first attack. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49498. Authors from whom others steal should not complain, but rejoice. Where there is no game there are no poachers. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49499. The poor man wishes to conceal his poverty, and the rich man his wealth: the former fears lest he be despised, the latter lest he be plundered. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49500. What delights us in visible beauty is the invisible. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49501. We are so vain that we even care for the opinion of those we don’t care for. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49502. To be content with little is hard; to be content with much, impossible. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49503. Those who understand only what can be explained understand very little. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49504. Conquer, but don’t triumph. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49505. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49506. Exceptions are not always the proof of the old rule; they can also be the harbinger of a new one. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49507. He who believes in freedom of the will has never loved and never hated. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49508. Parents forgive their children least readily for the faults they themselves instilled in them. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49509. Whenever two good people argue over principles, they are both right. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49510. If you have one good idea, people will lend you twenty. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49511. Privilege is the greatest enemy of right. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49512. Not what we experience, but how we perceive what we experience, determines our fate. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49513. None are so eager to gain new experience as those who don’t know how to make use of the old ones. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49514. In youth we learn; in age we understand. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49515. Nobody knows enough, but many know too much. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49516. So soon as a fashion is universal, it is out of date. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49517. Imaginary evils are incurable. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49518. Little evil would be done in the world if evil never could be done in the name of good. – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

49519. Remember, that of all the elements that comprise a human being, the most important, the most essential, the one that will sustain, transcend, overcome and vanquish obstacles is – Spirit! – Buddy Ebsen

49520. Writing fiction, there are no limits to what you write as long as it increases the value of the paper you are writing on. – Buddy Ebsen

49521. I’ve never been up with the times, always been slightly out of step. – Christopher Eccleston

49522. On The Others, very atmospheric and probably mysterious is how I would say it felt to be on the set. It felt just a little uneasy, the atmosphere that we were trying to capture. – Christopher Eccleston

49523. Twelve years on sets watching directors, I’ve taken a bit from everybody and rejected a lot. – Christopher Eccleston

49524. Lots of middle class people are running around pretending to be Cockney. – Christopher Eccleston

49525. It can be very difficult to trace your birth parents. – Christopher Eccleston

49526. Many times I’ve sat with a camera and another actor and seen all their fears and insecurities and struggles. You want to support them and help them as much as you can. – Christopher Eccleston

49527. My parents always knew I was hopeless at everything else, I was fortunate in that I was backed all the way. I came to it late and only because I thought there’d be loads of women and drinking! – Christopher Eccleston

49528. Often as a child you see someone with a learning disability or Down’s Syndrome and my mum and dad were always very quick to explain exactly what was going on and to be in their own way inclusive and welcoming. – Christopher Eccleston

49529. Jacobean plays, before Shakespeare, were particularly visceral. – Christopher Eccleston

49530. Rather than disliking theatre, I’ve expressed a preference for television because it tends to deal in its small way much more with issues and is able to reach a broader church of people than theatre. – Christopher Eccleston

49531. Television, although It’s in steep decline, still occasionally gives voices to people who don’t have voices. – Christopher Eccleston

49532. The film is about Joe discovering who his mother and father are and his relationship with them, and the identity crisis he goes through once he finds out who his parents are. – Christopher Eccleston

49533. The money is better in films and television. But in terms of acting, theatre is more rewarding. – Christopher Eccleston

49534. Theatre is expensive to go to. I certainly felt when I was growing up that theatre wasn’t for us. Theatre still has that stigma to it. A lot of people feel intimidated and underrepresented in theatre. – Christopher Eccleston

49535. We all need a firm sense of identity. – Christopher Eccleston

49536. I want to direct but I think I’d be bloody awful and I don’t want to produce but I think I’d be a very good producer because if I believed in something I’d be able to protect it. – Christopher Eccleston

49537. We like to think that our parents made a decision to bring us into the world. – Christopher Eccleston

49538. What goes down on film is different to what you see with the naked eye. – Christopher Eccleston

49539. The person who gives you your first job is so important in any industry. – Christopher Eccleston

49540. I heard the various terms of abuse at school and probably indulged them in the way you do as a kid. – Christopher Eccleston

49541. Any horror element is as much psychological as special effects. – Christopher Eccleston

49542. I care more about telly because it made me an actor and there’s a much more immediate response to TV. You can address the political or cultural fabric of your country. – Christopher Eccleston

49543. I don’t like to watch playback. But being on the set, watching the way the camera is being moved and the way the light is being used, you do get an idea of it. – Christopher Eccleston

49544. I don’t see a lot of films. I’m quite choosy, but there’s certain films that stick out. – Christopher Eccleston

49545. I got a tiny part in a play, auditioned for another one and got that as well. Not only that, the first finished on the Saturday and the other started on the Monday which is like an actor’s dream! – Christopher Eccleston

49546. I had bags of energy as a kid. – Christopher Eccleston

49547. I wasn’t always such a great fan of Shakespeare, mind you. I can guess we all at one time had it rammed down our necks at school, which tends to take the edge off it. – Christopher Eccleston

49548. I went being unemployed for three years to being the lead in a British feature in the days when we only made two a year, 1990. It was ridiculous really. – Christopher Eccleston

49549. I know exactly where I’ve come from, I know exactly who my mum and dad are. – Christopher Eccleston

49550. I love Dead Ringers. A democratic set, the work was taken seriously. – Christopher Eccleston

49551. I love my accent, I thought it was useful in Gone In 60 Seconds because the standard villain is upper class or Cockney. My Northern accent would be an odd clash opposite Nic Cage. – Christopher Eccleston

49552. I only ever worked on interiors, and an interior is an interior. I don’t know what they did about exteriors. – Christopher Eccleston

49553. I think film and television are really a director’s medium, whereas theatre is the actor’s medium. – Christopher Eccleston

49554. I think the themes of belonging and parentage and love are obviously universal. – Christopher Eccleston

49555. I think theatre is by far the most rewarding experience for an actor. You get 4 weeks to rehearse your character and then at 7:30 pm you start acting and nobody stops you, acting with your entire soul. – Christopher Eccleston

49556. I used my instincts. It’s very easy to imagine how you’d feel, actually. I just had to tell the narrative. – Christopher Eccleston

49557. I had to help to coax the performances and I really enjoyed that extra responsibility. – Christopher Eccleston

49558. People want to build new circuits around the world and they say: ‘We’ll come to Silverstone and have a look how it’s done’, and I tell them to stay away. – Bernie Ecclestone

49559. They say Formula One is a market which it can’t be, obviously. Our market is independent, it’s a sport. – Bernie Ecclestone

49560. What we need now is a Treaty of the World not a Treaty of Rome. – Bernie Ecclestone

49561. And the separatist terrorist organization, PKK, had easy access to Turkey to, inside Turkey. – Bulent Ecevit

49562. After all, we paid great prices because of the virtual partitioning of Iraq. – Bulent Ecevit

49563. Although we dealt decisively with all terrorist organizations, we at the same time not only maintained, preserved our democracy, but kept improving it. – Bulent Ecevit

49564. And it is essential that in fighting terrorism, sacrifices should not be made on democracy. – Bulent Ecevit

49565. Ataturk sent several Turkish staff officers to Afghanistan, helped them build their own army. – Bulent Ecevit

49566. The armies, the difference of all of those armies that had been fighting each other and the Taliban took advantage of that to rule over the whole country. – Bulent Ecevit

49567. But apart from the military measures, security measures, of course, Afghanistan needs great help for building up its social life, its economic life. It has become a very poor country, neglected for many years. – Bulent Ecevit

49568. But if too many countries, as has been the case, interfere too much in the internal affairs, the political situation of Afghanistan, then of course we can’t hope satisfactory results. – Bulent Ecevit

49569. But if we leave them alone, just satisfying ourselves with social work, economic work and the building up of a national army, it can make progress, hopefully within a short time. – Bulent Ecevit

49570. But thanks to the efforts, the initiative of the United States and of the several countries from the world, from Europe, including Turkey, it ended within a few weeks. – Bulent Ecevit

49571. I suggested that we had experience in helping other countries build their military forces, and we would be willing and happy to do the same for Afghanistan, together with the United States. – Bulent Ecevit

49572. It can be rebuilt if other countries with selfish interests will not meddle, as has been done in the past. – Bulent Ecevit

49573. So we are fulfilling our task in preventing serious armament stocks in Iraq within our possibilities. – Bulent Ecevit

49574. There was expectations that the fights there, the operation there might be extended for several months, even for several years. But within a few weeks it ended, because obviously the Taliban wasn’t a real force. – Bulent Ecevit

49575. We have been helping, trying to help Afghanistan in many ways, even from the beginning of… the beginnings of the ’20s, 1920s, when he we were fighting our own national struggle. – Bulent Ecevit

49576. We have in the last two years, we have passed 350 legislation in the parliament, most of which deal with democratization, human rights, and of course, economy. – Bulent Ecevit

49577. Well, that our main concern is that Iraq should not become a divided country. – Bulent Ecevit

49578. No, I believe in the good will of the United States’ administration. – Bulent Ecevit

49579. The thing that got me over the hump was accepting that I had to do whatever I could to stay in the game. – Dennis Eckersley

49580. You aren’t going to stick around long with just two pitches. – Dennis Eckersley

49581. I’m proud of the fact that I pitched almost 3,300 innings. – Dennis Eckersley

49582. It took me a few years to realize that throwing harder wasn’t always better. – Dennis Eckersley

49583. Later, I could take something off my slider and I could make my fastball sink, so I really had four pitches. – Dennis Eckersley

49584. My career spanned the era when relievers started to become more important. – Dennis Eckersley

49585. Pitching… sometimes I did so poorly, it brought me to tears. – Dennis Eckersley

49586. I was a starter and did some good things there, and then I got a chance to prove myself as a closer. Because of that opportunity, I was blessed with the honor of being elected to the Hall of Fame. – Dennis Eckersley

49587. That first year in Chicago was one of the most memorable in my career. Getting traded rejuvenated me, and I had something to prove. I wanted to show them what I could do. – Dennis Eckersley

49588. I think today the players are too nice to one another, but that might change with the unbalanced schedule, with teams playing each other more and more. When you face each other that much, with that much at stake, something’s bound to happen. – Dennis Eckersley

49589. Then you figure out that if you don’t throw it as hard as you can, you can put it where you want. It’s more important where you put it. – Dennis Eckersley

49590. They developed a platform for me to put up another 12 years, and that was my ticket to Cooperstown. Those were the best years of my life. It was like magic. – Dennis Eckersley

49591. Tony knew me both as an athlete and as a person. He cared for me like a father. – Dennis Eckersley

49592. When I first came up, the bullpen was pretty much where they put the guys who couldn’t start. – Dennis Eckersley

49593. When I started finishing games and coming off the field shaking hands, it was a beautiful thing. I mean, you start seeing that you’re an important part of the team. – Dennis Eckersley

49594. Sooner or later you learn that you belong in the big leagues, and that makes you calm down. – Dennis Eckersley

49595. I can’t recall too much about pitching, but I do remember that I was anxious to get it over with. I just wanted to get that first game over with and go from there. – Dennis Eckersley

49596. I always had the attitude that I wanted to throw a no-hitter every game. – Dennis Eckersley

49597. I also think that I had great mechanics. – Dennis Eckersley

49598. But through experience I learned to control my body and locate the ball. – Dennis Eckersley

49599. But more important than personal awards is winning the World Series. That’s the max that anyone could ask for. Let alone to have the ball in your in your glove for the final out of the World Series. That was the ultimate. – Dennis Eckersley

49600. I had never been to the playoffs, and it was exciting. The fans went through the roof. They were excited about the whole team. It was great to be traded to a city like Chicago, which was a lot like Boston. – Dennis Eckersley

49601. I was in good control of my body, and I kept my head still. – Dennis Eckersley

49602. Through all the relationship stuff I’ve gone through in the past few years, I know there are fundamental differences in how men and women view sex and how they view their futures. – Aaron Eckhart

49603. If it helps me in the way that if this movie is successful, I get to make more films, great, and the more films that I make and the more interest that I’m allowed to cover, the better for me and the better, hopefully, for the people who like to watch me. – Aaron Eckhart

49604. If we’re talking about masculinity and tenderness, I don’t look at Clinton. – Aaron Eckhart

49605. It makes me feel good that I can now sit there and go, I’ve worked with Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, all the great actors that I’ve worked with… Sir Ben Kingsley. – Aaron Eckhart

49606. It seems to me if you want something badly enough, whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll do whatever you have to do to get it. – Aaron Eckhart

49607. Right now, I have to admit, that I’m more interested in giving people a little bit of hope and goodness. – Aaron Eckhart

49608. Some movies get rushed out right after you make them and I’m not always happy with that. – Aaron Eckhart

49609. Some movies I see today have the most dramatic plot points but the actors are not playing them dramatically. – Aaron Eckhart

49610. There are different reasons to make movies. – Aaron Eckhart

49611. I think women can be as cruel as men, and men as tender as women, and vice versa. – Aaron Eckhart

49612. Well, I’ve thought many times when my career was in the toilet, that I was going to have to seriously consider getting another job, I don’t know what I’d do. – Aaron Eckhart

49613. When it gets down to it you just have to act. – Aaron Eckhart

49614. Yeah, but there’s nobody who represents romance to me like Cary Grant. – Aaron Eckhart

49615. Yeah, I’d like to get the girl and at least make it through the film. – Aaron Eckhart

49616. You never really know as an actor; it’s completely out of your control, in terms of editing, and music, and film stock, shot selection, and what takes they use. – Aaron Eckhart

49617. I’m sort of fascinated by the whole espionage crime thing. – Aaron Eckhart

49618. The F.B.I. is about nuts and bolts. It’s all about witnesses and procedure and walking the streets. – Aaron Eckhart

49619. I can think of films that I’m producing right now that are extremely hard-hitting, graphic films, that nobody necessarily wants to see, graphic in terms of violence, of adult content and racial and historical subject matter. – Aaron Eckhart

49620. Directors, producers can make you look good or make you look bad. – Aaron Eckhart

49621. I always ask, why can’t I be just like Cary Grant or something. – Aaron Eckhart

49622. I don’t do comedy so much although I would like to do a comedy. – Aaron Eckhart

49623. I would love to get great performances from actors as a director, because that’s what I’m always looking for, a director that’s going to help me go places I’ve never been before. – Aaron Eckhart

49624. I got as much information as I could, so I wouldn’t look stupid, but this is a post 9/11 world and there’s only so much you can do with the FBI in terms of research. – Aaron Eckhart

49625. I’m an actor and it happened to go my way that day. – Aaron Eckhart

49626. I mean, the problem is, I think I’m a great writer. – Aaron Eckhart

49627. I think America right now is looking for somebody who appeals to every faction. – Aaron Eckhart

49628. I think every actor wants to be an FBI or cop at one point. – Aaron Eckhart

49629. I think that maybe that’s my weakness, in that I don’t know how to do it, so I just do what I do and try to do it as passionately and as well as I can. – Aaron Eckhart

49630. I think they are very important because westerns have a code and a symbolism. – Aaron Eckhart

49631. I would like to direct. – Aaron Eckhart

49632. I’d like to do a romantic comedy. – Aaron Eckhart

49633. I often feel that my days in New York City, that I was here for five years, didn’t get one job, went on a thousands of auditions and literally did not get a job on a soap, not a movie, not TV, not nothing, although I did do some commercials thank God. – Aaron Eckhart

49634. I’d like to do more family dramas. – Aaron Eckhart

49635. I’ve been working for many years and I think I’ve managed to work with some of the best people in the business, which has been rewarding and an apprenticeship. – Aaron Eckhart

49636. A film has its own life and takes its own time. – Aaron Eckhart

49637. But I guess I like playing flawed guys ’cause it gives a place for the characters to go. – Aaron Eckhart

49638. But I will say this: In my humble opinion, knowing nothing about it, I do believe that they have remote viewers working on where Osama Bin Laden is. I absolutely, 100%, convinced of that. – Aaron Eckhart

49639. But then, even with sex, I’m more in the school of less is more in movies. – Aaron Eckhart

49640. Words derive their power from the original word. – Meister Eckhart

49641. The more we have the less we own. – Meister Eckhart

49642. The outward man is the swinging door; the inner man is the still hinge. – Meister Eckhart

49643. The outward work will never be puny if the inward work is great. – Meister Eckhart

49644. The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake. – Meister Eckhart

49645. There exists only the present instant… a Now which always and without end is itself new. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence. – Meister Eckhart

49646. To be full of things is to be empty of God. To be empty of things is to be full of God. – Meister Eckhart

49647. Truly, it is in darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest of all to us. – Meister Eckhart

49648. When you are thwarted, it is your own attitude that is out of order. – Meister Eckhart

49649. You may call God love, you may call God goodness. But the best name for God is compassion. – Meister Eckhart

49650. The knower and the known are one. Simple people imagine that they should see God as if he stood there and they here. This is not so. God and I, we are one in knowledge. – Meister Eckhart

49651. Man goes far away or near but God never goes far-off; he is always standing close at hand, and even if he cannot stay within he goes no further than the door. – Meister Eckhart

49652. We are celebrating the feast of the Eternal Birth which God the Father has borne and never ceases to bear in all eternity… But if it takes not place in me, what avails it? Everything lies in this, that it should take place in me. – Meister Eckhart

49653. A just person is one who is conformed and transformed into justice. – Meister Eckhart

49654. What a man takes in by contemplation, that he pours out in love. – Meister Eckhart

49655. Only the hand that erases can write the true thing. – Meister Eckhart

49656. A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart. We know so many things, but we don’t know ourselves! Why, thirty or forty skins or hides, as thick and hard as an ox’s or bear’s, cover the soul. Go into your own ground and learn to know yourself there. – Meister Eckhart

49657. The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me. – Meister Eckhart

49658. All God wants of man is a peaceful heart. – Meister Eckhart

49659. Do exactly what you would do if you felt most secure. – Meister Eckhart

49660. Every creature is a word of God. – Meister Eckhart

49661. God is at home, it’s we who have gone out for a walk. – Meister Eckhart

49662. He who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment. – Meister Eckhart

49663. If God gave the soul his whole creation she would not be filled thereby but only with himself. – Meister Eckhart

49664. If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough. – Meister Eckhart

49665. One person who has mastered life is better than a thousand persons who have mastered only the contents of books, but no one can get anything out of life without God. – Meister Eckhart

49666. God expects but one thing of you, and that is that you should come out of yourself in so far as you are a created being made and let God be God in you. – Meister Eckhart

49667. What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action. – Meister Eckhart

49668. It was my band. I organized the band and Dizzy was in the band. Dizzy was the first musical director with the band. Charlie Parker was in the band. But, no, no, that was my band. – Billy Eckstine

49669. L.A. is kind of laid back, but New York, everybody is out there for that buck, you know. – Billy Eckstine

49670. My youngest daughter sings. She’s going to be very good. She’s graduated from Music School and she’s been working down around and getting her feet wet, you know. I had her out with me for a year just showing her the ropes a little bit, but she’s going to be all right. – Billy Eckstine

49671. Oh, yeah. I know Dizzy. For years he’s been my buddy way, way, way back. Dizzy is one of the most astute guys and one of the most learned guys in the world and knows exactly what he’s doing musically. – Billy Eckstine

49672. Piano should be the one. Yeah, because that’s your basis. Everything is right there in front of you. – Billy Eckstine

49673. Today the kids that are out now they make a hit record and they put them right out on the stage with 10,000 people out there and they don’t know anything about the business yet. – Billy Eckstine

49674. When Byrd came out of there, he had written a lot things while he was in the hospital. – Billy Eckstine

49675. You can’t sing about love unless you know about it. – Billy Eckstine

49676. You know, times change and the elements change along with it. The elements of success. And my son’s very successful. He’s doing very well. And I have a younger daughter who sings. – Billy Eckstine

49677. I was so enamored with the idea of being in show business so everything was bright to me. I mean, I didn’t think of it as being tough and things like that. – Billy Eckstine

49678. When you’re playing music, say for instance, you’re playing a part of the band and you’re looking at your music, your horn is down into the stand. This way, it’s up and it goes right on out to the audience, you know? – Billy Eckstine

49679. I don’t have perfect pitch, but I have relative pitch. I’m glad I don’t have perfect pitch because perfect pitch can drive you crazy. – Billy Eckstine

49680. It taught me something. It taught you your craft. – Billy Eckstine

49681. I’m a firm believer and I think my religion is inside. – Billy Eckstine

49682. Bud Johnson, God rest his soul of fame, a tenor saxophonist. Bud was always a big, big, big booster of mine and he always when I first met Bud in Pittsburgh when he came through there, he heard me sing and he wanted me to come to Chicago. – Billy Eckstine

49683. I just went to Harvard a little while, because I graduated from Armstrong High School in Washington and then I went up there but I didn’t stay that long because I went into show business. – Billy Eckstine

49684. I knew exactly what I was, and there was no hang-up with me. None whatsoever. The fact that the pigment of my skin maybe being lighter brown than other people of my race, maybe some of them, but you know our race has all colors. – Billy Eckstine

49685. I think a song that’s got something to say. I’m not much on gimmicks. I never have been because they don’t last. But I like a song that tells a story and has some meat to it, you know, that means something. – Billy Eckstine

49686. I was still in school at the time and Cab was very popular and everybody was doing Cab Calloway so I did. – Billy Eckstine

49687. I’m used to hearing myself. My own voice. – Billy Eckstine

49688. If you want to be a doctor, a lawyer you must go to college. But if you want to be a musician or such, study your craft. Study music. – Billy Eckstine

49689. As a matter of fact they’d blacken us down. I guess there’s a reason that according to what the Caucasian wanted us to look like. He wanted us to look-if we were Black, then he had his idea of what we look like. – Billy Eckstine

49690. I can eat a man, but I’m not sure of the fiber content. – Jenny Eclair

49691. Translation is the art of failure. – Umberto Eco

49692. But now I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth. – Umberto Eco

49693. When men stop believing in God, it isn’t that they then believe in nothing: they believe in everything. – Umberto Eco

49694. Perhaps the mission of those who love mankind is to make people laugh at the truth, to make truth laugh, because the only truth lies in learning to free ourselves from insane passion for the truth. – Umberto Eco

49695. There is no great sport in having bullets flying about one in every direction, but I find they have less horror when among them than when in anticipation. – Umberto Eco

49696. The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else. – Umberto Eco

49697. The good of a book lies in its being read. A book is made up of signs that speak of other signs, which in their turn speak of things. Without an eye to read them, a book contains signs that produce no concepts; therefore it is dumb. – Umberto Eco

49698. The comic is the perception of the opposite; humor is the feeling of it. – Umberto Eco

49699. Nothing gives a fearful man more courage than another’s fear. – Umberto Eco

49700. In the United States there’s a Puritan ethic and a mythology of success. He who is successful is good. In Latin countries, in Catholic countries, a successful person is a sinner. – Umberto Eco

49701. I would define the poetic effect as the capacity that a text displays for continuing to generate different readings, without ever being completely consumed. – Umberto Eco

49702. Fear prophets and those prepared to die for the truth, for as a rule they make many others die with them, often before them, at times instead of them. – Umberto Eco

49703. A book is a fragile creature, it suffers the wear of time, it fears rodents, the elements and clumsy hands. so the librarian protects the books not only against mankind but also against nature and devotes his life to this war with the forces of oblivion. – Umberto Eco

49704. Better reality than a dream: if something is real, then it’s real and you’re not to blame. – Umberto Eco

49705. A dream is a scripture, and many scriptures are nothing but dreams. – Umberto Eco

49706. I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth. – Umberto Eco

49707. A good thing is I’ve been playing tennis I think every day for the last two months. I really haven’t had a day off. I’ve been doing things that I did used to do. – Stefan Edberg

49708. I’m telling you, it’s so exciting playing out there because I’m playing well, you have the crowd behind you, and it’s such a good feeling. I’m really having a good time out there. – Stefan Edberg

49709. I’ve been here playing against Connors and it can be very, very loud. It makes it exciting at the same time. – Stefan Edberg

49710. You lose some, you win some. Nothing wrong with that at all. – Stefan Edberg

49711. The crowds can be very loud, especially when you’re playing in the evening. – Stefan Edberg

49712. Since a month, two months ago, you know, I’ve started hitting the ball well. I’m playing some really good tennis. That really helps. I sort of have to motivate myself to get pumped up. It really helps my game a lot. – Stefan Edberg

49713. If you serve well, your volleys are going to be so much easier. It has got to do with confidence, obviously. – Stefan Edberg

49714. If I’m going to be out there, I want to be in the top 10 and really have a chance of winning a Grand Slam. – Stefan Edberg

49715. I’m always being realistic. – Stefan Edberg

49716. I’ve been in a lot of trouble and come out of it. I think it shows a lot of good character. – Stefan Edberg

49717. A win is a win. – Stefan Edberg

49718. I’m really trying to focus myself on playing tennis, and I think that’s really important. – Stefan Edberg

49719. I think in 1991, when Jimmy got to the semifinals, it was just incredible all of the people coming out. – Stefan Edberg

49720. I played Chang here under the lights here. I think that was ’91. Another good match. I’ve played a lot more good matches under the lights than I played bad. You tend to remember some of the bad ones unfortunately. – Stefan Edberg

49721. I felt that I did have the crowd behind me. That obviously helps a lot. – Stefan Edberg

49722. I felt better being in the background. That’s the way I like it. – Stefan Edberg

49723. As years go by, chances of winning here are getting slimmer. That’s just a matter of fact. It does get tougher, but it’s possible, there’s a tiny little chance. – Stefan Edberg

49724. I’ve been on the tour for many, many years. It’s time for me to go now, before it’s too late. – Stefan Edberg

49725. Reed College required a thesis for a Bachelor’s degree. Normally a Bachelor’s is sort of like being stamped ‘Prime US Beef.’ They just walk you through, hand out the diplomas and you fill in your name later on. – David Eddings

49726. The unfortunate thing about working for yourself is that you have the worst boss in the world. I work every day of the year except at Christmas, when I work a half day. – David Eddings

49727. This is terrible, when a writer is bored by his own work, but it was a real bomb and had reached the point where I couldn’t even stand to look at it any more. – David Eddings

49728. When they ran out of cadre men they gave me my very own platoon and said, ‘Here are 63 men, try to keep as many of them alive as you possibly can.’ That was one of the more harrowing experiences of my life. – David Eddings

49729. If the general opinion is pessimistic, fantasy is going to hold its own. – David Eddings

49730. I taught in a small teacher’s college for three or four years, at which point all the administrators got a pay raise and the teaching faculty didn’t. – David Eddings

49731. Call it my little gesture toward social conscience, but I like to think I’m teaching a certain number of people to read. Now that sounds pretentious! – David Eddings

49732. I hesitate to predict whether this theory is true. But if the general opinion of Mankind is optimistic then we’re in for a period of extreme popularity for science fiction. – David Eddings

49733. I wrote a novel for my degree, and I’m very happy I didn’t submit that to a publisher. I sympathize with my professors who had to read it. – David Eddings

49734. I’ve fallen back on this periodically, although I must say that getting out of the grocery business ranked right up there with getting out of the army as one of the happier experiences of my life. – David Eddings

49735. All social workers want is to get everyone involved in a programme. Because a programme provides full employment for three generations of social workers. And they mess up. – David Eddings

49736. I get up at an unholy hour in the morning my work day is completed by the time the sun rises. I have a slightly bad back which has made an enormous contribution to American literature. – David Eddings

49737. It is sound judgment to hope that in the not too distant future we shall be competent to understand so simple a thing as a star. – Arthur Eddington

49738. It is one thing for the human mind to extract from the phenomena of nature the laws which it has itself put into them; it may be a far harder thing to extract laws over which it has no control. – Arthur Eddington

49739. If your theory is found to be against the second law of theromodynamics, I give you no hope; there is nothing for it but to collapse in deepest humiliation. – Arthur Eddington

49740. It is impossible to trap modern physics into predicting anything with perfect determinism because it deals with probabilities from the outset. – Arthur Eddington

49741. It is also a good rule not to put overmuch confidence in the observational results that are put forward until they are confirmed by theory. – Arthur Eddington

49742. Every body continues in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, except insofar as it doesn’t. – Arthur Eddington

49743. If an army of monkeys were strumming on typewriters, they might write all the books in the British Museum. – Arthur Eddington

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49744. It is even possible that laws which have not their origin in the mind may be irrational, and we can never succeed in formulating them. – Arthur Eddington

49745. The quest of the absolute leads into the four-dimensional world. – Arthur Eddington

49746. Oh leave the Wise our measures to collate. One thing at least is certain, light has weight. One thing is certain and the rest debate. Light rays, when near the Sun, do not go straight. – Arthur Eddington

49747. Who will observe the observers? – Arthur Eddington

49748. Probably the simplest hypothesis… is that there may be a slow process of annihilation of matter. – Arthur Eddington

49749. Shuffling is the only thing which Nature cannot undo. – Arthur Eddington

49750. The mathematics is not there till we put it there. – Arthur Eddington

49751. We have found a strange footprint on the shores of the unknown. – Arthur Eddington

49752. We have found that where science has progressed the farthest, the mind has but regained from nature that which the mind put into nature. – Arthur Eddington

49753. We often think that when we have completed our study of one we know all about two, because “two” is “one and one.” We forget that we still have to make a study of “and.” – Arthur Eddington

49754. Proof is an idol before whom the pure mathematician tortures himself. – Arthur Eddington

49755. Something unknown is doing we don’t know what. – Arthur Eddington

49756. We used to think that if we knew one, we knew two, because one and one are two. We are finding that we must learn a great deal more about ‘and’. – Arthur Eddington

49757. Reject hatred without hating. – Mary Baker Eddy

49758. Disease is an experience of a so-called mortal mind. It is fear made manifest on the body. – Mary Baker Eddy

49759. Experience teaches us that we do not always receive the blessings we ask for in prayer. – Mary Baker Eddy

49760. Give up the belief that mind is, even temporarily, compressed within the skull, and you will quickly become more manly or womanly. You will understand yourself and your Maker better than before. – Mary Baker Eddy

49761. Happiness is spiritual, born of truth and love. It is unselfish; therefore it cannot exist alone, but requires all mankind to share it. – Mary Baker Eddy

49762. Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind. – Mary Baker Eddy

49763. I would no more quarrel with a man because of his religion than I would because of his art. – Mary Baker Eddy

49764. Chastity is the cement of civilization and progress. Without it there is no stability in society, and without it one cannot attain the Science of Life. – Mary Baker Eddy

49765. Jealousy is the grave of affection. – Mary Baker Eddy

49766. Sin brought death, and death will disappear with the disappearance of sin. – Mary Baker Eddy

49767. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. – Mary Baker Eddy

49768. To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings. – Mary Baker Eddy

49769. Truth is immortal; error is mortal. – Mary Baker Eddy

49770. If Christianity is not scientific, and Science is not God, then there is no invariable law, and truth becomes an accident. – Mary Baker Eddy

49771. Let’s have the music that will open the door to millions of people… the kind of music that will not make people think only of the song or even of the singer… not music that is confined to the merely personal. – Nelson Eddy

49772. In society, one doesn’t tell the truth, one tells the exact opposite. – Nelson Eddy

49773. Faith is reason grown courageous. – Sherwood Eddy

49774. Faith is not contrary to reason. – Sherwood Eddy

49775. Faith is not trying to believe something regardless of the evidence. Faith is daring to do something regardless of the consequences. – Sherwood Eddy

49776. The answer to old age is to keep one’s mind busy and to go on with one’s life as if it were interminable. I always admired Chekhov for building a new house when he was dying of tuberculosis. – Leon Edel

49777. Any biographer must of necessity become a pilgrim a peripatetic, obsessed literary pilgrim, a traveler with four eyes. – Leon Edel

49778. The biographer who writes the life of his subject’s self-concept passes through a fade into the inner house of life. – Leon Edel

49779. You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation. – Marian Wright Edelman

49780. Service is what life is all about. – Marian Wright Edelman

49781. My faith has been the driving thing of my life. I think it is important that people who are perceived as liberals not be afraid of talking about moral and community values. – Marian Wright Edelman

49782. The challenge of social justice is to evoke a sense of community that we need to make our nation a better place, just as we make it a safer place. – Marian Wright Edelman

49783. The future which we hold in trust for our own children will be shaped by our fairness to other people’s children. – Marian Wright Edelman

49784. We are willing to spend the least amount of money to keep a kid at home, more to put him in a foster home and the most to institutionalize him. – Marian Wright Edelman

49785. We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee. – Marian Wright Edelman

49786. You didn’t have a choice about the parents you inherited, but you do have a choice about the kind of parent you will be. – Marian Wright Edelman

49787. Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time. – Marian Wright Edelman

49788. You really can change the world if you care enough. – Marian Wright Edelman

49789. Remember and help America remember that the fellowship of human beings is more important than the fellowship of race and class and gender in a democratic society. – Marian Wright Edelman

49790. People who don’t vote have no line of credit with people who are elected and thus pose no threat to those who act against our interests. – Marian Wright Edelman

49791. Parents have become so convinced that educators know what is best for their children that they forget that they themselves are really the experts. – Marian Wright Edelman

49792. No person has the right to rain on your dreams. – Marian Wright Edelman

49793. No one, Eleanor Roosevelt said, can make you feel inferior without your consent. Never give it. – Marian Wright Edelman

49794. Never work just for money or for power. They won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night. – Marian Wright Edelman

49795. If you don’t like the way the world is, you change it. You have an obligation to change it. You just do it one step at a time. – Marian Wright Edelman

49796. Learn to be quiet enough to hear the genuine within yourself so that you can hear it in others. – Marian Wright Edelman

49797. A lot of people are waiting for Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi to come back – but they are gone. We are it. It is up to us. It is up to you. – Marian Wright Edelman

49798. If we think we have ours and don’t owe any time or money or effort to help those left behind, then we are a part of the problem rather than the solution to the fraying social fabric that threatens all Americans. – Marian Wright Edelman

49799. If we don’t stand up for children, then we don’t stand for much. – Marian Wright Edelman

49800. Far less wealthy industrialized countries have committed to end child poverty, while the United States is sliding backwards. We can do better. We must demand that our leaders do better. – Marian Wright Edelman

49801. Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it. – Marian Wright Edelman

49802. Education is a precondition to survival in America today. – Marian Wright Edelman

49803. Don’t feel entitled to anything you didn’t sweat and struggle for. – Marian Wright Edelman

49804. Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree. – Marian Wright Edelman

49805. Whoever said anybody has a right to give up? – Marian Wright Edelman

49806. We do not have a money problem in America. We have a values and priorities problem. – Marian Wright Edelman

49807. You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day. – Marian Wright Edelman

49808. Corruption never has been compulsory. – Anthony Eden

49809. Everyone is always in favour of general economy and particular expenditure. – Anthony Eden

49810. If you’ve broken the eggs, you should make the omelette. – Anthony Eden

49811. Man should be master of his environment, not its slave. That is what freedom means. – Anthony Eden

49812. That is a good question for you to ask, not a wise question for me to answer. – Anthony Eden

49813. We are not at war with Egypt. We are in an armed conflict. – Anthony Eden

49814. You may gain temporary appeasement by a policy of concession to violence, but you do not gain lasting peace that way. – Anthony Eden

49815. I didn’t know I was compared to Elizabeth Montgomery, but I think that I’m in very good company with her. – Barbara Eden

49816. Out of all the actors I have worked with, I love working with Larry Hagman the most. We were very close and it was just a wonderful time. – Barbara Eden

49817. George W. Bush is a leader, and that’s what we need in the White House. George Bush is someone you can believe and trust. – Jim Edgar

49818. An orator is the worse person to tell a plain fact. – Maria Edgeworth

49819. Business was his aversion; Pleasure was his business. – Maria Edgeworth

49820. Fortune’s wheel never stands still the highest point is therefore the most perilous. – Maria Edgeworth

49821. How success changes the opinion of men! – Maria Edgeworth

49822. I’ve a great fancy to see my own funeral afore I die. – Maria Edgeworth

49823. Our Irish blunders are never blunders of the heart. – Maria Edgeworth

49824. Some people talk of morality, and some of religion, but give me a little snug property. – Maria Edgeworth

49825. Surely it is much more generous to forgive and remember, than to forgive and forget. – Maria Edgeworth

49826. The bore is usually considered a harmless creature, or of that class of irrationa bipeds who hurt only themselves. – Maria Edgeworth

49827. The human heart, at whatever age, opens only to the heart that opens in return. – Maria Edgeworth

49828. The law, in our case, seems to make the right; and the very reverse ought to be done – the right should make the law. – Maria Edgeworth

49829. I want to make this perfectly clear: you can be sure that I will never be a yes-man except to my own conscience. – Charles Edison

49830. It is necessary to take an active part in politics to observe how often the welfare of the party organization is put before the issues, even before the welfare of the commonwealth. – Charles Edison

49831. I am confident that this legislature will rise above partisan bickering, especially after the public promises its members made last fall, and that it will demonstrate a high capacity for civil service. – Charles Edison

49832. A new constitution should be more amendable. A needlessly confusing system of courts should be altered to produce an arrangement that would be simple, responsible, and less awkward. – Charles Edison

49833. Our society cannot progress while our constitution stands still. – Charles Edison

49834. My goal was to make New Jersey’s state government a model for all other states to emulate, hopefully thereby to stem, or at least slow down, the flow of power to the federal government. – Charles Edison

49835. It is my happy privilege to be able to stand here and tell you that if you elect me you will have elected a governor who has made no promises of preferment to any man or group. – Charles Edison

49836. In view of our public pledges, we public officials can never again go before the public merely promising election reform. The time for promises is past. – Charles Edison

49837. In physics, to be in two places at the same time would be a miracle; in politics it seems not merely normal, but natural. – Charles Edison

49838. Bosses are no more inevitable in state and local governments than dictators are in national governments. They will arise and prosper, nevertheless, if true believers of democracy – citizens devoted to the democratic ideals – do not constantly oppose them. – Charles Edison

49839. I want to say here and now, that I demand unshakable integrity of every State employee. – Charles Edison

49840. I have no desire to go in for tyranny or to play the part of King Charles. I hate tyranny in any field of human activity. – Charles Edison

49841. Economics, politics, and personalities are often inseparable. – Charles Edison

49842. Conscious of our many problems, I seek today to lay a foundation to our public policy. My fundamental purpose is to devote my term of office to raising the standard of public service in New Jersey. – Charles Edison

49843. I would rather be respected than elected. – Charles Edison

49844. Our democracy poses problems and these problems must and shall be solved by courageous leadership. – Charles Edison

49845. Any man who takes a job with the idea that it is simply a springboard for something else is a chump. His attention will be more on the other things than on the job at hand and so he will fail. – Charles Edison

49846. There is far more opportunity than there is ability. – Thomas A. Edison

49847. The value of an idea lies in the using of it. – Thomas A. Edison

49848. The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are: Hard work, Stick-to-itiveness, and Common sense. – Thomas A. Edison

49849. The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work. – Thomas A. Edison

49850. The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around. – Thomas A. Edison

49851. The best thinking has been done in solitude. The worst has been done in turmoil. – Thomas A. Edison

49852. Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure. – Thomas A. Edison

49853. There is no expedient to which a man will not go to avoid the labor of thinking. – Thomas A. Edison

49854. We don’t know a millionth of one percent about anything. – Thomas A. Edison

49855. Religion is all bunk. – Thomas A. Edison

49856. Results! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results. I know several thousand things that won’t work. – Thomas A. Edison

49857. There is no substitute for hard work. – Thomas A. Edison

49858. There will one day spring from the brain of science a machine or force so fearful in its potentialities, so absolutely terrifying, that even man, the fighter, who will dare torture and death in order to inflict torture and death, will be appalled, and so abandon war forever. – Thomas A. Edison

49859. There’s a way to do it better – find it. – Thomas A. Edison

49860. They say President Wilson has blundered. Perhaps he has, but I notice he usually blunders forward. – Thomas A. Edison

49861. To have a great idea, have a lot of them. – Thomas A. Edison

49862. To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. – Thomas A. Edison

49863. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas A. Edison

49864. Waste is worse than loss. The time is coming when every person who lays claim to ability will keep the question of waste before him constantly. The scope of thrift is limitless. – Thomas A. Edison

49865. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure. – Thomas A. Edison

49866. What a man’s mind can create, man’s character can control. – Thomas A. Edison

49867. What you are will show in what you do. – Thomas A. Edison

49868. When I have fully decided that a result is worth getting I go ahead of it and make trial after trial until it comes. – Thomas A. Edison

49869. Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have. – Thomas A. Edison

49870. To my mind the old masters are not art; their value is in their scarcity. – Thomas A. Edison

49871. I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas A. Edison

49872. Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. – Thomas A. Edison

49873. Be courageous. I have seen many depressions in business. Always America has emerged from these stronger and more prosperous. Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith! Go forward! – Thomas A. Edison

49874. Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing. – Thomas A. Edison

49875. Discontent is the first necessity of progress. – Thomas A. Edison

49876. Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits. – Thomas A. Edison

49877. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. – Thomas A. Edison

49878. Great ideas originate in the muscles. – Thomas A. Edison

49879. Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something. – Thomas A. Edison

49880. His genius he was quite content in one brief sentence to define; Of inspiration one percent, of perspiration, ninety nine. – Thomas A. Edison

49881. I am proud of the fact that I never invented weapons to kill. – Thomas A. Edison

49882. The body is a community made up of its innumerable cells or inhabitants. – Thomas A. Edison

49883. I have friends in overalls whose friendship I would not swap for the favor of the kings of the world. – Thomas A. Edison

49884. Anything that won’t sell, I don’t want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success. – Thomas A. Edison

49885. I know this world is ruled by infinite intelligence. Everything that surrounds us- everything that exists – proves that there are infinite laws behind it. There can be no denying this fact. It is mathematical in its precision. – Thomas A. Edison

49886. I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun. – Thomas A. Edison

49887. I never did anything by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work. – Thomas A. Edison

49888. I start where the last man left off. – Thomas A. Edison

49889. If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. – Thomas A. Edison

49890. It is astonishing what an effort it seems to be for many people to put their brains definitely and systematically to work. – Thomas A. Edison

49891. Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless. – Thomas A. Edison

49892. Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. – Thomas A. Edison

49893. Maturity is often more absurd than youth and very frequently is most unjust to youth. – Thomas A. Edison

49894. Nearly every man who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then he gets discouraged. That’s not the place to become discouraged. – Thomas A. Edison

49895. Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages. – Thomas A. Edison

49896. One might think that the money value of an invention constitutes its reward to the man who loves his work. But… I continue to find my greatest pleasure, and so my reward, in the work that precedes what the world calls success. – Thomas A. Edison

49897. I find my greatest pleasure, and so my reward, in the work that precedes what the world calls success. – Thomas A. Edison

49898. The standardized American is largely a myth created not least by Americans themselves. – Irwin Edman

49899. It is a myth, not a mandate, a fable not a logic, and symbol rather than a reason by which men are moved. – Irwin Edman

49900. Life is always at some turning point. – Irwin Edman

49901. I usually prepare a track and then I work with the artist when it’s time to do the vocals. – Kenneth Edmonds

49902. You can find a diamond in the rough a lot of times. – Kenneth Edmonds

49903. When I was in top 40 bands, I always had to learn new material and new styles. – Kenneth Edmonds

49904. Unfortunately, a lot of executives aren’t like producers, and can’t hear the diamond in the rough. – Kenneth Edmonds

49905. There’s artists that I’m working with on a new label of mine. Foxy Nova and Supa Nova. – Kenneth Edmonds

49906. The whole process of this record was an education for me as a musician. – Kenneth Edmonds

49907. The most exciting thing for all of us is movies and movie stars. – Kenneth Edmonds

49908. The Internet is a whole new world opening up. – Kenneth Edmonds

49909. It’s like spicy food – sometimes you have to tone it down so more people can enjoy it. – Kenneth Edmonds

49910. It’s about finding great artists and being part of their careers. – Kenneth Edmonds

49911. It might be a huge hit, it might not; but you learn something doing it. – Kenneth Edmonds

49912. The reality is, some people don’t want you to change or go anywhere different. – Kenneth Edmonds

49913. I would say that I’ve been lucky. Being blessed and not really ever giving up. – Kenneth Edmonds

49914. I think that whenever there’s a good script we try to make that happen, but it’s all based off of a good story, a good script, but I don’t believe you should do it just because it’s African-American. – Kenneth Edmonds

49915. I think that in order for music to be heard in a lot of different situations you have to always consider that. – Kenneth Edmonds

49916. I still write the same way and have the same perspective. – Kenneth Edmonds

49917. I enjoy music that is commercial. – Kenneth Edmonds

49918. I don’t necessarily want people to know all my intimate feelings about Tracey. – Kenneth Edmonds

49919. I don’t go to that many Broadway shows, so I can’t really say anything. – Kenneth Edmonds

49920. I could easily not be the person that people know. – Kenneth Edmonds

49921. Commercial music, for the most part, is popular music and you always have to keep that in mind. – Kenneth Edmonds

49922. But a lot of the old fans are listening to a lot of the younger music. So I gotta keep moving forward, and they’ll move forward too. – Kenneth Edmonds

49923. I’m continuing to produce and will start a new record soon, as well. – Kenneth Edmonds

49924. There are people that bring artists to me to look at it and it’s a question of whether I like their music and their look and if I think there’s something they have that makes them different and commercial. – Kenneth Edmonds

49925. I see people detained for simple INS violations. – Sibel Edmonds

49926. You get to a point where it gets very complex, where you have money laundering activities, drug related activities, and terrorist support activities converging at certain points and becoming one. – Sibel Edmonds

49927. We need to stop saying we can’t rock this boat when it needs to be rocked. – Sibel Edmonds

49928. We have to remind the people: Congress has the constitutional obligation and public responsibility to oversee these issues and the Department of Justice’s operations. – Sibel Edmonds

49929. The only people I have seen who have been truly pushing for the truth are the family members. – Sibel Edmonds

49930. The information I requested under the Freedom of Information Act has been blocked for two years. – Sibel Edmonds

49931. I understand the Saudis have been named because fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. – Sibel Edmonds

49932. However, I keep reminding them that this issue is not a new issue that has come out for this election. This issue has been in the courts for two years and two months now. – Sibel Edmonds

49933. During my work there I came across some very significant issues that I started reporting in December of 2001 to the mid-level management within the FBI. – Sibel Edmonds

49934. Could we have prevented in 100% certainty? I don’t think anything is that certain. However, we would have had a very, very good chance for preventing it. – Sibel Edmonds

49935. And I am saying, how about the other two branches? And putting the pressure on our representatives in the Senate and the Congress, and the court system. They should be counter-acting this corruption, but they are sitting there silent. – Sibel Edmonds

49936. On the other hand I have seen several, several top targets for these investigations of these terrorist activities that were allowed to leave the country – I’m not talking about weeks, I’m talking about months after 9/11. – Sibel Edmonds

49937. And after I started working for the Bureau, most of my translation duties included translations of documents and investigations that actually started way before 9/11. – Sibel Edmonds

49938. But I can tell you that the issue, on one side, boils down to money – a lot of money. And it boils down to people and their connections with this money, and that’s the portion that, even with this book, has not been mentioned to this day. – Sibel Edmonds

49939. And I have been campaigning for the past three months trying to get the Senate Judiciary Committee that has the oversight authority and responsibility to start its own public hearings. – Sibel Edmonds

49940. And they asked me to take a polygraph as to the allegations and reports I’d made. I volunteered and I took the polygraph and passed it without a glitch. – Sibel Edmonds

49941. And you see many people just turning away from these channels of mass media, and they’re just turning in to alternative providers, because they just see what’s happening. – Sibel Edmonds

49942. And, believe me; they will do everything to cover this up. – Sibel Edmonds

49943. At that point, which would be around February 2002, they came and they confiscated my computer, because, they said, they were suspecting that I was communicating with certain Senate members and taking this issue outside the Bureau. – Sibel Edmonds

49944. But I can tell that once, and if, and when this issue gets to be, under real terms, investigated, you will be seeing certain people that we know from this country standing trial; and they will be prosecuted criminally. – Sibel Edmonds

49945. It’s definitely time to stop. We’re getting too old. We both realised that the show wasn’t as engaging as it used to be. We were starting to look a bit ridiculous. – Adrian Edmondson

49946. We have never been strictly political, only strictly funny. – Adrian Edmondson

49947. We had so much fun in Ghana and they are really lovely people. – Adrian Edmondson

49948. There is a lot of rubbish written about toilet humour – people saying it is childish and pretending it is beneath them – but there is no doubting the effectiveness of a really good willy gag. – Adrian Edmondson

49949. The most fun I ever have is sitting in with Rick writing, and we laugh at our own jokes. – Adrian Edmondson

49950. Richie and Eddie couldn’t exist without each other. They’re two halves of the same person. – Adrian Edmondson

49951. Performers like Tommy Cooper, who are always getting things wrong, are much more endearing than comedians who are sassy and smart. – Adrian Edmondson

49952. People expect us to be different, but we’re not. We’re very similar people, and it’s because we’re so similar and close to each other that we make each other laugh – in fact we make each other laugh more than we make anyone else laugh. – Adrian Edmondson

49953. On stage, we just want to generate hysteria. We don’t care about looking cool or posing. – Adrian Edmondson

49954. Most modern comedy is crap. – Adrian Edmondson

49955. We only have one agenda, which is to make ’em laugh their pants off. Unless they are girls, of course, when it is to make them laugh their bras off so we can get a quick look. – Adrian Edmondson

49956. A lot of people are obsessed with looking cool. They feel they have to look after their image. – Adrian Edmondson

49957. It only works because we still amuse each other. After we have been working with other people, it is so refreshing to laugh unreservedly when we are back together again. – Adrian Edmondson

49958. You’re entering dangerous land when you start theorising about comedy. – Adrian Edmondson

49959. Even though we work in the same field, we have an intense private life away from our professional lives. – Adrian Edmondson

49960. From the stage I’ve seen people of all ages absolutely roaring at really good toilet humour. – Adrian Edmondson

49961. I don’t claim that our TV comedies are highbrow in anyway, but I think there’s a basis to them, and that’s why they’re more popular than other TV comedies. There’s a basis of truth in them, a gut feeling. – Adrian Edmondson

49962. I remember once having to stop performing when I thought an elderly man a few rows back from the front was actually going to die because he was laughing so hard. – Adrian Edmondson

49963. I’m waiting for the time when I fail – because we all fail – and I’m ready, I’ll take up carpentry. – Adrian Edmondson

49964. I’ve always had a kind of visual eye, and it was a pleasant exercise for that. – Adrian Edmondson

49965. I’ve never played a hero before so I jumped at the chance. – Adrian Edmondson

49966. This band has never had an argument. It’s just amazing. – Dave Edmunds

49967. And then it got even worse, I mean, a few people fell by the wayside within hours. Nick Lowe was in it for about 5 hours I think, he was expelled for going to bed. – Dave Edmunds

49968. And then the last album, “Get It”, was done over a shorter period of time and I started using other musicians, as opposed to playing all the instruments myself like I did on the other two. – Dave Edmunds

49969. I never considered myself a songwriter, but now since I’ve been working with Nick Lowe, I am contributing to an extent. But I’m the guitarist and he’s not, so we compliment each other in a way. – Dave Edmunds

49970. It was all recorded and mixed and there’s more continuity in it more direction. – Dave Edmunds

49971. It’s all very boring to say that we get along great and all that and sometimes we mock up come aggravation to make it interesting but the truth of it is that we get along so well we’ve never had an argument. – Dave Edmunds

49972. I believe that before anybody makes the journey to the other side, we have to know on a soul level that we are leaving, whether it’s an accident or illness, and we prepare ourselves to a certain degree that we won’t be there in the future. – John Edward

49973. Information comes through to me in 3 basic ways seen, hearing, and feeling the energy of the person that’s crossed over. In which it is a symbolic type of language. – John Edward

49974. The process of receiving information for me is seeing, hearing, and feeling their energy in my frame of reference. That doesn’t mean I see the individual, unfortunately. – John Edward

49975. In my experience victims are more concerned with helping their families understand that they are still connected to them. In some rare experiences information comes through that helps understand what happened. – John Edward

49976. I think that the majority of messages are validating messages to confirm the survival of conscious. And many times that validation message is negative or sad. – John Edward

49977. Keep a journal, and learn how to see how you as an individuals sees information so you can learn your own sign language. Meditate and practice psychic self defense and surrounding yourself with prayer. – John Edward

49978. I don’t look at this as a religious based thing. To me this is energy based. – John Edward

49979. Evil be to him who evil thinks. – Edward II

49980. The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children. – Edward VIII

49981. I like going there for golf. America’s one vast golf course these days. – Edward VIII

49982. I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as king as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love. – Edward VIII

49983. A boy is holding a girl so very tight in his arms tonight. – Edward VIII

49984. When you’re bored with yourself, marry and be bored with someone else. – King Edward VIII

49985. These works brought all these people here. Something should be done to get them at work again. – King Edward VIII

49986. Perhaps one of the only positive pieces of advice that I was ever given was that supplied by an old courtier who observed: Only two rules really count. Never miss an opportunity to relieve yourself; never miss a chance to sit down and rest your feet. – King Edward VIII

49987. Of course, I do have a slight advantage over the rest of you. It helps in a pinch to be able to remind your bride that you gave up a throne for her. – King Edward VIII

49988. I wanted to be an up-to-date king. But I didn’t have much time. – King Edward VIII

49989. You all know the reasons which have impelled me to renounce the throne. But I want you to understand that in making up my mind I did not forget the country or the empire, which, as Prince of Wales and lately as King, I have for twenty-five years tried to serve. – King Edward VIII

49990. When you talk about changing the rules, that takes time, and it always involves more than just a committee. – Al Edwards

49991. She represented the distilled essence of the battle between the sexes. – Anne Edwards

49992. She claimed she loved the camera, its warmth, its familiarity. She responded to its naked glare, its slavish attention to every expression of her face and body, with the kind of immediacy a trusted lover could expect. – Anne Edwards

49993. For the entire state of Georgia, having the premiere of Gone With the Wind on home ground was like winning the Battle of Atlanta 75 years late. – Anne Edwards

49994. Flying back from New York, the flight attendant said ‘God, I wished you were here yesterday, we had a stroke on the plane. I said, if I have a stroke on a plane, I hope the pretend doctor isn’t the one on the plane. I want a real doctor. – Anthony Edwards

49995. My family had all kinds of complications in relationships. I would like to meet the person who did not. Since when is being absolutely perfect what being a human is? What do we gain from that? – Anthony Edwards

49996. There’s really no point in having children if you’re not going to be home enough to father them. – Anthony Edwards

49997. The finished product is often of less importance than the skills and confidence gained through the process and the way in which the community is strengthened through people in it work and are brought together. – Ben Edwards

49998. Activism could be defined as activities engaged in by individuals to change there of others situation. – Ben Edwards

49999. This is indeed not only relevant to Documentary but is evident is most type of film making. The film often mirrors the experience, understanding and politics of the director. – Ben Edwards

50000. An office occupation is another example as not only douse it disrupt the activities of the organization it also can raise the media profile of the campaign. – Ben Edwards


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