180000 famous quotes part 71 – 70001 to 71000

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180000 famous quotes part 71 – 70001 to 71000

70001. Here’s the secret to finishing that first book. Don’t rewrite as you go. – Laurell K. Hamilton

70002. This nation is never finished. It has to be re-created in each generation. – Lee H. Hamilton

70003. Now the difficulty with those warnings is that they were not specific. – Lee H. Hamilton

70004. One half of the world’s people live on less than two dollars a day. This should concern our national security policy as well as our conscience. – Lee H. Hamilton

70005. Our democracy is not a product but a continual process. It is preserved not by monuments but deeds. Sometimes it needs refining; sometimes it needs amending; sometimes it needs defending. Always, it needs improving. – Lee H. Hamilton

70006. President George W. Bush is the first American president to call openly for two-states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security. – Lee H. Hamilton

70007. Protecting Americans from nuclear terrorism rises above politics. – Lee H. Hamilton

70008. I can assure you, public service is a stimulating, proud and lively enterprise. It is not just a way of life, it is a way to live fully. – Lee H. Hamilton

70009. So much of our attention is trained on the Middle East these days, but we cannot ignore East Asia. – Lee H. Hamilton

70010. China’s ability to deliver nuclear warheads on American cities is expanding. – Lee H. Hamilton

70011. The U.S has acquired reservoirs of goodwill around the globe over many years. But it is clear – from polling data and ample anecdotal evidence – that America is losing its allure in much of the world. – Lee H. Hamilton

70012. Putting together a counter- terrorism policy, it’s very easy to look at law enforcement or defense, military action or stopping the money flows or whatever, but the really difficult part is integrating all aspects of the policy, and I think she put a lot of emphasis on that. – Lee H. Hamilton

70013. Events often move faster than our ability to comprehend them. – Lee H. Hamilton

70014. Foreign aid is neither a failure nor a panacea. It is, instead, an important tool of American policy that can serve the interests of the United States and the world if wisely administered. – Lee H. Hamilton

70015. Democracy fascinates me. – Lee H. Hamilton

70016. The U.S. should support the historic Gaza withdrawal as a first step toward a final settlement: a permanent Palestinian state in Gaza and nearly all of the West Bank. – Lee H. Hamilton

70017. The temptations are great to simply retreat to the domain of private life and give up on our public problems. – Lee H. Hamilton

70018. Democracy makes us articulate our views, defend them, and refine them. – Lee H. Hamilton

70019. A likely source for terrorists seeking to buy or steal nuclear materials is the former Soviet Union. – Lee H. Hamilton

70020. Addressing global resentment cannot be put off. If we do not learn to use our predominant power with great restraint, we will antagonize the world. – Lee H. Hamilton

70021. Aid can work where there is good governance, and usually fails where governments are unable or unwilling to commit aid to improve the lives of their people. – Lee H. Hamilton

70022. But despite this breathtaking pace, I believe in the capacity of our democracy to meet these challenges. – Lee H. Hamilton

70023. But in the end our government usually – not unfailingly – is responsive to the people; and usually – not always – will try to do what is right. – Lee H. Hamilton

70024. For decades the American people have had an addiction to oil and gas. – Lee H. Hamilton

70025. U.S. officials and outside experts agree that China is undertaking a comprehensive modernization of its military. The Chinese military has gotten smaller but smarter. – Lee H. Hamilton

70026. We cannot do everything in Africa, but doing nothing is not an option. – Lee H. Hamilton

70027. We should insist that governments receiving American aid live up to standards of accountability and transparency, and we should support countries that embrace market reforms, democracy, and the rule of law. – Lee H. Hamilton

70028. When you’re talking with a person at this level of the government, at the very highest level, I think you have to be very discreet because he, President Clinton, is very aware that anything he says publicly can have a profound impact on American politics and on world politics. – Lee H. Hamilton

70029. You’ll remember Dr. Rice said that several times: It was not a warning about the place and the method and the time – it was a general warning. And that points out the imperfection, if you would, of our intelligence. – Lee H. Hamilton

70030. I try to keep a balance. I actually believe that children want normal parents, they don’t want celebrities or important parents or anything different from all the other parents. – Linda Hamilton

70031. My heart is so light that it’s amazing. I get to play all this grief, all this loss, all this disaster and chaos. It’s hysterically funny. I am very light. – Linda Hamilton

70032. I carry Yeats with me wherever I go. He’s my constant companion. I always can find some comfort in Yeats no matter what the situation is. Months and months and months go by and I know I need to switch to Shelley or somebody else, but right now Yeats is enough for me. – Linda Hamilton

70033. It’s not subtle or restrained. It’s not any of the things you like to think apply to your acting. – Margaret Hamilton

70034. Anytime you get an audience that’s paying attention, you enjoy it more. – Natasha Hamilton

70035. Each time I’ve gone to the studio, the songs have got better and I’ve got more confident. – Natasha Hamilton

70036. Every four weeks I go up a bra size… it’s worth being pregnant just for the breasts. – Natasha Hamilton

70037. I’m taking one thing at a time. With the children and launching my solo career it would drive me to a nervous breakdown if I tried to organise a wedding on top of that. – Natasha Hamilton

70038. If I like it, it’s gonna be on my album. You can’t please everyone. – Natasha Hamilton

70039. We’re all grown women now; if we wanna do something, we can’t be stopped! – Natasha Hamilton

70040. Finds progress, man’s distinctive mark alone, Not God’s, and not the beast’s; God is, they are, Man partly is, and wholly hopes to be. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70041. Measure your mind’s height by the shade it casts. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70042. No, when the fight begins within himself, A man’s worth something. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70043. Oh, the little more, and how much it is! And the little less, and what worlds away. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70044. Only I discern Infinite passion, and the pain Of finite hearts that yearn. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70045. So, fall asleep love, loved by me… for I know love, I am loved by thee. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70046. The sea heaves up, hangs loaded o’er the land, Breaks there, and buries its tumultuous strength. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70047. Thou art my single day, God lends to leaven What were all earth else, with a feel of heaven. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70048. Why comes temptation but for man to meet And master and make crouch beneath his foot, And so be pedestaled in triumph? – Robert Browning Hamilton

70049. Love, hope, fear, faith – these make humanity; These are its sign and note and character. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70050. ‘Tis not what man Does which exalts him, but what man Would do. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70051. Better have failed in the high aim, as I, Than vulgarly in the low aim succeed As, God be thanked! I do not. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70052. It is the glory and good of Art, That Art remains the one way possible Of speaking truth, to mouths like mine at least. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70053. Ignorance is not innocence but sin. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70054. Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for? – Robert Browning Hamilton

70055. Autumn wins you best by this, its mute Appeal to sympathy for its decay. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70056. But how carve way i’ the life that lies before, If bent on groaning ever for the past? – Robert Browning Hamilton

70057. Earth changes, but thy soul and God stand sure. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70058. Every one soon or late comes round by Rome. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70059. God’s justice, tardy though it prove perchance, Rests never on the track until it reach Delinquency. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70060. A face to lose youth for, to occupy age With the dream of, meet death with. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70061. All June I bound the rose in sheaves, Now, rose by rose, I strip the leaves. – Robert Browning Hamilton

70062. When you’re expected to win and you have the press saying that you are going to win the Olympic gold medal, and you’re the only sure thing in the Olympics, it can undermine your confidence. – Scott Hamilton

70063. Rationality is not one of this industry’s attributes. – Scott Hamilton

70064. I was more interested in skating and the girls and traveling than I was in calculus. – Scott Hamilton

70065. I’m very accessible. I don’t get into this ego thing. – Scott Hamilton

70066. Male figure skating is different than female figure skating; we’re not America’s sweetheart. – Scott Hamilton

70067. Most other competitions are individual achievements, but the Olympic Games is something that belongs to everybody. – Scott Hamilton

70068. So as an amateur Olympic competitor I loved criticism, because it made me better. But now as a professional I don’t really know how to channel it or where to take it, so I don’t take it quite as well. – Scott Hamilton

70069. That’s what makes the Ryder Cup in golf so much better than the Masters or the U.S. Open. To be a part of something that is not about personal achievement, but about representing everyone and sharing it with the whole country, it’s wonderful. – Scott Hamilton

70070. The high road is always respected. Honesty and integrity are always rewarded. – Scott Hamilton

70071. The only disability in life is a bad attitude. – Scott Hamilton

70072. When you turn professional, you become an entertainer, and like every other entertainer, you don’t want to get a bad review. – Scott Hamilton

70073. I started skating and I kind of liked it because I could run circles around the guys that wouldn’t pick me to play baseball. – Scott Hamilton

70074. Without strength and courage it’s really hard to perform at the highest levels of international figure skating, because you’re alone on the ice and you only have seven minutes over two nights to prove yourself. – Scott Hamilton

70075. What was really funny is that as I got older all those guys who called me a sissy in junior high school wanted me to be their best friend because they wanted to meet all the girls that I knew in figure skating. – Scott Hamilton

70076. Always try to maintain complete tolerance and always make an effort to give people more than they expect. – Scott Hamilton

70077. I was nine-years-old when I first put on skates. – Scott Hamilton

70078. Adversity, and perseverance and all these things can shape you. They can give you a value and a self-esteem that is priceless. – Scott Hamilton

70079. I just try to touch people’s hearts in a way through skating, so they’re not just witnessing a performance, they’re feeling a performance and they’re a part of it. – Scott Hamilton

70080. And so figure skating was a great vehicle for me to kind of be competitive at something, without having to be big. – Scott Hamilton

70081. And the fact that I liked to show off and be the center of attention really lends itself to figure skating very well. – Scott Hamilton

70082. But I never really thought that I would be extraordinarily successful at skating, it’s just something that happened, you know. – Scott Hamilton

70083. Everything that I’ve ever been able to accomplish in skating and in life has come out of adversity and perseverance. – Scott Hamilton

70084. From the fall of October, 1980 to March, 1984 I never lost a competition. – Scott Hamilton

70085. Half of figure skating is opinion, convincing judges. – Scott Hamilton

70086. I didn’t want to be the sissy figure skater, you know. – Scott Hamilton

70087. I don’t think most teachers realize how much impact they have. – Scott Hamilton

70088. I graduated a the top of my class in the ’84 Olympic Games; I won a gold medal. – Scott Hamilton

70089. I had a ninth grade teacher who told me I was much smarter and much better than I was allowing myself to be. – Scott Hamilton

70090. Fame is a very confusing thing, because you are recognized by a lot of people that you’ve never seen before, and they’re at a great advantage. – Scott Hamilton

70091. They’ve pushed me down a big ravine, but I’ll get back up to the top. – Tyler Hamilton

70092. The meaning of the Street in all ways and at all times is the need for sharing life with others and the search for community. – Virginia Hamilton

70093. Truth, like a torch, the more it’s shook it shines. – William Hamilton

70094. The will of the world is never the will of God. – William Hamilton

70095. The infinite God can not by us, in the present limitation of our faculties, be comprehended or conceived. – William Hamilton

70096. I simply can’t believe nice communities release effluents. – William Hamilton

70097. Britain is not a country that is easily rocked by revolution… In Britain our institutions evolve. We are a Fabian Society writ large. – William Hamilton

70098. Concrete is, essentially, the color of bad weather. – William Hamilton

70099. Who would not rather have the fame of Archimedes than that of his conqueror Marcellus? – William Rowan Hamilton

70100. I’m not as focused on my acting career as I have been in the past. – Harry Hamlin

70101. In those days I was mortified, because I was a serious actor in my own mind, and then all of a sudden I’m this hunk. – Harry Hamlin

70102. I’d like to find great roles close to home and work on great projects while staying near my family. My family’s the most important thing to me right now. – Harry Hamlin

70103. People will have an altered idea of who you are unless they really take time to get to know you, which of course they don’t. They just get what they see, and they take that to the bank. – Harry Hamlin

70104. I get to play a great character while working with great actors and great directors on a great show. – Harry Hamlin

70105. Aaron Echolls is one of the best characters that I’ve ever played. – Harry Hamlin

70106. I think people enjoyed LA Law so much, because it was the first show that delved into current events through the prism of the law. – Harry Hamlin

70107. I was always drawn to Broadway musicals, and obviously composers like Gershwin, Rodgers, Berlin and Porter were writing music that I found wildly impressive. – Marvin Hamlisch

70108. I think that when NASA works on a moon shot, they know too well that all of the people working on it must do their job at 110 percent. Sometimes they probably put in 18 hour days, but they’re aiming for the moon, and that’s what counts. – Marvin Hamlisch

70109. I started studying music at the age of five and a half. My older sister was taking piano lessons. When her teacher left our apartment, I would get up on the piano bench and start picking out the notes that were part of my sister’s lessons. – Marvin Hamlisch

70110. I never took any vocal training. – Marvin Hamlisch

70111. Barbra Streisand is without a doubt one of the most honest people I have ever known. There is no doubt in my mind that she will not be doing any more concerts. Of course, she still will be making records and starring and directing in movies. – Marvin Hamlisch

70112. There have been studies that clearly state that children who are exposed to arts education at a young age will in fact do markedly better in their SAT tests. – Marvin Hamlisch

70113. True champions aren’t always the ones that win, but those with the most guts. – Mia Hamm

70114. It is not sacrifice if you love what you’re doing. – Mia Hamm

70115. You can’t just beat a team, you have to leave a lasting impression in their minds so they never want to see you again. – Mia Hamm

70116. There are always new, grander challenges to confront, and a true winner will embrace each one. – Mia Hamm

70117. The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking. – Mia Hamm

70118. The person that said winning isn’t everything, never won anything. – Mia Hamm

70119. Take your victories, whatever they may be, cherish them, use them, but don’t settle for them. – Mia Hamm

70120. Success breeds success. – Mia Hamm

70121. If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion. – Mia Hamm

70122. I’ve worked too hard and too long to let anything stand in the way of my goals. I will not let my teammates down and I will not let myself down. – Mia Hamm

70123. I hope all you young girls see yourself up there… we were just like you. – Mia Hamm

70124. I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match. – Mia Hamm

70125. I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion. – Mia Hamm

70126. Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it. – Mia Hamm

70127. You may get skinned knees and elbows, but it’s worth it if you score a spectacular goal. – Mia Hamm

70128. It is more difficult to stay on top than to get there. – Mia Hamm

70129. Being a good teammate is when you try to sprint down a ball that everyone thinks is going out of bounds. But you go after it anyways and you get it. – Mia Hamm

70130. Only he deserves power who every day justifies it. – Dag Hammarskjold

70131. The more we do, the more we can do; the more busy we are, the more leisure we have. – Dag Hammarskjold

70132. The more faithfully you listen to the voices within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside. – Dag Hammarskjold

70133. The longest journey is the journey inwards. Of him who has chosen his destiny, Who has started upon his quest for the source of his being. – Dag Hammarskjold

70134. The breaking wave and the muscle as it contracts obey the same law. Delicate line gathers the body’s total strength in a bold balance. Shall my soul meet so severe a curve, journeying on its way to form? – Dag Hammarskjold

70135. The myths have always condemned those who “looked back.” Condemned them, whatever the paradise may have been which they were leaving. Hence this shadow over each departure from your decision. – Dag Hammarskjold

70136. Your position never gives you the right to command. It only imposes on you the duty of so living your life that others can receive your orders without being humiliated. – Dag Hammarskjold

70137. Time always seems long to the child who is waiting – for Christmas, for next summer, for becoming a grownup: long also when he surrenders his whole soul to each moment of a happy day. – Dag Hammarskjold

70138. Never, for the sake of peace and quiet, deny your own experience or convictions. – Dag Hammarskjold

70139. Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was. – Dag Hammarskjold

70140. Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for. – Dag Hammarskjold

70141. The only kind of dignity which is genuine is that which is not diminished by the indifference of others. – Dag Hammarskjold

70142. The pursuit of peace and progress cannot end in a few years in either victory or defeat. The pursuit of peace and progress, with its trials and its errors, its successes and its setbacks, can never be relaxed and never abandoned. – Dag Hammarskjold

70143. Those who invoke history will certainly be heard by history. And they will have to accept its verdict. – Dag Hammarskjold

70144. Time goes by, reputation increases, ability declines. – Dag Hammarskjold

70145. To forgive oneself? No, that doesn’t work: we have to be forgiven. But we can only believe this is possible if we ourselves can forgive. – Dag Hammarskjold

70146. We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours. – Dag Hammarskjold

70147. What makes loneliness an anguish is not that I have no one to share my burden, but this: I have only my own burden to bear. – Dag Hammarskjold

70148. Your body must become familiar with its death – in all its possible forms and degrees – as a self-evident, imminent, and emotionally neutral step on the way towards the goal you have found worthy of your life. – Dag Hammarskjold

70149. Your cravings as a human animal do not become a prayer just because it is God whom you ask to attend to them. – Dag Hammarskjold

70150. Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find the right road. – Dag Hammarskjold

70151. Praise those of your critics for whom nothing is up to standard. – Dag Hammarskjold

70152. There is a point at which everything becomes simple and there is no longer any question of choice, because all you have staked will be lost if you look back. Life’s point of no return. – Dag Hammarskjold

70153. Friendship needs no words – it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness. – Dag Hammarskjold

70154. The Assembly has witnessed over the last weeks how historical truth is established; once an allegation has been repeated a few times, it is no longer an allegation, it is an established fact, even if no evidence has been brought out in order to support it. – Dag Hammarskjold

70155. Never for the sake of peace and quiet deny your convictions. – Dag Hammarskjold

70156. A task becomes a duty from the moment you suspect it to be an essential part of that integrity which alone entitles a man to assume responsibility. – Dag Hammarskjold

70157. Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon. – Dag Hammarskjold

70158. Destiny is something not be to desired and not to be avoided. a mystery not contrary to reason, for it implies that the world, and the course of human history, have meaning. – Dag Hammarskjold

70159. Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment. – Dag Hammarskjold

70160. Everything will be all right – you know when? When people, just people, stop thinking of the United Nations as a weird Picasso abstraction and see it as a drawing they made themselves. – Dag Hammarskjold

70161. “Freedom from fear” could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. – Dag Hammarskjold

70162. God does not die on the day when we cease to believe in a personal deity, but we die on the day when our lives cease to be illumined by the steady radiance, renewed daily, of a wonder, the source of which is beyond all reason. – Dag Hammarskjold

70163. I am the vessel. The draft is God’s. And God is the thirsty one. – Dag Hammarskjold

70164. I believe that we should die with decency so that at least decency will survive. – Dag Hammarskjold

70165. It is when we all play safe that we create a world of utmost insecurity. – Dag Hammarskjold

70166. Maturity – among other things, the unclouded happiness of the child at play, who takes it for granted that he is at one with his play-mates. – Dag Hammarskjold

70167. Life yields only to the conqueror. Never accept what can be gained by giving in. You will be living off stolen goods, and your muscles will atrophy. – Dag Hammarskjold

70168. Forgiveness is the answer to the child’s dream of a miracle by which what is broken is made whole again, what is soiled is made clean again. – Dag Hammarskjold

70169. Life only demands from you the strength that you possess. Only one feat is possible; not to run away. – Dag Hammarskjold

70170. I never discuss discussions. – Dag Hammarskjold

70171. It is playing safe that we create a world of utmost insecurity. – Dag Hammarskjold

70172. It is more noble to give yourself completely to one individual than to labor diligently for the salvation of the masses. – Dag Hammarskjold

70173. It is easy to be nice, even to an enemy – from lack of character. – Dag Hammarskjold

70174. Is life so wretched? Isn’t it rather your hands which are too small, your vision which is muddled? You are the one who must grow up. – Dag Hammarskjold

70175. In the last analysis, it is our conception of death which decides our answers to all the questions that life puts to us. – Dag Hammarskjold

70176. If only I may grow: firmer, simpler, quieter, warmer. – Dag Hammarskjold

70177. If even dying is to be made a social function, then, grant me the favor of sneaking out on tiptoe without disturbing the party. – Dag Hammarskjold

70178. Regrets and recriminations only hurt your soul. – Armand Hammer

70179. When I work fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, I get lucky. – Armand Hammer

70180. My mother is a singer, still performs today; she’s a jazz singer. – Jan Hammer

70181. I’m so far removed from live playing any more. – Jan Hammer

70182. The problem that I have is with the music business. For some reason it seems almost impossible to get anything, any music, released which includes improvisation or soloing. – Jan Hammer

70183. The passion and spontaneity in music is all gone. – Jan Hammer

70184. The band couldn’t have happened anywhere else in the world but New York. That was the catalyst. – Jan Hammer

70185. Still for fun, I play the drums, but I don’t do much recording with them. – Jan Hammer

70186. You never know what you find once you really get going. – Jan Hammer

70187. I’ve been doing a lot of music for films and television for quite a few years. – Jan Hammer

70188. I spent well over a year on the road with Sarah Vaughn. That was amazing. – Jan Hammer

70189. Growing up, I was very much interested in jazz music. – Jan Hammer

70190. Emotions are the fuel to really move you along – that’s the only way you can create music. If you don’t feel any emotions, it’s not going to happen. – Jan Hammer

70191. It was very hard to get any records, so the only source for us to really hear what was happening was listening to the Voice of America. We would be taping all the broadcast and then sharing the tapes and talking about it. – Jan Hammer

70192. It’s not really that I didn’t want to perform at all. What I didn’t want to do was try to put together a band, rehearse, on my own. You know what I mean? – Jan Hammer

70193. All the sounds of the earth are like music. – Oscar Hammerstein

70194. If you don’t have a dream, how are you going to make a dream come true? – Oscar Hammerstein

70195. Peace is not the product of a victory or a command. It has no finishing line, no final deadline, no fixed definition of achievement. Peace is a never-ending process, the work of many decisions. – Oscar Hammerstein II

70196. You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear. – Oscar Hammerstein II

70197. You gotta have a dream. If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true? – Oscar Hammerstein II

70198. What is a sophisticate? He is a man who thinks he can swim better than he can and sometimes he drowns. – Oscar Hammerstein II

70199. There is nothin’ like a dame. – Oscar Hammerstein II

70200. The dearest things I know are what you are. – Oscar Hammerstein II

70201. If you become a teacher, by your pupils you’ll be taught. – Oscar Hammerstein II

70202. I know the world is filled with troubles and many injustices. But reality is as beautiful as it is ugly. I think it is just as important to sing about beautiful mornings as it is to talk about slums. I just couldn’t write anything without hope in it. – Oscar Hammerstein II

70203. Do you love me because I’m beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me? – Oscar Hammerstein II

70204. Be brave, young lovers, and follow your star. – Oscar Hammerstein II

70205. A bell’s not a bell ’til you ring it, A song’s not a song ’til you sing it, Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, Love isn’t love ’til you give it away! – Oscar Hammerstein II

70206. The number of people who will not go to a show they do not want to see is unlimited. – Oscar Hammerstein II

70207. Looks like she’s been slapping the kid again. – Dashiell Hammett

70208. You got to look on the bright side, even if there ain’t one. – Dashiell Hammett

70209. With what dope I got I think it fills me in pretty well. – Dashiell Hammett

70210. The roof might fall in; anything could happen. – Dashiell Hammett

70211. Thanks for the information about what we call business. – Dashiell Hammett

70212. Strictly speaking, there are no real substitutes for sexual satisfaction. – Dashiell Hammett

70213. She seems to be having a pretty good time despite her worrying. That’s Lily. – Dashiell Hammett

70214. People always say things like, Oh, well, he was suffering so much that he was better off dying. But that’s not true. You’re always better off living. – Dashiell Hammett

70215. It’s sometimes better to pretend I don’t hear the sound of somebody in the nearby woods with a shotgun. – Dashiell Hammett

70216. It’s awfully easy to be in love in jail. – Dashiell Hammett

70217. I’ve been as bad an influence on American literature as anyone I can think of. – Dashiell Hammett

70218. I like women. I really like women. – Dashiell Hammett

70219. I haven’t any sort of plans for the future but I reckon things will work out in some manner. – Dashiell Hammett

70220. I have not killed anyone. They will not let me. – Dashiell Hammett

70221. I don’t know much about him; never heard him say more than nope or yup. – Dashiell Hammett

70222. I deserve all the love you can spare me. And I want a lot more than I deserve. – Dashiell Hammett

70223. Feed the lettuce to the bunny and eat the bunny. – Dashiell Hammett

70224. Another man whose social life has ruined him. – Dashiell Hammett

70225. Our lawyers had their chat with the Supreme Court Justice, and promised to repast the chat to other members of the Supreme Court to find out whether they wanted to hear us out. – Dashiell Hammett

70226. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of competing with all these other great guitar players. I just want to sidestep the whole thing and get out of the race. – Kirk Hammett

70227. We wanted to offer something new to our audience. I hate it when bands stop taking chances. – Kirk Hammett

70228. My guitars are my umbilical cord. They’re directly wired into my head. – Kirk Hammett

70229. Just because you know umpteen billion scales, it doesn’t mean you have to use them all in a solo. – Kirk Hammett

70230. I’m death obsessed. You know, I have death all over my house. I have a stuffed two headed sheep! – Kirk Hammett

70231. I would have to say I’m bored with the standard rock, guitar solos, but I’ve done it for five albums now, and this time I wanted to go in a completely different direction. I wasn’t interested in showing off any more. – Kirk Hammett

70232. I don’t think success has changed us as people at all. We are the same lunatics that we were when this band first got going. We never see ourselves as being on a higher level than our fans. – Kirk Hammett

70233. Guitar players in the nineties seem to be reacting against the technique oriented eighties. – Kirk Hammett

70234. I love this pedal to death. The only way you could keep me from playing one is by chopping off my legs! – Kirk Hammett

70235. Seriously, these days I tend to shut up in terms of external analysis and DO try to let things speak for themselves, while still trying to get some depth into them. – Peter Hammill

70236. Actually I think Art lies in both directions – the broad strokes, big picture but on the other hand the minute examination of the apparently mundane. Seeing the whole world in a grain of sand, that kind of thing. – Peter Hammill

70237. The passage of time is a continuing thing. At 18, you’re going to live forever, and you are definitely not at 52, so that is a recurring topic. I still think it’s the main stuff. – Peter Hammill

70238. The crucial question one comes back to is the examination; without that experience is meaningless. And I think it’s true that society is becoming more and more passive, less and less fired up with enthusiasm, in many spheres. – Peter Hammill

70239. So I, for one, didn’t feel alienated by what happened in 77. – Peter Hammill

70240. It costs so much to promote something these days that almost always safety is the preferred option, reference back to things which have been successful in the past. Also, people are simply not given the time to develop and find themselves and their audience as we were. – Peter Hammill

70241. I had then and still retain an interest in science for its own sake and as a metaphor for our current lives. – Peter Hammill

70242. Being used to scientific terminology and theory it was always natural for me to push this stuff into songs. – Peter Hammill

70243. Marc Almond has done a couple of covers, a few people in Europa have done them. I own all the publishing. It’s never really been addressed, as I haven’t had the time to go out and tout the songs. – Peter Hammill

70244. I continue to believe, contrary to the given wisdom, that it’s more interesting to have an album – or, indeed, an individual song – which has variety rather than homogeneity. – Peter Hammill

70245. We live so little time in this world that it is no matter how wretched and miserable we are, if it prepares us for heaven. – Jupiter Hammon

70246. Let all the time you can get be spent in trying to learn to read. – Jupiter Hammon

70247. Now the Bible tells us that we are all by nature, sinners, that we are slaves to sin and Satan, and that unless we are converted, or born again, we must be miserable forever. – Jupiter Hammon

70248. That liberty is a great thing we may know from our own feelings, and we may likewise judge so from the conduct of the white-people, in the late war. – Jupiter Hammon

70249. The Bible is a revelation of the mind and will of God to men. Therein we may learn, what God is. – Jupiter Hammon

70250. The next thing I would mention, and warn you against, is profaneness. This you know is forbidden by God. – Jupiter Hammon

70251. There are but two places where all go after death, white and black, rich and poor; those places are Heaven and Hell. Heaven is a place made for those, who are born again, and who love God, and it is a place where they will be happy for ever. – Jupiter Hammon

70252. We cannot certainly, have any excuse either for taking any thing that belongs to our masters without their leave, or for being unfaithful in their business. – Jupiter Hammon

70253. You have discovered so much kindness and good will to those you thought were oppressed, and had no helper, that I am sure you will not despise what I have wrote, if you judge it will be of any service to them. – Jupiter Hammon

70254. When I was at Hartford in Connecticut, where I lived during the war, I published several pieces which were well received, not only by those of my own colour, but by a number of the white people, who thought they might do good among their servants. – Jupiter Hammon

70255. It is very wicked for you not to take care of your masters goods, but how much worse is it to pilfer and steal from them, whenever you think you shall not be found out. – Jupiter Hammon

70256. Those of you who can read I must beg you to read the Bible, and whenever you can get time, study the Bible, and if you can get no other time, spare some of your time from sleep, and learn what the mind and will of God is. – Jupiter Hammon

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70257. If you see most people neglect the Bible, and many that can read never look into it, let it not harden you and make you think lightly of it, and that it is a book of no worth. – Jupiter Hammon

70258. If we should ever get to Heaven, we shall find nobody to reproach us for being black, or for being slaves. – Jupiter Hammon

70259. If there was no Bible, it would be no matter whether you could read or not. Reading other books would do you no good. – Jupiter Hammon

70260. If a servant strives to please his master and studies and takes pains to do it, I believe there are but few masters who would use such a servant cruelly. – Jupiter Hammon

70261. I suppose I have had more advantages and privileges than most of you, who are slaves have ever known, and I believe more than many white people have enjoyed, for which I desire to bless God, and pray that he may bless those who have given them to me. – Jupiter Hammon

70262. He will bring us all, rich and poor, white and black, to his judgment seat. – Jupiter Hammon

70263. Good servants frequently make good masters. – Jupiter Hammon

70264. But this will not do, God will certainly punish you for stealing and for being unfaithful. – Jupiter Hammon

70265. Besides all this, if you are idle, and take to bad courses, you will hurt those of your brethren who are slaves, and do all in your power to prevent their being free. – Jupiter Hammon

70266. All the time spent idly, is spent wickedly, and is unfaithfulness to our masters. – Jupiter Hammon

70267. As we depend upon our masters, for what we eat and drink and wear, and for all our comfortable things in this world, we cannot be happy, unless we please them. – Jupiter Hammon

70268. You know that murder is wicked. If you saw your master kill a man, do you suppose this would be any excuse for you, if you should commit the same crime? – Jupiter Hammon

70269. It is our duty to be faithful, not with eye service as men pleasers. – Jupiter Hammon

70270. I don’t know if I want to be a big star though. – Darrell Hammond

70271. I’ve seen the hell these people go through. – Darrell Hammond

70272. I’ll get to make a lot of money and do some bad sitcoms. – Darrell Hammond

70273. I’ve learned sometimes you just have to take the bad from people. – Darrell Hammond

70274. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. – Fred Hammond

70275. I do a lot of work with the Dyslexia Institute because, for people with dyslexia who do not have parental support, it is a huge disadvantage. I was fortunate because my Mum was a teacher and she taught me to work hard. – Susan Hampshire

70276. It is a lonely existence to be a child with a disability which no-one can see or understand, you exasperate your teachers, you disappoint your parents, and worst of all you know that you are not just stupid. – Susan Hampshire

70277. My hobby is gardening, I love it, it’s my main hobby. I like being at home and I’m very happy being in my house, I love cooking. – Susan Hampshire

70278. Some people can only be happy being a star. What happens if and when the work dries up? – Susan Hampshire

70279. We are keeping healthier and living longer and I am a good example of someone who is in the Age Concern bracket but is still working and keeping active. – Susan Hampshire

70280. We do not get to this age to be written off. Older people can act as a support system, which is what happens more in Mediterranean countries. People become much wiser as they get older and we should value that. – Susan Hampshire

70281. I think there’s something degrading about having a husband for a rival. It’s humiliating if you fail and commonplace if you succeed. – Christopher Hampton

70282. You know very well that unless you’re a scientist, it’s much more important for a theory to be shapely, than for it to be true. – Christopher Hampton

70283. To seduce a woman famous for strict morals, religious fervor and the happiness of her marriage: what could possibly be more prestigious? – Christopher Hampton

70284. If I had to give a definition of capitalism I would say: the process whereby American girls turn into American women. – Christopher Hampton

70285. I always divide people into two groups. Those who live by what they know to be a lie, and those who live by what they believe, falsely, to be the truth. – Christopher Hampton

70286. Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamp-post what it feels about dogs. – Christopher Hampton

70287. A great number of the disappointments and mishaps of the troubled world are the direct result of literature and the allied arts. It is our belief that no human being who devotes his life and energy to the manufacture of fantasies can be anything but fundamentally inadequate. – Christopher Hampton

70288. I have always thought of sophistication as rather a feeble substitute for decadence. – Christopher Hampton

70289. I believe I’m going to die doing the things I was born to do. I believe I’m going to die high off the people. I believe I’m going to die a revolutionary in the international revolutionary proletarian struggle. – Fred Hampton

70290. Let me just say: Peace to you, if you’re willing to fight for it. – Fred Hampton

70291. You can kill a revolutionary but you can never kill the revolution. – Fred Hampton

70292. Food might be more immediately important than history but if you don’t understand what’s been done to you – by your own people and the so-called “they” – you can never get around it. – Henry Hampton

70293. What drives people to public service is a sense of possibility. If you haven’t sensed that possibility you don’t get started in the same way, you don’t feel you can have an impact. – Henry Hampton

70294. We don’t have a full black community in Boston. Our people are scattered. There’s a middle class where I live in Highland Park but it’s not like a piece of Washington or Chicago. – Henry Hampton

70295. If you’re black in America, race is a factor in your life. Start with that assumption. – Henry Hampton

70296. Eyes is the attempt to tell the story of the Civil Rights movement and to create an emotional, intellectual constituency. But what do you do after that? The black community doesn’t have institutions that pick up such moments and preserve them. – Henry Hampton

70297. Everybody needs history but the people who need it most are poor folks – people without resources or options. – Henry Hampton

70298. On the one hand, there is no reason that a black person needs to live a portion of his or her life being concerned about the people of color around him. On the other hand, if you don’t you’re crazy. – Henry Hampton

70299. Playing gives me as much good feeling now as it did when I was a bitty kid. – Lionel Hampton

70300. Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind. – Lionel Hampton

70301. The secret is keeping busy, and loving what you do. – Lionel Hampton

70302. So I always figured I’d still be playing at this age. – Lionel Hampton

70303. Seemed to me that drumming was the best way to get close to God. – Lionel Hampton

70304. Working with Benny was important for me and for black musicians in general. – Lionel Hampton

70305. Playing is my way of thinking, talking, communicating. – Lionel Hampton

70306. Music was our wife, and we loved her. And we stayed with her, and we clothed her, and we put diamond rings on her hands. – Lionel Hampton

70307. I worked hard learning harmony and theory when I was growing up in Chicago in the 1920s. – Lionel Hampton

70308. I feel honored to have been a part of that dramatic change. – Lionel Hampton

70309. Every day I look forward to getting with my instruments, trying new things. – Lionel Hampton

70310. Black and white players hadn’t appeared together in public before Teddy Wilson and I began working with B.G. – Lionel Hampton

70311. I think I love it more as I get older because I keep getting better on drums, vibes and piano. – Lionel Hampton

70312. No, what I should really like to do right now, in the full blaze of lights, before this illustrious assembly, is to shower every one of you with gifts, with flowers, with offerings of poetry – to be young once more, to ride on the crest of the wave. – Knut Hamsun

70313. I have had much to learn from Sweden’s poetry and, more especially, from her lyrics of the last generation. – Knut Hamsun

70314. When good befalls a man he calls it Providence, when evil fate. – Knut Hamsun

70315. Were I more conversant with literature and its great names, I could go on quoting them ad infinitum and acknowledge my debt for the merit you have been generous enough to find in my work. – Knut Hamsun

70316. There is nothing like being left alone again, to walk peacefully with oneself in the woods. To boil one’s coffee and fill one’s pipe, and to think idly and slowly as one does it. – Knut Hamsun

70317. No worse fate can befall a young man or woman than becoming prematurely entrenched in prudence and negation. – Knut Hamsun

70318. It is as well perhaps that this is not the first time I have been swept off my feet. In the days of my blessed youth there were such occasions; in what young person’s life do they not occur? – Knut Hamsun

70319. In old age we are like a batch of letters that someone has sent. We are no longer in the past, we have arrived. – Knut Hamsun

70320. In my solitude, many miles from men and houses, I am in a childishly happy and carefree state of mind, which you are incapable of understanding unless someone explains it to you. – Knut Hamsun

70321. You are welcome to your intellectual pastimes and books and art and newspapers; welcome, too, to your bars and your whisky that only makes me ill. Here am I in the forest, quite content. – Knut Hamsun

70322. Today riches and honours have been lavished on me, but one gift has been lacking, the most important one of all, the only one that matters, the gift of youth. – Knut Hamsun

70323. I have gone to the forest. – Knut Hamsun

70324. For I mean to roam and think and make great irons red-hot. – Knut Hamsun

70325. Heaven knows that there are plenty of opportunities in later life, too, for being carried away. What of it? We remain what we are and, no doubt, it is all very good for us! – Knut Hamsun

70326. However, I must not indulge in homespun wisdom here before so distinguished an assembly, especially as I am to be followed by a representative of science. – Knut Hamsun

70327. Miles’ sessions were not typical of anybody else’s sessions. They were totally unique. – Herbie Hancock

70328. Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. – Herbie Hancock

70329. Music is the tool to express life – and all that makes a difference. – Herbie Hancock

70330. I’ve been a religious, spiritual person for a long time. – Herbie Hancock

70331. Nobody told me I was a child prodigy. – Herbie Hancock

70332. One thing I like about jazz is that it emphasized doing things differently from what other people were doing. – Herbie Hancock

70333. One thing that attracted me to Buddhism was the support for this larger vision of values. – Herbie Hancock

70334. Since time is a continuum, the moment is always different, so the music is always different. – Herbie Hancock

70335. Jazz is about being in the moment. – Herbie Hancock

70336. See, there were certain rules I’d always used, and people like Trane, they would break those rules. – Herbie Hancock

70337. Creativity shouldn’t be following radio; it should be the other way around. – Herbie Hancock

70338. Jazz has borrowed from other genres of music and also has lent itself to other genres of music. – Herbie Hancock

70339. It is people’s hearts that move the age. – Herbie Hancock

70340. I think there’s a great beauty to having problems. That’s one of the ways we learn. – Herbie Hancock

70341. I think I was supposed to play jazz. – Herbie Hancock

70342. Getting the Oscar had the biggest impression on me. – Herbie Hancock

70343. Creativity and artistic endeavors have a mission that goes far beyond just making music for the sake of music. – Herbie Hancock

70344. But, the truth is that everyone is somebody already. – Herbie Hancock

70345. But I have to be careful not to let the world dazzle me so much that I forget that I’m a husband and a father. – Herbie Hancock

70346. It pulled me like a magnet, jazz did, because it was a way that I could express myself. – Herbie Hancock

70347. I try stuff. I synthesize what’s of value with some of the other things I have at my disposal. – Herbie Hancock

70348. I try to practice with my life. – Herbie Hancock

70349. I’m always interested in looking forward toward the future. Carving out new ways of looking at things. – Herbie Hancock

70350. I’m always looking to create new avenues or new visions of music. – Herbie Hancock

70351. It’s not the style that motivates me, as much as an attitude of openness that I have when I go into a project. – Herbie Hancock

70352. In the past, there’s always been one leader that has led the pack to development of the music. – Herbie Hancock

70353. Being a musician is what I do, but it’s not what I am. – Herbie Hancock

70354. I feel a lot more secure about the directions I take, than I might have, had I not practiced Buddhism. – Herbie Hancock

70355. It’s not exclusive, but inclusive, which is the whole spirit of jazz. – Herbie Hancock

70356. You would not exist if you did not have something to bring to the table of life. – Herbie Hancock

70357. You can practice to attain knowledge, but you can’t practice to attain wisdom. – Herbie Hancock

70358. You can practice to learn a technique, but I’m more interested in conceiving of something in the moment. – Herbie Hancock

70359. We are eternally linked not just to each other but our environment. – Herbie Hancock

70360. While knowledge may provide useful point of reference, it cannot become a force to guide the future. – Herbie Hancock

70361. Without wisdom, the future has no meaning, no valuable purpose. – Herbie Hancock

70362. When I was in my early teens, I remember coming to the conclusion that your life never ends. – Herbie Hancock

70363. When I was coming up, I practiced all the time because I thought if I didn’t I couldn’t do my best. – Herbie Hancock

70364. The value of music is not dazzling yourself and others with technique. – Herbie Hancock

70365. The thing that we possess, that machines don’t, is the ability to exhibit wisdom. – Herbie Hancock

70366. The music becomes something that is its own entity. – Herbie Hancock

70367. The spirit of jazz is the spirit of openness. – Herbie Hancock

70368. The value of music is to be able to play one note at the right time in the right way. – Herbie Hancock

70369. The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions. – John Hancock

70370. I don’t think I gain anything by seeing myself. – Tony Hancock

70371. It’s both funny and sad which seem to me to be the two basic ingredients of good comedy. – Tony Hancock

70372. So I turned these sort of deficiencies into a, a workable thing if you understand what I mean. – Tony Hancock

70373. We try to… we are, I suppose to a certain extent all affected and erm, that is both funny and sad I think. – Tony Hancock

70374. And erm, perhaps looking like this it was perhaps the only thing I could do. – Tony Hancock

70375. My politics are of a practical kind – the integrity of the country, the supremacy of the Federal government, an honorable peace, or none at all. – Winfield Scott Hancock

70376. Colonel, I do not care to die, but I pray to God I may never leave this field. – Winfield Scott Hancock

70377. No doubt one may quote history to support any cause, as the devil quotes scripture. – Learned Hand

70378. A self-made man may prefer a self-made name. – Learned Hand

70379. If we are to keep democracy, there must be a commandment: Thou shalt not ration justice. – Learned Hand

70380. I shall ask no more than that you agree with Dean Inge that even though counting heads is not an ideal way to govern, at least it is better than breaking them. – Learned Hand

70381. We may win when we lose, if we have done what we can; for by so doing we have made real at least some part of that finished product in whose fabrication we are most concerned: ourselves. – Learned Hand

70382. Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it. – Learned Hand

70383. The aim of law is the maximum gratification of the nervous system of man. – Learned Hand

70384. The art of publicity is a black art; but it has come to stay, and every year adds to its potency. – Learned Hand

70385. The mid-day sun is too much for most eyes; one is dazzled even with its reflection. Be careful that too broad and high an aim does not paralyze your effort and clog your springs of action. – Learned Hand

70386. The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure that it is right. – Learned Hand

70387. In the end it is worse to suppress dissent than to run the risk of heresy. – Learned Hand

70388. Words are not pebbles in alien juxtaposition. – Learned Hand

70389. It lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it. While it lies there, it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it. – Learned Hand

70390. What to an outsider will be no more than the vigorous presentation of a conviction, to an employee may be the manifestation of a determination which it is not safe to thwart. – Learned Hand

70391. Words are chameleons, which reflect the color of their environment. – Learned Hand

70392. You cannot raise the standard against oppression, or leap into the breach to relieve injustice, and still keep an open mind to every disconcerting fact, or an open ear to the cold voice of doubt. – Learned Hand

70393. Right knows no boundaries, and justice no frontiers; the brotherhood of man is not a domestic institution. – Learned Hand

70394. Life is made up of constant calls to action, and we seldom have time for more than hastily contrived answers. – Learned Hand

70395. Life is made up of a series of judgments on insufficient data, and if we waited to run down all our doubts, it would flow past us. – Learned Hand

70396. Thou shalt not ration justice. – Learned Hand

70397. It is enough that we set out to mold the motley stuff of life into some form of our own choosing; when we do, the performance is itself the wage. – Learned Hand

70398. If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood. – Peter Handke

70399. I did not think this doll could ever be this huge. – Ruth Handler

70400. They were using the dolls to project their dreams of their own futures as adult women. – Ruth Handler

70401. I thought the Barbie doll would always be successful. – Ruth Handler

70402. Through their play Barbara imagined their lives as adults. They used the dolls to reflect the adult world around them. They would sit and carry on conversations, making the dolls real people. – Ruth Handler

70403. Television speeded everything up. – Ruth Handler

70404. It’s the degree of success and the length of time that is amazing. – Ruth Handler

70405. It took us three years to even come close to catching up with the demand a little bit. – Ruth Handler

70406. I wasn’t a financial pro, and I paid the price. – Ruth Handler

70407. We didn’t know how to run a business, but we had dreams and talent. – Ruth Handler

70408. We may pretend that we’re basically moral people who make mistakes, but the whole of history proves otherwise. – Terry Hands

70409. Instead of a national curriculum for education, what is really needed is an individual curriculum for every child. – Charles Handy

70410. The companies that survive longest are the one’s that work out what they uniquely can give to the world not just growth or money but their excellence, their respect for others, or their ability to make people happy. Some call those things a soul. – Charles Handy

70411. With a guitar I would be able to express the things I felt in sounds. – William Christopher Handy

70412. Setting my mind on a musical instrument was like falling in love. All the world seemed bright and changed. – William Christopher Handy

70413. You’ve got to appreciate the things that come from the art of the Negro and from the heart of the man farthest down. – William Christopher Handy

70414. Whenever I heard the song of a bird and the answering call of its mate, I could visualize the notes in scale, all built up within my consciousness as a natural symphony. – William Christopher Handy

70415. The name of my ailment was longing, and it was not cured till I finally went to the department store and counted out the money in small coins before the dismayed clerk. When I came to the house, I held up the instrument before the eyes of the astonished household. – William Christopher Handy

70416. The blues – the sound of a sinner on revival day. – William Christopher Handy

70417. Nature was my kindergarten. – William Christopher Handy

70418. My big ears indicated a talent for music. This thrilled me. – William Christopher Handy

70419. Life is something like a trumpet. If you don’t put anything in, you won’t get anything out. – William Christopher Handy

70420. Life is like a trumpet – if you don’t put anything into it, you don’t get anything out of it. – William Christopher Handy

70421. I think America concedes that true American music has sprung from the Negro. – William Christopher Handy

70422. I knew the whistle of each of the river boats on the Tennessee. – William Christopher Handy

70423. Saving was slow and painful. – William Christopher Handy

70424. When your goal is to put on muscle mass you must increase your calorie intake as you increase the activity level being given to the muscle. – Lee Haney

70425. Recent studies have revealed that children 8-10 years old are being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure at an alarming rate. – Lee Haney

70426. Rule of thumb: Eat for what you’re going to be doing, and not for what you have done. Don’t take in more than you’re willing to burn off. – Lee Haney

70427. The circuit training program along with a healthy clean diet is the way to excellent results. – Lee Haney

70428. To be physically fit is just a small aspect. You can be a beautiful physical specimen, but you’re empty as far as what it takes to be a person, and that shows up real fast. – Lee Haney

70429. Walking is great to be used as an exercise program. – Lee Haney

70430. When doing your aerobic exercise, go at a comfortable pace until you’ve developed more stamina. – Lee Haney

70431. PR is extremely important, and being able to use it in the right way means everything. You have to market your success. – Lee Haney

70432. When little old ladies recognize a guy who was Mr. Olympia, that’s saying something. That means I’ve been able to cross lines as far as marketability is concerned. – Lee Haney

70433. More than ever, we as parents and a nation must do something about the growth of obesity in our children. We must do more than just talk, we must be concerned enough to act. – Lee Haney

70434. With all of the holiday cheer in the air, it’s easy to overlook the ingredients in the foods. Ingredients such as salt, sugar, and fat – all of which leads to diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, heart disease, and cancer. – Lee Haney

70435. When exercising, be sure to focus your attention on what you are doing. – Lee Haney

70436. Exercise is one of the best ways in preventing the rapid growth of obesity in America. – Lee Haney

70437. As the proud father of two teens and past Chairman to the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, I am committed to educating parents and especially young people on ways to live a long, healthy and active life. – Lee Haney

70438. Muscle and water is critical in burning fat. – Lee Haney

70439. Enrolling your child in a recreational sport sponsored by your neighborhood recreation community centers is a great way to keep kids active. – Lee Haney

70440. Parents must lead by example. Don’t use the cliche; do as I say and not as I do. We are our children’s first and most important role models. – Lee Haney

70441. Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. The world wasn’t formed in a day, and neither were we. Set small goals and build upon them. – Lee Haney

70442. I was able to get along with everybody. I really enjoyed all of those guys. They were unique in their own ways, and I think that’s what made the sport fun. We had a great time laughing and having fun. – Lee Haney

70443. I’ve watched a lot of guys through the years, and they hold their breath until they finally win The Big One, thinking then they can exhale and chill out. You have to breathe through life, man. Have fun. – Lee Haney

70444. It takes more than just a good looking body. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it. – Lee Haney

70445. Most kids will not volunteer to eat veggies. At times you must step up to the plate and enforce the rule of authority as a parent. – Lee Haney

70446. A systemic cleansing and detox is definitely the way to go after each holiday. It is the key to fighting high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and other health-related illnesses. – Lee Haney

70447. Beginning with exercise, the best training program available for real results is circuit training. – Lee Haney

70448. In true dialogue, both sides are willing to change. – Nhat Hanh

70449. The practice of peace and reconciliation is one of the most vital and artistic of human actions. – Nhat Hanh

70450. Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. – Nhat Hanh

70451. We really have to understand the person we want to love. If our love is only a will to possess, it is not love. If we only think of ourselves, if we know only our own needs and ignore the needs of the other person, we cannot love. – Nhat Hanh

70452. In order to rally people, governments need enemies… if they do not have a real enemy, they will invent one in order to mobilize us. – Nhat Hanh

70453. If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work. – Nhat Hanh

70454. Smiling is very important. If we are not able to smile, then the world will not have peace. It is not by going out for a demonstration against nuclear missiles that we can bring about peace. It is with our capacity of smiling, breathing, and being peace that we can make peace. – Nhat Hanh

70455. People deal too much with the negative, with what is wrong. Why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom? – Nhat Hanh

70456. We came to say, the Quran is our constitution, we are committed to God and his holy book. God willing, should they try to carry out their crime against the Quran, God will tear their state apart and they will become God’s lesson to anyone who tries to desecrate the holy book. – Ismail Haniyeh

70457. When it comes down to it, I just want to work. – Colin Hanks

70458. There’s a difference between solitude and loneliness. I can understand the concept of being a monk for a while. – Tom Hanks

70459. Movie-making is telling a story with the best technology at your disposal. – Tom Hanks

70460. My favorite traditional Christmas movie that I like to watch is All Quiet on the Western Front. It’s just not December without that movie in my house. – Tom Hanks

70461. My kid could get a bad X-ray and I could get a call from the doctor saying I have something growing in my bum and that would change my perspective on everything instantaneously, on what is and what is not important. – Tom Hanks

70462. Prior to Saving Private Ryan I never worked with men. I was always working with some babe, and it was always about falling in love, and it just got turned around. I’m not looking for any particular kind of story. I wait until it comes across my desk. – Tom Hanks

70463. That’s what’s nice about directing a film and having it done: There’s nothing more I can do about it. It’s done. That’s it. All I can do is let it go and hope that people are kind to it. – Tom Hanks

70464. There is something basic about protecting land by taking it off the market. People should be able to enjoy where they live while at the same time protect the plants and animals around them. – Tom Hanks

70465. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great. – Tom Hanks

70466. What we’re doing with Band of Brothers is trying to put it into human terms, so it is not just a flickering, black and white myth on a screen, it is a resonant story. I want the audience to recognize themselves in these men. They’re not just mythic heroes. – Tom Hanks

70467. The year I was born, 1956, was the peak year for babies being born, and there are more people essentially our age than anybody else. We could crush these new generations if we decided too. – Tom Hanks

70468. If you have to have a job in this world, a high-priced movie star is a pretty good gig. – Tom Hanks

70469. I would not want to live in a country that would have me as a leader in any sort of political bent. – Tom Hanks

70470. I will entertain anything; it doesn’t matter. You know, it’s not obviously about the price, it’s not about who, it’s kind of about when and what. It’s material, that’s all. – Tom Hanks

70471. I must say that I do wrestle with the amount of money I make, but at the end of the day what am I gonna say? I took less money so Rupert Murdoch could have more? – Tom Hanks

70472. I love what I do for a living, it’s the greatest job in the world, but you have to survive an awful lot of attention that you don’t truly deserve and you have to live up to your professional responsibilities and I’m always trying to balance that with what is really important. – Tom Hanks

70473. Growing up in northern California has had a big influence on my love and respect for the outdoors. When I lived in Oakland, we would think nothing of driving to Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz one day and then driving to the foothills of the Sierras the next day. – Tom Hanks

70474. From now on we live in a world where man has walked on the Moon. It’s not a miracle; we just decided to go. – Tom Hanks

70475. E-mail is far more convenient than the telephone, as far as I’m concerned. I would throw my phone away if I could get away with it. – Tom Hanks

70476. It’s always a combination of physics and poetry that I find inspiring. It’s hard to wrap your head around things like the Hubble scope. – Tom Hanks

70477. Zoo animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild. – Jack Hanna

70478. The most important thing is to preserve the world we live in. Unless people understand and learn about our world, habitats, and animals, they won’t understand that if we don’t protect those habitats, we’ll eventually destroy ourselves. – Jack Hanna

70479. The world is the true classroom. The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with our own eyes. – Jack Hanna

70480. I’m just working and having a good time and seeing what develops, which is so awesome, because you don’t know what’s going to happen, and I’m letting myself do that a lot more than I ever have. – Kathleen Hanna

70481. You learn that the only way to get rock-star power as a girl is to be a groupie and bare your breasts and get chosen for the night. We learn that the only way to get anywhere is through men. And it’s a lie. – Kathleen Hanna

70482. I wanted to make something that I wanted to hear that I wasn’t hearing. – Kathleen Hanna

70483. Art revolves around creating something that isn’t there. – Kathleen Hanna

70484. Now look, that damned cowboy is President of the United States. – Marcus A. Hanna

70485. Don’t organize for any other purpose than mutual benefit to the employer and the employee. – Mark Hanna

70486. If we can by any method establish a relation of mutual trust between the laborer and the employer, we shall lay the foundation stone of a structure that will endure for all time. – Mark Hanna

70487. Don’t organize in the spirit of antagonism; that should be beneath your consideration. – Mark Hanna

70488. My best stories come out of nowhere, with no concern for form at all. – Barry Hannah

70489. Voice comes to you through a spell, a trance. The best voices are not you… they’re a little away from you. – Barry Hannah

70490. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. A woman must do what he can’t. – Barry Hannah

70491. We need a number of solutions – we need more efficiency and conservation. Efficiency is a big one. I think car companies need to do a lot better in producing more efficient cars. They have the technology, we just need to demand them as consumers. – Daryl Hannah

70492. I find that when I play reality-based characters, it is only as fun for me if I have a lot of time to do research. If I don’t it just isn’t exciting but if I do, it can be fun because I can learn about that person and the world that they live in and I can become somebody else. – Daryl Hannah

70493. I’ve been using the same editor, thankfully, she’s been sticking with me, but I’ve been doing it full-on guerilla style… I haven’t gotten any public sponsor or anything, because I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to sell any particular thing. – Daryl Hannah

70494. I’m one of those people who figures that it will eventually sort itself out. – Daryl Hannah

70495. I’d like to provide information, inspiration, and access to whatever goods and services are needed to make it super easy for everyone to change their lifestyle to a sustainable one. – Daryl Hannah

70496. I’d like to be a giant enabler. – Daryl Hannah

70497. I really struggle with that feeling of helplessness. That’s why I really try to get my blogs, and even myself, to point to the positive and look at all the inspiring things that are happening. – Daryl Hannah

70498. I love the idea that biodiesel has the potential to support farmers, especially the family farms. – Daryl Hannah

70499. I have four dogs, four horses, a cat, and a bunch of wild frogs. – Daryl Hannah

70500. I’ve never been good in the financial and business arenas. I handle the creative side of things. – Daryl Hannah

70501. Filmmaking is such a collaborative medium. – Daryl Hannah

70502. And then of course, obviously as far as issues such as global warming, something has to be done on the corporate side, there has to be some mandate or some legislation. – Daryl Hannah

70503. Being a humanitarian, supporting animal rights activists, human rights activists, it’s all the same. – Daryl Hannah

70504. And I know that the younger generation is doing things that are so ingenious. And for them it’s not a matter of a political belief or an environmental stance. It’s really just common sense. – Daryl Hannah

70505. I just finished a film with Michael Radford called Dancing at the Blue Iguana. – Daryl Hannah

70506. It’s not necessary to go far and wide. I mean, you can really find exciting and inspiring things within your hometown. – Daryl Hannah

70507. It’s the first villain that I’ve played in a movie that has absolutely no vulnerability and no innocence, nothing whatsoever that is likeable about her other than she’s so bad. – Daryl Hannah

70508. Most Oscar parties are pretty silly. They’re really for people who like to schmooze. – Daryl Hannah

70509. Most people are really stunned to find out that the technology has been around for more than 100 years, and that the diesel engine was in fact invented to run on vegetable oil. – Daryl Hannah

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70510. My ideal is to wake up in the morning and run around the meadow naked. – Daryl Hannah

70511. No one really wants to send their kids off to die for oil. – Daryl Hannah

70512. Obviously we’re a consumer nation and you have the power to influence these big corporations who are running the world right now through what you chose to, or not to, purchase. – Daryl Hannah

70513. So organic farming practices are something that, to me, are interlinked with the idea of using biodiesel. – Daryl Hannah

70514. Sometimes it’s a character you want to play or a story you want to tell. Sometimes it’s just to pay the bills. – Daryl Hannah

70515. That will only happen if I have a bout of amnesia or if I feel like mooning someone in the audience. – Daryl Hannah

70516. That’s a big goal of mine, to try and grow as much of my own food as possible. – Daryl Hannah

70517. The biodiesel we use is 100 percent, it has no petroleum in it. It was already used in fryers throughout our local area. It’s already had one life and now it’s going to be used again, which is nice. – Daryl Hannah

70518. Unfortunately, I ended up kind of getting sadly duped, in a way. I haven’t had an agent in 10 years, and now I’m doing some of the most interesting films I’ve ever had an opportunity to play in. – Daryl Hannah

70519. A movie camera is like having someone you have a crush on watching you from afar – you pretend it’s not there. – Daryl Hannah

70520. There are horses people use for competition, and if they don’t perform well or go lame, then people ask the vet to put them down to get the insurance money. And my vet knows I love horses, so he gives them to me. – Daryl Hannah

70521. And we also read Newsweek, Time and several newspapers. – Hanoi Hannah

70522. Americans are xenophobic, they will believe their own people rather than the adversary, even a friendly enemy voice. – Hanoi Hannah

70523. American GIs don’t fight this unjust immoral and illegal war of Johnson’s. – Hanoi Hannah

70524. And we broadcast tapes sent to us from Americans against the war. These were most effective I believe. – Hanoi Hannah

70525. Because our fight has been for such a long time we are isolated from the world, even after reconstruction we don’t have much attention from people outside. – Hanoi Hannah

70526. Because the GIs were sent massively to South Vietnam, maybe it’s a good idea to have a broadcast for them. – Hanoi Hannah

70527. I had to do something for the country. – Hanoi Hannah

70528. I am happy with what I’ve done. – Hanoi Hannah

70529. Well, we think the broadcasts did have some effect, because we see the antiwar movement in the U.S. building up, growing and so we think that our broadcast is a support to this antiwar movement. – Hanoi Hannah

70530. I have always compared our traditions of liberty, like those of Abraham Lincoln and Ho Chi Minh. – Hanoi Hannah

70531. I put my heart in my work. – Hanoi Hannah

70532. I would like to see America some day. – Hanoi Hannah

70533. It wasn’t a new idea. During the war against the French we had this kind of broadcast for the French soldiers. – Hanoi Hannah

70534. Nothing is more confused than to be ordered into a war to die or to be maimed for life without the faintest idea of what’s going on. – Hanoi Hannah

70535. Our program for American GIs can be heard at 1630 hours. – Hanoi Hannah

70536. Sometimes my colleagues joke and call me Hannah. – Hanoi Hannah

70537. There’s a policy now of opening the doors to the outside world. – Hanoi Hannah

70538. This is the voice of Vietnam Broadcasting from Hanoi, capitol of the Democratic republic of Vietnam. – Hanoi Hannah

70539. We advised them to do what they think proper against the war. – Hanoi Hannah

70540. We asked Jane Fonda if she would like to meet American pilots in Hanoi, but she refused, she didn’t want to. – Hanoi Hannah

70541. The best thing to do is just leave them alone. Alligators want to be away from you just as much as you want to be away from them. – Jack Hannah

70542. Wild animals are just as confused as people are now. You’ve got toxins in the water, oil, sewage, all sorts of things. – Jack Hannah

70543. Higher education must lead the march back to the fundamentals of human relationships, to the old discovery that is ever new, that man does not live by bread alone. – John Hannah

70544. The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions. A chip on the shoulder is too heavy a piece of baggage to carry through life. – John Hannah

70545. A trillion here, a trillion there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money. – Daniel Hannan

70546. Political reporters no longer get to decide what’s news. The days when a minister gave briefings to a dozen lobby correspondents, and thereby dictated the next day’s headlines, are over. Now, a thousand bloggers decide for themselves what is interesting. If enough of them are tickled then, bingo, you’re news. – Daniel Hannan

70547. Prime Minister, I see you’ve already mastered the essential craft of the European politician, namely, the ability to say one thing in this chamber and a very different thing to your home electorate. – Daniel Hannan

70548. The truth, Prime Minister, is that you have run out of our money. The country as a whole is now in negative equity. Every British child is born owing around 20,000 pounds. Servicing the interest on that debt is going to cost more than educating the child. – Daniel Hannan

70549. The U.S. states that allow for citizens’ initiatives tend to have fewer laws and lower taxes than the ones that don’t. But the beauty of the system is that it encourages the spread of best practice. – Daniel Hannan

70550. When you repeat, in that wooden and perfunctory way, that our situation is better than others, that we’re ‘well-placed to weather the storm’, I have to tell you that you sound like a Brezhnev-era apparatchik giving the party line. – Daniel Hannan

70551. You cannot carry on forever squeezing the productive bit of the economy in order to fund an unprecedented engorgement of the unproductive bit. – Daniel Hannan

70552. You cannot spend your way out of recession or borrow your way out of debt. – Daniel Hannan

70553. You need to suffer to be interesting. – Alyson Hannigan

70554. There should be a law that there’s a pajama day every few weeks. – Alyson Hannigan

70555. I know quickly whether a guy is boyfriend material. If I can have a good time doing absolutely nothing with him, then that’s boyfriend material for me. Like if we’re able to have fun at a gas station. I’ve had some really good times at gas stations. – Alyson Hannigan

70556. It doesn’t say anywhere in the Constitution this idea of the separation of church and state. – Sean Hannity

70557. Can we pray for the re-election of George Bush? – Sean Hannity

70558. With guests who are ‘in the middle of the fight,’ we’re able to hear their point-of-view on the topics, as well as advance our own feelings. – Sean Hannity

70559. Why should one U.S. airman give up his life when our national security is not in imminent danger? – Sean Hannity

70560. So the mayor of New Orleans would have used his own buses had the people had been white? – Sean Hannity

70561. One of the best lessons I learned early is that not everything in life is about you. It is about service. If you want trips and excessive gifts, then don’t get into public service. – Sean Hannity

70562. Is the president purposefully using propaganda and hyperbole to garner the American public for support? – Sean Hannity

70563. Is it that you hate this president or that you hate America? – Sean Hannity

70564. I think you need people of principle, of character, that are leaders, that take stands on important tough issues that will affect the future of this country. – Sean Hannity

70565. I have never seen any such quote anyplace, anywhere. – Sean Hannity

70566. I am very disciplined in my life and very up front. It is the only way I can do it and do it well. I am up every day at 7, and I feed my kids, no matter how long the day was. – Sean Hannity

70567. Governor, why wouldn’t anyone want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, unless they detested their own country or were ignorant of its greatness? – Sean Hannity

70568. See what I have to put up with every night? – Sean Hannity

70569. Children see things very well sometimes – and idealists even better. – Lorraine Hansberry

70570. Take away the violence and who will hear the men of peace? – Lorraine Hansberry

70571. There is always something left to love. And if you ain’t learned that, you ain’t learned nothing. – Lorraine Hansberry

70572. The thing that makes you exceptional, if you are at all, is inevitably that which must also make you lonely. – Lorraine Hansberry

70573. Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. – Lorraine Hansberry

70574. A woman who is willing to be herself and pursue her own potential runs not so much the risk of loneliness, as the challenge of exposure to more interesting men – and people in general. – Lorraine Hansberry

70575. Seems like God don’t see fit to give the black man nothing but dreams – but He did give us children to make them dreams seem worthwhile. – Lorraine Hansberry

70576. Manchester City have been in the doldrums for a while, they came up and went straight back down again. – Alan Hansen

70577. I played against the Brazilians in ’82, who were definitely the best team never to have won the World Cup. – Alan Hansen

70578. When George Graham was there they complained, harking back to better days, but I think that’s a fantasy. – Alan Hansen

70579. What I always do is just look at the players, look at the best 11 they can put on the pitch. – Alan Hansen

70580. We got stuffed 4-1, but it was just great to play against, it was like an education. You think you are half good and then you go and play against a side like that! – Alan Hansen

70581. These guys live and breathe football; they get something out of going to the training ground every day. – Alan Hansen

70582. The World Cup needs a brilliant Brazilian team. – Alan Hansen

70583. The pressures are intense, because the rewards for success and the penalty for failure are more and more. – Alan Hansen

70584. The Italians are very strong defensively. They showed in Euro 2000 how good defensively they are. – Alan Hansen

70585. The boy can do anything, but to be the star of the World Cup you have got to get to the final and win it! – Alan Hansen

70586. Potentially he could be. He scored the goal four years ago in France against Argentina that was extraordinary. – Alan Hansen

70587. In ’82 Brazil showed that you can’t win the World Cup without a solid defense. – Alan Hansen

70588. I think when people talk about ambition and talking to him, it might have seemed that he wasn’t ambitious. – Alan Hansen

70589. I think if Tottenham are going to be top four side, the fans and the club will need to get away from the philosophy of ‘pretty football’, that’s got to go. – Alan Hansen

70590. I don’t think anyone enjoyed it. Apart from the people who watched it. – Alan Hansen

70591. I don’t expect to see them in the top six but I think of all the teams that have come up in previous seasons, I think Manchester City are the biggest club. – Alan Hansen

70592. He’s sharp, he can score and he doesn’t worry about missing. – Alan Hansen

70593. Everybody likes Brazil and we want the Brazilians to come out. – Alan Hansen

70594. Even though they won’t finish in the top four this season, they will still be of the contenders next season. – Alan Hansen

70595. It’s incredible considering the public perception that he was tight fisted and he was more than prudent, and lacked ambition to take Tottenham to where the fans wanted them to be. – Alan Hansen

70596. I think the reality is that, that money was probably badly spent. – Alan Hansen

70597. A wedding is just like a funeral except that you get to smell your own flowers. – Grace Hansen

70598. I feel I’m as qualified for office as any of the other comedians who are running. – Grace Hansen

70599. Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin. – Grace Hansen

70600. For some time I’ve had my eye on Tom McCall’s seat – which is a great deal more than he’s had on it. – Grace Hansen

70601. Recent warming coincides with rapid growth of human-made greenhouse gases. The observed rapid warming gives urgency to discussions about how to slow greenhouse gas emissions. – James Hansen

70602. The five warmest years over the last century occurred in the last eight years. – James Hansen

70603. Don’t think it, ink it. – Mark Victor Hansen

70604. I never let my subject get in the way of what I want to talk about. – Mark Victor Hansen

70605. In imagination, there’s no limitation. – Mark Victor Hansen

70606. Whatever you’re ready for is ready for you. – Mark Victor Hansen

70607. When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it. – Mark Victor Hansen

70608. You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands – your own. – Mark Victor Hansen

70609. That’s what it’s about, how society changes people but people can also change society. It only takes a few people to do things and help themselves instead of sitting around on their asses. She has a very global outlook on life and all sorts of things. – Mary Hansen

70610. When I go to a film, you’re taking it easy and you let things wash over you. That’s what cinema’s all about. You get involved in a world that’s being created in front of you. – Mary Hansen

70611. An art aims, above all, at producing something beautiful which affects not our feelings but the organ of pure contemplation, our imagination. – Eduard Hanslick

70612. Grant that the true organ with which the beautiful is apprehended is the imagination, and it follows that all arts are likely to affect the feelings indirectly. – Eduard Hanslick

70613. Music has no subject beyond the combinations of notes we hear, for music speaks not only by means of sounds, it speaks nothing but sound. – Eduard Hanslick

70614. The course hitherto pursued in musical aesthetics has nearly always been hampered by the false assumption that the object was not so much to inquire into what is beautiful in music as to describe the feelings which music awakens. – Eduard Hanslick

70615. You can dress it up, but it comes down to the fact that a movie is only as good as its script. – Curtis Hanson

70616. There are so many lovely cities around the U.S., around the world, that it’s almost impossible to pick one. – Isaac Hanson

70617. Yes it was we, are a few years back parted from our record company and took the album that we were making with them and released it independently in the United States had a number one Independent debut in the United States. – Isaac Hanson

70618. Working with Yahoo! allows us to give our fans a chance to listen to our songs, check out the video, purchase our new album, win tickets to our show, and chat with us all in one place. – Isaac Hanson

70619. What we do every night is we change out the set list as much as we can to make sure that (fans can) go home and tell their friends they experienced something unique and cool. – Isaac Hanson

70620. We’ve sold over 100,000 records so far, and we’re an independent label. – Isaac Hanson

70621. There are very few people who have done more than one Christmas album. – Isaac Hanson

70622. Taylor being married and so on, that does evolve the dynamic on the road. – Isaac Hanson

70623. People my age don’t always know where their music comes from. – Isaac Hanson

70624. I’m doing what I do for the right reasons. I love the music that I make. – Isaac Hanson

70625. I think downloading is both saving and killing the music industry at the same time. – Isaac Hanson

70626. I enjoyed making this album a lot because of the knowledge we acquired over the last 3 years. – Isaac Hanson

70627. Generally, I end up being the one thrown against the wall, because Zach is the drummer. He’s stronger than me. – Isaac Hanson

70628. Christmas albums are not something you do frequently. – Isaac Hanson

70629. But anyone who knows anything about the music industry knows it’s not only about the music. – Isaac Hanson

70630. One of the things I want to do as an artist is to connect generations. – Isaac Hanson

70631. We have a good time and try not to kill each other. – Isaac Hanson

70632. Actually, I don’t think there’s anyone that represents the artists, except the artists themselves. – Isaac Hanson

70633. Something in me wanted to find out how far I could run without stopping. – Jacki Hanson

70634. The majority of Aboriginals do not want handouts because they realise that welfare is killing them. – Pauline Hanson

70635. The World Health Organisation has a lot of its medical experts sitting in Geneva while hospitals in Africa have no drugs and desperate patients are forced to seek medication on the black market. – Pauline Hanson

70636. This nation is being divided into black and white, and the present system encourages this. – Pauline Hanson

70637. To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation, one flag. – Pauline Hanson

70638. We must look after our own before lining the pockets of overseas countries and investors. – Pauline Hanson

70639. We are regarded as a Third World country with First World living conditions. – Pauline Hanson

70640. We have one of the highest interest rates in the world, and we owe more money per capita than any other country. All we need is a nail hole in the bottom of the boat and we’re sunk. – Pauline Hanson

70641. The government must do all it can to help reduce interest rates for business. – Pauline Hanson

70642. I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians. – Pauline Hanson

70643. We have lost all our big Australian industries and icons, including Qantas when it sold 25 % of its shares and a controlling interest to British Airways. – Pauline Hanson

70644. It is refreshing to be able to express my views without having to toe a party line. It has got me into trouble on the odd occasion, but I am not going to stop saying what I think. – Pauline Hanson

70645. In this financial year we will be spending at least $1.5 billion on foreign aid and we cannot be sure that this money will be properly spent, as corruption and mismanagement in many of the recipient countries are legend. – Pauline Hanson

70646. If politicians continue to promote separatism in Australia, they should not continue to hold their seats in this parliament. They are not truly representing all Australians, and I call on the people to throw them out. – Pauline Hanson

70647. I will fight hard to keep my seat in this place, but that will depend on the people who sent me here. – Pauline Hanson

70648. I may be only a fish and chip shop lady, but some of these economists need to get their heads out of the textbooks and get a job in the real world. I would not even let one of them handle my grocery shopping. – Pauline Hanson

70649. I come here not as a polished politician but as a woman who has had her fair share of life’s knocks. – Pauline Hanson

70650. Governments must give to all those who have hit life’s hurdles the chance to rebuild and have a future. – Pauline Hanson

70651. A social problem is one that concerns the way in which people live together in one society. A racial problem is a problem which confronts two different races who live in two separate societies, even if those societies are side by side. – Pauline Hanson

70652. My view on issues is based on common sense, and my experience as a mother of four children, as a sole parent, and as a businesswoman running a fish and chip shop. – Pauline Hanson

70653. I do not believe that the colour of one’s skin determines whether you are disadvantaged. – Pauline Hanson

70654. You never get to pick how you get pinned and how people perceive you. – Taylor Hanson

70655. You have to lead people to get excited and be passionate and be activated by what you do. – Taylor Hanson

70656. You can say we’re trying too hard or that we didn’t try hard enough, but we’re not trying at all; we’re just doing what we do. – Taylor Hanson

70657. To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world. – Taylor Hanson

70658. Sometimes, fear is good. Sometimes it’s a good thing to have a little bit of a reality check. – Taylor Hanson

70659. Radio is a really strange business now, too. There’s a very narrow door and a very few people control what gets played. – Taylor Hanson

70660. People don’t realize who this band is always been because we’re so young, and it’s hard to get over that stigma. – Taylor Hanson

70661. A lot of labels are hiring a lot more accountants than people that know music. – Taylor Hanson

70662. Nuclear holocaust might eliminate the Internet. – Taylor Hanson

70663. This bloody past suggests to us that enemies cease hostilities only when they are battered enough to acknowledge that there is no hope in victory – and thus that further resistance means only useless sacrifice. – Victor Davis Hanson

70664. The fact is, beneath the hype, Iraqis will soon appreciate American help and idealism far more than French perfidy. It is never wrong to be on the side of freedom – never. – Victor Davis Hanson

70665. Any time the Western way of war can be unleashed on an enemy stupid enough to enter its arena, victory is assured. – Victor Davis Hanson

70666. States are like people. They do not question the awful status quo until some dramatic event overturns the conventional and lax way of thinking. – Victor Davis Hanson

70667. It would be nice to have radio support, not that we’ve ever had that much trouble with it. – Zac Hanson

70668. It’s cool to have critical success because it’s always nice for your peers to say, ‘Good job.’ But who cares about them? – Zac Hanson

70669. It’s pretty much run by everybody. We’re very involved in everything that goes on. We always have been. – Zac Hanson

70670. The real reason we ended up getting into that type of music was our dad worked for an oil company so we spent a year overseas when we were young kids. Because of that, it was all Spanish TV and radio so we ended up having these ’50s and ’60s tapes, tapes of that music. – Zac Hanson

70671. You may be pulling from different influences because of different things that are going on in your life, different people that are around you and more experiences to pull from. – Zac Hanson

70672. I was not fighting myself at all as I used to. – Daniela Hantuchova

70673. Yes, yes, I’m very happy that I finally got through this match, beat No. 7 in the world. It’s my best win so far. So I’m really happy the way I play today and felt really strong on the court physically, mentally. – Daniela Hantuchova

70674. Yeah, I think there are many other important things in life, not just tennis. – Daniela Hantuchova

70675. Well, I think, you know, the university and the high schools are also important, but depends how I’m going to do in tennis – well, I hope. I mean, it depends, so I don’t know yet. – Daniela Hantuchova

70676. Well, I like to – the game of serve and volley, but it’s very tough, you know, against the best players because they return so good and their passing shots are really good. So it’s really tough to get there with those players. – Daniela Hantuchova

70677. Well, actually I don’t care what surface I’m playing on. – Daniela Hantuchova

70678. That’s what I’ve been always saying, that I was always using the mixed doubles especially to improve my net game and being able to return a guy’s serve, ’cause then when you play someone like Serena, you are little bit more prepared for that. – Daniela Hantuchova

70679. Rome is my most favorite city, so I really enjoy to stay here and the whole tournament. – Daniela Hantuchova

70680. I’m visiting my high school. Every half year I do the exams, and then this year I’m going to graduate. – Daniela Hantuchova

70681. I started when I was six years old. My first coach was my granny, she was the best player in Slovakia. – Daniela Hantuchova

70682. I really enjoyed every minute of it. I mean, I’ve learned so much in the last week, I mean, just the way to play a real, real doubles. It was a great experience for me, and we had a lot of fun. – Daniela Hantuchova

70683. I mean, it’s been quite busy, especially with the rain delay the first few days, and then having to play the late evenings, waiting here every day. It’s been kind of difficult. – Daniela Hantuchova

70684. I mean, every single time I was there with Mahesh, I just tried to learn something of his game, because he’s, you know, one of the best doubles players that’s been around ever. – Daniela Hantuchova

70685. But just maybe sometimes being even more patient. Even though I thought I did that much better this year, and sometimes, you know, make my opponents play that one extra ball, and just knowing how to play the big points better. – Daniela Hantuchova

70686. As I said this year, I didn’t try to put any pressure on me by setting high goals or anything, I just want to make sure that every single time I’m out there on the court I do my best, I give 100%, and see where it’s going to end up next year. – Daniela Hantuchova

70687. It was a great time here in the States this year, and definitely I feel like I’m playing well again. I gained a lot of confidence in the last couple of weeks, and I just have to, you know, keep going and keep the momentum now. – Daniela Hantuchova

70688. There ought to be a law against necessity. – E. Y. Harburg

70689. Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead. – E. Y. Harburg

70690. Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought. – E. Y. Harburg

70691. When the idle poor become the idle rich, you’ll never know just who is who, or which is which. – E. Y. Harburg

70692. When I’m not near the girl I love, I love the girl I’m near. – E. Y. Harburg

70693. Leave the atom alone. – E. Y. Harburg

70694. April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom, holiday tables under the trees. – E. Y. Harburg

70695. Follow the fellow who follows a dream. – E. Y. Harburg

70696. Follow the yellow brick road. – E. Y. Harburg

70697. The Lord made Adam, the Lord made Eve, he made ’em both a little bit naive. – E. Y. Harburg

70698. I think I have the skills. I’m a great judge of talent. I just know basketball. – Tim Hardaway

70699. Your team has to understand that coming into the ABA, you have to have your investments right and sponsorships and people ready to give you money so they can back you up. – Tim Hardaway

70700. You have to look at how chemistry develops. – Tim Hardaway

70701. When your team drops out, you make the ABA look bad. – Tim Hardaway

70702. If the right people do the right things, we can walk, we can have a future. But if people don’t put time into it to make it run in a right way, I don’t think your team will work. – Tim Hardaway

70703. I’m not trying to get back on a team, but I have tried to stay in shape just in case a team needs a point guard. A championship team. I wouldn’t go to any other team. – Tim Hardaway

70704. I take my son to school and then I drive 45 minutes to practice with my ABA team, the Florida Pit Bulls, from 10 to 1. In the afternoon, I have meetings. – Tim Hardaway

70705. I hate them with all the hate you can hate with. Can you hate more than that? If you can, I hate them more than that. – Tim Hardaway

70706. I didn’t like how my NBA career ended because I wanted to go out on my own terms. But nobody tried to believe in me, that I could go back and play. I can still play at 39. – Tim Hardaway

70707. I did everything I could to establish myself, but it just didn’t work that way. I’m not angry about that. – Tim Hardaway

70708. Everybody looks at his clothes to see what he’s wearing. – Tim Hardaway

70709. I’ve always thought if it’s not broke, why fix it? – Tim Hardaway

70710. I’m not a big fan of mediocre. – Marcia Gay Harden

70711. I’m always a little starstruck anyway. So to work with a movie star, which is Brad, I was excited about that; to work with a movie legend, which is Tony, I wouldn’t have passed that up. Just to get to watch him and watch how he works. – Marcia Gay Harden

70712. In the theater, it’s about taking time in a musical segment, a pause in a musical way and then moving on. – Marcia Gay Harden

70713. You’re over there in the corner either thinking about the dead dog or whatever, you’re bringing up your personal life and you need the space, and then somebody throws you a joke. Especially if it’s an emotional scene, you don’t want the joke. – Marcia Gay Harden

70714. I’m just a pack mule. I’ve played leads and I’ve played character roles. Any actress in Hollywood will tell you as your age climbs, the leads thin. – Marcia Gay Harden

70715. I think in terms of family, in terms of relationships, in terms of work, competition to be the favorite, to be the noticed, to be the one – I don’t know if it exists for all personalities, but I know for sure it did with me. – Marcia Gay Harden

70716. I love it when ugliness is beautiful. I love character flaws. – Marcia Gay Harden

70717. Having a dad in the service was helpful. I was forever meeting new kids, going to new schools, moving to new neighborhoods. I was encouraged when I attended the American School in Germany. – Marcia Gay Harden

70718. All those days of waiting on tables until I could get a role on Broadway, all that time going to school taking lessons, and all those years of being a nobody following a dream-and now here it is. – Marcia Gay Harden

70719. In theater, you have a rehearsal period and you know just who to be. – Marcia Gay Harden

70720. I was always the child who wore her emotions on her sleeve. – Marcia Gay Harden

70721. The rational man finds that his share of the cost of the wastes he discharges into the commons is less than the cost of purifying his wastes before releasing them. – Garrett Hardin

70722. The social arrangements that produce responsibility are arrangements that create coercion, of some sort. – Garrett Hardin

70723. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights describes the family as the natural and fundamental unit of society. It follows that any choice and decision with regard to the size of the family must irrevocably rest with the family itself, and cannot be made by anyone else. – Garrett Hardin

70724. The optimum population is, then, less than the maximum. – Garrett Hardin

70725. The only kind of coercion I recommend is mutual coercion, mutually agreed upon by the majority of the people affected. – Garrett Hardin

70726. Ruin is the destination toward which all men rush, each pursuing his own best interest in a society that believes in the freedom of the commons. – Garrett Hardin

70727. Of course, a positive growth rate might be taken as evidence that a population is below its optimum. – Garrett Hardin

70728. Moreover, the practical recommendations deduced from ecological principles threaten the vested interests of commerce; it is hardly surprising that the financial and political power created by these investments should be used sometimes to suppress environmental impact studies. – Garrett Hardin

70729. It is a mistake to think that we can control the breeding of mankind in the long run by an appeal to conscience. – Garrett Hardin

70730. Indeed, our particular concept of private property, which deters us from exhausting the positive resources of the earth, favors pollution. – Garrett Hardin

70731. Incommensurables cannot be compared. – Garrett Hardin

70732. In an approximate way, the logic of commons has been understood for a long time, perhaps since the discovery of agriculture or the invention of private property in real estate. – Garrett Hardin

70733. Fundamentalists are panicked by the apparent disintegration of the family, the disappearance of certainty and the decay of morality. Fear leads them to ask, if we cannot trust the Bible, what can we trust? – Garrett Hardin

70734. To say that we mutually agree to coercion is not to say that we are required to enjoy it, or even to pretend we enjoy it. – Garrett Hardin

70735. An attack on values is inevitably seen as an act of subversion. – Garrett Hardin

70736. However, I think the major opposition to ecology has deeper roots than mere economics; ecology threatens widely held values so fundamental that they must be called religious. – Garrett Hardin

70737. In a finite world this means that the per capita share of the world’s goods must steadily decrease. – Garrett Hardin

70738. No one should be able to enter a wilderness by mechanical means. – Garrett Hardin

70739. But as population became denser, the natural chemical and biological recycling processes became overloaded, calling for a redefinition of property rights. – Garrett Hardin

70740. Why are ecologists and environmentalists so feared and hated? This is because in part what they have to say is new to the general public, and the new is always alarming. – Garrett Hardin

70741. You cannot do only one thing. – Garrett Hardin

70742. Education can counteract the natural tendency to do the wrong thing, but the inexorable succession of generations requires that the basis for this knowledge be constantly refreshed. – Garrett Hardin

70743. Continuity is at the heart of conservatism: ecology serves that heart. – Garrett Hardin

70744. Freedom in a commons brings ruin to all. – Garrett Hardin

70745. Using the commons as a cesspool does not harm the general public under frontier conditions, because there is no public, the same behavior in a metropolis is unbearable. – Garrett Hardin

70746. A finite world can support only a finite population; therefore, population growth must eventually equal zero. – Garrett Hardin

70747. But it is no good using the tongs of reason to pull the Fundamentalists’ chestnuts out of the fire of contradiction. Their real troubles lie elsewhere. – Garrett Hardin

70748. A technical solution may be defined as one that requires a change only in the techniques of the natural sciences, demanding little or nothing in the way of change in human values or ideas of morality. – Garrett Hardin

70749. A coldly rationalist individualist can deny that he has any obligation to make sacrifices for the future. – Garrett Hardin

70750. I have only one real hobby – my husband. – Florence Harding

70751. Well, Warren Harding, I have got you the presidency. What are you going to do with it? – Florence Harding

70752. Conflict is the beginning of consciousness. – M. Esther Harding

70753. If any human being is to reach full maturity both the masculine and feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness. – M. Esther Harding

70754. He once had his toes amputated so he could stand closer to the bar. – Mike Harding

70755. If little green men land in your back yard, hide any little green women you’ve got in the house. – Mike Harding

70756. One thing I like about boxing is that I will not have to deal with the same kind of politics that I had to in skating. In boxing, it is not about your appearance, or how your costume looks, what color it is, or how much it costs. – Tonya Harding

70757. She hits me and she beats me and she drinks. My mom is an alcoholic. – Tonya Harding

70758. I don’t know much about Americanism, but it’s a damn good word with which to carry an election. – Warren G. Harding

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70759. I don’t know what to do or where to turn in this taxation matter. Somewhere there must be a book that tells all about it, where I could go to straighten it out in my mind. But I don’t know where the book is, and maybe I couldn’t read it if I found it. – Warren G. Harding

70760. I have no trouble with my enemies. I can take care of my enemies in a fight. But my friends, my goddamned friends, they’re the ones who keep me walking the floor at nights! – Warren G. Harding

70761. Only solitary men know the full joys of friendship. Others have their family; but to a solitary and an exile his friends are everything. – Warren G. Harding

70762. America’s present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration. – Warren G. Harding

70763. The fifties – they seem to have taken place on a sunny afternoon that asked nothing of you except a drifting belief in the moment and its power to satisfy. – Elizabeth Hardwick

70764. The language of the younger generation has the brutality of the city and an assertion of threatening power at hand, not to come. It is military, theatrical, and at its most coherent probably a lasting repudiation of empty courtesy and bureaucratic euphemism. – Elizabeth Hardwick

70765. The greatest gift is a passion for reading. It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, it excites, it gives you knowledge of the world and experience of a wide kind. It is a moral illumination. – Elizabeth Hardwick

70766. Nature should have been pleased to have made this age miserable, without making it also ridiculous. – Elizabeth Hardwick

70767. I am alone here in New York, no longer a we. – Elizabeth Hardwick

70768. Adversity is a great teacher, but this teacher makes us pay dearly for its instruction; and often the profit we derive, is not worth the price we paid. – Elizabeth Hardwick

70769. Books give not wisdom where none was before. But where some is, there reading makes it more. – Elizabeth Hardwick

70770. Actors must practice restraint, else think what might happen in a love scene. – Cedric Hardwicke

70771. England is my wife, America my mistress. It is very good sometimes to get away from one’s wife. – Cedric Hardwicke

70772. I believe that God felt sorry for actors so he created Hollywood to give them a place in the sun and a swimming pool. The price they had to pay was to surrender their talent. – Cedric Hardwicke

70773. When actors are talking, they are servants of the dramatist. It is what they can show the audience when they are not talking that reveals the fine actor. – Cedric Hardwicke

70774. My heart is in the Church of England but not my mind. – Alister Hardy

70775. Everywhere I look and most of the time I look, I see photographs. – Bert Hardy

70776. Pure mathematics is on the whole distinctly more useful than applied. For what is useful above all is technique, and mathematical technique is taught mainly through pure mathematics. – G. H. Hardy

70777. There is no scorn more profound, or on the whole more justifiable, than that of the men who make for the men who explain. Exposition, criticism, appreciation, is work for second-rate minds. – G. H. Hardy

70778. Young men should prove theorems, old men should write books. – G. H. Hardy

70779. I am interested in mathematics only as a creative art. – G. H. Hardy

70780. A mathematician, like a painter or poet, is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ideas. – G. H. Hardy

70781. Archimedes will be remembered when Aeschylus is forgotten, because languages die and mathematical ideas do not. – G. H. Hardy

70782. It is not worth an intelligent man’s time to be in the majority. By definition, there are already enough people to do that. – G. H. Hardy

70783. A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ideas. – Godfrey Harold Hardy

70784. Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics. – Godfrey Harold Hardy

70785. I was at my best at a little past forty, when I was a professor at Oxford. – Godfrey Harold Hardy

70786. I wrote a great deal… but very little of any importance; there are not more than four of five papers which I can still remember with some satisfaction. – Godfrey Harold Hardy

70787. That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into. – Oliver Hardy

70788. We never see ourselves as others see us. – Oliver Hardy

70789. Fear is the mother of foresight. – Thomas Hardy

70790. I was court-martial in my absence, and sentenced to death in my absence, so I said they could shoot me in my absence. – Thomas Hardy

70791. A woman would rather visit her own grave than the place where she has been young and beautiful after she is aged and ugly. – Thomas Hardy

70792. I am the family face; flesh perishes, I live on. – Thomas Hardy

70793. If way to the better there be, it exacts a full look at the worst. – Thomas Hardy

70794. Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. – Thomas Hardy

70795. Give the enemy not only a road for flight, but also a means of defending it. – Thomas Hardy

70796. If Galileo had said in verse that the world moved, the inquisition might have let him alone. – Thomas Hardy

70797. Everybody is so talented nowadays that the only people I care to honor as deserving real distinction are those who remain in obscurity. – Thomas Hardy

70798. Dialect words are those terrible marks of the beast to the truly genteel. – Thomas Hardy

70799. Do not do an immoral thing for moral reasons. – Thomas Hardy

70800. And yet to every bad there is a worse. – Thomas Hardy

70801. A resolution to avoid an evil is seldom framed till the evil is so far advanced as to make avoidance impossible. – Thomas Hardy

70802. A lover without indiscretion is no lover at all. – Thomas Hardy

70803. It is difficult for a woman to define her feelings in language which is chiefly made by men to express theirs. – Thomas Hardy

70804. Aspect are within us, and who seems most kingly is king. – Thomas Hardy

70805. There are accents in the eye which are not on the tongue, and more tales come from pale lips than can enter an ear. It is both the grandeur and the pain of the remoter moods that they avoid the pathway of sound. – Thomas Hardy

70806. Like the British Constitution, she owes her success in practice to her inconsistencies in principle. – Thomas Hardy

70807. You was a good man, and did good things. – Thomas Hardy

70808. You can do anything with bayonets except sit on them. – Thomas Hardy

70809. Yes; quaint and curious war is! You shoot a fellow down you’d treat if met where any bar is, or help to half-a-crown. – Thomas Hardy

70810. There is a condition worse than blindness, and that is, seeing something that isn’t there. – Thomas Hardy

70811. The value of old age depends upon the person who reaches it. To some men of early performance it is useless. To others, who are late to develop, it just enables them to finish the job. – Thomas Hardy

70812. The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfillment of that hope never entirely removes. – Thomas Hardy

70813. The sky was clear – remarkably clear – and the twinkling of all the stars seemed to be but throbs of one body, timed by a common pulse. – Thomas Hardy

70814. The resolution to avoid an evil is seldom framed till the evil is so far advanced as to make avoidance impossible. – Thomas Hardy

70815. The offhand decision of some commonplace mind high in office at a critical moment influences the course of events for a hundred years. – Thomas Hardy

70816. Of course poets have morals and manners of their own, and custom is no argument with them. – Thomas Hardy

70817. Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change. – Thomas Hardy

70818. Cruelty is the law pervading all nature and society; and we can’t get out of it if we would. – Thomas Hardy

70819. My opinion is that a poet should express the emotion of all the ages and the thought of his own. – Thomas Hardy

70820. No one can read with profit that which he cannot learn to read with pleasure. – Thomas Hardy

70821. My argument is that War makes rattling good history; but Peace is poor reading. – Thomas Hardy

70822. Patience, that blending of moral courage with physical timidity. – Thomas Hardy

70823. Poetry is emotion put into measure. The emotion must come by nature, but the measure can be acquired by art. – Thomas Hardy

70824. Some folk want their luck buttered. – Thomas Hardy

70825. That man’s silence is wonderful to listen to. – Thomas Hardy

70826. The main object of religion is not to get a man into heaven, but to get heaven into him. – Thomas Hardy

70827. Only when the voice of duty is silent, or when it has already spoken, may we allowably think of the consequences of a particular action. – Augustus Hare

70828. The virtue of paganism was strength; the virtue of Christianity is obedience. – Augustus Hare

70829. Some people carry their hearts in their heads; very many carry their heads in their hearts. The difficulty is to keep them apart, yet both actively working together. – Augustus Hare

70830. The intellect of the wise is like glass; it admits the light of heaven and reflects it. – Augustus Hare

70831. The power of faith will often shine forth the most when the character is naturally weak. – Augustus Hare

70832. Since the generality of persons act from impulse, much more than from principle, men are neither so good nor so bad as we are apt to think them. – Augustus Hare

70833. There is no being eloquent for atheism. In that exhausted receiver the mind cannot use its wings, – the clearest proof that it is out of its element. – Augustus Hare

70834. Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel. – Augustus Hare

70835. To Adam Paradise was home. To the good among his descendants home is paradise. – Augustus Hare

70836. What hypocrites we seem to be whenever we talk of ourselves! Our words sound so humble, while our hearts are so proud. – Augustus Hare

70837. Nothing is farther than earth from heaven; nothing is nearer than heaven to earth. – Augustus Hare

70838. A statesman, we are told, should follow public opinion. Doubtless, as a coachman follows his horses; having firm hold on the reins and guiding them. – Augustus Hare

70839. What a person praises is perhaps a surer standard, even than what he condemns, of his own character, information and abilities. – Augustus Hare

70840. Nothing good bursts forth all at once. The lightning may dart out of a black cloud; but the day sends his bright heralds before him, to prepare the world for his coming. – Augustus Hare

70841. Many are ambitious of saying grand things, that is, of being grandiloquent. – Augustus Hare

70842. Love, it has been said, flows downward. The love of parents for their children has always been far more powerful than that of children for their parents; and who among the sons of men ever loved God with a thousandth part of the love which God has manifested to us? – Augustus Hare

70843. It is with flowers as with moral qualities; the bright are sometimes poisonous; but, I believe, never the sweet. – Augustus Hare

70844. It is well for us that we are born babies in intellect. Could we understand half what mothers say and do to their infants, we should be filled with a conceit of our own importance, which would render us insupportable through life. – Augustus Hare

70845. It is a proof of our natural bias to evil, that gain is slower and harder than loss in all things good; but in all things bad getting is quicker and easier than getting rid of. – Augustus Hare

70846. Happy the boy whose mother is tired of talking nonsense to him before he is old enough to know the sense of it. – Augustus Hare

70847. Examples would indeed be excellent things were not people so modest that none will set, and so vain that none will follow them. – Augustus Hare

70848. As to the pure all things are pure, even so to the impure all things are impure. – Augustus Hare

70849. A mother should give her children a superabundance of enthusiasm; that after they have lost all they are sure to lose on mixing with the world, enough may still remain to prompt fated support them through great actions. – Augustus Hare

70850. A man prone to suspect evil is mostly looking in his neighbor for what he sees in himself. – Augustus Hare

70851. Crimes sometimes shock us too much; vices almost always too little. – Augustus Hare

70852. The poetry from the eighteenth century was prose; the prose from the seventeenth century was poetry. – David Hare

70853. When they speak, dead frogs fall out of their mouths. – David Hare

70854. Weak minds sink under prosperity as well as adversity; but strong and deep ones have two high tides. – David Hare

70855. To those whose God is honor; only disgrace is a sin. – David Hare

70856. Purity is the feminine, truth the masculine of honor. – David Hare

70857. The ultimate tendency of civilization is towards barbarism. – David Hare

70858. Sudden resolutions, like the sudden rise of mercury in a barometer, indicate little else than the variability of the weather. – David Hare

70859. Strength was the virtue of paganism; obedience is the virtue of Christianity. – David Hare

70860. Some people carry their heart in their head and some carry their head in their heart. The trick is to keep them apart yet working together. – David Hare

70861. Smiles are the language of love. – David Hare

70862. Thought is the wind and knowledge the sail. – David Hare

70863. No one but a fool is always right. – David Hare

70864. In oratory the will must predominate. – David Hare

70865. Poetry is the key to the hieroglyphics of nature. – David Hare

70866. An inability to handle language is not the same thing as stupidity. – David Hare

70867. Children always turn to the light. – David Hare

70868. Nothing is further than earth from heaven, and nothing is nearer than heaven to earth. – David Hare

70869. Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are. – Julius Charles Hare

70870. The greatest truths are the simplest, and so are the greatest men. – Julius Charles Hare

70871. The mind is like a sheet of white paper in this, that the impressions it receives the oftenest, and retains the longest, are black ones. – Julius Charles Hare

70872. I know the district. I know a lot of people in the district. I know how to get where I’m going. – Phil Hare

70873. I am proud to be a role model for my viewers. I am finding out that helping victims is as or more rewarding the all the awards I wins. – Mariska Hargitay

70874. Chocolate is the first luxury. It has so many things wrapped up in it: Deliciusness in the moment, childhood memories, and that grin-inducing feeling of getting a reward for being good. – Mariska Hargitay

70875. When my body is strong, I feel stronger inside. I feel more capable of handling emotional situations. Usually I’m more of a inside-out person, but this was a great case of me from the outside in. – Mariska Hargitay

70876. I have so much love that I didn’t even know about. – Mariska Hargitay

70877. I think people were expecting me to be that kind of glamorous sexpot. So they were always, Wow you’re not what I expected. – Mariska Hargitay

70878. I want to be a fun mom. Not a gasping for air mom. – Mariska Hargitay

70879. I’m an L.A. girl who became a tough New York cop. – Mariska Hargitay

70880. I’m living every ten-year-old boy’s fantasy. The other day, Chris and I had this big scene where we had to pull out our guns, and I was thinking, ‘Here we are in New York City – a place where every actor wants to be – and we are literally playing cops and robbers. How great is that?’ – Mariska Hargitay

70881. If I eat clean, I look 10 years younger. – Mariska Hargitay

70882. It’s a life’s journey of finding ourselves, finding our power, and living for yourself, not for everyone else. – Mariska Hargitay

70883. When I read the script sometimes, it’s like ‘Christ! Enough!’ I can’t sleep at night sometimes. There’s the occasional script that just hammers you, that you can’t shower off. – Mariska Hargitay

70884. When I was in my early 20s, I had my hair permed. Bad idea! It turned into total frizz. My advice to women is, if you have nice hair already, don’t get a perm, leave your hair alone! – Mariska Hargitay

70885. When you see a girl like me bustin’ perps, there ain’t no time to be pretty. – Mariska Hargitay

70886. You know how you wake up in the morning and sometimes you look gorgeous and other times you look like you got hit by a mack truck? I realized that my mack truck is food. If I have no sugar, yeast or wine, I have no undereye bags and my skin is perfect. – Mariska Hargitay

70887. You make sacrifices to become a mother, but you really find yourself and your soul. – Mariska Hargitay

70888. As an actress, there were so many months, years even, when I didn’t get work, when I wanted to quit. – Mariska Hargitay

70889. Yes. I did more research than I ever wanted to and saw some things I wish I didn’t. I went on ride-alongs, spent time with Homicide, Cold Case, and SVU detectives, hung out in subways learning how to spot pervs and pick-pockets, viewed an autopsy, went to a police firing range, and witnessed court cases and I read, read, read. – Mariska Hargitay

70890. To remove this obstacle I repeat or refer to such knowledge as has come under my notice, my own previously expressed views, and also describe and exhibit my last experiments and explain their novelty and utility. – Lawrence Hargrave

70891. The plane is simply abstracting the power stored in the wave by a distant gale, and using it to counteract gravity. And if the work be continued long enough, or a multitude of planes be continually drawing on the reservoir of power, the wave must inevitably be flattened. – Lawrence Hargrave

70892. The closer the bird is to the surface of the water, the firmer and more inelastic is the uplift of the rising air. The bird appears to almost feel the surface with the tip of its weather wing. – Lawrence Hargrave

70893. It becomes a giant’s task to compute the result when the effect of cross seas, wind at all angles and ever varying force, arched surfaces, head resistance, ratio of weight to area, and the intelligence of the guiding power crop up. – Lawrence Hargrave

70894. If you direct your attention to the position of a bird with regard to the wave surface, it will speedily be noticed to be nearly always on the rising side or face of the wave and moving apparently at right angles to the wave’s course, but really diagonal to it. – Lawrence Hargrave

70895. Bent metal is worse than bent wood and weight for weight is more flexible. – Lawrence Hargrave

70896. Used as kites, these rigid stable aeroplanes are superior to the very best cellular kites I can make; they are lighter, pull harder per square foot, attain a greater angle of elevation, and have fewer parts. – Lawrence Hargrave

70897. The wings are moved several times by hand to charge the crank chamber with mixture, which flows on through the external pipe and inlet valve to the compression space and cylinder. – Lawrence Hargrave

70898. Common sense steps in here and says: Separate the parts you want to be mobile from the parts you want to be inert. You have seen the result, and I know many have the skill to apply it. – Lawrence Hargrave

70899. The most ordinary conditions for observing sailing birds are then the wind and sea are both aft. – Lawrence Hargrave

70900. As to the effect of the wave on the air, we will suppose the water to be quite flat and the air motionless, a heavy undulation comes on the scene, it has to pass, so it pushes the air up with its face, letting it fall again as its back glides onwards. – Lawrence Hargrave

70901. And from a poise at this station the plane may swoop down, at great disadvantage if close to the back of the wave, at various slopes and directions till it cuts into the air that is being raised by the face of the following wave, which again enables it to resume its velocity. – Lawrence Hargrave

70902. The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word. – Mata Hari

70903. I am a woman who enjoys herself very much; sometimes I lose, sometimes I win. – Mata Hari

70904. Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic. – Keith Haring

70905. See, when I paint, it is an experience that, at its best, is transcending reality. – Keith Haring

70906. When it is working, you completely go into another place, you’re tapping into things that are totally universal, completely beyond your ego and your own self. That’s what it’s all about. – Keith Haring

70907. The dripping… well, if it happens, it happens; it does not take anything from the work. The dripping just proves that you were not trying to control the work, but the work was developing by itself and if it drips, it’s a natural part in the evolution of the work. – Keith Haring

70908. Red is one of the strongest colors, it’s blood, it has a power with the eye. That’s why traffic lights are red I guess, and stop signs as well… In fact I use red in all of my paintings. – Keith Haring

70909. People were more interested in the phenomena than the art itself. This, combined with the growing interest in collecting art as an investment and the resultant boom in the art market, made it a difficult time for a young artist to remain sincere without becoming cynical. – Keith Haring

70910. My contribution to the world is my ability to draw. I will draw as much as I can for as many people as I can for as long as I can. – Keith Haring

70911. I think you have to control the materials to an extent, but it’s important to let the materials have a kind of power for themselves; like the natural power of gravity, if you are painting on a wall, it makes the paint trickle and it drips; there is no reason to fight that. – Keith Haring

70912. I don’t think art is propaganda; it should be something that liberates the soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further. It celebrates humanity instead of manipulating it. – Keith Haring

70913. There are some images that I will only use once, and not use again because they don’t seem to really hit the nail right on the head, but there are some which are so strong they have to be reduced; sometimes just reusing them makes them stronger. – Keith Haring

70914. Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason. – John Harington

70915. From your confessor, lawyer and physician, hide not your case on no condition. – John Harington

70916. We don’t think that we are in a quarrel with anybody. We may have a difference of opinion, but we’ll not allow such differences of opinion to grow into a problem that stands in the way of reconstructing the country and regaining the democratic path. – Rafik Hariri

70917. You know, it is very clear that the Israelis, they don’t want this plan and they don’t agree. – Rafik Hariri

70918. We want to see Israel withdraw from our territory. But we don’t want to be accountable vis-a-vis Israel on the security basis, because we don’t see, in the absence of a peace agreement, that Lebanon can really be accountable to Israel if anything happens. – Rafik Hariri

70919. We need to restore the confidence in the country, first of all. – Rafik Hariri

70920. The Lebanese people voted this time for change. So they are not satisfied with the actual situation. They want to see a new government. They want to see a new vision. – Rafik Hariri

70921. On the other hand, we have in Israel, an Israeli government which has been elected by the Israeli people. Their political agenda is not for peace. They are from the camp anti-peace. – Rafik Hariri

70922. Mehlis will go all the way and we want to go all the way. These arrests show that no matter how high the perpetrators are, they will face the consequences of what they did. – Rafik Hariri

70923. And on the other hand, we see that the Israeli government is attacking that part of the Palestinian leader. – Rafik Hariri

70924. I never threatened him and no Syrian intelligence officer has ever pointed a gun to his head. – Rafik Hariri

70925. It’s very easy to have slogans and rhetoric that people will follow, but eventually the slogans fall away. – Saad Hariri

70926. Justice is revenge. – Saad Hariri

70927. The Gulf War was like teenage sex. We got in too soon and out too soon. – Tom Harkin

70928. While President Bush’s tax give-aways for the rich are pushing us further into debt, he compensates by increasing the out-of-pocket costs to our veterans. – Tom Harkin

70929. The President must stop gambling with taxpayers’ money and get the country back on the path of fiscal sanity. – Tom Harkin

70930. America’s health care system is in crisis precisely because we systematically neglect wellness and prevention. – Tom Harkin

70931. Let’s face it, in America today we don’t have a health care system, we have a sick care system. – Tom Harkin

70932. Stem cell research holds enormous promise for easing human suffering, and federal support is critical to its success. – Tom Harkin

70933. The tendency to turn human judgments into divine commands makes religion one of the most dangerous forces in the world. – Georgia Harkness

70934. The humblest is the peer of the most powerful. – John Marshall Harlan

70935. The law regards man as man, and takes no account of his surroundings or of his color when his civil rights as guaranteed by the supreme law of the land are involved. – John Marshall Harlan

70936. The Constitution is not a panacea for every blot upon the public welfare. Nor should this Court, ordained as a judicial body, be thought of as a general haven for reform movements. – John Marshall Harlan

70937. Our constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens. – John Marshall Harlan

70938. But in view of the constitution, in the eye of the law, there is in this country no superior, dominant, ruling class of citizens. There is no caste here. – John Marshall Harlan

70939. Do you know that the ready concession of minor points is a part of the grace of life? – Henry Harland

70940. Britain will be honoured by historians more for the way she disposed of an empire than for the way in which she acquired it. – Lord Harlech

70941. Several times we were stranded in strange places without any money and with our credit cards cancelled – trapped in a hotel that we couldn’t check out of because we had no money to check out. – Renny Harlin

70942. I’ve continued to always keep in mind having a healthy does of that in Hollywood, now that I am part of the system and obviously have to follow the way the system works – you still have to have that crazy determination. – Renny Harlin

70943. I was making films when I was about 12 years old – Super-8 films. – Renny Harlin

70944. It proved to be pretty impossible to get funds for a feature film in Finland. It’s still small, but the film industry was miniscule at that point in the early ’80s. – Renny Harlin

70945. My very, very first professional job was when I was 19 years old – I got a job doing an educational industrial film on Shell Motor Oil’s oil products. I really put my heart into it – I wrote a script for it, I did a lot of research. – Renny Harlin

70946. There were a lot of people dreaming about making films, and they would finance maybe 6 films a year. Because they were funded by the government, the films sort-of had to deal with serious social issues – and, as a result, nobody went to see those films. – Renny Harlin

70947. This was in ’79. I got pretty restless there, sitting around with a lot of people sitting around smoking cigarettes and talking about films, but nobody really doing anything. – Renny Harlin

70948. What I learned most was how to tell a story in 15 seconds or 30 seconds or 60 seconds – to have some kind of goal of what to try to do and make it happen in that time. – Renny Harlin

70949. You just never give up, no matter how hard the challenges are, and observe this world with a healthy dose of criticism and don’t just follow the herd like somebody else might do. – Renny Harlin

70950. I think the reason why we were able to actually get it made was that we were so extremely naive – we had no experience at all here. We didn’t even know that you were supposed to have an agent. We didn’t even have a lawyer. We didn’t know one soul. – Renny Harlin

70951. I went out to some advertising agencies and asked if I could do anything. – Renny Harlin

70952. You want to do something that shows some type individuality and talent and imagination – at the same time, you want to be truthful to the predecessors, because obviously the audience liked something about them and you have to replicate that experience to a certain extent. – Renny Harlin

70953. Eventually I did that, but it took a lot of twists and turns, and there were a year or two there where I was living with no money at all – no home, no car, no nothing. I was living in somebody’s garage in Los Angeles at that point – for a year. – Renny Harlin

70954. In Finland, getting a university degree is the first thing that you expect your kids to do. – Renny Harlin

70955. At that point, the movie was called Wild Force. Everything fell apart, eventually – our financing completely fell apart – and we were never able to make that film. – Renny Harlin

70956. Eventually, in ’84, we made a film for a little over a million dollars – with American actors that was shot in English – that was shown in Finland A little action film called Born American. – Renny Harlin

70957. Ford Fairlane was one of those movies that was so much fun to make that it was bound not to be a big hit. – Renny Harlin

70958. I became a real Shell Motor Oil expert, and I did this 25-minute film. It turned out really well and, as a result, they offered me more work and lots of commercials to direct. – Renny Harlin

70959. I did some film reviews for small papers in Finland and things like that to be able to keep living here. – Renny Harlin

70960. I loved movies and went to see every movie I could in Finland. – Renny Harlin

70961. I learned a lot about how to shoot and how to put together sequences. – Renny Harlin

70962. I loved cutting together simple commercials about margarine or soft drinks – all kinds of silly products – but I tried to make the commercials different. – Renny Harlin

70963. A government institution called the Finnish Film Foundation funds filmmaking there, and I wrote several screenplays but never got any money. They were sent back to me, and they said that they were too commercial for them. – Renny Harlin

70964. I decided that, somehow, I had to get out of there and go to Hollywood. I had never been to America. – Renny Harlin

70965. Actually, it was first a movie called Gale Force, which was a hurricane movie. That script never came together, and then the same deal was replaced with Cliffhanger. – Renny Harlin

70966. The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize. – Robert Harling

70967. When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. – Jean Harlow

70968. Underwear makes me uncomfortable and besides my parts have to breathe. – Jean Harlow

70969. I like to wake up each morning feeling a new man. – Jean Harlow

70970. No one ever expects a great lay to pay all the bills. – Jean Harlow

70971. It’s become more and more of a priority for me to tread as lightly as possible in the world. – Shalom Harlow

70972. My parents wished peace upon their firstborn child. – Shalom Harlow

70973. You don’t learn style from watching people on a runway. Fashion happens every morning when you wake up. – Shalom Harlow

70974. Nobody responds to being made to feel judged. – Shalom Harlow

70975. Compost makes houseplants very happy. – Shalom Harlow

70976. I find myself dreaming of doing normal things – like staying home and washing dishes. – Shalom Harlow

70977. I feel more comfortable with my clothes off than on! – Shalom Harlow

70978. You don’t have to live in the country and grow your own food to be green. – Shalom Harlow

70979. I’ve recently started composting in my apartment, which is quite an adventure. – Shalom Harlow

70980. Maybe it’s my 15 minutes of fame, maybe it’s longer. – Jane Harman

70981. We need spies that look like their targets, CIA officers who speak the dialects terrorists use, and FBI agents who can speak to Muslim women who might be intimidated by men. – Jane Harman

70982. We can no longer expect an Intelligence Community that is mostly male and mostly white to be able to monitor and infiltrate suspicious organizations or terrorist groups. – Jane Harman

70983. There’s no deep bench there, Mahmoud Abbas is, I think, the best leader of the Palestinians we could field. – Jane Harman

70984. The point is to solve problems, not point fingers. – Jane Harman

70985. So, you know, I think that Democrats are being more successful in Congress and I’m really going to be proud of the role I will play tomorrow as ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee when this bill passes. – Jane Harman

70986. In 1969, when I graduated from Harvard Law School, women and minorities made up a tiny fraction of the first year associates accepted by top law firms. – Jane Harman

70987. If the withdrawal from Gaza goes badly, obviously, that will set us back. – Jane Harman

70988. I think I am aggressive, I think I am critical when it’s necessary. – Jane Harman

70989. But as I often say, terrorists won’t check our party registration before they blow us up. – Jane Harman

70990. At the same time as we clearly condemn actions of violence by groups in Palestinian against Israel. – Jane Harman

70991. A lot of the things that we’ve been able to do in the last several years were Democratic ideas, including the structure for this new director of national intelligence. – Jane Harman

70992. In a post-9/11 world, diversity has become even more important. – Jane Harman

70993. The Committee’s review of a series of intelligence shortcomings, to include intelligence prior to 9/11 and the pre-war intelligence on Iraq, clearly reveal how vital a diverse intelligence workforce is to our national security. – Jane Harman

70994. Here’s kind of my motto – if you’re not happy at home, you’re not happy anywhere else. – Angie Harmon

70995. If I have anything to say against Obama it’s not because I’m a racist, it’s because I don’t like what he’s doing as President and anybody should be able to feel that way, but what I find now is that if you say anything against him you’re called a racist. – Angie Harmon

70996. I left ‘Law and Order’ because I really honestly did want to do movies and did want to be a movie star since I was a little girl. – Angie Harmon

70997. People think what you are doing is real, on a TV show. – Mark Harmon

70998. Some people say it’s scarier to direct the people you work with; not me, I’m a team guy. – Mark Harmon

70999. When I got divorced and moved into an apartment, I started keeping the TV on, just for company. – Mark Harmon

71000. It’s a lot easier to do good work when you have good words to say and work with good people. – Mark Harmon

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