180000 famous quotes part 89 – 88001 to 89000

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180000 famous quotes part 89 – 88001 to 89000

88001. After that, Kasparov stepped back from chess which is, and I want this to be clear, not good for chess in general at all. As a whole, the current situation in the chess world leaves a lot to be desired. – Anatoly Karpov

88002. If the opponent offers keen play I don’t object; but in such cases I get less satisfaction, even if I win, than from a game conducted according to all the rules of strategy with its ruthless logic. – Anatoly Karpov

88003. In Kansas I have a chess school. – Anatoly Karpov

88004. Style? I have no style. – Anatoly Karpov

88005. The priority must be the unification of the world titles to straighten things out. But we should not wait that long anymore to change the situation, because we are running out of time. – Anatoly Karpov

88006. This whole fuss did not only damage Fischer’s image, but that of the USA as well. The way the Americans treated one of their most popular citizens did not make a positive impression worldwide. – Anatoly Karpov

88007. To be champion requires more than simply being a strong player; one has to be a strong human being as well. – Anatoly Karpov

88008. We need strong personalities and only one world champion to attract sponsors. – Anatoly Karpov

88009. I still love to play chess. So I do not even spend a minute on the possibility to step back. – Anatoly Karpov

88010. No, no, it is obvious that the ECU should act as a close alliance for the benefit of chess. – Anatoly Karpov

88011. Happiness is composed of misfortunes avoided. – Alphonse Karr

88012. We can invent only with memory. – Alphonse Karr

88013. Uncertainty is the worst of all evils until the moment when reality makes us regret uncertainty. – Alphonse Karr

88014. The more things change, the more they are the same. – Alphonse Karr

88015. Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses. – Alphonse Karr

88016. Many people think that virtue consists of severity towards others. – Alphonse Karr

88017. Love is the most terrible, and also the most generous of the passions; it is the only one which includes in its dreams the happiness of someone else. – Alphonse Karr

88018. Love in marriage should be the accomplishment of a beautiful dream, and not, as it too often is, the end. – Alphonse Karr

88019. If we are to abolish the death penalty, I should like to see the first step taken by my friends the murderers. – Alphonse Karr

88020. I gather from a lawyer that there was a rehearsal yesterday. We haven’t a hope. I know the presiding judge too: I’ve had the misfortune to sleep with his wife. He was specially picked. – Alphonse Karr

88021. Every man has three characters – that which he exhibits, that which he has, and that which he thinks he has. – Alphonse Karr

88022. If men knew all that women think, they would be twenty times more audacious. – Alphonse Karr

88023. My best score ever is 103, but I’ve only been playing 15 years. – Alex Karras

88024. Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles. – Alex Karras

88025. Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness. – Yousuf Karsh

88026. I’ve also seen that great men are often lonely. This is understandable, because they have built such high standards for themselves that they often feel alone. But that same loneliness is part of their ability to create. – Yousuf Karsh

88027. If there is a single quality that is shared by all great men, it is vanity. – Yousuf Karsh

88028. Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera. – Yousuf Karsh

88029. The trouble with photographing beautiful women is that you never get into the dark room until after they’ve gone. – Yousuf Karsh

88030. There is a brief moment when all there is in a man’s mind and soul and spirit is reflected through his eyes, his hands, his attitude. This is the moment to record. – Yousuf Karsh

88031. Within every man and woman a secret is hidden, and as a photographer it is my task to reveal it if I can. – Yousuf Karsh

88032. Life without Liberty is far worse than death. – Hamid Karzai

88033. Afghanistan is very satisfied with Croatia’s participation in the NATO-led peace mission and expects Croatia to expand its contribution to peace restoration in Afghanistan to other areas as well. – Hamid Karzai

88034. I don’t think Osama is a Muslim. I don’t think Osama is a human being. – Hamid Karzai

88035. They’re criminals, they brutalized Afghanistan, they killed our people, they destroyed our land. – Hamid Karzai

88036. As the country now turns a new leaf, our ambition is to give hope to each and every Afghan. – Hamid Karzai

88037. Where liberty dies, evil grows. – Hamid Karzai

88038. Once the Afghan people vote and they choose their President with direct, secret ballot from all over the country, there will be a lot of difference in this country and a lot of legitimate power to flow with implementation. – Hamid Karzai

88039. The holy book is implanted in the hearts and minds of all the Muslims. Humiliation of the holy book represents the humiliation of our people. – Hamid Karzai

88040. The fight, this war, this fight against the remnants of terrorism will go on for some time. – Hamid Karzai

88041. The capture of Saddam Hussein has proven to the bad ones, to the guilty ones, to the sinful ones that they cannot run forever. Sooner or later, the other criminals will also be found from their hideouts. – Hamid Karzai

88042. Terrorism, ladies and gentlemen, in my eyes I have a very, very, very simple explanation. Gangs of criminals, killers, used unfortunately by certain governments in the past for political purposes, who are on their own now as gangs. – Hamid Karzai

88043. Terrorism as a force is gone. As individuals they are all around and we will continue to look for them. – Hamid Karzai

88044. The kind of pace that you want to use in a Western – just to acknowledge the land in the distance that everyone has to travel, and the way things develop sort of slowly – it’s almost the antithetical of what’s currently going on in the movies, you know. – Lawrence Kasdan

88045. The great thing about Stephen is that he sees the movie as a separate thing, I think. He wants it to capture the essence of the book, and if he feels that’s been done, then he’s not too particular about the details. I think that’s why he’s happy. – Lawrence Kasdan

88046. And you know, when you take on something like this, you read a book like this, you know that it’s going to be an adventure. That’s part of what draws you to it. – Lawrence Kasdan

88047. Any story that Billy Wilder told, you can tell in a Western. – Lawrence Kasdan

88048. Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life. – Lawrence Kasdan

88049. With Westerns you have the landscape is important, and it’s empty, and only you populate it. When you populate it, you can tell any kind story that Shakespeare told, you can tell in a Western. – Lawrence Kasdan

88050. What you hope for, like Unforgiven did a lot to give you a chance to do it again sometime. – Lawrence Kasdan

88051. But, George and Steven asked me to write the Indiana Jones sequels, and I didn’t want to. – Lawrence Kasdan

88052. Almost every other Western in the last ten years has failed, since Dances with Wolves. – Lawrence Kasdan

88053. I loved Alien, and I loved Carrie, and I loved The Exorcist – those were big movies for me. They were just brilliantly done, and unusual, and they all took horror to some new place. – Lawrence Kasdan

88054. The movies that made me want to make movies were action movies, and thrillers, and Kurosawa films, you know, where you have an opportunity every day to shoot it in an unusual way. I was looking for something like that. – Lawrence Kasdan

88055. I mean, I really liked those guys and the experience of doing Raiders was really good for me, but I did not really want to be involved – I only did Jedi, as I really owed George a favor. – Lawrence Kasdan

88056. You’re not too smart, are you? I like that in a man. – Lawrence Kasdan

88057. I haven’t seen Clones, which has been during this period when I haven’t seen much of anything, but I did see Phantom Menace, and see my feelings about it – see, first of all, I think that when you make a lot of movies, your attitude about the movies changes. – Lawrence Kasdan

88058. But, I think that the reason I responded to this book, sort of paradoxically, is that it starts out like The Big Chill, sort of. Four friends, who are not quite happy with their life, and every year they get together for a week and look for some comfort from each other. – Lawrence Kasdan

88059. I mean, the trouble with some of the kind of relationship movies I’ve done, is there’s only so many ways you can shoot a conversation. I was really tired of talking heads. – Lawrence Kasdan

88060. You know, Stephen says, in the movies no one ever goes to the bathroom. They shave, they brush their teeth. He goes right at this sort of funny taboo we have about the bathroom, and he turned it into this nightmare, you know, your worst fear of what’s in there. – Lawrence Kasdan

88061. I really liked Carrie a lot. That was one of Brian De Palma’s best movies. – Lawrence Kasdan

88062. I tell you, I feel like a real novice as far as horror goes. – Lawrence Kasdan

88063. I want everything I do to have humor in it, because it seems to me that all of life has that. – Lawrence Kasdan

88064. It’s hard enough to get any movie made, and when you take on these tough genres – and I’ve done it a couple times – it just makes the whole struggle more. – Lawrence Kasdan

88065. That was certainly true the first time, when I did Body Heat, the first movie that I directed. I was looking for a vessel to tell a certain kind of story, and I was a huge fan of Film Noir, and what I liked about it was that it was so extreme in style. – Lawrence Kasdan

88066. I didn’t really want to do another sequel. I go to those movies, and I just sort of enjoy them like a viewer. – Lawrence Kasdan

88067. I like the storytelling and reading the letters, the long-distance dedications. – Casey Kasem

88068. Because of my background in theater and radio acting, I knew that I could make a living as an actor. – Casey Kasem

88069. That something extra, I believe, is a certain humanity that comes from upbeat and positive human interest letters and success stories. Advertisers like to be associated with those qualities. – Casey Kasem

88070. Anytime in radio that you can reach somebody on an emotional level, you’re really connecting. – Casey Kasem

88071. As you know, in the past several years, month after month, radio has increased its revenues – some of it even coming from Dot-Com advertisers. So, radio is a survivor. – Casey Kasem

88072. Basically, radio hasn’t changed over the years. – Casey Kasem

88073. Before that, they thought talking movies might eliminate radio as well. But radio just keeps getting stronger. – Casey Kasem

88074. But otherwise, music is about a beat and a message. – Casey Kasem

88075. Despite all the technical improvements, it still boils down to a man or a woman and a microphone, playing music, sharing stories, talking about issues – communicating with an audience. – Casey Kasem

88076. I must have done about 25,000 promos. – Casey Kasem

88077. The stories are success stories. The letters from listeners often touch the heart and can be inspiring. – Casey Kasem

88078. My first commercial was for Miller High Life beer. – Casey Kasem

88079. My agent said that I was one of the top three busiest people in the country. – Casey Kasem

88080. Interestingly, songs used to be short, then they became longer, and now they’re getting shorter. – Casey Kasem

88081. If the beat gets to the audience, and the message touches them, you’ve got a hit. – Casey Kasem

88082. I probably would be continuing to do voice-overs, continuing to do cartoon shows, and at the same time I’d probably be on a sitcom or a dramatic television show. – Casey Kasem

88083. I had also done a little disc jockeying. – Casey Kasem

88084. We tell stories. We talk about statistics. And in 1978, we added an element of the show that gave it its heartbeat: the long distance dedication. – Casey Kasem

88085. When we give a subsidy, the benefits to the public ought to exceed the benefits to the company. When it doesn’t, that’s our definition of corporate welfare. – John Kasich

88086. A great power has to have the discipline not only to go when necessary but to know when not to go. Getting involved in ethnic, religious civil wars is a recipe for disaster. – John Kasich

88087. Affirmative action has a negative effect on our society when it means counting us like so many beans and dividing us into separate piles. – John Kasich

88088. If we intend to provide a better life, and a better world, for future generations, we can’t ignore the quality of the environment we leave them. – John Kasich

88089. Caring for children is a dance between setting appropriate limits as caretakers and avoiding unnecessary power struggles that result in unhappiness. – Charlotte Davis Kasl

88090. A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood. – Charlotte Davis Kasl

88091. I think Russian people are learning that democracy is not an alien thing; it’s not a western invention. – Garry Kasparov

88092. It’s quite difficult for me to imagine my life without chess. – Garry Kasparov

88093. It was not about losing my mental power; it’s about not feeling good about my contribution to the game. – Garry Kasparov

88094. It didn’t take long to recognise the shortcomings of the Soviet regime and to see the values of the free world. – Garry Kasparov

88095. If you make a decision to fight for future of your own country you have to consider all the consequences. – Garry Kasparov

88096. I’ve met enough KGB colonels in my life. – Garry Kasparov

88097. I’m still number one and I just recently won a major tournament ahead of my toughest rivals so I think I had a few years ahead of me if I decided to stay. – Garry Kasparov

88098. I wouldn’t overestimate the importance of my popularity in the country and abroad but at the end of the day it’s not as important because I believe that my presence here could make some difference and it could encourage people. – Garry Kasparov

88099. I think Russians today have a distorted picture of capitalism, liberal democracy and market economy. – Garry Kasparov

88100. I may play some exhibition games so I don’t want to quit the game of chess completely. I just decided and it’s a firm decision not to play competitive chess anymore. – Garry Kasparov

88101. I think that it’s a vital moment now for Russian democracy to convince people that it’s only our actions, our joined actions and protests that could force Kremlin to reconsider its plans to abolish presidential elections. – Garry Kasparov

88102. I think our chances are not looking great today but the only way to fail for me is just not to try. – Garry Kasparov

88103. Russian Parliament today is a bunch of puppets that just fall in with the instructions from Kremlin. – Garry Kasparov

88104. Chess is mental torture. – Garry Kasparov

88105. I have some security that could protect me against provocations but of course there are more terrible actions that could not be stopped by any security. – Garry Kasparov

88106. I have some strategical vision, I could calculate some few moves ahead and I have an intellect that is badly missed in the country which is run by generals and colonels. – Garry Kasparov

88107. I learned that fighting on the chess board could also have an impact on the political climate in the country. – Garry Kasparov

88108. I think we have very steady records of President Putin, who inherited the country with democratic values. – Garry Kasparov

88109. We have to stop the propaganda, the shameful propaganda used by Kremlin to rehabilitate these old types. – Garry Kasparov

88110. More and more people in my country recognise the dangers of having their governors appointed by Putin and having no influence in parliament because Parliament today is also following instructions from Kremlin and no longer represents its people. – Garry Kasparov

88111. Putin can’t afford to leave the office because he will be in real danger of being prosecuted for things he and his people did during their stay in power. – Garry Kasparov

88112. Women, by their nature, are not exceptional chess players: they are not great fighters. – Garry Kasparov

88113. Ukraine had quite serious impact on the many Russians. They could see that ordinary people in Ukraine which is a bordering state, very close to Russia, the people of this state are, they didn’t want to tolerate anymore the power abuse by Ukrainian officials. – Garry Kasparov

88114. There are many ways of showing your protest and discontent without the actions of Kremlin. – Garry Kasparov

88115. There are many facts showing that Putin’s people enriched themselves by using power mechanisms so that’s why for them losing power means losing their fortunes. – Garry Kasparov

88116. The real political life in Russia unfortunately is not in the parliament but on the streets and in the media. – Garry Kasparov

88117. The only successor to President Putin is President Putin himself and we could of course dream about President Putin stepping down voluntarily and picking out successor which would be probably as bad as him. – Garry Kasparov

88118. I have a figure, and there aren’t many girls out there right now who have that. – Carmen Kass

88119. An enormous amount of direct advertising from pharmaceutical companies are offering a kind of instantaneous solution to problems. – Leon Kass

88120. I don’t believe that efforts to prohibit only so-called reproductive cloning can be successful. – Leon Kass

88121. We owe our existence to our parents, but we actually didn’t have a choice. – Leon Kass

88122. We may simply not be wise enough to do some of the kinds of engineering things that people are talking about doing. – Leon Kass

88123. What does it mean to be an individual? What does it mean to flourish? – Leon Kass

88124. We know next to nothing of what we’re going to know in 20 or 50 years. – Leon Kass

88125. We are somehow natured, not just to reproduce, but for sociality and even for culture. – Leon Kass

88126. Genetics is crude, but neuroscience goes directly to work on the brain, and the mind follows. – Leon Kass

88127. Even if certain rogue countries do things we wish nobody did, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their foolishness should justify our following suit. – Leon Kass

88128. Cloning represents a very clear, powerful, and immediate example in which we are in danger of turning procreation into manufacture. – Leon Kass

88129. Cloning looks like a degrading of parenthood and a perversion of the right relation between parents and children. – Leon Kass

88130. As bad as it might be to destroy a creature made in God’s image, it might be very much worse to be creating them after images of one’s own. – Leon Kass

88131. Almost everybody is enthusiastic about the promise of biotechnology to cure disease and to relieve suffering. – Leon Kass

88132. We should never rush into folly just because other nations are practicing it. – Leon Kass

88133. Biology, meaning the science of all life, is a late notion. – Leon Kass

88134. The neuroscience area – which is absolutely in its infancy – is much more important than genetics. – Leon Kass

88135. One should proceed with caution. We may simply not be wise enough to do some of the kinds of engineering things that people are talking about doing. – Leon Kass

88136. Our only responsibility is to live our own life and take care of our own children. – Leon Kass

88137. Perhaps you could sympathize with those who seek to replace a dead child with a copy, or to copy a parent or a relative or even a celebrity. – Leon Kass

88138. Sexuality itself means mortality – equally for both man and woman. – Leon Kass

88139. Technological innovation is indeed important to economic growth and the enhancement of human possibilities. – Leon Kass

88140. The abortion controversy is important for what it says about our stance toward procreation and children altogether. – Leon Kass

88141. One could look over the past century and ask oneself, has the increased longevity been good, bad or indifferent? – Leon Kass

88142. The human animal has evolved as a preeminently social animal. – Leon Kass

88143. There is a lot of hype and fear about this much-talked-about prospect of designer babies. – Leon Kass

88144. The so-called right to reproduce is not an unlimited right. – Leon Kass

88145. The technical is not just the machinery. The technical is a disposition to life. – Leon Kass

88146. The technological way of thinking has infected even ethics, which is supposed to be thinking about the good. – Leon Kass

88147. There were certain questions about the foundations of morals that advances in science all threaten to make more complicated. – Leon Kass

88148. There’s an ancient tension between wanting to savor the world as it is and wanting to improve on the world as given. – Leon Kass

88149. I don’t like being forced to reduce my thoughts to sound bites. – Leon Kass

88150. The benefits of biomedical progress are obvious, clear, and powerful. The hazards are much less well appreciated. – Leon Kass

88151. In the case of abortion, one pits the life of the fetus against the interests of the pregnant woman. – Leon Kass

88152. We are enmeshed in a lineage that came from somewhere and is going to make way for the next generation. – Leon Kass

88153. I’ve been opposed to human cloning from the very beginning. – Leon Kass

88154. I have nothing against respecting people who lived before, but we have no responsibility toward them. – Leon Kass

88155. If one is seriously interested in preventing reproductive cloning, one must stop the process before it starts. – Leon Kass

88156. Once you put human life in human hands, you have started on a slippery slope that knows no boundaries. – Leon Kass

88157. In cloning, in contrast, reproduction is asexual – the cloned child is the product not of two but of one. – Leon Kass

88158. Is it possible to covet a much longer life for one’s self and be as devoted to the well-being of the next generation? It’s a long argument. – Leon Kass

88159. It seems to me that a kind of thinking which is not technocratic has an opportunity for a renaissance in this country. – Leon Kass

88160. It’s a short step from the belief that every child should be wanted to the belief that a child exists to satisfy our wants. – Leon Kass

88161. It’s very hard to make arguments about the effects of cloning on family relations if family relations are in tatters. – Leon Kass

88162. Limits have to be set on how far one can simply use the… cleverness that we have to make changes. – Leon Kass

88163. Many other countries have already banned human cloning, and there are efforts at the UN to make such a ban universal. – Leon Kass

88164. Many people recognize that technology often comes with unintended and undesirable side effects. – Leon Kass

88165. My job is to provide the president with the richest possible consideration, so that he knows what is at stake in whatever decision he makes. – Leon Kass

88166. Nobody knew in advance that in vitro fertilization would be, by and large, safe. – Leon Kass

88167. If you have easy self-contentment, you might have a very, very cheap source of happiness. – Leon Kass

88168. In France they spend six months training policemen, then they give them a gun and put them on the streets, and I don’t know that that’s enough. The film’s not against the police – although I think that if someone wants to be a cop there’s got to be a problem. – Mathieu Kassovitz

88169. HATE, even if it’s making money. is an underground movie, that’s how it was made. It’s a film about police brutality in the largest sense, it’s about the whole of society and not just about the hood. – Mathieu Kassovitz

88170. Well, a special screening was set up for government officials, so they didn’t have to see the experience of going to see the film. They certainly aren’t going to the projects to see for themselves the situation. – Mathieu Kassovitz

88171. We made it known that we were trying to show the reality of France. People think of Paris as the city of love or the city of light, but where you got love you got hate, where you got light you got darkness. – Mathieu Kassovitz

88172. It’s good that they’ve seen it, but how can I be satisfied after working for two years making a film which I hope will make a difference, when the government sees the film and does nothing about it? – Mathieu Kassovitz

88173. I have a hard enough time speaking for myself – I don’t pretend I can be a spokesman for anybody. I have no interest in playing that role. – Mathieu Kassovitz

88174. Hood films now are made by studios and have nothing to do with the reality they supposedly represent. – Mathieu Kassovitz

88175. I’m not a politician; I’m lucky to be a filmmaker and to be able to express myself through the films I make. – Mathieu Kassovitz

88176. Like anywhere, we had to make people understand that we were there with good intentions, and that we were there with respect. We started making contacts with the people in the neighborhood three months before shooting began, so that everyone involved was comfortable. – Mathieu Kassovitz

88177. I must confess that, at that time, I had absolutely no knowledge of the slowness of the relaxation processes in the ground state, processes which take place in collisions with the wall or with the molecules of a foreign gas. – Alfred Kastler

88178. We should note that this latter type of shift was successfully amplified to a considerable extent by Russian physicists using the intense light of a ruby laser whose wavelength is close to that of a transition of the potassium atom. – Alfred Kastler

88179. The only people who attain power are those who crave it. – Erich Kastner

88180. For years everyone looked toward the demise of radio when television came along. Before that, they thought talking movies might eliminate radio as well. But radio just keeps getting stronger. – Casey Kasum

88181. We gave the show away and in return, we received a certain number of minutes per hour for the three-hour show that we could sell to Madison Avenue. One of the first sponsors was MGM Records. – Casey Kasum

88182. The first syndicating I tried was when two partners and I created a production company in 1952. We wanted to syndicate famous Bible stories and sell them for $25 a show. – Casey Kasum

88183. Songs used to be short, then they became longer, and now they’re getting shorter. But otherwise, music is about a beat and a message. If the beat gets to the audience, and the message touches them, you’ve got a hit. – Casey Kasum

88184. It’s been amazing, the number of commercials that I’ve done, starting back in 1968. It must be 8,000. – Casey Kasum

88185. I’d like to feel that an advertiser gets something extra when they advertise with us – a certain humanity that comes from upbeat and positive human interest letters and success stories. – Casey Kasum

88186. I was drafted and went to Korea where I had an opportunity to create a production team that did dramatic and comedy shows. I had also done a little disc jockeying. – Casey Kasum

88187. I like the storytelling and reading the letters, the long-distance dedications. Anytime in radio that you can reach somebody on an emotional level, you’re really connecting. – Casey Kasum

88188. For the most part, that message hasn’t changed a lot over the years – love is still love, and heartbreak is still heartbreak. – Casey Kasum

88189. Basically, radio hasn’t changed over the years. Despite all the technical improvements, it still boils down to a man or a woman and a microphone, playing music, sharing stories, talking about issues – communicating with an audience. – Casey Kasum

88190. Always be consistent. – Casey Kasum

88191. I started radio in 1950 on the Lone Ranger radio program, a dramatic show that emanated from Detroit when I was 18 years old and just beginning college. I did that for a couple of years. – Casey Kasum

88192. I’m too busy playing to worry about the movement or the fingerboard. – Terry Kath

88193. This guy kept telling us that rock was the big thing, everyone’s talking about the big thing, our band was the big thing. So he made us change our name to The Big Thing. Can you believe that?! – Terry Kath

88194. Well, first I’d want a better vibrato. – Terry Kath

88195. Sometimes I’ll be playing along and find I’m missing the strings. I’ll worry about it for days until I notice that the pick has worn down to half its size. – Terry Kath

88196. But then there was Hendrix, man. Jimi was really the last cat to freak me. Jimi was playing all the stuff I had in my head. I couldn’t believe it, when I first heard him. Man, no one can ever do what he did with a guitar. No one can ever take his place. – Terry Kath

88197. About the only other thing I’d want would be a wider neck. My fingers are so fat that sometimes I deaden the string next to the one I’m fretting. – Terry Kath

88198. After The Ventures I dug Johnny Smith quite a bit. – Terry Kath

88199. I just get all jacked up when we start cooking. – Terry Kath

88200. Our family has lived in Iran for 2,500 years, and Iranian Jewry has the long history in that land. – Moshe Katsav

88201. There are severe limitations on civil rights. In the international arena, Iran is turning into an isolated country, and the international community is becoming more hostile toward it. – Moshe Katsav

88202. The standards of the international community manifest firmness. Iran has no need for long-range missiles or to collaborate with terrorist organizations all over the world. – Moshe Katsav

88203. The Security Council decided to deal with Iran’s nuclear intentions. The international community will not be willing to tolerate an Iran with a nuclear capability and an Iran that collaborates with terrorist organizations. – Moshe Katsav

88204. The Iranian regime gives financial support to terrorist organizations all over the world, denies the Holocaust, and calls for the wiping the state of Israel from the map, while developing long-range missiles and trying to obtain nuclear weapon. – Moshe Katsav

88205. The Iranian regime doesn’t express the wishes and values of the Iranian people. – Moshe Katsav

88206. The international community is unwilling to accept the policies of the Iranian regime. – Moshe Katsav

88207. The international community and Israel have the same opinion regarding the Hamas government. We don’t say we are going to boycott it forever. We say the Hamas government must abide by the obligations the Palestinian Authority has signed. – Moshe Katsav

88208. The internal conditions in Iran are worsening in all aspects. Poverty and unemployment are becoming more severe, despite the fact that Iran has turned into a developed and industrialized country. – Moshe Katsav

88209. Persian social manners are well known, and there is no other society that can compete with them. – Moshe Katsav

88210. I am sure the majority of Iranians want a peace agreement with Israel and want Iran to integrate with the international community and accept its universal values. – Moshe Katsav

88211. Aggressive and irresponsible steps endanger the peace and stability of the world, and the international community feels the need to protect itself from Iran. – Moshe Katsav

88212. Apparently Iran thinks that it can continue to deceive the world in order to reach its goals. – Moshe Katsav

88213. The Hamas organization is unwilling to honor the obligations that the Palestinian Authority has signed. – Moshe Katsav

88214. I am proud to be the president of the state of Israel. – Moshe Katsav

88215. I don’t think that Iran with a nuclear capability will be just the problem of the state of Israel. This is a matter that concerns the whole world. – Moshe Katsav

88216. I have strong sentiments toward Iran, since I distinguish between the Iranian regime and the Iranian people. I highly esteem Iranian music and culture. – Moshe Katsav

88217. If Iran does not change its policies, it won’t be able to integrate into the international community and will become even more isolated than it is now, which likely will have a negative impact on the Iranian people. – Moshe Katsav

88218. In the past there were various suggestions in the framework of financial and other agreements to benefit with Iran. But Iran interpreted those suggestions in a mistaken way and deceived the international community. – Moshe Katsav

88219. Iran stands behind a substantial number of terrorist actions against us, together with Hizballah and the Islamic Jihad. It pretends to care for the Palestinians. – Moshe Katsav

88220. Fundamentalist governments and organizations endanger stability in the world. – Moshe Katsav

88221. It’s just a logical guess that they are very very wise to put someone from the old series in it, and if you had to choose, it would be a very difficult decision. – Andreas Katsulas

88222. So I think the fans will be totally interested in the new developments and delighted that the old developments are still there and that they can still see some of the old characters maybe reappear. – Andreas Katsulas

88223. Well, you know, what’s better? To play a character who stays stuck in the same baggage year after year, or to play a character who gets beyond that and goes to a new level? – Andreas Katsulas

88224. The fact that maybe I had some success playing G’Kar doesn’t guarantee me three years later that I can still do it, so I have to keep my senses alive and still be working on it. – Andreas Katsulas

88225. You’re only as good as you are now – not as good as you were before. – Andreas Katsulas

88226. It’s one of those things; you just get a very nice stroke from being included in the next thing. – Andreas Katsulas

88227. I don’t know how it would play out it the long run, if I were go to series with the story, I don’t know. I just miss Peter so much on a personal level, that’s about what I can say. He’s my buddy and I wish he were around. – Andreas Katsulas

88228. Not that I wouldn’t have been equally happy to see the old buddies and see it all start up again that way. But this was more of a work situation, and a very good one. – Andreas Katsulas

88229. Sheridan is still there, he’s the president of the Alliance, everything that was in place when the series is there is still there, we’re just moving the camera over a couple of light years. – Andreas Katsulas

88230. Yes, this is Mango himself. Listen I’m terribly busy and don’t have time for a phone interview right now. – Chris Kattan

88231. You guys are the best. I’ll see you in a couple of hours. I haven’t seen another human being in 13 hours and I’m running out of bottles for my urine. Later guys! – Chris Kattan

88232. For as long as I care to remember, religion, like the striptease, has always been a display of the power of suggestion. Like the Virgin Birth, it has all too often supported an immaculate deception. – Bernard Katz

88233. Organized religion: the world’s largest pyramid scheme. – Bernard Katz

88234. The sterile, arid environment created by truly jarring and discordant signage and gargantuan billboards is a turnoff. – Jonathan Katz

88235. For a good chunk of Israelis, it doesn’t matter who is in power when it comes to dealing with the Palestinians. Their focus was more on economic issues. – Jonathan Katz

88236. I’m officially middle-aged. I don’t need drugs anymore, thank God. I can get the same effect just by standing up real fast. – Jonathan Katz

88237. Scientists have found the gene for shyness. They would have found it years ago, but it was hiding behind a couple of other genes. – Jonathan Katz

88238. It was just a hobby. I didn’t expect it to turn into a business. – Phil Katz

88239. The notion that Jews are mythic creatures is well circulating in our culture. – Steven T. Katz

88240. The poet laureate of England talked about murdering Jews on the West Bank. – Steven T. Katz

88241. There was a taboo as a result of the Holocaust that people respected that anti-Semitism was an ugly thing and should be avoided. Now that taboo seems to have been broken with impunity. – Steven T. Katz

88242. Something fundamental about the myth of the Jew has resurfaced. – Steven T. Katz

88243. Shrek is not like anything anybody has ever seen before. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

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88244. You can tell when an actor or actress cares about their work. It’s really clear. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88245. What I love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88246. The thing that’s changed the most has just been the rapid technology. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88247. Every single thing you see on-screen came out of somebody’s creativity. It doesn’t exist. Nature didn’t deliver it to us. Everything had to be dreamed. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88248. The entire exhibitions industry in the United States of America has filed for bankruptcy. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88249. Since we made Shrek in the digital format, you actually can see it in its purest form digitally. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88250. Inspiration comes from all different places. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88251. I love to look at The Graduate, or Lawrence of Arabia, or things I had nothing to do with. But you could not get me to go back and watch movies that it was a privilege just to be around them when they were being made. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88252. I know what we do really well – I just try and keep us focused on doing that. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88253. I have a very difficult time getting the Napster world. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88254. It was the business that made Pop go away, not our inability to create. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88255. A company like DreamWorks, all we do is make product. That’s all we do. We don’t own distribution. We are purely in the creation of content. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88256. I haven’t got a lot of patience. – Jeffrey Katzenberg

88257. I never told a joke in my life. – Andy Kaufman

88258. While all the other kids were out playing ball and stuff, I used to stay in my room and imagine that there was a camera in the wall. And I used to really believe that I was putting on a television show and that it was going out to somewhere in the world. – Andy Kaufman

88259. When I perform, it’s very personal. I’m sharing things I like, inviting the audience into my room. – Andy Kaufman

88260. What’s real? What’s not? That’s what I do in my act, test how other people deal with reality. – Andy Kaufman

88261. There’s no way to describe what I do. It’s just me. – Andy Kaufman

88262. There’s no drama like wrestling. – Andy Kaufman

88263. If I play my cards right, I could bring network wrestling back to TV. Unfortunately, to most people, wrestling is a laughingstock. But fortunately, I’m reaching people who otherwise wouldn’t watch it. – Andy Kaufman

88264. I just want real reactions. I want people to laugh from the gut, be sad from the gut-or get angry from the gut. – Andy Kaufman

88265. My mother sent me to psychiatrists since the age of four because she didn’t think little boys should be sad. When my brother was born, I stared out the window for days. Can you imagine that? – Andy Kaufman

88266. So when I write characters and situations and relationships, I try to sort of utilize what I know about the world, limited as it is, and what I hear from my friends and see with my relatives. – Charlie Kaufman

88267. I’m not a celebrity. I’m intentionally and defiantly not a celebrity. I don’t have any interest in it. I don’t have any talent for it. I keep my personal life out of my public life as cleanly as I can. – Charlie Kaufman

88268. I was trying to figure out what a memory feels like. – Charlie Kaufman

88269. Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating. – Charlie Kaufman

88270. You are what you love. Not what loves you. – Charlie Kaufman

88271. The kind of doctor I want is one who when he’s not examining me is home studying medicine. – George S. Kaufman

88272. When I invite a woman to dinner, I expect her to look at my face. That’s the price she has to pay. – George S. Kaufman

88273. Satire is what closes on Saturday night. – George S. Kaufman

88274. Office hours are from 12 to 1 with an hour off for lunch. – George S. Kaufman

88275. I understand your new play is full of single entendres. – George S. Kaufman

88276. I like terra firma; the more firma, the less terra. – George S. Kaufman

88277. Epitaph for a dead waiter – God finally caught his eye. – George S. Kaufman

88278. At dramatic rehearsals, the only author that’s better than an absent one is a dead one. – George S. Kaufman

88279. When I was born I owed twelve dollars. – George S. Kaufman

88280. Failure is only postponed success as long as courage ‘coaches’ ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory. – Herbert Kaufman

88281. Makers of empire, they have fought for bigger things than crowns and higher seats than thrones. – Herbert Kaufman

88282. Only things the dreamers make live on. They are the eternal conquerors. – Herbert Kaufman

88283. Rich men’s sons are seldom rich men’s fathers. – Herbert Kaufman

88284. Words signify man’s refusal to accept the world as it is. – Herbert Kaufman

88285. Courtrooms contain every symbol of authority that a set designer could imagine. Everyone stands up when you come in. You wear a costume identifying you as, if not quite divine, someone special. – Irving R. Kaufman

88286. The Supreme Court’s only armor is the cloak of public trust; its sole ammunition, the collective hopes of our society. – Irving R. Kaufman

88287. To the extent that the judicial profession becomes the daily routine of deciding cases on the most secure precedents and the narrowest grounds available, the judicial mind atrophies and its perspective shrinks. – Irving R. Kaufman

88288. The judge is forced for the most part to reach his audience through the medium of the press whose reporting of judicial decisions is all too often inaccurate and superficial. – Irving R. Kaufman

88289. The judicial system is the most expensive machine ever invented for finding out what happened and what to do about it. – Irving R. Kaufman

88290. There is no way I could have ever dared to make a documentary, much less have the money to make a documentary, if it was on 16mm. But, with the magic of digital. – Lloyd Kaufman

88291. I like fat people more then I like thin people, things are always a lot more funnier when they happen to fat people. – Lloyd Kaufman

88292. If someone offered me a hundred million dollars to make a movie? I would first remind him that there are 850 million people in the world who don’t have enough to eat. – Lloyd Kaufman

88293. In our racist, sexist society, Christmas is the 8 hours when we stop killing each other and gratutious over eating is encouraged so that the starving and other people in the world can die! – Lloyd Kaufman

88294. It is up to us to produce better-quality movies. – Lloyd Kaufman

88295. Movies are art and the spirit of the movie depends on the creators. – Lloyd Kaufman

88296. They are always very lax about putting restrictions on violence for children’s movies, which I think is much more harrowing than sexuality for children. – Philip Kaufman

88297. This one, even though it called for San Francisco, I think they wanted to initially shoot part of the film up here, you know get the exteriors and then go back to L.A. We really fought to get it up here and I think Paramount was really pleased. – Philip Kaufman

88298. To me, thoughts are fun and art is fun. The strength of our society should not be idle entertainments but the joy of pursuing ideas. – Philip Kaufman

88299. What’s really interesting about that is that a lot of these words that were incendiary in their time now seem almost harmless and laughable, because they have this archaic quality. – Philip Kaufman

88300. Whatever you think of de Sade, he was a complex figure and we should not look for easy answers with him. He was, strangely perhaps, against the death penalty, and he was never put in prison for murders or anything like that. – Philip Kaufman

88301. The danger is not so much in the economic structure of a society but in its intellectual structure. – Philip Kaufman

88302. You can have a lot of unhappiness by not having money, but the reverse is no guarantee of happiness. – Philip Kaufman

88303. That’s a little homage in a way to that and also to create that sort of creepy atmosphere that Hitchcock did. Vertigo was one of his great movies that was shot right here in The City and it’s about a woman and the psychological twists and so forth. – Philip Kaufman

88304. Whereas European films have traditionally been able to go into adult relationships. I think there’s a huge audience in America for those kinds of films. – Philip Kaufman

88305. But you know, there’s always a danger nowadays that films are gonna be brought up to Canada for budget reasons. And that’s something that really concerns me. – Philip Kaufman

88306. The truth is, I’m drawn to all kinds of things. – Philip Kaufman

88307. And I liked this extreme character of de Sade. – Philip Kaufman

88308. I read, therefore I’m interested in writers. – Philip Kaufman

88309. I shot a lot of close-ups on this movie ’cause there’s like a dual mystery, she’s searching through her haunted past to find some truth and she’s also following an external mystery where she comes to think she might be the killer. – Philip Kaufman

88310. Is there something to be said for the writings of the Marquis? Is there something to be said for pornography? And is there something to be said against both? I hope our film is balanced and rich enough to encourage debate and discussion. – Philip Kaufman

88311. It just seemed to me to be a great story, set back in its time but something that seemed to have relevance for our time. Now that the film is coming out, it looks like we’re back in another time where repression of expression is all the rage. – Philip Kaufman

88312. Nowadays they either want to move the film to Canada or in some cases they go to Prague or Romania or they want to keep ’em down in L.A. – Philip Kaufman

88313. Similarly, the Marquis is presented in this film as someone who would disturb the status quo and therefore must be kept imprisoned. – Philip Kaufman

88314. The doctrine of original sin claims that all men sinned in Adam; but whether they did or whether it is merely a fact that all men sin does not basically affect the problem of suffering. – Walter Kaufmann

88315. The problem of suffering is: why is there the suffering we know? – Walter Kaufmann

88316. Thirdly, even if we assume that the world is governed by purpose, we need only add that this purpose – or, if there are several, at least one of them – is not especially intent on preventing suffering, whether it is indifferent to suffering or actually rejoices in it. – Walter Kaufmann

88317. When Hegel later became a man of influence’ he insisted that the Jews should be granted equal rights because civic rights belong to man because he is a man and not on account of his ethnic origins or his religion. – Walter Kaufmann

88318. The only theism worthy of our respect believes in God not because of the way the world is made but in spite of that. The only theism that is no less profound than the Buddha’s atheism is that represented in the Bible by Job and Jeremiah. – Walter Kaufmann

88319. The great artist is the man who most obviously succeeds in turning his pains to advantage, in letting suffering deepens his understanding and sensibility, in growing through his pains. – Walter Kaufmann

88320. The first function of a book review should be, I believe, to give some idea of the contents and character of the book. – Walter Kaufmann

88321. To try to fashion something from suffering, to relish our triumphs, and to endure defeats without resentment: all that is compatible with the faith of a heretic. – Walter Kaufmann

88322. Life ceases to be so oppressive: we are free to give our own lives meaning and purpose, free to redeem our suffering by making something of it. – Walter Kaufmann

88323. Job’s forthright indictment of the injustice of this world is surely right. The ways of the world are weird and much more unpredictable than either scientists or theologians generally make things look. – Walter Kaufmann

88324. It was also Hegel who established the view that the different philosophic systems that we find in history are to be comprehended in terms of development and that they are generally one-sided because they owe their origins to a reaction against what has gone before. – Walter Kaufmann

88325. It is widely assumed, contrary to fact, that theism necessarily involves the two assumptions which cannot be squared with the existence of so much suffering, and that therefore, per impossibile, they simply have to be squared with the existence of all this suffering, somehow. – Walter Kaufmann

88326. It does not follow that the meaning must be given from above; that life and suffering must come neatly labeled; that nothing is worth while if the world is not governed by a purpose. – Walter Kaufmann

88327. In all three cases, and for most human beings, the problem of suffering poses no difficult problem at all: one has a world picture in which suffering has its place, a world picture that takes suffering into account. – Walter Kaufmann

88328. Here an attempt is made to explain suffering: the outcaste of traditional Hinduism is held to deserve his fetched fate; it is a punishment for the wrongs he did in a previous life. – Walter Kaufmann

88329. Faith means intense, usually confident, belief that is not based on evidence sufficient to command assent from every reasonable person. – Walter Kaufmann

88330. Those who believe in God because their experience of life and the facts of nature prove his existence must have led sheltered lives and closed their hearts to the voice of their brothers’ blood. – Walter Kaufmann

88331. The deepest difference between religions is not that between polytheism and monotheism. – Walter Kaufmann

88332. Ambition never comes to an end. – Kenneth Kaunda

88333. The inability of those in power to still the voices of their own consciences is the great force leading to change. – Kenneth Kaunda

88334. The power which establishes a state is violence; the power which maintains it is violence; the power which eventually overthrows it is violence. – Kenneth Kaunda

88335. An ignorant person with a bad character is like an unarmed robber, but a learned person with a blog is a robber fully armed. – Mickey Kaus

88336. I know I have the mental capacity of a thousand bloggers, but because of that, my obligation to serve God is also that of a thousand bloggers. – Mickey Kaus

88337. A man is original when he speaks the truth that has always been known to all good men. – Patrick Kavanagh

88338. Malice is only another name for mediocrity. – Patrick Kavanagh

88339. What appears in newspapers is often new but seldom true. – Patrick Kavanagh

88340. Because you cannot see him, God is everywhere. – Yasunari Kawabata

88341. Leverage your brand. You shouldn’t let two guys in a garage eat your shorts. – Guy Kawasaki

88342. Evangelism is selling a dream. – Guy Kawasaki

88343. Simple and to the point is always the best way to get your point across. – Guy Kawasaki

88344. Don’t worry, be crappy. Revolutionary means you ship and then test… Lots of things made the first Mac in 1984 a piece of crap – but it was a revolutionary piece of crap. – Guy Kawasaki

88345. Patience is the art of concealing your impatience. – Guy Kawasaki

88346. A good idea is about ten percent and implementation and hard work, and luck is 90 percent. – Guy Kawasaki

88347. A crash is when your competitor’s program dies. When your program dies, it is an ‘idiosyncrasy’. – Guy Kawasaki

88348. Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower. – Alan Kay

88349. The best way to predict the future is to invent it. – Alan Kay

88350. Quite a few people have to believe something is normal before it becomes normal – a sort of ‘voting’ situation. But once the threshold is reached, then everyone demands to do whatever it is. – Alan Kay

88351. Perspective is worth 80 IQ points. – Alan Kay

88352. People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware. – Alan Kay

88353. The protean nature of the computer is such that it can act like a machine or like a language to be shaped and exploited. – Alan Kay

88354. The result is – document destruction – we’re really not going to be able to prove beyond a truth the negatives and some of the positive conclusions that we’re going to come to. There will be always unresolved ambiguity here. – David Kay

88355. Let me begin by saying, we were almost all wrong, and I certainly include myself here. – David Kay

88356. This hearing came about very quickly. I do have a few preliminary comments, but I suspect you’re more interested in asking questions, and I’ll be happy to respond to those questions to the best of my ability. – David Kay

88357. I’ve seen looting around the world and thought I knew the best looters in the world. The Iraqis excel at that. – David Kay

88358. I would also point out that many governments that chose not to support this war – certainly, the French president, Jacques Chirac, as I recall in April of last year, referred to Iraq’s possession of WMD. – David Kay

88359. In my judgment, based on the work that has been done to this point of the Iraq Survey Group, and in fact, that I reported to you in October, Iraq was in clear violation of the terms of U.N.Resolution 1441. – David Kay

88360. Sen. Edward Kennedy knows very directly. Senator Kennedy and I talked on several occasions prior to the war that my view was that the best evidence that I had seen was that Iraq indeed had weapons of mass destruction. – David Kay

88361. The case of Iran, a nuclear program that the Iranians admit was 18 years on, that we underestimated. And, in fact, we didn’t discover it. It was discovered by a group of Iranian dissidents outside the country who pointed the international community at the location. – David Kay

88362. The fact that it wasn’t tells me that we’ve got a much more fundamental problem of understanding what went wrong, and we’ve got to figure out what was there. And that’s what I call fundamental fault analysis. – David Kay

88363. The Libyan program recently discovered was far more extensive than was assessed prior to that. – David Kay

88364. Fortunately, President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy disagreed with the estimate and chose a course of action less ambitious and aggressive than recommended by their advisers. – David Kay

88365. There’s a long record here of being wrong. There’s a good reason for it. There are probably multiple reasons. Certainly proliferation is a hard thing to track, particularly in countries that deny easy and free access and don’t have free and open societies. – David Kay

88366. I think the aim – and certainly the aim of what I’ve tried to do since leaving – is not political and certainly not a witch hunt at individuals. It’s to try to direct our attention at what I believe is a fundamental fault analysis that we must now examine. – David Kay

88367. The Germans certainly – the intelligence service believed that there were WMD. It turns out that we were all wrong, probably in my judgment, and that is most disturbing. – David Kay

88368. And never – not in a single case – was the explanation, ‘I was pressured to do this.’ The explanation was very often, ‘The limited data we had led one to reasonably conclude this. I now see that there’s another explanation for it.’ – David Kay

88369. I think that shows a level of maturity and understanding that I think bodes well for getting to the bottom of this. But it is really up to you and your staff, on behalf of the American people, to take on that challenge. – David Kay

88370. A great deal has been accomplished by the team, and I do think it important that it goes on and it is allowed to reach its full conclusion. In fact, I really believe it ought to be better resourced and totally focused on WMD; that that is important to do it. – David Kay

88371. I came not from within the administration, and it was clear and clear in our discussions and no one asked otherwise that I would lead this the way I thought best and I would speak the truth as we found it. – David Kay

88372. And like I say, I think we’ve got other cases other than Iraq. I do not think the problem of global proliferation of weapons technology of mass destruction is going to go away, and that’s why I think it is an urgent issue. – David Kay

88373. And you know, almost in a perverse way, I wish it had been undue influence because we know how to correct that. We get rid of the people who, in fact, were exercising that. – David Kay

88374. As leader of the effort of the Iraqi Survey Group, I spent most of my days not out in the field leading inspections. It’s typically what you do at that level. I was trying to motivate, direct, find strategies. – David Kay

88375. Both of us are known for probably at times regrettable streak of independence. – David Kay

88376. But I do think the survey group – and I think Charlie Duelfer is a great leader. I have the utmost confidence in Charles. I think you will get as full an answer as you can possibly get. – David Kay

88377. But the most important thing about that story, which is not often told, is that as a result after the Cuban missile crisis, immediate steps were taken to correct our inability to collect on the movement of nuclear material out of the Soviet Union to other places. – David Kay

88378. I also believe that it is time to begin the fundamental analysis of how we got here, what led us here and what we need to do in order to ensure that we are equipped with the best possible intelligence as we face these issues in the future. – David Kay

88379. I do believe we have to understand why reality turned out to be different than expectations and estimates. But you have more public service – certainly many of you – than I have ever had, and you recognize that this is not unusual. – David Kay

88380. I had innumerable analysts who came to me in apology that the world that we were finding was not the world that they had thought existed and that they had estimated. Reality on the ground differed in advance. – David Kay

88381. And let me take one of the explanations most commonly given: Analysts were pressured to reach conclusions that would fit the political agenda of one or another administration. I deeply think that is a wrong explanation. – David Kay

88382. I mean, I could just go round and use session musicians for every song, but I don’t find that helps when it comes to setting up a band for live. Derrick has been with me for donkey’s years. – Jay Kay

88383. My place in Scotland is in the middle of nowhere, so you’ve just got a keyboard, guitar, a little drum machine and you know if you can work stuff out like that, if you can hammer out songs that sound good just with those three things and a voice, you’re on your way. – Jay Kay

88384. Toby not being there doesn’t bother me, I mean I can work with anybody as long as we get along and as long as they’ve got an understanding of what I want and what I’m aiming for. To start with, when he left, it was difficult. – Jay Kay

88385. We spent a month in LA using a pool of musicians, a string arranger called Benjamin Wright, some great backing singers, and it gave tracks like Dynamite, which was written there, that kind of flavour. – Jay Kay

88386. I wasn’t born a fool. It took work to get this way. – Danny Kaye

88387. You bet I arrived overnight. Over a few hundred nights in the Catskills, in vaudeville, in clubs and on Broadway. – Danny Kaye

88388. To travel is to take a journey into yourself. – Danny Kaye

88389. Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint you can at it. – Danny Kaye

88390. I’ve lost many of my best friends… I’m going to satisfy myself now, not the critics, not even my friends. – Elia Kazan

88391. The more ambivalent you are and the more uncertain you are, then you can get something that you cannot anticipate. – Elia Kazan

88392. I was the true future. I understood Communism better than they did. – Elia Kazan

88393. I was very intense. I think it’s a privilege to be an actor. – Elia Kazan

88394. I will say nothing to an actor that cannot be translated into action. – Elia Kazan

88395. I would rather do what I did than crawl in front of a ritualistic Left and lie the way those other comrades did betray my own soul. – Elia Kazan

88396. I wouldn’t go up on a stage now if you paid a thousand dollars for one minute of acting. It’s a nasty experience. You’re up there all by yourself. You’re so damn exposed. – Elia Kazan

88397. I was taken in by what might be called the Hard Times version of the Communists’ advertising or recruiting technique. – Elia Kazan

88398. I’m small, but I’m neither compliant nor agreeable. – Elia Kazan

88399. I was not what you’d call a first-class actor, but I did all right. – Elia Kazan

88400. Miller didn’t write Death of a Salesman. He released it. It was there inside him, waiting to be turned loose. That’s the measure of its merit. – Elia Kazan

88401. Our relationship was cursed by the fact that we agreed on everything. – Elia Kazan

88402. The belief that the good in American society will finally win out… I don’t believe any more. – Elia Kazan

88403. The essence of the stage is concentration and penetration. Of the screen action, movement, sweep. – Elia Kazan

88404. The first thing you should do with an actor is not sign a contract with him. Take him to dinner. And take him for a walk afterwards. – Elia Kazan

88405. The makers of entertainment must try, in our field, to be honest and grown-up. – Elia Kazan

88406. I’m going to make a film where not one word is really important. I’m going to make it all action. – Elia Kazan

88407. I value peace when it is not bought at the price of fundamental decencies. – Elia Kazan

88408. I may be getting old, but not foolish. – Elia Kazan

88409. I owe Bankhead a gift; she made a director out of me. – Elia Kazan

88410. I question the value of stars. I think they’re overrated. They get too much money, too much praise. – Elia Kazan

88411. I said to Tennessee, this thing is becoming the Marlon Brando show. – Elia Kazan

88412. I spoke without fear of contradiction. I simply did not suffer self-doubt. – Elia Kazan

88413. I think there should be collaboration, but under my thumb. – Elia Kazan

88414. I was the hero of the young insurgent working class art movement. – Elia Kazan

88415. I used to spend most of my time straining to be a nice guy so people would like me. – Elia Kazan

88416. The Communists automatically violated the daily practices of democracy to which I was accustomed. – Elia Kazan

88417. I want to thank the Academy for its courage and generosity. – Elia Kazan

88418. I was always a self-conscious person. – Elia Kazan

88419. I was an outsider… but I was also sympathetic with people that were struggling to get up, because I struggled to get up. – Elia Kazan

88420. I was both very successful and very left; the living demonstration of how you could be on the left and still be in the gossip columns and be envied for the money you made. – Elia Kazan

88421. I was even superior to the Communists and when they didn’t go along with me, I quit them. – Elia Kazan

88422. I was not a collective person or a bohemian; I was an elitist. – Elia Kazan

88423. I truly believe that all power corrupts. Such is probably the thinking behind every political film ever made in Hollywood. – Elia Kazan

88424. Stylized acting and direction is to realistic acting and direction as poetry is to prose. – Elia Kazan

88425. The writer, when he is also an artist, is someone who admits what others don’t dare reveal. – Elia Kazan

88426. You have to remind people of their own struggles. It’s a responsibility. – Elia Kazan

88427. You have no idea how fragile an actor’s self-worth is. – Elia Kazan

88428. You can’t just sit there and do the lines. You have to do something revealing or unusual. – Elia Kazan

88429. When you know what an actor has, you can reach in and arouse it. If you don’t know what he has, you don’t know what the hell is going on. – Elia Kazan

88430. Whatever hysteria exists is inflamed by mystery, suspicion and secrecy. Hard and exact facts will cool it. – Elia Kazan

88431. What’s called a difficult decision is a difficult decision because either way you go there are penalties. – Elia Kazan

88432. Very often the Group actor is a critic when he’s acting and an actor when he’s criticizing. – Elia Kazan

88433. To be a member of the Communist Party is to have a taste of the police state. It is a diluted taste but is bitter and unforgettable. – Elia Kazan

88434. There is only one thing I respect in so-called Broadway actors… and that is their competitive sense. – Elia Kazan

88435. The world was like a huge red carpet out ahead of me to be walked on. And it stretched on and on, no end. – Elia Kazan

88436. The thing about Brando was that I’d make these directions, and he’d walk away. He’d heard enough… to get the machine going. – Elia Kazan

88437. The physical life of the scene is determined by whether the set squeezes people together or whether the set has an escape place in it. – Elia Kazan

88438. The motion pictures I have made and the plays I have chosen to direct represent my convictions. – Elia Kazan

88439. There was no doubt that there was a vast organization which was making fools of all the liberals in Hollywood and taking their money, that there was a police state among the Left element in Hollywood and Broadway. – Elia Kazan

88440. For years after I resigned, I was still faithful to their way of thinking. But not in the American Communists. – Elia Kazan

88441. I like directors who come on the set and create something that’s a little dangerous, difficult or unusual. – Elia Kazan

88442. I knew the exuberance of playing before an admiring audience and hearing my secret voice. – Elia Kazan

88443. I joined the Communist Party late in 1934. I got out a year and a half later. – Elia Kazan

88444. I have no spy stories to tell, because I saw no spies. Nor did I understand, at that time, any opposition between American and Russian national interest. – Elia Kazan

88445. I gave my life to the Group Theatre, because in it I’m building something for myself. What I build, I am. – Elia Kazan

88446. I hate the Communists and have for many years and don’t feel right about giving up my career to defend them. I will give up my film career if it is in the interests of defending something I believe in, but not this. – Elia Kazan

88447. Hey, you must be doin’ good, ’cause I never hear from you. – Elia Kazan

88448. Every picture that is successful has one little miracle in it. – Elia Kazan

88449. Every fighter has one fight that makes or breaks him. – Elia Kazan

88450. Anybody who informs on other people is doing something disturbing and even disgusting. – Elia Kazan

88451. Acting… was the biggest charge I ever had. What other artist has it so good? Approval so quick? – Elia Kazan

88452. A good director’s not sure when he gets on the set what he’s going to do. – Elia Kazan

88453. A film director has to get a shot, no matter what he does. We’re desperate people. – Elia Kazan

88454. You’ve got to keep fighting – you’ve got to risk your life every six months to stay alive. – Elia Kazan

88455. I didn’t have that much confidence. Maybe it looks that way. I’m glad it does. – Elia Kazan

88456. I don’t remember anything anybody said in any Jack Ford picture. Nothing happens except action. – Elia Kazan

88457. I said to the almond tree, “Friend, speak to me of God,” and the almond tree blossomed. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88458. There is only one woman in the world. One woman, with many faces. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88459. The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darkness. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88460. Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88461. In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88462. I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88463. I expect nothing. I fear no one. I am free. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88464. Everything in this world has a hidden meaning. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88465. Every perfect traveler always creates the country where he travels. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88466. Beauty is merciless. You do not look at it, it looks at you and does not forgive. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88467. A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88468. My entire soul is a cry, and all my work is a commentary on that cry. – Nikos Kazantzakis

88469. When a writer talks about his work, he’s talking about a love affair. – Alfred Kazin

88470. If we practiced medicine like we practice education, we’d look for the liver on the right side and left side in alternate years. – Alfred Kazin

88471. One writes to make a home for oneself, on paper, in time and in others’ minds. – Alfred Kazin

88472. It was Christopher’s brilliant concept that he did not want this to become like every other sitcom where you do one take, and the audience gets bored with seeing it ten times, you know, over and over again. – Stacy Keach

88473. Where were they when the Russians went down? – Stacy Keach

88474. There’s a picture of Christopher and the real Ken Titus and myself in my dressing room. He’s a great guy, by the way. I just think the real Ken is just super. And he’s so happy for his son’s success. – Stacy Keach

88475. I’ll be honest with you: not a chance in this world. But you know, stranger things have happened. – Stacy Keach

88476. I think so. I can’t think of anything that requires more finesse than comedy, both from a verbal and visual point of view. – Stacy Keach

88477. I asked him a number of questions and I got some very interesting answers. Ken’s heroes, according to Christopher, would be people like John Wayne, of course. – Stacy Keach

88478. As a dad, he thinks that his philosophy is morally correct. He has no conscience whatsoever about letting his kids put a penny in a light socket to find out electricity is not so good for you, and if you want to learn how to swim, you have to be thrown into the deep end. – Stacy Keach

88479. This is definitely the first curmudgeon, no doubt about it. – Stacy Keach

88480. Higher income taxes are a razor guillotine poised to descend on the bare neck of prosperity. – Thomas H. Kean

88481. They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything. – Bil Keane

88482. Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. – Bil Keane

88483. A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away. – Bil Keane

88484. I think the Irish woman was freed from slavery by bingo. They can go out now, dressed up, with their handbags and have a drink and play bingo. And they deserve it. – John B. Keane

88485. A Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he’s just as good as everybody else. – John B. Keane

88486. Now listen lads, I’m not happy with our tackling. We’re hurting them but they keep getting up. – John B. Keane

88487. We were given no chance against them, but we held our own and we will be trying to do the same this summer. – Robbie Keane

88488. We have a great sense of togetherness. It is our team spirit that has taken us to this World Cup. – Robbie Keane

88489. We get on well and it won’t be too much trouble spending so much time with him. He has a strange way of sleeping as he likes to kick off all the blankets and just have them up by his chest. – Robbie Keane

88490. There was a tremendous amount of disappointment in missing the World Cup finals in 1998, so they’re getting excited about this one and I really think we could do well in the Far East. – Robbie Keane

88491. A lot of players might be tired, but I feel nice and sharp. – Robbie Keane

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88492. Some have said it is the easiest group at the World Cup, but we realize it won’t be like that. Germany are a tremendous side, but to be honest I don’t know much about Cameroon and Saudi Arabia. – Robbie Keane

88493. Qualifying for the second stage would be a successful World Cup for us. I think we can do it. – Robbie Keane

88494. As a kid growing up in the back streets of Dublin I used to pretend I was playing in the World Cup with my mates out on the streets, and now I will be doing it for real. – Robbie Keane

88495. At Leeds I’ve tried to concentrate on my club form, but you get caught up in all the World Cup fever once you come back to Ireland and see all the Irish boys again. – Robbie Keane

88496. I am happy at Leeds and I want to stay. There has been talk that Leeds might sell some players, but all the players believe we can win some silverware next season and it is important that we are all kept together. – Robbie Keane

88497. I can’t even remember when the Seventies was. – Robbie Keane

88498. I used to love watching him as a player, so it is a joy to play alongside him. I might take the mickey out of him, but deep down I have so much admiration for him. – Robbie Keane

88499. It’s always nice to start off with a good result. – Robbie Keane

88500. I’m not at Manchester United to keep everyone happy. – Roy Keane

88501. A few men own from ten thousand to two hundred thousand acres each. The poor Laborer can find no resting place, save on the barren mountain, or in the trackless desert. – Denis Kearney

88502. Will he get a place for his oldest boy? He can not. His girl? Why, the Chinaman is in her place too! – Denis Kearney

88503. They have seized upon the government by bribery and corruption. They have made speculation and public robbery a science. They have loaded the nation, the state, the county, and the city with debt. – Denis Kearney

88504. We are with you in this work. Workingmen must form a party of their own, take charge of the government, dispose gilded fraud, and put honest toil in power. – Denis Kearney

88505. We know that if gold, if fraud, if force can defeat us, they will all be used. And we have resolved that they shall not defeat us. We shall arm. We shall meet fraud and falsehood with defiance, and force with force, if need be. – Denis Kearney

88506. We are men, and propose to live like men in this free land, without the contamination of slave labor, or die like men, if need be, in asserting the rights of our race, our country, and our families. – Denis Kearney

88507. They have stolen the public lands. They have grasped all to themselves, and by their unprincipled greed brought a crisis of unparalleled distress on forty millions of people, who have natural resources to feed, clothe and shelter the whole human race. – Denis Kearney

88508. They are imported by companies, controlled as serfs, worked like slaves, and at last go back to China with all their earnings. They are in every place, they seem to have no sex. Boys work, girls work; it is all alike to them. – Denis Kearney

88509. There are a few Chinese smuggled in over the borders of British Columbia on the north and Mexico on the south. – Denis Kearney

88510. Our moneyed men have ruled us for the past thirty years. Under the flag of the slaveholder they hoped to destroy our liberty. – Denis Kearney

88511. California must be all American or all Chinese. We are resolved that it shall be American, and are prepared to make it so. May we not rely upon your sympathy and assistance? – Denis Kearney

88512. To add to our misery and despair, a bloated aristocracy has sent to China – the greatest and oldest despotism in the world – for a cheap working slave. – Denis Kearney

88513. As you suggested I have in the following disputed certain passages, trusting you will do me the justice either to modify the same or add a note in the new edition stating that I dispute,’ etc. – Denis Kearney

88514. Oh, go in anywhere Colonel, go in anywhere. You’ll find lovely fighting all along the line. – Philip Kearny

88515. The Rebel bullet that can kill me has not yet been molded. – Philip Kearny

88516. We ought instead of retreating should follow up the enemy and take Richmond. And in full view of all responsible for such declaration, I say to you all, such an order can only be prompted by cowardice or treason. – Philip Kearny

88517. I, Philip Kearny, an old soldier, enter my solemn protest against this order for retreat. – Philip Kearny

88518. I can make men follow me to hell. – Philip Kearny

88519. War is horrible because it strangles youth. – Philip Kearny

88520. I was born in Middlesex, England, which is really London. – Charles Keating

88521. You know, working as an actor, I’m always working within my own imagination. – Charles Keating

88522. Well I was out in the garden moving rocks on the day of the Emmys. I was just playing in the dirt. – Charles Keating

88523. Well I don’t write, I attempt to scribble here and there. And no, nothing ever so grand as being published. – Charles Keating

88524. The Emmy will have no effect on me, from the standpoint that you’ve still got to wash your bowl after breakfast. – Charles Keating

88525. It does make you a better director and a better actor. – Charles Keating

88526. Indeed, the actor’s lot is a much harder one than that of the director’s, from one simple standpoint: The actor has to play the eight shows a week. – Charles Keating

88527. In film and television we are oftentimes so pampered that the truths are withheld. – Charles Keating

88528. I indeed had only one scene, one speech, one little speech, but it was with Robin Williams. – Charles Keating

88529. I have two delightful sons, who I love dearly. – Charles Keating

88530. I believe the director’s primary role is to create an atmosphere where his company can be created. – Charles Keating

88531. Computers rather frighten me, because I never did learn to type, so the whole thing seems extraordinarily complicated to me. – Charles Keating

88532. Am I 53 or 54? I think I’m 54. I was born in 1941. So this year I’ll be 55. – Charles Keating

88533. In the theatre, the actor is given immediate feedback. – Charles Keating

88534. I think there are a number of bishops – and I put Cardinal Mahony in that category – who listen too much to his lawyer and not enough to his heart. – Frank Keating

88535. With or without a Social Security fix, Americans don’t have enough assets to retire on. There has to be a much larger debate. – Frank Keating

88536. I try to use the Australian idiom to its maximum advantage. – Paul Keating

88537. If one takes pride in one’s craft, you won’t let a good thing die. Risking it through not pushing hard enough is not a humility. – Paul Keating

88538. I don’t act, anyway. The stuff is all injected as we go along. My pictures are made without script or written directions of any kind. – Buster Keaton

88539. High energy creates more energy, more energy, more energy. It kicks off synapses, I guess. It opens up your brain and you think of one thing after another thing, after another. You can really open yourself up comedically, which is fun. – Michael Keaton

88540. There comes a point in your life when you realize how quickly time goes by, and how quickly it has gone. Then it really speeds up exponentially. With that, I think you start to put a lot of things into context; you start to see how huge the world is, and really, the universe. – Michael Keaton

88541. Unless you’re flat out dead, you have to think of some other questions like: what’s on the other side? It brings up issues of God, or no God. How does he play into this? Or he, or she, or it? How does it all play into this? – Michael Keaton

88542. The Public – a thing I cannot help looking upon as an enemy, and which I cannot address without feelings of hostility. – John Keats

88543. My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk. – John Keats

88544. Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced. – John Keats

88545. Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss. – John Keats

88546. Philosophy will clip an angel’s wings. – John Keats

88547. Poetry should be great and unobtrusive, a thing which enters into one’s soul, and does not startle it or amaze it with itself, but with its subject. – John Keats

88548. Poetry should… should strike the reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts, and appear almost a remembrance. – John Keats

88549. Scenery is fine – but human nature is finer. – John Keats

88550. The excellency of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeable evaporate. – John Keats

88551. The poetry of the earth is never dead. – John Keats

88552. It appears to me that almost any man may like the spider spin from his own inwards his own airy citadel. – John Keats

88553. There is an electric fire in human nature tending to purify – so that among these human creatures there is continually some birth of new heroism. The pity is that we must wonder at it, as we should at finding a pearl in rubbish. – John Keats

88554. There is not a fiercer hell than the failure in a great object. – John Keats

88555. There is nothing stable in the world; uproar’s your only music. – John Keats

88556. Though a quarrel in the streets is a thing to be hated, the energies displayed in it are fine; the commonest man shows a grace in his quarrel. – John Keats

88557. What the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth. – John Keats

88558. The only means of strengthening one’s intellect is to make up one’s mind about nothing, to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts. – John Keats

88559. I am in that temper that if I were under water I would scarcely kick to come to the top. – John Keats

88560. With a great poet the sense of Beauty overcomes every other consideration, or rather obliterates all consideration. – John Keats

88561. A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. – John Keats

88562. ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. – John Keats

88563. Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a soul? – John Keats

88564. He ne’er is crowned with immortality Who fears to follow where airy voices lead. – John Keats

88565. Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter. – John Keats

88566. Love is my religion – I could die for it. – John Keats

88567. I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections, and the truth of imagination. – John Keats

88568. Much have I traveled in the realms of gold, and many goodly states and kingdoms seen. – John Keats

88569. I have been astonished that men could die martyrs for religion – I have shuddered at it. I shudder no more – I could be martyred for my religion – Love is my religion – I could die for that. – John Keats

88570. I have two luxuries to brood over in my walks, your loveliness and the hour of my death. O that I could have possession of them both in the same minute. – John Keats

88571. I love you the more in that I believe you had liked me for my own sake and for nothing else. – John Keats

88572. I will give you a definition of a proud man: he is a man who has neither vanity nor wisdom one filled with hatreds cannot be vain, neither can he be wise. – John Keats

88573. I would sooner fail than not be among the greatest. – John Keats

88574. Praise or blame has but a momentary effect on the man whose love of beauty in the abstract makes him a severe critic on his own works. – John Keats

88575. Land and sea, weakness and decline are great separators, but death is the great divorcer for ever. – John Keats

88576. Here lies one whose name was writ in water. – John Keats

88577. You speak of Lord Byron and me; there is this great difference between us. He describes what he sees I describe what I imagine. Mine is the hardest task. – John Keats

88578. Poetry should surprise by a fine excess and not by singularity, it should strike the reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts, and appear almost a remembrance. – John Keats

88579. You are always new, The last of your kisses was ever the sweetest. – John Keats

88580. And help us, this and every day, to live more nearly as we pray. – John Keble

88581. As fire kindled by fire, so is the poet’s mind kindled by contact with a brother poet. – John Keble

88582. Peace is the first thing the angels sang. – John Keble

88583. I write plays for people who wouldn’t be seen dead in the theatre. – Barrie Keeffe

88584. We may have to have a geo-political regrouping or major geo-political changes. – John Keegan

88585. Nobody should teach anywhere for 25 years, but I did. – John Keegan

88586. Soldiers, when committed to a task, can’t compromise. It’s unrelenting devotion to the standards of duty and courage, absolute loyalty to others, not letting the task go until it’s been done. – John Keegan

88587. Some people are more terrorist than others. – John Keegan

88588. The great Chinese classics have always said that it’s better not to fight; that the clever man achieves his ends without violence; that a battle delayed is better than a battle fought. – John Keegan

88589. The Islam of the 18th, 19th and first half of the 20th century was a poor thing. Nobody bothered about it. Islam was that funny sort of pure system of beliefs that depressed people in the Middle East held as their religion. – John Keegan

88590. Men killing other men really is an extraordinary phenomenon. Why does it happen? And how long has it gone on? And have the motives changed? – John Keegan

88591. There are certain wicked people in the world that you can’t deal with except by force. – John Keegan

88592. The great men of power who seek to change the nations they belong to usually are pretty terrible people. – John Keegan

88593. Well, if they are trying to kill you, on the whole they’re the people you have to kill, aren’t they? – John Keegan

88594. The revival of Islam dates from the early years of the 20th century. It was brought about by their humiliation, by their sense of how low they’d fallen compared with the West. – John Keegan

88595. It’s a necessary quality of a diplomat or a politician that he will compromise. Uncompromising politicians or diplomats get you into the most terrible trouble. – John Keegan

88596. If Wellington epitomizes the English gentleman, Eisenhower epitomizes the natural American gentleman. – John Keegan

88597. I think to be shot in a mountain valley somewhere or other is altogether less glorious than crashing an airliner into a skyscraper. – John Keegan

88598. I think that black Africa is extremely terrifying. Black Africa can become a maelstrom of warring tribes without the outside world needing to feel the need to do anything about it. – John Keegan

88599. Even a pacifist should admire the military virtues. – John Keegan

88600. The leader of men in warfare can show himself to his followers only through a mask, a mask that he must make for himself, but a mask made in such form as will mark him to men of his time and place as the leader they want and need. – John Keegan

88601. I think Americans like the practical; they like the human. And I like both those things myself, and I try and put them into my books. – John Keegan

88602. I don’t think that what’s going on in Bosnia is political activity. It’s partly political, but it’s partly atavistic as well. – John Keegan

88603. I don’t look to find an educated person in the ranks of university graduates, necessarily. Some of the most educated people I know have never been near a university. – John Keegan

88604. I can’t visualize the situation in which we nuke ourselves into extinction. – John Keegan

88605. Good men who exercise power are really the most fascinating of all people. – John Keegan

88606. It’s commonly said that people who’ve been ill in childhood and who’ve had an upset education never really regret that they do. It means that you don’t look at the world in the way that other people do, and if you were inclined to be a writer, that’s a help. – John Keegan

88607. It goes without saying that when you’re the manager of a Premiership club, you go eight miles down the road and get beaten by a team two divisions below you, it’s disappointing. – Kevin Keegan

88608. That decision, for me, was almost certainly definitely wrong. – Kevin Keegan

88609. Hungary is very similar to Bulgaria. I know they’re different countries. – Kevin Keegan

88610. I’ll never play at Wembley again, unless I play at Wembley again. – Kevin Keegan

88611. It was a fine cast and lots of fun to make, but they did the damn thing on the cheap. The backdrops had holes in them, and it was shot on the worst film stock. – Howard Keel

88612. The only way to enjoy golf is to be a masochist. Go out and beat yourself to death. – Howard Keel

88613. Wherever I went, crowds appeared again, and I started making solo albums for the first time in my career. – Howard Keel

88614. As long as I can sing halfway decent, I’d rather sing than act. There’s nothing like being in good voice, feeling good, having good numbers to do and having a fine orchestra. – Howard Keel

88615. The fathers, if they got me alone, would try to kiss and fondle me. I hated it. – Christine Keeler

88616. They wanted to hear about the sex, of course. But not the rest; no one wanted to hear the rest. – Christine Keeler

88617. I won’t say I didn’t like it at the time, the sex, that is, because I wouldn’t have let him do it at all if that had been the case. – Christine Keeler

88618. I’m terrified of men these days. If someone asked me out now, I don’t know what I’d say, how I’d react. But I couldn’t go through with it, not at all. I suppose I’ve been terrified of them all along. – Christine Keeler

88619. If I don’t tell it all now, the story in the history books will always be imperfect and that would be wrong. – Christine Keeler

88620. It’s been a misery for me, living with Christine Keeler. – Christine Keeler

88621. Men, all men, were always trying to get hold of me, you know. – Christine Keeler

88622. My mother used to go out on her own, and I used to have to keep a look out for my stepfather coming home. – Christine Keeler

88623. One way of reading my life is that I have been in constant search for a father. – Christine Keeler

88624. They came and bound me up and I had awful stretch marks. I hated my breasts after that. – Christine Keeler

88625. I never found anyone who was good enough, who I could trust enough. – Christine Keeler

88626. We knew we were talking about spies. I knew he knew I knew. I was digging my own grave. – Christine Keeler

88627. No one else knows the whole story. I was there. I lived through it. – Christine Keeler

88628. Bill Astor knew these papers were missing. Stephen showed his hand in October. – Christine Keeler

88629. I went out every single night so I was never alone with my stepfather. At 12, I stopped going on holiday with them. The times I was alone with him I always made sure I was all covered up. – Christine Keeler

88630. I took on the sins of everybody, of a generation, really. – Christine Keeler

88631. As a little girl I used to daydream about my real father coming on a white horse to rescue me. – Christine Keeler

88632. Discretion is the polite word for hypocrisy. – Christine Keeler

88633. Even a criminal has the right to a new life, but they made sure I did not have that. They just didn’t stop calling me a prostitute for ever and ever and ever and ever. – Christine Keeler

88634. He had a way with him. Before you had a chance to say no, he was there and done. That only happened to me once before, with a duke, who literally swept me off my feet, and before I knew what was happening, we’d done it. Another terrible mistake. – Christine Keeler

88635. He’s 85 and he’s met another woman. Still, at 85, why ever not? – Christine Keeler

88636. However I dress it up, I was a spy and I am not proud of it. – Christine Keeler

88637. I don’t know if he was the fourth man or the fifth, but he was certainly in the top 10. – Christine Keeler

88638. I enjoyed sex and indulged in it when I fancied the men. – Christine Keeler

88639. I have always been free with my love – it is my nature. I am easily captivated by men and they have always been attracted to me. – Christine Keeler

88640. I have survived and possibly I should not hope for more than that. – Christine Keeler

88641. I keep my eyes clear and I hit ’em where they ain’t. – Willie Keeler

88642. Learn what pitch you can hit good; then wait for that pitch. – Willie Keeler

88643. A society in which vocation and job are separated for most people gradually creates an economy that is often devoid of spirit, one that frequently fills our pocketbooks at the cost of emptying our souls. – Sam Keen

88644. Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. – Sam Keen

88645. We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. – Sam Keen

88646. You can know what’s in your life when you know what’s in your heart. – Sam Keen

88647. I’ve done yoga, and I want to start Pilates soon. – Monica Keena

88648. I’m the biggest slob in the world. My apartment is a mess. – Monica Keena

88649. I’m kind of an insomniac and watch TV late at night. – Monica Keena

88650. It’s pretty overwhelming to know that people can call up Moviefone and find out where it’s playing. – Monica Keena

88651. I think what sets this one apart is that there are two horror movie icons finally battling each other. You actually see them beat the crap out of each other instead of just terrorizing the kids in the movie. – Monica Keena

88652. I used to do kickboxing, because I liked the cute outfits. – Monica Keena

88653. I love playing different characters all the time, so I’m concentrating on doing other stuff. – Monica Keena

88654. Yoga’s an amazing release. – Monica Keena

88655. I read. It’s also nice for me to get involved in schoolwork, which is a totally different world than acting. It makes me feel like I am doing things that normal people are doing at my age. – Monica Keena

88656. I love being with my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. – Monica Keena

88657. I look really young. I always get carded at bars. No one believes that I’m over 18, let alone over 21. – Monica Keena

88658. I like somebody who makes me laugh. He’s also got to be prepared – I’m sort of a loose cannon, in a good way. I also like people who disagree with me and make me work to prove my point. – Monica Keena

88659. I don’t like the dark. I really am afraid of the dark. – Monica Keena

88660. I would say I think Jason is going to lose and Freddy will win. I don’t know why. I just feel that Freddy is more maniacal and thinks more than Jason does. – Monica Keena

88661. I think everybody’s always attracted to both sexes. I mean, I think that women are very attractive. I’ve kissed girls, but everybody experiments. It’s part of growing up. – Monica Keena

88662. There is still a future with music, because people want music. – Maynard James Keenan

88663. I think people in general have neglected to learn about history. – Maynard James Keenan

88664. I think the media made Manson, turned him into some larger than life figure and surrounded him with mystery and some shady glamour. – Maynard James Keenan

88665. I’m a lot easier to work with now than I have been in the past, for sure. – Maynard James Keenan

88666. If the education of our kids comes from radio, television, newspapers – if that’s where they get most of their knowledge from, and not from the schools, then the powers that be are definitely in charge, because they own all those outlets. – Maynard James Keenan

88667. If you take different mythologies from different cultures, the names may change and the story lines may vary but there is always something in common. – Maynard James Keenan

88668. Just in general, any government throughout history hasn’t really wanted its people to be educated, because then they couldn’t control them as easily. – Maynard James Keenan

88669. Most religious stories and mythologies have some sort of similar root, some sort of global archetypes. – Maynard James Keenan

88670. Music is about listening, the more you play, the more the magic spreads. – Maynard James Keenan

88671. Nowadays, you have to sell, like, half a million or a million records just to break even. – Maynard James Keenan

88672. The idea is, if I can’t heal from my art, then how can you heal? – Maynard James Keenan

88673. There were a lot of choices to make and I always picked artist. I never once picked doctor, lawyer, firemen or something like that. It was always artist. – Maynard James Keenan

88674. We’re five people, five individuals who came together to create something, to make music and to complete each other musically, to form a perfect circle. – Maynard James Keenan

88675. We’re just four guys and we are enjoying what we’re doing with Tool. – Maynard James Keenan

88676. I think everything Joni Mitchell did for music was big. – Maynard James Keenan

88677. I think the biggest problem working with me would be that I’m an only child, and so I have an internal dialogue that goes on that I just assume you can hear. – Maynard James Keenan

88678. Shows are really strange. Sometimes you really don’t know what to expect. – Maynard James Keenan

88679. Because artists can be extremely eccentric and insane, and unfortunately, the people they hurt the most are the people that are closest to them. – Maynard James Keenan

88680. I see a lot of patterns in our behavior as a nation that parallel a lot of other historical processes. – Maynard James Keenan

88681. A lot of names in America and Europe have their roots in Latin and Greek words. A lot of them go back to archetypes and their stories. – Maynard James Keenan

88682. Adam does most of the work when it comes to videos and he basically does the same as I do with the lyrics. The videos are his visual interpretations of our music. – Maynard James Keenan

88683. And if you don’t live, you have nothing to write about. – Maynard James Keenan

88684. Because as an only child, you have your own little world. – Maynard James Keenan

88685. But then it hasn’t really been a focus of our government to make us an educated people. – Maynard James Keenan

88686. Everything revolves around the music when it comes to Tool. – Maynard James Keenan

88687. Everything we release with Tool is inspired by our music. – Maynard James Keenan

88688. I have the distinction of being called a media whore by Courtney Love. – Maynard James Keenan

88689. I always knew that I wanted to be an artist. – Maynard James Keenan

88690. I always knew that I wanted to be creative, that I wanted to create something. – Maynard James Keenan

88691. I believe that music is a force in itself. It is there and it needs an outlet, a medium. In a way, we are just the medium. – Maynard James Keenan

88692. I would hope they would be our fellow artists, rather than trying to emulate or idolize clowns like us. – Maynard James Keenan

88693. I just hope that our fans are people who are inspired by music, and just use our music as a background or inspiration for whatever it is they do. – Maynard James Keenan

88694. I can’t be a legend yet. I’m not dead. – Maynard James Keenan

88695. After all, in today’s music scene every band seems to steal from other bands. – Maynard James Keenan

88696. A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end – and if you put several circles over each other, then you get a spiral. – Maynard James Keenan

88697. For me, life is writing and I can do it anywhere. It doesn’t matter where I am. I listen. I write. I live. – Maynard James Keenan

88698. Both sides know the last election was just the beginning of the next election. It’s clear there has been no attempt to have any kind of getting along. – David Keene

88699. The one big strategic error – which was a political error and an economic error of grand proportions – was the prescription drug bill. – David Keene

88700. If you work in casting, it’s sort of not cool to want to act. A lot of people think that casting directors are frustrated actors, but it wasn’t true with any of the casting people I knew. – Catherine Keener

88701. I’m not a public figure at all. I don’t really go out a lot to places where there are people like those who sit at the bottom of your driveway. – Catherine Keener

88702. These days there are a lot of people who just want to be famous. I think that comes from a naive place, because those people generally don’t know what it’s like. – Catherine Keener

88703. The movies I’m in not a lot of people see, but it’s alright. – Catherine Keener

88704. The movies I usually do are maybe three or four weeks because they don’t have a lot of money. – Catherine Keener

88705. The more people involved in making a movie, the worse it is, generally. – Catherine Keener

88706. Sometimes it just doesn’t translate to people. You just move on, and you feel bad because people worked so hard on it and everyone loved it… Everybody was treated so well and was going for something and trying to do the best work possible. – Catherine Keener

88707. Most times when people pitch you as being perfect for a part… they don’t look at you as an actor who can transform. A lot of people are so literal. – Catherine Keener

88708. Insecurity is just something that’s there all the time. I’ve never been crippled by it. – Catherine Keener

88709. I don’t think I’m very ambitious at all. But I seem to play people who have that quality. – Catherine Keener

88710. I’m unqualified for anything else. I’m barely qualified for this. – Catherine Keener

88711. I’ve worked with a lot of great directors. – Catherine Keener

88712. I… had guys on the set who didn’t like me… they weren’t interested in the cold character. – Catherine Keener

88713. I think people are always looking for a good comedy. – Catherine Keener

88714. I know many great actors who have small heads. – Catherine Keener

88715. I just never fantasized about Mr. Rogers, but I like his whole vibe. – Catherine Keener

88716. If you give a character room to breathe, they come alive. – Catherine Keener

88717. At college age, you can tell who is best at taking tests and going to school, but you can’t tell who the best people are. That worries the hell out of me. – Barnaby C. Keeney

88718. The scramble to get into college is going to be so terrible in the next few years that students are going to put up with almost anything, even an education. – Barnaby C. Keeney

88719. It requires more strength to be gentle, so it’s the everyday encounters of life that I think we’ve prepared children for and prepared them to be good to other people and to consider other people. – Bob Keeshan

88720. Play is the work of children. It’s very serious stuff. – Bob Keeshan

88721. It is my contention that most people are not mugged every day, that most people in this world do not encounter violence every day. I think we prepare people for violence, and I think just as importantly we prepare people for the definition of being gentle. – Bob Keeshan

88722. A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together. – Garrison Keillor

88723. Vodka is tasteless going down, but it is memorable coming up. – Garrison Keillor

88724. They say such nice things about people at their funerals that it makes me sad that I’m going to miss mine by just a few days. – Garrison Keillor

88725. The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out of his nose. – Garrison Keillor

88726. The funniest line in English is “Get it?” When you say that, everyone chortles. – Garrison Keillor

88727. It’s a shallow life that doesn’t give a person a few scars. – Garrison Keillor

88728. Thank you, God, for this good life and forgive us if we do not love it enough. – Garrison Keillor

88729. Sometimes you have to look reality in the eye, and deny it. – Garrison Keillor

88730. Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known. – Garrison Keillor

88731. Nothing you do for children is ever wasted. They seem not to notice us, hovering, averting our eyes, and they seldom offer thanks, but what we do for them is never wasted. – Garrison Keillor

88732. Lake Wobegon, the little town that time forgot and the decades cannot improve. – Garrison Keillor

88733. Welcome to Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average. – Garrison Keillor

88734. A minister has to be able to read a clock. At noon, it’s time to go home and turn up the pot roast and get the peas out of the freezer. – Garrison Keillor

88735. It was luxuries like air conditioning that brought down the Roman Empire. With air conditioning their windows were shut, they couldn’t hear the barbarians coming. – Garrison Keillor

88736. Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose. – Garrison Keillor

88737. A girl in a bikini is like having a loaded pistol on your coffee table – There’s nothing wrong with them, but it’s hard to stop thinking about it. – Garrison Keillor

88738. A good newspaper is never nearly good enough but a lousy newspaper is a joy forever. – Garrison Keillor

88739. A book is a gift you can open again and again. – Garrison Keillor

88740. Even in a time of elephantine vanity and greed, one never has to look far to see the campfires of gentle people. – Garrison Keillor

88741. God writes a lot of comedy… the trouble is, he’s stuck with so many bad actors who don’t know how to play funny. – Garrison Keillor

88742. I believe in looking reality straight in the eye and denying it. – Garrison Keillor

88743. I think the most un-American thing you can say is, ‘You can’t say that.’ – Garrison Keillor

88744. I want to resume the life of a shy person. – Garrison Keillor

88745. I’m not busy… a woman with three children under the age of 10 wouldn’t think my schedule looked so busy. – Garrison Keillor

88746. Uhm, I’m the one wanting the lessons! I don’t want to say too much about it because I’d rather have you see the movie, but he’s trying to find his music. – Harvey Keitel

88747. Then I heard this genius teacher Stella Adler – I recommend you read anything you might find about her and if you have anyone interested in theatre, you get them one of her books. – Harvey Keitel

88748. They have equal weight and you do the same work you’d do if you were playing a dramatic role. – Harvey Keitel

88749. To create characters, one must build background. And one of the tools we use is improvisation. – Harvey Keitel

88750. The way I see things, the way I see life, I see it as a struggle. And there’s a great deal of reward I have gained coming to that understanding – that existence is a struggle. – Harvey Keitel

88751. Well unfortunately I didn’t work with Andre much. But rap is a strong presence in the culture and anyone is going to grateful for its appearance, grateful for any kind of music that has the kind of effect that rap has had on us all. – Harvey Keitel

88752. Well, we are not doing that film actually. At least I am not at the moment, but we are making an effort to get it done; I don’t know whether we’ll get the financing for it. The old story we had it, it fell out of place and this and that. – Harvey Keitel

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88753. Well, you sort of get out of the pool room, you get out of the Marine Corps, you get out and read some literature, you become involved with people who also want to know and are ready to share some ideas about literature and thoughts, and it becomes nourished that way. – Harvey Keitel

88754. That’s like asking a cobbler if he’s made too many pairs of shoes. – Harvey Keitel

88755. You didn’t hear the angels singing. It was brought down to Mother Earth, which is where it should be. And that led me to a lot of other reading. – Harvey Keitel

88756. I mean, you work and you try and find the work that suits you the best and you enjoy the most. – Harvey Keitel

88757. You’re working on being a father, so that is something that when you experience it you’ll understand the profundity of wanting to protect something dear to you. – Harvey Keitel

88758. What fascinated me mostly about Mickey Cohen was that he, in his later years, hired someone to help him to comprehend literature, to help him to read better, to understand words better. – Harvey Keitel

88759. So there’s no such thing as one too many this, one too many that. I remember, you’re reminding me of early in my career, somebody said to me: why are you taking so many roles as a policeman. – Harvey Keitel

88760. She had said one time, make a choice and do it like Hercules. So if that is all of what is being offered, the idea is to always do it like Hercules and I always followed her advise and now I’m here talking to you. – Harvey Keitel

88761. It’s a very, very fascinating story for me, cause it’s about a man who’s been doing bad; bad things. And he’s a father of four children in parochial school, he’s a lieutenant of detectives, but he’s in conflict with himself and with trying to do what’s right. – Harvey Keitel

88762. I’ve always found it not only easy, but enjoyable. It’s necessary for us to reach out and I’m speaking for myself here. I certainly have a sense of responsibility to reach out to these people in the theatre who might look to someone like me for some guidance. – Harvey Keitel

88763. I thought Jack’s directing job was the best thing about the film. – Harvey Keitel

88764. I grew up with a lot of guys, some of them are dead, some of them are this and some of them that, and some of them very, very powerful, bright young men, who became this instead of that simply because of a lack of guidance – that’s all. – Harvey Keitel

88765. I don’t think about those things, really. I work hard on everything I do. Everything is a struggle, everything is hard, everything is difficult. – Harvey Keitel

88766. He brought imagination to the story of the Creation. – Harvey Keitel

88767. Hardly any actor objects to press. It’s a question of it being done in the way they like to see it done, meaning to get down to the serious interview what the profession is so we can reach out to the people to help them get along. – Harvey Keitel

88768. Everything is difficult, and everything worthwhile is difficult. A certain need, a need not unlike Mickey had: to know, to understand, and I had that need to understand and to know. – Harvey Keitel

88769. All actors do that. Should do that and do that. For the most part. I say all actors. I’m exaggerating, but you know who does and who doesn’t. Vince is a wonderful young actor who knows his work and did a beautiful job on this film. – Harvey Keitel

88770. I was out to have a good time and have some fun. It’s a fun script and fun people are in the movie. – Harvey Keitel

88771. If I had known it I would have told my son, I’d rather shoot you than let you join the SS. But I didn’t know. – Wilhelm Keitel

88772. This war no longer has anything to do with knightly conduct or with the agreements of the Geneva Convention. – Wilhelm Keitel

88773. If this war is not fought with the greatest brutality against the bands both in the East and in the Balkans then in the foreseeable future the strength at our disposal will not be sufficient to be able to master this plague. – Wilhelm Keitel

88774. Consideration of any kind are a crime against the German people and the soldier at the front. – Wilhelm Keitel

88775. The troops are therefore empowered and are in duty bound in this war to use without mitigation even against women and children any means that will lead to success. – Wilhelm Keitel

88776. Nowhere is Universalism welcomed and encouraged by a people; everywhere governments have forced and are forcing Universalism upon unwilling and resistant subjects. – Arthur Keith

88777. Reason has not tamed desire: it is as strong as ever. – Arthur Keith

88778. The discovery of agriculture was the first big step toward a civilized life. – Arthur Keith

88779. The main force used in the evolving world of humanity has hitherto been applied in the form of war. – Arthur Keith

88780. The proper balance between individual liberty and central authority is a very ancient problem. – Arthur Keith

88781. No tribe unites with another of its own free will. – Arthur Keith

88782. Tribal life comes automatically to an end when a primitive people begins to live in a town or a city, for sooner or later a tribal organization is found to be incompatible with life in a city. – Arthur Keith

88783. There are the further difficulties of building a population out of a diversity of races, each at a different stage of cultural evolution, some in need of restraint, many in need of protection; everywhere a bewildering Babel of tongues. – Arthur Keith

88784. Under no stretch of imagination can war be regarded as an ethical process; yet war, force, terror, and propaganda were the evolutionary means employed to weld the German people into a tribal whole. – Arthur Keith

88785. Universalism as an ideal is as old as nay, is probably much more ancient than the Christian ideal. – Arthur Keith

88786. We shall never understand the ethical system taught by Jesus unless we realize that he was a Jew, not only by birth, but that he lived and taught as a Jew; the Sermon on the Mount was addressed to his distracted fellow nationals. – Arthur Keith

88787. Whichever theory we adopt to give a rational explanation of human existence, that theory must take into account and explain the mental nature we see at work in all modern communities. – Arthur Keith

88788. There are very few men and women in whom a Universalist feeling is altogether lacking; its prevalence suggests that it must be part of our inborn nature and have a place in Nature’s scheme of evolution. – Arthur Keith

88789. I am a rank individualist. – Arthur Keith

88790. My personal conviction is that science is concerned wholly with truth, not with ethics. – Arthur Keith

88791. A drunkard is one thing, and a temperate man is quite another. – Arthur Keith

88792. Before the discovery of agriculture mankind was everywhere so divided, the size of each group being determined by the natural fertility of its locality. – Arthur Keith

88793. Christianity has not conquered nationalism; the opposite has been the case nationalism has made Christianity its footstool. – Arthur Keith

88794. Civilization never stands still; if in one country it is falling back, in another it is changing, evolving, becoming more complicated, bringing fresh experience to body and mind, breeding new desires, and exploiting Nature’s cupboard for their satisfaction. – Arthur Keith

88795. Tolerance is held to be a condition of mind which is encouraged by, and is necessary for, civilization. – Arthur Keith

88796. Good men, whether they be Christians or rationalists, do not desire to discriminate between races, but the distinctions implanted by Nature are too conspicuous to escape the observation of our senses. – Arthur Keith

88797. I prize the conditions under which I have lived because they have permitted me to choose my opportunities, to inquire into such matters as interested me, and to publish what I believed to be true, uncontrolled by any central authority. – Arthur Keith

88798. In a tribal organization, even in time of peace, service to tribe or state predominates over all self seeking; in war, service for the tribe or state becomes supreme, and personal liberty is suspended. – Arthur Keith

88799. In every man there is an instinctive and passionate reaction if his person or liberty is attacked. – Arthur Keith

88800. It is just because civilization is ever evolving, changing, and becoming more complicated, that experts find it so difficult to define it in explicit terms. – Arthur Keith

88801. Man is by nature competitive, combative, ambitious, jealous, envious, and vengeful. – Arthur Keith

88802. Civilization, we shall find, like Universalism and Christianity, is anti evolutionary in its effects; it works against the laws and conditions which regulated the earlier stages of man’s ascent. – Arthur Keith

88803. I’d really love to play a real-life country and western singer. – David Keith

88804. I’m a working actor so I never really pick a film because of a genre, and I don’t really turn them down because of genre. Anything that’s unlike the picture I just finished is always more interesting. – David Keith

88805. I’d worked with Mel Harris before, I love working with her, she’s great. – David Keith

88806. I’m a father myself for the first time in my life, and I had very very loving parents. – David Keith

88807. I’ve always been a direct guy. – Kool Keith

88808. I’ve done so many hip-hop albums already I got tired of just hip-hop. – Kool Keith

88809. I plant a lot of trees. I am a great believer in planting things for future generations. I loathe the now culture where you just live for today. – Penelope Keith

88810. I think I’m a better actress for having friends and interests outside the theatre. I wouldn’t want to live my life surrounded by other actors all the time. – Penelope Keith

88811. Shyness is just egoism out of its depth. – Penelope Keith

88812. The character I play in Star Quality says acting is the be-all and end-all of her life. I’m not like that. I do enjoy working and I give every job my best shot but I never feel, What on Earth am I going to do now? – Penelope Keith

88813. We always had chocolates and my mother was careful to make sure they were unwrapped in advance so the paper wouldn’t rustle in the middle of a performance. – Penelope Keith

88814. It’s so hard to decide what to leave out. – Sam Keith

88815. I’ve always said I can’t tell sometimes that people even have an album out until I see them nominated for a Grammy. I think country gets dumped on across the board by the Grammys. – Toby Keith

88816. When I came to DreamWorks, I was in bad trouble. They were in bad trouble. They were millions of dollars in the hole and a few days from closing their doors. I was on my last leg. – Toby Keith

88817. Well, I couldn’t do the day-to-day stuff of being a politician or anything, but I just think everybody should have an opinion and everybody should vote, and that’s what we’re built on. – Toby Keith

88818. You know, I’m pro-troops, but I’m not pro-war. – Toby Keith

88819. My mom taught us the Serenity Prayer at a young age. – Toby Keith

88820. I have drawn a very close bond to all the military people. – Toby Keith

88821. Everybody should have their own thing, and if he don’t want to be a role model, that should be up to him. In the right situations, I can try to help and be a role model, but I’m still gonna speak my mind, and if that affects the role-model deal, then too bad. – Toby Keith

88822. Don’t compromise even if it hurts to be yourself. – Toby Keith

88823. I say if you’re going to take a chance on something, you just go full balls to the wall. – Toby Keith

88824. We turned what is virtually a glorified independent label into one of the powerhouse labels in the town. – Toby Keith

88825. I don’t think the First Amendment trumps everything. – Tom Keith

88826. I get up in the morning, torture a typewriter until it screams, then stop. – Clarence Budington Kelland

88827. My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. – Clarence Budington Kelland

88828. The duty of a toastmaster is to be so dull that the succeeding speakers will appear brilliant by contrast. – Clarence Budington Kelland

88829. A company is stronger if it is bound by love rather than by fear. – Herb Kelleher

88830. Of course I’m a publicity hound. Aren’t all crusaders? How can you accomplish anything unless people know what you are trying to do? – Vivien Kellems

88831. Beating up on the so-called elite media has a nice populist ring to it. – Bill Keller

88832. A human life is a schooling for eternity. – Gottfried Keller

88833. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller

88834. The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller

88835. The marvelous richness of human experience would lose something of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome. The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse. – Helen Keller

88836. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. – Helen Keller

88837. The highest result of education is tolerance. – Helen Keller

88838. The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision. – Helen Keller

88839. The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next. – Helen Keller

88840. Strike against war, for without you no battles can be fought! – Helen Keller

88841. So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good. – Helen Keller

88842. Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived. – Helen Keller

88843. Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world. – Helen Keller

88844. The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. – Helen Keller

88845. Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all – the apathy of human beings. – Helen Keller

88846. Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. – Helen Keller

88847. Once I knew only darkness and stillness… my life was without past or future… but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness, and my heart leaped to the rapture of living. – Helen Keller

88848. Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful. – Helen Keller

88849. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. – Helen Keller

88850. We may have found a cure for most evils; but we have found no remedy for the worst of them all, the apathy of human beings. – Helen Keller

88851. No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. – Helen Keller

88852. One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar. – Helen Keller

88853. Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. – Helen Keller

88854. While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done. – Helen Keller

88855. When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another. – Helen Keller

88856. What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. – Helen Keller

88857. Unless we form the habit of going to the Bible in bright moments as well as in trouble, we cannot fully respond to its consolations because we lack equilibrium between light and darkness. – Helen Keller

88858. What a blind person needs is not a teacher but another self. – Helen Keller

88859. The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker. – Helen Keller

88860. We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world. – Helen Keller

88861. We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough. – Helen Keller

88862. Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained. – Helen Keller

88863. True happiness… is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. – Helen Keller

88864. Toleration is the greatest gift of the mind; it requires the same effort of the brain that it takes to balance oneself on a bicycle. – Helen Keller

88865. To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug. – Helen Keller

88866. There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his. – Helen Keller

88867. What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me. – Helen Keller

88868. Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see. – Helen Keller

88869. It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. – Helen Keller

88870. Instead of comparing our lot with that of those who are more fortunate than we are, we should compare it with the lot of the great majority of our fellow men. It then appears that we are among the privileged. – Helen Keller

88871. I seldom think about my limitations, and they never make me sad. Perhaps there is just a touch of yearning at times; but it is vague, like a breeze among flowers. – Helen Keller

88872. I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble. – Helen Keller

88873. I can see, and that is why I can be happy, in what you call the dark, but which to me is golden. I can see a God-made world, not a manmade world. – Helen Keller

88874. All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming. – Helen Keller

88875. It is for us to pray not for tasks equal to our powers, but for powers equal to our tasks, to go forward with a great desire forever beating at the door of our hearts as we travel toward our distant goal. – Helen Keller

88876. Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content. – Helen Keller

88877. I do not want the peace which passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace. – Helen Keller

88878. College isn’t the place to go for ideas. – Helen Keller

88879. Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. – Helen Keller

88880. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold. – Helen Keller

88881. As the eagle was killed by the arrow winged with his own feather, so the hand of the world is wounded by its own skill. – Helen Keller

88882. As selfishness and complaint pervert the mind, so love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision. – Helen Keller

88883. Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it. – Helen Keller

88884. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

88885. Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light. – Helen Keller

88886. People do not like to think. If one thinks, one must reach conclusions. Conclusions are not always pleasant. – Helen Keller

88887. No matter how dull, or how mean, or how wise a man is, he feels that happiness is his indisputable right. – Helen Keller

88888. I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do. – Helen Keller

88889. My share of the work may be limited, but the fact that it is work makes it precious. – Helen Keller

88890. It is hard to interest those who have everything in those who have nothing. – Helen Keller

88891. Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. – Helen Keller

88892. No one has a right to consume happiness without producing it. – Helen Keller

88893. Many people know so little about what is beyond their short range of experience. They look within themselves – and find nothing! Therefore they conclude that there is nothing outside themselves either. – Helen Keller

88894. Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same. – Helen Keller

88895. Literature is my Utopia. Here I am not disenfranchised. No barrier of the senses shuts me out from the sweet, gracious discourses of my book friends. They talk to me without embarrassment or awkwardness. – Helen Keller

88896. Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others. – Helen Keller

88897. Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. – Helen Keller

88898. Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. – Helen Keller

88899. Knowledge is love and light and vision. – Helen Keller

88900. Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. – Helen Keller

88901. It’s wonderful to climb the liquid mountains of the sky. Behind me and before me is God and I have no fears. – Helen Keller

88902. It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui. – Helen Keller

88903. It is not possible for civilization to flow backwards while there is youth in the world. Youth may be headstrong, but it will advance it allotted length. – Helen Keller

88904. Life is either a great adventure or nothing. – Helen Keller

88905. It is so often true that whether a person carries with him an atmosphere of gloom and depression or one of confidence and courage depends on his individual outlook. – James Keller

88906. Three hundred years ago a prisoner condemned to the Tower of London carved on the wall of his cell this sentiment to keep up his spirits during his long imprisonment: ‘It is not adversity that kills, but the impatience with which we bear adversity. – James Keller

88907. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. – James Keller

88908. I rise today in strong support of the Children’s Safety and Violent Crime Reduction Act, because it is a commonsense way to protect our schoolchildren from pedophiles. – Ric Keller

88909. While our budget shortfall is temporary, ruining pristine national lands is permanent. – Ric Keller

88910. Well, our economy is very strong and growing. We have created 5.4 million new jobs in the last 3 years. Our unemployment rate is better than the average unemployment rate of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. – Ric Keller

88911. The economic impact of illegal immigration on taxpayers is catastrophic. – Ric Keller

88912. The death tax causes one-third of all family-owned small businesses to liquidate after the death of the owner. It is also an unfair tax because the assets have already been taxed once at their income level. – Ric Keller

88913. Pell grants are the foundation of Federal student aid. As someone who attended college with the help of Pell grants and as chairman of the Pell Grant Caucus, I know how important they are for our Nation’s low-income students. – Ric Keller

88914. On my recent trip to the Mexico border, Border Patrol agents in California told me they have arrested the same coyotes 20 times, but they are not prosecuted. – Ric Keller

88915. Millions of Americans each year use our national forests to go hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, swimming, horseback riding, and canoeing. – Ric Keller

88916. Illegal immigration presents a huge problem. That is why I decided to spend a week along the southern border to see firsthand how bad the problem is and, more importantly, what Congress can do to fix it. – Ric Keller

88917. You can lead a bureaucrat to water, but you can’t make him think. – Ric Keller

88918. Finally, we need more Border Patrol agents. Although Congress has already tripled the number of Border Patrol agents since the late 1980s, more are still needed. – Ric Keller

88919. If we don’t act, drilling will be allowed only 3 miles off Florida’s east coast beaches. – Ric Keller

88920. Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $45 billion a year in health care, education, and incarceration expenses. – Ric Keller

88921. Common sense and history tell you that rewarding illegal behavior will only encourage more of it. – Ric Keller

88922. Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or HBCUs, have played an important role in enriching the lives of not just African Americans, but our entire country. – Ric Keller

88923. However one feels about the war in Iraq, realize that our troops deserve our support 100 percent. – Ric Keller

88924. I am here to give the American people some straight talk about higher education. Some have said we might have cut financial aid for college students. The truth is we have expanded access to college for our neediest students through the record growth of the Pell grant program. – Ric Keller

88925. I believe the American people are entitled to some straight talk when it comes to higher education funding. – Ric Keller

88926. I represent Orlando, Florida, the world’s number one vacation destination. – Ric Keller

88927. After granting amnesty to illegals 20 years ago, we have gone from 3 million illegals to 11 million illegals. Our government has been fooled once by this amnesty argument, let us not be fooled again. – Ric Keller

88928. The book is there for inspiration and as a foundation, the fundamentals on which to build. – Thomas Keller

88929. Some of the recipes in the book have evolved for us. Many haven’t. – Thomas Keller

88930. The law of diminishing returns is something I really believe in. – Thomas Keller

88931. We go through our careers and things happen to us. Those experiences made me what I am. – Thomas Keller

88932. Once you understand the foundations of cooking – whatever kind you like, whether it’s French or Italian or Japanese – you really don’t need a cookbook anymore. – Thomas Keller

88933. My favorite wines are Zinfandels. – Thomas Keller

88934. No, it’s funny, when I eat out it’s not typically in the kind of restaurants people might imagine. – Thomas Keller

88935. Let’s face it: if you and I have the same capabilities, the same energy, the same staff, if the only thing that’s different between you and me is the products we can get, and I can get a better product than you, I’m going to be a better chef. – Thomas Keller

88936. Now the restaurants have begun to catch up with the wine-making; there are numerous great restaurants in Napa Valley, and it’s wonderful because the people are there for just that: great food and great wine. – Thomas Keller

88937. Your idea of that dish has evolved, and if you’re a cook, you can start thinking in different ways about it, maybe even a different way than I think about it. – Thomas Keller

88938. You’re getting to know who the great chefs are through their books. – Thomas Keller

88939. Whether it’s destiny or fate or whatever, I don’t think I could do a French Laundry anywhere else. – Thomas Keller

88940. We rely on our purveyors to tell us what’s available and what’s good. – Thomas Keller

88941. It’s one thing you aspire to: someday, you’ll be able to write a book. – Thomas Keller

88942. They know what my standards are. They know what I need and how to get it to me, and they know how to communicate with me if for some reason they can’t get it. – Thomas Keller

88943. Then, as the day progresses, depending on how the product is coming in – for instance, the fish man will fax us and say black bass is great – throughout the day, we’ll also make judgment calls and adapt to what’s available. – Thomas Keller

88944. When I go out to eat, it’s usually something moderate in style. – Thomas Keller

88945. A kaiseki meal is like that, very small courses over a long period of time. – Thomas Keller

88946. I have no formal culinary training, right. – Thomas Keller

88947. My childhood wasn’t full of wonderful culinary memories. – Thomas Keller

88948. I drank more wine when I wasn’t working as much, to be honest. – Thomas Keller

88949. It wasn’t about mechanics; it was about a feeling, wanting to give someone something, which in turn was really gratifying. That really resonated for me. – Thomas Keller

88950. Hopefully, imparting what’s important to me, respect for the food and that information about the purveyors, people will realize that for a restaurant to be good, so many pieces have to come together. – Thomas Keller

88951. I hope the cooks who are working for me now are getting that kind of experience so they can use what they’re learning now as a foundation for a great career. – Thomas Keller

88952. But once in a while you might see me at In and Out Burger; they make the best fast food hamburgers around. – Thomas Keller

88953. I like to drink young wines, wines which are robust and have a lot of forward fruit to them. – Thomas Keller

88954. I think every young cook wants to write a book. – Thomas Keller

88955. I wanted to learn everything I could about what it takes to be a great chef. It was a turning point for me. – Thomas Keller

88956. I wanted to write about what we were doing at the French Laundry, the recipes and the stories. – Thomas Keller

88957. In any restaurant of this caliber, the chefs are in the same position, building relationships. – Thomas Keller

88958. Food should be fun. – Thomas Keller

88959. The characters emerge from my rather twisted mind. That’s another enjoyable part of the job making stuff up. – Jonathan Kellerman

88960. I don’t practice, but I am still officially in paediatrics. I keep in touch with journals, and I have a very good data bank of medical information and there is a key thing for a writer knowing where to go. I know where to go to get the information that I need. – Jonathan Kellerman

88961. Each novel is harder than its predecessor because I must work harder at not repeating myself. However, I enjoy the challenge. This is the greatest job in the world. – Jonathan Kellerman

88962. That’s what’s so great about my job. I get paid to do what got me in trouble in grade school space out and play with my imaginary friends. In terms of Isaac, when the time’s right. – Jonathan Kellerman

88963. The key to this collaboration – which we undertook after much deliberation – was to stretch creatively. New characters, new locales, new form (the novella). – Jonathan Kellerman

88964. These people are real to me, and situations keep coming up where their emergence feels natural. It’s like meeting old friends. I hope readers feel the same way. – Jonathan Kellerman

88965. Time spent researching varies from book to book. Some novels require months, even years of research, others very little. I try to do most of my research before I begin but inevitably questions emerge during the writing. – Jonathan Kellerman

88966. We tend to read each other’s books in sizeable chunks as they are written. I don’t know that you could say we are ruthless with each other – in fact, I suppose we are very kind. There are ways to make suggestions which are not destructive. – Jonathan Kellerman

88967. Without sounding pompous, I really do feel that I have a set of standards that I must adhere to, even leaving aside considerations of what the readers expect. – Jonathan Kellerman

88968. It didn’t feel difficult at the time because I was so charged up about both books. Afterward, however, I was pretty tired. In a good way, like after a great workout. – Jonathan Kellerman

88969. That has to remain the principal reason for doing it, doesn’t it? I know it’s possible to write for money, and many very good writers have done so. But for me, it has to remain the principal thing that I actually want to do the writing. – Jonathan Kellerman

88970. I didn’t want to do it… I’d been trying to get out of TV for years! – Sally Kellerman

88971. Well, it was the beginning of my film career. It was amazing to me that I got nominated for an Academy Award. – Sally Kellerman

88972. No, I don’t belong to a retirement community. – Sally Kellerman

88973. My friends always said that I should be a comedienne – I was named my class clown. – Sally Kellerman

88974. It hasn’t been smooth or delightful every minute, there were lean years and rough years, but it’s been exciting and good and I’m thrilled to be an actress and a singer and to have spent my life this way. – Sally Kellerman

88975. I work out, I go to pilates, I walk and I eat everything I can get my hands on. – Sally Kellerman

88976. I hope to have some more cracks at some wonderful roles before I go to the Great Beyond. – Sally Kellerman

88977. Well, you know, I’ve had a very checkered career. – Sally Kellerman

88978. I got more bands and went on the road and turn down more movies than you would believe. – Sally Kellerman

88979. I’m very close with Bob and his lovely, fabulous wife Catherine, too. – Sally Kellerman

88980. He wasn’t directing it, of course, so I didn’t work with Hitchcock. – Sally Kellerman

88981. I was an idiot in terms of career-building, but I had a great time. – Sally Kellerman

88982. And he was going to give me a song, because I’m a singer and I wanted to sing in everything. – Sally Kellerman

88983. I wasn’t a businesswoman, so I didn’t know how to build a career. – Sally Kellerman

88984. I was in group therapy for years but it wasn’t the same thing. It was more about growing. – Sally Kellerman

88985. I had just had small parts in other films, and I’d worked with a lot of directors in TV. – Sally Kellerman

88986. I was always telling everybody that I could be funny. – Sally Kellerman

88987. I remember working with Rod, though, on Chrysler Hour. I was too young and dumb to know that I was supposed to be scared of anybody or anything – like getting fired or anything like that. – Sally Kellerman

88988. I was always playing the hard-bitten drunk. – Sally Kellerman

88989. I was also the romantic lead in The Boston Strangler – I was the only one that lived to tell the story – so I called myself the romantic lead. – Sally Kellerman

88990. Chemistry is not anything an executive producer or writer can orchestrate or plan; you just hope for it. – David E. Kelley

88991. We also have issue oriented storylines which are an examination of an issue, be it ethical or social. – David E. Kelley

88992. The more lawyers there are, the more people are out there to encourage others not to go to law school. – David E. Kelley

88993. My father started me singing in church. – DeForest Kelley

88994. It was a perfectly average well- adjusted childhood, not a bit unlike that of millions of other individuals. – DeForest Kelley

88995. I refuse to be crude and selfish in any way. – DeForest Kelley

88996. You see, I was the son of a baptist minister. – DeForest Kelley

88997. What I truly miss the most is having sufficient time to do all the things that need to be done around the house and for our friends. – DeForest Kelley

88998. The most important influence in my childhood was my father. – DeForest Kelley

88999. Star Trek has brought so much of what I want within my grasp. – DeForest Kelley

89000. I had fallen in love with California. – DeForest Kelley

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