180000 famous quotes part 95 – 94001 to 95000

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180000 famous quotes part 95 – 94001 to 95000

94001. Hate traps us by binding us too tightly to our adversary. – Milan Kundera

94002. A worker may be the hammer’s master, but the hammer still prevails. A tool knows exactly how it is meant to be handled, while the user of the tool can only have an approximate idea. – Milan Kundera

94003. All great novels, all true novels, are bisexual. – Milan Kundera

94004. Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy. – Milan Kundera

94005. Art is the human disposition of sensible or intelligible matter for an esthetic end. – Milan Kundera

94006. Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation. – Milan Kundera

94007. Eroticism is like a dance: one always leads the other. – Milan Kundera

94008. No matter how much we scorn it, kitsch is an integral part of the human condition. – Milan Kundera

94009. Happiness is the longing for repetition. – Milan Kundera

94010. No great movement designed to change the world can bear to be laughed at or belittled. Mockery is a rust that corrodes all it touches. – Milan Kundera

94011. He took over anger to intimidate subordinates, and in time anger took over him. – Milan Kundera

94012. I find myself fascinating. – Milan Kundera

94013. Let us consider the critic, therefore, as a discoverer of discoveries. – Milan Kundera

94014. Listening to a news broadcast is like smoking a cigarette and crushing the butt in the ashtray. – Milan Kundera

94015. Metaphors are dangerous. Love begins with a metaphor. Which is to say, love begins at the point when a woman enters her first word into our poetic memory. – Milan Kundera

94016. A novel that does not uncover a hitherto unknown segment of existence is immoral. Knowledge is the novel’s only morality. – Milan Kundera

94017. For a novelist, a given historic situation is an anthropologic laboratory in which he explores his basic question: What is human existence? – Milan Kundera

94018. The light that radiates from the great novels time can never dim, for human existence is perpetually being forgotten by man and thus the novelists discoveries, however old they may be, will never cease to astonish. – Milan Kundera

94019. After two world wars, the collapse of fascism, nazism, communism and colonialism and the end of the cold war, humanity has entered a new phase of its history. – Hans Kung

94020. A human person is infinitely precious and must be unconditionally protected. – Hans Kung

94021. The Gospel has to be the norm. – Hans Kung

94022. However, if the religions in essence merely repeat statements from the United Nations Human Rights Declaration, such a Declaration becomes superfluous; an ethic is more than rights. – Hans Kung

94023. We are convinced of the fundamental unity of the human family. – Hans Kung

94024. We are conscious that religions cannot solve the economic, political and social problems of this earth. – Hans Kung

94025. Time and again we see leaders and members of religions incite aggression, fanaticism, hate, and xenophobia – even inspire and legitimate violent and bloody conflicts. – Hans Kung

94026. I remember the Curia said, that’s up to the American bishops, not up to Rome. – Hans Kung

94027. All historical experience demonstrates the following: Our earth cannot be changed unless in the not too distant future an alteration in the consciousness of individuals is achieved. – Hans Kung

94028. And a third thing is the understanding of the Church as a community, a communion which is just a hierarchy but the people of God, whose servants are the priests and bishops. – Hans Kung

94029. As a matter of fact, you have deficiencies in all religions, but you have truth in all religions. – Hans Kung

94030. At the same time we are aware that our various religions and ethical traditions often offer very different bases for what is helpful and what is unhelpful for men and women, what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil. – Hans Kung

94031. But I have to add – and this answers your other question – this catholicity in time and in space is only meaningful for me if there is, at the same time, a concentration on the Gospel. – Hans Kung

94032. Hundreds of millions of human beings on our planet increasingly suffer from unemployment, poverty, hunger, and the destruction of their families. – Hans Kung

94033. I like the catholicity in time: our tradition is one of 2,000 years. – Hans Kung

94034. The Epistle to the Romans is an extremely important synthesis of the whole theology of St. Paul. – Hans Kung

94035. If priests were allowed to marry, if this would be an optional thing, and if he could have wife and children, he would certainly have less temptation to satisfy certain sexual impulses with minors. – Hans Kung

94036. It is an absolutely unique success of the church community to have introduced such an epoch-making change, in just a few years, without having a serious division. – Hans Kung

94037. Religion often is misused for purely power-political goals, including war. – Hans Kung

94038. Second, we also got a more authentic liturgy of the people of God, in the vernacular language. – Hans Kung

94039. That is the Roman way: to give favors to the favorites. – Hans Kung

94040. That means that every human being – without distinction of sex, age, race, skin color, language, religion, political view, or national or social origin – possesses an inalienable and untouchable dignity. – Hans Kung

94041. Humanity today possesses sufficient economic, cultural and spiritual resources to introduce a better global order. – Hans Kung

94042. My mom and my dad wanted my brother and I to have a better life, you know, better education, better jobs. It was probably harder, much, much harder, for my parents. When you’re a kid, you can learn a language much more easily; I learned English in less than a year. – Mila Kunis

94043. Teens are dealing with the same problems now in the ’90s as they did back in the ’70s, the only real difference is the clothes we wear! – Mila Kunis

94044. It’s not the most normal life in the world, but I screw up plenty of times to be a normal teenager. – Mila Kunis

94045. It’s fun working on the set… I usually work about 10 and a half hours a day, and I also study about five of those hours. It can be tiring, but it’s fun! – Mila Kunis

94046. Always have a backup plan. – Mila Kunis

94047. I am… stubborn, and I admit it, so it’s OK. – Mila Kunis

94048. I definitely hope to attend UCLA in a year, and major in business. – Mila Kunis

94049. I don’t think it’s true that blondes have more fun… Trust me, it is not true! – Mila Kunis

94050. I grew up in the Ukraine ’til I was about 7, and then I moved to L.A. – Mila Kunis

94051. I have an older brother who is 21 and attends UC Berkley. – Mila Kunis

94052. I love swimming, tennis, and I am taking up golf. I am not serious about it, I just go to the range and practice. Other than that, I enjoy going to the movies and hanging out with my friends. – Mila Kunis

94053. I’ve definitely grown apart from a lot of my friends. Some of them don’t understand the schedule, and it’s not that I don’t want to talk to them, it’s that sometimes I am really busy and can’t get back to them. – Mila Kunis

94054. It is difficult because the school I go to, my friends do not attend. – Mila Kunis

94055. My dad heard of a studio on the radio, and it was advertised as a place for kids to meet kids, and it was actually a studio, and that’s where I met my manager and agent. – Mila Kunis

94056. My goal in life is to enjoy what I do, and never to look back and say I wish I would have done that, and to go to UCLA, and to become someone great in life! – Mila Kunis

94057. Old myths, old gods, old heroes have never died. They are only sleeping at the bottom of our mind, waiting for our call. We have need for them. They represent the wisdom of our race. – Stanley Kunitz

94058. Four years earlier I had been selected, with Kay Boyle, the writer, and a number of others, to go to Cambodia and come back and prove that there were no sanctuaries in that country. – William Kunstler

94059. A dog is like a liberal. He wants to please everybody. A cat really doesn’t need to know that everybody loves him. – William Kunstler

94060. At first blush, it seems that the young people who were shot down in the parking lot at the base of Blanket Hill gave up their lives for a dream that died with them. – William Kunstler

94061. But on the other hand government takes away a certain amount of liberty and in some countries it takes away all of liberty. And it will, everywhere, if people who fight government do not fight government any longer. – William Kunstler

94062. May 4th is a particularly memorable day in American history because 84 years to the day before May 4, 1970, there was another demonstration at the Haymarket Square in Chicago. – William Kunstler

94063. On the unofficial level it was a glorious moment in our national life because young people decided that this had to stop, that they could no longer stand the shedding of blood in this tragic adventure in Southeast Asia. – William Kunstler

94064. Our bodies must always be wherever that struggle and the moment we forget that, the moment we become lazy, the moment we sit back, then then the evil ones do their ordained tasks to us. – William Kunstler

94065. So May 4th in the labor movement has always been an important date. – William Kunstler

94066. This is New York, and there’s no law against being annoying. – William Kunstler

94067. We have become the charnel house of the Western World. – William Kunstler

94068. When we talk about justice in America we’re really talking about justice brought about by the people, not by judges who are tools of the establishment or prosecutors who are are equally tools of the establishment or the wardens or the police officers. – William Kunstler

94069. But he said Blanket Hill should be a national monument. And so we came out of his chambers feeling, though while we had lost to the powers of darkness, we had at least shown one Federal Judge what the right path would have been. – William Kunstler

94070. Once the troops move into Cambodia, the colleges and universities of this country were on the verge of civil war. Many closed down. The students were up in arms. And it looked very much like there were going to be real problems in this country. – William Kunstler

94071. What can you say about a society that says that God is dead and Elvis is alive? – Irv Kupcinet

94072. An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day. – Irv Kupcinet

94073. It wasn’t poverty that drove me on. – Aleksandr I. Kuprin

94074. I am a wanderer passionately in love with life. – Aleksandr I. Kuprin

94075. I wanted to live the inner life of every man I saw, look at the world through his eyes. – Aleksandr I. Kuprin

94076. I think I’d like to contribute to society in some way. I don’t know what that might be. Right now, I just sort of give bums money on the street. – Isabelle Kuprin

94077. I don’t think one should ever come to my stage of life and have to look back and say, Gosh. I wish I hadn’t spent all those years doing that job I was never really interested in. – Charles Kuralt

94078. I would love to write something that people would still read 50 or 100 years from now. That comes with growing older, I think. – Charles Kuralt

94079. I wasn’t a very discriminating reader. I read just about everything that came along. – Charles Kuralt

94080. I used to think that driving, sleepless, ambitious labor was what you needed to succeed. – Charles Kuralt

94081. I think I’d have done better if I had been a little more relaxed-if I had not pressed quite so hard, if I’d not lost quite so much sleep. – Charles Kuralt

94082. I think all those people I did stories about measured their own success by the joy their work was giving them. – Charles Kuralt

94083. I suppose I was a little bit of what would be called today a nerd. I didn’t have girlfriends, and really I wasn’t a very social boy. – Charles Kuralt

94084. I saw how many people were poor and how many kids my age went to school hungry in the morning, which I don’t think most of my contemporaries in racially segregated schools in the South thought very much about at the time. – Charles Kuralt

94085. I remember being in the public library and my jaw just aching as I looked around at all those books I wanted to read. There just wasn’t time enough to read everything I wanted to read. – Charles Kuralt

94086. A country so rich that it can send people to the moon still has hundreds of thousands of its citizens who can’t read. That’s terribly troubling to me. – Charles Kuralt

94087. I had a little insight into life that most kids probably didn’t have. My mother was a schoolteacher, and my father was a social worker. Through his eyes I saw the underside of society. – Charles Kuralt

94088. It does no harm just once in a while to acknowledge that the whole country isn’t in flames, that there are people in the country besides politicians, entertainers, and criminals. – Charles Kuralt

94089. I don’t think I had a reputation as a hard worker, but inside I was always being eaten up by the pressures. – Charles Kuralt

94090. I don’t have any well-developed philosophy about journalism. Ultimately it is important in a society like this, so people can know about everything that goes wrong. – Charles Kuralt

94091. I didn’t like the competitiveness of big-time journalism. – Charles Kuralt

94092. I could tell you which writer’s rhythms I am imitating. It’s not exactly plagiarism, it’s falling in love with good language and trying to imitate it. – Charles Kuralt

94093. I can’t say that I’ve changed anybody’s life, ever, and that’s the real work of the world, if you want a better society. – Charles Kuralt

94094. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a reporter. I don’t know where I got the idea that it was a romantic calling. – Charles Kuralt

94095. I believe that writing is derivative. I think good writing comes from good reading. – Charles Kuralt

94096. Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students. – Charles Kuralt

94097. For a while there, I was a stringer. The expression comes from the old habit of stringing together the column inches that you had written. They’d measure it and pay you 10 cents an inch for your printed copy. – Charles Kuralt

94098. I recognize that I had a good deal of good luck in my life. I came along at a time when it was pretty easy to get a job in journalism. I went to work at CBS News when I was about 22, and within a year or so was reporting on the air. – Charles Kuralt

94099. Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything. – Charles Kuralt

94100. You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars. – Charles Kuralt

94101. When we become a really mature, grown-up, wise society, we will put teachers at the center of the community, where they belong. We don’t honor them enough, we don’t pay them enough. – Charles Kuralt

94102. When I worked in Los Angeles covering hard news, very often when something important would happen I’d be off in the woods covering something unimportant, which was more interesting to me. – Charles Kuralt

94103. When I was a little boy I used to borrow my father’s hat, and make a press card to stick in the hat band. That was the way reporters were always portrayed in the movies. – Charles Kuralt

94104. We always take credit for the good and attribute the bad to fortune. – Charles Kuralt

94105. TV critics, who traditionally hate television and make their living writing about it, often didn’t like what I did on the air. – Charles Kuralt

94106. There is such a thing as a national conscience, and it can be touched. – Charles Kuralt

94107. There are a lot of people who are doing wonderful things, quietly, with no motive of greed, or hostility toward other people, or delusions of superiority. – Charles Kuralt

94108. The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege. – Charles Kuralt

94109. I’m not any kind of social reformer. – Charles Kuralt

94110. The everyday kindness of the back roads more than makes up for the acts of greed in the headlines. – Charles Kuralt

94111. In television, everything is gone with the speed of light, literally. It is no field for anybody with intimations of immortality. – Charles Kuralt

94112. Since my retirement, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to help the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina. A society like this just can’t afford an uneducated underclass of citizens. – Charles Kuralt

94113. Now that I look back on it, having retired from being a reporter, it was kind of romantic. It was a wonderful way to live one’s life, just as I imagined it would be when I was 6 or 7. – Charles Kuralt

94114. My parents encouraged me in everything I ever wanted to do. – Charles Kuralt

94115. My mother, at least twice, cancelled our family’s subscription to the newspaper I was working on, because she was so mad about its treatment of my father. – Charles Kuralt

94116. Look for joy in your life; it’s not always easy to find. – Charles Kuralt

94117. Kids are always asked, What are you going to be when you grow up? I needed an answer. So instead of saying, a fireman, or a policeman, I said, a reporter. – Charles Kuralt

94118. Just by luck, I picked good heroes to worship. – Charles Kuralt

94119. It’s best to leap into something you know you love. You might change your mind later, but that is the privilege of youth. – Charles Kuralt

94120. It was so much fun to have the freedom to wander America, with no assignments. For 25 or 30 years I never had an assignment. These were all stories I wanted to do myself. – Charles Kuralt

94121. The first books I was interested in were all about baseball. But I can’t think of one single book that changed my life in any way. – Charles Kuralt

94122. I didn’t understand the American fascination with the Japanese schoolgirl. No, I don’t think I can, really. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94123. A movie of mine is going to be released in Japan next year. I play a waitress who’s a really regular girl in this movie. The English title isn’t decided yet, but in Japanese it’s I’ll Get on the A Train Sometime. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94124. Without going into too much detail, the end of my major action scene, after the climax of the scene, there was one little change that I suggested regarding the way things should turn out. It was in the detail of the tears of blood. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94125. We started with the basics of kicking and punching, then we moved on once we got proficient in that, we moved on to working with the weapons, and from then on working with the wires. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94126. Up until doing this movie, I hadn’t really paid a huge amount of attention to those genres, but after finishing this movie, it really gave me a different sense of appreciation of the way the movies play out. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94127. Obviously, the difference between a game and actual training is you’re using your whole body, so in that sense, maybe not, although maybe something to do with reaction, the speed of reaction, maybe that was of use during the training. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94128. Obviously, a skirt does present certain problems that I had to be aware of. But when it came to the shoot and we were rolling, I didn’t really pay it any attention. It wasn’t too bad. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94129. My character is somebody who is smaller in stature and yet who’s strong, so to see the fighting situations between people who are not generally thought of being strong is in itself unusual and therefore interesting, I think. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94130. Julie Dryfus and I were both afraid of heights and in one scene, I had to be quite high up and I was rather terrified, but Julie was very kind, encouraging me and we got through that together. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94131. It was pretty much the way that it was when I first read it, although one exception would be that some ideas that I had were also incorporated into the script. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94132. I think the biggest difficulty is that when I’m here in America, there’s a necessity of using English, so I really have a great sense of really wanting to learn, but unfortunately when I head back to Japan, the necessity vanishes and so does my enthusiasm about learning. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94133. I think probably like seeing women fight because we’re generally not thought to be strong, especially in the case of this movie. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94134. I loved playing Go Go, because the character’s so extreme. And she’s pretty close to my real character. Especially the fact that she liked her sword with a lot of accessories. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94135. I certainly look at them very differently now, and enjoy Jackie Chan movies and movies like that. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94136. I once hit Quentin on the head with my ball and chain. – Chiaki Kuriyama

94137. It is up to us to make the right choice and the right decisions. – Karolina Kurkova

94138. I was fortunate enough to visit a lot of beautiful places around the world. The most astonishing and memorable experiences were my trips to Africa and Australia. – Karolina Kurkova

94139. I hope to continue building my acting career and work more on projects that fulfill my artistic thirst. – Karolina Kurkova

94140. Hiking in undiscovered places is a lot of fun. – Karolina Kurkova

94141. A girl who is interested in becoming a model must first accept the fact that she is the product. She must be ready to deal with a lot of rejection. – Karolina Kurkova

94142. There are so many people I wish I could have met: – Karolina Kurkova

94143. What I love the most about modeling is that it opens you a lot of different doors of opportunities and takes you to many different places, which then put you in touch with various people and cultures. – Karolina Kurkova

94144. The beauty comes with the balance. Everyone should find his own balance in his personal as well as his professional life. Once you do so, you will feel and look beautiful. – Karolina Kurkova

94145. Love yourself instead of abusing yourself. – Karolina Kurkova

94146. Mother Nature made me the way I am, and I should be happy. – Karolina Kurkova

94147. Music is another great pleasure of life. I like all sorts. – Karolina Kurkova

94148. It’s a very hard and competitive business in which you have to fight every day in order to impose yourself. – Karolina Kurkova

94149. Remember who you are and where you come from; otherwise, you don’t know where you are going. – Karolina Kurkova

94150. Unfortunately, modeling takes you with no transition from being a girl to being a business woman. – Karolina Kurkova

94151. There is the glamour side of it, which allows you to meet great variety of people with whom you simply can have a good time, but there’s also the sad side of it that drags you into a superficial and artificial world. – Karolina Kurkova

94152. Simply enjoy life and the great pleasures that come with it. – Karolina Kurkova

94153. Whenever I’m free, I spend time with people I love, people that inspire me in many different ways. – Karolina Kurkova

94154. My acting coach makes the impossible accessible. – Karolina Kurkova

94155. In a mad world, only the mad are sane. – Akira Kurosawa

94156. Man is a genius when he is dreaming. – Akira Kurosawa

94157. Movie directors, or should I say people who create things, are very greedy and they can never be satisfied… That’s why they can keep on working. I’ve been able to work for so long because I think next time, I’ll make something good. – Akira Kurosawa

94158. Allowing children to spew forth whatever is on their minds in the name of openness only creates an illusion of family closeness. – Neil Kurshan

94159. Family life is not a computer program that runs on its own; it needs continual input from everyone. – Neil Kurshan

94160. It is at once the most overwhelmingly frustrating and exasperating task and the most joyous and rewarding experience to make human beings out of children. – Neil Kurshan

94161. Morality is not only taught; it is caught. – Neil Kurshan

94162. Walk a mile in my shoes is good advice. Our children will learn to respect others if they are used to imagining themselves in another’s place. – Neil Kurshan

94163. There’s something magical about putting yourself into life. You’ve got to stand up and take responsibility for your own life and you cannot abandon that. – Bill Kurtis

94164. You know, in the beginning when your first payroll comes up and you have to borrow money to meet the payroll, you lose sleep the night before, and you say to yourself real fast, ‘Well, maybe I should keep working a couple more years. It’s sobering. – Bill Kurtis

94165. Choose something you like to do. I know it’s a cliche, and you’ve heard it over and over. But the reason is, you’re going to have to work long and hard to achieve any success. You better like it or life is going to be terrible. – Bill Kurtis

94166. The one important thing you do as boss is you set the standard. The minute you go in and say ‘we’ll let it go this time,’ you set a new standard, which is lower. So you cannot do that. – Bill Kurtis

94167. If you’re a producer, you always spend too much money because you want that shot – and you’re willing to spend a bundle to get it. – Bill Kurtis

94168. I never wanted to retire. I wanted to kind of shift my work pattern so I could stay fresh and invigorated, and use the experience that I had gained in 30 years, but in a slightly different direction. – Bill Kurtis

94169. I think I’m so old I’m in. We call it the ‘Tony Bennett Syndrome.’ For some reason, young people think I’m cool. – Bill Kurtis

94170. You need a very good financial person to keep you honest, and to keep track of income and outgo. – Bill Kurtis

94171. My personal philosophy is I’m running a 100-yard dash, and I haven’t reached the end. – Bill Kurtis

94172. Journalism seems to have recovered its reason for being. – Howard Kurtz

94173. It’s a brave new world. – Howard Kurtz

94174. The government doesn’t have to solve everyone’s problem here. – Paul Kurtz

94175. The meaning of life is not to be discovered only after death in some hidden, mysterious realm; on the contrary, it can be found by eating the succulent fruit of the Tree of Life and by living in the here and now as fully and creatively as we can. – Paul Kurtz

94176. I am heartbroken that this movie would cause anyone pain. It should be a source of joy. The story is a metaphor about how we try to stay in our own little bubbles, we don’t let life in, we don’t take the journey. – Swoosie Kurtz

94177. Working with a great director is like getting a master class in acting. – Swoosie Kurtz

94178. To me, getting notes, honing the part, and refining the role is the real fun of the play. – Swoosie Kurtz

94179. The first thing I ask when I’m offered a part is, Who’s the director? which is something they never understand in Los Angeles. – Swoosie Kurtz

94180. My heart was beating out of my chest. – Swoosie Kurtz

94181. It’s so funny whenever things come full circle. – Swoosie Kurtz

94182. It’s great that I don’t have to apologize about being over 26. – Swoosie Kurtz

94183. I’d love to do a musical. I have a little list of them in my head. – Swoosie Kurtz

94184. I think these are terrible times to be anything in. – Swoosie Kurtz

94185. I love to be directed, and I can glean something from almost anyone. – Swoosie Kurtz

94186. I keep both of my Tonys on my mantle. They’re in front of a mirror so if you look at just the right angle, it looks like I have four! – Swoosie Kurtz

94187. By the 2030s, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will predominate. – Ray Kurzweil

94188. We are beginning to see intimations of this in the implantation of computer devices into the human body. – Ray Kurzweil

94189. We appear to be programmed with the idea that there are ‘things’ outside of our self, and some are conscious, and some are not. – Ray Kurzweil

94190. As order exponentially increases, time exponentially speeds up. – Ray Kurzweil

94191. Death gives meaning to our lives. It gives importance and value to time. Time would become meaningless if there were too much of it. – Ray Kurzweil

94192. Even by common wisdom, there seem to be both people and objects in my dream that are outside myself, but clearly they were created in myself and are part of me, they are mental constructs in my own brain. – Ray Kurzweil

94193. I consider myself an inventor, entrepreneur, and author. – Ray Kurzweil

94194. I’m an inventor. I became interested in long-term trends because an invention has to make sense in the world in which it is finished, not the world in which it is started. – Ray Kurzweil

94195. Supercomputers will achieve one human brain capacity by 2010, and personal computers will do so by about 2020. – Ray Kurzweil

94196. A successful person isn’t necessarily better than her less successful peers at solving problems; her pattern-recognition facilities have just learned what problems are worth solving. – Ray Kurzweil

94197. I believe the anthropogenic effect for climate change is still only one of the hypotheses to explain the variability of climate. – Kanya Kusano

94198. Indeed science alone may perhaps be sterile when pursued without an understanding of the world in which scientific knowledge is created and in which the fruits of science are used. – Polykarp Kusch

94199. The knowledge and understanding of the world which science gives us and the magnificent opportunity which it extends to us to control and use the world for the extension of our pleasure in it has never been greater than it now is. – Polykarp Kusch

94200. I count myself fortunate to be able to participate in the life of science in this era. – Polykarp Kusch

94201. If, on occasion, the knowledge brought by science leads to an unhappy end, this is not to the discredit of science but is rather an indication of an imperfect ability to use wisely the gifts placed within our hands. – Polykarp Kusch

94202. We live, I think, in the century of science and, perhaps, even in the century of physics. – Polykarp Kusch

94203. To those of you who study history, economics, sociology, literature and language I present the challenge of the utilization of the enormous resources in our grasp to the problem of creating a genuinely good life for yourselves and your children. – Polykarp Kusch

94204. The increase of scientific knowledge lies not only in the occasional milestones of science, but in the efforts of the very large body of men who with love and devotion observe and study nature. – Polykarp Kusch

94205. The destiny of our society is yours to make and you have a vastly greater importance to the world than we do. – Polykarp Kusch

94206. Science shows us truth and beauty and fills each day with a fresh wonder of the exquisite order which governs our world. – Polykarp Kusch

94207. I feel, sometimes, as the renaissance man must have felt in finding new riches at every point and in the certainty that unexplored areas of knowledge and experience await at every turn. – Polykarp Kusch

94208. No single achievement in science is possible without the painstaking work of the many hundreds who have built the foundation on which all new work is based. – Polykarp Kusch

94209. Science is the greatest creative impulse of our time. It dominates the intellectual scene and forms our lives, not only in the material things which it has given us, but also in that it guides our spirit. – Polykarp Kusch

94210. When you carry out acts of kindness you get a wonderful feeling inside. It is as though something inside your body responds and says, yes, this is how I ought to feel. – Harold Kushner

94211. I am convinced that it is not the fear of death, of our lives ending that haunts our sleep so much as the fear… that as far as the world is concerned, we might as well never have lived. – Harold Kushner

94212. I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense. – Harold Kushner

94213. Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness. – Harold Kushner

94214. I will not cut my film because, because, because, because of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. – Emir Kusturica

94215. That is a Medieval way of drawing history, in which they do not respect the law and want the rest of the world to respect the law. That’s not possible. – Emir Kusturica

94216. I don’t believe that old cliche that good things come to those who wait. I think good things come to those who want something so bad they can’t sit still. – Ashton Kutcher

94217. I want to be like Tom Cruise from The Outsiders and go on and do amazing movies for a long time. – Ashton Kutcher

94218. I’ll probably never be the best actor in Hollywood, but I hope to be the hardest working. – Ashton Kutcher

94219. I’m from Iowa, we don’t know what cool is! – Ashton Kutcher

94220. I’m happy wherever I go, whatever I do. I’m happy in Iowa, I’m happy here in California. – Ashton Kutcher

94221. My mom is still yelling at me because she needs more autographed pictures. – Ashton Kutcher

94222. The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe. – Lawrence Kutner

94223. Everything from airplanes to kitchen blenders and even chopsticks comes with an instruction manual. Children, despite all their complexity, do not. – Lawrence Kutner

94224. Your baby only needs a lot of light at night if he’s reading or he’s entertaining guests. – Lawrence Kutner

94225. Children learn and remember at least as much from the context of the classroom as from the content of the coursework. – Lawrence Kutner

94226. Napoleon is a torrent which as yet we are unable to stem. Moscow will be the sponge that will suck him dry. – Mikhail Kutuzov

94227. In the total expanse of human life there is not a single square inch of which the Christ, who alone is sovereign, does not declare, ‘That is mine!’. – Abraham Kuyper

94228. The seminaries must be like the churches’ poor relations, prolonging their existence with austerity. – Abraham Kuyper

94229. When the principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then the battle is your calling, and peace has become sin. You must at the price of dearest peace lay your convictions bare before friend and enemy with all the fire of your faith. – Abraham Kuyper

94230. Do not bury our glorious orthodoxy in the treacherous pit of a spurious conservatism. – Abraham Kuyper

94231. I got a call this morning, and it was from Nancy Kerrigan, wishing me luck. She wished me luck and sent me all her good wishes. – Michelle Kwan

94232. I always thought after 2002 that I’d hang up my skates and turn professional and just go on tour and do shows. But I don’t know when it is enough. I mean, I still enjoy it. I’m the luckiest girl alive that I get to perform in front of thousands of people, do what I love doing. – Michelle Kwan

94233. I was so worried about winning, it was as if I was caught up in my own web. – Michelle Kwan

94234. Skating takes up 70 percent of my time, school about 25 percent. Having fun and talking to my friends, 5 percent. It’s hard. I envy other kids a lot of things, but I get a guilt trip when I’m not training. – Michelle Kwan

94235. The nation is a community. Community of individuals, community of generations. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94236. There is simply no room for anti-Semitism in a democratic and law-abiding state. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94237. To be in the EU, it means to have same rules of… for economy, for social life, to be together in the majority of European countries. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94238. We all live in a free Poland, and there would be no free Poland without you, Twenty-five years ago, I did not stand on the same side together with you, but today I have no doubts that it was your vision of Poland which led us in the right direction. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94239. Well, we are very glad that Russia is so close with NATO. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94240. We welcome, we welcome this good cooperation between Russia and NATO. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94241. We have become aware of the responsibility for our attitude towards the dark pages in our history. We have understood that bad service is done to the nation by those who are impelling to renounce that past. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94242. Technology should be an important ingredient. It may be and should be a tool for social development. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94243. In my opinion, terrorism is a question which is not a short- term problem for all of us. It is a long-term fight. And NATO can play, and will play, a very crucial role in this struggle. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94244. We are a strong democratic country. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94245. We know enough to stand here in truth – facing pain, cry and suffering of those who were murdered here. Face to face with the victims’ families who are here today. Before the judgment of our own conscience. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94246. Following the Second World War, we are a country of one ethnicity. After the moving of the borders, after the tragedy of the Holocaust and the murder of Polish Jews, we don’t have large minority groups. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94247. So I think that I can say, as the President of Poland, we’re proud that I am coming from Poland, which is different and what’s more important, much better than before. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94248. So I think that is one of the reasons we can face some regional problems, which are very difficult, very dramatic and is necessary to have instruments to solve these problems. NATO is such instrument. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94249. Every man is responsible only for his own acts. The sons do not inherit the sins of the fathers. But can we say: that was long ago, they were different? – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94250. And still the time, especially in the economy, is very tough, very difficult. It’s necessary to be active still, to work, to fight, to make our economy more competitive. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94251. And I think to be in NATO for the countries of our region, it means more guarantees for us, it means more responsibility for our common security, but it means fulfillment of all standards of civilized world, like protection of human rights and democratic mechanisms. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

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94252. However, I don’t doubt that a wave of immigration will come to Poland. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94253. Righteous is the one who was able to demonstrate compassion in face of human suffering. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94254. My message to the Americans, to the American President, is that I am coming from Poland, which is in good shape; it is much different than ten years ago when last state visit from Poland was here in the United States. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94255. So I think that is from the European perspective, for the European future, this engagement can be one of the most important and effective decisions in the last 50 years maybe. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94256. And we want to develop our strategy to partnership and friendship with the United States, which is connected with a very rich history but what is very important for our future. – Aleksander Kwasniewski

94257. I think its man’s nature to go to war and fight. – Talib Kweli

94258. Well if somebody’s giving me a script, I’ll consider it. But it’s not something I’m chasing. – Talib Kweli

94259. So I just had to step up how I was doing it and the moment that I stepped up and the moment I focused all my energy on that is when things started to happen. So there’s a direct relationship between my inspiration and my output. – Talib Kweli

94260. I will never do a record without some sense of responsibility. – Talib Kweli

94261. I’m not looking to set a standard… but, I believe I have offered a challenge to others with my work. – Talib Kweli

94262. Once you’re signed to a label you compromise. – Talib Kweli

94263. People consider Black Star a great album, and I think it’s a classic album. But the fact is, both me and Mos Def have made better albums since Black Star. – Talib Kweli

94264. So I think hip-hop is moving and is going to continue to move in the direction of rappers just being honest with themselves, whether you’re talking about Common and Mos Def or Nas and 50 cent. – Talib Kweli

94265. The beautiful thing about hip-hop is it’s like an audio collage. You can take any form of music and do it in a hip-hop way and it’ll be a hip-hop song. That’s the only music you can do that with. – Talib Kweli

94266. The problem with our role is Americans live in a world of illusion. – Talib Kweli

94267. We’re in an illusion about what our role is in world politics and foreign affairs, and our policies are killing and destroying and doing a lot of things that we are not aware of. – Talib Kweli

94268. Woman are complex creatures. – Talib Kweli

94269. I think all those artists are artists who are appreciated because you believe their words and you appreciate their honesty in their music. If you don’t appreciate the honesty in the music, the beat can be fly as hell but you’ll never give an emcee props. – Talib Kweli

94270. You have to know when to be arrogant. You have to when to be humble. You have to know when to be hard and you have to know when to be soft. – Talib Kweli

94271. War is not civilized. – Talib Kweli

94272. As far as being on a major label, some labels get it and get what they have to do, and some labels don’t. I don’t think the label I’m on necessarily gets it, but I think over time they’re gonna have to. – Talib Kweli

94273. I think music sharing of any kind is great. – Talib Kweli

94274. I started rapping because I wanted people to hear what I have to say, I want as many people to hear me as possible, and I do everything in my power to make that pop. – Talib Kweli

94275. A lot of these people, these program directors, just like anybody else in the world, even though they’re supposed to be leaders in the world, they’re followers. They follow what they think someone else is doing, instead of trying to blaze a trail. – Talib Kweli

94276. And you know, art as commerce, doesn’t really make too much sense, they don’t go together. – Talib Kweli

94277. But it becomes disrespectful when the artist’s process is not respected. – Talib Kweli

94278. But you have to be creative on how you sell yourself and market yourself. – Talib Kweli

94279. Even an independent label is looking for a hit, they’re not looking for a record that’s not gonna do well. – Talib Kweli

94280. Hi-Tek is on three or four songs on the new record. – Talib Kweli

94281. Hip-hop is a vehicle. – Talib Kweli

94282. Hip-hop isn’t as complex as a woman is. – Talib Kweli

94283. I don’t feel comfortable making empty music. – Talib Kweli

94284. I met Mos Def around that time but I didn’t hook up with him until I was about 17 or 18. – Talib Kweli

94285. I not only wanted to showcase lyrical skills but also continue to drop knowledge on the hiphop community. I’m looking to elevate through my music, and through my music I educate. – Talib Kweli

94286. Ain’t nobody making music to not be heard and the easiest way to be heard is to be on the radio, but you should never compromise who you are, your values or your morals. – Talib Kweli

94287. I have been blessed often by Buddha, but equally by America. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94288. I never staged a coup. They picked me up. Like I say, they forced me to become premier, maybe hoping that by that way, they send me to the electric chair. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94289. We all know that in war the political and military factors have to complement each other. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94290. Through leadership of the fight against French colonialism, Ho Chi Minh had made a name for himself in the international political arena. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94291. The way Americans understand and treat other peoples almost guarantees that the world will suffer more trouble. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94292. South Vietnam had to be built from scratch and, from the very beginning, depended far too much on the Western superpowers. As in the case of a person on public welfare, this dependency, which became greater with each day, was quite difficult to shake. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94293. If the war has faded into history, democracy’s defeat in Vietnam has left deep marks in the consciousness of both nations. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94294. After the 1954 Geneva international conference, Vietnam was divided into two parts. On paper, North and South Vietnam were twin countries born at the same moment. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94295. During the Fifties, political and military activities in Vietnam were heavily influenced by the French, who as recent colonial masters, made all-important decisions. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94296. By the mid-sixties, the United States had poured more than half a million troops into South Vietnam. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94297. By fighting a limited, defensive war, America permitted the enemy to endlessly re-supply their field armies. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94298. And then when they picked me as premiere, I don’t think I feel, you know, different. For me, the position mean responsibility, but that’s all. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94299. Americans are big boys. You can talk them into almost anything. Just sit with them for half an hour over a bottle of whiskey and be a nice guy. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94300. After Watergate, America was a ship without a rudder. Vietnam was left to its own devices, drifting along towards its fate. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94301. From its inception, South Vietnam was only considered to be an outpost in the war against communism. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94302. If Americans knew how to deal with other people, they could bring peace to the world. Alas, they have not learned enough yet. The true American feels that he is 100 percent welcome anywhere he goes. – Nguyen Cao Ky

94303. My son – and what’s a song? A thing begot within a pair of minutes, thereabout, a lump bred up in darkness. – Thomas Kyd

94304. Oh eyes, no eyes, but fountains fraught with tears; O life, no life, but lively form of death; Oh world, no world, but mass of public wrongs. – Thomas Kyd

94305. I think I should be active politically. Because I look upon myself as a politician. That’s not a dirty work you know. Some people think that there are something wrong with politicians. Of course, something wrong with some politicians. – Aung San Suu Kyi

94306. The value systems of those with access to power and of those far removed from such access cannot be the same. The viewpoint of the privileged is unlike that of the underprivileged. – Aung San Suu Kyi

94307. The struggle for democracy and human rights in Burma is a struggle for life and dignity. It is a struggle that encompasses our political, social and economic aspirations. – Aung San Suu Kyi

94308. The history of the world shows that peoples and societies do not have to pass through a fixed series of stages in the course of development. – Aung San Suu Kyi

94309. The democracy process provides for political and social change without violence. – Aung San Suu Kyi

94310. It is often in the name of cultural integrity as well as social stability and national security that democratic reforms based on human rights are resisted by authoritarian governments. – Aung San Suu Kyi

94311. Human beings the world over need freedom and security that they may be able to realize their full potential. – Aung San Suu Kyi

94312. Peace as a goal is an ideal which will not be contested by any government or nation, not even the most belligerent. – Aung San Suu Kyi

94313. Sanctions and boycotts would be tied to serious political dialogue. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94314. Whatever help we may want from the international community now or in the future, we want to make sure that this help is tailored to help our people to help themselves. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94315. We will not change in matters of policy until such time as dialogue has begun. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94316. We always think that everybody can do a little bit more, if not a lot more. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94317. We are not out to boast that there is so much percentage of growth per year. Our real concern is how it affects the lives of people, the future of our country. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94318. When we think of the state of the economy, we are not thinking in terms of money flow. We are thinking in terms of the effect on everyday lives of people. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94319. There is so much that we need to do for our country. I don’t think that we can afford to wait. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94320. I was surprised by the response of young people because there is a perception that those younger than the 1988 generation are not interested in politics. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94321. I saw many aspects of the country which I needed to see in order that I might know what we need to do. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94322. I have been free for more than a month. Some people may think that that is long enough. Others may think that that is not quite long enough. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94323. I don’t want Burma to be a basket case forever. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94324. Confidence-building is not something that can go on forever. If it goes on forever then it becomes counterproductive. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94325. A more significant phase should mean serious political dialogue. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94326. Once serious political dialogue has begun, the international community can assume that we have achieved genuine progress along the road to real democratisation. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94327. We want to empower our people; we want to strengthen them; we want to provide them with the kind of qualifications that will enable them to build up their own country themselves. – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

94328. Real leadership means tackling tough problems ourselves and not leaving them to our children. – Jon Kyl

94329. The death tax is unfair, inefficient, economically unsound and, frankly, immoral. – Jon Kyl

94330. One of the things that makes our military the best in the world is the certain knowledge of each soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine that they can always count on their comrades should they need help – that they will never be abandoned. – Jon Kyl

94331. It would be hard to find a more compelling example of the American dream than Alberto Gonzales. – Jon Kyl

94332. Illegal immigration is a genuinely national issue, and resolving it requires a national commitment not just on health care but also border control, law enforcement and other resources. – Jon Kyl

94333. I’m no different than you. – Patti LaBelle

94334. I’m 60, and I did 60-year-old women songs. I’m not trying to be the Hip-Hop Queen, although I am the original Hip Hop Queen. – Patti LaBelle

94335. Women are dominating the charts, and women are doing it for themselves. We’re kicking butt and taking no prisoners. – Patti LaBelle

94336. When I look into the crowd, I see young and old, black and white – it’s amazing that I’m able to connect with so many different kinds of people. – Patti LaBelle

94337. So if diva means giving your best, then yes, I guess I am a diva. – Patti LaBelle

94338. So if anybody wants to get me something, get me 60 crabs – one for each year. I don’t want no diamonds, I don’t want no shoes, I don’t want no party. I want some crabs. – Patti LaBelle

94339. People with no humor, they’re outta my life. – Patti LaBelle

94340. I’ve had 60 years of ups and downs, and all of the downs that I’ve had, I’m happy that I’ve had them because it’s taught me to appreciate all the ups. – Patti LaBelle

94341. I’m very shy in a crowd. – Patti LaBelle

94342. You’ve got to know business before you go to show business. – Patti LaBelle

94343. You don’t have to be an angel, just be someone who can give. – Patti LaBelle

94344. I can’t do some of the songs that younger girls like Mary J. Blige and Beyonce are doing. They have their own place and I have my own place. – Patti LaBelle

94345. I’m very spontaneous. – Patti LaBelle

94346. I’ll perform all the way to the grave. – Patti LaBelle

94347. All I can tell you really is if you get to the point where someone is telling you that you are not great or not good enough, just follow your heart and don’t let anybody crush your dream. – Patti LaBelle

94348. I don’t feel as though I have to prove anything to anybody. – Patti LaBelle

94349. I have to go 150 percent or nothing at all. – Patti LaBelle

94350. I just sing the stuff that makes me smile, makes me feel like I didn’t sell myself out. – Patti LaBelle

94351. I keep showing decade after decade that I am a real performer. – Patti LaBelle

94352. I love Canadians because I don’t see very much racism in Canada. – Patti LaBelle

94353. I never thought I would be singing for the world. – Patti LaBelle

94354. I was a shy kid with a broom handle that I pretended was a microphone. – Patti LaBelle

94355. I was very shy. I’m still shy. – Patti LaBelle

94356. A diva is someone who is a perfectionist, who does her best in her craft. – Patti LaBelle

94357. When you look at golf films before us they’re all – garbage or satire. A lot of sports films tend to vilify the opposition. Where the opposition becomes this big angry monster, so big you can’t beat him. – Shia LaBeouf

94358. No, I come for a hippy lifestyle, it’s very open; my parents are both hippies. – Shia LaBeouf

94359. You never really meet a human being until you live with them or know them for awhile, so this is my clown and they understand that and so these interviews don’t bother them. – Shia LaBeouf

94360. I’m very picky and I’m in a situation where it’s a big crossover. – Shia LaBeouf

94361. I’m not an Adonis, that’s for damn sure. I’ve never really thought of myself that way, and it doesn’t matter to me. My favorite actors aren’t Adonises. Dustin Hoffman is a flawed-looking man; he’s amazing to me. Tom Hanks is flawed-looking; people love him. Same with Gene Hackman. – Shia LaBeouf

94362. If I have enough money to eat I’m good. – Shia LaBeouf

94363. My family, my parents are hippies. – Shia LaBeouf

94364. My neighborhood was rough, but I live a great life now. I don’t fight that much now. I don’t look for it anyway, but if someone hits your mother, whether you’re a star, an accountant, or an astronaut or anything… I mean it’s your mother, so I lost my mind. – Shia LaBeouf

94365. No, I was an unknown when I walked in that room. He didn’t know who I was from a fly on the wall. – Shia LaBeouf

94366. Now my dad is with me, traveling with me and a big part of this whole thing is I like to mix it up a little bit, you know. Who gets to take their father on a private jet across the country and stay in first class hotels? So we’re enjoying it, but I’d stop if it’s not possible. – Shia LaBeouf

94367. Respected, I almost want to be revered, that’s what I’m chasing. – Shia LaBeouf

94368. So it’s kind of nervous to be in this situation, but at the same time you look at all those actors and the work that they’ve done, I’ve been in bigger films than all of them and still kept my integrity and still kept my respect. – Shia LaBeouf

94369. There’s never been a parent in my life. – Shia LaBeouf

94370. We did this two-week boot camp before we filmed the movie. I got to know everybody in the group and we became friends. We got really tight throughout those two weeks. – Shia LaBeouf

94371. You can’t buy back your respect; you can’t buy back your career. You only get one, so I don’t want to mess that up. – Shia LaBeouf

94372. I was the only white kid in my neighborhood for most of my youth even in high school, so reverse racism was just as apparent as racism. – Shia LaBeouf

94373. They’re very, uh, you know, I don’t come from the suburbs and a jolly, Disney type of lifestyle. I come from something totally different. And they’re cool and bare minimum so it’s not always a money issue for me. – Shia LaBeouf

94374. I didn’t know my dad for a long time. My dad was on drugs and my dad was at the VA Hospital, my dad was off in his own world selling drugs or using them or there would be crack heads in the house or whatever it would be. – Shia LaBeouf

94375. I want my audience to know me for my work, not because of who I’m dating or what drugs I’m on or what club I went to. – Shia LaBeouf

94376. And I’m not a personality; otherwise I’d be coming out with an album, performing on MTV. All that stuff is possible and I can do that tomorrow. I just have no need. – Shia LaBeouf

94377. And if you’re a golfer and you watch a golf film and Matt Damon swing, and it’s not great, then you’re not going to believe in the golf story, you’re not going to believe in the rest of the film. That’s the whole movie, so if that swing looks like crap, the movie’s crap. – Shia LaBeouf

94378. And yeah, my handicap was down to a 10 when we were at the thick of it. I trained for six or seven months, golfing every day for six hours, seven days a week, with eight trainers. It was intense. – Shia LaBeouf

94379. I’ve been in fights, but that doesn’t make me cool or like a tough guy or more interesting actor, I’m not proud of it. – Shia LaBeouf

94380. Clubs are so lame. Nobody even dances at these clubs. They stand around and get drunk and they schmooze. There is no enjoyment factor. – Shia LaBeouf

94381. I don’t have to live this lavish lifestyle. – Shia LaBeouf

94382. I don’t know, I just want to be happy. I could be in a hole somewhere. Or I could completely lose it and be some hippy living in the woods with my dad. – Shia LaBeouf

94383. I turned down twelve films last year… Huge money films, but I had no respect for the writer or the work. – Shia LaBeouf

94384. But this is a little different. This is the adult acting. This is a different crowd. It’s more work and more good work. That’s it. People will have their opinion regardless. – Shia LaBeouf

94385. I understand why marriages break up over golf. I can’t even talk about my own handicap because it’s too upsetting. – Shia LaBeouf

94386. I hated golf when we first started, but a big part of the training process was falling in love with this sport, so I went on tour with the UCLA Team. – Shia LaBeouf

94387. I turned down a scholarship to Yale. The problem with college is that there’s a tendency to mistake preparation for productivity. You can prepare all you want, but if you never roll the dice you’ll never be successful. – Shia LaBeouf

94388. I trained more than anybody ever in a golf film ever made – my swing is pretty hot. – Shia LaBeouf

94389. I think there’s a form of honesty, because I used to be very honest with the press, and then it backfired on me, and I understood it. – Shia LaBeouf

94390. I think every young actor in Los Angeles went up for that role. It was between Frankie Muniz and me, and he pulled out, so I got the role. – Shia LaBeouf

94391. I just wish the crowd I was associated with was more passionate about what they were doing and less consumed with the commerce of the art form. – Shia LaBeouf

94392. Not all lucid dreams are useful but they all have a sense of wonder about them. If you must sleep through a third of your life, why should you sleep through your dreams, too? – Stephen LaBerge

94393. Dream research is a wonderful field. All you do is sleep for a living. – Stephen LaBerge

94394. But unlike European countries, America has never finished a map of the United States, only the eastern United States is covered and a few spots here and there. – William Labov

94395. Well, American dialects have been studied for a hundred years or so. – William Labov

94396. We focus upon pairs of words very often which are the same in some areas and different in other areas. – William Labov

94397. This African American Vernacular English shares most of its grammar and vocabulary with other dialects of English. But it is distinct in many ways, and it is more different from standard English than any other dialect spoken in continental North America. – William Labov

94398. It appears that the present-day form of African American English is not the inheritance of the period of slavery, but the creation of the second half of the 20th century. – William Labov

94399. And instead of getting a pepper-and-salt effect, we find very clear and sharp divisions between the dialects of the United States, which are getting more different from each other as time goes on. – William Labov

94400. An important aspect of the current situation is the strong social reaction against suggestions that the home language of African American children be used in the first steps of learning to read and write. – William Labov

94401. I am now completing research supported by NSF and NEH that is mapping changes in the English language through all of North America, for both mainstream and minority communities. – William Labov

94402. However, research in the years that followed found that in many of its important features, African American Vernacular English was becoming not less, but more different from other dialects. – William Labov

94403. But for me, it feels like a natural extension of what I’ve been doing: exploring relationships. Here you have two relationships and we can explore how difficult it is for people to be together. – Neil LaBute

94404. First I would probably place men at the bottom of the food chain. On a grander scale, I would say they’re reacting to change. Feminism has got to be part of that. – Neil LaBute

94405. Everyone has a story. – Neil LaBute

94406. Everybody has the ability to be manipulative, to be hateful and deceitful. – Neil LaBute

94407. But even with a character like Cary who is relatively outlandish, at the end of the movie he’s in a place where I wouldn’t have expected him to be – taking on the responsibility of a woman who is pregnant and who used to be his best friend’s wife. – Neil LaBute

94408. And with Aaron, I’d have to find a reason not to work with him. – Neil LaBute

94409. And I’ve got some screenplays and plays ready to dip into when I need to. – Neil LaBute

94410. Everyone has a little bit of Howard and Chad in them. I think there’s Christine in all men as well. – Neil LaBute

94411. You start as an audience member and create a world you’re interested in, and then you move into the telling of those stories, bringing what has interested you as an audience member. – Neil LaBute

94412. Without In The Company of Men, I could still be teaching, so who knows if this would’ve existed. – Neil LaBute

94413. With In the Company of Men, the misogynist label stuck early and firmly. In the end, it probably did hurt the film a bit, because getting women into the theaters was difficult. – Neil LaBute

94414. We live in a disposable society. It’s easier to throw things out than to fix them. We even give it a name – we call it recycling. – Neil LaBute

94415. We humans are a fairly barbarous bunch. – Neil LaBute

94416. Relationships in general make people a bit nervous. It’s about trust. Do I trust you enough to go there? – Neil LaBute

94417. In a relationship you have to open yourself up. – Neil LaBute

94418. People think my work is therapeutic. I don’t see it that way. It’s not like I’m saving money from a weekly therapy visit by writing down my life. – Neil LaBute

94419. People have perhaps gotten to the point where for the most part movies are a just bit of escape. – Neil LaBute

94420. My business is can I create a world that’s possible and could happen? I think that’s the only thing that I have to do, and I think that I have done that each time. – Neil LaBute

94421. My best male friend is my best friend until he crosses me. We’re all protective of the self. – Neil LaBute

94422. Just in the past few years – since I’ve been making movies, which isn’t a very long time – you now have a culture that is fascinated and informed about the box office in a way that sometimes filmmakers weren’t even. – Neil LaBute

94423. There is a lot of absurdity sometimes, not just in Mormonism but often in other religions that want to pretend that no bad happens in their church, rather than taking care of what bad does happen. – Neil LaBute

94424. I think the more the actor lets you know what he thinks of the character, the less the audience cares – like a comedian who laughs at his own jokes. – Neil LaBute

94425. Unrequited love is always a great thing. – Neil LaBute

94426. If we put the camera on ourselves, our friends and neighbors, we’ll come up with some scary stuff. – Neil LaBute

94427. I didn’t choose BYU, I like to think it chose me. – Neil LaBute

94428. I have a healthy view of what one can do with art. – Neil LaBute

94429. I make movies I want to see. – Neil LaBute

94430. I think Christine and Chad are on the opposite extremes of the spectrum. Christine is a model victim, and Chad is a model perpetrator, and Howard is closer to the middle. – Neil LaBute

94431. I wanted to make these people real, not like they were in a painting. Like these are people who don’t know they’re in a period movie. Those concerns are incredibly immediate. – Neil LaBute

94432. I wanted to tell a story that interested me as much in the telling as in the watching. – Neil LaBute

94433. I was always looking for the most dramatic emphasis. – Neil LaBute

94434. I was very careful to cast guys who were very good-looking and very fit and who had a certain sense of privilege about them, because with that sense of privilege comes contempt. – Neil LaBute

94435. I will say that the idea of a woman being deceptive came from that original discussion with critics and reporters about if woman could do that kind of thing. Evelyn, herself, grew out of the discussions about how capable women are of deceit and lying and manipulation. – Neil LaBute

94436. I would be more frightened as a writer if people thought my movies were like science fiction. – Neil LaBute

94437. I’m more than open to hope, but I think men and women have a difficult time dealing with each other and often take the low road. – Neil LaBute

94438. I see bits and pieces of me in all the characters in my films. – Neil LaBute

94439. Writings scatter to the winds blank checks in an insane charge. And were they not such flying leaves, there would be no purloined letters. – Jacques Lacan

94440. The knowledge that there is a part of the psychic functions that are out of conscious reach, we did not need to wait for Freud to know this! – Jacques Lacan

94441. Yet, analytical truth is not as mysterious, or as secret, so as to not allow us to see that people with a talent for directing consciences see truth rise spontaneously. – Jacques Lacan

94442. Since Freud, the center of man is not where we thought it was; one has to go on from there. – Jacques Lacan

94443. The narration, in fact, doubles the drama with a commentary without which no mise en scene would be possible. – Jacques Lacan

94444. We emphasize that such a form of communication is not absent in man, however evanescent a naturally given object may be for him, split as it is in its submission to symbols. – Jacques Lacan

94445. What could be more convincing, moreover, than the gesture of laying one’s cards face up on the table? – Jacques Lacan

94446. Which is why we cannot say of the purloined letter that, like other objects, it must be or not be in a particular place but that unlike them it will be and not be where it is, wherever it goes. – Jacques Lacan

94447. Symptoms, those you believe you recognize, seem to you irrational because you take them in an isolated manner, and you want to interpret them directly. – Jacques Lacan

94448. What does it matter how many lovers you have if none of them gives you the universe? – Jacques Lacan

94449. The Mirror Stage as formative in the function of the I as revealed in psychoanalytic experience. – Jacques Lacan

94450. A geometry implies the heterogeneity of locus, namely that there is a locus of the Other. Regarding this locus of the Other, of one sex as Other, as absolute Other, what does the most recent development in topology allow us to posit? – Jacques Lacan

94451. In other words, the man who is born into existence deals first with language; this is a given. He is even caught in it before his birth. – Jacques Lacan

94452. Psychoanalysis is a terribly efficient instrument, and because it is more and more a prestigious instrument, we run the risk of using it with a purpose for which it was not made for, and in this way we may degrade it. – Jacques Lacan

94453. Obsessional does not necessarily mean sexual obsession, not even obsession for this, or for that in particular; to be an obsessional means to find oneself caught in a mechanism, in a trap increasingly demanding and endless. – Jacques Lacan

94454. For the signifier is a unit in its very uniqueness, being by nature symbol only of an absence. – Jacques Lacan

94455. But this emphasis would be lavished in vain, if it served, in your opinion, only to abstract a general type from phenomena whose particularity in our work would remain the essential thing for you, and whose original arrangement could be broken up only artificially. – Jacques Lacan

94456. As is known, it is in the realm of experience inaugurated by psychoanalysis that we may grasp along what imaginary lines the human organism, in the most intimate recesses of its being, manifests its capture in a symbolic dimension. – Jacques Lacan

94457. Aside from that reservation, a fictive tale even has the advantage of manifesting symbolic necessity more purely to the extent that we may believe its conception arbitrary. – Jacques Lacan

94458. A museum show is the acid test for photojournalism. – Richard Lacayo

94459. There’s a lot of reflection that goes on whenever I write a song – it’s been a wild whirlwind last couple of years and there’s a lot to talk about, and hopefully that’s evident in the music. – Nick Lachey

94460. Her success is my success. – Nick Lachey

94461. I always feel stupid giving advice since I’ve been married, what, a year? I can say this: Be in it for the long haul and just know there are going to be rough patches. No two people are the same, there are going to be areas where you just don’t click. – Nick Lachey

94462. I tell her all the time I’d gladly retire and hang out with the kids and clean the house. I want to have a good life and great family, and from a professional standpoint I want to be successful, but it’s not the most important thing at all. – Nick Lachey

94463. I tell people, Don’t take my advice. What do I know? – Nick Lachey

94464. I try to be the best husband I can be, and if people respect that, that’s cool. But there’s no “perfect husband.” We just all try to do the best we can, you know what I mean? – Nick Lachey

94465. It all comes back to the same place, whether she does well, I do well, or we both do well, which is obviously what we’re hoping for. It’s all good. You know? We’re definitely pull for each other. – Nick Lachey

94466. She knows I’m her biggest fan, I cheer for her louder than anybody. – Nick Lachey

94467. We have so much left to experience and learn about each other – it’s almost like we’ve been remarried with the show being over. Now it’s a whole new life for us. – Nick Lachey

94468. There’s no bigger supporter in Jessica’s life than me. – Nick Lachey

94469. This is a great time in our lives and careers. – Nick Lachey

94470. To me, having kids is the ultimate job in life. I want to be most successful at being a good father. – Nick Lachey

94471. We can’t control it, and we’ve basically quit trying. People are going to talk, and people are going to lie. – Nick Lachey

94472. We live in a bizarre world – there are cameras in our house! – Nick Lachey

94473. Marriage is a team effort. Both of us share that philosophy. – Nick Lachey

94474. We’re planning on being married for a long, long time. – Nick Lachey

94475. I try to use all of my senses when describing a setting, and try to think of everything that would impact a character in any given scene. – Mercedes Lackey

94476. If there are going to be people out there making war on other people, don’t you think it’s a good idea for some of those people to at least follow a code of ethics? Not ‘honor’ but something you can pin down and be sure of, something with the same rules for everybody. – Mercedes Lackey

94477. It makes sense for people who are good at fighting to go out and do it-because if they’re good at it, that means the fewest number of other people die. – Mercedes Lackey

94478. Magic, like technology, is a tool. – Mercedes Lackey

94479. These are my friends, my family. It would be hell on earth to spend the rest of my life leading them into situations where some of them are going to get killed… but it would be worse watching someone well-meaning but incompetent or untrained double those deaths. – Mercedes Lackey

94480. I always work from an outline, so I know all the of the broad events and some of the finer details before I begin writing the book. – Mercedes Lackey

94481. In Italy, the Milanese are well organized but follow bourgeois taste. They adhere to certain codes of elegance, but not to individualism. – Christian Lacroix

94482. But the Milanese have made bad choices, bad fashion, and bad jewelry. – Christian Lacroix

94483. Going out in Paris was like going out in the ’30s dressed like the Andrews Sisters. It was everything I’d seen in books at my grandparents’ house, only it was our generation. – Christian Lacroix

94484. I’d experienced the ’40s and ’50s by looking at my grandparents’ old clothes, books, and magazines. – Christian Lacroix

94485. Italy is a divided country without a center. – Christian Lacroix

94486. The idea of seeing everybody clad the same is not really my cup of tea. – Christian Lacroix

94487. The notion of time bothers me. You look at thirty-year-old photographs and realize how the time has passed. – Christian Lacroix

94488. There are days when I’m completely depressed and able to do only one drawing. – Christian Lacroix

94489. There’s always some kind of hidden logic. – Christian Lacroix

94490. They say that the best furniture and clothing design from the ’50s and ’60s is Scandinavian or Milanese. – Christian Lacroix

94491. We all look for lost time. – Christian Lacroix

94492. I translated Beatles songs for my English class. – Christian Lacroix

94493. French design hardly exists, except as artificial modernism. – Christian Lacroix

94494. Nobody is poor unless he stand in need of justice. – Lactantius

94495. But God, who is immortal, has no need of difference of sex, nor of succession. – Lactantius

94496. But God, who is the Eternal Mind, is undoubtedly of excellence, complete and perfect in every part. – Lactantius

94497. But some one will say that this supreme Being, who made all things, and those also who conferred on men particular benefits, are entitled to their respective worship. – Lactantius

94498. Cicero, in his treatise concerning the Nature of the Gods, having said that three Jupiters were enumerated by theologians, adds that the third was of Crete, the son of Saturn, and that his tomb is shown in that island. – Lactantius

94499. For if God is a title of the highest power, He must be incorruptible, perfect, incapable of suffering, and subject to no other being; therefore they are not gods whom necessity compels to obey the one greatest God. – Lactantius

94500. For if the honour paid to Him is shared by others, He altogether ceases to be worshipped, since His religion requires us to believe that He is the one and only God. – Lactantius

94501. For they, the philosophers, were considered teachers of right living, which is far more excellent, since to speak well belongs only to a few, but to live well belongs to all. – Lactantius

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94502. Homer was able to give us no information relating to the truth, for he wrote of human rather than divine things. – Lactantius

94503. It is possible that Mount Olympus may have supplied the poets with the hint for saying that Jupiter obtained the kingdom of heaven, because Olympus is the common name both of the mountain and of heaven. – Lactantius

94504. Let us come to the philosophers, whose authority is of greater weight, and their judgment more to be relied on, because they are believed to have paid attention, not to matters of fiction, but to the investigation of the truth. – Lactantius

94505. Memory tempers prosperity, mitigates adversity, controls youth, and delights old age. – Lactantius

94506. Therefore let men withdraw themselves from errors; and laying aside corrupt superstitions, let them acknowledge their Father and Lord, whose excellence cannot be estimated, nor His greatness perceived, nor His beginning comprehended. – Lactantius

94507. Where fear is present, wisdom cannot be. – Lactantius

94508. Mars, when guilty of homicide, and set free from the charge of murder by the Athenians through favour, lest he should appear to be too fierce and savage, committed adultery with Venus. – Lactantius

94509. Therefore, if the gods are immortal and eternal, what need is there of the other sex, when they themselves do not require succession, since they are always about to exist? – Lactantius

94510. The first point of wisdom is to discern that which is false; the second, to know that which is true. – Lactantius

94511. Therefore God is one, if that which admits of so great power can be nothing else: and yet those who deem that there are many gods, say that they have divided their functions among themselves; but we will discuss all these matters at their proper places. – Lactantius

94512. There is no one, who possesses intelligence and uses reflection, who does not understand that it is one Being who both created all things and governs them with the same energy by which He created them. – Lactantius

94513. The prophets, who were very many, proclaim and declare the one God; for, being filled with the inspiration of the one God, they predicted things to come, with agreeing and harmonious voice. – Lactantius

94514. The poets, therefore, however much they adorned the gods in their poems, and amplified their exploits with the highest praises, yet very frequently confess that all things are held together and governed by one spirit or mind. – Lactantius

94515. When their city was occupied by the Gauls, and the Romans, who were besieged in the Capitol, had made military engines from the hair of the women, they dedicated a temple to the Bald Venus. – Lactantius

94516. There is an awful lot of what I call recreational jazz going on, where people go out and learn a particular language or style and become real sharks on somebody else’s language. – Steve Lacy

94517. They call me before they go into production, when they have a prototype, and they call legitimate saxophonists, too. As opposed to the other kind. – Steve Lacy

94518. I’ve always been extremely lucky in playing with great people who knew much more than I did. That’s how I got from there to here. – Steve Lacy

94519. I was spoiled by Monk’s music because it was so good, so complete. – Steve Lacy

94520. I wanted to be a pianist but it just wasn’t my thing. I guess I wanted to stand up rather than sit down. – Steve Lacy

94521. I’ve performed solo for 20 years now, but I don’t do much of it, because if you only play alone, you go crazy and out of tune and play foolish music. – Steve Lacy

94522. I think it is in collaboration that the nature of art is revealed. – Steve Lacy

94523. If you’re trying to invent something new, you’re going to reach a lot of discouraging points, and most people give up. – Steve Lacy

94524. Jazz is like wine. When it is new, it is only for the experts, but when it gets older, everybody wants it. – Steve Lacy

94525. Jazz is people’s music, a collectivity. – Steve Lacy

94526. Kenny G, I have to be grateful to him for proving that the instrument can be played all different kinds of ways. – Steve Lacy

94527. Nobody was playing the soprano saxophone and certainly nobody was trying to do anything with it. So I was all alone. I didn’t know that at first. – Steve Lacy

94528. People don’t want to suffer. They want to sound good immediately, and this is one of the biggest problems in the world. – Steve Lacy

94529. Play difficult and interesting things. If you play boring things, you risk losing your appetite. Saxophone can be tedious with too much of the same. – Steve Lacy

94530. The soprano turned out to sound to me like the right hand on the piano. – Steve Lacy

94531. Risk is at the heart of jazz. Every note we play is a risk. – Steve Lacy

94532. The soprano has all those other instruments in it. It’s got the soprano song voice, flute, violin, clarinet, and tenor elements and can even approach the baritone in intensity. – Steve Lacy

94533. Some people really want to play Mozart and be just performers. I was more interested in invention. – Steve Lacy

94534. The saxophone is a very interesting machine, but I’m more interested in music. – Steve Lacy

94535. The more original something is, the more of a threat it seems until the people catch up with it. That happened with Thelonious Monk. It happened with anybody who is really original. – Steve Lacy

94536. I’ve been working on the soprano saxophone for 40 years, and the possibilities are astounding. It’s up to you, the only limit is the imagination. – Steve Lacy

94537. It starts with a single sound. If there’s something in that sound, then it’s worth continuing. – Steve Lacy

94538. It’s very important to go through periods where you sound just rotten and you know it, and you have to persevere or give up. – Steve Lacy

94539. If you listen to Louis Armstrong from 1929, you will never hear anything better than that really, and you will never hear anything more free than that. – Steve Lacy

94540. You can work on the saxophone alone, but ultimately you must perform with others. – Steve Lacy

94541. Whoever has an original thing to say, it is sort of a threat to the status quo. – Steve Lacy

94542. If you have music you want to play that no one asks you to play, you have to go out and find where you can play it. It’s called do or die. – Steve Lacy

94543. When I heard Monk in person in 1955, he was playing with a quartet in a small club. The place was full of musicians, but there was no public at all. – Steve Lacy

94544. When I found the music of Monk I finally found music that fit that horn. Every one of his tunes fit it perfectly. – Steve Lacy

94545. When I first started playing music in 1955, there was just a small body of people that knew it. It was a very esoteric type of thing. – Steve Lacy

94546. When I came up, it was all about originality and collective research. There is an awful lot of imitation going on now. – Steve Lacy

94547. What I learned with Cecil Taylor was strategy and survival and how to resist temptations and resist getting discouraged. – Steve Lacy

94548. I still love the whole history of jazz. The old things sound better than ever. – Steve Lacy

94549. We played for peanuts. But we did what we wanted to do, we heard what we wanted to hear, we performed what we wanted to perform, we learned what we wanted to learn. – Steve Lacy

94550. Register is very important. Music sounds best in a certain register. – Steve Lacy

94551. To me, there is spirit in a reed. It’s a living thing, a weed, really, and it does contain spirit of a sort. It’s really an ancient vibration. – Steve Lacy

94552. The potential for the saxophone is unlimited. – Steve Lacy

94553. I started in New Orleans music and played all through the history of jazz. – Steve Lacy

94554. I heard Sidney Bechet play a Duke Ellington piece and fell in love with the soprano saxophone. – Steve Lacy

94555. I fell in love with jazz when I was 12 years old from listening to Duke Ellington and hearing a lot of jazz in New York on the radio. – Steve Lacy

94556. Circumstances can be very important. Find the right people to work with. – Steve Lacy

94557. Before the work comes to you, you have to invent work. – Steve Lacy

94558. Bamboo is not a weed, it’s a flowering plant. Bamboo is a magnificent plant. – Steve Lacy

94559. Saxophone is one thing, and music is another. – Steve Lacy

94560. You have to sound sad first of all, then maybe later you can sound good. – Steve Lacy

94561. You must have the music to justify an instrument’s extensive use. – Steve Lacy

94562. Just as Jimmy Stewart and Tyrone Power get 50 percent of the profits, so do I. – Alan Ladd

94563. I’m working myself to death. – Alan Ladd

94564. I’ve always had a great respect for the picture business. It’s been good to me. – Alan Ladd

94565. If I had my way, I’d do all my entertaining on the front steps. – Alan Ladd

94566. If you can figure out my success on the screen, you’re a better man than I. – Alan Ladd

94567. It seems only reasonable that the people have a right to know virtually everything about the personality they are buying each time they put their money through the box office. – Alan Ladd

94568. It’s a funny thing about me. I don’t have any interest in food most of the time now, although when I was a kid I was always hungry. – Alan Ladd

94569. It’s natural to want your kids to have all the things you didn’t have. – Alan Ladd

94570. Maybe I can’t act, but I know the gimmicks. I studied acting all my life and know what’s good for me. – Alan Ladd

94571. Maybe I thought too much about picking up the money and not enough about the really good parts. – Alan Ladd

94572. My parents were so poor when I was a kid, I never went anywhere. I take our youngsters with us because I don’t know anything that teaches them so much. – Alan Ladd

94573. Nobody’s strong enough to stand up under a flood of weak material. – Alan Ladd

94574. Not every father gets a chance to start his son off in his own footsteps. – Alan Ladd

94575. I’m the most insecure guy in Hollywood. If you had it good all your life, you figure it can’t ever get bad, but when you had it bad, you wonder how long a thing like this will last. – Alan Ladd

94576. Strangers still leave me self-conscious. – Alan Ladd

94577. I think any movie star who refuses autographs has a hell of a nerve. – Alan Ladd

94578. Our children were trained to look after each other. – Alan Ladd

94579. Being a good host offsets the deprivation and loneliness of my youth. – Alan Ladd

94580. As long as my pictures go into theaters and we ask people to pay to see what I do on the screen, I should not object if customers want to know what kind of man I am. – Alan Ladd

94581. I don’t care how small the parts are, as long as they’re good. – Alan Ladd

94582. I had only that one picture, Hitler, the Beast of Berlin, in which I had a part big enough to impress anyone. I tried for better roles over and over again. – Alan Ladd

94583. I hear about stars being torn to pieces by fans. It never happened to me and I never saw it happen to anyone else. – Alan Ladd

94584. I just want to make pictures that are entertaining. I’ll leave the scenery chewing to someone else. – Alan Ladd

94585. I know what’s good for me. I can’t play black or gray. I can’t be a villain or anything close to one. I have to play white. – Alan Ladd

94586. I was never trained for anything. – Alan Ladd

94587. I never fail to feel let down when I see myself on the screen. – Alan Ladd

94588. I’m shy and can’t for the life of me barge around and slap people on the back. I sit in a corner by myself and am tickled to death when someone comes over to talk to me. – Alan Ladd

94589. I was a dummy in school. – Alan Ladd

94590. Time scoots along pretty fast when you grow up. – Alan Ladd

94591. I wish I were the type who could walk into a place and have everybody love me. But I’m not, and there’s no use wishing. – Alan Ladd

94592. I’d rather be David Ladd’s father than Alan Ladd any day. – Alan Ladd

94593. I’m going to make it. Nothing is going to stop me. Nothing. I want it too much. – Alan Ladd

94594. I’m no good with words but I’ll find ways from time to time to show you how grateful I am. – Alan Ladd

94595. I learned more about acting from George Stevens in a few months than I had in my entire life up until then. – Alan Ladd

94596. When I was on the air a lot my throat and vocal chords got tired. If you don’t vary your tones you can’t get pretty tired of your own voice. – Alan Ladd

94597. A producer has to know all about everything from set-building to costumes to acting. – Alan Ladd

94598. What good will a tax break do me if I’m crippled for life? – Alan Ladd

94599. Two things I take very seriously in life. My golf game and my relationship with God. Neither one is simple. – Cheryl Ladd

94600. I support any Muslims, whether here or abroad. – Osama bin Laden

94601. I’m fighting so I can die a martyr and go to heaven to meet God. Our fight now is against the Americans. – Osama bin Laden

94602. This resemblance became clear in the Bush the father’s visits to the region. He wound up being impressed by the royal and military regimes and envied them for staying decades in their positions and embezzling the nation’s money with no supervision. – Osama bin Laden

94603. We did not find it difficult to deal with Bush and his administration, because it is similar to regimes in our countries – both types include many who are full of arrogance and greed. – Osama bin Laden

94604. We have repeatedly issued warnings, over a number of years. Following these warnings and these calls, anti-American explosions took place in a number of Islamic countries. – Osama bin Laden

94605. I have sworn to only live free. Even if I find bitter the taste of death, I don’t want to die humiliated or deceived. – Osama bin Laden

94606. Your security is not in the hands of Kerry, Bush or al-Qaida. Your security is in your own hands. – Osama bin Laden

94607. We do not mind establishing a long-term truce between us and you. – Osama bin Laden

94608. We treat them in the same way. Those who kill our women and innocent, we kill their women and innocent, until they refrain. – Osama bin Laden

94609. We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the difference between us two. – Osama bin Laden

94610. Bush the father did well in placing his sons as governors and did not forget to pass on the expertise in fraud from the leaders of the region to Florida to use it in critical moments. – Osama bin Laden

94611. Even as you enter the fourth year after the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush is still misleading and deluding you and hiding the real reason from you. – Osama bin Laden

94612. The past, though it cannot be relived, can always be repaired. – John LaFarge

94613. True republicanism is the sovereignty of the people. There are natural and imprescriptible rights which an entire nation has no right to violate. – Marquis de Lafayette

94614. When the government violates the people’s rights, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensible of duties. – Marquis de Lafayette

94615. If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hands of the clergy. – Marquis de Lafayette

94616. Humanity has won its battle. Liberty now has a country. – Marquis de Lafayette

94617. The lines of Pearl Art Glass are clean, certainly not cluttered. – James Lafferty

94618. Although we hardly see each other off the set, Joy and I get along well when we do. As far as the marriage between Nathan and Haley, I think they are young and will see the reality of the situation eventually. – James Lafferty

94619. I wouldn’t say that I’m very similar to the character of Nathan at all. Both of us have had very different upbringings and backgrounds. I have a competitive nature like the character of Nathan. That’s really easy to draw from when I’m acting; that’s probably the biggest similarity. – James Lafferty

94620. It has been common knowledge to informed collectors that many times the finest and rarest art glass is found unsigned. – James Lafferty

94621. It is definitely a challenge to play Nathan, but the more different he is from myself, the more interesting the character becomes for me. – James Lafferty

94622. My advice to an aspiring actor would be to never stop learning or working for what you want. Nothing comes easy, ever, if you want something, you have to work for it. By working for it I mean work on your craft, learn from people who have something to teach. It’s just like anything else, practice makes perfect. – James Lafferty

94623. My New Year’s resolution is to stick to a good workout plan that will keep me healthy and happy. – James Lafferty

94624. People would be shocked to know… that despite the nature of my TV character, I am actually a nice guy. – James Lafferty

94625. I don’t get a whole lot out of the romance thing, but I realize girls do. So I’ll go out of my way to make them feel romanced. – James Lafferty

94626. The cast gets along pretty well, it’s a good work environment. I hang out a lot with Brett Claywell, he plays Tim Smith on the show. We play plenty of basketball. – James Lafferty

94627. I always have the most fun on the Fourth of July. You don’t have to exchange any gifts. You just go to the beach and watch fireworks. It’s always fun. – James Lafferty

94628. The picture alone, without the written word, leaves half the story untold. – James Lafferty

94629. The whole Haley-Nathan marriage deal was a pretty good twist huh? I hope we got all of you with it. That particular story line even suprised me when I read it, it’s a good one and it’ll provide for some good stories to come. – James Lafferty

94630. Tom Hanks has been a huge idol of mine. I’d love to work with someone like him someday. You could learn a lot working with someone like that. – James Lafferty

94631. Visual presentation of our heritage in glass is needed. – James Lafferty

94632. What do I like in a girl? I like a girl that likes me, a girl that knows how to smile and see the bright side of things. A girl that makes me a better person. – James Lafferty

94633. What I remember most about junior homecoming was my date getting sick afterwards. That kinda sucked. Then, senior year, someone got gum in her hair when we were dancing. She had to get one of the chaperones to take her to the office and cut up her hair. I felt really bad for her, but it worked out fine. – James Lafferty

94634. When I’m trying to go to sleep and there are little noises, like a clock ticking or a fan squeaking, it drives me completely insane. – James Lafferty

94635. Students of American glass must always keep in mind that the creations they collect are truly examples of our American culture… and thus have historical significance. – James Lafferty

94636. I enjoy catching our show whenever I can. It does get very weird to watch myself, it’s always been that way, but at the same time, it’s part of my job to see what kind of job I’m doing and to get a perspective on where I’m taking the character. – James Lafferty

94637. It’s nice to go to small places where we had a lot of fans. They followed our career and it’s kind of a way to say thank you to them and do it for a good cause. – Guy Lafleur

94638. It’s nice to see the young ones 7, 8, 9 years old. It seems like they know you through their parents. – Guy Lafleur

94639. Play every game as if it is your last one. – Guy Lafleur

94640. That’s why I made a comeback in 1988. I knew there were chances of not making it, but I didn’t want to end up at sixty years old and say I should have tried when I was thirty-eight. – Guy Lafleur

94641. The crowd doesn’t give a crap as long as you bring the money in. – Guy Lafleur

94642. The players wanted more money, higher salary caps and they didn’t have that family relationship we felt with the players. Mentally, the players were more businesslike. – Guy Lafleur

94643. I would compare that to when I first started with the Montreal Canadiens; it was a big family then, where the guys really stuck together and worked like a unit. But when I came back in ’88, it was not like that anymore. – Guy Lafleur

94644. A lot of the players are not involved with any NHL team, so to play and travel around with the Oldtimers’ it’s a kind of gift that the players really appreciate. – Guy Lafleur

94645. The day you hear someone call me captain will be the day I buy a boat. – Guy Lafleur

94646. After 13 years, I couldn’t accept to be number two. – Guy Lafleur

94647. Anyway, I’ve never been captain in 16 years in the NHL. But that didn’t stop me being a leader in my own way. – Guy Lafleur

94648. Go ahead, work hard and never be afraid to try something. Even if you don’t make it, at least you can say you tried. – Guy Lafleur

94649. I realized that my family was more important to me than downtown night life. – Guy Lafleur

94650. I think it was always there and it was maybe a matter of bringing it out. It was harder than I thought it would be and I had to try harder. I had to regain my confidence, maybe the most important thing. I have learned a lot to relax. I know what I can do now, and I do it. – Guy Lafleur

94651. I was working on the farm to get in shape, about a mile away from my parents. You know, I did everything as a kid to stay in shape – jogging, work on the farm, driving the tractor. I’ll never forget. – Guy Lafleur

94652. When trouble comes, it’s your family that supports you. – Guy Lafleur

94653. Well, it’s always nice to know the fans didn’t forget what you did when you played in the NHL. – Guy Lafleur

94654. Most people, no doubt, when they espouse human rights, make their own mental reservations about the proper application of the word human. – Suzanne Lafollette

94655. When I left, I had learnt nothing. I took nothing with me. At least, that’s what I thought then. – Carmen Laforet

94656. That profound night freedom was agreeable and exciting. – Carmen Laforet

94657. I write short, my words tight to the thread of the narrative. – Carmen Laforet

94658. It was the first time I traveled alone, but I was not scared. – Carmen Laforet

94659. Oh, what a day-to-day business life is. – Jules Laforgue

94660. What a day-to-day affair life is. – Jules Laforgue

94661. If somebody has a chance to put my food in their mouth, that tells the story. – Emeril Lagasse

94662. I respected it. I submerged myself into it. So on a lot of days off I would go and fish with the fishermen and the families that ran the boats. I would go work the fields with farmers. I would go and talk with farmers about growing particular products for me. – Emeril Lagasse

94663. I spent a lot of time on farms when I was young. My uncle and my dad owned a big farm. – Emeril Lagasse

94664. I started cooking when I was about 10. I have memories like when I was 6 or 7 with my mom, and when I was 12 I started getting real serious about cooking. – Emeril Lagasse

94665. I’m not a TV guy. I’m a restaurant chef and a businessman. – Emeril Lagasse

94666. I’ve always done food that can work in a set time frame. The message I’m trying to get across is, it doesn’t have to take three days to do this. With planning, you can do a lot and really have quality food every day. – Emeril Lagasse

94667. I guess I feel that I was following my instincts, and at the same time being guided by the best. I became totally intrigued with Louisiana – the people, the food. It is a part of my life. Everything that has happened for me since moving here has just been icing on the cake. – Emeril Lagasse

94668. I grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts. My background was modest, and I worked at a Portuguese bakery in town. – Emeril Lagasse

94669. Home base is the support system where we have a culinary team, my own writers because of the shows and the books and stuff, we have a culinary team of about six people. Marketing, public relations, accounting and all that sort of stuff. – Emeril Lagasse

94670. I had these recipes that say do this, do that. Who MAKES these rules? – Emeril Lagasse

94671. I ended up turning down a full scholarship of music at the conservatory to pay to go to cooking school. – Emeril Lagasse

94672. I came here because the city has a tradition and is a very respected food city. – Emeril Lagasse

94673. I don’t limit myself. – Emeril Lagasse

94674. Growing up in New England, being schooled and classically trained, it needed to shake, it needed to evolve. – Emeril Lagasse

94675. I’m working harder than ever now, and I’m putting on my pants the same as I always have. I just get up every day and try to do a little better than the day before, and that is to run a great restaurant with great food, great wine, and great service. That’s my philosophy. – Emeril Lagasse

94676. My family… always had the value of the family table and these cultural influences of growing up. – Emeril Lagasse

94677. You know, for 300 years it’s been kind of the same. There are restaurants in New Orleans that the menu hasn’t changed in 125 years, so how is one going to change or evolve the food? – Emeril Lagasse

94678. When it ceases to be fun, I’ll stop and just stay in my restaurants. – Emeril Lagasse

94679. We’re a new show. We can’t afford instant replay. – Emeril Lagasse

94680. We began building this incredible new foundation in this restaurant, and that’s what began giving me the left-hand side of tradition and the right-hand side, my new palate. – Emeril Lagasse

94681. Those other 10 o’clock shows that come on, all you get from them is headaches and nightmares when you go to bed! At least we give you food, know what I mean? – Emeril Lagasse

94682. My philosophy from day one is that I can sleep better at night if I can improve an individual’s knowledge about food and wine, and do it on a daily basis. – Emeril Lagasse

94683. Music is one of those things that is constantly going in my head all the time. It’s sort of like the evolution and creation of doing food, or my philosophy about wine. It’s always beating in my head, so it keeps the spirit moving. – Emeril Lagasse

94684. Mom ran the house, so we grew up Portuguese. – Emeril Lagasse

94685. Life just doesn’t hand you things. You have to get out there and make things happen. that’s the exciting part. – Emeril Lagasse

94686. In the restaurant it’s much more serious. – Emeril Lagasse

94687. If you don’t follow your dream, who will? – Emeril Lagasse

94688. The world has changed, and it’s almost been 11 years. I have 975 employees. I have six restaurants. We haven’t opened any new ones in almost three years. – Emeril Lagasse

94689. Yes, some people say to me you’re too skinny, but never a skinny person says that to me, only people who could lose a few pounds say that. – Karl Lagerfeld

94690. Yes, and I can sit down on a white piece of paper and work because I don’t believe too much into inspiration, only I’m waiting for inspiration, work and then inspiration may come. It’s a little too easy to say that. – Karl Lagerfeld

94691. The iPod completely changed the way people approach music. – Karl Lagerfeld

94692. Some people would like me to be round again. – Karl Lagerfeld

94693. Stupidly it should not be. It should be also nice. One must get along with that. Is however not necessary. – Karl Lagerfeld

94694. I eat fish, three times a week meat, and if not yogurt, something like this and it rarely continues. – Karl Lagerfeld

94695. I never – you know also one of the things that would save me for a man my age, it was not that easy to lose that much weight and fall down and look like something draped. – Karl Lagerfeld

94696. Beauty is also submitted to the taste of time, so a beautiful woman from the Belle Epoch is not exactly the perfect beauty of today, so beauty is something that changes with time. – Karl Lagerfeld

94697. But if I have a lot of imagination, I could tell myself whatever I wanted, you know. I handle myself quite well. I’m kind of fascist with myself, you know. There’s no discussion. There is an order. You follow it. – Karl Lagerfeld

94698. I had nearly finished school because I was making effort not that bad on that. But there was a law in Germany after the war. You could not make your final examination before 18, so lots of people who were late because of the way had to do it first. – Karl Lagerfeld

94699. I have now exactly the same weight I had when I was 18, 20. – Karl Lagerfeld

94700. I like today and perhaps a little future still, but the past is really something I’m not interested in. So, as far as I’m concerned, I like only the past of things and people I don’t know. When I know, I don’t care because I knew how it was. – Karl Lagerfeld

94701. My favorite kitchen was the Japanese and the Italian kitchen. – Karl Lagerfeld

94702. Because I stopped dieting already six months ago, and I think it’s important to bring out a book like this and you are there a year later and say look, I’m still like this. – Karl Lagerfeld

94703. Oh yes, I love to do shoes. I’m not a fetishist but I love to do shoes. – Karl Lagerfeld

94704. No. I mean those people really did something for designers I don’t think department stores can, could or should do still today. Today the world is different so you have to make it differently. There’s TV. There’s a lot of things. – Karl Lagerfeld

94705. I never had to learn English, French and German because I was brought up as all three languages. I had a private French teacher before I even went to school. That helped a lot. – Karl Lagerfeld

94706. No, and I never, ever eat in between the meals. I control it well enough and with no pills, and I sleep seven hours a night. I go to bed. I fall asleep, and I wake up seven hours later, and this is the most important. – Karl Lagerfeld

94707. It’s only I have seen enough of it and the funny thing is now, I know that I’m skinny, because I know there are even smaller clothes in the store. I think I’m big, when I was big, I never thought about it. – Karl Lagerfeld

94708. If there’s something dangerous, sauces are dangerous for the body. – Karl Lagerfeld

94709. I’m not a marketing person. I don’t ask myself questions. I go by instinct. – Karl Lagerfeld

94710. I wanted to become a cartoon artist, a portrait artist, and an illustrator. This was my first idea. – Karl Lagerfeld

94711. I never smoked. I never drank and I never took drugs. The funny thing is, nothing is more boring, people like this. For me, it’s OK. But most of my friends, at least they smoke and drink. – Karl Lagerfeld

94712. No, I’m not a French designer either. I’m from nowhere. I’m a European, old European is all I am. – Karl Lagerfeld

94713. Poverty is the frontier we have to be able to cross. – Ricardo Lagos

94714. We have obligations towards the innocent, the dead, towards the living, towards our children and their children. – Ricardo Lagos

94715. We fully support the strikes against terrorist targets, not against the country, not against the culture, not against a religion, but against an enemy of them all. – Ricardo Lagos

94716. We Chileans have to be able to understand that in a democracy institutions must function freely and with sovereignty. – Ricardo Lagos

94717. We need to be more careful, but more compassionate. We must strike, not deal with terrorists, but to broaden our understanding of the world outside our borders. – Ricardo Lagos

94718. There is no reason to have problems between country and country, between government and government, when there is a separation of powers. – Ricardo Lagos

94719. My obligation as president, and what I promise the country, is that the courts will be able to do their job free of all pressure. – Ricardo Lagos

94720. Let’s not interfere with justice… Let’s let justice speak. – Ricardo Lagos

94721. It’s important to see how we can advance in healing wounds. – Ricardo Lagos

94722. Clearly it is better that, when someone is wanted by the international police, and this person travels, and a country knows about it, that country reports the fact. – Ricardo Lagos

94723. This is not the Chile we want to build. – Ricardo Lagos

94724. There is no Democratic or Republican way of cleaning the streets. – Fiorello LaGuardia

94725. It makes no difference if I burn my bridges behind me – I never retreat. – Fiorello LaGuardia

94726. Yes, I think that when the Bible refers to a horse or a horseman, that’s exactly what it means. – Tim LaHaye

94727. There were times I didn’t think we would ever make it, even when we were cranking two out a year. – Tim LaHaye

94728. The book of Revelation says that we no longer need the sun or the moon, for Christ is the light of the world. – Tim LaHaye

94729. The curse of Adam and Eve that fell upon the earth because of their sin will be lifted when Christ returns. – Tim LaHaye

94730. The tribulation period is seven years, and when the signing of the covenant occurs, people who know the Bible and take it literally will know that, seven years later, Christ is going to come in His power and glory. – Tim LaHaye

94731. The unsaved people will be cast into utter darkness forever. – Tim LaHaye

94732. There are the saints who were raptured at the beginning of the tribulation period – those are the Christians. – Tim LaHaye

94733. People recognize something’s going to happen, and they’d better get ready. – Tim LaHaye

94734. What Jerry has done, in a masterful way, is go through and select portions of the Scripture and put words in Jesus’ mouth that are legitimate because they already appear in the Bible. – Tim LaHaye

94735. When I gave my life to the Lord, I thought I’d be a preacher. – Tim LaHaye

94736. New fiction writers are a special breed in my estimation, and I never dreamed that so many people would be interested, but I remember being led by God. – Tim LaHaye

94737. Yeah, I have been because, generally speaking, to we Biblical literalists, the media is very hostile. – Tim LaHaye

94738. Jerry and I hoped that it would be a popular bestseller. – Tim LaHaye

94739. Yes, in fact, it’s hard to believe this, but it was almost 18 years ago when I first got the idea. – Tim LaHaye

94740. You have to take Bible prophecy literally, just like everything else in the Bible. – Tim LaHaye

94741. When you allegorize, you’re gonna get everybody saved somehow. – Tim LaHaye

94742. But the Jews will also be believers, so you can say that all the saints, both gentiles and Jews, will go into the millennial kingdom and populate the earth. – Tim LaHaye

94743. About 40 years ago I had an experience where I wrote a tract. – Tim LaHaye

94744. After I’d preached a message on Sunday night, I’d print it up. – Tim LaHaye

94745. All people, even secular people, are seeing books on the market like The End of History. – Tim LaHaye

94746. One of the comments that we’ve heard that has really blessed us is people have been driven back to the book of Revelation to prove us wrong only to find that what we said was there. – Tim LaHaye

94747. And then I met Jerry and he’s such a creative fiction writer, and I don’t know if there’s ever been a team put together the way we are – where one person does the theological way out and suggestions, and the other person goes into the cave and does the fiction writing. – Tim LaHaye

94748. It’s the lie of evolution that all man are just evolved and that they’re all equal, and that all creatures are equal. – Tim LaHaye

94749. But then one day the Lord put us together through our agent and it’s been a wonderful match. – Tim LaHaye

94750. But when you take the Bible literally, for what it says, you have to come back to the fact that there is only one way of salvation; there’s only one Savior. – Tim LaHaye

94751. I came to the conclusion that I am not a fiction writer. – Tim LaHaye

94752. I think it’s Jerry’s masterful fiction writing. – Tim LaHaye

94753. I’m currently working on a Mind Siege for youth. – Tim LaHaye

94754. I’ve written many nonfiction books, but that’s a special gift. – Tim LaHaye

94755. If Jesus is the Son of God in human flesh, He’s one of a kind of the 13 billions of people who have ever lived. – Tim LaHaye

94756. If you could see the instructions that I gave Jerry to begin with, I’d be embarrassed. – Tim LaHaye

94757. It’s going to be used in the last days to get people to come against Christ, and that’s the issue: they come against the Lord Jesus Christ. And in this new book, we show Christ coming to settle that big issue. – Tim LaHaye

94758. I think God has chosen to use this as a tool. – Tim LaHaye

94759. And part of my vision is to do dynamic videos for kids. – Tim LaHaye

94760. Winning the Pulitzer is wonderful and it’s an honor and I feel so humbled and so grateful, but I think that I’ll think of it very much as the final sort of final moment for this book and put it behind me along with the rest of the book, as I write more books. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94761. On the screen I saw tanks rolling through dusty streets, and fallen buildings, and forests of unfamiliar trees into which East Pakistani refugees had fled, seeking safety over the Indian border. – Jhumpa Lahiri

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94762. Relationships do not preclude issues of morality. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94763. Some Indians will come up and say that a story reminded them of something very specific to their experience. Which may or may not be the case for non-Indians. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94764. You know, since the reviews have come out and people have reacted to it, I’ve realized that is in a sense what has happened. But as I was writing them, I didn’t feel a part of any tradition. I think that would have been too overwhelming, in a sense. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94765. The reactions haven’t differed; the concerns have been different. When I read for a predominantly Indian audience, there are more questions that are based on issues of identity and representation. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94766. He told me he was working as an interpreter in a doctor’s office in Brookline, Massachusetts, where I was living at the time, and he was translating for a doctor who had a number of Russian patients. On my way home, after running into him, I just heard this phrase in my head. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94767. When I sit down to write, I don’t think about writing about an idea or a given message. I just try to write a story which is hard enough. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94768. It’s easy to set a story anywhere if you get a good guidebook and get some basic street names, and some descriptions, but, for me, yes, I am indebted to my travels to India for several of the stories. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94769. This story is based on a gentleman who indeed did… used to come to my parents’ house in 1971 from Bangladesh. He was at the University of Rhode Island. And I was four, four years old, at the time, and so I actually don’t have any memories of this gentleman. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94770. I’ve seen novels that have grown out of one story in a collection. But it hasn’t occurred to me to take any of those stories and build on them. They seem very finished for me, so I don’t feel like going back and dredging them up. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94771. I’ve never had Internet access. Actually, I have looked at things on other people’s computers as a bystander. A few times in my life I’ve opened email accounts, twice actually, but it’s something I don’t want in my life right now. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94772. I’ve inherited a sense of that loss from my parents because it was so palpable all the time while I was growing up, the sense of what my parents had sacrificed in moving to the United States, and yet at the same time, building a life here and all that that entailed. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94773. I can’t tell you exactly how I found it. It was just a process of writing a lot of stories and reading a lot of stories that I admired and just working and working until the sentences sounded right and I was satisfied with them. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94774. For years, I sort of would try to write a story that somehow fit the title. And I don’t think it happened for maybe another four years that I actually thought of a story, the plot of a story that corresponded to that phrase. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94775. For that story, I took as my subject a young woman whom I got to know over the course of a couple of visits. I never saw her having any health problems – but I knew she wanted to be married. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94776. At 6:30, which was when the national news began, my father raised the volume and adjusted the antennas. Usually I occupied myself with a book, but that night my father insisted that I pay attention. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94777. I would not send a first story anywhere. I would give myself time to write a number of stories. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94778. Interpreter of Maladies is the title of one of the stories in the book. And the phrase itself was something I thought of before I even wrote that story. – Jhumpa Lahiri

94779. People voted with their hearts as they were remembering the father. – Emile Lahoud

94780. The project to settle Palestinians here will be never be approved during my tenure regardless of the price. – Emile Lahoud

94781. There are only two ways to remove the president – if he violates the constitution or commits high treason. How could anyone accuse me of treason after I had terminated Israel’s occupation of South Lebanon in 2000. – Emile Lahoud

94782. You know it’s easy here to buy journalists. – Emile Lahoud

94783. After The Wizard Of Oz I was typecast as a lion, and there aren’t all that many parts for lions. – Bert Lahr

94784. That was my one big Hollywood hit, but, in a way, it hurt my picture career. After that, I was typecast as a lion, and there just weren’t many parts for lions. – Bert Lahr

94785. Society drives people crazy with lust and calls it advertising. – John Lahr

94786. His life was one long extravaganza, like living inside a Faberge egg. – John Lahr

94787. I was a fighter and very determined. There was no way I was going to back out without winning. – Christine Lahti

94788. The crossover wasn’t happening. TV actors were TV actors, and film and stage actors were a whole different thing. And now there’s just a lot of crossover. – Christine Lahti

94789. Theatre is more exciting in the sense that you can actually see the audience in the eye. You know there are no takes and retakes. You have one chance to do your job… and you better do it well! – Christine Lahti

94790. And that’s why I chose on purpose not to have a death scene. We’ve seen them in a million movies and it’s too much like cranking the tears out. I didn’t want that scene. – Christine Lahti

94791. Sure I faced the troubles and challenges that most actors and actresses face until they get noticed, but I was always confident of myself and my capabilities. – Christine Lahti

94792. When I was first starting out, if you were acting on television, it was a real stigma. – Christine Lahti

94793. My heart’s in really great shape thanks to spinning classes. – Christine Lahti

94794. Its only when you are a great actor and are recognised for your good work that you become famous. Unless you are in the news for the wrong reasons! – Christine Lahti

94795. It was not really a career choice that I had to make. It was something I knew right from the beginning. I had to be an actress… period. – Christine Lahti

94796. I’m more proud of quitting smoking than of anything else I’ve done in my life, including winning an Oscar. – Christine Lahti

94797. I would take up any small job on the sets, just so that I could hang around with the hope of getting noticed. – Christine Lahti

94798. I wanted to be an actress. In college I was a serious feminist and very political. I was determined to get one thing out of my career and that was respect. I didn’t want money. I didn’t care about fame. – Christine Lahti

94799. I think all industries are sexist in nature and I don’t think the film industry is any different. – Christine Lahti

94800. I most often land up taking up the roles that I most detest. – Christine Lahti

94801. I loved the stage and then grew to love the camera. – Christine Lahti

94802. I like to take up something that is challenging. I like to stretch myself. – Christine Lahti

94803. I don’t want to fight aging; I want to take good care of myself, but plastic surgery and all that? I’m not interested. – Christine Lahti

94804. I demanded two weeks of rehearsal because to me as an actor, that’s the most important time. – Christine Lahti

94805. Competition is very good… as long as its healthy. It’s what makes one strive to be better. – Christine Lahti

94806. After doing so many different roles, if you don’t stretch yourself, there’s no excitement left. – Christine Lahti

94807. A friend of mine described it this way: When they were born it was like a meteor landed in our house and blew everything apart. We had to just put all the pieces back. – Christine Lahti

94808. When I’m not working, my time is really about my children. – Christine Lahti

94809. I am an actress and acting is my passion… period! – Christine Lahti

94810. Television really does offer still great parts for women, cable in particular. – Christine Lahti

94811. Democracy, good governance and modernity cannot be imported or imposed from outside a country. – Emile Lahud

94812. Despair and frustration will not shake our belief that the resistance is the only way of liberation. – Emile Lahud

94813. The players have to come and play. Today we did. – Bill Laimbeer

94814. They scored 26 points in three quarters. That’s solid defense. – Bill Laimbeer

94815. The Finals are about a test of wills. – Bill Laimbeer

94816. It’s not tough at all as long as the fans are yelling, screaming and hollering. – Bill Laimbeer

94817. I thought we were aggressive across the board defensively, and you could just see it grow. As the game went along, you could see the confidence grow. It showed in the fourth quarter. – Bill Laimbeer

94818. I played in Joe Louis in a playoff game. I played there when the roof caved in for half a season. The facility is great for basketball because it goes straight up, so you feel like the fans are on top of you. – Bill Laimbeer

94819. We came in today with a chip on our shoulder to prove who we are. – Bill Laimbeer

94820. Creative people who can’t help but explore other mental territories are at greater risk, just as someone who climbs a mountain is more at risk than someone who just walks along a village lane. – R. D. Laing

94821. The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change; until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds. – R. D. Laing

94822. We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded up that we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing. – R. D. Laing

94823. We are effectively destroying ourselves by violence masquerading as love. – R. D. Laing

94824. We are all murderers and prostitutes – no matter to what culture, society, class, nation one belongs, no matter how normal, moral, or mature, one takes oneself to be. – R. D. Laing

94825. We are all in a post-hypnotic trance induced in early infancy. – R. D. Laing

94826. True guilt is guilt at the obligation one owes to oneself to be oneself. False guilt is guilt felt at not being what other people feel one ought to be or assume that one is. – R. D. Laing

94827. There is no such condition as ‘schizophrenia,’ but the label is a social fact and the social fact a political event. – R. D. Laing

94828. There is a great deal of pain in life and perhaps the only pain that can be avoided is the pain that comes from trying to avoid pain. – R. D. Laing

94829. Schizophrenia cannot be understood without understanding despair. – R. D. Laing

94830. Madness need not be all breakdown. It may also be break-through. It is potential liberation and renewal as well as enslavement and existential death. – R. D. Laing

94831. Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent. – R. D. Laing

94832. Insanity – a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world. – R. D. Laing

94833. Whether life is worth living depends on whether there is love in life. – R. D. Laing

94834. Freud was a hero. He descended to the Underworld and met there stark terrors. He carried with him his theory as a Medusa’s head which turned these terrors to stone. – R. D. Laing

94835. The experience and behavior that gets labeled schizophrenic is a special strategy that a person invents in order to live in an unlivable situation. – R. D. Laing

94836. Children do not give up their innate imagination, curiosity, dreaminess easily. You have to love them to get them to do that. – R. D. Laing

94837. Alienation as our present destiny is achieved only by outrageous violence perpetrated by human beings on human beings. – R. D. Laing

94838. If I don’t know I don’t know, I think I know. If I don’t know I know I know, I think I don’t know. – R. D. Laing

94839. Rule A: Don’t. Rule A1: Rule A doesn’t exist. Rule A2: Do not discuss the existence or non-existence of Rules A, A1 or A2. – R. D. Laing

94840. Blind commitment to a theory is not an intellectual virtue: it is an intellectual crime. – Imre Lakatos

94841. Einstein’s results again turned the tables and now very few philosophers or scientists still think that scientific knowledge is, or can be, proven knowledge. – Imre Lakatos

94842. If even in science there is no a way of judging a theory but by assessing the number, faith and vocal energy of its supporters, then this must be even more so in the social sciences: truth lies in power. – Imre Lakatos

94843. Indeed, this epistemological theory of the relation between theory and experiment differs sharply from the epistemological theory of naive falsificationism. – Imre Lakatos

94844. It would be wrong to assume that one must stay with a research programme until it has exhausted all its heuristic power, that one must not introduce a rival programme before everybody agrees that the point of degeneration has probably been reached. – Imre Lakatos

94845. The positive heuristic of the programme saves the scientist from becoming confused by the ocean of anomalies. – Imre Lakatos

94846. Our empirical criterion for a series of theories is that it should produce new facts. The idea of growth and the concept of empirical character are soldered into one. – Imre Lakatos

94847. Philosophy of science without history of science is empty; history of science without philosophy of science is blind. – Imre Lakatos

94848. Research programmes, besides their negative heuristic, are also characterized by their positive heuristic. – Imre Lakatos

94849. The classical example of a successful research programme is Newton’s gravitational theory: possibly the most successful research programme ever. – Imre Lakatos

94850. There is no falsification before the emergence of a better theory. – Imre Lakatos

94851. The clash between Popper and Kuhn is not about a mere technical point in epistemology. – Imre Lakatos

94852. By 2010, Africa could be providing the United States with as many oil imports as the Middle East. – Anthony Lake

94853. When you play music with someone who has a heart rather than playing with someone who is just doing it for money or is cynical it makes all the difference. – Greg Lake

94854. When you are in a band for a number of years you loose your identity in a way. You become a part of that band and then all of a sudden you are not part of that band. You are still the band without the other two members. – Greg Lake

94855. When we made that album with Gary Moore, I was still kind of searching for the right direction for myself. Although the music is quite good the direction was like a box of fireworks that caught light all at the same time. – Greg Lake

94856. Unless you go forward then you are going back. – Greg Lake

94857. There is no standing still because time is moving forward. – Greg Lake

94858. The greatest music is made for love, not for money. – Greg Lake

94859. I don’t think art is a goal orientated business. I don’t do things for the challenges, I only do them because I love them, I’m not really a goal orientated, achiever type of person. – Greg Lake

94860. The early ELP albums were pioneering in a way. – Greg Lake

94861. As I said to Ringo, I was in a successful Rock N Roll band. He was in a band that changed the world. That’s the difference. – Greg Lake

94862. I feel with ELP that I wasn’t making the most of my life and I wasn’t making the most of my creativity. I was marking time. I don’t want to do that. Life is to short. – Greg Lake

94863. I just got a call one day from Ringo asking me if I wanted to go out on the tour. It was as simple as that. He was putting together this band and he heard of me in the context of doing this and he gave me a call. I jumped at the chance. – Greg Lake

94864. I would like to involve myself in some black music. I would like to do some blues and some gospel music. I want to try stuff from other genres and try to widen my musical base. – Greg Lake

94865. Making a comeback is one of the most difficult things to do with dignity. – Greg Lake

94866. Philosophically, what I have learned is to thy own self be true. That is the biggest lesson of all. Relax; music is fun. To many people take it to seriously because of the money involved. – Greg Lake

94867. What’s the difference between tough love and acting like a jerk? – Ricki Lake

94868. I wasn’t a sex symbol, I was a sex zombie. – Veronica Lake

94869. I’ve reached a point in my life where it’s the little things that matter… I was always a rebel and probably could have got much farther had I changed my attitude. But when you think about it, I got pretty far without changing attitudes. I’m happier with that. – Veronica Lake

94870. You could put all the talent I had into your left eye and still not suffer from impaired vision. – Veronica Lake

94871. Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. – Alan Lakein

94872. Failing to plan is planning to fail. – Alan Lakein

94873. In all planing you make a list and you set priorities. – Alan Lakein

94874. Time = Life, Therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life. – Alan Lakein

94875. The only way you get that fat off is to eat less and exercise more. – Jack LaLanne

94876. You don’t have to call it God or Jesus. That’s religious humbug to a lot of people, but you’ve gotta believe that nature and spiritual things surround us. That is what put us here! I thank the universe for that every day of my life. – Jack LaLanne

94877. You can’t get rid of it with exercise alone. You can do the most vigorous exercise and only burn up 300 calories in an hour. If you’ve got fat on your body, the exercise firms and tones the muscles. But when you use that tape measure, what makes it bigger? It’s the fat! – Jack LaLanne

94878. Yes, exercise is the catalyst. That’s what makes everything happen: your digestion, your elimination, your sex life, your skin, hair, everything about you depends on circulation. And how do you increase circulation? – Jack LaLanne

94879. What you need to do is get that tape measure out, and start measuring that gut. Then you start working out and you start eating properly till that gut gets down close to it was when you were in your 20’s. Then you’ll find out what your weight should be. – Jack LaLanne

94880. They thought that athletes that worked out with my system wouldn’t be able to throw a ball because they’d be too muscle bound. Those are the misconceptions I had to go through for about 40 years. – Jack LaLanne

94881. So many older people, they just sit around all day long and they don’t get any exercise. Their muscles atrophy, and they lose their strength, their energy and vitality by inactivity. – Jack LaLanne

94882. Remember this: your body is your slave; it works for you. – Jack LaLanne

94883. Probably millions of Americans got up this morning with a cup of coffee, a cigarette and a donut. No wonder they are sick and fouled up. – Jack LaLanne

94884. Focus on your problem zones, your strength, your energy, your flexibility and all the rest. Maybe your chest is flabby or your hips or waist need toning. Also, you should change your program every thirty days. That’s the key. – Jack LaLanne

94885. We don’t know all the answers. If we knew all the answers we’d be bored, wouldn’t we? We keep looking, searching, trying to get more knowledge. – Jack LaLanne

94886. Do you know how many calories are in butter and cheese and ice cream? Would you get your dog up in the morning for a cup of coffee and a donut? – Jack LaLanne

94887. Look at the average American diet: ice cream, butter, cheese, whole milk, all this fat. People don’t realize how much of this stuff you get by the end of the day. High blood pressure is from all this high-fat eating. – Jack LaLanne

94888. I do it as a therapy. I do it as something to keep me alive. We all need a little discipline. Exercise is my discipline. – Jack LaLanne

94889. I have spoken to a whole group of millionaires, head executives at Microsoft. Boy did I chew those guys out. – Jack LaLanne

94890. I only eat fish – no chicken, no turkey, just fish. I get all my protein from fish and egg whites. – Jack LaLanne

94891. I’d rather see you drink a glass of wine than a glass of milk. So many people drink Coca-Cola and all these soft drinks with sugar. Some of these drinks have 8 or 9 teaspoons of sugar in them What’s the good of living if you can’t have the things that give a little enjoyment? – Jack LaLanne

94892. If you’ve got a big gut and you start doing sit-ups, you are going to get bigger because you build up the muscle. You’ve got to get rid of that fat! How do you get rid of fat? By changing your diet. – Jack LaLanne

94893. By exercise. I’ll tell you one thing, you don’t always have to be on the go. I sit around a lot, I read a lot, and I do watch television. But I also work out for two hours every day of my life, even when I’m on the road. – Jack LaLanne

94894. Originally the dream was about traveling and developing a job that would permit me to travel. And I decided to go into street performing because it was a traveling job; it would let me go around the world. – Guy Laliberte

94895. I believe there are so many other disciplines and themes that we still haven’t explored yet. It’s infinite what we can apply our creativity to. – Guy Laliberte

94896. We had every problems starting a big top could have. The tent fell down on the first day. We had problems getting people into the shows. It was only with the courage and arrogance of youth that we survived. – Guy Laliberte

94897. We didn’t reinvent the circus. We repackaged it in a much more modern way. – Guy Laliberte

94898. We are in a position of financial and social power, and we could be agents of change in our society. Without pretension, I believe we could be a nice little gardener who takes care of the garden, and hopefully our neighbor will do the same. Then, maybe we’ll achieve a better world. – Guy Laliberte

94899. We are each but a quarter note in a grand symphony. – Guy Laliberte

94900. The sun stands for energy and youth, which is what I thought the circus should be about. – Guy Laliberte

94901. Our biggest goal is to continue to force ourselves to always start our creative work on a white page and not take advantage of past successes and challenging ourselves. – Guy Laliberte

94902. Our approach was very simple. It was about creating a universal language. A show that will be attractive toward every people coming from all over the world. And that was a big thing. – Guy Laliberte

94903. We’re not afraid of risking what was our success yesterday in order to explore some new field. We’re adventurous. We like the challenge of unknown territory, unknown artistic field, and that’s what stimulates us. – Guy Laliberte

94904. I believe in nurturing creativity and offering a haven for creators, enabling them to develop their ideas to the fullest. With more and more talented creators being drawn to Cirque in an environment that fulfills them, these are ideal to continue developing great new shows. – Guy Laliberte

94905. I have seen many successful people fail after they start fearing they might lose what they have built. – Guy Laliberte

94906. Inside every adult there’s still a child that lingers. We’re happiness merchants – giving people the opportunity to dream like children. – Guy Laliberte

94907. I am blessed for what I have, but I believed in it from the beginning. Today, the dream is the same: I still want to travel, I still want to entertain, and I most certainly still want to have fun. – Guy Laliberte

94908. I believe that the profits will come from the quality of your creative products. Since the beginning, I’ve always wanted to develop a self-feeding circle of creative productions: the positive financial returns from one show would be used to develop and create a new show, and so on. – Guy Laliberte

94909. I don’t believe in pitfalls. I believe in taking risks and not doing the same thing twice. – Guy Laliberte

94910. I like to not be too involved in the beginning and during the process so as to keep this fresh look and be able to give constructive recommendation on the final production. – Guy Laliberte

94911. In life I’ve learned one thing; if you want to be good you have to connect with the best people. So I got very close to the high-stakes players here. I get to watch them and play with them a little bit. – Guy Laliberte

94912. Business is difficult. But it could be approached two ways: Seriously, or with the same way you’re doing your job, with entertainment aspect, with pleasure, with fun. And we decided to try to make it as fun that we do our creativity. – Guy Laliberte

94913. The purpose of our lives is to be happy. – Dalai Lama

94914. With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world. – Dalai Lama

94915. Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent. – Dalai Lama

94916. This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. – Dalai Lama

94917. The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness. – Dalai Lama

94918. The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason and critical analysis. – Dalai Lama

94919. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness. – Dalai Lama

94920. Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life. – Dalai Lama

94921. We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection. – Dalai Lama

94922. We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves. – Dalai Lama

94923. Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion. – Dalai Lama

94924. In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher. – Dalai Lama

94925. Sleep is the best meditation. – Dalai Lama

94926. Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace. – Dalai Lama

94927. If you have a particular faith or religion, that is good. But you can survive without it. – Dalai Lama

94928. Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. – Dalai Lama

94929. It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come. – Dalai Lama

94930. Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. – Dalai Lama

94931. Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama

94932. If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them. – Dalai Lama

94933. All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives. – Dalai Lama

94934. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. – Dalai Lama

94935. It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers, but in our daily lives. If we find we cannot help others, the least we can do is to desist from harming them. – Dalai Lama

94936. Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. – Dalai Lama

94937. My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. – Dalai Lama

94938. Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day. – Dalai Lama

94939. I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe. – Dalai Lama

94940. It’s funny about men and women. Men pay in cash to get them and pay in cash to get rid of them. Women pay emotionally coming and going. Neither has it easy. – Hedy Lamarr

94941. If I had my way everyone would have a psychiatrist. When the brain is sick and you must throw up, you do it by being purged in a psychiatrist’s office. – Hedy Lamarr

94942. Jack Kennedy always said to me, Hedy, get involved. That’s the secret of life. Try everything. Join everything. Meet everybody. – Hedy Lamarr

94943. It is easier for women to succeed in business, the arts, and politics in America than in Europe. – Hedy Lamarr

94944. If you use your imagination, you can look at any actress and see her nude… I hope to make you use your imagination. – Hedy Lamarr

94945. If I were to name my favorite pastime, I’d have to say talking about myself. I love it and I think most other people do too. We need, people like us, more listeners and less talkers. – Hedy Lamarr

94946. I’ve met the most interesting people while flying or on a boat. These methods of travel seem to attract the kind of people I want to be with. – Hedy Lamarr

94947. I’m a sworn enemy of convention. I despise the conventional in anything, even the arts. – Hedy Lamarr

94948. I would tell anyone who wants something from someone else to feign not wanting it. People are perverse. If you show great affection to them, they’ll run the other way. – Hedy Lamarr

94949. Lawyers know how to take isolated complaints in a divorce case and build them into one big one. – Hedy Lamarr

94950. I was born an only child in Vienna, Austria. My father found hours to sit by me by the library fire and tell fairy stories. – Hedy Lamarr

94951. One of my favorite people is Gypsy Rose Lee. She bears out the Biblical promise that he who has, gets. And I hope she gets a lot more. – Hedy Lamarr

94952. I think women are concerned too much with their clothes. Men don’t really care that much about women’s clothes. If they like a girl, chances are they’ll like her clothes. – Hedy Lamarr

94953. I remember all too well the premiere of Ecstasy when I watched my bare bottom bounce across the screen and my mother and father sat there in shock. – Hedy Lamarr

94954. I was in constant demand, in my professional life and my personal life. – Hedy Lamarr

94955. Some men like a dull life – they like the routine of eating breakfast, going to work, coming home, petting the dog, watching TV, kissing the kids, and going to bed. Stay clear of it – it’s often catching. – Hedy Lamarr

94956. I often talked to Bing Crosby, and while I liked him, I never understood why he was so popular. To me his voice was just a gimmick. – Hedy Lamarr

94957. I’d rather wear jewels in my hair than anywhere else. The face should have the advantage of this brilliance. – Hedy Lamarr

94958. When I attained a certain advanced intimacy with a man, and I don’t just mean sex, I married him. – Hedy Lamarr

94959. To be a star is to own the world and all the people in it. After a taste of stardom, everything else is poverty. – Hedy Lamarr

94960. The public pays and feels it is entitled to participate in the personal affairs of a performer. – Hedy Lamarr

94961. Mr. DeMille’s theory of sexual difference was that marriage is an artificial state for women. The want to be taken, ruled, raped. That was his theory. – Hedy Lamarr

94962. The ceremony took six minutes. The marriage lasted about the same amount of time though we didn’t get a divorce for almost a year. – Hedy Lamarr

94963. Let any pretty girl announce a divorce in Hollywood and the wolves come running. Fresh meat for the beast, and they are always hungry. – Hedy Lamarr

94964. Perhaps my problem in marriage-and it is the problem of many women-was to want both intimacy and independence. It is a difficult line to walk, yet both needs are important to a marriage. – Hedy Lamarr

94965. My mother always called me an ugly weed, so I never was aware of anything until I was older. Plain girls should have someone telling them they are beautiful. Sometimes this works miracles. – Hedy Lamarr

94966. Most children turn out badly because they have the wrong parental image. This doesn’t mean their parents are criminal. It means they are boring and cruel. – Hedy Lamarr

94967. Men are most virile and most attractive between the ages of 35 and 55. Under 35 a man has too much to learn, and I don’t have time to teach him. – Hedy Lamarr

94968. Many people are target people. Once when Louis B. Mayer insulted me I poured a glass of water over his head. – Hedy Lamarr

94969. Making pictures, for an actress, is like betting, for a gambler. Each time you make a picture you try to analyze why you won or lost. – Hedy Lamarr

94970. The ladder of success in Hollywood is usually a press agent, actor, director, producer, leading man; and you are a star if you sleep with each of them in that order. Crude, but true. – Hedy Lamarr

94971. Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid. – Hedy Lamarr

94972. I am a very good shot. I have hunted for every kind of animal. But I would never kill an animal during mating season. – Hedy Lamarr

94973. I advise everybody not to save: spend your money. Most people save all their lives and leave it to somebody else. Money is to be enjoyed. – Hedy Lamarr

94974. Dirt makes a man look masculine. Let your hair blow in the wind, and all that. It’s OK. All you have to do is look neat when you have to look neat. – Hedy Lamarr

94975. Confidence is something you’re born with. I know I had loads of it even at the age of 15. – Hedy Lamarr

94976. Compromise and tolerance are magic words. It took me 40 years to become philosophical. – Hedy Lamarr

94977. I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much. – Hedy Lamarr

94978. Any girl can look glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid. – Hedy Lamarr

94979. Experts always know everything but the fine points. When I took my citizenship exams, no one there knew how the White House came to be called the White House. – Hedy Lamarr

94980. Analysis gave me great freedom of emotions and fantastic confidence. I felt I had served my time as a puppet. – Hedy Lamarr

94981. American men, as a group, seem to be interested in only two things, money and breasts. It seems a very narrow outlook. – Hedy Lamarr

94982. All my six husbands married me for different reasons. – Hedy Lamarr

94983. All creative people want to do the unexpected. – Hedy Lamarr

94984. All a woman needs is a good bath, clean clothes, and for her hair to be combed. These things she can do herself. I very seldom go to the hairdresser, but when I do, I just marvel. – Hedy Lamarr

94985. A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires. – Hedy Lamarr

94986. Because you don’t live near a bakery doesn’t mean you have to go without cheesecake. – Hedy Lamarr

94987. I have always felt that if a man gives you a solid gold key to his door he is entitled to the courtesy of a visit. – Hedy Lamarr

94988. I must quit marrying men who feel inferior to me. Somewhere there must be a man who could be my husband and not feel inferior. – Hedy Lamarr

94989. I know why most people never get rich. They put the money ahead of the job. If you just think of the job, the money will automatically follow. This never fails. – Hedy Lamarr

94990. I know when I’m working I seldom get into trouble. My educated guess is that boredom has caused most of the problems with Hollywood celebrities. – Hedy Lamarr

94991. Dates with actors, finally, just seemed to me evenings of shop talk. I got sick of it after a hile. So the more famous I became, the more I narrowed down my choices. – Hedy Lamarr

94992. I have never seen a wrestling match or a prize fight, and I don’t want to. When I find out a man is interested in these sports, I drop him. – Hedy Lamarr

94993. I appreciate subtlety. I have never enjoyed a kiss in front of the camera. There’s nothing to it except not getting your lipstick smeared. – Hedy Lamarr

94994. I’ve been an important star and lived a full life, yet I only hve three close friends. I guess that’s all anyone can expect. – Hedy Lamarr

94995. I find very often that very ugly women have really handsome men and vice versa because they don’t have any competition. Sometimes handsome men have avoided me. – Hedy Lamarr

94996. I never go to funerals. To me a person is dead when he breathes for the last time. After that, your memories should be personal. – Hedy Lamarr

94997. I enjoy countless hundreds pursuing me. I love those who love me the most. I am sort of flattered by men showing attention to me. – Hedy Lamarr

94998. I don’t have any gnawing guilt over contributing to any unhappiness suffered by my husbands. They were as much to blame as I was. – Hedy Lamarr

94999. I don’t fear death because I don’t fear anything I don’t understand. When I start to think about it, I order a massage and it goes away. – Hedy Lamarr

95000. I don’t believe in life after death. But I do believe in some grinding destiny that watches over us on earth. If I didn’t, the safety valve would give and the boiler would explode. – Hedy Lamarr

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