Day: April 17, 2020

2500 Short Quotes and Captions To Inspire You Right Now

Sometimes less is more. This huge collection of motivational short quotes about attitude, love, happiness, life, strength and courage will inspire you right now. These are the best short quotes of all time. Rock your social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with them, just copy and paste! Short Quotes and Captions 1. Just Do […]

Best 1500 Positive Affirmations for Work, Success, Happiness, Anxiety, Health

Positive affirmations are the powerful and motivational injections which can lift-up and boost our confidence instantly by removing the negativity. To change your life for better in fields of health, relationship, career – positive affirmations play a vital role. You can use them as your daily dose of inspiration and read them every morning and […]

Best 1500 Proverbs, Useful for Children and Students

Both children and students can find this list of 1500 proverbs in English useful in their studies and life. Many proverbs display the essential wisdom. These proverbs, is a collection of words and phrases that are inspirational and motivational in nature. Proverbs for children and students 1. As won, so spent. – German Proverb 2. […]

Best 1000 Thought Provoking Questions to increase social media engagement

Not getting engagement on your social media accounts of facebook, instagram, twitter and linkedin? Well, use the following thought provoking questions and boost your social media profiles. This collection 1000 questions is very triggering and can be used to engage students, couples and kids as well. It’s the ultimate collection of funny, philosophical, thoughtful, intriguing […]

Best 1000 Travel Quotes and Captions about Journey, Voyage, Adventure, Backpack

Are you a travel enthusiastic? Then, you’ll love this list of 1000 travel quotes and captions. Travel is more than going from one place to another. Travel is about learning, knowledge, adventure, leaving footsteps, memories and much more. We are sure that the travel community and travelers will love to share these quotes and captions […]

Best 400 Money Quotes about Saving Money, Making Money, Abundance, Debt

What do the famous people have to say about money? Below 400 awesome money quotes is the best collection of quotes related to making money, saving money, making investment, importance of money in life, wealth, debt, being rich and so on. Money Quotes 1. Act your wage. – Dave Ramsey 2. Screw it, Let’s do […]

Download 45500 Famous Motivational Quotes Database in Excel and PDF

Download motivational quotes database from below links both in excel spreadsheet text file as well as pdf file. The list contains 45500+ famous quotes from 76+ categories, e.g. age, alone, amazing, anger, anniversary, architecture, art, attitude, beauty, best, birthday, business, car, change, communication, computers, cool, courage, dad, dating, death, design, diet, dreams, education, environmental, equality, experience, […]

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