Day: May 18, 2020

Top 1000 Best Quotes

We all want ‘best’ in our life, don’t we? Here’s the ultimate collection 100 best quotes to inspire you in your daily life and help you live a best life. Best Quotes 1. Old friends are best. – John Selden 2. Just do what you do best. – Red Auerbach 3. I am the best […]

Best 332 Beautiful Quotes on Life, Love and Simplicity

Enjoy this best collection of positive beautiful quotes. These motivational quotes will make you feel relaxed and enjoy life in a better and beautiful way. Beautiful Quotes 1. It’s okay not to be okay. – Unknown 2. You say freak, I say unique. – Christian Baloga 3. Beauty is visible music. – T.C. Henley 4. […]

Best 1300 Attitude Quotes To Make Life More Meaningful

Attitude helps shape your personality. This collection of best attitude quotes is a best mixture of positive, inspirational and funny quotes about attitude. They’ll inspire you live life in a meaningful way. Attitude Quotes 1. Funny is an attitude. – Flip Wilson 2. Attitude is altitude. – Nick Vujicic 3. Every wall is a door. […]

Best 1397 Art Quotes by Famous Artists

‘Art’ is a very broad term. It includes many things within! These inspirational art quotes will ignite and inspire the artist in you. Art is indeed gender-free concept. These quotes will help the artist in kids, men and women equally. Many of them are motivational and some are really funny too. Art Quotes 1. Make […]

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