Day: May 19, 2020

Best 1000 Faith Quotes To Lift-up your Spirit

This is the best collection of 1000 faith quotes from famous as well as religious people around the world. Faith Quotes 1. Pray in faith. – Gordon B. Hinckley 2. I don’t need faith. – Maurice Sendak 3. Pray, and let God worry. – Martin Luther 4. I try to act out of faith. – […]

Best 1291 Failure Quotes To Make You More Sensible

Here’s the best and huge collection of 1291 failure quotes that will help you understand two things, 1. failure is not final and 2. failure is stepping stone to success. These motivational quotes will inspire you to be more daring and positive in life and work. Students and aspiring entrepreneurs must go through this list […]

Best 356 Ego Quotes

Here’s the best collection f 356 ego quotes that’ll help you understand the negative impact it creates in our life. These quotes will help you become more positive in life by dropping the ego. Ego Quotes 1. Ego is the enemy. – Ryan Holiday 2. Outcomes over ego. – Shane Parrish 3. Bragging dims the […]

Best 338 Creativity Quotes To Inspire The Creator In You

Here’s the best collection of 338 creativity quotes from famous artists, innovators, businessmen and leaders. These quotes will satisfy your curiosity as well as inspire to be more creative in work and life. Kids, students and adults can use these quotes when they lack inspiration to be creative. Creativity Quotes 1. Action is eloquence. – […]

Best 150 Coffee Quotes

Here’s the best collection of 150 coffee quotes. When you want to make your morning, a good morning, you definitely need these thoughtful, witty and funny coffee quotes. Be it a tough Monday, start it with these funny coffee quotes and your week will go smoothly! If you’re a coffee lover, totally share these quotes […]

Best 251 Christianity Inspired Motivational Quotes about Prayer, God, Jesus, Faith

Here’s the best collection of 251┬áChristianity inspired motivational quotes about prayer, God, Jesus, faith, soul and truth. This is a different set from bible quotes. These are highly motivational quotes when you want to check your faith and understanding. You’ll probably also find answers that arise from within. These are the best words of wisdom. […]

Best 330 Motivational Sales Quotes To Ignite Your Business

Here’s the ultimate collection of 330 sales quotes that talk about success, failure, goals, dreams, imagination, hard work, consistency, business, customer, competitiveness and so on. If you’re a dreamer, an entrepreneur and a businessman, these motivational quotes will help you become a successful person or even a millionaire or a billionaire. This list is a […]

Best 1000 Bible Quotes By Famous People

Bible without doubt is more than a book, for hundreds of thousands of people living on earth. Bible is the light for their life. Here is the collection of best 1000 Bible Quotes by famous people. It’s a collection of motivational quotes from different angles. You’ll find quotes on strength, about life, love, faith, happy, […]

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