Day: May 20, 2020

Best 1000 Work Quotes To Inspire You Today

Here is the best collection of 1000 work quotes to motivate you in your life and career. Work Quotes 1. Placebos work. – Richard Dawkins 2. Work alone is noble. – Thomas Carlyle 3. I work to stay alive. – Bette Davis 4. Management must manage! – Harold S. Geneen 5. Our work is never […]

Best 1000 Women Quotes

Here’s the best collection of 1000 Women Quotes. Women Quotes 1. I love women. – Maluma 2. I am my own woman. – Evita Peron 3. I love women to death. – Playboi Carti 4. I want to empower women. – Alexander McQueen 5. Women hold up half the sky. – Mao Zedong 6. I […]

Best 114 Weight Loss Quotes To Inspire You Today

Here’s the best collection of 114 weight loss quotes to motivate you to lose weight and be it. Weight loss quotes 1. Will Is A Skill. – Anonymous 2. I choose self-care. – Alyssa Ardolino 3. New meal; fresh start. – Michelle Hyman 4. Decide. Commit. Succeed. – Justin Seedman 5. Stop wishing. Start doing. […]

Best 230 Typewritersvoice Quotes on Life, Love, Happiness, Hope, Relationship

Typewritersvoice is a very popular account on social media like Facebook and Instagram where we get to read quotes for every situation in life. The quotes are very meaningful and deep. The quotes by Typewritersvoice give voice to basic human emotions about life, love, happiness, hope, relationship, dreams, ambition, imagination and son. Typewritersvoice Quotes 1. […]

Best 1000 Truth Quotes To Inspire You Today

Here’s the best collection of 1000 truth quotes. Truth probably is the most important virtue of humanity. When we think of truth, thought of Mahatma Gandhi comes naturally first. Truth Quotes 1. Humility is truth. – Desiderius Erasmus 2. Truth will prevail. – Gordon B. Hinckley 3. Truth is a tendency. – R. Buckminster Fuller […]

Most Encouraging 300 Motivational Inspirational Quotes of All Time

Here’s the 300 top motivational inspirational quotes of all time. These top quotes of all time is very useful for students, kids, entrepreneurs and businessmen. The list contains quotes about goal, success, action, money, hard work, failure, time and so on. Top Quotes of All Time 1. Carpe Diem. – Latin 2. Just Do it […]

Best 1000 Time Quotes To Inspire You Today

Here’s the best collection of 1000 time quotes. Time is such an important aspect in one’s life that if used rightly, can make wonders. Time Quotes 1. Time is bunk. – Douglas Adams 2. Time is money. – Benjamin Franklin 3. My time is now. – John Turner 4. Time stays, we go. – H. […]

Best 192 Thanksgiving Quotes To Inspire You Today

Here’s the best collection of 192 thanksgiving quotes. Thanksgiving Quotes 1. I’m thankful for every moment. – Al Green 2. Thanksgiving is a big one for our family. – Kevin Jonas 3. The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. – William Blake 4. Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants. – Kevin […]

Best 590 Thankful Quotes To Inspire You Today

Here’s the best collection of 590 thankful quotes that’ll inspire you to show gratitude and be thankful in life. Thankful Quotes 1. I’m so thankful every day. – Yahya Abdul-Mateen II 2. I’m just thankful for gigs. – Tony Hale 3. I’m thankful for every moment. – Al Green 4. I’m very thankful to Bellator. […]

Best 356 Sympathy Quotes To Inspire You Today

Here’s the best list of 356 sympathy quotes. Sympathy and kindness are one of the best virtues which makes us better humans. Sympathy Quotes 1. The dew of compassion is a tear. – Lord Byron 2. Flowers grow out of dark moments. – Corita Kent 3. The only cure for grief is action. – George […]

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