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Above quote defines my life journey which is from struggle to happiness.

It’s more than a motivational quote. It’s rather a testament that has come from my own life experiences of ups and downs.

And through, I’m hopeful to bring motivation, confidence, hope, strength, change, courage and wisdom in your life too. You can develop these virtues by finding the purpose and meaning of your life.

Reading motivational quotes is the prime thing that can help you find both the purpose and hence the meaning of your life. It did it for me, so it can do for you.

I too have gone through phases of depression, clueless thinking, rejection, confusion, loneliness, sadness, failure and feeling of giving up. That’s why I understand them better.

Believe me when I say that they all will be diminished when you begin understanding your strength. You’ll feel better. You’ll feel the happiness. People will start liking and respecting you. You will enjoy your life to its fullest. Things will start making sense to you. Positive people will be attracted to you. You’ll get the unexpected opportunities in your life. Your life will be improved. You’ll feel relaxed and peaceful from inside. And this will happen at all five levels in your life, i.e. Social, Emotional, Physical, Professional and Personal.

I wish that it also brings the “new” you, making your life happy and successful.

A little story from my life that made a big impact

Quotes gave me the much needed light in the times of darkness. I was struggling to find the path for my career as well as for my life, but was feeling lost in the directionless loop. I had no clue or inspiration about my future.

One day, while I was walking on road-side, I saw a small pocketbook displayed on a book-store. I somehow felt compelled to take a look at that, and felt like it was fetching me towards it. So I went. I took the pocketbook in my hands and it was about 100 motivational quotes to change your life.

I purchased it right away. I sat on a bench near by and started reading it. I read one by one and read them all in half an hour. Suddenly, I felt that something changed within me. I started feeling some unknown power inside me full of positivity and confidence. All of a sudden, I started seeing my path clearly. I knew what I had to do to become successful. I began right away and rest is the history. My career and life both changed drastically for better. Money started pouring on me and I started enjoying my work. I got married.

Now I’m enjoying my life with my wife and son.

It all happened because of reading those quotes that day.

– Devang Vibhakar


Know me – Question & Answer

Where are you based at?
Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA.

What do you do for living?
I run companies which provide graphic design & web development services.

What are your priorities?
Try to make world a better place

What are your interests?
Spend time in nature
Finding the meaning of things in life
Helping others find their strength

What are your best skills you’re proud of?
Designing quote posters

What are your virtues you’re proud of?
Understanding the point of view of others

Where do you get quotes from?
I’m a voracious reader, so I collect quotes from books. Plus I’m a writer, so I also write quotes of my own. Other than that, I get best quotes from Twitter and Instagram.

What is your goal in life?
I want my work to inspire people to find meaning of their life by finding their strength and working on it.

Which countries have you visited?
U.K.(Scotland, London, Bath) and Germany.
I was selected in Group Study Exchange program of Rotary Foundation and stayed in Scotland for one month.
Stayed in Germany for two weeks as part of AFS’s Volunteer Exchange Program.
Spent a week in London, visiting various places of the city.
Visited the roman city Bath(U.K.)

What does my inner critic tell me?
My inner critic advises me to not to get attached to things or peple more than required. Nothing is permanent here. It also tells me to not to take things seriously, rather always find a middle way and move on.

How do you help people?
I am a Numerologist. Through Numerology, first I help people find their strength and weakness. Then I help them to amend their situation by working on their strength and make a better and strong version of themselves.

What am I passionate about?
Spending time in nature is my passion. It includes simply walking in the woods and also trekking. Being surrounded by trees, plants give me sense of being melted into nature.

What is my happiest memory?
I belong to a middle-class Indian family. It was always my dream to visit a developed country. But my financial condition was not good to fulfill this dream.

At some point, I had given hope for the same as well. But then I was selected by Rotary Foundation as part of Group Study Exchange program, part of which I was to visit Scotland for 30 days. All expense was to be paid by them. This was like a dream come true. Even when I remember it today, I get vibes of pure happiness.

What was your biggest struggle in life?
I spent few years directionless in my life. I had no hope, courage, confidence or purpose in life. Everything seemed meaningless. I was depressed to my core. Nothing seemed to work. I had considered myself as a failure. Handling myself in these times of total frustration and sadness was the biggest struggle I ever faced.

What are you still struggling with?
To achieve the financial freedom. A stage from where I would still be working but not merely for money, but I’m on my way.

What are you grateful for?
I’m grateful for my parents and my wife, who always stood by my side and accepted me as I am, which gave me strength to overcome things.

What lessons have you learnt from your life?
Nothing lasts forever, not even struggle
Focus on yourself. Find your own strength.
Work on your own strength. It will get you both the achievement and satisfaction.
Read books to change your negative thinking.
Work with passion and life will give you unexpected gifts.
Don’t worry about what others may be thinking about you. It’s none of your business.
Don’t try to satisfy everyone. It’s not possible.
Help others with your skills.
Give health the prime attention in every situation.
Surround yourself with people who accept you as you are.
If you don’t like something or someone, instead of wasting efforts in correcting them more than needed, simply engage yourself with better things and better people who deserve you.

What’s one thing that you never planned of and it brought unbelievable change in your life?
In 2009, I began a blog on which I started taking interviews of people. I haven’t studied journalism or related courses but it happened on its own. This blog resulted in meeting people from various segments of life which helped me understand the psychology of human beings. This blog also became a reason to bring pinnacle years of my life – wrote books, visited U.K. & Germany and enjoyed fame. I had never planned or even dreamed about it.

Who are there in your family?
My wife and one son. My mother and father died in the years 2015-2016 respectively.

What new things have you introduced in your life to make it better?
Fitness – exercise regularly
Speaking only what’s required
Learning to let go when things don’t happen my way
Make my skills useful by helping others
Spend more time with people who enjoy my company
Enjoy small things in life

What one truth you’ve learnt in life?
There is no such thing as “perfect”. But you can always improve upon on your life. Happiness should be the goal.

What digital technologies do you use and admire?
For website development I use WordPress CMS, for e-mail I use Gmail, for communication I use WhatsApp and for general knowledge I use Wikipedia.

What tool or software do you use to create quote images?
I use Canva to create quote images for

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