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158 Highly Motivational Quotes by Jacob Becker

Jacob Becker posts the most thrilling quotes on his Twitter profile. When you read motivational quotes that Jacob Becker shares on his Twitter, you feel the fire of inspiration inside you. All your excuses and lack of confidence disappear instantly. And it’s because, he writes from his own experiences. You feel his experience behind his […]

The 50 Best Logo Design Quotes

Here’s the ultimate collection of logo design quotes. It’s a combination of descriptive as well as short quotes on logo design. Although logo design is a part of graphic design, but it’s a very important part of it. The brand design journey begins with the logo design. Following quotes will give you an idea about […]

Top 100 Quotes by Dr. Navin Vibhakar

Dr. Navin Vibhakar is an award winning writer. Born in Tanzania, East Africa, origin Gujarat India, schooled in Mwanza – a town on lake Victoria, college and medicine in Mumbai, India, returned to Tanzania, worked as medical officer at Mulago to Hospital affiliated to renown Makerere University in Uganda, returned to Tanzania in 1967, practiced […]

Top 100 Virendra Rajawat Quotes

Virendra Rajawat is well-known and best numerologist from India. His famous quote is “Every Problem Comes With A Solution”. Virendra Rajawat is an Astro-Numerologist, Gemologist, Vastu Expert and a Vedic Tattoo Master. His top-notch quotes were included in the recent post of numerology quotes. His grip and understanding of human behavior is clearly displayed in […]

Top 100 Karma Quotes To Make You More Aware

The first thought that crosses our mind when think of karma is ‘what goes around, comes around’, isn’t it? Here we are bringing 100 top karma quotes that will make you more aware about your actions, reactions and behavior in life. To some karma is real and to some it is nothing but just philosophy. […]

Dose of 113 Quotes To Do Your Inspirational Vaccination

This set of highly inspirational quotes by giants will instill the vaccination of positive attitude inside you. We simply like to keep our doubt aside when giants like Voltaire, Steve Jobs, Richard Bach, Mark Twain, Swami Sivananda, Socrates, George Bernard Shaw, Dalai Lama, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa and Charles Darwin share the words of wisdom […]

300 Inspirational Quotes on Life Lessons To Motivate Yourself

Here, take a look at such 300 quotes on life lessons by famous people worldwide. Experience gives the best lessons. These are true life quotes and sayings on life, love and success that will inspire you to understand the gist of your life. When you read these inspirational quotes on life, you may also like […]

300 Ultimate Motivational Quotes for Personal Growth

Sharpquotes brings you the ultimate list of self growth quotes by famous and successful people. It’s a an indispensable list of professional growth quotes as well as quotes on development and growth. This crucial list of quotes on growth mindset will enable you think positively in life and develop a new perception towards it. These […]

300 Super Motivational and Encouraging Positive Quotes

In this article you can find super motivational quotes for success by famous people. List contains super motivational quotes for life by well-known people like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Pablo Picasso, Napoleon Hill, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bertrand Russell, Mark Twain, Rumi, Vince Lombardi, Steve Jobs and many others. In a way they are simple positive quotes to […]

133 Quotes on Depression By Famous People

Depression is one of the mental diseases observed in all ages. How does it feel to be depressed, is something only those who have under gone it would understand. Here’s a collection 133 depression quotes that are by famous people. It’s a combination of realistic and motivational quotes on depression. All that I can pray […]

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