Best 75 Khodabapa Quotes on Spirituality, Mind and Existence

Khodabapa Quotes

Khodabapa is a spiritual persona from India. His vani aka quotes are listed herewith which talk about spirituality, mind, desire, existence and much more about inner journey. His videos of teachings aka satsang can be found on YouTube.

Khodabapa Quotes

1. When there is no question then why the utterance? – Khodabapa

2. When there is no desire then why the resolution and option? – Khodabapa

3. When there is life then why the hopelessness? – Khodabapa

4. Who is he inside of you who has the illusion of existence of world? – Khodabapa

5. If there is motion then who gets dissolved? – Khodabapa

6. Death without any desire is best death. – Khodabapa

7. Best of the best religion is service to others. – Khodabapa

8. Best of the best asan(body posture) is the stillness of your body. – Khodabapa

9. Best of the best aim is stillness of your vision. – Khodabapa

10. Best of the best pranayam is to reverse the breath. – Khodabapa

11. Best of the best joy is to get dissolved in existence. – Khodabapa

12. Best of the best life is that of love. – Khodabapa

13. Knowledge is that which gives you ability to take decision. – Khodabapa

14. I am that whom I love! – Khodabapa

15. Soul is not an existence, it is being. – Khodabapa

16. What happens is false, what happens not is the truth. – Khodabapa

17. Unending music is being played inside you! This can not be achieved through practise. – Khodabapa

18. Know for sure that which compels you to seek outside is your mind! – Khodabapa

19. Don’t act. Be a part of what is already happening and you’ll get there. – Khodabapa

20. What happens is Maya, what happens not is Brahm. – Khodabapa

21. You want to achieve, that is your rigidity. – Khodabapa

22. Your being as a person is based upon breath and mind only. – Khodabapa

23. Almighty(parmatma) has created as he is! – Khodabapa

24. Consciousness and mind can be described. Truth cannot be described. – Khodabapa

25. In the world of beloved, there’s no place for sorrow. – Khodabapa

26. In real, to which you consider as understanding that itself is your misunderstanding. – Khodabapa

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27. We shall do whatever, but won’t feel happy or sad about it. – Khodabapa

28. Almighty is everywhere – who can illuminate it?! – Khodabapa

29. Best of the best is knowledge, but that is for the brave kind. – Khodabapa

30. If you go in the direction of either obtaining or renouncing, then there won’t be an end to it. – Khodabapa

31. If you see difference in anything, that is your misunderstanding. – Khodabapa

32. The life that you’re living is your projection, not reality. – Khodabapa

33. What is bound to happen will happen, then why should I act?! – Khodabapa

34. In life, there are three important points. They’re mind, body and breath. – Khodabapa

35. At first I received my body and then mind happened. Hence, I’m neither of this. – Khodabapa

36. If ignorance is there, it’s just like a tiny dirt particle in your eyes. It is not more than that. – Khodabapa

37. In majority, we’ve held the kind of questions which we do not understand as they are. – Khodabapa

38. In any question, there’re always two points: complexity and simplicity. – Khodabapa

39. Meditation can be described, projection can be described, Samadhi cannot. – Khodabapa

40. Third point will remain unexplained and unexpressed. No matter what you do, you won’t understand it. – Khodabapa

41. If any one has ego, it is like shed and light – just for a while. – Khodabapa

42. I observe any one from their imperfection point of view, not from opposition point of view. – Khodabapa

43. What IS, can turn into IS NOT anytime, because that’s its way since the beginning. No one can stop it. – Khodabapa

44. There is nothing to obtain nor to renounce. Well, go on then. – Khodabapa

45. The way I see it, if you enter into the heart of an egoistic person, you’ll find love there. – Khodabapa

46. The one whose breath is liberated, he’ll not have sleep, sneeze or yawn. This is called liberation of breath. – Khodabapa

47. Everywhere there only one authority is shining. There is no second authority. Only one existence. There isn’t two. – Khodabapa

48. You’ll attain simplicity only when you’ll understand that all of this is happening on its own, I’m not doing anything of it. – Khodabapa

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49. Aim of human life is either dissolution of breath or mind. As one gets dissolved, the other gets dissolved as well. – Khodabapa

50. If you’re not your body then keep it still. That is when body and mind will get separated and you’ll understand your mind thenafter. – Khodabapa

51. Acceptance of mind is the sheer reason for mine and your being, reason for happiness & sadness and reason for birth and death. – Khodabapa

52. People often get hold of mere words only but do not try to understand the existence. – Khodabapa

53. God does not enter your body nor gets out of it. Such all are questions of ignorant ones. – Khodabapa

54. As long as you believe that what is happening is being done by you, that is your complexity. And you’ll get nothing but failure if you keep doing so. – Khodabapa

55. Even after becoming greatest Yogis, they kept on building new ashrams and kept increase number of disciples in their sect. See, mind is such that it does never get satisfied – Khodabapa

56. Keep hold of your body so that when mind asks it to go somewhere, do not obey it. As long as you keep giving your body to your mind, you won’t understand your mind. – Khodabapa

57. Whoever you’re, wherever you’re, however you’re, just make a decision that there is not meaning of anything. And as you’re, where you’re, just be peaceful in that. – Khodabapa

58. I know that it’s just a tiny dirt particle in your eyes. You’re not stuck up entirely in mud. You’re not stuck up in maya. It’s just a tiny particle. – Khodabapa

59. Practice means just sit still. Do make sure that no part of your body moves. First of all pay attention to this. – Khodabapa

60. I’m telling you for sure that even if nothing happens, just the memory of me is enough, then what’s the matter? It will improve your end for sure. – Khodabapa

61. In your life you’re receiver as long as you’re a doer. When you die as a doer, you’ll also die as a receiver. – Khodabapa

62. Look at your richness. Sun gives you light, sky gives you roof, wind gives you air, water gives you coolness. And yet you’re feeling poor in such great richness?! – Khodabapa

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63. Get rid of knowledge, get rid of doing. As you become peaceful, you’ll receive that sadhana which exists in us all from the beginning. It is there in all of us. Then, why the question? – Khodabapa

64. Until and unless you cannot see your MIND as it is, no outer cure will be possible. – Khodabapa

65. Dwell within you and you’ll be lost…. and will find yourself there. – Khodabapa

66. As you hit the iron the color of iron and fire becomes one, and in such a manner, one day you and brahm(almighty) will become one. – Khodabapa

67. He who renounces and throws away all attachments from within gets protection from Almighty. – Khodabapa

68. Leave all your smartness and become silent. – Khodabapa

69. As long as you believe that I’m knowledgeable and you’re ignorant, it is useless. There is no such difference at all. – Khodabapa

70. It has been easy for me to understand Almighty but humans! – Khodabapa

71. The prime cause of discourse(Satsang) is to diminish the reasoning of mind. Nothing more than that can be obtained from the discourse. – Khodabapa

72. This is the easiest way to know your mind: Sit still. Do nothing. And if any part of body moves, that is done by your mind. – Khodabapa

73. As you try to sit silently and your mind makes you move any part of your body, even slightly, let your mind try appearing 100 times. Don’t give up. – Khodabapa

74. Almighty is omnipresent. He can not be attained. No one has any medium that can illuminate him in front of you. It’s not possible – Khodabapa

75. In real, according me, there is no question whatsoever. Just be calm. – Khodabapa

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