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Dose of 113 Quotes To Do Your Inspirational Vaccination

This set of highly inspirational quotes by giants will instill the vaccination of positive attitude inside you. We simply like to keep our doubt aside when giants like Voltaire, Steve Jobs, Richard Bach, Mark Twain, Swami Sivananda, Socrates, George Bernard Shaw, Dalai Lama, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa and Charles Darwin share the words of wisdom […]

300 Inspirational Quotes on Life Lessons To Motivate Yourself

Here, take a look at such 300 quotes on life lessons by famous people worldwide. Experience gives the best lessons. These are true life quotes and sayings on life, love and success that will inspire you to understand the gist of your life. When you read these inspirational quotes on life, you may also like […]

300 Ultimate Motivational Quotes for Personal Growth

Sharpquotes brings you the ultimate list of self growth quotes by famous and successful people. It’s a an indispensable list of professional growth quotes as well as quotes on development and growth. This crucial list of quotes on growth mindset will enable you think positively in life and develop a new perception towards it. These […]

300 Super Motivational and Encouraging Positive Quotes

In this article you can find super motivational quotes for success by famous people. List contains super motivational quotes for life by well-known people like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Pablo Picasso, Napoleon Hill, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bertrand Russell, Mark Twain, Rumi, Vince Lombardi, Steve Jobs and many others. In a way they are simple positive quotes to […]

133 Quotes on Depression By Famous People

Depression is one of the mental diseases observed in all ages. How does it feel to be depressed, is something only those who have under gone it would understand. Here’s a collection 133 depression quotes that are by famous people. It’s a combination of realistic and motivational quotes on depression. All that I can pray […]

100 Inspirational Prayer Quotes for the world, work, strength and healing

This list of 100 inspirational prayer quotes will bring the calm, strength and peace in your life. These prayer quotes for strength are so powerful that only by reading them you will be filled with the positive spark of the God. The list also contains prayer quotes for healing and prayer quotes from the bible. But […]

100 Quotes on Good Habits, Bad Habits, Success, Life, Motivation and Change

This list of quotes on habits covers essential aspects of life and depict effects of good habits and bad habits. Some are eye opening quotes while some are motivational quotes on habits. Can we change habits? Yes, we definitely can. Following quotes will inspire you to break the bad habits and adopt the new habits. […]

100 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself For Self Discovery

How much do you know about others? This is an easy question for us to attend, isn’t it? But if we twist the question a bit and ask that how much do you know about yourself? What would your answer be? Or would that be easy for you to attend? ! Let’s find it out. […]

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