The 50 Best Logo Design Quotes

Here’s the ultimate collection of logo design quotes. It’s a combination of descriptive as well as short quotes on logo design. Although logo design is a part of graphic design, but it’s a very important part of it. The brand design journey begins with the logo design.

Following quotes will give you an idea about what difference does it make to hire a professional logo designer and do it with low budget. These brand design quotes will give you clarity about the design process and its Do’s and Dont’s.

These small quotes on design will provide you with big understanding of the design process. For many, graphic design is similar to artwork, which it’s not. Graphic design is essential to represent your brand, in the most simplest and minimalist way, that your target audience gets connected with easily. It’s your business that you’re representing through your logo, not some artwork.

Although, these quotes are specifically for logo design but in a way these graphic design quotes will give you idea about the general graphic design process. Some quotes are from graphic design industry experts who have extensive experience in the field.

As you go through the following 50 quotes, you will surely feel that these are the quotes on simplicity in design. A business does not need an impressive and heavy design to reach to mass. Simplicity rocks. Look at the logos of top companies and you will see that they are using the simple logos for their brand, although they can afford to design a highly colorful and complex logo. Simplicity speaks for itself.

Hope you can find the inspiration in these design quotes that will help design your brand logo accordingly. Let’s get into the quotes.

Logo Design Quotes

Helpful logo design quotes

1. Take logo design seriously. It’s the entry point of your branding.

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logo design quotes branding

2. Logo design is much more than fancy fonts and colors. It’s more about how your brand should be represented.

logo design quotes fonts colors brand

3. Design your logo considering various future uses of it like on stationery (business card, envelope, letterhead), social media profiles and printing materials.

logo design quotes stationery business card

4. Before hiring a graphic designer to design your logo, make sure you have vision of logo in mind. It’s you who is the real creator of your logo. Graphic designer is simply your assistance.

logo design quotes hiring graphic designer

5. Your company logo is the representation of your entire company culture, i.e. products, customer service and values.

logo design quotes company culture

6. You live once, you die once but you can revise logo multiple times, before you publish it.

logo design quotes revise logo

7. Did you know that the top companies in the world choose the style of minimalism for their logo design instead of a fancy logo?

logo design quotes minimalism

8. A minimalist logo design lives for a long time in the minds of your target audience.

logo design quotes minimalist target audience

9. Design your logo considering your target audience in mind.

logo design quotes target audience

10. An outstanding logo is always simple.

logo design quotes simple

11. Remember it’s the logo that you’re designing, not a decorative and complex artwork.

logo design quotes decorative artwork

12. Designing a simple logo for your company requires lots of complications in the design process.

logo design quotes complications process

13. Logo design put in simple words: thinking made visual.

logo design quotes thinking made visual

14. A graphic designer is not a mind reader. So don’t just tell him/her that you want an ‘awesome’ logo, rather provide details that are easy to follow.

logo design quotes graphic designer

15. Your logo design is your identity. Have a good budget for it.

logo design quotes identity budget

16. Logo design represents your brand’s look & feel.

logo design quotes brand look feel

17. Want to make your brand memorable? Go for a flat and minimalist logo design.

logo design quotes brand memorable

18. Give enough time to process of logo design. But once you have finalized your company logo, don’t keep on changing it.

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logo design quotes process

19. There is no such thing as a perfect logo ! It’s your work that adds the tag of ‘perfection’ to it.

logo design quotes perfection

20. Did you know that specific font type speaks about specific business? Choose the font type for your logo wisely.

logo design quotes font type

21. A good logo is more than design, it also symbolizes your strategy.

logo design quotes strategy

22. Just because you know Canva, doesn’t mean that you should do it yourself and design your logo. Hire a professional logo designer.

logo design quotes canva

23. There will always be a difference in the logos designed for five dollars and five hundred dollars.

logo design quotes five dollars

Logo Design Quotes by Experts

24. Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. – Paul Rand

logo design quotes ambassador brand

25. A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies. – Paul Rand

logo design quotes sell identifies paul rand

26. Logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company. – Saul Bass

logo design quotes graphic extension saul bass

27. A logo is not a brand—it’s only a symbol for a brand. A brand is much more than a logo. – Marty Neumeier

logo design quotes brand marty neumeier

28. The strongest logos tell simple stories. – Sol Sender

logo design quotes simple stories

Creative quotes

29. Always associate a minimal icon that goes with your logo.

logo design quotes minimal icon

30. Before getting your logo design, make sure that it has these elements embedded in it: Simple, Relevant, Memorable, Timeless and Versatile.

logo design quotes simple relevant memorable timeless versatile

31. Paying a low amount on logo design and expecting a top notch design is an oxymoron. – Devang Vibhakar

logo design quotes low amount oxymoron

32. Investment in your business logo design is an investment in your business.

logo design quotes business investment

33. What’s a best logo design? The answer is simple, the one that is simple and memorable.

logo design quotes simple memorable

34. A professional logo designer will always ask you questions related to your business.

logo design quotes professional designer

35. A professional logo design helps business boom.

logo design quotes business boom

36. Design your future. Start with a logo. – Jarod Kintz

logo design quotes future start

37. Seemingly logo is shape, color, etc. but what makes it an identity of a company is something hidden in it. – Vikas Rajpopat

logo design quotes shape identity company

38. Simplicity has its own magic. When mind is simple, message becomes simple and thus logo reflects that simplicity. – Vikas Rajpopat

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logo design quotes simplicity magic

39. There is no such thing as quick logo design. Then it’s not logo design but template editing.

logo design quotes template editing

40. Sometimes, logo speaks everything about you and your company. Be selective. – Vandana Rajpopat

logo design quotes company vandana rajpopat

41. Apart from how your logo looks, what should be your focus is what it communicates. – Vandana Rajpopat

logo design quotes looks focus communicates

42. Always make holiday versions of your logo to keep your identity throbbing. – Devang Vibhakar

logo design quotes holiday versions

43. What’s a world class logo design? The one that conveys your business idea in an easy to understand way, just by looking at it.

logo design quotes world class business

44. For a true creative expert, designing a logo is like designing a culture.

logo design quotes creative expert

45. Make a matching icon for your logo that can also stand out on its own without your business name.

logo design quotes icon business name

46. For a memorable logo, save your excitement after assigning logo designer the work. Logo design requires time and freedom.

logo design quotes memorable designer freedom

47. Best logo design ensures your business success.

logo design quotes business success

48. Best logo design should not necessarily be attractive, but it surely be able to convey the experience you are promising to your target audience.

logo design quotes attractive experience target audience

49. Tell your logo designer what you want in the logo instead of telling what you don’t want. That’s called giving a creative direction.

logo design quotes creative direction

50. Creative design doesn’t mean too many elements, it means the ability to express the thinking through visibility.

logo design quotes creative thinking visibility


Logo design is one of the most essential parts of your brand. You need to consider few important things in check while designing your logo, like knowing what you want, guiding the designer with proper creative direction, assigning the proper budget for the same and put efforts in your business to make sure your logo reflects your business culture. And yes, go for a simple and minimal logo.

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