2500 Short Quotes and Captions To Inspire You Right Now

Short Quotes

Sometimes less is more. This huge collection of motivational short quotes about attitude, love, happiness, life, strength and courage will inspire you right now. These are the best short quotes of all time. Rock your social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with them, just copy and paste!

Short Quotes and Captions

1. Just Do it !

2. Be Here Now.

3. Unstoppable.

4. Stay golden.

5. Squad goals

6. Rise & grind.

7. Let’s get it!

8. Unstoppable.

9. Life is good.

10. Stay focused.

11. Time is money.

12. The good vibe.

13. To be is to do

14. Take chances.

15. Go at it 100%.

16. Fear is a lie.

17. It begins here.

18. I love my boss.

19. I have a dream.

20. Rise and grind.

21. Eat or be eaten.

22. I believe in me.

23. Manifest wisely.

24. Aim for the top.

25. Tag a lady boss.

26. I’m here to win.

27. Time is limited.

28. Make it happen.

29. Get ahead today.

30. Next level shit.

31. Educate yourself

32. Calm, but ready.

33. The time is now.

34. Lead by example.

35. Silent & deadly.

36. Hang on to life.

37. Pursue your goal.

38. No pain, No gain.

39. I win or I learn.

40. You’re worth it.

41. No more excuses.

42. Together we win.

43. Be your own boss.

44. Say less do more.

45. I believe in me.

46. I’m unstoppable.

47. Aim for the top.

48. Face your fears.

49. I am going to win

50. Heroes give hope.

51. Enough is a feast.

52. No guts, no glory.

53. Screw your limits.

54. No guts, no story.

55. Be all you can be.

56. Live with passion.

57. Chill! I got this.

58. Pray for New York.

59. One team one goal.

60. Today is your day.

61. Speed is relative.

62. Ticket to anywhere

63. Patience is power.

64. Grateful for life.

65. I only go one way.

66. I can and I will.

67. Millionaire by age.

68. You are not alone.

69. Respect is earned.

70. Focus on the good.

71. Next stop: the top

72. What’s your “why”?

73. Never not working.

74. Tag a future boss.

75. Keep on dreaming.

76. Let yourself rest.

77. Live what you love.

78. Touch has a memory.

79. Hard work pays off.

80. What’s your “why”?

81. New week new goals.

82. Say less, do more.

83. Patience is power.

84. Watch your circle.

85. Next stop: the top.

86. You are limitless.

87. Born to be a champ

88. I was born to win.

89. Where are you from?

90. Deserve your dream.

91. Make today amazing.

92. Let’s conquer baby.

93. Patience is power!

94. Wear a smile today

95. Aim to be the best.

96. Money never sleeps.

97. I make my own luck.

98. They were once you.

99. Suns out. Buns out.

100. I will not give up.

101. The weak get eaten.

102. Dreams do come true.

103. Opinions be damned.

104. Reach for the stars.

105. To dance is to live!

106. Where are you from?

107. Work hard, nap hard.

108. Best is yet to come.

109. Believe in yourself.

110. focus on the goal.

111. Talk say, say more.

112. That’s my dream car

113. I wish i had a bike

114. Believe in yourself

115. 0% luck 100% hustle.

116. Dreamers always win.

117. Pain changes people.

118. Don’t stop grinding.

119. 0% luck 100% hustle

120. L’ amour de ma vies.

121. Tag someone amazing.

122. Don’t waste my time.

123. Or move on and live?

124. Be the game changer.

125. Try to stay focused.

126. Rise and grind time!

127. To change is to live.

128. Be an opener of doors

129. All you need is love.

130. This too, shall pass.

131. Anything Is Possible.

132. Count Your Blessings.

133. Will will find a way.

134. Compassion is a verb.

135. Shift your awareness.

136. Focus on your goals.

137. Work hard bathe hard.

138. You can have it all.

139. If not me, then who?

140. No rain, no flowers.

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141. Allergic to bullshit.

142. Fight for your goals!

143. I got it from my mama

144. Make moves in silence

145. Keep a positive mind.

146. Confidence is silent

147. Look at that new car

148. Holy crap I’m batman

149. the sky is the limit.

150. No time for bullshit.

151. I choose to be happy.

152. Make yourself known.

153. Tag your ride or die.

154. Speak existence into.

155. A year changes a lot.

156. Speak into existence.

157. Remember who you are.

158. Think happy thoughts.

159. Dreams demand hustle.

160. Business is business.

161. You get what you give

162. Quality over quantity

163. Learn to fight alone.

164. Protect what you love

165. Impossible is nothing

166. Screw it, let’s do it.

167. Example is leadership.

168. Leaders grasp nettles.

169. I can, therefore I am.

170. Never stop looking up.

171. Real love never fails.

172. Have nuts and be nuts.

173. Roll with the punches.

174. Every dog has his day.

175. Failure is impossible.

176. Dare to be remarkable.

177. Get your game face on.

178. Always look your best.

179. Never beg to be loved.

180. Quality over quantity.

181. I see. I grind. I get.

182. Protect what you love.

183. Success is an iceberg.

184. You are not your past.

185. Remember who you are.

186. Loyalty still exists.

187. Rise above the drama.

188. Never beg to be loved

189. Hustle for that muscle

190. Self-care not selfish

191. Make the most of life.

192. What’s your dream job?

193. Note self-let shit go.

194. I want to see you win.

195. Till death do us part.

196. Be soft, but not weak.

197. Always look your best

198. Real men still do this.

199. Money buys experiences.

200. All we need is peace.

201. Big boys have big toys.

202. A year changes a lot.

203. See you at the top boo

204. Believe in each other.

205. You get what you give.

206. Learn to fight alone.

207. You are your decision

208. You can. End of story

209. I drive in my own lane

210. Only the weak give up.

211. Mo’ money Mo’ problems

212. Stop wasting your time

213. I am not for everyone.

214. Quitting is leading too.

215. Have nuts and be nuts.

216. Time waits for no one.

217. I dwell in possibility.

218. Never follow the crowd.

219. Pressure makes diamonds

220. When one must, one can.

221. Hope is a waking dream.

222. Attitude is everything.

223. This, too, shall pass.

224. Paradise is where I am.

225. Happiness is a choice.

226. Make moves not excuses.

227. Winning never grows old

228. Better yourself daily.

229. Better days are coming

230. Pure beauty never dies.

231. I got no time to chill.

232. Real men still do this.

233. Going up is all I know.

234. Anything is attainable

235. Kill them with kindness.

236. Respect all trust few.

237. Better late than never.

238. I didn’t start to stop.

239. Go beyond your limits.

240. Adventure is out there.

241. Your only limit is you.

242. The moon made me do it.

243. Don’t just exist, live.

244. Work hard, play harder.

245. What’s a mob to a king?

246. Mood: It is what it is.

247. Work on yourself daily.

248. Worry less, smile more.

249. Rule no.1: Be a badass.

250. Money buys experiences.

251. Start small, think big.

252. Better days are coming.

253. God has a plan for you.

254. Don’t chase get chosen.

255. 2016 was your teacher.

256. Tunnel vision on point.

257. Only the weak give up.

258. Get up count your cash

259. All readers are leaders

260. Protect what you love.

261. Haters can kiss my ass

262. Loyalty is everything.

263. It’s okay to be happy.

264. Habits build character.

265. Keep going. Rest later.

266. The time is always now.

267. Sore or sorry you pick.

268. Real eyes realize lies.

269. Move out the way bitch.

270. What I think what I say

271. Wake up kick ass repeat

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272. Convictions are prisons.

273. Do not dare not to dare.

274. Either move or be moved.

275. He conquers who endures.

276. Love those who hate you.

277. Momentum builds success.

278. I think, therefore I am.

279. Easy never pay $$$ well

280. I woke up in beast mode.

281. Treat her like royalty.

282. Do what make you happy.

283. Family over everything.

284. Create your own reality.

285. What’s a mob to a king?

286. Nobody said it was easy

287. Sky was never the limit

288. Everything you’re going

289. Either I win or I learn.

290. Big boys need big toys.

291. Sky was never the limit.

292. Great things take time.

293. Remember, you are loved.

294. Obstacles can’t stop me!

295. Do all things with love.

296. Wisdom begins in wonder.

297. Go out and do sometihng.

298. Finish what you started.

299. Learn to love your work.

300. Do more than just exist.

301. Fight for what you love.

302. Good people still exist.

303. Mindset: I can & I will.

304. You’re more than enough.

305. Do what makes you happy.

306. It all stars with dream.

307. The best is yet to come.

308. Don’t chase, get chosen.

309. I’m aware that I’m rare.

310. You give before you get.

311. I am not afraid to fail.

312. Make moves, not excuses.

313. Guy code: Be a real guy.

314. Too glam to give a damn.

315. Hesitation kills dreams.

316. Yesterday Now Tomorrow

317. What’s your lunch today?

318. Money talks and I listen

319. Focus on your main goal

320. Current mode: beast mode

321. Passion can’t be faked.

322. Fear is just an illusion

323. A miracle is on its way.

324. Your dreams are calling

325. Success breeds happiness

326. Never forget who you are

327. Fortune favors the bold

328. Plant now harvest later.

329. Stop acting like twice.

330. You have what it takes.

331. Let’s make lots of money

332. Everything is temporary.

333. Kind words cost nothing.

334. Love is buying me books.

335. I don’t worry I just win

336. A year changes you a lot

337. You are your only limit.

338. Stay hungry stay foolish

339. Fly above the negativity

340. My team is always hungry

341. Life is what you make it

342. Be loyal behind my back.

343. Hope is the spur of life.

344. Momentum builds success.

345. He conquers who endures.

346. What we think, we become.

347. Fortune favors the brave.

348. A jug fills drop by drop.

349. Solitude is independence.

350. I am Gucci, you’re crocs.

351. A year changes you a lot.

352. Self-love isn’t selfish.

353. Love is buying me books.

354. Hesitation kills dreams.

355. Do what gives you peace.

356. Be productive. Not busy.

357. Start young retire young.

358. Peace looks good on you.

359. Wish list: peace of mind.

360. Make yourself a priority.

361. Big dreamers always win.

362. DNA doesn’t make a family

363. Don’t quit your daydream.

364. Tag a future millionaire

365. You are my new addiction.

366. Luxury is in the details

367. I want that off-road car

368. Do no harm, take no shit

369. Be loyal behind my back.

370. Speak it into existence.

371. My team is always hungry.

372. A graveyard for dreamers.

373. Life always finds a way.

374. Fight for what you love.

375. My team is always hungry

376. Type “yes” if have goals

377. I woke up in beast mode.

378. Fear is just an illusion.

379. No pressure, no diamonds.

380. More money, more options

381. Early bird gets the worm.

382. Make your wants want you.

383. Be bold, don’t be boring.

384. Stay humble. Hustle hard.

385. You gotta get up and try.

386. Where are ours followers?

387. Tag a future billionaire.

388. New day. New Opportunity.

389. Clear your mind of can’t.

390. Let’s make lots of money.

391. Fly above the negativity.

392. Success and nothing less.

393. A lady can be a boss too.

394. Ok Monday, let’s do this.

395. Fear is only an illusion.

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396. All you need is one love.

397. Average is the new broke.

398. All I see is opportunity.

399. Unleash the beast within.

400. Pain makes people change.

401. I am prepared to succeed.

402. A miracle is on it’s way.

403. Kind words cost nothing.

404. Self care is not selfish.

405. Better things are coming.

406. Never forget who you are.

407. Retire young, retire rich

408. I don’t worry I just win

409. Hate is heavy. Let it go.

410. Start now. Not tomorrow.

411. Wish for it. Work for it.

412. Kill them with kindness.

413. This week is you. Own it.

414. You always have a choice.

415. Boss up or quit bitching

416. Hate is heavy, let it go.

417. Battle is a way of life.

418. We do not sleep. We grind

419. Nothing is stopping you.

420. Success is my only option

421. Late nights on my grind.

422. The best is yet to come:

423. Less friends, less drama.

424. Remember why you started.

425. Time to get our freak on.

426. They laugh then the copy.

427. Don’t tell them show them

428. Don’t marry rich, be rich

429. Work smarter, not harder.

430. Everyone starts somewhere

431. Outshine your competition

432. Never lose the kid in you

433. Real men handle business.

434. Let them know who’s boss.

435. We rise by lifting others.

436. Success is a poor teacher.

437. Fake it ’till you make it.

438. Light tomorrow with today!

439. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

440. Failure has its successes.

441. Independence is happiness.

442. Wish list: peace of mind.

443. Don’t get angry. Get rich.

444. Tag a future billionaire.

445. Family isn’t always blood.

446. Tag a future millionaire.

447. Be a better you, for you.

448. You play to win the game.

449. Be carefree, not careless.

450. Find comfort in the chaos.

451. I don’t sweat. I sparkle.

452. Become success conscious.

453. It all starts with a dream

454. Every king needs a queen.

455. Be young, dope. Be proud.

456. Don’t marry rich, be rich.

457. Trust me, you deserve it.

458. Individuality is so sexy.

459. Keep your eyes the prize.

460. Just believe in yourself.

461. Make changes, not excuses.

462. Note to self: let shit go.

463. Fix your attitude or leave

464. Fall in love with moments.

465. It costs $0,00 to be nice.

466. Kill them with your smile

467. Thankful for all the “no’s

468. Find a way, not an excuse.

469. I will be better tomorrow.

470. My passion is my priority.

471. Peace begins with a smile.

472. Choose a positive thought!

473. Destroy what destroys you.

474. Don’t sell yourself short.

475. Prepare while others play.

476. Real man handles business.

477. Tag your partner in crime.

478. True love knows no fences.

479. It’s okay to be different.

480. Real friends are blessing.

481. They laugh then they copy.

482. Success is my only option.

483. A picture of a gentle man.

484. You will get through this.

485. We do not sleep. We grind.

486. Life is too short to wait.

487. Silent move, loud results.

488. Stop wishing. Start doing.

489. DNA doesn’t make a family.

490. The week is yours. Own it.

491. I didnt come here to lose.

492. Another day, another slay.

493. Learn to be uncomfortable.

494. Summer has come to an end.

495. Rise above the status quo.

496. Any day now… you will see.

497. Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat.

498. Set goals that excite you.

499. Be a beast, drive a beast.

500. 80% success is showing up.

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