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Best 130 Mindfulness Quotes

Here is the ultimate collection of mindfulness quotes about breathing, mind, faith, zen, meditation, suffering, thinking, love and living in the present moment. Mindfulness Quotes 1. What am I? – Anonymous 2. Be here now. – Ram Dass 3. Just breathe. – Anonymous 4. If not now, when? – Anonymous 5. There is only Now. […]

Best 100 Quotes by Jeff Bezos on Customer, Innovation, Brand, Advertising

Jeff Bezos Quotes 1. Kindness is a choice. – Jeff Bezos 2. Obsess over customers. – Jeff Bezos 3. Strip malls are history. – Jeff Bezos 4. I like to be counted on. – Jeff Bezos 5. Frugality drives innovation. – Jeff Bezos 6. No communication is terrible! – Jeff Bezos 7. Your margin is […]

Best 100 Motivational Customer Service Quotes (2020)

Here is the ultimate collection of 100 inspirational customer service quotes for work that you can use for your business to make your customers happy and avoid bad experiences. We often hear that customer is king! But how can your achieve this for your business? Through quality? Hardwork? Bonus? Lowering profits? Time Management? Teamwork? How […]

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