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Best 103 Demotivational Quotes Which Are Funny And Humorous

Here’s the best collection of 103 demotivational quotes. We can call them anti motivational quotes as well as motivational quotes for pessimists. In a way, they are funny quotes too! Demotivational Quotes 1. I can but I won’t. 2. You can be replaced. 3. You really can (not)! 4. It could always get worse. 5. […]

Best 100 Funny Quotes and Captions To Make You Laugh

Let’s have some fun time with these best 100 funny quotes and funny captions. Funny Quotes and Captions 1. To do is to be. To be is to do. Do be do be do. 2. I snore on purpose. 3. Hide. I see Monday. 4. Bad Spellers – UNTIE!! 5. I always lie. Trust me. […]

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