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Best 1000 Humor Quotes

This is the best collection of 1000 humor quotes from famous and interesting people of the world. Humor Quotes 1. Humor is healing. – Brad Garrett 2. I like good humor. – John J. McLaughlin 3. Humor is very healing. – Bonnie Hunt 4. It’s a funny old world. – Margaret Thatcher 5. Gags die, […]

Best 130 Mind Quotes about Brain, Illusions, Logic, Love

Here is the collection of best 130 mind quotes about brain, strength, illusions, energy, happiness, love, logic, pain, humor and so on. Mind is the most interesting phenomenon. It is said that we can only a very small portion of its capacity. So mind is a wonderful source of energy. Below are the interesting and intriguing […]

Best 100 Quotes by Mark Twain on Humor, Truth, Action, Work

Mark Twain Quotes 1. Explore. Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain 2. Golf is a good walk, spoiled. – Mark Twain 3. When in doubt, tell the truth. – Mark Twain 4. Hunger is the handmaid of genius. – Mark Twain 5. All kings is mostly rapscallions. – Mark Twain 6. Be good, and you will […]

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