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Best 100 Marriage Quotes To Inspire You

Marriage is the most sincere relationship, isn’t it? These best 100 marriage quotes will motivate you and make you mature. This is an interesting collection of happy marriage quotes that talk about love, husband, wife, him, her and above all love! Marriage quotes 1. Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. – […]

Best 100 Love Quotes about True Love and Falling In Love

Love! a word so magical, isn’t it? Here are best 100 love quotes about falling in love and true love. All those lovely couples and people who are in love will find these quotes so soothing! Love is the poem, love is life and love is everything. Love Quotes 1. True love lasts forever. – […]

Best 98 Love Yourself Quotes To Inspire You

Here’s the collection of best 100 Love yourself quotes. We often talk about loving others, but rarely think about loving ourself. These encouraging quotes about loving yourself will motivate you to new self-discovery about yourself. Quotes will also inspire you to love yourself more. You need to love yourself first before you can love others, […]

Best 100 Self Discovery Quotes To Inspire You Today

Here’s the collection of best 100 self-discovery quotes to follow to know yourself, to find yourself and to know who you are. Self-introspection and self-observation will help you find the answer for old age question ‘who am I?’. If you’re spiritual, you’ll find these quotes to be very useful for your inner journey. Self-discovery Quotes […]

Best 100 Music Quotes To Inspire You

Here is the list of best 100 music quotes to inspire you and your soul. Nothing helps us like music to come out of loneliness. Enjoy! Music Quotes 1. Music is my hustle. – Pitbull 2. Music is my religion. – Jimi Hendrix 3. My music is a luxury. – Lana Del Rey 4. Live […]

Best 100 Inspirational Parenting Quotes

These parenting quotes is a best collection for parents as well as children to understand the importance of parenting. Famous authors have their say about parenting. These positive quotes gives clear understanding about parenthood. It tells us about what it means being parents, father and mother. Parenting Quotes 1. Kids spell love T-I-M-E. – John […]

Best 80 Trust Quotes That Will Inspire You Right Now

Trust quotes about faith, truth, love, character, self-trust and being trustworthy. The deep and meaningful trust quotes will inspire you right now. Trust Quotes 1. Trust is won not given. – Tobsha Learner 2. Trust is the first step to love. – Munshi Premchand 3. Trust dies but mistrust blossoms. – Sophocles 4. Love all, […]

Best 130 Mindfulness Quotes

Here is the ultimate collection of mindfulness quotes about breathing, mind, faith, zen, meditation, suffering, thinking, love and living in the present moment. Mindfulness Quotes 1. What am I? – Anonymous 2. Be here now. – Ram Dass 3. Just breathe. – Anonymous 4. If not now, when? – Anonymous 5. There is only Now. […]

Best 130 Mind Quotes about Brain, Illusions, Logic, Love

Here is the collection of best 130 mind quotes about brain, strength, illusions, energy, happiness, love, logic, pain, humor and so on. Mind is the most interesting phenomenon. It is said that we can only a very small portion of its capacity. So mind is a wonderful source of energy. Below are the interesting and intriguing […]

Best 100 Healing Quotes about Love, Mindfulness, Forgiveness, Hope

The following collection of best 100 healing quotes will provide you with strength to heal yourself and heal others. It also gives understanding about importance of healing from within. We also learn about importance of forgiveness, love, mindfulness, music, hope and laughter. Healing Quotes 1. Time heals all wounds. – Stephen King 2. The big […]

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