Thoughtful Motivational Quotes by Tim Watts

Tim Watts writes some amazing, deep, meaningful and thoughtful quotes that leave an impact in reader’s mind. He also expresses the reality by saying “I write many quotes which never become known because, sadly, neither am I.

Here’s a cool collection of 32 thoughtful quotes by Tim Watts.

Tim Watts Quotes

1. Do not reminisce. Your days of nostalgia may well be yet to come. – Tim Watts

2. True bombastry is always easier on the stomach than false modesty. – Tim Watts

3. The cowardly lie for their own protection. The conceited lie for their own promotion. – Tim Watts

4. A sense of humour is always essential, not for the sake of laughter, but that warm realisation of finally connecting with a human being. – Tim Watts

5. The moral high-ground of manual workers will forever dwarf this perceived aloofness they have of those with clean hands from their toil. – Tim Watts

6. Sheep may be lead but slaves are sadly driven. – Tim Watts

7. Children born long after their siblings and cousins often become loners, as the unchosen wall surrounding them won’t allow for bridges. – Tim Watts

8. Barking up the wrong tree is better noted from the hiding cat‘s perspective. – Tim Watts

9. From a lifetime of bestowed inadequacy, the dyspraxic genius will shine through in their own unique way. – Tim Watts

10. The day that fish ever need bicycles will be the time when bachelors cease outnumbering spinsters. – Tim Watts

11. Horses and Servants make the best judge of character. – Tim Watts

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12. They without a voice are those who have no choice. – Tim Watts

13. Only amidst unpleasant changes do we truly appreciate how happy we once were. – Tim Watts

14. Forget intelligence. Just use your brain. – Tim Watts

15. Learn of history. Learn from history. But never emulate its cruelty. – Tim Watts

16. Injustice often succeeds in the name of professionalism. – Tim Watts

17. Anger management, if done correctly, should leave you with stomach ulcers. – Tim Watts

18. Critics of a bad situation are always the ones who mistake the outcome for the intention. – Tim Watts

19. The great leveller of human beings will never be realised until scales allow for positions other than just upper and lower. – Tim Watts

20. Laziness is often a shut-down mechanism by those sensitive to life’s demands. – Tim Watts

21. All bullies thrive on sycophancy. Without it, they have no place in the high-fiving hierarchy. – Tim Watts

22. The heterosexual male goes through life needing far more than he is ever needed, and can die a virgin without wishing to. – Tim Watts

23. Ugliness is only a factor amongst minds both shallow and judgemental. – Tim Watts

24. Socialism – paradise in principle – purgatory in practice. – Tim Watts

25. That feeling of futility is the generator for those who give up. – Tim Watts

26. Arrogance is only an assumption of superiority, not actual knowledge. – Tim Watts

27. Count your blessings and never take averted misery for granted. The grass could always be browner. – Tim Watts

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28. If you want the fruits to fall, you must shake the tree – said the giraffe to the pygmy. – Tim Watts

29. Determination without opportunity is like a full-tanked speedboat moored in the mud. – Tim Watts

30. Sexuality may be a preference but never a choice. – Tim Watts

31. I write many quotes which never become known because, sadly, neither am I. – Tim Watts

32. Mental illness – where a strange march is seen to a strange drum unheard. – Tim Watts

33. Constructive Pessimism : recognising a grey cloud for what it truly is and to prepare with an umbrella. – Tim Watts


34. The disappointing truth can be seen when looking at the bigger picture.


35. Always base your beliefs upon your heart – not your identity.


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