100 Quotes by Vaishnavi Baheti on love, motivation, life, and emotions

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A budding author, Vaishnavi Baheti, hails from Surat, Gujarat, INDIA. She has a blog by name Bawara Mann, which aims to promote healthy lifestyle and mental freedom. Being a victim of mental trauma, her aim is to help people understand life in a different perspective.

Recently, launched her first debut novel – Chimes Of Brewing Life, she believes, words have immense power that could make someone’s life, or destroy someone’s relationship.

Here’s the collection of her 100 quotes in the genre of love, motivation, life, and emotions.

1. Sometimes, we think leaving is not a big decision; leaving our parents, leaving our home, just to get that dream world of ours, we feel as if whatever we are doing is right. We think that we have to leave to become smart, to complete our dreams; but we have been so engulfed in our imaginary happy world, that we forget the world-is-not-so- happy outside. Reality and time are much bigger and stronger than anything else. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

2. Sometimes it so happens in life that we think we have made peace with the past , but when that someone comes in front of us , we realize that the past is still alive somewhere in the tiniest corner of our heart . but that smallest corner pains the most … isn’t it ? ” – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

3. Sometimes, I guess, for moving on, you have to start with everything new. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

4. Sometimes you need to leave because there are too many ̳known‘ people in your surroundings. You are scared of getting judged by them. You are afraid of the questions they will ask. You are scared of them leaving you alone. So, you decide to leave everything before they can fire bullets at you. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

5. You have to understand and accept your emotions first, and you can‘t always end up running from them. If you don‘t accept your emotions, they will hit you hard every time you try to move on to do something new. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

6. We all need time in life, but we always forget that we are just giving ourselves excuses for not accepting things in the present because we are afraid; afraid to accept that we are vulnerable, afraid to accept that we are emotional, afraid to accept that we are at times weak, afraid of what people will think, if we show them our emotional side. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

7. You need to understand that it’s life. Heartbreaks, shattered hopes, loneliness, negativity are all a part of it. Every day is a gift wrapped in wrapping paper. Some days, you will be happy with your gift, and on the other days, the gift will hurt you so much that you will end up crying. Don‘t be too hard on yourself as well as on your life. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

8. We all eagerly listen to other stories of depression, anxieties, and downfall. But the hardest and most difficult thing to do is to accept our emotions and stories. Have you ever shared your stories of vulnerability? Ask yourself, how many times have you honestly answered, when someone questions, ‘How are you?’ Half of the times we just end up answering ‘good’, whereas inside, we are dying because of our emotions. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

9. Sometimes it so happens in life that we think we have made peace with the past, but when that someone comes in front of us, we realize that the past is still alive somewhere in the tiniest corner of our heart. But that smallest corner pains the most…Isn’t it? – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

10. “Sometimes in life, you have to take the risk; risks of doing something you have never done before. You have to step out of your comfort zone to do something big, to achieve something big. You might feel nervous, you might feel sick; but when it is over, you will realize how amazing the experience of doing something new is!” – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

11. You know, sometimes life makes you do things you never thought/dreamt of doing! Life has a plan. So, either you can keep complaining about how bad your life is, or you can change and adjust yourself accordingly. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

12. When it comes to the honor of something that you build by heart, you will always stand in the way of protecting it from all the ups and downs, isn’t it? Some things have a direct connection from your heart, like a mother and her child. Same way, my company is like a child to me. I have given efforts, time, and strength to make it reach where it is today. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

13. I don’t know how to explain this, but sometimes you run away from the most important and special relationship of your life, thinking that you will forget all the memories and the person himself. But when it comes back to you smashing like a hardball, you suddenly realize that you never moved on from them. You were just trying to keep ignoring your thoughts and feelings. It is like a chocolate cake with strawberries on top for a health-conscious person. Some or the other day, you’ll have to reach the chocolate part. Now either you can accept the calories and eat it, or you can throw it, but you can’t because it’s chocolate. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

14. ―She looked here and there in the crowd, With eyes dwindling to find something lost.
She was trying to look at people, searching for someone who could match her color. But all she found was ̳fair.
‘She was sad, devastated, and hurt.
She went to the bathroom and cried. For the first time,
She rubbed herself with bleach and soap. It was burning all over her body,
Yet she didn‘t give up.
She was continually screaming Darker the skin, deeper the fight. The world was cruel,
Judging her for her brown color. Little did she knew,
That one day,
her dark color would make her bloom.
Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

15. I believe education is important to teach us manners, but knowledge is more important because it teaches us about life. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

16. A garden looks beautiful with different flowers having different colors. If there were just one color, then I guess no one would have preferred going to that place. It is a heartfelt request from an uncool brown color; please don‘t judge someone by their skin color. Rather judge them by who they are from inside. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

17. The main problem is in the thinking patterns of people. The beliefs, concepts, and values that are imbibed in them have to be changed. The entire process of upbringing and nurturing is filled with loopholes. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

18. If we want to change something in this world, then first we need to change the upbringing of our children. We need to understand that life is not a part of education or marriage. Instead, education and marriage are a part of life. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

19. Life will always hit you hard. You will have too many problems to deal with. You will feel too many emotions with time. Some days you will feel like giving up. Dying will seem easier than living. But once you cross that part, you will have the best days of your life. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

20. The mistake is not of your parents. I‘m not at all saying they are right. But the mistake is of society as a whole. And your parents are just a small part of that society. Your parents are worried about your marriage because they care about you. But the notions that they have framed are wrong. It would be best if you separate them from their values and beliefs. They have been to that exposure which has led them to believe about these things. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

21. Tell me why you believe a Lion roars? Have you ever seen a Lion roaring in reality? If yes, then you should believe. But if no, then why do you believe it; just because you have seen it in movies and studied it in books! Even we are forming our beliefs on the basis of others. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

22. If you want to change something, then firstly, you need to change your whole system from inside. You have to change your beliefs, thoughts, and values. Be clear with yourself. After that, you can change society. Believe in what you see and hear. Try to understand things from a different perspective, and you will realize no one is right or wrong; everyone has been brought up in a different exposure which has made them believe in different things. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

23. Your color doesn‘t matter. You should be strong from inside. And you should never let guys demean you. If you aren’t comfortable with your skin, then people are always going to step on you like garbage. Your color is a part of you, and till the time you won‘t accept it, you will always ask yourself and God, Why brown skin? You will always be ashamed of it. Do something and show the world that your color does not define you. You are defined by your work, your confidence, and your personality. Always be a strong, opinionated woman. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

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24. You never know how a person is until you have had a conversation with them in real life. In this digital world, we have become so prone to chatting that we have started judging people without meeting them. But can you seriously judge the intentions of someone just by chatting? For me, a coffee date is a must! – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

25. If you try to understand life, you will never be able to do so. But life will definitely make you understand things that you never imagined of! – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

26. When everything is going smoothly in life, it is just an indication that something big is going to happen soon. It can be good news that will take you to cloud nine, or it can be a devastating end that will leave you shattered in the dust. And all you can do is wait for life to unfold…because if we knew the future, we would never let ourselves get hurt. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

27. Once in a while, life gives you things that you never thought of receiving. Yet, when something goes wrong, or not according to us, we blame life. But why do we always want to get what we want? The problem is we have been nurtured, by fulfilling all our wishes that we have forgotten to take a ‘NO’ for an answer. Life has its own way of doing things, whether we like it or not. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

28. We all have a destination, a place where we want to go. And there are numerous ways to take. But it should be in our hands, to decide and re-decide which ‘path’ we have to choose. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

29. There are times when havoc is created in your mind and heart, feeling different things at the same time. You want to understand why you are feeling, the way you are, but you can’t. Because of these differences of opinions within ourselves, we decide to postpone things and think, life will sort itself out. But does life really sort things, or it just brings strong wind and blows everything apart? – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

30. Sometimes we end up asking the bitter truths even when we know what will be the answer in reality. We just try to give assurance to our heart and mind that there are possibilities that things will go according to us, but then the truth comes knocking down, and you have to accept the ‘already-known’ facts. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

31. I guess, half of the problems happen because we have created a dream world, happy scenarios in our mind; and when those scenes and world break, we understand the true meaning of life. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

32. Sometimes we make mistakes, huge mistakes that we regret later. The thing is we are so busy in finding the beautiful piece of the puzzle, that we forget the real gem lying in front of our eyes. We think that nothing will change, if we ignore a person. But the truth is once you ignore someone, you change the dynamics of the bond your share. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

33. Never forget that a tree only grows when you take efforts to water it daily. And at times, you need to do a little extra by putting fertilizers. In the same way, a relationship only nurtures when you make efforts. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

34. In life, there are times when we are drowned in our emotions, in our feelings that we don‘t think clearly. Everything is so f***ing messed up, that you feel like running away from the place that gave you the happiest-memories of all time. It‘s like an old room, filled with photos and dust. While opening the door, you feel magical, but while looking at the big mess, you feel tired of cleaning it. So, either you throw everything in the dumpster, or let the dust remain as it is! – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

35. Sometimes we leave; not because we hate things, but because everything has a good memory associated with it. You need to leave, not because you want to, but because you are too exhausted from looking at the same people, same places, and remembering the same memories. Our mind is a devil that plays tricks very smartly. At first it makes happy memories and then releases hormones that make us cry while remembering those happy days. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

36. Accept the vulnerable you. Till the time you don‘t embrace every phase of yours, the universe won‘t embrace you. Because the universe only accepts those who accept themselves first. Sit under the open sky, and cry. Don‘t be embarrassed to shed your tears. Feel the universe hugging you, because there is no strong and weak in the eyes of the universe. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

37. Things don‘t work when you force them on yourself or on other‘s. Things work when you understand and accept them. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

38. At times we are so scared of opening that one text message, meeting that one special friend, taking that first step towards a dream. But once we take that one step of opening the box we end up, discovering the things we were waiting for. The first step is the scariest and the riskiest, but once done, it is the key to unlock the world we were dreaming of! – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

39. We all have secrets; secrets that we hide from the world. Secrets we think will not be acceptable in society. But don‘t you think those secrets make us different and unique. We all have deep scars that we hid from the world. Sometimes, you don‘t have to hide those scars; you have to open them to the world outside to heal them. After all, we are humans; made of regrets, past, decisions we take, memories we create, beliefs we form, preconceived notions we adopt from society. – Chimes Of Brewing Life By Vaishnavi Baheti

Motivational Quotes

40. Keep postponing the thought of suicide from your mind, till the time, the thought gets disappeared. It is not easy, but it is not that hard. Call for help and therapies, before you do something wrong. No one is happy to see you die. But at least, a few people are happy to see you alive. And if you still think that no one cares to see you alive, then trust me, I AM HAPPY TO SEE THAT YOU ARE STILL BREATHING. – Vaishnavi Baheti

41. What’s done in the past can’t be changed ! But to repair it , you have to take action in the present . What will happen in future , will happen . But to achieve your dreams , you have to take action in the present . So , what’s remaining is present ! Use it wisely! – Vaishnavi Baheti

42. A real change is when you change from inside and for yourself. If you are changing to please people, to get their validation, then you are not at all changing. When you realise that you need to change, to understand and calm your inner demons, then you change for real. – Vaishnavi Baheti

43. We are all struggling. We all have problems. We are all worried. The only difference is a few are busy finding solutions and a few are busy complaining. – Vaishnavi Baheti

44. Clouds can hide the sun, but can’t take away its shine. Likewise, people can bark at you, but can’t take away your light. -Vaishnavi Baheti

45. To be someone’s inspiration or to inspire someone; You don’t need to do •big work. You just need to keep doing the “good work’. – Vaishnavi Baheti

46. I’m way too sensitive. I’m a too much caring person. I sometimes get angry about silly issues. I just say what I feel. I do think too much. Sometimes, even overthink. Im crazy, stupid, immature and bitchy sometimes. I cry. I’m dramatic. I get hurt. But it’s fine! I’m a girl with too many flaws. I’m imperfect in too many ways. But I’m ‘me’ always. I don’t try or pretend to be someone else. I enjoy being me whether you like it or not. I want to be called as ‘mine before I’m being called as anyone else. I don’t even want to get changed for someone else. And even if I get change; it’s not for you. It’s for a better-me. – Vaishnavi Baheti

47. Life is a complete mess between-
Things you want and things you don’t want.
Things you have and things you don’t have.
Vaishnavi Baheti

48. A beautiful flower can grow between stones! LIKEWISE, it does not matter where you are or what you have done. All that matters is, how much effort you are putting in present. Hard work, continuous efforts, and commitment will make you reach your goal. .
Vaishnavi Baheti

49. Crying is an old thing, Smiling is the best thing. Being weak is the old trend, Being strong is the new tag. Being an option is worthless, Being a priority is priceless. Being cowardly is not a choice, Being a hero is the new style. – Vaishnavi Baheti

50. Of all the temporary things, one thing that can lead you to success is permanent BELIEVE in yourself. – Vaishnavi Baheti

51. We often judge people, situations, and even ourselves through third eye. That means the eyes of society. Because of this we always misjudge situations, blame people for doing nothing, and have doubts on our relationship. Many times, relationships break because of the opinion of third eyes. Clear your perception and judge everything by your eyes. Don’t blindly believe what others’ say! – Vaishnavi Baheti

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52. Be grateful for what you have and what all you can do. Keep updating and upgrading yourself, but don’t keep on feeling sad or complaining about what others have. YOU ARE WORTHY. – Vaishnavi Baheti

53. Life is way hard. But it’s not even that much hard that you can’t afford to be happy.

54. Anxiety is not a solution for too much work. Start prioritizing your tasks and focus on one task at a time. Complete that task, appreciate yourself for a moment, and move ahead to the next one. – Vaishnavi Baheti

55. We are constantly blaming others that “they did this to me” or “they used me” but are they seriously using you or are we only responsible for what’s happening to us? Before you blame the other person for something, ask yourself – WERE THEY REALLY AT FAULT OR YOUR PERCEPTIONS, EMOTIONS AND BELIEFS MADE YOU FALL IN THEIR TRAP? – Vaishnavi Baheti

56. Instead of playing blame games, Let’s say sorry, Let’s accept others’ apology, So that we could live peacefully. Instead of making others perfect, Let’s accept them with their flaws, Let’s accept ourselves with our flaws, So that our relationship can live flawlessly. – Vaishnavi Baheti

57. Till the time you are a victim of yourself, you’ll always need a hero to save you. Instead, kill your inner demons to become your own superhero. – Vaishnavi Baheti

58. Connect your brain to healthy things! Invest your mind energy in things that will help it grow and expand. – Vaishnavi Baheti

59. On one side, I’m dying little by little each and every day. On the other side, I’m reborn little by little each and every day. -Vaishnavi Baheti

60. “Change is the law of the world. In a moment you become the owner of millions, in the other you become penniless.” ‘Change’ is the law of nature. Even people change with time. So, does a ‘situation’. The reality is we are not living in a world which is permanent. Everything is temporary. You might be in a situation of begging today, but the other day, you might be in a position to provide a beggar with shelter! To the temporary things, harsh situations, and the broken bridge of hopes! – Vaishnavi Baheti

61. More than half of people are already blurred by their assumptions of results that they don’t take efforts. But the results are not in your hand. The only thing that is in your hand is constant efforts! The more you’ll worry for results, the more you’ll end up doing nothing. Because, we humans are prone to negative thinking! – Vaishnavi Baheti

62. Overthinking is the main cause of worries, stress, and anxiety. The more you think, the more worse your reality becomes. sure to break the chain of thoughts before it breaks you down. It’s hard, but not impossible! – Vaishnavi Baheti

63. We are always busy complaining. We are constantly comparing ourselves with others. We are always dissatisfied with our skin colour, hair, personality and everything. The more we hate ourselves, the more people will make fun of us. Remember, the thing you hate about yourself, may be the thing someone else loves about you. You don’t have to change yourself. looks to gain someone’s love. Be comfortable and proud of your looks! You’re beautiful, Charming, and Adorable! – Vaishnavi Baheti

64. The more you’ll keep yourself attached to your thoughts, the more you’ll fall in the trap of overthinking. More than half of the time either we are busy thinking negative or busy thinking useless. So, don’t let yourself get attached to thoughts because they come and go in a blink of an eye. – Vaishnavi Baheti

65. The one thing that we are always stressing about is what you think others have, but you don’t. Like for example; She is beautiful that’s why I hate her Or I hate her for being rich. But again the question is What is the definition of beautiful or rich! There’s no exact definition of these things. You have developed your definition of beautiful on the basis of what others think is beautiful. These are just the limiting beliefs we have developed within our mind from our limited exposure, society, and whatnot. That’s the reason, we ruin our peace, hate ourselves and end-up hating our life. Till the time, you won’t let yourself be free from such beliefs, values, preconceptions, you’ll always think you hate others whereas deep down inside, you just put yourself down. – Vaishnavi Baheti

66. Change is for yourself! If you are changing for someone else, then you are not at all changing! – Vaishnavi Baheti

67. You don’t have to worry about what will happen. You don’t have to worry about what has happened. You just have to think about what you have to do now. – Vaishnavi Baheti

68. You are not stuck. Your thoughts are making you feel stuck. Take a deep breath, relax, and look around. There are numerous opportunities and people waiting for your acknowledgement. – Vaishnavi Baheti

69. A prisoner is not just a person in jail . But sometimes , a free man is prisoner to his own thoughts , values , and beliefs . Vaishnavi Baheti

70. Comparing yourself with others will only make you sad , frustrated , and jealous . You will bloom when your time comes . Till then keep moving forward . Everyone’s journey to bloom is different . We all have a different destination and a different exposure to life ! Keep doing the hard work! – Vaishnavi Baheti

71. The more you will hold on to your past, the heavier your mind and heart will feel. What you have done is done, it can not be undone now. So, instead of crying over that, think about how you can rectify the situation, or how can you convert the situation in your favour. Learn from that chapter and end it. Focus on what’s coming ahead. – Vaishnavi Baheti

72. “But, how, when, what if ” Remove all these words and take a step forward towards
your dreams. Don’t dwell on what has happened in the past and what will happen infuture. If you dream it, then just go for it. – Vaishnavi Baheti

73. So, it was a bad day. You made mistakes. You cried. Someone shouted at you. Someone left you. You felt alone. You felt lonely. You felt depressed. You felt sad. So, what? It’s okay to have bad days. It’s okay to feel bad. It’s okay to cry. But don’t forget, after every night, there’s a new fresh morning. Let your bad day’s end with the descending moon, and let a new day begin with an ascending sun. -Vaishnavi Baheti

74. Every action has a result!
Every Good/bad action of yours will always have a Positive/Negative result. You do bad, you’ll receive bad. You do good, * you’ll receive good. You hurt others, you’ll also get hurt. Whether you believe it or not, Karma has power to turn things around. No one can run away from it. All you can do is do good and be kind. Vaishnavi Baheti

75. Sometimes, it just happens. You feel happy and sad at the same time. That’s because sometimes when some days/things are too special for us, we get nervous – nervous of ruining it, nervous that it will all turn upside down, nervous that things will not happen the way you have imagined. But then again this thing will pass. All these weird feelings will go! In the end, all that matters is YOU. Believe in yourself. Be patient and be confident. Let go. Live. Love! – Vaishnavi Baheti

76. If you want to blend in with society, then start being who you truly are whether anyone likes it or not. Society is going to criticize you whether you’re doing something or whether you’re not. Start throwing positive vibrations into universe. The more you’ll throw negativity in universe, the more you’ll receive negativity. Whatever you do, people are going to judge you. So, do what you ‘think’ is Right’ for you. Don’t get trapped into a person you’re not. Be true to yourself and accept yourself as you are. Do change’, for your own betterment; not to please people. Rest, even the God is being judged if you’re having hardships – “uperwala to aisa he h, meri kabhi icha poori he nahi krta.” Vaishnavi Baheti

77. The bright and radiating colors of flowers, blooming among the green leaves, are so refreshing to the eyes and heart. Walking and sitting in nature is a therapy in itself the light wind caressing the cheeks, the soft grass touching the feet, sunlight from the sky, the smell of gilli meeti the blossoming scented flowers, the sound of the rustling leaves and the birds chirping; everything is so soothing and peaceful. Nature has its own music. if you’re smart enough to listen. Make sure to give an hour from your 24 hours a day to nature. Feel it. Listen to it. Adorn the abundant beauty it stores in itself. And please protect it! – Vaishnavi Baheti

78. Feel. Every. Emotion. Whether positive or negative, sad or happy, you have to feel each and every emotion. You can’t deny or run away. You have to be strong and face everything. ‘Being positive’ is just overrated. You can’t be positive each and every time. You have to feel, think, and accept whatever emotion you’re facing. If you try to deny what you actually feel, you’ll get stuck instead of getting out. Accept the reality. Don’t be so harsh on yourself that you start feeling tortured. If you want to be at peace with yourself then tell yourself that It’s okay, I’m feeling negative right now. But don’t worry, I will get out from this soon.’ Don’t force yourself to ‘be positive’ each and every time.
-Vaishnavi Baheti

79. So you’re scared? Right.
Most of the dreams die because people are scared. People are scared to take that first step. Everyone is scared that the outcome would be bad. Even arjuna was scared of the outcome when he was in the war with koravas in the epic Mahabharata. But its said that, if you want to achieve something then you have to go for it. Don’t fear the outcome, but, fear that someday in future you’ll regret – what you did not do? Remember everything happens for the first time’ in life. You don’t even know what that first step’ might bring. It could change your whole life. Get over your fears. Don’t be a coward. Go for your dreams. Chase them. Run behind them. Don’t care what people will think. Just care what your heart says. – Vaishnavi Baheti

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80. The toys thrown in the dumpster became her birthday surprise. Ironically, sometimes even second-hand things play the role of first-hand. – Vaishnavi Baheti

81. God has given wings to everyone. We humans have those invisible wings in the form of indomitable strength, the power of knowledge and the immense positivity. Open your wings and fly as high as you can. Don’t cage yourself in the bars of society. Break the senseless stereotypes and live your life. You’ll fall. You’ll learn. And you’ll grow. – Vaishnavi Baheti

82. I believe in God and miracles. I believe in love and hope. I believe in the universe and its power. I believe in the infinity and the power of supernatural things. I believe in the Karma and the seven births. I believe that heaven and hell exist. I believe in things which people might think do not exist. I believe everything that my life has taught me till now, has drawn me towards an end which is yet to be known. I believe in myself. Because my life has always taught me, what you believe becomes a reality and what you don’t remains just a dream. – Vaishnavi Baheti

83. Yes! Time changes. Today you might be a zero but tomorrow you can become a hero. If you’re sad or if things are not working as per your wishes, don’t worry it’s just a temporary phase. It will eventually end. Be calm and be patient. – Vaishnavi Baheti

84. Believe yourself
Have faith in yourself. Do what your heart says. People will stop you, they will try to put you down but just ignore them. Move forward with what you feel right. Show them that you are not less than anyone else. – Vaishnavi Baheti

85. Her scars were different, Her pain was different. She was a normal being yesterday,
But society considered her different today! “What is so different about her “- I asked.
They said – “She is the girl who had been raped!” – Vaishnavi Baheti

Love Quotes

86. Love can destroy you or it can heal you. Love can make you or it can break you.
Love can be forever yours or it can never be yours. Love can make you sweet or it can make you bitter.
Love can show you a rainbow or it can show you lightning. Love can make you weak or it can make you strong.
Love can scare your heart to death or it can reassure your heart to beat again. Love can be a breathless surprise or it can be a tight slap on heart.
Love can be just an illusion or it can be a magical reality. Love can show you heaven or it can show you hell.
But in the end, Love is all we need despite all risks.
– Vaishnavi Baheti

87. Sometimes, some relationships need a “little more’ than you usually do; a little more care, a little more effort, and a little more time. – Vaishnavi Baheti

88. Saying that I can’t be replaced and showing that I can’t seriously be replaced are two different things! Saying is very easy but what’s tough is showing. – Vaishnavi Baheti

89. And then there are few relationships which need to be accepted with flaws. Coz, the more you try to change, the more apart people go. – Vaishnavi Baheti

90. Your curse turned out to be a blessing when the words thrown by you on my face were the only words that gave my poem a beautiful shape. – Vaishnavi Baheti

91. Dear broken heart, It’s okay if you’re broken. I know it hurts. But to end up strong, you need to feel the toughest pain. It’s okay! These things are not working out the way you have thought. Believe me! Sometimes good things take time to come. You have to work hard, you have to undergo a lot of painful sufferings, but at the end things will turn good. A day will come when all your broken pieces will be joined, perfectly at their original places but for now just relax and calm down. For now, try to keep smiling even if it’s too hard, try to make others happy even if you’re not and try to keep yourself healthy even if it’s next to impossible. – Vaishnavi Baheti

92. Loving someone who doesn’t love you back in the same way is hard. Yes! It’s painful Controlling all those feelings and butterflies in your stomach, you get when you look at them is tough. But you can’t do anything. Everything can’t be bought with money. Somethings just happens. You don’t have any control on them. And so is love. You can love someone but you can’t force someone to love you back. All you could do is accept the fact and move on. Yes! Moving on is tough but eventually with time you’ll. Move on doesn’t mean that you forget each and everything about that person. Sometimes move on means to keep everything inside your heart alive and then silently smiling at the thought of them. It’s nobody’s fault. Love happens. Instead of making it complicated make it rather simple Yes! You loved and it’s not a big deal Too many hearts are broken. He did not loved you the way you did is his fault. Everyone here won’t love you. – Vaishnavi Baheti

93. Love is not just a feeling. It’s everything. It’s a collaboration of emotions, fights, arguments, trust, insecurities, jealousy and above all holding each other’s hand till the end of the journey called life. Love makes you go crazy. Even when you know that the person you love can never love you back you’ll still try to do everything just to make that person smile. And when you see that smile, the clouds in your heart thunder, it storms, it rains creating the most beautiful rainbow in front of your eyes. If you have found the love of your life then believe me you’re the most blessed person. Respect the love you have and give more love then you can. Be limitless. Don’t create boundaries of ‘don’t expect more for me’. Don’t just let go your relationship for some stupid fight. Hold on, try your best to keep up with your partner. Every problem can be solved if you want to. Set an example for your children that love is not fake because the generation in which they will live, will be all about lust, break ups and lies! Be the ‘Mickey mouse and Minnie’ with the touch of ‘tom and jerry’. – Vaishnavi Baheti

94. To the heartbroken girl, Don’t worry, if you still love him. Don’t worry, if you still have feelings for him. I know you loved him truly and you will never be able to forget him. It’s all okay. Be kind towards yourself. It was not your fault. It was he who didn’t understand the value of true love. You did your best and now it’s time to dump those memories in the corner of your heart and give a break to yourself. – Vaishnavi Baheti

95. ..And then she became unstoppable! She knew she deserved better. She knew she deserved more than him. But still she chose him. Still, she chose to love him, just to realise in the end, that it’s not worth to fight for someone who can’t even understand the meaning of love’, – Vaishnavi Baheti

96. People don’t know how to make someone happy. According to me, to make someone happy, you have to go inside their mind and find out the things. You just can’t believe that what makes you happy, will also make them happy. It’s not necessary that two people are always compassionate about the similar things. But to make the next person happy, you have to show at least a bit of interest in whatever stuff he/she does. – Vaishnavi Baheti

97. I just wish that you Ring the doorbell of my heart once again So that I could open the door and shut it on your face. – Vaishnavi Baheti

98. Life is way hard. But it’s not even that much hard that you can’t afford to be happy. – Vaishnavi Baheti

99. Coz sometimes there’s so much pain inside you, there’s so much mess inside you that all you need is someone who could care selflessly, who would understand everything, who would make you smile by random sweet messages, who would handle ‘the messed you’ as if enjoying the rain even when it’s stormy outside. -Vaishnavi Baheti

100. Move on – Things change and time change and to keep up with that even you’ll have to change. Don’t get attached to someone too much. It’s very tough when that person will leave you. And believe me one or the other day every one has to go. Everyone will leave you alone. You are alone and you have to accept that. – Vaishnavi Baheti

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