Top 100 Film Making Quotes by Vikas Rajpopat

film making quotes by vikas rajpopat

Vikas Rajpopat is Gujarat based film maker, media planner, writer, published author, journalist, academician and businessman. His first feature film is going to be available soon on silver screen and on OTTs. Before this feature film, he has made many award winning short films, documentaries and professionally corporate films, television commercials and digital video commercials.

Academically, he was student of mass communication and journalism faculty, MS University, Vadodara. He has completed his M.Phil. in cinema and currently pursuing his Ph.D. in cinema.

Here’s an amazing collection of film making quotes, film shooting quotes, film director quotes and much more which depict the depth and experience Vikas Rajpopat has about film-making.

Vikas Rajpopat Quotes

Amazing starter quotes

1. Life is not only about winning, for the victory sometimes loosing is necessary. – Vikas Rajpopat

life is not only about winning

2. Experience is an uncanny virtue ! It confuses past with your present. – Vikas Rajpopat

experience uncanny virtue

3. Film, though a commodity, can not be created by a maker as a product. – Vikas Rajpopat

film commodity product quote

4. Magic might be called to something external but the real magic is when something beautiful comes out of you. – Vikas Rajpopat

magic quote vikas rajpopat

5. To trust someone dumps you but to trust without any person being there makes you win. – Vikas Rajpopat

trust quote vikas rajpopat

6. Mind is so entertaining until it thinks about others. – Vikas Rajpopat

mind quote vikas rajpopat

7. God saves you when you don’t need to be saved anymore. – Vikas Rajpopat

god quote vikas rajpopat

8. Until art becomes the very existence, the artist can’t stop. – Vikas Rajpopat

art quote vikas rajpopat

9. Reality, being very subjective in its nature, always leads you to illusions. – Vikas Rajpopat

reality quote vikas rajpopat

10. Relaxation is when you don’t need to remember your name too. – Vikas Rajpopat

relaxation quote vikas rajpopat

11. If it’s only about numbers, where there is need of quality? – Vikas Rajpopat

numbers quality quote vikas rajpopat

12. The biggest lie that has ever occurred is to be not affected. – Vikas Rajpopat

lie quote vikas rajpopat

13. Magic for someone is a simplest trick for other. – Vikas Rajpopat

magic trick quote vikas rajpopat

14. If the physical body is in sync, mind finds its easy to remain silent. – Vikas Rajpopat

physical body quote vikas rajpopat

15. When you speak truth, who can guarantee it? – Vikas Rajpopat

speak truth quote vikas rajpopat

16. Investment is knowledge seems without ROI but it’s the core. – Vikas Rajpopat

investment knowledge quote vikas rajpopat

17. When a film makes you feel part of it, the success is evident. – Vikas Rajpopat

film making quote vikas rajpopat

18. If newspaper is for negative incidents, what’s for positive incidents to report? – Vikas Rajpopat

newspaper quote vikas rajpopat

19. Education is to replace the natural process of learning with the artificial .- Vikas Rajpopat

education quote vikas rajpopat

20. Films can not be made with inspiration, knowledge or even calculation of earning. It is made when the urge centers the stage. – Vikas Rajpopat

films quote vikas rajpopat

Classic quotes on film-making

21. Films were easy to be made when ‘lost and found’ was amidst people. Now humanity even doesn’t know what they want so gaining it is impossible, loosing and finding it back is out of question. – Vikas Rajpopat

films quote vikas rajpopat

22. Once story is told, the frustrating vacuum is created. It can vanish when a storyteller finds a new story to tell. – Vikas Rajpopat

story quote vikas rajpopat

23. It is still a mystery to define a film. It is an art, a science or something else. – Vikas Rajpopat

film art quote vikas rajpopat

24. Actors are called objects. But as we can’t live our life without objects, films can’t be in existence without them. – Vikas Rajpopat

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actors quote vikas rajpopat

25. A few questions are unanswered in existence in itself, so in films. What makes a success? – Vikas Rajpopat

films success quote vikas rajpopat

26. When the day of shoot arrives, the director feels like being born. – Vikas Rajpopat

film shooting quote vikas rajpopat

27. Nevertheless director is at the helm of everything, he doesn’t know much except about what he wants to say through his film. – Vikas Rajpopat

film director quote vikas rajpopat

28. A film is a life. Few life tastes success, few fails but all have existence. – Vikas Rajpopat

film quote vikas rajpopat

29. There are beings who become conscious when they’re in front of camera and there are some who become conscious when they are not. – Vikas Rajpopat

camera quote vikas rajpopat

30. Films through its emotional connecting rods reach to the lives and motivate to change. – Vikas Rajpopat

films quote vikas rajpopat

31. Time is very relative in films. Sometimes, 3 hours seems so less and 3 minutes feel too long. – Vikas Rajpopat

films quote vikas rajpopat

32. Shot by shot, a story unveils and something hidden inside human hearts unfolds too. – Vikas Rajpopat

film story quote vikas rajpopat

33. Audiences feel that they are going to theatre to get entertained but knowing other lives on a giant screen also teaches. – Vikas Rajpopat

film audience quote vikas rajpopat

34. The cinema screen like a sky has rainbow of various colors of life. – Vikas Rajpopat

cinema quote vikas rajpopat

35. Difficult to believe but the truth is…story chooses a writer-director to be manifested. – Vikas Rajpopat

writer director quote vikas rajpopat

36. A real actor blossoms when camera is in front of him. The reincarnated character touches the hearts. – Vikas Rajpopat

actor camera quote vikas rajpopat

37. Why drama is the most popular genre? Dramatic feelings are there in every human beings. – Vikas Rajpopat

drama quote vikas rajpopat

38. Amidst the chaos of making a film, director remains in the ivory tower of his own. – Vikas Rajpopat

making film quote vikas rajpopat

39. The greatest story tellers have simplest ways of telling it. – Vikas Rajpopat

story teller quote vikas rajpopat

40. Until and unless a story is told, a passionate artist doesn’t get to normalcy. – Vikas Rajpopat

story artist quote vikas rajpopat

Deep quotes on film-making

41. A script well written has less words to express what visuals can speak of and the expression of artists can communicate. – Vikas Rajpopat

script writing quote vikas rajpopat

42. When a director works on a script written by someone else, he needs to live the life the story has to communicate it to the audiences. – Vikas Rajpopat

film director script quote vikas rajpopat

43. Why sometimes a film is celebrated after decades while it is ignored, dejected or rejected when released first? A story can be a post-mature too. – Vikas Rajpopat

film quote vikas rajpopat

44. A writer sees, a director shows and a viewer experiences. A film is as simple as that. – Vikas Rajpopat

writer director vikas rajpopat

45. When a film is made only to make money, the film smells the intention. A viewer can’t be made fool. – Vikas Rajpopat

film make money quote vikas rajpopat

46. The passion plays vital role to make a filmmaker. Skills, know-hows, etc can be managed, kick from inside can’t be rented or leased. – Vikas Rajpopat

filmmaker quote vikas rajpopat

47. The entire crew of the film should act blind as it is the maker who sees what he wants to show and how. – Vikas Rajpopat

film crew quote vikas rajpopat

48. It’s no non-sense every plot uses crisis at its core because crisis works as a fire to ignite human beings. – Vikas Rajpopat

film plot quote vikas rajpopat

49. The beauty of life lies in it’s syllabus to test you. Pass or fail is not important, to go through the test is essential. – Vikas Rajpopat

beauty of life quote vikas rajpopat

50. More and more advancement in technology makes a filmmaker thinks that to tell a story has become easy. But it is not. – Vikas Rajpopat

technology quote vikas rajpopat

51. Insecurities inspire planning. Such planning try to secure things which never can be secured. – Vikas Rajpopat

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insecurities quote vikas rajpopat

52. To know what audiences will feel, the maker needs to feel what the particular situation impacts him emotionally. – Vikas Rajpopat

audience quote vikas rajpopat

53. Gigantic screen in a theatre has its own charm. It makes everything gala and thus emotional effect is also doubled. – Vikas Rajpopat

theatre screen quote vikas rajpopat

54. With the advent of new era of viewing, screens have become smaller and attention span has decreased. Challenge lies there. – Vikas Rajpopat

new era quote vikas rajpopat

55. Dubbed films have its own charisma and that simply proves that the language may differ, core remains the same. – Vikas Rajpopat

dubbed films quote vikas rajpopat

56. Presence of mind of a filmmaker takes the audiences to the absence of mind where things happen. – Vikas Rajpopat

filmmaker audience quote vikas rajpopat

57. Writing and direction are subtle arts while cinematography and editing execute that singleness into the reality. – Vikas Rajpopat

writing direction quote vikas rajpopat

58. When a director decides to look after something on table half way (in editing), he is not prepared in advance. – Vikas Rajpopat

film director quote vikas rajpopat

59. When a boy proposes to a girl and eagerly waits to listen what the girl responds…filmmaker has same feeling when the film is released. – Vikas Rajpopat

boy propose quote vikas rajpopat

60. The pleasure of expressing oneself is quite higher than what the audiences have to say. – Vikas Rajpopat

art audience quote vikas rajpopat

Intriguing quotes on film-making

61. The consistency in character is essential. What a character can do and what can’t be well defined in a film as it’s in real life. – Vikas Rajpopat

character quote vikas rajpopat

62. With the advent in color spectrums, any tone of emotions is achievable if that sensibility is there in the maker. – Vikas Rajpopat

emotions quote vikas rajpopat

63. Editing seems an easy job and it is if the code to hit the right emotions known. – Vikas Rajpopat

film editing quote vikas rajpopat

64. Communication prevails even making a film. Who should be said what to get the desired results is crucial. – Vikas Rajpopat

communication quote vikas rajpopat

65. Viewers when stimulated and enticed with the emotions, their body, mind and heart are in the control of filmmaker. – Vikas Rajpopat

viewers filmmaker quote vikas rajpopat

66. There is a reason why in branding and training, people have started to emphasize on stories. They have seen what films do to the people. – Vikas Rajpopat

branding stories quote vikas rajpopat

67. Archetypes play a major role by default. When a writer conceives a story, archetype inspires and on screen, for audiences, archetypes connect with them. – Vikas Rajpopat

archetypes quote vikas rajpopat

68. Something unknown and personal always seem like a magic. The magical element of film is that it has something universal in it and always a reference to context. – Vikas Rajpopat

magical quote vikas rajpopat

69. Tears are laughter are two great emotions. Which genres have succeeded most? Which triggers laughter and tears. – Vikas Rajpopat

tears laughter quote vikas rajpopat

70. Juxtaposition is not just the tool used inside films. Life of a viewer juxtaposes with the life on a screen. – Vikas Rajpopat

Juxtaposition films quote vikas rajpopat

71. For dreamers, films give visuals to strengthen their dreams. For common man, films give dreams to aspire for. – Vikas Rajpopat

films quote vikas rajpopat

72. Grammar of cinema should only have subject as story, objects as their characters and verbs as their actions and reactions. – Vikas Rajpopat

cinema quote vikas rajpopat

73. Time, alas time! Films play with it. You are made to believe what time it is. – Vikas Rajpopat

films quote vikas rajpopat

74. Who knows whether dream is the reality and waking up is dream? Who knows films are reality and our lives are films ! – Vikas Rajpopat

films quote vikas rajpopat

75. When there is no song in a film, it seems like there is nothing living in the film. We Indians are trained so ! – Vikas Rajpopat

song film quote vikas rajpopat

76. When a film is made, a maker is transformed. Though he designs transformation of his protagonist only, his own is automatic. – Vikas Rajpopat

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film maker quote vikas rajpopat

77. Paradox is that only- on one hand a maker seeks feedback and on the other he doesn’t need it. – Vikas Rajpopat

film maker quote vikas rajpopat

78. Reflecting emotions in certain situation, made to feel like living the experience, not only the actors but the director also needs to have rich experiences of life. – Vikas Rajpopat

emotions quote vikas rajpopat

79. First thing first. The opening shot and the beginning of the film sets the tone for the full film. – Vikas Rajpopat

film quote vikas rajpopat

80. Pursuits become the ingredients to develop the story. Our quests have our stories. – Vikas Rajpopat

story quote vikas rajpopat

Behind the psyche quotes

81. Art, commerce and science, these are streams of activities. In selected any stream, others two become the part partially but in films all 3 are major players. – Vikas Rajpopat

art commerce science quote vikas rajpopat

82. The need of entertainment and story is always huge. If not giant screen, people will consume it on small screen. – Vikas Rajpopat

entertainment quote vikas rajpopat

83. Heavens, hells, fairy world… all these have got imaginary but visualization through films. – Vikas Rajpopat

films quote vikas rajpopat

84. Most of the times stories select the communicators and communicators keep believing that they selected the story. – Vikas Rajpopat

stories quote vikas rajpopat

85. Those who tasted being on screen find it difficult to live off the screen differently, such is the impact all around. – Vikas Rajpopat

screen quote vikas rajpopat

86. Child like innocence, young like passion, old like understanding…a director needs them all to make a film. – Vikas Rajpopat

passion quote vikas rajpopat

87. Setting of a film becomes essential part of the storytelling. Living, non-living everything communicates something. – Vikas Rajpopat

film storytelling quote vikas rajpopat

88. Producer of a film has a great role to play. He plays a vital role to create an environment in which a director can remain in his creative zone. – Vikas Rajpopat

film quote vikas rajpopat

89. On the contrary to the popular notion of glamorous field, while making a film, there is no glamour but hard work. – Vikas Rajpopat

film quote vikas rajpopat

90. Style of a filmmaker is set after 2-3-4 films. What is said how sets the tone of a filmmaker’s style. – Vikas Rajpopat

filmmaker quote vikas rajpopat

91. The creative judgements are an ongoing process. The maker keeps on taking such decisions which in long run proves beneficial or non-beneficial. – Vikas Rajpopat

creative quote vikas rajpopat

92. Films are truly part of mass- communication. The stories are for masses only. – Vikas Rajpopat

films quote vikas rajpopat

93. Bio-pics expresses the lives which were sometimes lived ordinarily but had greater effects on a long run. – Vikas Rajpopat

bio pics quote vikas rajpopat

94. The butterfly effects are well seen in the propaganda films. A film strongly expresses the propaganda with greater effects. – Vikas Rajpopat

butterfly quote vikas rajpopat

95. A doctor treats, an engineer builds and a filmmaker tells. His telling is not at all didactic but interesting. – Vikas Rajpopat

doctor engineer filmmaker quote vikas rajpopat

96. Narrative techniques evolved with time. The rise in media literacy of audiences made makers to tell the simplest stories creative and innovative ways. – Vikas Rajpopat

media stories quote vikas rajpopat

97. Mind games, heart games and soul games, everything is there in a film. – Vikas Rajpopat

mind games quote vikas rajpopat

98. The emotional upliftment that music creates in a film works very similar to the magic. – Vikas Rajpopat

music quote vikas rajpopat

99. Lighting in a film can create miracle. To create the mood in the minds of the viewers, lighting can be used effectively. – Vikas Rajpopat

film quote vikas rajpopat

100. Like customer is king, viewers are kings being film as an commodity or product. But the fact is also that king proposes a product to a king. – Vikas Rajpopat

customer king quote vikas rajpopat

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