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Virendra Rajawat Quotes Numerology

Virendra Rajawat is well-known and best numerologist from India.

His famous quote is “Every Problem Comes With A Solution”.

Virendra Rajawat is an Astro-Numerologist, Gemologist, Vastu Expert and a Vedic Tattoo Master. His top-notch quotes were included in the recent post of numerology quotes.

His grip and understanding of human behavior is clearly displayed in the behavior quotes below. According to him, numerology is pure science and no magic. Once you learn its depth, it feels like magic.

He conducts online classes and teaches numerology to those who are interested in. So far, he has taught numerology to hundreds of students. He also takes one-to-one sessions who needs own numerological charts prepared and explained. He’s a teacher, guide, inspiration and guru to many.

In this page of highly engaging quotes, he shares words of wisdom on Numerology and behavior. Those who are interested in occult science, psychology, karma, destiny, behavior patterns, role of numbers 1 to 9 in our life, will find these quotes motivating.

Virendra Rajawat Quotes

Belief and numerology quotes

1. Please, don’t become a believer. – Virendra Rajawat

Please don't become a believer virendra rajawat

2. My common and basic advise to all is that first of all believe in yourself. Believing in lucky and unlucky numbers, colors, things etc. will not help. – Virendra Rajawat

message virendra rajawat numerologist india

3. When we talk about Numerology, we talk about science. And when we talk about science, we do not ‘believe’ in things, rather we apply logic, investigate and do research. That’s how numerology works. – Virendra Rajawat

talk numerology science investigate research

Numbers quotes

4. Recall your strength as per your numbers. – Virendra Rajawat

recall strength numbers virendra rajawat

5. Saving money is also a virtue of Venus (Shukra) Number 6. – Virendra Rajawat

saving money venus shukra 6 virendra rajawat

6. Numbers have significance as per its sequence in your date of birth. – Virendra Rajawat

numbers sequence date of birth virendra rajawat

7. Your advise won’t work on number 1 (Sun – Surya) until you prove first. – Virendra Rajawat

advise number 1 sun surya virendra rajawat

8. To make your Mars – number 9 (Mangal) strong, always be ready to give. Forget about receiving. – Virendra Rajawat

mars strong number 9 mangal virendra rajawat

9. Those parents who have numbers 1, 3, 5 in their date of birth, give freedom to their children. – Virendra Rajawat

parents numbers date of birth virendra rajawat

10. Not alone combination of numbers in your date of birth but exposure that you received decides your passion. – Virendra Rajawat

numbers exposure passion virendra rajawat

11. Watch movies and web-series to better understand the significance of numbers and their impact on characters. – Virendra Rajawat

watch movies web series numerology virendra rajawat

12. If a person’s birthdate contains numbers 6,8,3, that person should learn to lie to achieve the purpose and enhance guru (Jupiter). – Virendra Rajawat

birthdate numbers 6 8 3 lie achieve guru virendra rajawat

13. If a person’s birthdate contains numbers 7,8,3, that person should play multiple roles to achieve the purpose and enhance guru (Jupiter). – Virendra Rajawat

birthdate number 78= 8 3 achieve guru virendra rajawat

14. In a joint family, kids go to those family members where their own numbers get enhanced because of number of those particular family members. – Virendra Rajawat

joint family kids numbers numerology virendra rajawat

15. If a person’s birthdate contains numbers 5,8,3, that person should stop giving importance to self-respect to achieve the purpose and enhance guru. – Virendra Rajawat

birthdate numbers 5 8 3 self respect virendra rajawat

16. Number of possibilities that come in journey from starting point to end point is called EVENTS, amidst which possibilities are rarely out of control. They can be managed. – Virendra Rajawat

number journey events virendra rajawat

17. Parents having numbers 2,4,7 in their date of birth which are dependent numbers and hence they do not allow their children to be dependent. They do all the work themselves. – Virendra Rajawat

parents numbers 2 4 7 numerology virendra rajawat

18. If your Venus (number 6) is strong, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get fame or fame will fall upon you. It simply means that the strong Venus will provide you with a visionary mind which will put efforts that may bring fame to you. – Virendra Rajawat

venus strong numerology fame virendra rajawat

19. Key virtues of number 1 (Sun – Surya) are; King of empire, Management, Decision, Helpful, Understanding, Provide Guidance, Shows life path, Proper use of Authority, Disciplined, Good communicator, Visionary, Team Management and Sacrifice. – Virendra Rajawat

virtues number 1 sun surya numerology virendra rajawat

20. Sun – Surya – Number 1 is the one who rules(irrespective of the number), be it in your family, society, industry, partnership or relationship. In a nutshell, the head of the institution is the Sun – Surya – Number 1. It doesn’t matter whether this person is born on date 1, 7 or 9. He/she is number 1. – Virendra Rajawat

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sun surya number 1 rules numerology virendra rajawat

21. Assignment of each number to a respective planet is simply a method to understand numerology easily. Otherwise, numbers have no idea about planets and planets have no idea about numbers! Each number is associated with a planet as number 1 is Surya – Sun, 2 Moon – Chandra, 3 Jupiter – Guru, 4 Uranus – Rahu, 5 Mercury – Buddh, 6 Venus – Shukra, 7 Neptune – Ketu, 8 Saturn – Shani and 9 Mars – Mangal. So each number is given the name of respective planet. The number itself is the planet? No, it’s not. Assignment of numbers with planets simply shows the significance and gives an easy way of understanding. – Virendra Rajawat

number planet method numerology virendra rajawat

Short numerology quotes

22. Always clear your fundamentals first. – Virendra Rajawat

clear fundamentals numerology quote virendra rajawat

23. Numerology is all about vertical depth. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology vertical depth virendra rajawat

24. Numerology is for rulers, not followers. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology rulers followers virendra rajawat

25. Remedy and solution are different things. – Virendra Rajawat

remedy solution numerology virendra rajawat

26. Multiple thoughts mean multiple blockages. – Virendra Rajawat

multiple thoughts blockages numerology virendra rajawat

27. Activity attracts reactions. Karma doesn’t. – Virendra Rajawat

activity reactions karma virendra rajawat

28. Let one inspire to do what he is meant to do. – Virendra Rajawat

inspire numerology quote virendra rajawat

29. Thoughts are not of humans but of situations. – Virendra Rajawat

thoughts humans situations virendra rajawat

30. Numerology is not related to Sun or Moon signs. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology sun moon signs virendra rajawat

31. To become a ruler, one must be able to do sacrifice. – Virendra Rajawat

ruler sacrifice numerology quote virendra rajawat

32. Numerology plays a very essential role in parenting. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology quotes parenting virendra rajawat

33. At the end of the day, we all are mediators (nimit). – Virendra Rajawat

mediators nimit virendra rajawat numerology quote

34. History is not made with strength but with sacrifice. – Virendra Rajawat

history strength sacrifice virendra rajawat

35. It is not possible to investigate without information. – Virendra Rajawat

investigate information virendra rajawat numerologist

36. Zero state of mind is must for a numerology consultant. – Virendra Rajawat

zero state mind numerology consultant virendra rajawat

37. Numerology is about transformation, not about prediction. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology transformation prediction virendra rajawat numerologist

38. Research helps us find out the facts and origin of things. – Virendra Rajawat

research facts origin virendra rajawat numerologist india

39. Numerology is a platform to find information about yourself. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology platform information virendra rajawat

40. Learn how to ask proper question to get the desired solution. – Virendra Rajawat

ask question solution virendra rajawat

41. The concept of becoming a ‘leader’ is introduced to misguide you. – Virendra Rajawat

concept leader misguide virendra rajawat numerologist india

42. Humans have the potential of relating things through imagination. – Virendra Rajawat

humans potential imagination virendra rajawat numerologist india

43. Four elements that drive humans are joy, satisfaction, fear and greed. – Virendra Rajawat

elements humans satisfaction fear greed joy

44. Making money is about your skills. Planets have nothing to do about it. – Virendra Rajawat

making money skills planets virendra rajawat

45. To understand any science, you need to learn about the logics behind it. – Virendra Rajawat

understand science learn logics virendra rajawat

46. You are either a ruler or a follower. There is no such thing as a leader. – Virendra Rajawat

ruler follower leader virendra rajawat numerologist india

47. Karma starts counted from the activities where intention is not allowed. – Virendra Rajawat

karma intention virendra rajawat numerologist india

48. Passion shouldn’t decide profession but profession should create passion. – Virendra Rajawat

passion profession virendra rajawat numerologist india

49. My methods may sound loud and confusing. It’s because I don’t misguide people. – Virendra Rajawat

methods loud confusing misguide virendra rajawat numerologist india

50. As a Numerology consultant, one needs to do sacrifices for betterment of client. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology consultant sacrifices client virendra rajawat

51. For good parenting, give your children opportunity where they can perform tasks. – Virendra Rajawat

parenting children opportunity tasks virendra rajawat

52. Numerology is useful in all 3 parameters of life; Mental, Emotional and Physical. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology life mental emotional physical virendra rajawat

53. I encourage you to make a word bank and then find out the actual meaning of words. – Virendra Rajawat

encourage word bank meaning virendra rajawat

54. Do not keep things pending. More pending things mean more blockages. Complete daily things daily. – Virendra Rajawat

keep things pending bloackages daily virendra rajawat numerologist india

Motivational quotes

55. Language of business should not be used in life and language of life should not be used in business. – Virendra Rajawat

language business life virendra rajawat

56. In simple words, Numerology helps understand the source of information about yourself from your date of birth. – Virendra Rajawat

words numerology information date of birth virendra rajawat

57. If you keep doing what you are not made for, you will attract nothing but struggle and invite unnecessary chaos. – Virendra Rajawat

attract struggle chaos virendra rajawat numerologist india

58. Anyone can learn numerology if they have these three things: conscious mind, observation skill and does research. – Virendra Rajawat

learn numerology conscious mind skill research virendra rajawat

59. Numerology is not meant to stop the event from happening. It’s meant to manage the event in the best possible way. – Virendra Rajawat

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numerology event manage virendra rajawat

60. We humans can change ourselves anytime. We are capable of changing our destiny through our karmas, fate and efforts. – Virendra Rajawat

humans destiny karmas fate efforts

61. Numerology is simply a way to gather correct and accurate information about yourself, and not to predict your future. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology correct accurate information predict future

62. A good numerologist is the one who can provide you correct and accurate information about yourself from your birthdate. – Virendra Rajawat

numerologist correct accurate information virendra rajawat

63. Personal life doesn’t mean marriage life. Marriage comes under social life. Personal life means your own individual life. – Virendra Rajawat

personal life marriage social personal virendra rajawat

64. When you become totally thoughtless and gather your energy at one point, you become able to read the thoughts of other people. – Virendra Rajawat

thoughtless energy virendra rajawat numerologist india

65. If your social and physical levels are good but emotional level is weak then you should focus on strengthening your connectivity. – Virendra Rajawat

social physical levels emotional focus virendra rajawat

66. Things work in different segments. Some are psychological, some are ideological while some work based on the information gathered. – Virendra Rajawat

psychological ideological virendra rajawat numerologist india

67. There are only two things that are called essential, they are 1. Birth and 2. Death. What happens between birth and death is LIFE. – Virendra Rajawat

birth death life virendra rajawat numerologist india

68. It is very important to know about the person from whom you are taking advises. You should definitely check their knowledge and their way of life. – Virendra Rajawat

advises knowledge virendra rajawat numerologist india

69. Now a days thought process of people has been corrupted. They don’t even know whether they want mental freedom or physical freedom in relationship. – Virendra Rajawat

thought process freedom mental relationship

70. Give a chance to be found, don’t put efforts in finding a chance to reach. What’s hidden inside you, will anyhow get out, what’s yours you’ll get for sure. – Virendra Rajawat

chance efforts hidden virendra rajawat numerologist india

71. If your social, physical and emotional, all 3 levels are disturbed, then your fourth(professional) and fifth(personal) levels would be disturbed by default. – Virendra Rajawat

social physical emotional professional quote

72. It’s an irony that as children they are not allowed to perform small tasks and as their age grow, they are put in a situation to select their bride or groom! – Virendra Rajawat

irony children bride groom virendra rajawat

73. Numerology (date of birth) is an engine that helps your life train to reach to your desired destination. It’s not magical tool that will bring you success overnight. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology engine destinational magical

74. The ideal numerology consultant is the one who has the knowledge and can think on a situation from different 36 angles. Only they can provide the accurate information. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology consultant knowldge india virendra rajawat

75. The idea that our destiny is pre-fixed is a myth. You can always change your destiny. Destiny is based on the set of rules. Adjust yourself according to rules to change the game. – Virendra Rajawat

destiny myth change virendra rajawat

76. There are two formats of how things get applied to mindset.. Nothing gets applied to those who have mindset of rulers. And everything is applied to those who have mindset of followers. – Virendra Rajawat

two formats mindset virendra rajawat

77. What is zero state of mind? A state of mind where nothing is pending in your mind is called zero state of mind. To achieve this state, do what you want to do when you feel like doing it. – Virendra Rajawat

zero state mind virendra rajawat numerologist india

78. Our life is based on these five aspects, viz. Social, Emotional, Physical, Professional and Personal. Numerology helps us find the accurate information of specific or all aspects of our life. – Virendra Rajawat

life social emotional physical professional

79. Numerology is a calculation method. If you can learn its scientific formulas, which any one can learn, you too can gather accurate information about anyone like I do. Again, it’s no magic, it’s science. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology calculation method magic

80. The word ‘prediction’ can be used only for non-living things. For living things the only word that can be useful is ‘information’. We can simply gather information about someone, we cannot predict about them. – Virendra Rajawat

word predicition virendra rajawat numerologist india

81. Numerology denotes specific and scientific approach. It is not a tool for generalizing things. Numerology is about knowing about yourself by doing research. It’s not about simply believing generalized things. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology scientific virendra rajawat

82. 90% of the information a child receives about own self from parents till he becomes 10 is totally wrong information. It’s because parents do provide information to their children based on emotion, not based on life. – Virendra Rajawat

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information child parents numerology virendra rajawat

83. Why don’t we understand this fact of common sense that ‘everything’ is not made for ‘everyone’. So you need to find out what you are made for. The moment you realize this, ninety nine percent of problems will disappear from your life. – Virendra Rajawat

fact common sense virendra rajawat quote

84. You must learn the difference between compromise and sacrifice. In compromise, a person keeps on reminding the other person about things he has done from him. While in sacrifice, the other person doesn’t even know about what one has done for him. – Virendra Rajawat

compromise sacrifice virendra rajawat

85. Numerology is very helpful in choosing your career. It helps you find out what is your key strength, i.e. whether it is administration, management, human resource, public relationship, communication or emotion and so on. With such accurate information, success will be guaranteed. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology career communication management

86. Numerology consultant must work by taking the responsibility as those who are consulting you(numerologist) take important decisions based on the numerological information you provide, be it their career, business, marriage, partnership, turnover of companies, life, divorce and so on. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology consultant india virendra rajawat

87. First we must learn the basic set of rules that work behind things. For example, there are specific and common set of principles of successful people such as they wake up early, they have knowledge of time and space, they can develop the system, they do make replicas of people just like themselves, they can invest themselves at right places etc. – Virendra Rajawat

basic set rules successful

88. Even just after a week’s learning of basics of numerology, one can easily think that he has become a numerologist. But let me tell you that, it’s good for impressing people on social media like YouTube and Facebook by creating generalized videos. Or you can even write a book on numerology. But that will all be useless if you want accurate information. – Virendra Rajawat

learning numerology numerologist india virendra rajawat

Behavior and numerology quotes

89. Emotion – it is part of body, not part of behavior. – Virendra Rajawat

emotion body behavior virendra rajawat

90. First study human behavior and then go for planet behavior. – Virendra Rajawat

study human behavior numerologist india

91. Numbers in your birthdate gives information about your behavior. – Virendra Rajawat

numbers birthdate behavior virendra rajawat

92. Your numbers (from date of birth) are associated with your behavior, not your things. – Virendra Rajawat

numbers date of birth behavior virendra rajawat

93. You are not dependent upon the planets rather planets are dependent upon you (your behavior). – Virendra Rajawat

planets behavior virendra rajawat best numerologist india

94. There are 3 types of patterns of human behavior. They are 1. Impressive, 2. Emotional, 3. Practical. – Virendra Rajawat

patterns human behavior impressive practical

95. For a numerologist, it is highly essential to have the knowledge about human behaviors and its patterns. – Virendra Rajawat

numerologist knowledge human behaviors

96. For better results, set behavior patterns for day to day life events, i.e. dress code, food, routine etc. – Virendra Rajawat

results behavior patterns virendra rajawat numerologist india

97. Your behavior should match with the combination of numbers that you’ve got in your date of birth, to achieve the best results. – Virendra Rajawat

behavior combination numbers date birth virendra rajawat

98. My message to all is this; put your common sense to use, develop your sensibility, remain at basic, learn basic human behavior and according to all these, try to understand numerology. – Virendra Rajawat

message virendra rajawat best numerologist india

99. In numerology, although the remedies can be suggested to enhance your numbers, but the best way is to make sure that you behavior matches with your numbers for your numbers to be able to work in organic way. Change your behavior, change your destiny. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology remedies numbers virendra rajawat

100. With accurate information, you can correct your behavior. With correct behavior, you can begin to take correct decisions. And with correct decisions, you produce the correct karma. And with correct karma, your destiny gets more clear, accurate and true. This is a sequence of five elements. – Virendra Rajawat

numerology accurate information virendra rajawat


Virendra Rajawat, best numerologist in  India has given the essence of wisdom in above 100 quotes. Above informative quotes have given clear idea about how numerology works. We have also been provided with clarity about importance of behavior in reaching to our destiny. We also learnt that numerology is science and it requires investigation to gather information from our date of birth.

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